The nemesis of shuffling Trump in American politics is the 80-year-old "devil"!

  BEIJING, Jan. 13 (Xinhua)-The violent attack on Capitol Hill in the United States not only raised eyebrows in the international community, but also triggered an "earthquake" in American politics. In the chaos, Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives who was re-elected in early 2021, continued to "pursue Trump" and received much attention.

  This 80-year-old female politician of the Democratic Party has made Trump "three axes" and "hard and hard". What role will she play in the new season of "The Storm of Capitol Hill"?

  The office was broken into and the computer was lost in the riot … …

  Pelosi made "Three Axes" hard on Trump.

  On the 6th, the day of the riots in the US Congress, although Pelosi left the Capitol through the emergency passage like other members, her office was broken into by protesters.

  The door of the office was violently knocked down, protesters proudly took photos on her desk, staff had to hide under the desk for hours, the mirror in the room was broken, a work computer was stolen, and the podium was removed and put into online auction … … Trump supporters seem to regard Pelosi as a "punching bag."

  Nowadays, the violent riots have stopped and Biden is about to take office. For Democrats such as Pelosi, the time to "calculate the general ledger" with Trump has already begun. In order to completely end Trump’s political life, Pelosi offered three tricks!

  The first move: send an ultimatum to Burns.

  A few days ago, Pelosi said that the House of Representatives will introduce a resolution on the 11th, demanding that Burns "convene and launch the cabinet, and use the 25th Amendment of the Constitution to declare that the current president cannot exercise his functions and powers".

  However, this appeal of the House of Representatives failed to be agreed by all members, and a Republican congressman voted against it. Therefore, the House of Representatives will discuss and vote on this on the 12th local time. As the Democratic Party controls the House of Representatives, this vote is expected to be passed.

  Burns, on the other hand, has a day to consider whether to comply with the appeal of the House of Representatives.

  It is widely believed that Burns will not take action to remove Trump’s presidency. Therefore, Pelosi has also prepared a second trick — — Congress impeached.

  The second measure: advance the impeachment procedure.

  On the 11th, the US House of Representatives formally proposed a resolution to impeach President Trump, accusing Trump of "inciting rebellion".

  Pelosi and others said that if Burns is unwilling to remove Trump, the House of Representatives will vote on the impeachment resolution on the 13th EST.

  Trump’s time in the White House is running out. Congress impeached him again at this time. Although he could not be driven out of the White House in advance, it was not meaningless. As a former president, Trump can still be impeached.

  Once the impeachment is successful, in addition to leaving a stain on Trump’s political career, it may make him unable to run for public office again.

  The third measure: stare at the nuclear button and launch a public opinion offensive.

  In addition, Pelosi also launched a public opinion offensive and questioned Trump’s mental state several times.

  In a letter to her Democratic colleagues, Pelosi specifically stated that she would "prevent an insane president from using nuclear weapons". She said: "This insane president is too dangerous. We must take all measures to protect the American people from his psychological imbalance attack on the United States and democracy."

  On the 10th, in an interview, Pelosi added: "The people in charge of our government administration are crazy, insane and dangerous."

  In fact, this is not the first time Pelosi has confronted Trump. From the investigation of "TongRumen" to the impeachment of "TongWumen"; From sticking Trump’s funds to build a border wall to tearing Trump’s congressional speech; It can be said that Pelosi is one of Trump’s strongest political opponents.

  Her methods are ruthless and her style is tough. How was such an American politician tempered?

  From housewives to the third person in American politics

  How do senior women play "power games"?

  According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Pelosi, who officially entered American politics at the age of 47, completed the identity transformation from a housewife with five children to the first female speaker in the United States in 20 years. Among them, I have to mention her family background.

  — — Born into a political family

  Pelosi was born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA in 1940. She was the youngest of seven children. Different from many people, Pelosi’s family has a strong political color. Her father and a brother have both served as mayors, and her mother is also keen on political activities.

  Perhaps influenced by the family atmosphere, Pelosi attended the Democratic Party Congress when she was 12 years old, and also chose political science when she went to college. In 1961, she also attended the inaugural ball of then US President John F. Kennedy.

  However, after graduating from college, Pelosi did not go into politics directly, but chose to marry a banker and become a full-time wife.

  — — Step into politics

  In 1976, Pelosi began to dabble in politics. At that time, she used her personal connections to help California Governor Brown win the Maryland presidential primary. After that, she "took off" all the way in the state’s Democratic Party and took the top spot in the state’s party.

  In addition, after moving to San Francisco with her husband, Pelosi also met Phillip Burton, a California Congressman, an "important person" in her political career.

  It is reported that after Berton’s death, he passed on his position to his widow Sarah. Before Sarah died of cancer, she expressed the hope that Pelosi would take over the position.

  At this time, Pelosi’s children went to college, and she also decided to concentrate on politics. As a result, she raised $1 million in seven weeks, held 100 family gatherings, and won a special election in 1987 to become a federal representative.

  — — Reach the peak

  With a keen political sense, Pelosi rose rapidly within the Democratic Party. In 2001, Pelosi ran for the minority supervisor of the House of Representatives (the second chair of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives) and won by a narrow margin. A few months later, she was promoted to be the leader of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives.

  When the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, Pelosi was one of the most famous and public opponents at that time. This position paid off in 2006 — — Democrats won control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 12 years.

  Therefore, Pelosi was elected as the Speaker of the House of Representatives by the Democratic Party in 2007, becoming the first woman in American history to hold this position.

  According to reports, the Speaker of the House of Representatives is not only the power core of the US Congress, but also the second "heir" of the US President and the "third person" in American politics. In addition, the House of Representatives is also in charge of the "money bag" of the US government. No wonder some media said that Pelosi was the "most powerful woman" in Washington.

  Became Speaker of the House of Representatives for four times.

  How to play Pelosi’s new season play?

  On January 3, 2021, local time, in the 117th Congress of the United States, Pelosi led the Democratic Party, won the House of Representatives election with a narrow majority of 216 votes to 209 votes, and was elected as the Speaker of the House of Representatives for the fourth time.

  At this point, Pelosi, who is over eighty years old, has set another record — — Become the oldest speaker of the House of Representatives in American history.

  It is worth noting that the BBC analysis said that in the next term, Pelosi will not sit back and relax, but is likely to encounter a huge political test.

  In the next two years, how to help Biden’s government’s legislation pass smoothly in the House of Representatives is a top priority for Pelosi. However, in this House of Representatives election, Pelosi leads her opponent with only 7 votes, and her advantage is very weak. A little wavering will make Biden’s government’s efforts to implement policies difficult.

  In addition, Pelosi also faces many challenges, such as being questioned by her age, severe epidemic situation, and bridging differences within the party.

  "She has to find a way to turn her weak majority seat into sustained action," BBC reporter Seckel said.

  What role will Pelosi, who looks like scenery, play in the new season of "The Storm of Capitol Hill" after the 2020 American election? (End)

Artificial intelligence, technology is ready, what about us?

In recent years, artificial intelligence technology represented by deep learning and reinforcement learning has expanded from engineering fields such as language translation, image recognition and industrial automation to economic and financial fields such as intelligent production, intelligent agriculture, intelligent logistics, macro-economic monitoring of big data, and quantitative investment and research, which can be said to be widely used.

Artificial intelligence technology has the inherent advantage of dealing with high-dimensional data, and can avoid many limitations of traditional analysis methods by means of representation learning, value function approximation and feature selection, and obtain better prediction and decision-making effects. In order to make artificial intelligence technology achieve satisfactory prediction and decision-making results, researchers often need to invest a lot of data resources. This technical feature makes data resources a key factor of production. With the popularization of big data, intelligence, mobile Internet and cloud computing, artificial intelligence technology, as the underlying technology to provide information products and services, is also the key to the gradual transformation of industrial economy to digital economy.

  What is the artificial intelligence algorithm?

  Artificial intelligence algorithms can be roughly divided into supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning. Among them, supervised learning learns laws from human experience through continuous training programs (models). In this kind of machine learning, researchers will constantly adjust model parameters by marking data to achieve learning purposes. Similar to parents will show their children different colors, sizes and even kinds of apples, and teach children to know "never seen" apples. This is the purpose of supervised learning: out-of-sample prediction.

  Unsupervised learning enables the machine to extract features directly from the existing data and compress the information for other tasks through training programs. Like traditional principal component analysis, high-dimensional features can be approximated by low-dimensional vectors. For example, we can use principal component analysis technology to compress pictures to save storage space. Therefore, this kind of machine learning algorithm does not need previous experience, and is also called unsupervised learning.

  Of course, the relationship between unsupervised learning and supervised learning is not contradictory to each other, and we can also use semi-supervised learning algorithm for data with partial labels. For example, the recently popular antagonistic neural network — — We can use this algorithm to learn a series of Oracle Bone Inscriptions, so that it can generate a number of "Oracle Bone Inscriptions" which is enough to confuse the false with the true, but never represents any meaning, which is equivalent to a calculation program that "paints a tiger as a tiger" but doesn’t know it is a tiger.

   In addition, reinforcement learning is different from the above (none, half) supervised learning algorithm. Reinforcement learning is an extension of dynamic optimization, while (none, half) supervised learning is closer to statistics. Reinforcement learning can maximize the cumulative benefits of intelligent programs by making them constantly interact with the environment and adjusting the decision parameters (processes) of intelligent programs. Reinforcement learning is the machine learning algorithm closest to human decision-making process, which is similar to letting an agent perceive the world infinitely and quickly, and optimizing its decision-making process through its own failure or success experience. In this process, computer programs do not need teachers so much. Of course, intensive learning cannot be completely separated from supervised learning. For example, AlphaGo is a computing program trained by means of intensive learning, but in the first stage of AlphaGo training, researchers used a large number of human players’ chess manuals for AlphaGo to imitate learning, where human experience is similar to that of teachers; However, in ZeroGo, an upgraded version of AlphaGo, imitation learning has been completely abandoned.

   In order to make artificial intelligence algorithms universally applicable, we often need a lot of data, computing power and effective computing algorithms. A large amount of data is equivalent to hiring a knowledgeable teacher to guide the computer program, and high computing power will give the computer program the ability to learn knowledge faster. An important direction in the field of artificial intelligence research is to continuously develop computing algorithms that can make more effective use of existing data and computing power, which is equivalent to providing better learning methods and paths for computer programs. Therefore, data annotation, cloud computing, chip design and algorithm development are the core parts of the artificial intelligence industry.

  What impact does artificial intelligence technology have on social economy?

   In fact, artificial intelligence technology originated as a discipline in 1950s, for example, McCarthy and others, the "father of artificial intelligence", proposed artificial intelligence in 1950s; The decision tree model originated from 1950s to 1960s, while the neural network model and Q-learning reinforcement learning algorithm, which are widely used at present, originated from 1980s. However, if artificial intelligence technology wants to reach the accuracy of human decision-making, it needs a lot of training (experience) data and high computing power, so it was not until 2000 that artificial intelligence technology was able to achieve leap-forward development.

  With the blessing of a large amount of data and high computing power, some artificial intelligence technologies can replace humans to make large-scale accurate decisions, and also replace more and more manual jobs. Judging from the current impact, on the one hand, the application of machine learning has indeed replaced some traditional labors, resulting in the labor crowding-out effect: automated robots tend to make the production process unmanned, natural language processing technology can better complete most of the translation and even information extraction, and machine learning algorithms can even more accurately characterize the properties of small molecular compounds, thus reducing the labor and time consumption required for large-scale repetitive work to some extent.

   On the other hand, like previous technological revolutions, the rise of machine learning has not only improved social production efficiency, but also created new jobs for society. Since the birth of the industrial revolution, steam turbines have replaced grooms and coachmen, spinning machines have replaced textile workers, wired telephones and wireless telegrams have replaced postmen, and electronic computers have replaced hand-operated computers, saving a lot of manual calculations. However, it should be noted that every scientific and technological progress has not caused a large number of social unemployment, but will change the original social production organization structure and produce new formats by improving the production efficiency and technological innovation of traditional industries. Scientific and technological progress not only changes the production technology of industrial enterprises, but also changes the work content of traditional industries, resulting in new job demands.

  Like any other technological innovation, machine learning technology has different degrees of influence on different industries and different positions. For those who are engaged in production processes, the impact of machine learning is undoubtedly subversive. However, for those positions that need overall planning, innovation and interaction, machine learning can not make a significant impact at the current stage.

  In addition, we also need to realize that artificial intelligence algorithms still cannot reach the level of "intelligence". Any technology is accompanied by security risks, and so are artificial intelligence algorithms. For example, most supervised learning algorithms do not have a clear logic generation process, which not only prevents researchers from effectively interfering with the algorithms, but also makes artificial intelligence algorithms less robust in the training and prediction stages. To give a simple example, in a classification algorithm, if we change a pixel on a three-inch cat photo, it may make the computer algorithm identify the cat as other items. This kind of practice is called reverse attack and involves artificial intelligence technology risks.

       Just like other emerging industries in the early stage of development, due to the lack of early supervision, some enterprises will make improper use of their early advantages in data, computing power and algorithms, leading to the abuse of artificial intelligence technology, monopoly operation of some head enterprises, disclosure of private data and even enterprise operation risks caused by over-reliance on algorithm decision-making, which are the application risks and derivative risks of artificial intelligence technology.

  Therefore, how to develop and lead this strategic industry has become the top priority at present — — We need to think about how to give full play to the social bottom function of the government during the period of intelligent economic transformation, and how to standardize the operation of the private sector when its computing power and scientific and technological level exceed those of the regulatory agencies.

  What are the advantages of the revolution with intelligent technology?

  Strengthen investment in research and development, coordinate industry development, achieve core industry leadership, and grasp the dominance of artificial intelligence technology.Artificial intelligence has become a basic core field related to national security and overall development. At present, although the development of artificial intelligence in China is generally upward, there are still many problems in basic research, technical system, application ecology, innovation and development. Therefore, taking interdisciplinary and application transformation as the starting point to drive basic research in the field of artificial intelligence, increasing financial investment in related research, optimizing expenditure structure, and implementing tax incentives for enterprises investing in basic research will all help to coordinate the development of the industry. Focusing on strengthening the originality and leading research in the core areas of artificial intelligence (such as algorithms and chips) can better grasp the dominant position of artificial intelligence technology.

  Pre-oriented, professional and flexible industry and technology supervision can better regulate the development of the industry and create a good digital environment.On the one hand, the artificial intelligence industry will have negative effects on monopoly, diversification, privacy and ethics. Therefore, the implementation of the underlying algorithm supervision can effectively prevent artificial intelligence-related and derivative risks such as opaque automated decision-making and privacy violations. On the other hand, the current development of artificial intelligence industry is in the explosive period of technological innovation and industrial growth. While bringing development dividends to the social economy, the flexibility of its application forms and associated formats also means that the regulatory framework and ideas should be adjusted accordingly, so as to further play the dividends brought by technological progress. In addition, we need to equip a more professional industry supervision team, empower artificial intelligence supervision with artificial intelligence technology, standardize the artificial intelligence industry in a pre-position, specialization and flexibility, and flexibly formulate the supervision framework and implementation norms according to the actual development conditions of different artificial intelligence industries, so as to reduce unnecessary obstacles faced by the development and application of artificial intelligence technology, create a good digital environment, and further build the core competitiveness of China’s artificial intelligence industry.

  Deeply integrate the real economy, develop the digital economy and explore new formats.As the core technology in the development of digital economy, artificial intelligence technology can effectively transform data production factors into actual productivity. The improvement of production efficiency and the change of production paradigm brought about by the deep integration of intelligent technology and real economy are important driving forces for China’s macroeconomic transformation and upgrading. Therefore, deep integration of the real economy should be a major goal of the development of the artificial intelligence industry. Exploring new formats and developing new models based on artificial intelligence technology, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, accelerating the cross-regional flow of production factors, integrating market players, and smoothing the economic cycle at home and abroad are also the inevitable needs of fully basing on and giving full play to the advantages of China’s entire industrial chain and laying out industries with digital economy advantages.

  Give full play to the market initiative and realize the simultaneous production, learning and research of artificial intelligence industry.The long-term healthy development of artificial intelligence technology is inseparable from a good market environment and industrial support. Micro-subjects can effectively smell business opportunities, and market economy has comparative advantages in exploring new formats and exploring new models. However, as a typical knowledge-intensive industry, the artificial intelligence industry needs a lot of research and development work and trains a large number of professional and technical personnel in the early stage. Universities and research institutes have comparative advantages in personnel training and technological innovation, and are important core forces in the artificial intelligence industry chain. Therefore, taking market demand as the leading factor, organically combining enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions, we will form complementary synergy in functions and resource advantages, and provide basic support for the development of the intelligent industry. Taking economic benefits as the starting point, we should mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel in colleges and universities, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productive forces, and create a healthy and sustainable development ecology of artificial intelligence industry.

  Improve the social security system and promote the system of individual development and skills training and re-employment.With the application of large-scale machine learning technology, the subjective initiative, individual innovation and overall thinking ability of the labor force are extremely important to social and economic development and personal development. However, there is still a technical gap between the traditional labor supply and the emerging labor demand — — The traditional labor force is not qualified for the job demand of emerging industries. Under this background, how to effectively promote the re-employment system of individual development and skills training, effectively bridge the technical gap, and how to adjust the social security system to make it more applicable to cross-departmental retraining and re-employment, to ensure people’s livelihood and to effectively improve social welfare, etc., are worthy of our further thinking and exploration.

    (Author: Wang Xi, a researcher at Peking University Institute of Economics)

Wu Zhenyu’s wild words throw out the theory that it is difficult to get rich by reading.


francis ng

  Wu Zhenyu, the winner of Golden Horse in Taiwan Province, is famous for his outspoken and outspoken attitude in the entertainment circle. Yesterday, when he came to Shanghai to walk for a brand, he threw an amazing view in public. He bluntly said: "The lower the education level, the greater the probability of getting rich." Gu Xiaoming, a professor at Fudan University, thinks that Wu Zhenyu’s theory that it is difficult to get rich by reading is biased, but it also has some truth. "There are indeed many rich people who have no education, but they have tacit knowledge. Reading is not useless, the key is not to die reading. "

  The theory of "getting rich" is surprising.

  Yesterday, Wu Zhenyu appeared in Shanghai as the image spokesman of worship, but the media was most concerned about his film and television works. In this regard, Wu Zhenyu said that he and a screenwriter friend recently completed an English novel, "adapted from a screenplay." He also revealed that he had advised his friend to quit his job as a professor and concentrate on writing this novel. However, his reason is surprising. "I think reading too much in college will paralyze my brain, because books are all old things."

  In the subsequent interview, Wu Zhenyu threw out the theory that it is difficult to get rich by reading. "I found that the lower the education level, the greater the probability of getting rich. Go and see how many rich people have read many books, and Lang Lang only plays the piano. " When the media questioned that Lang Lang had gone to college, he responded: "It’s an art school, just playing the piano." He also said bluntly that he would use this view to educate his children.

  Currently focusing on TV dramas.

  Wu Zhenyu’s memorable roles in film and television dramas are mostly malicious and bad characters. In this regard, Wu Zhenyu said that he didn’t care about always playing "bad guys" and didn’t deliberately want to transform. He also smiled and asked, "aren’t there still many actors who are bent on playing the bad guys?"

  Asked about his latest work, Wu Zhenyu revealed that he was currently filming a TV series about medical ethics in Qingdao. He said with a smile: "I am’ the countryside surrounds the city’. Now many actors who make TV dramas are proud of making movies, so I will make TV dramas. " For the invitation of TV series, Wu Zhenyu is open to all. However, his agent said that Wu Zhenyu’s interest in TVB was not great, which was not that he was dissatisfied with TVB. The main reason was that TVB’s pay was too low, because they were all contracted artists.

  Wu Zhenyu admits that he is not used to the style of filming by mainland directors. "I like to be able to restore a complete scene when filming. However, when filming in the mainland, there were too many crew members. As soon as the filming started, everyone came out at once, and their breathing could be heard at the scene. "

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  Experts’ Interpretation of Wu’s "Reading Theory"

  Regarding Wu Zhenyu’s theory that it is difficult to get rich by reading yesterday, Gu Xiaoming, a professor at Fudan University, bluntly said, "Reading is certainly useful, but now there is something wrong with our education. Nowadays, experts and scholars are always’ this is Harvard University’. It seems that there is no other knowledge in the world except these famous universities. "

  He later thought that Wu Zhenyu’s theory of "reading is difficult to get rich" also had some truth. "Indeed, many of our successful businessmen have not received higher education. But these self-made entrepreneurs have tacit knowledge and are rarely bound by the frame. " Gu Xiaoming concluded: "Reading is both useful and useless. It’s definitely not good to just gnaw at dead books. It takes 20 years for the theory of textbooks to accumulate, 10 years for all of them to be reviewed, 10 years for printing, distribution and promotion, and a textbook can often be used for another 10 years. Adding up the knowledge in textbooks and the knowledge in reality, it is actually decoupled for 50 years. Therefore, the key to reading is to combine knowledge with practice. " (Special correspondent of this newspaper Zhong Zheng/Wen Zhu Liangcheng/photo)

Editor: Liu Liyan

Win the game and get the bonus? Gambling trap under legal cloak

  □ Our reporter Luo Shasha □ Our correspondent Ding Jin

  In recent years, with the continuous development of the e-sports industry, some lawless elements have set their eyes on e-sports and surrounding derivative projects in order to gain high illegal interests. A 14-member criminal gang headed by Gong and Liu set up an e-sports company, developed an e-sports game App, and opened a casino in the name of "Bounty Tournament". In just three months, the gambling money involved was as high as 8.6 million yuan.

  On June 14th, 2023, the People’s Procuratorate of gusu district, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province filed a public prosecution, and the court sentenced 14 people, including Gong, Liu, Deng and Li, to prison terms ranging from five years and three months to one year and six months, and fined them ranging from 50,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan. Some of them were suspended. He was ordered to withdraw more than 1 million yuan of illegal income and confiscated more than 100 tools such as computers and mobile phones. At present, the judgment has come into effect.

  In August, 2021, Xiao Liu, a college student who lives in gusu district, Suzhou, got a short live video of "Bounty Tournament". According to the anchor, this game App called "Meet Me" contains all kinds of popular mobile games. If you win in the random pairing game, you can win the bonus, and you can withdraw it through the App.

  Not only can you play games, but you can also get money if you win? Xiao Liu, who was very excited, quickly downloaded, registered and logged in, and found that to participate in the "prize-winning battle", he had to recharge the diamond in the App as an "admission fee". Xiao Liu has recharged 100 diamonds and transferred to the entrance of a shooting mobile game that he often plays through the platform to participate in the battle. The so-called "bonus" is the sum of the "admission fees" of him and other players. Although he won 100 diamonds in the end, 30 diamonds were automatically taken away by the platform. Under the reminder of a friend, Xiao Liu realized that the platform was involved in gambling, so he immediately uninstalled the App and called 110.

  After receiving the report, the public security organ filed a case for investigation. The police found that Xiao Liu’s recharge funds flowed to an e-sports company in Chengdu, and a total of 14 suspects including the company’s head Gong, management Liu, App development and promotion and financial personnel were locked up. In September 2021, with the cooperation of the Chengdu police, the police arrested all the suspects and brought them to justice, and the "Mutual Help" App was immediately forced to stop.

  After investigation, Gong and his friend Liu partnered to open a network technology company, which faced losses due to poor operation. One day, when Gong accidentally saw an e-sports game advertisement of "winning the game and earning a bonus", he wanted to develop an App to explode the popularity of mobile games and use the "bonus" gimmick to attract traffic. The company only needed to sit and enjoy the draw.

  Later, Gong persuaded five people, including Liu, to use the state’s support policies for the e-sports industry to register and establish Encounter E-sports Co., Ltd. and obtain the e-sports business license. The business scope includes sports competition organization, animation game development, sports event planning and other e-sports related content. Gong is the actual controller of the company, and Liu and other five people are the shareholders of the company. After joint discussion, they instructed five technicians, including Li and Ma, to develop the "Mutual Help" App, which was officially launched in June 2021. The company’s employees, Deng Mou and Huang Mou, used the online platform to promote the "Bounty Tournament" as a gimmick to attract players to download the App. After registration, they recharged through WeChat and Alipay and bought diamonds as virtual coins. After the user pays the prescribed equivalent virtual currency, the platform randomly pairs into the game, and the winner wins all the rewards and cashes out through App. The company draws profits according to the proportion of shooting mobile games 30% and pushing tower mobile games 20%, and financial staff Xu is responsible for fund settlement. After verification, the App has been in operation for 3 months, and the registered users have reached 2.6 million, and the user’s recharge amount has exceeded 10 million yuan.

  In November 2021, six management personnel, including Gong Mou and Liu Mou, were arrested by the gusu district Procuratorate on suspicion of opening a casino, and eight technical, promotion and financial personnel, including Li Mou, Deng Mou and Xu Mou, were criminally compulsory on bail pending trial. It was found through trial that from June to September, 2021, 14 people, including Gong and Liu, organized players to participate in online gambling through App. The gambling money involved was as high as 8.6 million yuan, and the profit from it was more than 1 million yuan, which constituted the crime of opening a casino.

  "The company has a legal e-sports license, ‘ Meet each other ’ App is similar to JJ landlord, how can it be regarded as opening a casino? " In January 2022, the case was transferred for review and prosecution. Gong and Liu tried to cover up the facts of the crime and insisted that they were engaged in legal and compliant e-sports business.

  According to the review of the procuratorate, the "Mutual Encounter Help" App provides users with a recharge channel for converting cash into virtual currency and a withdrawal channel for converting virtual currency into money again. Users can bet virtual currency as a chip, and the companies involved are drawn from the amount bet by each game player. The resulting user recharge and withdrawal are drawn from the companies involved, which correspond to the "up and down" links of gambling respectively, and belong to online gambling activities.

  "In fact, as long as it meets ‘ Money goes in and money goes out, winning or losing is random ’ This gambling feature can constitute the crime of opening a casino, ‘ E-sports ’ Camouflage is just self-deception. " Undertaking the introduction of prosecutor Liu Ben. In fact, along with the bloody e-sports competition, there were criminals who developed the e-sports quiz App, which allowed players to recharge and bet, and the platform settled and cashed out. In essence, it opened an online casino under the banner of e-sports quiz, which once attracted many players to indulge in it. In contrast, the "mutual encounter" App uses "playing games and winning bounty" as a cover and puts on a "legal coat", which is more confusing and tempting. Young people who love e-sports games, especially students at school, have weak discrimination ability, and are easy to fall into this kind of well-disguised trap, breaking the law without knowing it, so we should take a warning and be vigilant.

  How can we stay away from this kind of online gambling trap? The procuratorate reminded that buying chips to bet, winning or losing determines the income and can be exchanged for cash. As long as these three characteristics are met, whether it is chess, mobile games or other forms, it is already suspected of gambling violations. The masses must improve their discriminating ability, put an end to luck, download and log in games through official platforms and formal channels, don’t trust online advertisements and private recommendations, and don’t click on links that come from unknown sources. Once illegal activities such as gambling are found, they should take the initiative to refuse and report them immediately. Never believe gimmicks such as "generous bonuses" and "one-second cash withdrawal", otherwise they may be bankrupt, heavily in debt, and may be investigated for legal responsibility.

For the first time in the past decade, the national lottery sales have decreased by more than 30 billion for half a year.

  ■ In June, a total of 34.767 billion yuan of lottery tickets were sold nationwide, a decrease of 23.862 billion yuan or 40.7% over the same period of last year.

  ■ Not only did the monthly data decline, but the reporter combed the lottery sales data in the first half of the past decade and found that the lottery sales showed negative growth year-on-year for the first time in the first half of this year.

  ■ What causes the lottery market to be cold? What is the future trend of lottery market? The reporter combed and interviewed this.

  Encounter cold

  In the first half of the year, national lottery sales fell first.

  Lottery sales were cold this year. From January to June, the national lottery sales totaled 212.596 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 32.602 billion yuan or 13.3%. Among them, the sales of welfare lottery institutions was 97.757 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 12.838 billion yuan or 11.6%; The sales of sports lottery institutions reached 114.839 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 19.764 billion yuan or 14.7%.

  The reporter combed 2010 — The lottery sales data in the first half of the decade in 2019 found that this was the first time that there was a year-on-year decline.

  Judging from the monthly data, in June this year, the country sold a total of 34.767 billion yuan of lottery tickets, down 40.7% from the same period of last year. The year-on-year decline was mainly due to the large sales of quiz lottery games in the World Cup in June 2018, with a high base in the same period last year. In the first half of 2018, lottery sales increased by as much as 19.6%.

  Looking back on the lottery market in the past ten years, from 2010 to 2012, it experienced a double-digit rapid growth period, and then the growth rate gradually decreased to single digits, and negative growth occurred for the first time in the first half of 2019.

  The data shows that from 2010 to the first half of 2012, the national lottery sales maintained a rapid growth of more than 20%, which was a period of rapid growth of China’s lottery market; In 2013 and 2014, the growth rate of national lottery sales fell below 20%; From 2015 to the first half of 2017, the growth rate of national lottery sales dropped significantly, only 5.2%, 3.5% and 5.5% respectively.

  Where do people prefer to buy lottery tickets when lottery sales are relatively low? Geographically, data from the Ministry of Finance show that in June, compared with the same period of last year, lottery sales in 31 provinces all declined. However, from the cumulative data in the first half of the year, compared with the same period of last year, lottery sales in five provinces increased, namely Sichuan, Shanghai, Henan, Anhui and Beijing, with year-on-year increases of 1.681 billion yuan, 234 million yuan, 190 million yuan, 172 million yuan and 45 million yuan respectively. As far as the overall sales volume in the first half of the year is concerned, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang and Henan rank among the top five in the country.


  Strengthen the supervision of high-frequency fast-opening games

  Why did lottery sales decline in the first half of this year? An expert in the lottery industry told reporters that at the beginning of this year, in order to regulate the lottery market, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and other departments strengthened the supervision of high-frequency quick-opening games and quiz games, extended the sales time of high-frequency quick-opening games and reduced the number of lottery games.

  High-frequency fast-opening games mainly complete the process from sales to lottery every few minutes or ten minutes through electronic equipment.

  The data shows that in 2017, the share of Fucai quick-opening games in the total sales of Fucai reached 40%. In that year, the total sales volume of national welfare lottery was 216.977 billion yuan, of which the sales of quick-opening games was 87.522 billion yuan.

  A lottery player told reporters: "The number of high-frequency fast-opening games is small, there are many awards, and the lottery is frequent. Many domestic lottery buyers are speculative when buying high-frequency fast-opening games, and some lottery buyers can play all day and easily lose their minds."

  The reporter noted that in January this year, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the General Administration of Sports issued a notice to adjust the rules of high-frequency fast-opening lottery games and quiz lottery games, and strengthen the supervision of the lottery market. According to the notice, in recent years, China’s lottery industry has generally shown a sustained and healthy development trend. At the same time, there are still irrational lottery buying phenomena in the lottery market, such as unauthorized use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets and large bets. In particular, the market supervision of welfare lottery quick-opening games, sports lottery high-frequency games and sports lottery national online single-game quiz games needs to be strengthened. The notice is clear. From February 11th, if the sales time of high-frequency quick-start games is shorter than 20 minutes, it will be adjusted to 20 minutes.

  Since 2019, the number of contests and events for the annual quiz game shall not be higher than 70% of the number of contests and events for sale in 2018. The aforementioned experts also pointed out to reporters that the main reason is that there was a World Cup in June 2018. At that time, the sales volume of lottery was particularly large, and the sales volume of sports lottery was also particularly large. However, there were no important sports events in June this year. The sharp decline in sports lottery sales in June was an important factor in the decline in lottery sales in the first half of the year.

  Ban on sale

  Internet lottery is banned.

  The ban on internet lottery sales also has an impact on lottery sales. The reporter noted that in August 2018, the Ministry of Finance and other 12 departments jointly issued a document resolutely prohibiting the unauthorized use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets.

  Internet lottery had previously shown a blowout growth trend in 2014. The huge sales volume of nearly 100 billion yuan makes internet lottery purchase an important force to promote the development of lottery market.

  In 2014, Internet lottery experienced a glorious period. Major sports events, including the World Cup in Brazil, boosted the sales of Internet lottery by 102% from 42 billion yuan in 2013 to 85 billion yuan, accounting for 20% of the total lottery sales. According to the Analysis Report of Internet Lottery Market in 2014, there were more than 100 million users in China who bought lottery tickets through Internet channels, and the Internet became an important betting platform and channel for users.

  Since then, since 2015, the Ministry of Finance and other departments have repeatedly issued a document to prohibit the sale of lottery tickets through Internet channels. However, during the 2018 World Cup, a large number of mobile apps illegally sold lottery tickets through the Internet.

  At that time, there were many fish that escaped from the net without being investigated. According to media reports, some apps have stopped selling lottery tickets through the search of "lottery tickets" in Android and Apple mobile phone stores, but there are still many softwares that can buy lottery tickets. In the early days of the World Cup last year, many companies launched online lottery platforms again. Finally, many online football lottery platforms such as "Winning the lottery every day" and "Everyone Winning the lottery" stopped selling on June 20 last year.


  Standardize the management of welfare lottery issuance

  The corruption case of Fucai Center exposed last year aroused social concern. On November 9, 2018, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection published a heavy article: "Pay equal attention to reduction and suppression, treat both the symptoms and the root causes, rebuild the credibility of Fucai, and the discipline inspection and supervision team stationed in the Ministry of Civil Affairs will promote the formation of a good political ecology from typical cases", with more than 4,000 words, and released confession videos of four former leaders of China Welfare Lottery Issuance Management Center.

  Statistics show that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, at least 14 people in the civil affairs system have been held accountable for issues related to welfare lottery. Fucai’s anti-corruption has a long time span and a wide range, and has become a case of systematic corruption. In addition to the four leading characters in the confession video published on the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, four members of the party group, including Li Liguo, former Minister of Civil Affairs, Dou Yupei, former head of the discipline inspection team in the Ministry, Qu Shuhui and Chen Chuanshu, former president of the China Aging Association, were held accountable.

  After the corruption case of Welfare Lottery, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has improved the management system of welfare lottery issuance, sales, distribution and use of public welfare funds, such as changes in the internal institutions in charge of welfare lottery management.

  According to the Regulations of the Ministry of Civil Affairs on Functional Allocation, Internal Organizations and Staffing, before the reform, the management of welfare lottery was in charge of the Department of Social Welfare and Charity Promotion; After the reform, the welfare lottery management has been refined, and the planning and finance department and the newly established charity promotion and social work department are in charge.

  On July 29, the Ministry of Civil Affairs held a press conference, and the relevant person in charge introduced that there are three main reform directions in regulating the issuance and management of welfare lottery tickets. First, cooperate with the Ministry of Finance, comprehensively rectify the unauthorized use of the Internet to sell welfare lottery tickets, and comprehensively carry out self-examination and inspection of national welfare lottery institutions and consignment agents. Second, vigorously adjust the rules of the quick opening game of welfare lottery to resolve the market risks of welfare lottery. The third is to improve the welfare lottery issuance management system.

Ticket face design of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou was announced.

On August 9, 2023, Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee released the sample design of paper tickets and electronic commemorative tickets for sports competitions.

The face design of paper tickets for Hangzhou Asian Games revolves around urban cultural connotation, interactive sharing among the whole people, sublimation of Asian Games theme, etc., based on the core graphic "Moist", with laurel yellow as the main color in the core color system "Light Makeup and Heavy Makeup", combined with the silhouette design of Hangzhou landmark attractions such as "Three Tans Printing the Moon" and various competition sports icons, through the cultural collision between history and modern times, it conveys the unique cultural charm of the host city and forms a unified vision with the image of Hangzhou Asian Games.

In order to appeal to the whole people to help the Green Asian Games, Hangzhou Asian Games recommended the use of electronic tickets. Users who purchase electronic tickets can sell tickets on the official website H5 page and the Smart Asian Games One-stop • The electronic commemorative tickets of the corresponding project are extracted from the ticket folder of the ticket service, and the exclusive ticket book is generated, which is convenient for collection, sharing and dissemination. Electronic commemorative tickets can be divided into four types: gold, silver, copper and general, and the winning proportions are 5%, 10%, 15% and 70% respectively. Electronic commemorative tickets and exclusive electronic ticket books are first used in comprehensive sports games held in China, which is a vivid embodiment of the concept of intelligent competition.

A variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies are adopted for the tickets of sports competitions in this Asian Games, which are easy to identify and difficult to copy. At the same time, the intelligent application of technologies such as Internet, big data and blockchain in ticket inspection and ticket anti-counterfeiting is used to provide the public with a new experience of intelligent ticketing. The ticketing blockchain is used to record every node of tickets from production to use. Ticket holders can trace the information through the two-dimensional code of tickets. Paper tickets can be viewed directly by scanning the code, and electronic tickets can be viewed by clicking on the ticket folder details page.

(Headquarters reporter Xia Zhou Jinjian Jiang Wei Liu Yi)

25:2! The primary school football match is now "fake ball". Netizen: It is more desperate than losing to Syria.

  Cctv news: 25-2, a U11 football match in Guangzhou, kicked out the volleyball score. Fake ball? Negative competition? Over-age player? One puzzle appeared in front of people.

  Bring a stunning game to your door.

  On the afternoon of October 5th, the U11 age group of Guangzhou Yida Golden Autumn Cup National Day Invitational Tournament entered the final round. Before that, the "Guangdong Youth Team" and "Dongshan Xiaoye Team" were both 5 wins and 1 draw, and the final champion will also be produced between these two teams.

  In the final round, the opponent of the young crop team was the Shawan Blue Lion team, which ranked at the bottom. In the end, the young crop beat the opponent 31-0, leading the second-place Dongshan Xiaoye team by 17 goal difference.

  The opponent of Dongshan Xiaoye team is Tikitaka team. In the first half, Dongshan Xiaoye once fell behind by 1: 2, but in the second half, the situation changed suddenly and Dongshan Xiaoye team began to score goals in succession.

  When the score became 15: 2, Tikitaka players even took the ball directly to their own goal after kicking off in the middle circle and hit the post with a shot. This scene of attacking his own goal stunned many people present. "In the end, Dongshan Xiaoye team won by 25: 2, and overtook the young crops team on the goal difference, and finally won the championship.

  A coach of the young crops team said, at that time, the members of the young crops team cried "in tears". "Their pure world outlook can’t accept this. How can football be played like this?"

 Guangdong qingmiao team

  U11 children play "fake ball"?

  Originally, it was not impossible to score 25-2 in the U11 football match. However, it is not normal to concede 24 goals in 30 minutes in the second half. What is even more unimaginable is that Tikitaka players not only played passively in the second half, but also took the initiative to kick the ball into their own goal. 

  Basically, it can be judged: fake ball.

  Why do a group of U11 children play fake ball? Was this match-fixing inspired by some people? Who are these people who have poisoned football seedlings since childhood?

  Young crop coach: The opponent threatened to kill us.

  "Originally, this was just an exchange event, focusing on happy football. Why do you want to be so utilitarian? Why do you want to fake the ball!"

  Guan Yuhai, the head and head coach of the Guangdong young crops team, restored the process of the game when interviewed by the media. "The first half of the game was normal, and the second half was completely different." The parents of our players are very angry and have condemned Tikitaka’s "immoral" game behavior. The other side responded, "That’s how we’re going to kill you."

 Dongshan Xiaoye team is the champion of this competition.

  Grandpa Dongshan: I refused to play fake ball at first. 

  Since the "match-fixing incident" was exposed, Dongshan Xiaoye’s players and parents refused to speak out because they didn’t want to be hyped and exposed to the spotlight of the media. Strictly speaking, being a champion in such a shameful way also makes the parents of these players feel ashamed. "In fact, we refused to play fake football from the beginning." A parent A, who did not want to be named, said this in an interview with the media on the evening of the 9th.

  According to parent A, before the game started on the afternoon of the 5th, someone in Tikitaka suggested to the parents of Dongshan Xiaoye that he would lose the game on purpose, so that Dongshan Xiaoye would win the championship, in order to prevent the champion from falling into the hands of Guangdong young crops.

  "Of course, we hope that our children can win, but not in this way. If we want to win, we will win in an upright manner. This is also the concept we have been instilling in our children." Parent A said that although they refused to fake the ball together, the opponent’s release of water was beyond their control. "How the opponent kicks is their business, and we only ask the children to be themselves."

  What hatred? What hatred? Revenge with "match-fixing"

  According to media follow-up investigation, Guangdong Young Beavers recalled two players they had trained from Evergrande Football School and R&F Football School before the competition. In addition, due to the holiday, Dongshan Xiaoye and Tikitaka teams are not led by coaches, but by parents. 

  In the view of the young crop team coach, these two things have become the fuse of the "match-fixing" storm.

  In the direct confrontation between the young crops team and Tikitaka team, Tikitaka lost 2-4. After losing, they complained to the organizing committee that the No.28 player of the young crops team was "the wrong goods", and this player was the player recalled by the young crops from Evergrande Football School. In addition, in the match between young crops and Dongshan Xiaoye, a member of the young crops team hit a parent of the Dongshan Xiaoye team who was watching the game while clearing the clearance, which almost triggered a conflict between the two sides.

  In the view of the coach of the young crops team, the "match-fixing" between Grandpa Dongshan and Tikitaka is a "grudge" between parents.

  "The most important thing about this accident is that the two teams have no coach to lead the team, so it will cause such a big storm. I hope everyone can learn the lesson of this matter. " He said.

  At present, the parents of the Tikitaka team have not been interviewed by the media. What purpose is hidden behind the match-fixing is still unknown.

  Guangzhou Football Association made a heavy penalty. 

  On October 9th, the news of match-fixing in Guangzhou U11 alerted the China Football Association. On the morning of the same day, Ceng Dan, director of the National School Foot Office of the China Football Association, called the Guangzhou Football Association to inquire about the situation and demanded that the match-fixing incident be strictly investigated.


  On the morning of October 10th, Guangzhou Football Association convened some news organizations to hold a briefing meeting in the office of the Municipal Football Association, so that the organizer could introduce the situation and regulations of this Golden Autumn Cup competition, and three related teams could also state the situation. Finally, the Municipal Football Association explained the situation of the competition and put forward suggestions for handling it — — Guangzhou Yida Football Club violated regulations and was stopped from registering with Guangzhou Football Association for three years. "Tikitaka" was banned from participating in the competition organized by Guangzhou Football Association and was disqualified. "

   Reviews from netizens

   @ Nobody-Li Zenglu: China faked the ball and grabbed it from the doll. . .

   @ Bu2ma: This is more desperate than losing to Syria.

   @ 中中中中中中 ours: Why do some people behind it need it? They are still children!

   @ Xiao _48592: If China Football is a broken tree, at first I thought it was a problem with the branches, but later I thought the roots were broken. Now I know that the land where the trees were planted is broken!

   @ 京京京京京京: fish begins to stink at the head.

   @MARONGDI: The shady youth football is the real nightmare of China football.

  Football in China has been poisoned by match-fixing more than once. Nowadays, some parents even instigate their children to play match-fixing for the sake of being quick, which is not only shameful, but also sad. Is this the original intention of parents to send their children to the football field?

  For a long time, the number one enemy of youth football is utilitarian football. Too blind pursuit of achievements has killed many football talents in the cradle of youth training. Haven’t you learned enough? Take this as a warning and create a fair, just and "clean" football environment for children.


On November 1st, in the final round of the second stage (Group B) of the Asian Women’s Football Qualifier for the Paris Olympic Games, China drew 1-1 with South Korea, and failed to advance to the Paris Olympic Games.

On November 1st, China coach Shui Qingxia (former) led the players to greet the audience after the game. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Kehong photo

On November 1st, China team player Wang Shanshan (right) struggled in the competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wei Peiquan photo

On November 1st, China team player Zhang Linyan (second from left) broke through with the ball in the game. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Kehong photo

On November 1st, China team player Yang Lina cried after the game. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wei Peiquan photo

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Avatar: The Way of Water: Do you want special effects and special effects in the plot?

Wen | No.7 (Luosi Film and Television Research Group)

"I’m counting on it in December." When the official announcement of James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water (hereinafter referred to as Avatar 2) was finalized, cinemas all over the country were waiting for it to save the market.

On December 16th, Avatar 2 was released in the mainland. After a week of release, the box office broke the 500 million mark, breaking the cumulative box office record of New Year’s adventure films in the past three years. However, compared with 13 years ago, the film did not reproduce the grand occasion of "one ticket is hard to find", and its reputation was not as good as that of the previous film. The comments of "full score for special effects and zero score for plot" were endless.

See the special effects or the plot? Box office failure or long tail effect? Can the movie market be saved by Avatar 2? These are all hot topics in the recent film market.

"Avatar 2" special effects 100 points!

It’s not true, it’s true"

Avatar 2 supports many formats, such as 3D, CINITY, IMAX 3D, Dolby Cinema, China Giant Screen and so on. After comprehensive comparison, the laser IMAX version with "all-round" frame, frame rate, clarity and sound effect is selected.

Put on 3D glasses, the familiar Pandora planet is back, and the rainforest is still the same. After nearly an hour of plot preparation, Jack and Neytiri left the tribe with their children and sought refuge in the island reef family, thus unlocking the "ocean" map of Pandora.

Movies and the ocean are the love of Cameron’s life. How beautiful is his love letter to the ocean? The author is in a movie theater, but he seems to be in the sea. The magnificent and colorful "water world" is within reach, the light and shadow flicker and flow, the spray is delicate and soft, the marine life is lifelike, and the visual effect is realistic, which can be called a beautiful marine documentary.

The most eye-catching new species is the underwater overlord "Tukun". The scene of Tukun’s migration in the sea, accompanied by magnificent music, is an unprecedented visual spectacle, which can’t help but remind people of "Happy Travel": "There are fish in the north, and their name is Kun. Kun is so big, I don’t know its thousands of miles; Into a bird, its name is Peng. Peng’s back is thousands of miles away. "

On special effects, Avatar 2 can definitely get 100 points. The film critic "Electronic Knight" believes that the picture presentation of the film is top-notch at present. "Almost all the special effects of commercial blockbusters will be somewhat problematic, butAlmost every frame of Avatar 2 is very clear, true and stable.Whether it is CGI objects, physical special effects equipment, vehicles, or remote digital scenery, there is no flaw. "

A Douban netizen who painted Avatar 2 twice also said that there were no flaws in even the smallest side details. "For example, when Luoak was abandoned in Sanxiong Rock and was attacked by sea animals, the audience’s attention was focused on the character. As a result, I found a small coral on the left edge of the rock in a shot, which shrank and crawled slightly along the water flow in the picture … This is no longer a fake, but it is true."

For the audience who advocate "technology flow", only by choosing the special effects hall in the cinema can they feel what is the "ceiling" of the film industry.This is the irreplaceable charm of 3D movies and the unique technical aesthetics..

The script is automatically generated like AI?

"To have special effects, to have special effects on the plot"

After talking about special effects, let’s talk about the plot. "Avatar 2" Douban scored 8.4, and now it has fallen to 8.1, and its reputation is not as good as that of the previous work."Special effects are required, and special effects are required for the plot"-It is not difficult to see from the online hot reviews that the plot is the biggest flaw in the film..

Avatar 2 is set more than 10 years after the end of the first plot, and tells the story of Jack and his family Qi Xin working together to defeat the villain Colonel Kuric.Affection is the main thread that runs through the whole film, but it is evaluated by polarization.: the favorite audience thinks that the family element is sincere enough and moving enough; Disliked audiences spit, the contradiction between father and son, ethnic conflicts and other bridges are too old-fashioned, and the script is like AI automatically generated.

Indeed, if the 193-minute film is completely supported by visual effects, it will inevitably be exhausting. Investigate its reason,Perhaps it is related to the positioning of the second part in the "Avatar Universe". The characters are complex and the story has transitional properties..

Colonel Kuric was saved by his son "Spider", and the characters may be "blackened" or related to Avatar 3: The Seed Bearer; The growth of the youngest son and his acquaintance with Payakan are paving the way for Avatar 4: Tukun Knight. The mystery of the adopted daughter Qili’s life experience and the connection with the spiritual core of Pandora seem to be solved in Avatar 5: Pursuing Eva.

In the view of catching entertainment,Although Avatar 2 is not as urine point-free as the first film, it also has some merits.. The film’s humanistic concern for the environment and biology transcends family ties. Among them, the story about Tukun is the climax of the whole film, full of emotion.

In Cameron’s design, Tukun is a more intelligent creature than human beings. They have their own language, art, mathematics and music, but they never take the initiative to attack foreigners and treat external attacks and plunder with a defensive attitude. However, because there is a substance in its body that can delay aging, it is hunted by the Kun team.

In the film, the plot around Tukun contracted tears. First, Tukun Payakan was killed by humans and became a broken fin Tukun. In order to prevent humans from killing the same kind and protect their loved ones, it was misunderstood by ethnic groups and "left alone"; Second, Tu Kun’s mother was captured by Kun hunters in order to protect her children. Third, Tukun Payakan became friends with Jack’s youngest son. He took revenge in the decisive battle at sea and was called a "hero".

"I want to be friends with Tukun", "Man and nature have always touched me the most, and I also want to have a Tukun", "I cried at the moment when Tukun turned over and boarded the boat …" Weibo casually searched for the review of Avatar 2, and Tukun was the focus of hot discussion, which aroused strong resonance from the audience.The film appeals to people to protect the ocean and respect everything in the universe. As the film says, "water connects everything in the world", and the way of water is endless, with no beginning and no end..

"Retaliatory viewing" did not come.

New films are fixed and withdrawn.

Before Avatar 2 was released, the whole movie market was waiting for it to "save the market". So, how did the film perform at the mainland box office?

According to the data of Lighthouse Professional Edition, up to now, the box office of the film has accumulated 540 million yuan, 126 million yuan on the first day and 398 million yuan in the first week.The "retaliatory viewing" expected by the cinema did not come in the first week of release.Since its release on December 16th, Avatar 2 has broken through 200 million box office in 18 hours, 300 million at 13: 00 a day and 400 million at 18: 00 two days. Subsequently, the growth rate of box office slowed down. At 10: 31 on December 22, the box office of the film broke through the 500 million yuan mark, from 400 million to 500 million, which took more than three days.

Previously, the industry predicted that Avatar 2 could reach the highest box office of 3-4 billion in the mainland, but the entertainment record was seen on the two platforms of Lighthouse Professional Edition and Cat’s Eye Professional Edition, and the box office trend forecast chart dropped significantly. Among them, the cat’s eye professional version is predicted to be 1 billion yuan, which is significantly smaller than before.

The global box office of Avatar 2 exceeded 600 million dollars today, and its performance was not as good as expected. The previous movie earned $2.923 billion at the global box office, which is still the first movie in the global film history, and this record has been maintained for more than 10 years.

Why is Avatar 2′ s box office appeal not good? There are many reasons.

First, affected by the epidemic, the willingness to watch movies is generally low.Some netizens teased and said, "Those who are yang can’t go out, and those who are not yang dare not go out." There are also "Yangkangs" who go to the movies, saying that "the cinemas are coughing one after another", which obviously hinders some potential viewers.

Second, affected by the fare, some viewers were dissuaded.There are many versions of Avatar 2, and the ordinary 3D version can’t get the best experience, but the tickets for special effects halls such as laser IMAX and CINITY are too expensive. According to media reports, the price of CINITY Hall in Beijing is around 200-300 yuan, while the price of CINITY Hall in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities is as high as that in 400 yuan. Although the fare has decreased, the CINITY Hall in China is generally about 100 yuan.

Third, influenced by ideas, fans no longer pay for special effects.Twelve years ago, "Avatar" brought fire to 3D viewing, which promoted the rapid expansion of IMAX screens in China. Now, the shooting technology of the second film has been completely advanced, but the audience no longer pursues "special effects are king", but pays more attention to good stories. Earlier, when Yu Dong, the chairman of Bona Film, attended a forum to talk about Avatar 2, he also said that foreign films began to slowly adapt to the viewing habits of China audiences.

However, it is not yet possible to conclude that Avatar 2 failed at the box office. At present, the film has no competitors in genre. As Christmas and New Year’s Day approach, the film is expected to usher in a wave of growth in North America and China. It’s just that the box office performance of Avatar 2 is not as good as expected, which also makes the movie market waver.

In the coming Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there are currently eight new films to be shown from December 23rd to 31st, namely, the Hollywood action comedy Agent Scared, and the cartoon Cat in Boots 2, Dragon Horse! Newborn tennis prince; The romantic film "I want to see you" and "Transformation Raiders" released on the 24th; The cartoon Journey to the West, which was released on 30th, and the comedy Desperate Husband and the cartoon Oak Restaurant, which were released on 31st. Among the eight new films, cartoons account for half.

However, the most anticipated comedy movie "Keep You Safe" chose to withdraw the file. On the evening of December 21st, Weibo, the official of "Keep You Safe", issued a document saying that after comprehensive consideration, it was decided to postpone the release, and the film was previously scheduled for New Year’s Eve.

After the adjustment of epidemic prevention and control policies, cinemas have gradually resumed work, and the operating rate of the national film market has recovered to 72.2% (the latest data of Lighthouse Professional Edition). After three years of silence, the recovery of the film industry can not rely on a film to "save the market", and the recovery will also be a long-term process.

In the first half of the year, tax reduction and fee reduction increased by 1,504.5 billion yuan-"releasing water to raise fish" helped enterprises feel at home.

  On June 19th, in Lianyungang Port, Jiangsu Province, a ro-ro ship was loading a batch of goods exported overseas. With the support of many policies such as tax reduction and fee reduction, China’s foreign trade enterprises seized the opportunity to resume work and production, and accelerated the pace of "going out". Photo by Geng Yuhe (Zhongjing Vision)

  Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the severe and complicated situation, the CPC Central Committee has timely deployed and issued a series of tax reduction and fee reduction policies to release water to raise fish and help market players to bail out development. Finance, taxation and other relevant departments at all levels implement relevant policies and measures to reduce the tax and reduce the fees. From January to June this year, 1,504.5 billion yuan was added to reduce taxes and fees, effectively reducing the burden on market players.

  Recently, Liu Kun, Minister of Finance, said in his "Report of the State Council on Budget Implementation since this year" to the NPC Standing Committee that from January to June this year, 1,504.5 billion yuan of new taxes and fees were reduced, effectively reducing the burden on market players.

  In the face of the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, how can relevant departments and localities implement policies and measures to increase tax reduction and fee reduction? How do enterprises feel about reducing taxes and fees?

  Help ensure supply and benefit people’s livelihood

  Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the severe and complicated situation, the CPC Central Committee has timely deployed and issued a series of tax reduction and fee reduction policies to release water to raise fish and help market players to bail out development.

  1.073 billion masks, 4.39 million protective clothing and 4.7 million in isolation gown … … After the outbreak, Steady Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. made every effort to ensure the supply of epidemic prevention and treatment materials. "Tax cuts and fee reductions have given us strong support. According to the relevant equipment newly purchased by the key materials production enterprises for epidemic prevention and control to expand production capacity, a one-time pre-tax deduction policy for enterprise income tax is allowed. The company invested about 80 million yuan in various production equipment in Shenzhen, which can be deducted once before tax. " Wu Kezhen, financial director of Steady Medical Care, said.

  In addition to sound medical care, Shenzhen Mindray Bio, Yi Yatong and other enterprises also fully enjoy the tax reduction and fee reduction bonus in the anti-epidemic insurance supply. "The tax reduction and fee reduction policy is highly targeted, which effectively guarantees the prevention and control of the epidemic and the supply of materials." Tang Shukui, director of Shenzhen Finance Bureau, said.

  Among the key support materials for epidemic prevention and control, in addition to medical emergency materials, the supply of daily necessities such as grain and oil is also very important. "After our company filed an application for 1.6 million yuan of incremental value-added tax allowance, it arrived in 2 days." Ms. Tong, a financial officer of Red Dragonfly (Chongqing) Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd., said that at the critical stage of capacity expansion, the receipt of this tax refund fund effectively eased the cash pressure of enterprises.

  It is noteworthy that the policy of tax reduction and fee reduction covers a wide range, which effectively guarantees the basic people’s livelihood. Chongqing has introduced a series of measures to reduce fees within the scope of local power, and provided sufficient supply for people’s basic living needs by ensuring market players and ensuring the stability of the supply chain of the industrial chain. For example, in view of the urgent problems faced by enterprises in returning to work and expanding financing, the use rate of emergency working capital for re-lending will be reduced by half to provide bridge support for enterprises to renew loans. It is estimated that the annual re-lending will be 21 billion yuan, indirectly saving financing costs by 600 million yuan.

  In Shenzhen, only the policy of exempting the income obtained from providing public transportation services, living services and providing residents with express delivery services of essential living materials will reduce the burden on enterprises by 700 million yuan. Take Shenzhen Boxma Xiansheng as an example. From January to April alone, the value-added tax was reduced by more than 3.5 million yuan.

  Enterprises increase vitality and add stamina

  The epidemic situation has brought difficulties to the operation of enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises and private enterprises, which have weak ability to resist risks and are more vulnerable to shocks. On the basis of previous years, this year, we further implemented measures such as tax relief and mitigation, and increased the tax reduction and fee reduction of small and micro enterprises.

  On August 3rd, customers lined up in Modern China Tea Shop Window of the World store to buy milk tea. More than 260 shops in Modern China Tea Shop once pressed the "pause button" after the outbreak, and now they are full of vitality. "Our stores are all small and micro enterprises, and a series of preferential policies are applicable. In the first half of the year, direct stores reduced the value-added tax by 10.81 million yuan, social security by 3.11 million yuan, and deferred corporate income tax by 1.1 million yuan, greatly reducing operating costs." Cheng Xiaofeng, financial director of Hunan Chayue Catering Company, said that in July, the average revenue of this enterprise store was about 280,000 yuan, setting a record high.

  "Tax reduction and fee reduction effectively eased the financial pressure of the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises during the epidemic, played a role in promoting the resumption of work, stabilizing and expanding employment, promoting enterprises to expand production capacity and increase investment, and improving market activity." He Weiwen, deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Department of Finance, said that in the first half of this year, the province’s accumulated tax reduction and fee reduction exceeded 31 billion yuan.

  The epidemic has an obvious impact on import and export, and foreign trade enterprises are facing severe challenges. In order to support the steady foreign trade, the fiscal and taxation departments have issued clear policies. Since March 20th this year, the export tax rebate rate of 1,084 products such as porcelain sanitary wares has increased to 13%, and that of 380 products such as plant growth regulators has increased to 9%.

  Chongqing International Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and sales of glass fiber series products and reinforced plastic products, and its export business accounts for 40% of the total business volume. "The main products of the enterprise are within the scope of benefit, and it is estimated that the tax rebate for the enterprise will increase by 11.4 million yuan throughout the year." Li Kangzhi, a financial officer of the company, introduced.

  According to the latest statistics, by the end of June, 25,000 export enterprises nationwide had enjoyed the bonus of this export tax rebate policy.

  At the same time, the tax authorities have launched a series of measures to facilitate and speed up the export tax rebate, so as to promote the export tax rebate to speed up and increase efficiency. In Chongqing, the single tax refund of "Full Electronic Refund" arrived on the same day as soon as possible, and the average processing time of tax refund business was reduced to 3 working days, which was more than 50% lower than before.

  Weisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a communication terminal equipment manufacturing enterprise, and handled export tax rebate of 4.2 million yuan in the first half of this year. "Thanks to Hunan’s export tax rebate ‘ Immediately report and do it ’ System, tax refund funds can be received within 1 working day. " Zhong Xiyu, secretary of the board of directors and chief financial officer of VIA Company, told the reporter.

  "Tax refund funds ‘ Living water ’ Rapid return plays a role in stabilizing foreign trade ‘ Support ’ Function. " Ming An Bin, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China Shenzhen Taxation Bureau, said that as of July 29th this year, the bureau had handled a total of 67.085 billion yuan of export tax refund (exemption).

  Work together to implement the reduction.

  One point for deployment and nine points for implementation. Finance, taxation and other relevant departments at all levels have implemented relevant policies and measures to reduce taxes and fees in place, which has promoted steady economic and social development.

  Tang Shukui introduced that Shenzhen has established a linkage and information sharing mechanism between finance, taxation, social security, medical insurance and other departments to smooth the policy to the "last mile".

  Shenzhen tax department vigorously promotes "non-contact" taxation, forming a taxation pattern with online taxation as the main channel and comprehensive speed-up and flow control in the lobby. "We conscientiously do a good job in the implementation of preferential policies, non-contact taxation, data services and epidemic prevention and control, and help market players to move forward lightly." Zhang Guojun, Party Secretary and Director of State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China Shenzhen Taxation Bureau, said.

  With the in-depth implementation of various policies and measures to benefit enterprises, the vitality of Shenzhen market players has recovered rapidly. The value-added tax invoice data of 3.5 million taxpayers in the city show that the overall sales revenue of Shenzhen in the first half of the year has fully recovered to the same level of the previous year, and the overall recovery rate is nearly 100%.

  Since the beginning of this year, the Hunan Provincial Department of Finance has established and improved the working mechanism of tax reduction and fee reduction for the first time, set up the coordination mechanism of finance, development and reform, taxation and human society departments, planned tax and fee policies and measures in advance, made a good analysis and calculation of tax reduction and fee reduction, and took the lead in introducing preferential tax and fee policies to support small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households to resume work. In Yueyang City, the work of tax reduction and fee reduction is included in the assessment of promoting the high-quality development of the private economy and key fiscal and taxation work in the city.

  "In order to ensure that the national tax reduction and fee reduction policies and measures go directly to enterprises and become the main body of the market ‘ Empower ’ We implement grid services and strengthen the follow-up of policy implementation. " Wang Jianping, deputy director of State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China Hunan Provincial Taxation Bureau, said. It is reported that Hunan Province has established a system for cadres of tax authorities at all levels to go to enterprises for research and counseling, to solve tax-related problems such as policy application and qualification identification for enterprises such as Lansi Technology, and to form a policy implementation guide, which is applied in the province.

  In Chongqing, the municipal departments of discipline inspection and supervision, finance, taxation and auditing, the Chongqing Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Finance and the Chongqing Special Office of the National Audit Office have jointly strengthened the supervision of tax reduction and fee reduction. At the same time, we will implement "interaction between banks and taxes", improve tax-related data value-added services, and link tax credit with financial credit to provide financial support for enterprises that operate in good faith and pay taxes according to law. "Chongqing will be more active in implementing a proactive fiscal policy and fully stabilizing enterprises to protect market players." Chen Junwu, director of the Tax Administration Department of Chongqing Finance Bureau, said. (Economic Daily China Economic Net reporter Zeng Jinhua)