"Silver-haired online celebrity" has a different style. The elderly open the "tidal life" online

  Screenshot of Tik Tok account of "Qinba Grandma Qinba Yiwei". The picture comes from the Internet.

  In Shengli Community, Jincheng Street, Lin ‘an District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, young social workers guide the old people how to shop with their mobile phones. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yushe

  An elderly person is broadcasting live. The picture comes from the Internet.

  In recent years, more and more middle-aged and elderly people shine brilliantly on the Internet platform. Sending short videos, opening live broadcasts and selling goods online … … They have subverted people’s traditional impression of old age, attracted a large number of fans to watch and become a beautiful landscape in the era of mobile internet.

  "Silver-haired online celebrity" shows a different style

  Accompanied by ancient music, four ladies dressed in batik cheongsam are walking leisurely. They are either holding red umbrellas or dancing folding fans, smiling and full of confidence. This is a 15-second short video released by Tik Tok’s account "Fashion Grandma Group", which has received nearly 1.5 million likes. It is hard to imagine that they are a group of "silver-haired online celebrity" with an average age of 68.

  In Aauto Quicker, Tik Tok, bilibili and other short video platforms, countless "silver online celebrity" are everywhere. For example, Tik Tok’s account "Qinba Grandma Qinba Yiwei" records the rural life of two old people near Daba Mountain. Grandma’s cooking of braised pig’s trotters, potato Baba fried bacon, pulp water and other foods in southern Shaanxi made netizens salivate. At present, the account has gained 2.73 million fans and been praised more than 34 million times; The handsome "Grandpa Beihai" often wears a suit, a hat and a bow tie. His love for life and his spirit of "not being old" make many young people envy him. The short video released by "Grandpa Jigong" begins with "Dear Dolls", telling life experiences and talking about the world in simple language, as kind as grandpa next door; "Grandma Wang who only wears high heels" has a live broadcast with goods, and its sales can reach several million yuan, surpassing many young live broadcasts in online celebrity.

  In the Internet era of "everyone has a microphone", the elderly are no longer network insulators. They pursue fashion, are confident and enthusiastic, know how to consume and love life, and show a unique style of "the most beautiful is the sunset red".

  The 45th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China shows that by March 2020, the number of netizens in China reached 904 million, and the number of mobile phone users reached 897 million. Among netizens, netizens aged 50 and above account for 16.9%, and the number exceeds 150 million. The Internet continues to penetrate into middle-aged and elderly people.

  Perceive the temperature of the years from the live broadcast

  The reporter found out that the "silver-haired people" who are currently popular on the Internet are mainly divided into three categories: First, they show their young mentality and self-disciplined living habits. They often dress well and maintain a good posture and mental outlook, showing people the "exquisite life" of the elderly. The second is to record fragments of daily life. In the warmth and fun of the old people with their wives, children and grandchildren, netizens can feel the deep affection and see the true temperament of the old people who are childlike, lovely and straightforward. The third is to share life common sense and experience. Such as introducing health knowledge through live broadcast, recording short videos to interpret common scams and warning people how to deal with them.

  What is the charm of "Silver-haired online celebrity"? Some insiders pointed out that there are three "degrees" advantages in online celebrity, namely, the length of life experience, the width of knowledge and the depth of professional fields. Specifically, the rich life experience and social experience of the elderly are not available to young people. They are well-informed, often thoroughly study their own professional fields, have strong comprehensive ability to deal with problems, and have a unique charm of time precipitation. When they express their little philosophies in life as experienced people, they will give people a sense of reliability and peace of mind.

  Online celebrity’s old people have resonated with their peers, and at the same time, they have been loved and sought after by a large number of young people. For example, seeing the warm picture of "Grandma Qinba" and her wife taking care of each other, many netizens were envious and said that "this is love, and happiness is included in the plain". Industry analysts pointed out that, by contrast, the videos of Grandpa online celebrity and Grandma online celebrity are more authentic, frank and cordial, arousing many young people’s fond childhood memories, and arousing their yearning for their loved ones, family and affection, which is more penetrating and user-friendly.

  The "silver hair economy" market is on the rise.

  In May this year, "I’m Grandma Tian" in online celebrity, Tik Tok opened the first live show with goods, and achieved sales of 1.5 million yuan. Experts pointed out that behind the outbreak of "silver-haired online celebrity" is the rise of the trillion-dollar "silver-haired economy" market.

  Recently, the China Development Report 2020: Trends and Policies of Population Aging in China issued by China Development Foundation said that by 2022, the population over 65 in China will account for 14% of the total population, realizing the transformation to an aging society. In 2050, the aging in China will reach its peak, and the population over 65 will account for 27.9% of the total population in China. "Silver-haired economy" will become a new growth point to promote the sustainable development of China’s economy in the future aging society.

  Li Jia, deputy director of Pangu Think Tank Aging Society Research Center, believes that what middle-aged and elderly people need is to find more channels to release their abilities and energy and become participants in social development and progress. As the post-60s with higher education begin to retire, middle-aged and elderly people will be completely separated from the stereotype of "digital refugees" in the past, and their social needs are growing day by day, which is a good opportunity for the market to mature.

  "Silver-haired online celebrity" not only spreads the positive energy of loving life and attaching importance to family, but also is a blue ocean with infinite opportunities. The insiders believe that the current market consumption potential of "Silver Hair online celebrity" has not been fully tapped, and there is still huge market space. To achieve the economic benefits of "silver-haired online celebrity", we need team packaging and continuous content output. In addition, due to limited energy, the old people are not familiar with the Internet economy and fans’ psychology, and the live broadcast of goods still faces no small challenge.