Wu Zhenyu’s wild words throw out the theory that it is difficult to get rich by reading.


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  Wu Zhenyu, the winner of Golden Horse in Taiwan Province, is famous for his outspoken and outspoken attitude in the entertainment circle. Yesterday, when he came to Shanghai to walk for a brand, he threw an amazing view in public. He bluntly said: "The lower the education level, the greater the probability of getting rich." Gu Xiaoming, a professor at Fudan University, thinks that Wu Zhenyu’s theory that it is difficult to get rich by reading is biased, but it also has some truth. "There are indeed many rich people who have no education, but they have tacit knowledge. Reading is not useless, the key is not to die reading. "

  The theory of "getting rich" is surprising.

  Yesterday, Wu Zhenyu appeared in Shanghai as the image spokesman of worship, but the media was most concerned about his film and television works. In this regard, Wu Zhenyu said that he and a screenwriter friend recently completed an English novel, "adapted from a screenplay." He also revealed that he had advised his friend to quit his job as a professor and concentrate on writing this novel. However, his reason is surprising. "I think reading too much in college will paralyze my brain, because books are all old things."

  In the subsequent interview, Wu Zhenyu threw out the theory that it is difficult to get rich by reading. "I found that the lower the education level, the greater the probability of getting rich. Go and see how many rich people have read many books, and Lang Lang only plays the piano. " When the media questioned that Lang Lang had gone to college, he responded: "It’s an art school, just playing the piano." He also said bluntly that he would use this view to educate his children.

  Currently focusing on TV dramas.

  Wu Zhenyu’s memorable roles in film and television dramas are mostly malicious and bad characters. In this regard, Wu Zhenyu said that he didn’t care about always playing "bad guys" and didn’t deliberately want to transform. He also smiled and asked, "aren’t there still many actors who are bent on playing the bad guys?"

  Asked about his latest work, Wu Zhenyu revealed that he was currently filming a TV series about medical ethics in Qingdao. He said with a smile: "I am’ the countryside surrounds the city’. Now many actors who make TV dramas are proud of making movies, so I will make TV dramas. " For the invitation of TV series, Wu Zhenyu is open to all. However, his agent said that Wu Zhenyu’s interest in TVB was not great, which was not that he was dissatisfied with TVB. The main reason was that TVB’s pay was too low, because they were all contracted artists.

  Wu Zhenyu admits that he is not used to the style of filming by mainland directors. "I like to be able to restore a complete scene when filming. However, when filming in the mainland, there were too many crew members. As soon as the filming started, everyone came out at once, and their breathing could be heard at the scene. "

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  Experts’ Interpretation of Wu’s "Reading Theory"

  Regarding Wu Zhenyu’s theory that it is difficult to get rich by reading yesterday, Gu Xiaoming, a professor at Fudan University, bluntly said, "Reading is certainly useful, but now there is something wrong with our education. Nowadays, experts and scholars are always’ this is Harvard University’. It seems that there is no other knowledge in the world except these famous universities. "

  He later thought that Wu Zhenyu’s theory of "reading is difficult to get rich" also had some truth. "Indeed, many of our successful businessmen have not received higher education. But these self-made entrepreneurs have tacit knowledge and are rarely bound by the frame. " Gu Xiaoming concluded: "Reading is both useful and useless. It’s definitely not good to just gnaw at dead books. It takes 20 years for the theory of textbooks to accumulate, 10 years for all of them to be reviewed, 10 years for printing, distribution and promotion, and a textbook can often be used for another 10 years. Adding up the knowledge in textbooks and the knowledge in reality, it is actually decoupled for 50 years. Therefore, the key to reading is to combine knowledge with practice. " (Special correspondent of this newspaper Zhong Zheng/Wen Zhu Liangcheng/photo)

Editor: Liu Liyan