Wu Yusen, Luo Jing, has the same disease but different lives, fighting against the "chameleon" lymphoma in the tumor field, and the new anti-cancer force CAR-T rises!

       Luo Jing, the host of the famous News Network, Cindy Lee, the actor who plays Fang Yu in Deep Rain, and Fuck off! Tumor jun touched many netizens’ cartoonist Xiong Dun … In recent years, many celebrities have passed away because of lymphoma. At the same time, however, there are also many famous people who have succeeded in fighting cancer after suffering from lymphoma. For example, the 70-year-old famous director Wu Yusen was diagnosed with large B-cell lymphoma in tonsils when filming Taiping Wheel in 2008. After four operations, in the second month of chemotherapy, his mouth was all festered, he could not swallow, and his body and face were so thin that he was wrinkled. Finally, he succeeded in fighting cancer with his firm will!  


       For example, Kai-Fu Lee, the founder of an innovative factory that successfully used chemotherapy and targeted therapy to fight advanced lymphoma! On September 5, 2013, 52-year-old Kai-fu Lee announced that he had stage IV follicular lymphoma and had to leave work for treatment. In February 2015, he announced the results of his physical examination, indicating that the tumor in the body is not obvious at present. In June of the same year, Kai-fu Lee said that he had not found any lesions in his last two examinations and ridiculed himself as "Li Kangfu". It took Kai-fu Lee less than two years from finding out the cancer until the focus was completely gone. His anti-cancer experience is worth learning from.


Alias "the most disguised disease", lymphoma has become a killer.

       According to statistics, there is a new case of lymphoma every 9 minutes in the world. The incidence of lymphoma in China is 0.02‰, with about 25,000 new patients and nearly 20,000 deaths each year. The threat of lymphoma is rapidly emerging. It ranks among the top ten malignant tumors in China and ranks second among hematological malignancies. At the beginning, the symptoms of the disease were hidden, and it was described as "the most disguised disease". In the intercontinental area, the incidence of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is much higher than Hodgkin’s disease, which is about 9: 1. Because of the higher degree of malignancy and worse prognosis, lymphoma is generally referred to as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In China, the incidence of malignant tumors ranks ninth among men and tenth among women. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma can occur in all ages, and the high incidence age is 45~60 years old. Among them, Luo Jing suffered from diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). This is a common non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which belongs to aggressive lymphoma with high malignancy. The course of the disease progresses rapidly. If it is not actively treated, the median survival time is less than one year. In recent years, great progress has been made in the research and treatment of lymphoma, and new drugs and technologies have risen strongly! CAR-T therapy Among them, the chimeric antigen receptor T(CAR-T) cell therapy is particularly prominent. Its appearance represents a great progress in personalized cancer treatment, especially bringing the hope of rebirth to patients with hematological malignancies.

Complete remission! The first advanced lymphoma patient in China who received CAR-T therapy was discharged smoothly!

       Although they all suffer from diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, Mr. Chen, who suffers from malignant lymphoma, is a lucky one. According to Jiangsu public news channel News Space Station, on August 31st, the first lymphoma patient treated with CAR-T cells in China achieved complete remission and was discharged smoothly.  


       Mr. Chen suffered from diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. After the onset of the disease in October 2010, he had received chemotherapy for many times, but all of them were unsatisfactory. Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma is the most common malignant lymphoma. After immunotherapy, about 60% patients can survive for a long time, but 40% patients will still relapse. In June this year, Mr. Chen accepted CAR-T cell therapy with a tentative attitude, and all the physical indicators tended to be normal. He told reporters with delight that his physical condition was better than before, and he was no different from a normal person after leaving the hospital. CAR-T therapy, a "living drug", made her completely relieved and looked forward to a cancer-free future. 

       As a "living" drug, CAR-T therapy is very different from traditional drugs. First, the therapy needs to isolate T cells from patients and modify them with chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) in vitro, so that they can specifically recognize cancer cells. Finally, the modified T cells are expanded and reinfused into patients. Compared with traditional chemotherapy and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, it can kill tumor cells more accurately, improve the curative effect and greatly reduce the side effects.  


The well-known director of hematology in China said: CAR-T can identify lymphoma very deliberately, and the antigen carried on tumor cells will attack directly after being connected, and it will produce an anti-tumor effect and kill it directly without the need for second signal stimulation, so one of its characteristics is accuracy, and the second is power. The scope of application is still the recurrence or refractory diffuse large B lymphoma that is ineffective in general immunochemotherapy.  

CAR-T therapy FDA approved 6 models, and domestic CAR-T therapy caught up!    

       After sharing the above news reports about CAR-T therapy, let’s get down to business and talk about CAR-T therapy. At present,CAR-T therapy has achieved great success in the treatment of hematological malignancies.. Six CAR-T cell therapies have been approved by FDA in the United States and two CAR-T cell therapies have been listed in China. The picture below shows CAR-T cell therapy that has been listed at home and abroad.   58991648856113613   

       Although China’s CAR-T technology started late, the domestic market is large. According to the data on Clinicaltrials.gov’s website, China became the country that registered the most CAR-T tests in September 2017. As of May 27th, 2021, there are 1301 CAR-T clinical trials in the world, and the number of CAR-T trials registered in China has reached 478! 

01  The first CAR-T therapy in China was approved for listing! China welcomes the first year of cellular immunotherapy.

       On June 22nd, the blank in the field of CAR-T in China was finally broken! The latest announcement of China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), Fosun Kaite Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " Fosun Kate ”) The CAR-T cell therapy product targeting CD19, Aquilencel Injection (also known as Aquilencel, FKC876), was officially approved for marketing. This is the first approved CAR-T therapy in China and the sixth approved CAR-T therapy in the world. It is believed that China will usher in the blowout era of CAR-T cell therapy. 

02  In just one month, the second CAR-T therapy in China and the sixth CAR-T therapy in the world were approved!

       On September 3, the State Drug Administration recently announced that Yaoming JunuoThe CAR-T product targeting CD19, Regiosai Injection.(relma-cel, trade name: Benoda) has been officially approved. The approved indications for Regioside Injection are:It can be used to treat relapsed or refractory large B-cell lymphoma (r/r LBCL) in adult patients after second-line or above systemic treatment.Reggiorense injection is the second CAR-T product approved in China and the first CAR-T product of Class 1 biological products in China.



It’s only been about one month since it was submitted for examination and approval on July 30th last time, which can be described as rapid progress. Congratulations! (At present, patients with economic conditions can contact cancer-free homes for the treatment of regiorense. ) 

Boom! The first BCMA CAR-T therapy in China and the second in the world was approved by FDA!

       China’s "dark horse" in CAR-T cell therapy industry-legendary BCMA(B-cell mature antigen) CAR-T therapy Cedar-B38m/JNJ-4528 (hereinafter referred to as cilta-cel) has attracted much attention, and has shown excellent anticancer activity in clinical trials for multiple myeloma.

       What is exciting is that on February 28th, 2022, local time, it was jointly developed by Janssen and Legendary Biology.BCMA CAR-T product, Cedactylosin (trade name Carvykti), has been approved by the US FDA for the treatment of adult patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma (MM).

This is the first cell therapy product approved by FDA in China and the second CAR-T cell immunotherapy approved for BCMA in the world.



       Cilta-cel was awarded priority review qualification by FDA on May 26th.However, the approval of the West Dachiorensai was delayed, and it was adjusted from November 29, 2021 toFebruary 28, 2022Fortunately, it was finally approved and lived up to expectations!

       cilta-celIt is a CAR-T therapy directed by research B cell maturation antigen (BCMA), which is used to treat relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma (RRMM). These patients received an average of five kinds of pre-treatment before treatment, 76% of them received five kinds of treatment, and 86% of them were resistant to five kinds of treatment, including CD38 treatment, and they were both resistant to protease inhibitor PI and immunomodulator IMiD. Simply put, it is refractory to relapse and lack of effective treatment in the follow-up. The principle of this CAR-T therapy is different from the current PD-1/L1. It directly uses the T cells in the patient’s body, transforms them in vitro, replicates them in large quantities, and then transfuses them into the patient’s body to kill cancer cells. At the ASH conference in 2021, the latest results of the 1b/2 CARTITUDE-1 study (n=97) showed that,meso-position 22 months Long-term follow-up, The objective remission rate (ORR) reached 98% , 83% patients achieved strict complete remission (sCR) It is emphasized that the mitigation will deepen with the passage of time (sCR will increase from 67% reported at the ASH annual meeting in 2020 to 83%). At 18 months, 66% of the patients were alive and the disease did not progress. .The two-year progression-free survival rate and overall survival rate are respectively 61% and 74% .The latest research results to be announced at the ASCO annual meeting in 2021 show that After a median follow-up of 18 months, the overall survival (OS) rate was 81%. The remission rate is comparable in all pre-specified subgroups and patients with different treatment lines.


American research shows that cilta-cel has excellent long-term efficacy.   

       Emily, a foreign country, successfully ushered in nine years of cancer-free survival in 2021, and suddenly became the "spokesperson" of global CAR-T therapy. In China, there is such a lucky person whose fate has been completely changed by CAR-T therapy. Mr. Min was diagnosed with a special rare disease at the age of 54- multiple myeloma . He had no drugs available at that time, so he was lucky enough to participate in the clinical trial of CAR-T therapy. Although the treatment process was not smooth sailing, after three times of treatment, all the lumps on Mr. Min’s body disappeared and the pain disappeared. Surprisingly, by June 4, 2021, Mr. Min had lived cancer-free for five years, which is the field of cancer treatment, which is theoretically said. Clinical cure .


       In fact, as early as March 27th this year,The FDA approved the first CAR-T therapy targeting BCMA for adult patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma (r/r MM) after receiving more than four therapies.

       Chemotherapy to fight cancer is often "killing one thousand enemies and losing eight hundred". Antibody drugs can accurately find tumor targets, but sometimes their combat effectiveness is insufficient. If we can put a "warhead" of chemotherapy drugs on antibody drugs, can we attack cancer cells more accurately? Based on this, an ADC (antibody drug conjugate) called "biological missile" was born. Antibody-coupled drugs are like biological missiles, which consist of two core functions: the first is antibody (missile body), the second is strong chemotherapy drug (nuclear warhead); This design will enable antibodies to find tumor cells with chemotherapy drugs, and then accurately poison tumor cells and poison them.  This drug design combines the precision of targeted drugs with the high efficiency of chemotherapy drugs, which not only avoids the toxic and side effects of systemic use of chemotherapy drugs, but also has stronger killing ability than using targeted drugs alone, killing two birds with one stone.     42591648856116705    

Schematic diagram of antibody-coupled drugs   Note: (a) General description of A)ADC structure; (b) the mechanism of B)ADC.  

Fourteen ADC drugs have been approved around the world, which brings hope for prolonging the survival time of back-line patients.

       At present, more than 100 kinds of ADC are undergoing clinical trials. Most adcs have progressed from phase i to phase II. Some ADC phase III trials show positive results; Up to September 20th, 2021, there are 14 kinds of ADC drugs on the market in the world, which are mainly used in hematological tumors and solid tumors, and are mainly used for back-line treatment of patients, including advanced, recurrent/refractory and metastatic tumor indications.



Fourteen ADC drugs have been approved worldwide.

According to the curative effect data, ADC drugs have brought more treatment options and the hope of prolonging the survival time for back-line patients, and the objective remission rate or median progression-free survival time of several drugs has doubled compared with chemotherapy.

Looking at the CD30 target, the new drug F0002-ADC became an instant hit and squeezed into the lymphoma track.

       CD30, a member of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor superfamily, can promote cell proliferation or apoptosis by activating different signal pathways. In 2020, Vebtuximab for injection (Adcetris) was approved to be listed in China, and CD30 became famous. Adcetris, as an antibody-coupled drug targeting CD30, has an effective rate of 73% for Hodgkin’s lymphoma (HL) and 86% for anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). It is the first new drug approved in the field of Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment in recent 30 years, and it is also the first time that a drug targeting CD30 has been approved, filling the gap in this field. At present, the only new ADC drug for CD30 in China is F0002-ADC. This new drug consists of three parts, namely, human-mouse chimeric anti-CD30 monoclonal antibody, thioether linker (MCC) and DM1. Since the project was launched in 2016, it has been disappointing! At present, patients with recurrent/refractory CD30 positive peripheral T-cell lymphoma are being recruited clinically! This is a new treatment option for patients with recurrent/refractory peripheral T-cell lymphoma!

This article is original for a cancer-free home, and it needs authorization to reprint! Cancer-free homes remind patients  

How much does the new Mercedes-Benz E300 Deluxe Edition cost? Does it have many shortcomings? This article will give you the answer.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a traditional luxury medium-sized and large-sized car product. For Biao and Audi a6l, its unique brand advantages and extreme luxury attributes have made it deeply recognized by consumers, with an average monthly sales volume of more than 13,000, which is in a strong competitive position in this market segment.

Mercedes-Benz e300l luxury design atmosphere, strong business atmosphere, the front shield-shaped mesh is quite eye-catching, two bar-type led light groups are shiny and recognizable, and the erected three-pointed star logo is also noble and elegant, which can always give people a strong psychological hint. The side is slender and smooth, the lines are smooth and sexy, the rear tail is sexy and stocky, the bilateral double exhaust is quite graded, and the overall face value is remarkable, which is a small S-class.

In terms of power, e300l is equipped with a 2.0t high-powered version, 190 kW, 370 Nm, equipped with a 9-speed manual, with a zero-hundred-speed score of about 6.6 seconds, which makes the acceleration feel smooth and calm at the beginning, and at the same time, the latter part is full of confidence and orderly shift logic, which is always indifferent and comfortable to drive, and can raise the speed to a very high level unconsciously.

In terms of structure, the training style is still very comfortable, the bumps on the road are handled in place, and there is not much impact when taking some bad roads. Driving is particularly heavy and advanced, which will definitely bring people the highest level of enjoyment, which is in line with the level that this level should have.

In terms of selling price, the official guide price of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz e300l Deluxe Edition is 492,800, with a preferential margin of about 40,000. The transaction price of the bare car at the terminal is 452,800, including 40080 purchase tax, 480 travel tax, 950 compulsory insurance, 12,299 commercial insurance and 500 licensed cars, totaling about 507,200.

Car experience:

Most satisfied with fashion and youth, cool atmosphere lights and a sense of science and technology in off the charts! 9-speed automatic transmission, almost no frustration!

The most dissatisfied with the sound effect is just so-so. The original car’s own sound is really lame, not as loud as Berlin’s.

[Space] The space in the front row of my 176 is quite large. There is not much horizontal space for two people. Three people are not very comfortable. From driving to now, I have only gone home for the Spring Festival, and I have been full of company group tours. Basically, I am alone.

[Power] The power is smooth between 234 gears, and occasionally, there will be some setbacks in oil collection.

[Control] Control is general, and this owner plays.

[Comfort] The front seat is comfortable and the rear seat is short.

[Appearance] I bought a sports label with pearl white. I feel very young. In fact, I am already young.

[Interior] Family-style design is adopted, just like driving an S. Due to the hasty booking of a car, the car comes with a black interior, which is a little depressing, but quite resistant to dirt.

[Cost-effective] If people like me don’t pay attention to performance, people who look at their eyes will buy a car of around 500,000, which is still very good.

Provided by the author

The drone postman appeared in the mountainous area of Guiyang and needed to change batteries when flying to every village.

  Since the beginning of January this year, residents of Weicheng Town, Guiyang City, located in the mountainous area of Guizhou Province, have often seen a drone shuttle through the town. Under the belly of the plane, there was a box with the words "China Post". The local people later learned that this drone was used by the post office in the town to deliver mail to the surrounding mountain villages. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the local post office on the 15th that this drone now flies twice a week, and it will be promoted if it works well in the future.

  Postman part-time drone operator

  On the morning of 15th, Wang Hua, a staff member of Weicheng Post Sub-bureau in Guiyang, took his drone to an open space near the town, and prepared to deliver newspapers and some mails to five villages around the town.

  Wang Hua is a postman. He used to ride a motorcycle to deliver mail to several surrounding villages three times a week. Because the mountain road is rugged, although the distance is not far, it takes a whole day to deliver it every time. Since the beginning of January this year, Wang Hua has added a new task, which is to operate drones to transport mail.

  "Our economy is not developed here. Many people have never seen drones, so many people gathered around to see them when they first started flying. Some old people asked us about the timetable for flying drones and came to see them several times." Wang Hua said.

  Wang Hua said that he is driving a drone, but in fact the main operation is not done by him. He is mainly responsible for loading mail on the drone and then checking the battery. The flight route has long been set by the company that developed the drone. All he has to do is scan the QR code on the plane with his mobile phone, and then click the start button on the mobile phone, and the plane can fly according to the pre-designed route.

  "It used to take a whole day to send the mail from these villages by motorcycle. Now the whole route is flown by drones, which is more than an hour." Wang Hua said.

  Flying to every village requires changing batteries.

  Director Chen Zhongxiang of Weicheng Post Sub-office told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that at present, there is only one drone in the town post office, and they selected five villages, namely Yingyan, Yinqiao, Maixiang, Xingguang and Lianhua Temple, as delivery pilots. Chen Zhongxiang said that these villages were chosen because they are relatively remote, and it takes too long and the road is dangerous to send mail into the village by manpower.

  Chen Zhongxiang said that the UAV they are using now has a diameter of more than 1 meter and six propellers. In theory, it can carry about 7 kilograms of goods. However, for safety reasons, the stipulated delivery weight is no more than 5 kilograms, and the flying distance between villages is about 10 minutes. Every time you fly to a village, you need people from the village to help replace the new battery, and then you can fly to the next village. The whole journey is a "relay" process.

  "The plane must be fully charged before it can take off. The last time we saw the power of the plane was 82%, we felt that we could complete a flight, but after the start, the plane still could not take off. This may be the design made by the aircraft research and development enterprise for the absolute safety of the aircraft." Chen Zhongxiang said.

  Temporarily unable to replace manual delivery.

  According to the staff of the UAV R&D company, when the plane lands, it needs to lay a red and blue positioning carpet at the landing site. The UAV is equipped with a sensor in the vertical direction. When it searches for the positioning carpet, it will land accurately. Location.

  Chen Zhongxiang told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that it was not the decision of the town post office to equip the town post office with drones, but the higher authorities chose the Weicheng post office as a pilot. If the use effect is good in the future, it will continue to be promoted.

  "Many people in the village felt particularly fresh when they saw the plane at first, and the people in charge of managing the plane in each village also had a WeChat group. When the plane took off and landed, everyone would inform each other."

  Annabelle of Xingguang Village Committee is one of the managers of this drone. Every time he receives the mail from his village, he also needs to replace the plane with a new battery. "If the battery is not fully charged, the plane can’t fly, but there will definitely be no forgetting to charge the battery. Everyone will remind each other when they have WeChat groups."

  Chen Zhongxiang said that in the past, the postman of the post office had to go into the mountain three times a week, but now it has been reduced to twice a week, while the drone now flies twice a week. If the effect is good in the future, it will increase the flight frequency. "But due to the limitation of load, drones can’t completely replace the postman now, and everywhere they go, they need people to get express delivery for batteries. There are still some troubles. It would be nice if these jobs can be replaced by machines in the future."

  Text/reporter Fu Wei

Li Jiaqi once again brought goods to Huaxizi: the results were not as good as last year, and the sales volume was still good.

On October 24th, after the incident of eyebrow pencil in 79 yuan, the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi broadcasted Huaxizi with goods again after 43 days. However, Li Jiaqi himself did not appear to explain the product of Huaxizi, and the controversial ace product Huaxizi eyebrow pencil did not appear in the live broadcast list. According to Time Finance, Hua Xizi’s performance in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi is still good, but compared with last year, it is much worse.

I and the disputed eyebrow pencil did not appear.

In the list of products with goods in Li Jiaqi Live Studio, there are three products owned by Hua Xizi, namely, a combination suit of 357 yuan, a powder cake of 149 yuan and honey powder of 129 yuan. According to Time Finance, at 8 pm, the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi exceeded 10 million people. After the countdown was displayed on the screen, the gongs and drums in Li Jiaqi’s hand were sounded, and the pre-sale of Tmall "double 11" officially kicked off this year.

As soon as the live broadcast was started, more than 7,000 pieces, 3,000 pieces and 300 groups of Huaxizi air honey powder, Yurong gauze powder cake and water hibiscus in the Li Jiaqi live broadcast room had been booked respectively. At 8: 02, more than 20,000 pieces, 9,000 pieces and 1,000 pieces of three groups of products were ordered respectively. The figures will change every few minutes. By 10: 30 pm, the pre-sales of the above three groups of products exceeded 70,000, 3,000 and 30,000 respectively. According to Red Net, as of 11: 30 p.m. on 24th, the amount of honey powder with a price of 129 yuan for Huaxizi has exceeded 80,000 orders, the amount of powder cake with a price of 149 yuan has exceeded 30,000 orders, and the combined set with a price of 357 yuan has exceeded 3,000 orders, totaling more than 110,000 orders.

Although Hua Xizi’s performance in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi is still good, compared with last year, it is much worse. According to previous media reports, at 9: 00 pm on October 24th, 2022, the colored powder cake of Huaxizi Yurongsha was first released in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi. After only 15 minutes on the shelves, 250,000 colored powder cakes were sold out. According to Time Finance’s analysis, in addition to the previous storm, the sales volume of Hua Xizi was affected, and this sales performance may be related to the fact that Hua Xizi did not appear in the prime time of the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi this year. According to Red Net, as of 11: 30 pm on the 24th, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi was still at 10 million+.

The controversial ace product Hua Xizi eyebrow pencil did not appear in the live broadcast list. According to Time Finance, in the live broadcast room of Huaxi’s official flagship store, the anchor said that the eyebrow pencil "double 11" activity had not been announced. In the live commentary area, some netizens said bluntly: "I will never buy it again, which is really sad" and "How dare he"; However, some netizens said: "Although I am not interested in Hua Xizi, I am still interested in the things in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi."

Hua Xizi deeply binds Li Jiaqi.

Earlier, on September 10th, when Li Jiaqi introduced a Huaxizi Eyebrow Pencil in 79 yuan, he saw a message from a netizen saying it was expensive, and replied that 79 yuan Eyebrow Pencil could not be bought because he didn’t work hard enough. At the same time, it was exposed that 79 yuan Eyebrow Pencil was only 0.08 grams more expensive than gold, which led the netizens to think that Li Jiaqi despised ordinary people, created anxiety and inflated commodity prices.

In the early morning of September 11th, Li Jiaqi posted a blog post apologizing, and released an apology video on the evening of the same day, saying that his inappropriate remarks disappointed everyone, and he would also reflect on why he started in the first place and how he could serve more girls. Thank you again for your criticism and supervision. However, many netizens said that they "don’t buy it" for Li Jiaqi’s apology, and joked "Where ‘ Li ’ Wrong? " According to Xinmin Evening News, before the eyebrow pencil incident in 79 yuan, the number of fans in Weibo, Li Jiaqi was 30.435 million. By 11: 00 on October 24th, the number of fans was 28.747 million, and the number of fans dropped by over 1.68 million.

According to the International Finance News, four years ago, Hua Xizi announced Li Jiaqi as the chief recommender of the brand. At that time, this little-known brand was established only two years ago. With the help of the flow of "lipstick brother", the sales of Huaxizi reached 1.13 billion yuan that year, which was 25 times higher than that of 2018. The deep binding between the two parties began in 2019. According to the magic mirror data, the sales of Huaxizi’s star product, carved lipstick, increased by 165% month-on-month after it was promoted by Li Jiaqi multi-platform in May of that year. On the battlefield of "double 11", Hua Xizi never missed the live studio in Li Jiaqi from the pre-sale stage, and with the help of Li Jiaqi’s strong ability to carry goods, he won 220 million yuan GMV for the first time in the war and became the second place in domestic beauty cosmetics.

Around the "double 11" in that year, the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi contributed 64% of the total turnover of Huaxizi. In June, 2022, Li Jiaqi stopped broadcasting for some reason. During the "June 18th Promotion" period, the sales of Huaxizi, who lost Li Jiaqi, dropped to 150 million yuan from 263 million yuan in the previous year. According to shanghai securities news, the founder of Huaxizi once said in public that their cooperation with Li Jiaqi is Live Delivery 2.0, that is, inviting anchors to create products together. Some insiders revealed: "As long as this product Li Jiaqi says no, it will not pass."

After the eyebrow pencil dispute, Li Jiaqi gradually withdrew

Although Li Jiaqi still has a long way to go to quell doubts and rebuild trust, compared with Hua Xizi who was involved in the storm by his inappropriate remarks, as the starting point of the storm, he seems to have gradually withdrawn from the continuous controversy.

According to previous poster news reports, on September 26th, Li Jiaqi was carrying goods live on Taobao on the night when Hua Xizi’s crazy public relations sparked heated discussion. At the beginning of the storm, a large number of netizens flocked to the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi to denounce it. Then, there were few questioning voices in the comment area, and the live broadcast room seemed to have returned to its former order. At 21: 42 on September 26th, the poster journalist entered the Taobao live room in Li Jiaqi, when he was carrying lipstick of Mao Geping brand, and the number of viewers in the live room was 7.146 million.

Li Jiaqi live room once again brought goods to Hua Xizi User: It seems that Li Jiaqi really has a good relationship with Hua Xizi.

According to the International Finance News, the third season of the self-made variety "All Girls’ OFFER" produced by US ONE arrived as scheduled, showing the process of "negotiation" between Li Jiaqi and major beauty brands, which greatly promoted the upcoming "double 11". Janice (pseudonym), a well-known MCN organization engaged in beauty cosmetics vertical operation, said in an interview with the International Finance News that the Li Jiaqi incident had no impact on her MCN organization. "No matter what, the brand will still come to us for cooperation."

An insider of ONE told reporters that after the incident, the company’s publicity scale during the "double 11" period may be reduced, but "the traffic brought by the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi is still very large." It is blunt that in the past few years, US ONE has established a large-scale system from product selection to after-sales improvement, and it still has advantages in the field of live e-commerce. "Especially after public relations, the trend of public opinion has become ‘ I don’t care about the anchor, anyway, as a consumer, it is good to buy a cheap and cost-effective product ’ 。” However, in the view of Wang Tian (pseudonym), a business practitioner of a live broadcast room in online celebrity, Tik Tok, if the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi accounts for a large proportion of the brand’s performance planning of Taobao platform, after the storm, the brand may avoid risks by reducing the frequency of cooperation with Li Jiaqi and increasing the number of people to broadcast. "In the long run, the brand will expand other options besides super anchor. They also have their own plans and will not bet on one person. "

Upstream news is integrated from The Paper, Xinmin Evening News, International Finance News, Red Net, shanghai securities news, etc.

CCTV Exposes Maotai Fake Wine Industry Chain: 2700 Yuan Feitian Bottle with Prince 70 yuan Wine is sold at a high price online!


From Chen Kun to Roy and Karry, among the stars who are constantly "harvesting" attention in the entertainment circle, it seems that there is never a lack of Chongqing elements. If it is said that ten years ago, Chen Kun began to impress the audience with his youthful and immature acting skills, it was the beginning of Chongqing children’s journey in the entertainment circle; Then at the dawn of the second decade of the new century, successors have appeared on this long journey …

Needless to say, Roy and Karry, two children who have long been popular all over the country through TFBOYS, Sean Xiao, who won the popularity of the new generation of actors this year, Vin, Ivan and YoRoll , who are the most popular new men’s team at present, followed closely, and J.zen, Gu Landi and other names have repeatedly refreshed your understanding of the newcomers in the entertainment circle. In the next decade, it should be the following new forces that attract your attention and guide your remote control and mouse.

TIM screenshot 20190731214409.png

Sean Xiao

The hottest Chinese actor this year

How new is the "new power"? We might as well take the year 2000, the first year of the 21st century, as the base point.

That year, Chen Kun was a student of the Beijing Film Academy. After the movie "National Anthem", he participated in his second drama "Like Fog, Like Rain and Like Wind", but at this time he was just a little coffee hidden behind the highlights of Zhou Xun and Lu Yi. This year, Roy and Vin were born, Karry just turned one year old and YoRoll  and Ivan were two years old. The older ones are J.zen and Gu Landi, who are 5 and 6 years old respectively. Xiao Zhan, who is 9 years old, should start learning piano under the guidance of his father.

Wei Wuxian, played by Sean Xiao in The Untamed. jpg

Wei Wuxian played by Sean Xiao The Untamed.

In a blink of an eye, 10 years later, they all became "popular fried chicken", and some of them were even hotter than Chen Kun in 2000.

If you want to ask how hot Sean Xiao is now? Just pay a little attention to the frequency of his name appearing in various news information in the last week, and you can perceive one or two. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are approaching. He is on the guest lists of CCTV, Beijing Satellite TV and Oriental TV. Among them, Beijing Satellite TV also chose Sean Xiao as the spokesperson for the 2020 Spring Festival Gala.


Sean Xiao became the spokesperson for the 2020 Beijing Spring Festival Evening.

Not only that, all kinds of "harvest" hot search and attention in Sean Xiao can be described as full bloom. Let’s take a closer look at the variety field. In the music reality show "The Voice of Chinese Dreams Our Songs", which is being broadcasted by Oriental TV, his partner, Tian Na Ying, praised him as "really handsome" from the first sight, and the following two people’s cooperation, "Follow Your Feelings" and "Night at the Naval Port" were hotly debated in every capital.


Sean Xiao has become the "darling" of fashion magazines.

Secondly, magazine covers and photos, which have always been Vogue of the main battlefields for star competition, have ELLE published Sean Xiao’s photos or covers.

In the field of TV series, The Untamed, a costume drama that was popular all over the network in June this year, was regarded as the tipping point of Sean Xiao’s popularity. In the play, his handsome appearance is just in line with the audience’s imagination of Wei, the original character: clean, optimistic and cheerful. On December 20th, Douban made a ranking list from movies to TV series in 2019. The Untamed ranked third in the highest-rated Chinese drama series in 2019 with 8.3 points, and Sean Xiao won the first place among the most watched Chinese actors in 2019.

Sean Xiao in college. jpg

Sean Xiao in college.

Compared with several Chongqing babies who will be mentioned later in Ran Ran, Sean Xiao is not too young. Born in 1991, he studied painting, violin and other literary specialties under the cultivation of his father since childhood. In 2010, Sean Xiao was admitted to chongqing technology and business university Modern International Design and Art Institute. Since he entered the school, he has been a member of the class’s literary and art committee, and also served as the head of vocal music department and male voice department of the college students’ art troupe, as well as an actor of the school’s language and art sub-group.

In her sophomore year, Sean Xiao, who won the title of "Top Ten Singers on Campus" in chongqing technology and business university, participated in the "Top Ten Singers on Campus" competition in Chongqing on behalf of her school and won the second prize. It is worth mentioning that when he was a student, Sean Xiao also played a lot of tricks in his professional field: in 2012, he and his friend Camera founded the "Recalling Light and Shadow Visual Media" photography studio and the "NED Design Studio", and he was the main photographer and designer.

Until now, Weibo’s name in Sean Xiao still retains the head of his newly-debuted group "X-Nine Youth League". In June 2015, he was invited to participate in Zhejiang Satellite TV’s amateur inspirational program "Burn Boys" and became a trainee. In the finals in February of the following year, although Sean Xiao and his teammates narrowly lost to the Chris Lee team, in September of the same year, they announced their debut as the lead singer of the X-Nine Youth League. Since then, Sean Xiao’s performances in costume dramas "Breaking the Sky" and "Your Highness the Wolf" have been recognized by everyone. In the popular costume drama Joy of Life, although Sean Xiao is a supporting role, the hot discussion expected by netizens has spread all over the network since the first day of the drama.

Up to now, the number of Weibo fans in Sean Xiao has reached a staggering 21 million, and among the more than 700 Weibo posts, the likes of any one easily exceeded 1 million. It is no exaggeration to say that, as Douban commented, he is definitely the first most concerned Chinese actor at present.

TIM screenshot 20190731214409.png

The hottest new men’s team "R1SE"

Three of the 11 members are Chongqing children.

Wechat picture _ 2019122422810.jpg

R1SE men’s team

On 14th of this month, R1SE, a men’s group, announced that it had been a group debut for less than half a year, put "WE ARE R.1.S.E-2019 R1SE National Tour Concert" into the Chongqing Concert of Chongqing Huaxi International Cultural and Sports Center. The scene is naturally screaming and cheering. This concert is of great significance to the three members of R1SE: Vin, Ivan and Zhang Yanquan are authentic Chongqing babies.

For this reason, R1SE specially designed an interactive session with unique regional characteristics for Chongqing fans. The members not only adapted the lyrics of the song "Deba" into Chongqing dialect "Yaode", but also performed a dialect chorus with the live fans. Combined with Chongqing special hot pot, a creative game "What’s in the hot pot restaurant" was created, which made the concert scene burst into laughter again and again.

Back in June this year, the reality show "Creation Camp 2019" launched by Tencent Video specially selected men’s teams finally scheduled the final seats. According to the program rules, 11 members of the "R1SE" group who made their debut as a group were born. Among the 11 members born after the elimination of 101 trainees, three Chongqing children were included: the names of Vin, Ivan and YoRoll  instantly became popular on the Internet.

Wechat picture _20191224220417.jpg


You are not mistaken. After 00, you have already started to board this eye-catching stage. Vin, the third of the three, was born in 2000, while YoRoll  and Yao Chen were both born in 1998. According to Vin’s self-report when he participated in Creation Camp 2019, his idea of going on stage was influenced by Michael Jackson: in 2012, at the age of 12, after watching Michael Jackson’s performance in This is it, he had the idea of going on stage for the first time, and it got out of hand. He first signed up for a street dance class, and then spent two years persuading his parents to let him take the road of acting. Before participating in the domestic draft variety show, he went to an entertainment company in South Korea as a trainee in 2014.

Before this year’s "Creation Camp 2109" won the C place, Vin had already won the fourth place in the 2017 musical idol cultivation program "Son of Tomorrow" and made her debut. Two months ago, Vin was selected into the 2019 Forbes China list of 30 elites under the age of 30 by virtue of her popularity.


Ivan Yao

Ivan, born in 1998, also had the experience of joining a Korean entertainment company as an intern. In "Creation Camp 2019", Yao Chen’s first stage performance of "Baddd" attracted countless attention. During the performance, Ivan inadvertently lifted his T-shirt to reveal eight abdominal muscles, which also made him known as a "small waist" by fans.



YoRoll  is famous for her "interesting soul" among R1SE members. On the one hand, he keeps making golden sentences in the "Creation Camp 2019" program, such as calling PK among students "mutual torture to the bald head"; On the other hand, the scene of Chongqing Xiaoer, who is super spicy, recommending Laoganma’s hot sauce for other students in the program has also made fans talk about it for a long time.

YoRoll  madly recommended hot sauce to other students in "Creation Camp 2019". jpg

The scene of YoRoll ‘s crazy recommendation of hot sauce

As he himself said in the program, his interest in rap began in junior high school. "My classmates showed me a rough MV made by a domestic rapper, but the content was very close to life." He immediately fell in love with this form of writing everything that happened around him into a song and began to try originality. Nowadays, family members are very supportive of this road chosen by Zhang Yan. In an interview, he even laughed that his father is his number one male fan. "His ten circle of friends, nine of them are all about me, and I find people everywhere to like me."

TIM screenshot 20190731214409.png


A cold folded ear root was forwarded by Weibo for more than 240,000 times.

On December 22nd, J.zen’s name was posted on the hot search because Ronghao Li, who had just finished his concert in Chongqing, met Xiao Zhu at the airport and stopped him. At first, he didn’t react. When he recognized that he was Ronghao Li, the music tutor when he participated in the online comprehensive Idol Trainee, J.zen’s appearance as a good student made fans happy instantly.

1.jpg, J.zen


If you don’t know J.zen, it only means that you are either old or Out.

Now official website, who is logged into Luneng Bashu Middle School, can find J.zen's name in the classmate record of Class 16, Grade 2012. jpg.

Now logging in to Luneng Bashu Middle School, official website can find J.zen’s name in the classmate record of Class 16, Grade 2012.

J.zen was born in Chongqing in 1994. Until now, if you log in to Luneng Bashu Middle School, official website can find his name in the previous student lists. He is in Class 16, Grade 2012. Compared with Chongqing’s fellow villagers who are equally popular in the entertainment circle today, J.zen is a broader type. He and Variety should have been electrocuted since high school: in 2011, J.zen’s name was included in the second season of China’s Got Talent. Later, he entered Beijing Modern Music Institute to study in university.

The reason why J.zen dabbles in a lot is that he has appeared in the dance competition program, the magic reality show and the most popular variety show "Hip-hop in China" in 2017 (entering the top 46 in China). However, if we really want to say that J.zen’s name is on fire, it is inseparable from the reality show "Idol Trainee" formed by the idol men’s team that was red and purple last year. In this program, J.zen and the current traffic took the PK of KUN, Chen Linong and Adam, and finally ranked 14th. This achievement is quite rare.

This year's Spring Festival, J.zen's menu for going home for dinner also has cold folded ears. jpg

This year’s Spring Festival, J.zen’s cold salad is broken.

How hot is J.zen, who has released his second personal music EP "Something Worth mentioning" in April this year? The reporter noticed that the number of his real-name authentication fans in Weibo has already exceeded 6.4 million. As a Chongqing cub, he is naturally unambiguous in eating. Apart from basking in the Vlog that he made "Chongqing tomato scrambled eggs" and "boiled meat slices", this year’s Spring Festival J.zen basked in a picture of himself eating New Year’s Eve dinner at home in Chongqing: "The legendary braised fish of grandma and the broken ears of grandpa’s cold salad". This Weibo has been forwarded more than 240,000 times, and the number of likes has exceeded 78,000 times.

TIM screenshot 20190731214409.png


Chongqing guy who won the popularity of "making stars in a new way"

Compared with his peers in other circles, Gu Landi, who was born in Chongqing in 1995, was quite unconventional from his debut to his popularity. Although he also participated in Iqiyi’s talent show "Youth has You", he actually made his debut before this program started: In the online drama "Love You So Sweet" of Tencent video last year, Gu Landi starred in the male No.2.



In January of this year, Youth with You, which has been regarded as the second season of Idol Trainee, was launched, and Gu Landi joined it as a trainee. After two months of competition, Gu Landi regretted stopping in the top 20, and something interesting happened at this time. He, together with Shi Mingze, Hu Wenxuan, Xu Bingchao and Ding Feijun, formed a men’s team named "D5, the fifth son of the desert" and announced his debut. The operation team behind it is Lehua Entertainment, which has previously launched the "NEXT of the Seven sons of Lehua" (the main members include THEO and Adam).

Display and Valley Blue Imperial Capital is a "trainee" launched by the online comprehensive "Youth has You". jpg

Displaying the Imperial Capital of Valley Blue is a "trainee" from Youth with You.

The key to saying that it is the result of the current "new game of making stars" is that "the fifth son of the desert D5" announced its existence for only three months at the same time from the date of its birth. Not only that, the unique significance of "Five Sons of the Desert D5" is that it is the first case of spontaneous group cooperation between artists from different companies. People in the industry generally believe that this has unlocked the new mode of idol draft, given the eliminated players new opportunities, and maintained the heat of the players after the game to a certain extent. At the same time of forming a group, "Desert Wuzi D5" has an official fan club, and the membership card valid for three months costs 99 yuan.

During the three-month existence of "Five Sons of the Desert D5", they released two singles successively, and they also appeared in the theme concert of "Burning Snow" in the 1000-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Upstream News chongqing morning post Reporter Qiu Jinxi

Entertainment channel. jpg

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"Silver-haired online celebrity" has a different style. The elderly open the "tidal life" online

  Screenshot of Tik Tok account of "Qinba Grandma Qinba Yiwei". The picture comes from the Internet.

  In Shengli Community, Jincheng Street, Lin ‘an District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, young social workers guide the old people how to shop with their mobile phones. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yushe

  An elderly person is broadcasting live. The picture comes from the Internet.

  In recent years, more and more middle-aged and elderly people shine brilliantly on the Internet platform. Sending short videos, opening live broadcasts and selling goods online … … They have subverted people’s traditional impression of old age, attracted a large number of fans to watch and become a beautiful landscape in the era of mobile internet.

  "Silver-haired online celebrity" shows a different style

  Accompanied by ancient music, four ladies dressed in batik cheongsam are walking leisurely. They are either holding red umbrellas or dancing folding fans, smiling and full of confidence. This is a 15-second short video released by Tik Tok’s account "Fashion Grandma Group", which has received nearly 1.5 million likes. It is hard to imagine that they are a group of "silver-haired online celebrity" with an average age of 68.

  In Aauto Quicker, Tik Tok, bilibili and other short video platforms, countless "silver online celebrity" are everywhere. For example, Tik Tok’s account "Qinba Grandma Qinba Yiwei" records the rural life of two old people near Daba Mountain. Grandma’s cooking of braised pig’s trotters, potato Baba fried bacon, pulp water and other foods in southern Shaanxi made netizens salivate. At present, the account has gained 2.73 million fans and been praised more than 34 million times; The handsome "Grandpa Beihai" often wears a suit, a hat and a bow tie. His love for life and his spirit of "not being old" make many young people envy him. The short video released by "Grandpa Jigong" begins with "Dear Dolls", telling life experiences and talking about the world in simple language, as kind as grandpa next door; "Grandma Wang who only wears high heels" has a live broadcast with goods, and its sales can reach several million yuan, surpassing many young live broadcasts in online celebrity.

  In the Internet era of "everyone has a microphone", the elderly are no longer network insulators. They pursue fashion, are confident and enthusiastic, know how to consume and love life, and show a unique style of "the most beautiful is the sunset red".

  The 45th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China shows that by March 2020, the number of netizens in China reached 904 million, and the number of mobile phone users reached 897 million. Among netizens, netizens aged 50 and above account for 16.9%, and the number exceeds 150 million. The Internet continues to penetrate into middle-aged and elderly people.

  Perceive the temperature of the years from the live broadcast

  The reporter found out that the "silver-haired people" who are currently popular on the Internet are mainly divided into three categories: First, they show their young mentality and self-disciplined living habits. They often dress well and maintain a good posture and mental outlook, showing people the "exquisite life" of the elderly. The second is to record fragments of daily life. In the warmth and fun of the old people with their wives, children and grandchildren, netizens can feel the deep affection and see the true temperament of the old people who are childlike, lovely and straightforward. The third is to share life common sense and experience. Such as introducing health knowledge through live broadcast, recording short videos to interpret common scams and warning people how to deal with them.

  What is the charm of "Silver-haired online celebrity"? Some insiders pointed out that there are three "degrees" advantages in online celebrity, namely, the length of life experience, the width of knowledge and the depth of professional fields. Specifically, the rich life experience and social experience of the elderly are not available to young people. They are well-informed, often thoroughly study their own professional fields, have strong comprehensive ability to deal with problems, and have a unique charm of time precipitation. When they express their little philosophies in life as experienced people, they will give people a sense of reliability and peace of mind.

  Online celebrity’s old people have resonated with their peers, and at the same time, they have been loved and sought after by a large number of young people. For example, seeing the warm picture of "Grandma Qinba" and her wife taking care of each other, many netizens were envious and said that "this is love, and happiness is included in the plain". Industry analysts pointed out that, by contrast, the videos of Grandpa online celebrity and Grandma online celebrity are more authentic, frank and cordial, arousing many young people’s fond childhood memories, and arousing their yearning for their loved ones, family and affection, which is more penetrating and user-friendly.

  The "silver hair economy" market is on the rise.

  In May this year, "I’m Grandma Tian" in online celebrity, Tik Tok opened the first live show with goods, and achieved sales of 1.5 million yuan. Experts pointed out that behind the outbreak of "silver-haired online celebrity" is the rise of the trillion-dollar "silver-haired economy" market.

  Recently, the China Development Report 2020: Trends and Policies of Population Aging in China issued by China Development Foundation said that by 2022, the population over 65 in China will account for 14% of the total population, realizing the transformation to an aging society. In 2050, the aging in China will reach its peak, and the population over 65 will account for 27.9% of the total population in China. "Silver-haired economy" will become a new growth point to promote the sustainable development of China’s economy in the future aging society.

  Li Jia, deputy director of Pangu Think Tank Aging Society Research Center, believes that what middle-aged and elderly people need is to find more channels to release their abilities and energy and become participants in social development and progress. As the post-60s with higher education begin to retire, middle-aged and elderly people will be completely separated from the stereotype of "digital refugees" in the past, and their social needs are growing day by day, which is a good opportunity for the market to mature.

  "Silver-haired online celebrity" not only spreads the positive energy of loving life and attaching importance to family, but also is a blue ocean with infinite opportunities. The insiders believe that the current market consumption potential of "Silver Hair online celebrity" has not been fully tapped, and there is still huge market space. To achieve the economic benefits of "silver-haired online celebrity", we need team packaging and continuous content output. In addition, due to limited energy, the old people are not familiar with the Internet economy and fans’ psychology, and the live broadcast of goods still faces no small challenge.

In 2020, these "online celebrity" will be different!

  Chinanews. com client Beijing, December 25 th:Year-end planning: In 2020, these "online celebrity" will be different!

  Reporter Ren Siyu

  Finally, the progress bar in 2020 is almost full.

  If you use one word to describe your feelings, what would it be? Magic, change and cherish … …

  Looking back on this year, we have witnessed too many changes in the world, one extraordinary thing after another, and at the same time, we have seen such a group of ordinary people become "online celebrity". Do you still remember them?

  Spider monkey bread

  At the beginning of the year, many people were trapped by the COVID-19 epidemic. When Wuhan was "closed" and everyone was shrouded in panic, a group of witnesses recorded the tug-of-war between ordinary people and the epidemic with their own lenses.

  On the 29th day of the twelfth lunar month, Wuhan film and television worker "Spider Monkey Bread" decided to film the daily life after "closing the city": the medical staff who rushed to the front line to fight, the boss who provided free accommodation for the medical staff, the old man who pushed his wife to see a doctor on foot in a wheelchair, the family members of patients waiting for medicine, and the takeaway brother who insisted on delivering food on a motorcycle … … The ordinary people in his lens are warm and strong.

  In just a few days, "Spider Monkey Bread" became a online celebrity, with millions of fans. The comments all said, "Thank you for letting us see the beauty and kindness in human nature." "Thank you for letting us see the real Wuhan."

  Dalian xiaohuo

  Although temporarily closed, the city has not become an island. During the epidemic, countless stories of volunteers were born here. Among them, a young man from Dalian who experienced the trip of "Han Long" impressed everyone.

  In February of this year, Jiang Wenqiang, a young man from Dalian, wanted to take the high-speed train to Changsha, but he took the wrong carriage and came to Wuhan. Because the passage from Han was closed, he almost slept on the street and signed up as a volunteer in the First Hospital of Wuhan, and gradually overcame his inner fears and became the "Dalian" in the hospital.

  At the end of March, Jiang Wenqiang returned to his hometown with the Liaoning medical team that finished the task. Later, an epidemic broke out in Dalian, and he volunteered again, wearing protective clothing and becoming a volunteer. At the end of 2020, he concluded: "Volunteers are the identities that I will cherish all my life. Volunteer service is what I have to do all my life! "

  Zhong Meimei

  During the national fight against the epidemic, people were forced to be isolated at home, learn to make milk tea and steamed cakes with short videos, and order snail powder with live broadcasts. The video deeply intervened and changed everyone’s lives. Zhong Meimei, a 13-year-old boy, vividly imitated the teacher’s class and brought happiness to those days.

  God’s imitation and golden sentences made this "drama student" popular overnight, and he was crowded into his bedroom by onlookers, discussions, and many shots. A company directly gave him a signing invitation of one million. Finally, he and his family chose to refuse.

  At a recent event, Zhong Meimei said, "I am very lucky to be born in this era, so that everyone can see my performance and like me. This is the change of this era, and the surprise brought by the change. " He also said that he plans to be an actor in the future, and the most important thing is to finish college, because he doesn’t want to be an actor without cultural literacy.

  Ding Zhen

  Also because the short video burst into red and was watched by countless people, there was a Tibetan boy Ding Zhen.

  In the fear of netizens, this "sweet wild boy" will be contested by entertainment companies and make his debut in the draft. However, the local government beat him to it and signed him as an employee of Litang County Wenlv Investment and Development Co., Ltd. After that, Ding Zhen opened a Weibo, filmed a video and attended a promotion meeting, which quickly became a part of local cultural tourism promotion. It is the cultural tourism institutions in Sichuan, Tibet and even all over the country that compete for him.

  Ding really became popular by accident, but behind this, people saw the efforts made by Litang County for poverty alleviation over the years. In the past, Litang had a high altitude and poor conditions. Now, Litang has withdrawn from the poverty-stricken county sequence and is ready to welcome tourists from all over the world.

  In this series, everyone remembered Ding Zhen’s clear eyes and bright smile, the snowy plateau behind him and "Pony always runs first", and even remembered the name of Litang County. Originally, online celebrity can also have this way of opening.

  He jiaolong

  After Ding Zhen successfully brought goods for Litang, He Jiaolong, deputy head of Zhaosu County, Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, was also angry. In a video, she wears a red cloak to ride a horse in the snow field, and speaks for local tourism projects, which is heroic and cool.

  In 2020, live broadcast with goods became the key word of consumption, and people found that more and more grassroots cadres also joined the ranks of anchors with goods. In fact, long before the video became popular, He Jiaolong began to appear for the live broadcast of local agricultural and sideline products, with sales exceeding 10 million yuan and reward income exceeding 1 million yuan, all of which were used for public welfare and charity.

  He Jiaolong said that he didn’t want to be a online celebrity. He only hoped that more people could get to know the beautiful Zhaosu through video, so that Zhaosu County could become the national "online celebrity" punching place and help the local agriculture and tourism development.

  Zhang guimei

  If we say that live broadcast with goods is to change the rural landscape through consumption, then the Huaping Girls’ High School where President Zhang Guimei is located is to change the fate of girls in poor mountainous areas with knowledge.

  Zhang Guimei, 63, has been committed to the education in the poor mountainous areas of western Yunnan for decades. She founded the first all-free high school for girls in China. In order to get girls into the school, she worked door to door. In order to urge them to get good grades in the exam, she only slept for a few hours every day because of various diseases … … In the past 12 years, more than 1,800 girls who might have dropped out of school have gone out of Dashan and Yuanmeng University.

  When asked "where is the value of this life", Zhang Guimei said: "Anyway, I saved a generation. No matter how much or how little, it is enough for them to live better than me and be happier than me. This is my greatest comfort. "

  "I was born to be a mountain rather than a stream. I want to look down on the mediocre ravine at the top of the peaks. I was born an outstanding person, not a dirt. I stand on the shoulders of great men and despise humble cowards. " This oath, whenever read, makes people respect.

  In 2020, there are still some people who will become online celebrity. They are not famous for their talent or beauty. Maybe you can’t remember their names, but they must have been moved and applauded by these pictures:

  In Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, a couple of farmers danced their own "shuffle dance" in the field, and their smiles were very infectious. It turned out that Fan Deduo had suffered from depression due to a car accident, and his wife Peng Xiaoying took him to dance together, gradually getting out of the haze and finding happiness.

  In Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, a traffic policeman saw the children crossing the road. After gesturing to the owner, he ran to the children with a big smile and escorted the children across the road. During this period, he bent down and opened his arms to protect the children.

  In Zhengzhou, Henan Province, a man slipped and fell into the Yellow River. At the critical moment, another man successfully intercepted the drowning man with a paddle. It turned out that the rescuer was a professional kayaker who retired five years ago due to injury. The whole rescue took only 27 seconds.

  In Binzhou, Shandong Province, a drunken man attacked pedestrians on the road with a knife and cut a girl’s neck. I saw a veteran rushing out with a long stick, quickly knocking out the knife in the man’s hand, and the neighbor with injured hand pulled an electric car to subdue the gangster.

  In Dalian, Liaoning Province, a blue delivery man tripped over the steel wire towed by the tanker and fell into a coma after hitting the pier. The yellow delivery man in the rear rushed into the sea of fire and dragged him out. He said that even if he was burned, he must save people, otherwise he would be very sorry in his life.

  In 2020, there are many stories of these ordinary people becoming popular. They help to clarify misunderstandings and correct stereotypes, bring happiness and warmth in times of anxiety, and stand up bravely in times of crisis. Even, they just show their real daily life in the most grounded way, which is worth standing in the center of the stage.

  Many years later, maybe someone will carefully write down the year of 2020, which will be a colorful page. While experiencing one magical story after another, we also see that there are many ordinary lights.

  Ordinary people can be online celebrity, ordinary people can become heroes, traffic can change their hometown and be used in a wider place, and the silent efforts on weekdays converge into the power to achieve a better life; In the predicament, countless small goodwill gathered together, which can let more people see hope.

  These seemingly atypical online celebrity will become a unique footnote in 2020. So they might as well come more! (End)

AITO’s new M7 series was delivered as soon as it was released, with a price of 249,800 ~ 329,800 yuan.

On September 12th, the new M7 series of AITO was officially launched. At the press conference, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG, and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, said: "We have invested 500 million yuan in the new M7 series of AITO, using solid materials and the best technology to make it not only become ‘ Intelligent cockpit ceiling ’ , or ‘ Intelligent driving ceiling ’ , but also ‘ Intelligent safety ceiling ’ ! In the invisible and visible places, it brings users the ultimate experience that is more advanced than far ahead! " 

"Shuangzhi" continues to be far ahead, and the whole country can drive with wisdom.

The new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, which is the first to realize high-speed and high-order intelligent driving in urban areas without relying on high-precision maps. It is expected that in December this year, the urban intelligent driving pilot assistance (urban NCA) will realize the intelligent driving experience that all roads in the country can be opened and the more open they are, the better they will be. 

Behind the excellent intelligent driving experience, the new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with 27 sensing hardware, including an overhead laser radar, three millimeter-wave radars, 11 high-definition visual sensing cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars. With the high-performance computing platform and Huawei’s self-developed anthropomorphic algorithm, the whole scene and all-weather perception of dynamic and static targets (including alien objects) are realized. Among them, HUAWEI ADS 2.0 upgrades the GOD(General Obstacle Detection Network) 2.0 network pioneered by the industry on the basis of integrating BEV(Bird Eye View) perception ability, which can identify alien objects outside the white list of general obstacles, and finely identify the types of obstacles (such as distinguishing ambulances and police cars), with a recognition rate as high as 99.9%.

HarmonyOS’s smart cockpit is smoother and more fun. The super desktop brings more mobile phone applications, and the "touch" of mobile phones can realize the continuous circulation of applications such as drama and games. In the back row, HUAWEI MagLinkTM has developed a new way to play space scenes. Huawei tablets can be connected immediately, realizing multi-device linkage. The intelligent cockpit can be changed into a personal workshop, a multi-person conference room and a children’s study, and the magic space can be flexibly switched to create "mobile whole house intelligence".  

All-round "rejuvenation" upgrade, super-large space is unparalleled.

The new M7 fully considers the needs of family travel, with a length of 3338mm and a trunk depth of 1100mm, which can easily accommodate 12 20-inch boarding boxes. After the second row of seats are laid down and connected with the trunk, the maximum depth is extended to 2051mm, which can easily accommodate 30 20-inch suitcases, and various modes such as a 2-meter big bed can be switched, so that it is easy for two people to lie flat. With the 52L storage compartment in the trunk, the ultimate space efficiency meets the loading requirements of family cars, and it can be easily loaded regardless of the distance of one person, the romance of two people or the happiness of a family.

Active and passive double insurance, double super safety and more reliable.

Passive safety is not afraid of accidents, active safety avoids accidents, physical safety and intelligent safety are double insurance, which makes the new M7 series double super safety in the world. In terms of passive safety, the new M7 car body structure is matched with mold opening. The submarine-grade thermoformed steel accounts for 24.4% of the whole car, and high-strength steel and aluminum alloy account for 80.6%, which is better than the mainstream models of 500,000 luxury brands currently on sale. The new car also comes standard with eight airbags and double pre-tensioned seat belts in the front row, which provides users with all-round driving safety based on more real scene verification.

In terms of active safety, the new M7 is not afraid of things and can avoid them. The active safety capability of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 continues to evolve, and the omni-directional anti-collision system is launched to realize the forward, lateral and backward omni-directional anti-collision capability, and the omni-directional protection is the real safety. The maximum braking speed of AEB(Automatic Emergency Braking) is increased to 90km/h, which can reduce 90% of traffic accidents caused by inattention and complex road conditions, and its active safety capability continues to lead in the industry. 

The cart is comfortable and easy to drive, and the whole family is comfortable to travel.

The new M7 focuses on family travel scenes and comprehensively optimizes the driving experience. The big five seats come standard with brand-new "cotton candy" seats, with 10 layers of comfortable laminated design and a total foam thickness of 100mm;; The ventilation, heating and massage functions of four seats are standard, and each seat is as comfortable as first class. Through the Xiaoyi Wisdom Assistant, the double-row nap function of the main driver and the auxiliary driver can be turned on by voice. Enjoy six new zero-gravity seats, so that users can unload their fatigue when riding, as if they were in a space capsule, bringing the ultimate comfort and relaxation experience. In addition, the new M7 in Wenjie is also equipped with leading and comfortable configurations such as front and rear double air-conditioning boxes, 17 air-conditioning outlets, rear air-conditioning touch screen, and fully automatic electric pedal. A healthier "zero formaldehyde" cockpit allows the whole family to enjoy a healthy and comfortable travel experience at any time.

In terms of driving experience, the new M7 in Wenjie upgraded HUAWEI DATSTM 2.0, equipped with HUAWEI DriveONE extended-range electric drive platform, and the four-wheel drive version accelerated by 4.8s per 100 kilometers, with a comprehensive battery life of 1,300km under the condition of full oil and full electric CLTC, a pure battery life of 240km and a fuel consumption as low as 5.6L/100km under the condition of power feeding. 

The official guide price of the new M7 series is: 249,800 yuan for the five-seat rear-drive version of M7 Plus, 284,800 yuan for the five-seat four-wheel drive version of M7 Plus and 309,800 yuan for the five-seat intelligent driving version of M7 Max; The six-seat rear-drive version of M7 Plus is 269,800 yuan, and the six-seat intelligent driving version of M7 Max is 329,800 yuan. Order the new M7 series in the world immediately, and you can enjoy the car purchase rights of 33,000 yuan. Consumers can consult and make reservations at Huawei Mall, Huawei Authorized Experience Store and AITO User Center.

Upstream news Luo Xiaodi

"Brave Game 2" exposed the advanced special edition, Qi Xin joined forces to fight again.

1905 movie network news Jumanji: The Next Level, a Hollywood action adventure masterpiece, will be released nationwide on December 6th, and the Brave Team led by "Stonestone" Qiang Sen will be assembled again. This time, the game world is completely out of control, the difficulty of the level is soaring, the visual wonders are escalating, and the lives of four people are hanging by a thread at any time.

On December 5th, the film released a special edition of "All-round Advanced", in which all the main creators appeared to show the interesting shooting process of the film, and all the people worked together to create higher-level works, which perfectly explained the spirit of the brave to challenge the peak. The film is directed by jack Kasdan, and Dwayne Douglas Johnson, Jack Black, kevin hart and Karen Sheila Gillan will return to the whole lineup.

The main creative staff appeared in the comprehensive advanced special edition.  

Qi Xin, the brave, works together to fight the peak again.

In addition to the thrilling and funny clips of the film, the special edition also exposed the behind-the-scenes shooting tidbits for the first time, and the main creative staff made an appearance to tell about their expectations for the film. Qiang Sen, as the leading actor and producer, has very high requirements for this film: "If you are lucky enough to make a film as successful as the first Brave Game, you must get an by going up one flight of stairs when making a sequel."

For director jack Kasdan, he also wants to "fight the peak again": "We want to challenge ourselves and do something new that was not in the first movie." In order to present a fully upgraded game world, they challenged infinite possibilities during this shooting. Not only were the scenes more diverse and grand, but the actors also went beyond their physical limits.

The reunion of the whole excellent team inspired everyone’s creative inspiration, produced wonderful chemical effects, and created a series of jokes at the same time. For example, Qiang Sen played Grandpa Eddie, which made Awkwafina, who played a mysterious new role, very amazed. In addition, Dr. Yong Shi also met a more powerful opponent — — You Ergen, the cruel man, makes people wonder how the brave will fight against this "ultimate enemy".

"Man-Bird Wars" and "Speeding Cars" are frightening. 

Mouth gun partners love each other and kill each other, which brings laughter again and again 

The brave game world, which has returned to the audience’s field of vision, has ushered in a dangerous escalation and total loss of control, and the rapid transformation of a number of extremely thrilling new levels is dizzying. In addition to the primitive jungle where the man-eating hippopotamus is hidden in the previous work, there are endless abyss that kills people at any time, numerous peak forest pontoons besieged by wild mandrels, extremely cold snow-capped mountains that suddenly collapse and crack, and uninhabited desert & HELIP; …

The wild animals in the game world, such as wild mandrills, angry ostriches, man-eating pythons and ferocious hyenas, are lifelike and terrible, with clear hair expressions and 100% reduction; The ostrich gallops as if it were there, and the flying stones and gravel seem to be in front of it. The immersive visual experience brings the extreme stimulation that makes people’s adrenal glands soar.

At the same time, there are a lot of jokes in the film. Whether Qiang Sen plays a bad-tempered grandfather or kevin hart turns into an elegant old gentleman who speaks very slowly, Gao Fancha’s "laughter" is hilarious, and the two of them start the mode of love and killing each other along the way, which makes people laugh hysterically. In addition, the brave fought fiercely with the angry ostrich brigade and fought side by side with Bethany who turned into a dark horse. The super-burning group battle was exciting and full of jokes. It was a rare "effective" and funny masterpiece.

Global word-of-mouth harvest received rave reviews. 

"The biggest surprise of the year" triggered the expectation of the whole people.

"Jumanji: The Next Level" has been praised by the media since it was announced. Recently, it has been released in other regions and countries, and it has received numerous praises. As a sequel to Super IP, people feel full of sincerity: "It’s great to see such a wonderful sequel!" "Surprise, amazing! After reading it, I look forward to the follow-up development of IP. ""The most surprising, thrilling and sincere Hollywood action adventure blockbuster in 2019 "; The comprehensive upgrade of the visual spectacle is amazing: "This brave game world presents us with a shocking spectacle";

The wonderful performances of the leading actors won numerous praises: "The best partner of Qiang Sen and kevin hart is worth watching, and Awkwafina has excellent acting skills." "I can’t choose the best actor, because everyone in it performed super brilliantly, which makes people sincerely admire!" ; The film brings you thrilling and hilarious sensory enjoyment: "The film has brought me unexpected excitement and continuous laughter, which is simply a surprise everywhere!" The strong word-of-mouth given by local media and audiences has ignited the strong expectations of domestic fans for film release.

Short-listed for the Oscar for Best Visual Effects  

Top production team to create "the most powerful film in the same file"

Recently, "Jumanji: The Next Level" was shortlisted for the Oscar for Best Visual Effects Award. The shocking visual effects presented in the preview attracted countless audiences, thanks to the top behind-the-scenes production team: more than 5,000 visual effects teams from all over the world created vivid details of fierce beasts;

Spectacular scenes and checkpoints full of imagination are manipulated by artists who have participated in special effects blockbusters; The Oscar-level visual effects director who participated in the production also participated in the production of this film, presenting the imaginary game world realistically and satisfying the dreams of countless people to enter the game world. Since the pre-sale of the film started last week, so far, the pre-sale box office has exceeded 10 million, and the pre-sale ratio ranks first, and other indicators such as wanting to see also take advantage, crushing the films released in the same file.

No matter from the aspects of IP popularity, production level, card lineup, etc., it can be called the strongest giant system at the end of the year. Newly upgraded levels and newly joined characters will present a novel and interesting sensory experience for everyone, which is definitely worthy of the title of the most anticipated Hollywood action adventure blockbuster at the end of the year.

Jumanji: The Next Level, a Hollywood action adventure masterpiece, is directed by jack Kasdan, and the four leading characters, Dr. Yong Shi Dwayne Douglas Johnson, geologist Jack Black, linguist kevin hart and sexy girl Karen Sheila Gillan, will return to the whole lineup! In order to save their lost companions, the Brave Four assembled again and entered an unknown world that was completely out of control. Facing the dangerous barrier of off the charts, Qiang Sen led the team to challenge the limit to escape. An adventure full of thrills and surprises is about to begin.

[I knew] 10 central enterprises collectively acted and set off a new wave of repurchase and holdings; US stocks closed higher.



10 central enterprises collectively act! Since September, more than 100 companies have repurchased their holdings;

Will the US government take more measures to restrict the export of chips to China?The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded;

The State Council:Improve the support capacity of strategic mineral resources such as rare earths;

In September, the electricity consumption of the whole society increased by 9.9% year-on-year;

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited Shenxing rechargeable battery launched the first landing Star Road Star Era model;

Institution:Suppliers expand production reduction, and the quarterly increase of NAND Flash contract price in the fourth quarter is estimated to be 8-13%;

The three major indexes of US stocks collectively closed up, with the Nasdaq rising by 1.2%;

Chairman Haitian Weiye proposed a big buyback..

Overnight outer disk
The three major indexes of US stocks rose across the board. At the close, the Dow Jones index rose 0.93%, the Nasdaq index rose 1.2% and the S&P 500 index rose 1.06%. Popular technology stocks generally rose, with Amazon and Meta rising more than 2%, and Microsoft, Google, NVIDIA and Tesla rising more than 1%. Popular Chinese stocks are mixed, with the future rising by nearly 7%, Tencent Music rising by nearly 6% and JD.COM rising by over 2%.
Europe’s three major indexes rose across the board. At the close, Britain’s FTSE 100 index rose 0.41%, France’s CAC40 index rose 0.27%, and Germany’s DAX30 index rose 0.34%.
Hot spot focusing
1, 10 central enterprises collective action! Since September, more than 100 companies have repurchased and increased their holdings.
On October 16th, 10 central enterprises announced one after another, which set off a new wave of repurchase and increase holdings, including China Petrochemical, baoshan iron & steel, COSCO Haikong, China Mobile, China Railway Construction, China Coal Energy, Three Gorges Energy, China Power Construction, Hikvision and China Resources Micro. Among them, five listed companies announced plans to increase their holdings by about 500-1.63 billion yuan; Two listed companies announced the progress of increasing their holdings, totaling about 2.343 billion yuan; A listed company adds a repurchase plan, which does not exceed 3 billion yuan; Two listed companies announced the progress of repurchase, totaling 475 million yuan. In fact, this wave of repurchase holdings has started since September. According to incomplete statistics, since September, more than 40 listed companies in the A-share market have issued relevant announcements to increase their holdings, including shareholders, Dong Jiangao and dealers. More than 60 listed companies have issued share repurchase plans, and most of the repurchased shares are used to implement equity incentives or employee stock ownership plans.
2. The US government will take more measures to restrict the export of chips to China? Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded
According to CCTV news, on October 16th, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning held a regular press conference. A reporter from Reuters asked that the Biden administration is expected to take more measures to restrict the export of chips to China. What is China’s response to this? Mao Ning said that China has repeatedly stated its position on US chip export control to China. We believe that the United States should stop politicizing, instrumentalizing and weaponizing economic, trade, scientific and technological issues, and stop disrupting the stability of the global supply chain. China will pay close attention to relevant trends and resolutely safeguard its own rights and interests.
3. the State Council: Improve the support capacity of strategic mineral resources such as rare earths.
The State Council issued the Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Inner Mongolia and Striving to Write a New Chapter of Chinese Modernization, in which it proposed to support the systematic exploration and evaluation, protective development, high-quality utilization and standardized management of strategic mineral resources in Inner Mongolia, and to enhance the support capacity of strategic mineral resources such as rare earth, iron, nickel, copper, tungsten, tin, molybdenum, gold, fluorite, crystalline graphite, lithium, uranium and helium. Accelerate the development of high-end rare earth functional materials such as high-purity rare earth metals, high-performance rare earth permanent magnets and high-performance polishing. Expand the application of rare earth catalytic materials in steel, cement, glass, automobile, thermal power and other industries. Support Baotou Rare Earth Products Exchange to build a nationwide rare earth products trading center according to laws and regulations, and build Baotou into the largest rare earth new material base in China and the world’s leading rare earth application base.
4. the State Council: Support the application for the establishment of China (Inner Mongolia) Pilot Free Trade Zone according to procedures.
The State Council issued the Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Inner Mongolia and Striving to Write a New Chapter of Chinese Modernization, in which it proposed to support the application for the establishment of China (Inner Mongolia) Pilot Free Trade Zone according to procedures. Accelerate the integrated development of processing, investment and trade in Manzhouli and Erenhot mutual trade zones. Study and optimize the setting of administrative divisions at border ports to enhance the endogenous development momentum. We will promote innovative management models in Manzhouli and Zhalainuoer, Wulanchabu and Erenhot, and promote the joint development of ports and hinterland. Further consolidate the industrial foundation and promote the high-quality development of the comprehensive bonded zone. Promote cooperation with Mongolia and Russia in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, energy and minerals, infrastructure and other fields. Strengthen technical and project exchanges and cooperation with Mongolia and other neighboring sand source countries in the fields of dust source monitoring and comprehensive management, ecological environment and ecological restoration. Support Inner Mongolia to expand economic and trade cooperation with Singapore and other countries.
5. National Energy Administration: In September, the electricity consumption of the whole society increased by 9.9% year on year.
On October 16th, the National Energy Administration released data on electricity consumption of the whole society in September. In September, the electricity consumption of the whole society was 781.1 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase of 9.9%. In terms of industries, the electricity consumption of the primary industry was 11.7 billion kWh, up 8.6% year-on-year; The electricity consumption of the secondary industry was 519.2 billion kWh, up 8.7% year-on-year; The electricity consumption of the tertiary industry was 146.7 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase of 16.9%; The domestic electricity consumption of urban and rural residents was 103.5 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase of 6.6%.
6, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited Shenxing rechargeable battery first landing Star Road Star Era model.
On October 16th, Chery Group and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited jointly announced that Shenxing rechargeable battery had landed in the era of Qi Ruixing, and the strategic cooperative relationship between them was further deepened. Relying on Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited’s leading extreme manufacturing capacity, Shenxing rechargeable battery will be mass-produced by the end of 2023, and the vehicle equipped with Shenxing rechargeable battery will be officially launched in the first quarter of next year. In the future, Chery Group and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited also plan to simultaneously promote Shenxing rechargeable battery models in overseas markets, explore markets in Europe, the Middle East, ASEAN and North America, and jointly promote the early realization of global electrification and national double carbon targets. Up to now, Shenxing rechargeable battery has landed in brands such as Chery, Aouita and Nezha Automobile. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited is leading the industry into the era of overcharge of new energy vehicles.
7. Organization: Suppliers expand production reduction. The quarterly increase of NAND Flash contract price is estimated to be 8-13% in the fourth quarter.
According to the research of TrendForce Jibang Consulting, due to the strict control of output by suppliers, the contract price of NAND Flash rose in the fourth quarter, with an increase of about 8-13%. Looking forward to 2024, unless the original factory can still maintain the production reduction strategy, and the demand for Enterprise SSD in the server field warms up, it will be difficult for NAND Flash to continue its upward trend without the support of demand.
Theme opportunity
1. The price of fluorite rose to an eight-year high, and leading enterprises were investigated by hundreds of institutions.
On October 16th, the mainstream delivery price of domestic fluorite market was 3,700 yuan to 3,900 yuan/ton. The quotation of some enterprises has increased by more than 20% compared with that before the National Day, and the price has reached the highest level in eight years. Prior to this, two fluorite mine safety accidents occurred in Inner Mongolia and Jiangxi, and the rectification efforts of non-coal mines continued to increase, and the mine operating rate continued to decrease at a low level. On the company side, Jinshi Resources has been investigated by more than 130 institutions recently. The company said that fluorite is a non-renewable, irreplaceable and recyclable resource, and some small mines have withdrawn or suspended due to resource exhaustion or other reasons, and strict supervision has been normalized. The threshold has increased, and the increase in mining and processing costs has also increased their prices. During the National Day this year, the price of fluorite increased rapidly. As far as the increase is concerned, this year is stronger than the same period of last year, and the company will follow the market. In terms of production capacity, if the three production lines of Baotou Steel Jinshi can fully reach production next year, the output can reach the goal of 600,000 to 800,000 tons; Yonghe Co., Ltd. (sh605020) currently owns 3 fluorite mining rights and 2 fluorite exploration rights, and the proven fluorite reserves have reached 4,852,700 tons of ore. In September this year, the company obtained a new mining license for Sumo Chagan Aobao fluorite mine. The production scale of fluorite ore is 120,000 tons/year, and it is expected that it can be mined by 2025, at the earliest or at the end of 2024.
2. The leading flash memory manufacturers’ role in reducing production shows that institutions are optimistic about the bottoming out of the industry.
According to TrendForce Jibang Consulting, due to the strict control of output by suppliers, the contract price of memory NAND Flash rose in the fourth quarter, with an increase of about 8% to 13%. For NAND FIashWafer, after Samsung’s production reduction was expanded to 50%, other original factories also maintained a controlled film-throwing strategy. After the production reduction for more than half a year, some processes and capacities showed structural supply shortage, and it is expected that the contract price will increase by 3% to 18% in the fourth quarter. Tianfeng International Securities believes that the semiconductor industry is a typical industry with obvious two characteristics of strong cycle growth, which generally follows the law of completing a round of ups and downs in four to five years. The downward cycle of this round of memory chip prices has lasted for one and a half years. According to the short cycle distribution of Niu Changxiong and the recent price increase signals of DRAM and NAND Flash, it is currently in the brewing stage of the downward tail to regain its upward trend, and the industry is expected to gradually recover after bottoming out in the third quarter. You can pay attention to Jiang Bolong and De Mingli.
3, Huawei asked the car to re-expose the black technology photovoltaic roof charging battery life
It is reported that the flagship SUV model M9 of AITO will be officially launched at the end of the year. Recently, there are channels to expose the two "black technologies" unique to the car world M9. One of them is that the car world M9 is equipped with solar panels on the roof and hood. When the weather is fine, it can increase the vehicle’s endurance by 20 kilometers every day, and even meet the commuting needs of some people. The analysis points out that solar energy technology is becoming cheaper and more efficient. In addition, the electric vehicle industry has made great progress, battery technology has been continuously improved, and the penetration rate among customers has been continuously improved. The intersection between these trends and related enterprises is the best opportunity for solar electric vehicles. The development of solar electric vehicle technology will make electric vehicles a real "new energy" vehicle, which is of great significance to the green development and the realization of the double carbon goal. You can pay attention to Amarton and Tuo Ri Xinneng.
Company news
1. Borui Medicine: The polypeptide hypoglycemic drugs of its subsidiary are still in the research and development stage.
Borui Pharmaceutical (688166) disclosed the announcement of stock trading changes on the evening of October 16th. The peptide hypoglycemic drug BGM0504 injection independently developed by Borui Xinchuang Biomedical Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of the company, is still in the research and development stage. As of the disclosure date of the announcement, the two indications of weight loss and treatment of type 2 diabetes have only obtained the ethical approval of phase II clinical trials, and the phase II clinical treatment of type 2 diabetes has begun to enter the group. After the phase II clinical trial is completed, the confirmatory clinical trial scheme needs to be confirmed by National Medical Products Administration, and the phase III clinical study needs to be carried out and completed, and it can only be produced and put on the market after being reviewed and approved by National Medical Products Administration.
2. Kanghui Pharmaceutical: Shaanxi Youbang has not produced the intermediate of diet pills at present.
Kanghui Pharmaceutical (603139) issued a clarification announcement on the evening of October 16. Shaanxi Youbang was the holding company of the company acquired in September 2020. Due to the overall market environment, Shaanxi Youbang continued to lose money since its merger in October 2020. At present, Shaanxi Youbang is carrying out small-scale pilot production of the intermediates of Smegrupeptide and Teborpeptide. After the small-scale pilot production, it is necessary to complete the pilot stage before large-scale production can be carried out. At present, Shaanxi Youbang does not have the production capacity of the intermediate of smeglutide and teportide.
3. Shuanglu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: GLP-1 receptor agonist has not been independently studied for weight loss.
Shuanglu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (002038) disclosed the announcement of stock trading changes on the evening of October 16th. At present, the company’s research project GLP-1 receptor agonist (Japanese preparation) has completed the follow-up of all the enrolled subjects in the third phase, and it is in the stage of clinical data collation. The preliminary results show that the products developed by the company are basically the same as those of the original research drug Novotel, and there is no difference in safety. This product has not been clinically studied for weight loss alone, but the weight change at baseline and after 24 weeks was observed as a secondary therapeutic index in phase III clinical study.
4. Baihua Medicine: There is no production and sales of drugs related to liraglutide and smeaglutide.
Baihua Pharmaceutical (600721) issued a risk warning on the evening of October 16th. The company only carried out the preliminary research work of the synthesis route screening and pilot test of liraglutide and smeagoutide projects, and there was great uncertainty in the subsequent research and development. At present, no customers entrust our company with research and development, and the company has no related drug production and sales. The company mentioned in the reply of the interactive platform that "there is a slimming product in the research project", only orlistat capsules; The project began drug research and development in July 2022, and is currently in the clinical research stage.
5. Far East Co., Ltd.: The customer of the company’s liquid-cooled high-power cable sample delivery is not Huawei.
Far East Co., Ltd. (600869) issued an explanatory announcement on the evening of October 16th, regarding the sample delivery of the company’s liquid-cooled high-power cable to Huawei supplier Yonggui Technology in the early stage. At present, the relevant samples are still being tested by the other party, and the customer of the company’s liquid-cooled high-power cable delivery is not Huawei, and it has not yet passed the final test of Yonggui Technology. There is uncertainty about whether the final test passed or not, and whether the company generates revenue.
7. Zhengqiang shares: It is planned to establish a new energy automobile battery manufacturing company through joint venture.
Zhengqiang Co., Ltd. (301119) announced on the evening of October 16 that the company recently signed the Cooperation Agreement on Joint Venture with Hangzhou Shiteng New Energy Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Shuoqing Technology Co., Ltd., and all parties intend to jointly invest in the establishment of a joint venture company. The registered capital of the joint venture company is 100 million yuan, of which the company contributes 55 million yuan, accounting for 55%. After the establishment of the joint venture company, it will mainly engage in the manufacture, integration and sales of energy storage and new energy vehicle batteries; Production and sales of battery spare parts and accessories and other related technology development and business expansion.
8. tonghua dongbao: Engelje raw materials and tablets have been approved for marketing.
Tonghua dongbao (600867) announced on the evening of October 16th that the raw materials and tablets of Engelgin were approved for marketing. Engleggin is a highly selective SGLT-2 inhibitor with a unique insulin-independent hypoglycemic mechanism, which is mainly used to improve blood sugar control in patients with type 2 diabetes.
9. Guoxin Technology: The internal test of the new automotive electronic MCU product was successful.
On the evening of October 16th, Guoxin Technology (688262) announced that the new generation of automotive electronic MCU product "CCFC3007PT" developed by the company has been successfully tested in the company recently. The chip is developed and produced based on 40nmeFlash technology. Compared with CCFC3008PT chips of the same series, the communication LIN is increased to 16 channels, and the MCAN is increased to 12 channels. The storage capacity of the chip is increased to 12 bytes, the highest configuration Flash for data storage is 512K bytes, and the memory space SRAM is increased to 1536K bytes.
10. Shensi Electronics: jointly won the bid for the project of 1.369 billion yuan.
Shensi Electronics (300479) announced on the evening of October 16 that the consortium led by the company won the bid for the construction project of digital Jinan city comprehensive perception and early warning network engineering information platform, with the winning bid amount of 1.369 billion yuan. According to the workload division agreed by the consortium, the amount of projects undertaken by the company is about 809 million yuan, accounting for more than 50% of the company’s operating income in 2022.
11. Baolong Technology: notified by the designated point of ADAS project of a head independent brand OEM.
Baolong Technology (603197) announced on the evening of October 16th that it had recently received a "Fixed Point Notice" from a domestic head self-owned brand main engine factory, and selected the company as the supplier of pavement preview system for its brand-new platform project. According to the customer’s plan, the life cycle of the project is 3 years, and the total amount of the life cycle exceeds 300 million yuan. It is expected that mass production will begin in the first half of 2024.
12. baoshan iron & steel: It is planned to buy back the A shares of the company for no more than RMB 3 billion.
Baoshan iron & steel (600019) announced on the evening of October 16th that it planned to buy back A shares of the company at a price of 8.86 yuan per share with its own funds of no more than 3 billion yuan, and the number of shares repurchased was no less than 330 million shares and no more than 500 million shares, accounting for about 1.48%-2.25% of the company’s total share capital before repurchase.
13. Haitian Weiye: The chairman of the board proposed to buy back shares of 500 million yuan to 800 million yuan.
Haitian Weiye (603288) announced on the evening of October 16 that Pang Kang, the chairman of the company, proposed that the company buy back some public shares by centralized bidding. The total amount of the repurchase funds is not less than 500 million yuan and not more than 800 million yuan.
14. China Mobile: The actual controller’s increase has exceeded 50% of the lower limit of the increase plan.
China Mobile (600941) announced on the evening of October 16th that during the period from January 21st, 2022 to October 16th, 2023, China Mobile Group increased its holdings of 26,258,400 A-share shares, accounting for 0.123% of the total issued A-share shares of the company, accounting for 2.909% of the total issued A-share shares of the company, and the accumulated holding amount was about 1.514 billion yuan, which exceeded the holding plan. China Mobile Group will continue to increase its holdings and complete the plan before December 31, 2023.
15. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway: It is estimated that the net profit in the first three quarters will be 8.253 billion yuan to 9.662 billion yuan.
The Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway (601816) announced on the evening of October 16th that it is estimated that the net profit for the first three quarters will be 8.253 billion to 9.662 billion yuan, compared with 152 million yuan in the same period last year. In the first three quarters of 2023, the safety of high-speed rail within the company continued to be stable, and the domestic passenger transport market showed a steady recovery trend.
16. TCL Technology: The net profit in the first three quarters increased by 448%-502% year-on-year.
TCL Technology (000100) released its performance forecast on the evening of October 16th. It is estimated that the net profit for the first three quarters of 2023 will be 1.541 billion yuan to 1.691 billion yuan, up 448%-502% year-on-year. In the third quarter, the net profit returned to the mother was 1.201 billion yuan to 1.351 billion yuan, turning losses year-on-year. During the reporting period, the company firmly adhered to the strategy of large-size high-end, accelerated the business layout of medium-size IT and vehicle, consolidated the position of small-size market, and expanded the VR/AR and special display market. The quarterly profit of semiconductor display business in the third quarter increased significantly year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter. In the field of new energy photovoltaic business, TCL Zhonghuan accelerated manufacturing transformation and technological innovation transformation, enhanced flexible manufacturing capability, accelerated global business layout and industrial chain coordination, and made sustained and stable contributions to performance.
17. Linglong Tire: It is estimated that the net profit in the first three quarters will increase by 317%-400% year-on-year.
Linglong Tire (601966) announced on the evening of October 16th that it is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will reach 900 million-1.08 billion yuan in the first three quarters of 2023, up by 317%-400% year-on-year. In 2023, benefiting from the continuous recovery of domestic economic activities and the rising demand in overseas markets, the company achieved a cumulative sales growth of 20.8% from January to September, among which the passenger car tires with high Mao Lijiao increased by 23.25%.
18. Jinhui Liquor: The net profit in the first three quarters was 273 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.55%.
Jinhui Liquor (603919) released its third quarter report on the evening of October 16, and achieved an operating income of 496 million yuan in the third quarter, a year-on-year increase of 47.84%; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 18.2308 million yuan, an increase of 884.79% year-on-year. In the first three quarters, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 273 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.55%. During the reporting period, the proportion of products above 100 yuan in the main business income increased to 79%.
Pien Tze Huang: Net profit in the third quarter was 864 million yuan, up 17.03% year-on-year.
Pien Tze Huang (600436) released its third quarterly report on the evening of October 16th, and achieved an operating income of 2.555 billion yuan in the third quarter, up 16.48% year-on-year; The net profit of returning to the mother was 864 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.03%.
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Proofreading: Li Lingfeng
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Sudden! Country Garden founder Yang Guoqiang appeared.
It’s time! Huijin, holding four major banks.
Well-known scenic spots have an accident! Many tourists were washed down by the Qiantang River wave, and the resort urgently announced that it would be suspended from now on.
Over 3 billion net purchases! Foreign capital suddenly shot, sweeping goods in this industry, 200 billion giants were bought the most! The bull market flag bearer was sold over 3.5 billion!
Latest! Ant group announced: buy back shares!

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