In 2020, these "online celebrity" will be different!

  Chinanews. com client Beijing, December 25 th:Year-end planning: In 2020, these "online celebrity" will be different!

  Reporter Ren Siyu

  Finally, the progress bar in 2020 is almost full.

  If you use one word to describe your feelings, what would it be? Magic, change and cherish … …

  Looking back on this year, we have witnessed too many changes in the world, one extraordinary thing after another, and at the same time, we have seen such a group of ordinary people become "online celebrity". Do you still remember them?

  Spider monkey bread

  At the beginning of the year, many people were trapped by the COVID-19 epidemic. When Wuhan was "closed" and everyone was shrouded in panic, a group of witnesses recorded the tug-of-war between ordinary people and the epidemic with their own lenses.

  On the 29th day of the twelfth lunar month, Wuhan film and television worker "Spider Monkey Bread" decided to film the daily life after "closing the city": the medical staff who rushed to the front line to fight, the boss who provided free accommodation for the medical staff, the old man who pushed his wife to see a doctor on foot in a wheelchair, the family members of patients waiting for medicine, and the takeaway brother who insisted on delivering food on a motorcycle … … The ordinary people in his lens are warm and strong.

  In just a few days, "Spider Monkey Bread" became a online celebrity, with millions of fans. The comments all said, "Thank you for letting us see the beauty and kindness in human nature." "Thank you for letting us see the real Wuhan."

  Dalian xiaohuo

  Although temporarily closed, the city has not become an island. During the epidemic, countless stories of volunteers were born here. Among them, a young man from Dalian who experienced the trip of "Han Long" impressed everyone.

  In February of this year, Jiang Wenqiang, a young man from Dalian, wanted to take the high-speed train to Changsha, but he took the wrong carriage and came to Wuhan. Because the passage from Han was closed, he almost slept on the street and signed up as a volunteer in the First Hospital of Wuhan, and gradually overcame his inner fears and became the "Dalian" in the hospital.

  At the end of March, Jiang Wenqiang returned to his hometown with the Liaoning medical team that finished the task. Later, an epidemic broke out in Dalian, and he volunteered again, wearing protective clothing and becoming a volunteer. At the end of 2020, he concluded: "Volunteers are the identities that I will cherish all my life. Volunteer service is what I have to do all my life! "

  Zhong Meimei

  During the national fight against the epidemic, people were forced to be isolated at home, learn to make milk tea and steamed cakes with short videos, and order snail powder with live broadcasts. The video deeply intervened and changed everyone’s lives. Zhong Meimei, a 13-year-old boy, vividly imitated the teacher’s class and brought happiness to those days.

  God’s imitation and golden sentences made this "drama student" popular overnight, and he was crowded into his bedroom by onlookers, discussions, and many shots. A company directly gave him a signing invitation of one million. Finally, he and his family chose to refuse.

  At a recent event, Zhong Meimei said, "I am very lucky to be born in this era, so that everyone can see my performance and like me. This is the change of this era, and the surprise brought by the change. " He also said that he plans to be an actor in the future, and the most important thing is to finish college, because he doesn’t want to be an actor without cultural literacy.

  Ding Zhen

  Also because the short video burst into red and was watched by countless people, there was a Tibetan boy Ding Zhen.

  In the fear of netizens, this "sweet wild boy" will be contested by entertainment companies and make his debut in the draft. However, the local government beat him to it and signed him as an employee of Litang County Wenlv Investment and Development Co., Ltd. After that, Ding Zhen opened a Weibo, filmed a video and attended a promotion meeting, which quickly became a part of local cultural tourism promotion. It is the cultural tourism institutions in Sichuan, Tibet and even all over the country that compete for him.

  Ding really became popular by accident, but behind this, people saw the efforts made by Litang County for poverty alleviation over the years. In the past, Litang had a high altitude and poor conditions. Now, Litang has withdrawn from the poverty-stricken county sequence and is ready to welcome tourists from all over the world.

  In this series, everyone remembered Ding Zhen’s clear eyes and bright smile, the snowy plateau behind him and "Pony always runs first", and even remembered the name of Litang County. Originally, online celebrity can also have this way of opening.

  He jiaolong

  After Ding Zhen successfully brought goods for Litang, He Jiaolong, deputy head of Zhaosu County, Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, was also angry. In a video, she wears a red cloak to ride a horse in the snow field, and speaks for local tourism projects, which is heroic and cool.

  In 2020, live broadcast with goods became the key word of consumption, and people found that more and more grassroots cadres also joined the ranks of anchors with goods. In fact, long before the video became popular, He Jiaolong began to appear for the live broadcast of local agricultural and sideline products, with sales exceeding 10 million yuan and reward income exceeding 1 million yuan, all of which were used for public welfare and charity.

  He Jiaolong said that he didn’t want to be a online celebrity. He only hoped that more people could get to know the beautiful Zhaosu through video, so that Zhaosu County could become the national "online celebrity" punching place and help the local agriculture and tourism development.

  Zhang guimei

  If we say that live broadcast with goods is to change the rural landscape through consumption, then the Huaping Girls’ High School where President Zhang Guimei is located is to change the fate of girls in poor mountainous areas with knowledge.

  Zhang Guimei, 63, has been committed to the education in the poor mountainous areas of western Yunnan for decades. She founded the first all-free high school for girls in China. In order to get girls into the school, she worked door to door. In order to urge them to get good grades in the exam, she only slept for a few hours every day because of various diseases … … In the past 12 years, more than 1,800 girls who might have dropped out of school have gone out of Dashan and Yuanmeng University.

  When asked "where is the value of this life", Zhang Guimei said: "Anyway, I saved a generation. No matter how much or how little, it is enough for them to live better than me and be happier than me. This is my greatest comfort. "

  "I was born to be a mountain rather than a stream. I want to look down on the mediocre ravine at the top of the peaks. I was born an outstanding person, not a dirt. I stand on the shoulders of great men and despise humble cowards. " This oath, whenever read, makes people respect.

  In 2020, there are still some people who will become online celebrity. They are not famous for their talent or beauty. Maybe you can’t remember their names, but they must have been moved and applauded by these pictures:

  In Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, a couple of farmers danced their own "shuffle dance" in the field, and their smiles were very infectious. It turned out that Fan Deduo had suffered from depression due to a car accident, and his wife Peng Xiaoying took him to dance together, gradually getting out of the haze and finding happiness.

  In Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, a traffic policeman saw the children crossing the road. After gesturing to the owner, he ran to the children with a big smile and escorted the children across the road. During this period, he bent down and opened his arms to protect the children.

  In Zhengzhou, Henan Province, a man slipped and fell into the Yellow River. At the critical moment, another man successfully intercepted the drowning man with a paddle. It turned out that the rescuer was a professional kayaker who retired five years ago due to injury. The whole rescue took only 27 seconds.

  In Binzhou, Shandong Province, a drunken man attacked pedestrians on the road with a knife and cut a girl’s neck. I saw a veteran rushing out with a long stick, quickly knocking out the knife in the man’s hand, and the neighbor with injured hand pulled an electric car to subdue the gangster.

  In Dalian, Liaoning Province, a blue delivery man tripped over the steel wire towed by the tanker and fell into a coma after hitting the pier. The yellow delivery man in the rear rushed into the sea of fire and dragged him out. He said that even if he was burned, he must save people, otherwise he would be very sorry in his life.

  In 2020, there are many stories of these ordinary people becoming popular. They help to clarify misunderstandings and correct stereotypes, bring happiness and warmth in times of anxiety, and stand up bravely in times of crisis. Even, they just show their real daily life in the most grounded way, which is worth standing in the center of the stage.

  Many years later, maybe someone will carefully write down the year of 2020, which will be a colorful page. While experiencing one magical story after another, we also see that there are many ordinary lights.

  Ordinary people can be online celebrity, ordinary people can become heroes, traffic can change their hometown and be used in a wider place, and the silent efforts on weekdays converge into the power to achieve a better life; In the predicament, countless small goodwill gathered together, which can let more people see hope.

  These seemingly atypical online celebrity will become a unique footnote in 2020. So they might as well come more! (End)