Reject "one thousand cars on one side" and establish a new standard for pure electric cars.

"The number of 48-hour bookings exceeded 20,000."


On November 19th, Extreme Krypton Motor released the above data, once again refreshing the pure electric market record with "extreme Krypton speed".


At the Guangzhou International Auto Show in 2023, the first pure electric luxury car, Krypton 007, made its debut, and the pre-sale started at the same time. The pre-sale price started from 229,900 yuan. Before the launch, the user paid 1000 yuan the intention money to deduct 6,000 yuan, and the pre-sale price started from 224,900 yuan.


The whole system comes standard with 800V platform, front double wishbone and rear multi-link suspension, silicon carbide motor and Qualcomm 8295 chip. The total power of front and rear motors is up to 310 kW, and the four-wheel drive model accelerates for 2.84 seconds. ……


A series of luxury configurations beyond the same level, Extreme Krypton 007 entered the pure electric luxury car market by breaking the conventional brand-new luxury standards, providing users with more and more novel category choices.


Establish a new standard for pure electric cars against Tesla Model 3 and Krypton 007.


As the fourth model of Krypton, it is also the first car product to enter the most mainstream market. Based on the insight into the market and users, the appearance of Krypton 007 has chosen a more "advanced" design concept, breaking the status quo of "one thousand cars".


By Stefan Sielaff, the former design director of Bentley who joined Krypton two years ago, Krypton 007 reached the best visual point of a luxury B-class car: the length of the car is 4865mm, the width of the car is 1900mm, the height of the car is 1450mm, and the wheelbase is 2928mm, achieving a perfect 1:2 ratio of the height of the yellow gold wheels.

Caption: Extreme Krypton 007. Figure/Enterprise official website

The world’s first double-zone hidden front face design makes the Krypton 007 have a smoother and more recognizable front face. The exclusive clamshell front hatch cover and clamshell tailgate design of ultra-luxury SUV were first introduced into the B-class sedan by Krypton 007, creating the first real suspended roof in its class.


Extreme Krypton 007 headlight group uses the world’s largest 90-inch giant screen light strip and 1711 LED light beads, and the brightness can reach 10000 nits, bringing a visual interaction effect with a sense of future technology. The most surprising thing is that the light curtain is independently controlled by 75 high-power chips of vehicle specifications, and the pattern can be presented on the smart light curtain just by drawing on the central control panel with your fingers, which makes Kyk 007 the first smart electric vehicle in the world that can be customized by users, and also allows users to have personalized exclusive labels.

Caption: Extreme Krypton 007 interior. Figure/Enterprise official website

Not only comes with a brand-new image, but also with the powerful performance genes, safety genes, intelligent technology and luxury configuration of the brand, Krypton 007 breaks the rules and establishes a new standard for pure electric cars.


In terms of power, Extreme Krypton 007 not only inherits the luxury performance gene of Extreme Krypton 001 FR, but also comes standard with high-performance 800V architecture. The whole system comes standard with front double wishbone and rear multi-link high-performance suspension system, equipped with 800V silicon carbide high-performance rear motor with a maximum power of 310 kW. The fastest acceleration of the rear-wheel drive model is 5.4 seconds, and that of the four-wheel drive model is a record-breaking, with the fastest acceleration of 2.84 seconds (excluding the starting time), which is faster than the 3.4 seconds (excluding the starting time) of the Tesla Model 3 high-performance all-wheel drive version. It has become the fastest accelerating pure electric car of its kind in the world.


In terms of cruising range, the cruising range of CLTC, the entry-level model of Krypton 007, is 688 kilometers, and the long-life version is as high as 870 kilometers.


With 800-volt high-voltage architecture, 800-kilometer battery life and 800-seat exclusive charging stations, with the absolute strength of three "800", Extreme Krypton 007 will completely eliminate users’ travel mileage and recharge anxiety.

Caption: Comparison between Extreme Krypton 007 and Tesla models.

In the luxury pure electric car market, Tesla Model 3 is an unavoidable opponent of cars of the same price. However, with the consumer’s demand for interior space and comfort, the sales volume of Model 3, which has not been greatly upgraded for 8 years, has declined in recent years, and the sales volume in the third quarter of this year is only one-third of that of two years ago. Based on the insight into the market and users, Extreme Krypton 007 is fully configured, and it is more competitive than Tesla Model 3 in key parameters such as body size, wheelbase and battery life.


Create a differentiated competitive advantage and be a "leader" in market segments.


Extreme krypton 007 is a concentrated expression of extreme krypton’s soft and hard strength. As a luxury intelligent pure electric brand under Geely Holding Group, Krypton is also continuing to create "Krypton speed".


Different from other enterprises, Krypton firmly takes the "third track", that is, "combining the power of giants with pure user thinking."


In less than three years since its establishment, Extreme Krypton has successively launched the hunting coupe extreme Krypton 001, MPV extreme Krypton 009, compact SUV extreme Krypton X and super-running extreme Krypton 001 FR, covering the price range of 200,000-800,000 yuan.


In 2022, the annual delivery of Krypton exceeded 70,000 vehicles, making it the only brand of mainstream new energy to achieve the delivery target. By the end of October 2023, the monthly delivery of krypton has increased for nine consecutive months. It took only 24 months to start delivery, and Krypton became a luxury pure electric brand with the fastest delivery of 170,000 vehicles, with a cumulative delivery of more than 170,000 vehicles, the only one in the industry with zero spontaneous combustion, which set a new record in the industry.


Among them, Kykrypton 001 is the champion of pure electric vehicle sales with a price of over 300,000 yuan, Kykrypton 009 is the champion of MPV sales with a price of over 500,000 yuan, and Kykrypton X is the only China brand in the top ten of compact car sales with a price of over 200,000 yuan.


In terms of globalization strategy, in October this year, Krypton signed a pan-European cooperation agreement with BNP Paribas and Arval, which will provide users with financial solutions covering all aspects of travel, all-round leasing business support and insurance services, covering many European countries.


In November, Krypton started selling in Stockholm, Sweden, and will be sold in major developed countries in Western Europe next year. In 2024, the European market is expected to increase to 6 countries, and in 2025, it will enter 8 countries, accelerating its March to the global market.

Caption: An Conghui, CEO of Extreme Krypton Intelligent Technology. Figure/Enterprise official website

An Conghui, CEO of Extreme Smart Technology, once said, "If there is no benchmark in the early stage, as a follower, it is not enough to be the same as others. Only by surpassing others can everyone think that you are a little competitive."


In creating differentiation, we can’t follow suit. With other car companies, we choose to focus on a large number of similar models in the same field, and seek market differences through the way of "having more children and fighting", and set up benchmark products in different market segments through excellent product strength, which is a very embarrassing product planning concept.


After the pre-sale of Krypton 007 started for 30 minutes, the booking volume exceeded 5,000; After 3 hours, the booking volume exceeded 10,000; After 48 hours, the booking volume exceeded 20,000.


The release of Krypton 007 not only enriches Krypton products, but also enters the pure electric luxury car market with the product experience of innovating the mainstream car market in the electric age, providing users with more and more novel category choices.


Text/Liu Chang

Editor Jiang Fan

Proofread Liu Baoqing

General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Development Plan of New Energy Automobile Industry (2021

General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing New Energy Automobile Industry

Notice of Development Plan (2021-2035)

No.39 [2020] of the State Council

People’s governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions and institutions directly under the State Council:

"New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)" has been approved by the State Council and is hereby issued to you, please implement it carefully.

the General Office of the State Council

October 20, 2020

(This piece is publicly released)

New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)

Developing new energy vehicles is the only way for China to move from a big automobile country to a strong automobile country, and it is a strategic measure to cope with climate change and promote green development. Since the State Council released the Development Plan of Energy Saving and New Energy Automobile Industry (2012-2020) in 2012, China has adhered to the strategic orientation of pure electric drive, and the development of new energy automobile industry has made great achievements, becoming one of the important forces in the development and transformation of the world automobile industry. At the same time, the development of new energy vehicles in China is also facing some problems, such as weak core technology innovation ability, imperfect quality assurance system, lagging infrastructure construction, imperfect industrial ecology and increasing market competition. This plan is formulated to promote the high-quality development of the new energy automobile industry and accelerate the construction of a powerful automobile country.

Chapter I Development Trend

Section 1 New energy vehicles inject new kinetic energy into world economic development

At present, a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are developing vigorously, and the integration of automobile and related technologies in energy, transportation, information and communication is accelerating. Electrification, networking and intelligence have become the development trend and trend of the automobile industry. New energy vehicles integrate new energy, new materials, Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other revolutionary technologies, and promote the transformation of vehicles from simple means of transportation to mobile intelligent terminals, energy storage units and digital spaces, promote the transformation and upgrading of energy, transportation, information and communication infrastructure, and promote the optimization of energy consumption structure, the improvement of transportation system and the intelligent level of urban operation, which is of great significance to building a clean and beautiful world and a community of human destiny. In recent years, the world’s major automobile countries have strengthened their strategic planning and policy support, and multinational automobile companies have increased their investment in research and development and improved their industrial layout. New energy vehicles have become the main direction of the transformation and development of the global automobile industry and an important engine for promoting the sustained growth of the world economy.

Section 2 China’s new energy vehicles have entered a new stage of accelerated development

The automobile product form, transportation mode, energy consumption structure and social operation mode are undergoing profound changes, which provide unprecedented development opportunities for the new energy automobile industry. After years of continuous efforts, the technical level of China’s new energy automobile industry has been significantly improved, the industrial system has been improved day by day, and the competitiveness of enterprises has been greatly enhanced. Since 2015, the production, sales and ownership have ranked first in the world for five consecutive years, and the industry has entered a new stage of overlapping, convergence and development. We must seize the strategic opportunity, consolidate the good momentum, give full play to the advantages in the fields of infrastructure, information and communication, continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the industry, and promote the high-quality and sustainable development of the new energy automobile industry.

In the third quarter, integration and opening up have become the new characteristics of the development of new energy vehicles.

With the overall transformation of automobile power source, production and operation mode and consumption and use mode, the ecology of new energy automobile industry is gradually evolving from the "chain relationship" among parts, vehicle R&D, production and marketing service enterprises to the "network ecology" involving multi-subjects in automobile, energy, transportation, information and communication. Mutual empowerment and coordinated development have become the inherent needs of the development of various market players. Cross-industry and cross-field integration and innovation and more open and inclusive international cooperation have become the characteristics of the new energy automobile industry development, which greatly enhanced the industrial development momentum, stimulated market vitality and promoted the formation of a new industrial development pattern of mutual integration, symbiosis and win-win cooperation.

第二章 总体部署

第一节 总体思路


第二节 基本原则


Driven by innovation.In-depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, the establishment of enterprise-oriented, market-oriented and Industry-University-Research-coordinated technological innovation system, improve the institutional environment for encouraging and protecting innovation, encourage the parallel development of various technological routes, support all kinds of entities to work together to overcome key core technologies, increase the innovation of business models, and form a new industrial innovation ecology.

Coordinated advancement.We will improve the coordination and promotion mechanism of horizontal cooperation and vertical penetration, promote the deep integration of new energy vehicles with energy, transportation and information communication, and make overall plans to promote technology research and development, standard formulation, popularization and application and infrastructure construction, so as to turn the super-large-scale market advantage into industrial advantage.

Open development.Practice the cooperative concept of openness, mutual benefit and win-win, expand high-level opening to the outside world, and promote reform, development and innovation through opening up; Adhere to the combination of "bringing in" and "going out", strengthen international cooperation, actively participate in international competition, cultivate new advantages in the new energy automobile industry, and deeply integrate into the global industrial chain and value chain system.

Section III Development Vision

By 2025, the competitiveness of China’s new energy vehicle market will be significantly enhanced, and major breakthroughs will be made in key technologies such as power batteries, drive motors and vehicle operating systems, and the safety level will be comprehensively improved. The average power consumption of new cars for pure electric passenger cars has dropped to 12.0 kWh/100 km, and the sales volume of new energy vehicles has reached about 20% of the total sales volume of new cars. Highly self-driving cars have been commercialized in limited areas and specific scenes, and the convenience of charging and replacing electricity services has been significantly improved.

After 15 years of continuous efforts, the core technology of new energy vehicles in China has reached the international advanced level, and the quality brands have strong international competitiveness. Pure electric vehicles have become the mainstream of newly sold vehicles, vehicles in public areas are fully electrified, fuel cell vehicles are commercialized, highly self-driving vehicles are applied on a large scale, the charging and replacing service network is convenient and efficient, and the construction of hydrogen fuel supply system is steadily promoted, effectively promoting energy conservation, drainage reduction and improvement of social operation efficiency.

Chapter III Improving the Ability of Technological Innovation

Section 1 Deepening the R&D Layout of "Three Verticals and Three Horizons"

Strengthen the innovation of vehicle integration technology.With pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles (including extended range vehicles) and fuel cell vehicles as "three verticals", the whole vehicle technology innovation chain is laid out. Research and develop a new generation of modular high-performance vehicle platform, tackle the integrated design of pure electric vehicle chassis and multi-energy power system integration technology, break through common energy-saving technologies such as intelligent energy management and control, lightweight and low friction, improve the safety technology level of battery management, charging connection and structural design, and improve the comprehensive performance of new energy vehicles.

Improve the industrial basic ability.Taking power battery and management system, drive motor and power electronics, networking and intelligent technology as "three horizontals", the technical supply system of key components is constructed. We will tackle key technical problems of advanced modular power batteries and fuel cell systems, explore solutions for a new generation of vehicle motor drive systems, strengthen the development of key components and systems of intelligent networked vehicles, break through bottlenecks such as basic platform technology for computing and control and supporting technology for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and enhance research and development capabilities such as basic key technologies, advanced basic processes, basic core components and key basic materials.

Section II Accelerating the Construction of Common Technology Innovation Platform

Establish and improve the joint research and development mechanism of leading enterprises, state key laboratories and national manufacturing innovation centers, focus on shortcomings and weaknesses such as core processes, special materials, key components and manufacturing equipment, actively explore from different technical paths, and improve the supply capacity of key common technologies. Guide cross-disciplinary cooperation in automobile, energy, transportation, information communication, etc., establish an innovative platform for the integration of new energy vehicles, smart energy and intelligent transportation for future travel, jointly tackle basic cross-cutting key technologies, and enhance the integration and innovation capabilities of new energy vehicles and related industries.

Section III Enhancing the Public Service Capability of the Industry

Relying on industry associations, innovation centers and other institutions to promote the co-construction and sharing of various innovative service platforms, and improve the support capabilities of public services such as technology transfer, information services, personnel training, project financing, and international exchanges. The application of virtual reality, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the establishment of automotive electrification, networking, intelligent virtual simulation and test verification platform, improve the measurement test, performance evaluation and testing certification capabilities of the vehicle and key components.

Chapter IV Building a New Industrial Ecology

Section 1 Supporting the Development of Eco-oriented Enterprises

Encourage enterprises in the fields of new energy vehicles, energy, transportation, information and communication to cooperate across borders, focus on diversified production and application needs, and build an eco-leading enterprise covering key links in the industrial chain such as solutions, R&D and production, use guarantee and operation services through open cooperation and benefit sharing. In areas with good industrial foundation and concentrated innovation elements, leading enterprises should play a leading role, cultivate a number of new energy automobile industrial clusters with international influence and competitiveness, and promote the modernization level of industrial chain.

Section 2 Promoting the Innovative Application of Key Systems

Accelerate the development and application of vehicle operating system.Guided by the demand of vehicle enterprises, we will play the role of leading enterprises, national manufacturing innovation center and other innovation platforms, adhere to the coordinated research of software and hardware, and focus on the development of vehicle operating systems. Around the vehicle operating system, the development and application ecology of deep cooperation between market players in the fields of vehicle, key components, basic data and software will be built. Through rapid product iteration, the scale of users will be expanded and the industrial application of vehicle operating system will be accelerated.

Promote the development of the full value chain of power batteries.Encourage enterprises to improve the support capacity of key resources such as lithium, nickel, cobalt and platinum. Establish and improve the modular standard system of power batteries, accelerate the breakthrough of key manufacturing equipment, and improve the process level and production efficiency. Improve the recycling system of power battery recycling, cascade utilization and recycling, and encourage the co-construction and sharing of recycling channels. Establish and improve the management system of transportation, storage, maintenance, safety inspection, retirement and recycling of power batteries, and strengthen the supervision of the whole life cycle.

The third quarter to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing

Promote the in-depth application of intelligent technology in key links such as R&D and design, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, operation and management, and after-sales service of new energy vehicles. Accelerate the development and integration of core industrial software such as simulation, management and control of intelligent manufacturing of new energy vehicles, and carry out application demonstrations of intelligent factories and digital workshops. Accelerate the popularization and application of the product lifecycle collaborative management system, support the construction of an integrated demonstration platform for design, manufacturing and service, and improve the intelligent level of the whole industrial chain of new energy vehicles.

Section IV Strengthening Quality and Safety Assurance

Promote the construction of quality brands.Carry out actions to improve the quality of new energy vehicle products, guide enterprises to strengthen the development and application of reliability technologies in the whole process of design, manufacturing, testing and verification, make full use of advanced technologies such as the Internet, big data and blockchain, and improve the quality control and traceability mechanism of products throughout their life cycle. Guide enterprises to strengthen brand development strategy and strengthen brand building with the focus on improving quality and service level.

Improve the security system.Implement a safe production mechanism that combines corporate responsibility, government supervision, industry self-discipline and social supervision. Strengthen the main responsibility of enterprises for product safety, implement the extended producer responsibility system, and strengthen the quality and safety management, safety status monitoring and maintenance inspection of key systems such as vehicle, power battery and electronic control. We will improve the safety standards and laws and regulations for new energy vehicles, such as complete vehicles, spare parts, maintenance and testing, charging and replacing electricity, and strengthen the supervision and management of production safety and the safety recall management of new energy vehicles. Encourage industry organizations to strengthen technical exchanges, sort out and sum up experience, and guide enterprises to continuously improve their safety level.

Chapter V Promoting Industrial Integration and Development

Section 1 Promoting the Integration of New Energy Vehicles and Energy

Strengthen the energy interaction between new energy vehicles and power grid (V2G).Strengthen the research of high cycle life power battery technology and promote the application of low power DC technology. Encourage local governments to carry out V2G demonstration applications, coordinate the demand for charging and discharging of new energy vehicles and power dispatching, and comprehensively apply policies such as peak-valley electricity price and preferential charging of new energy vehicles to realize efficient energy interaction between new energy vehicles and the power grid, reduce the electricity cost of new energy vehicles, and improve the response capabilities of power grid such as peak-shaving and frequency modulation, and safety emergency.

Promote efficient cooperation between new energy vehicles and renewable energy.Promote the information sharing and integration of new energy vehicles with meteorological and renewable energy power forecasting systems, coordinate the coordinated scheduling of energy utilization of new energy vehicles with wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation, and increase the proportion of renewable energy applications. Encourage the construction of "optical storage charging and discharging" (distributed photovoltaic power generation-energy storage system-charging and discharging) multifunctional integrated station. Support qualified areas to carry out commercial demonstration operation of fuel cell vehicles.

Section II Promoting the Integration of New Energy Vehicles and Transportation

Develop integrated smart travel services.Accelerate the construction of a new intelligent traffic control system covering front-end information collection, edge distributed computing and cloud collaborative control. Accelerate the application of new energy vehicles in time-sharing leasing, urban public transport, taxis, venue vehicles and other fields, and optimize the use environment of new energy vehicles in public services. Guide automobile production enterprises and travel service enterprises to build a "one-stop" service platform, and promote the development and application of parking service technology.

Constructing intelligent green logistics transportation system.Promote the application of new energy vehicles in urban distribution, port operations and other fields, and facilitate the passage of new energy trucks. Develop "internet plus" efficient logistics, innovate smart logistics operation mode, promote the application of new modes such as network freight and trailer sharing, and create a new format of safe and efficient logistics and transportation services.

Section III Promoting the Integration and Development of New Energy Vehicles and Information Communication

Promote the efficient collaboration of "people-vehicles-roads-clouds" with data as the link.Based on the information of automobile perception, traffic control and urban management, a multi-layer data fusion and computing platform of "people-vehicles-roads-clouds" will be built, and demonstration applications of specific scenes, regions and roads will be carried out to promote the innovation of new energy vehicles and information communication integration application services.

Create a network security system.Improve the network security management system of new energy vehicles, build a unified vehicle identity authentication and security trust system, promote the in-depth application of cryptographic technology, strengthen the safety detection of vehicle information systems, service platforms and key electronic components, strengthen the data classification and compliance application management of new energy vehicles, improve the risk assessment, early warning monitoring and emergency response mechanisms, and ensure the information security of "vehicle end-transmission pipeline network-cloud".

Section IV Strengthening Standard Docking and Data Sharing

Establish a comprehensive standard system for the integration and development of new energy vehicles and related industries, and clarify the technical interface standards such as vehicle operating system, vehicle basic map, vehicle pile information sharing, and cloud control basic platform. Establish a comprehensive big data platform across industries and fields to promote the co-construction, sharing and interconnection of all kinds of data.

Chapter VI Perfecting the Infrastructure System

Section 1 vigorously promote the construction of charging and replacing network

Accelerate the construction of infrastructure for charging and replacing electricity.Scientifically arrange the charging and replacing infrastructure, and strengthen the overall coordination with urban and rural construction planning, power grid planning, property management and urban parking. Relying on "internet plus" smart energy, improve the level of intelligence, actively promote the charging service mode in residential areas, accelerate the formation of highways and urban and rural public charging networks with moderate lead, fast charging and slow charging, encourage the application of power exchange mode, strengthen the research and development of new charging technologies such as intelligent and orderly charging, high-power charging and wireless charging, and improve the convenience of charging and product reliability.

Improve the service level of charging infrastructure.Guide enterprises to jointly establish a charging facility operation service platform to realize interconnection, information sharing and unified settlement. Strengthen the research and development of technologies such as safety monitoring and early warning of charging equipment and distribution system, standardize the use of electromagnetic spectrum of wireless charging facilities, improve the safety, consistency and reliability of charging facilities, and improve the level of service guarantee.

Encourage business model innovation.Combined with the renovation of old residential areas, urban renewal and other work, we will guide many parties to jointly carry out the construction and operation of charging facilities, and support the development of cooperation modes such as multi-vehicle and one pile in residential areas and sharing of adjacent parking spaces. Encourage the combination of charging stations and commercial real estate, build integrated parking and charging service facilities, enhance the charging service capacity of public places, and expand value-added services. Improve the insurance system of charging facilities to reduce the risks of enterprise operation and user use.

Section 2 Coordinating and Promoting the Construction of Intelligent Road Network Facilities

Promote the construction of a new generation of wireless communication network, and accelerate the formulation and technical upgrade of wireless communication (C-V2X) standards between vehicles and other devices outside the vehicle based on cellular communication technology. Promote the digital transformation and upgrading of road infrastructure such as traffic signs, strengthen the intelligent interconnection between traffic lights, traffic signs and markings, communication facilities, intelligent roadside equipment and vehicle-mounted terminals, and promote the formulation of relevant standards and the construction of management platforms for the intelligent construction and transformation of urban road infrastructure. Accelerate the construction of differential base stations and promote the application of satellite navigation systems such as Beidou in the field of high-precision positioning.

Section III Promoting the Construction of Hydrogen Fuel Supply System in an Orderly Way

Improve the economy of hydrogen fuel storage and transportation.According to local conditions, we will develop the application of industrial by-product hydrogen and renewable energy to make hydrogen, and accelerate the industrialization of advanced and applicable hydrogen storage materials. Carry out demonstration and application of various storage and transportation technologies such as high-pressure gas, deep cold gas, low-temperature liquid and solid, explore the construction of hydrogen fuel transportation pipelines, and gradually reduce the storage and transportation costs of hydrogen fuel. Improve the standard system of hydrogen fuel production, storage, transportation and filling. Strengthen the research on hydrogen fuel safety and strengthen the safety supervision of the whole chain.

Promote the construction of hydrogenation infrastructure.Establish and improve the management norms of hydrogenation infrastructure. Guide enterprises to rationally arrange hydrogenation infrastructure according to hydrogen fuel supply and consumption demand, and improve the level of safe operation. Support the use of existing sites and facilities to carry out comprehensive supply services of oil, gas, hydrogen and electricity.

Chapter VII Deepening Open Cooperation

Section 1 Expanding Opening-up, Exchanges and Cooperation

Strengthen the docking with the internationally accepted economic and trade rules, fully implement the pre-entry national treatment plus negative list management system, treat the main players in the new energy market equally, and build a market-oriented, legal and international business environment. Give play to the role of multi-bilateral cooperation mechanism and high-level dialogue mechanism, and support domestic and foreign enterprises, research institutes and industry institutions to carry out exchanges and cooperation in R&D and design, trade and investment, infrastructure, technical standards and personnel training. Actively participate in the formulation of international rules and standards, promote the formation of an open, transparent and inclusive international market environment for new energy vehicles, create a new platform for international cooperation, and add new impetus to common development.

Section II Accelerating Integration into Global Value Chains

Guide enterprises to formulate international development strategies, constantly improve their international competitiveness, increase the intensity of international market development, and promote industrial cooperation to extend from manufacturing links to technology research and development, marketing and other whole chains. Encourage enterprises to make full use of domestic and foreign funds and establish an international consumer credit system. Support enterprises to establish an international marketing service network and build overseas storage and after-sales service centers and other service platforms in key markets. Improve the service guarantee system such as legal consultation, testing and certification, and personnel training, guide enterprises to standardize overseas business practices, and improve compliance management.

Chapter VIII Safeguard Measures

Section 1 Deepening the Reform of Industry Management

We will further promote the "streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services" reform, further relax market access, implement inclusive and prudent supervision, and promote the healthy and orderly development of new formats and models. We will improve the parallel management measures for the average fuel consumption of enterprises and the points of new energy vehicles, effectively undertake financial subsidy policies, and study and establish a linkage mechanism with the carbon trading market. Strengthen post-event supervision, consolidate local main responsibility, and curb chaos such as blindly launching new energy vehicle manufacturing projects. Promote the improvement of laws and regulations related to the production and management of road motor vehicles, establish and improve the exit mechanism of zombie enterprises, strengthen the supervision and inspection of the maintenance of enterprise access conditions, and promote the survival of the fittest. Give full play to the role of the market mechanism, support the merger and reorganization of advantageous enterprises, become bigger and stronger, and further improve industrial concentration.

Section 2 Improve the system of policies and regulations

Implement preferential tax policies related to new energy vehicles and optimize classified traffic management and financial services. Promote the scientific layout of infrastructure such as charging and replacing electricity and hydrogenation, speed up construction, and give financial support to the construction of charging piles as public facilities. Break local protection and establish a unified, open and fair market system. Encourage local governments to increase support for vehicle operations in public services, shared travel and other fields, and give preferential policies such as parking and charging for new energy vehicles. From 2021, the proportion of new energy vehicles in public areas such as public transportation, rental, logistics and distribution will be no less than 80% in the national ecological civilization experimental zone and key areas for air pollution prevention and control. Formulate specific measures to incorporate R&D investment in new energy vehicles into the assessment system of state-owned enterprises. Accelerate the improvement of policies and regulations such as road traffic, accident liability and data use that meet the development requirements of intelligent networked vehicles. Accelerate the legislation on the recycling of power batteries.

Section III Strengthening the Construction of Talent Team

Accelerate the establishment of a talent training mechanism to meet the needs of the integration and development of new energy vehicles and related industries, compile a catalogue of talents in short supply in the industry, optimize the discipline layout in the fields of automotive electrification, networking and intelligence, and guide universities, research institutes and enterprises to increase the introduction and training of international talents. Carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit and craftsman spirit, establish a positive incentive orientation, and implement diversified incentive measures such as equity and options.

Section IV Strengthening Intellectual Property Protection

We will further implement the national intellectual property strategy and encourage researchers to develop high-value core intellectual property achievements in the field of new energy vehicles. Strictly implement the intellectual property protection system and strengthen the enforcement of infringement. We will build an intellectual property operation service system for new energy vehicles, strengthen the construction of a patent application transformation platform, and establish a mutually beneficial sharing and win-win cooperation patent operation model.

Section 5 Strengthening organizational coordination

Give full play to the role of the inter-ministerial joint meeting system and local coordination mechanism for the development of energy-saving and new energy vehicle industries, strengthen departmental coordination and linkage, formulate annual work plans and departmental task division, strengthen the overall planning of new energy vehicles and energy, transportation, information and communication industries in terms of policy planning, standards and regulations, and pay close attention to the major tasks and key tasks determined by the plan. All relevant departments should focus on the planning objectives and tasks, and formulate their work plans and supporting policies and measures according to the division of functions. All regions should earnestly implement it in light of local conditions, optimize the industrial layout, and avoid redundant construction. Industry organizations should give full play to the role of a bridge between enterprises and the government, and coordinate the establishment of a cross-border exchange and cooperation platform for the industry. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shall, jointly with relevant departments, conduct in-depth investigation and study, strengthen follow-up guidance, and promote the smooth implementation of the plan.

There are three models of Huawei P70 full series network access.

At present, all three models of Huawei P70 series have been connected to the network, and the certification information has been announced. According to the previous planning, the P70 series should be divided into three models: P70, P70 Pro and P70 Art According to the network access information, the standard version of P70 supports Beidou satellite message, while P70 Pro and P70 Art go further and support Beidou satellite message+Tiantong-1 satellite call.

In terms of specific configuration, the P70 series will adopt the Kirin 9000S chip with the same model as the Mate 60 series, supporting 5G, which is the first time that Huawei P series has returned to Kirin since P50.

Other specifications are also high-end, with 50-megapixel main camera, periscope telephoto lens, wireless charging and satellite communication technology as standard, which greatly improves the comprehensive strength of the standard version.

As for the oversized P70 Art, it will be further upgraded. The main camera will be replaced with IMX989 one-inch sensor, telephoto module and satellite communication technology, which will bring a stronger experience.

According to various sources, Huawei P70 series is likely to join the Pioneer Program like Mate 60 series and suddenly be put on the shelves in official website at 12:08 on a certain day in April.

Li Jiaqi once again brought goods to Huaxizi: the results were not as good as last year, and the sales volume was still good.

On October 24th, after the incident of eyebrow pencil in 79 yuan, the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi broadcasted Huaxizi with goods again after 43 days. However, Li Jiaqi himself did not appear to explain the product of Huaxizi, and the controversial ace product Huaxizi eyebrow pencil did not appear in the live broadcast list. According to Time Finance, Hua Xizi’s performance in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi is still good, but compared with last year, it is much worse.

I and the disputed eyebrow pencil did not appear.

In the list of products with goods in Li Jiaqi Live Studio, there are three products owned by Hua Xizi, namely, a combination suit of 357 yuan, a powder cake of 149 yuan and honey powder of 129 yuan. According to Time Finance, at 8 pm, the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi exceeded 10 million people. After the countdown was displayed on the screen, the gongs and drums in Li Jiaqi’s hand were sounded, and the pre-sale of Tmall "double 11" officially kicked off this year.

As soon as the live broadcast was started, more than 7,000 pieces, 3,000 pieces and 300 groups of Huaxizi air honey powder, Yurong gauze powder cake and water hibiscus in the Li Jiaqi live broadcast room had been booked respectively. At 8: 02, more than 20,000 pieces, 9,000 pieces and 1,000 pieces of three groups of products were ordered respectively. The figures will change every few minutes. By 10: 30 pm, the pre-sales of the above three groups of products exceeded 70,000, 3,000 and 30,000 respectively. According to Red Net, as of 11: 30 p.m. on 24th, the amount of honey powder with a price of 129 yuan for Huaxizi has exceeded 80,000 orders, the amount of powder cake with a price of 149 yuan has exceeded 30,000 orders, and the combined set with a price of 357 yuan has exceeded 3,000 orders, totaling more than 110,000 orders.

Although Hua Xizi’s performance in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi is still good, compared with last year, it is much worse. According to previous media reports, at 9: 00 pm on October 24th, 2022, the colored powder cake of Huaxizi Yurongsha was first released in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi. After only 15 minutes on the shelves, 250,000 colored powder cakes were sold out. According to Time Finance’s analysis, in addition to the previous storm, the sales volume of Hua Xizi was affected, and this sales performance may be related to the fact that Hua Xizi did not appear in the prime time of the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi this year. According to Red Net, as of 11: 30 pm on the 24th, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi was still at 10 million+.

The controversial ace product Hua Xizi eyebrow pencil did not appear in the live broadcast list. According to Time Finance, in the live broadcast room of Huaxi’s official flagship store, the anchor said that the eyebrow pencil "double 11" activity had not been announced. In the live commentary area, some netizens said bluntly: "I will never buy it again, which is really sad" and "How dare he"; However, some netizens said: "Although I am not interested in Hua Xizi, I am still interested in the things in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi."

Hua Xizi deeply binds Li Jiaqi.

Earlier, on September 10th, when Li Jiaqi introduced a Huaxizi Eyebrow Pencil in 79 yuan, he saw a message from a netizen saying it was expensive, and replied that 79 yuan Eyebrow Pencil could not be bought because he didn’t work hard enough. At the same time, it was exposed that 79 yuan Eyebrow Pencil was only 0.08 grams more expensive than gold, which led the netizens to think that Li Jiaqi despised ordinary people, created anxiety and inflated commodity prices.

In the early morning of September 11th, Li Jiaqi posted a blog post apologizing, and released an apology video on the evening of the same day, saying that his inappropriate remarks disappointed everyone, and he would also reflect on why he started in the first place and how he could serve more girls. Thank you again for your criticism and supervision. However, many netizens said that they "don’t buy it" for Li Jiaqi’s apology, and joked "Where ‘ Li ’ Wrong? " According to Xinmin Evening News, before the eyebrow pencil incident in 79 yuan, the number of fans in Weibo, Li Jiaqi was 30.435 million. By 11: 00 on October 24th, the number of fans was 28.747 million, and the number of fans dropped by over 1.68 million.

According to the International Finance News, four years ago, Hua Xizi announced Li Jiaqi as the chief recommender of the brand. At that time, this little-known brand was established only two years ago. With the help of the flow of "lipstick brother", the sales of Huaxizi reached 1.13 billion yuan that year, which was 25 times higher than that of 2018. The deep binding between the two parties began in 2019. According to the magic mirror data, the sales of Huaxizi’s star product, carved lipstick, increased by 165% month-on-month after it was promoted by Li Jiaqi multi-platform in May of that year. On the battlefield of "double 11", Hua Xizi never missed the live studio in Li Jiaqi from the pre-sale stage, and with the help of Li Jiaqi’s strong ability to carry goods, he won 220 million yuan GMV for the first time in the war and became the second place in domestic beauty cosmetics.

Around the "double 11" in that year, the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi contributed 64% of the total turnover of Huaxizi. In June, 2022, Li Jiaqi stopped broadcasting for some reason. During the "June 18th Promotion" period, the sales of Huaxizi, who lost Li Jiaqi, dropped to 150 million yuan from 263 million yuan in the previous year. According to shanghai securities news, the founder of Huaxizi once said in public that their cooperation with Li Jiaqi is Live Delivery 2.0, that is, inviting anchors to create products together. Some insiders revealed: "As long as this product Li Jiaqi says no, it will not pass."

After the eyebrow pencil dispute, Li Jiaqi gradually withdrew

Although Li Jiaqi still has a long way to go to quell doubts and rebuild trust, compared with Hua Xizi who was involved in the storm by his inappropriate remarks, as the starting point of the storm, he seems to have gradually withdrawn from the continuous controversy.

According to previous poster news reports, on September 26th, Li Jiaqi was carrying goods live on Taobao on the night when Hua Xizi’s crazy public relations sparked heated discussion. At the beginning of the storm, a large number of netizens flocked to the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi to denounce it. Then, there were few questioning voices in the comment area, and the live broadcast room seemed to have returned to its former order. At 21: 42 on September 26th, the poster journalist entered the Taobao live room in Li Jiaqi, when he was carrying lipstick of Mao Geping brand, and the number of viewers in the live room was 7.146 million.

Li Jiaqi live room once again brought goods to Hua Xizi User: It seems that Li Jiaqi really has a good relationship with Hua Xizi.

According to the International Finance News, the third season of the self-made variety "All Girls’ OFFER" produced by US ONE arrived as scheduled, showing the process of "negotiation" between Li Jiaqi and major beauty brands, which greatly promoted the upcoming "double 11". Janice (pseudonym), a well-known MCN organization engaged in beauty cosmetics vertical operation, said in an interview with the International Finance News that the Li Jiaqi incident had no impact on her MCN organization. "No matter what, the brand will still come to us for cooperation."

An insider of ONE told reporters that after the incident, the company’s publicity scale during the "double 11" period may be reduced, but "the traffic brought by the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi is still very large." It is blunt that in the past few years, US ONE has established a large-scale system from product selection to after-sales improvement, and it still has advantages in the field of live e-commerce. "Especially after public relations, the trend of public opinion has become ‘ I don’t care about the anchor, anyway, as a consumer, it is good to buy a cheap and cost-effective product ’ 。” However, in the view of Wang Tian (pseudonym), a business practitioner of a live broadcast room in online celebrity, Tik Tok, if the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi accounts for a large proportion of the brand’s performance planning of Taobao platform, after the storm, the brand may avoid risks by reducing the frequency of cooperation with Li Jiaqi and increasing the number of people to broadcast. "In the long run, the brand will expand other options besides super anchor. They also have their own plans and will not bet on one person. "

Upstream news is integrated from The Paper, Xinmin Evening News, International Finance News, Red Net, shanghai securities news, etc.

CCTV Exposes Maotai Fake Wine Industry Chain: 2700 Yuan Feitian Bottle with Prince 70 yuan Wine is sold at a high price online!


From Chen Kun to Roy and Karry, among the stars who are constantly "harvesting" attention in the entertainment circle, it seems that there is never a lack of Chongqing elements. If it is said that ten years ago, Chen Kun began to impress the audience with his youthful and immature acting skills, it was the beginning of Chongqing children’s journey in the entertainment circle; Then at the dawn of the second decade of the new century, successors have appeared on this long journey …

Needless to say, Roy and Karry, two children who have long been popular all over the country through TFBOYS, Sean Xiao, who won the popularity of the new generation of actors this year, Vin, Ivan and YoRoll , who are the most popular new men’s team at present, followed closely, and J.zen, Gu Landi and other names have repeatedly refreshed your understanding of the newcomers in the entertainment circle. In the next decade, it should be the following new forces that attract your attention and guide your remote control and mouse.

TIM screenshot 20190731214409.png

Sean Xiao

The hottest Chinese actor this year

How new is the "new power"? We might as well take the year 2000, the first year of the 21st century, as the base point.

That year, Chen Kun was a student of the Beijing Film Academy. After the movie "National Anthem", he participated in his second drama "Like Fog, Like Rain and Like Wind", but at this time he was just a little coffee hidden behind the highlights of Zhou Xun and Lu Yi. This year, Roy and Vin were born, Karry just turned one year old and YoRoll  and Ivan were two years old. The older ones are J.zen and Gu Landi, who are 5 and 6 years old respectively. Xiao Zhan, who is 9 years old, should start learning piano under the guidance of his father.

Wei Wuxian, played by Sean Xiao in The Untamed. jpg

Wei Wuxian played by Sean Xiao The Untamed.

In a blink of an eye, 10 years later, they all became "popular fried chicken", and some of them were even hotter than Chen Kun in 2000.

If you want to ask how hot Sean Xiao is now? Just pay a little attention to the frequency of his name appearing in various news information in the last week, and you can perceive one or two. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are approaching. He is on the guest lists of CCTV, Beijing Satellite TV and Oriental TV. Among them, Beijing Satellite TV also chose Sean Xiao as the spokesperson for the 2020 Spring Festival Gala.


Sean Xiao became the spokesperson for the 2020 Beijing Spring Festival Evening.

Not only that, all kinds of "harvest" hot search and attention in Sean Xiao can be described as full bloom. Let’s take a closer look at the variety field. In the music reality show "The Voice of Chinese Dreams Our Songs", which is being broadcasted by Oriental TV, his partner, Tian Na Ying, praised him as "really handsome" from the first sight, and the following two people’s cooperation, "Follow Your Feelings" and "Night at the Naval Port" were hotly debated in every capital.


Sean Xiao has become the "darling" of fashion magazines.

Secondly, magazine covers and photos, which have always been Vogue of the main battlefields for star competition, have ELLE published Sean Xiao’s photos or covers.

In the field of TV series, The Untamed, a costume drama that was popular all over the network in June this year, was regarded as the tipping point of Sean Xiao’s popularity. In the play, his handsome appearance is just in line with the audience’s imagination of Wei, the original character: clean, optimistic and cheerful. On December 20th, Douban made a ranking list from movies to TV series in 2019. The Untamed ranked third in the highest-rated Chinese drama series in 2019 with 8.3 points, and Sean Xiao won the first place among the most watched Chinese actors in 2019.

Sean Xiao in college. jpg

Sean Xiao in college.

Compared with several Chongqing babies who will be mentioned later in Ran Ran, Sean Xiao is not too young. Born in 1991, he studied painting, violin and other literary specialties under the cultivation of his father since childhood. In 2010, Sean Xiao was admitted to chongqing technology and business university Modern International Design and Art Institute. Since he entered the school, he has been a member of the class’s literary and art committee, and also served as the head of vocal music department and male voice department of the college students’ art troupe, as well as an actor of the school’s language and art sub-group.

In her sophomore year, Sean Xiao, who won the title of "Top Ten Singers on Campus" in chongqing technology and business university, participated in the "Top Ten Singers on Campus" competition in Chongqing on behalf of her school and won the second prize. It is worth mentioning that when he was a student, Sean Xiao also played a lot of tricks in his professional field: in 2012, he and his friend Camera founded the "Recalling Light and Shadow Visual Media" photography studio and the "NED Design Studio", and he was the main photographer and designer.

Until now, Weibo’s name in Sean Xiao still retains the head of his newly-debuted group "X-Nine Youth League". In June 2015, he was invited to participate in Zhejiang Satellite TV’s amateur inspirational program "Burn Boys" and became a trainee. In the finals in February of the following year, although Sean Xiao and his teammates narrowly lost to the Chris Lee team, in September of the same year, they announced their debut as the lead singer of the X-Nine Youth League. Since then, Sean Xiao’s performances in costume dramas "Breaking the Sky" and "Your Highness the Wolf" have been recognized by everyone. In the popular costume drama Joy of Life, although Sean Xiao is a supporting role, the hot discussion expected by netizens has spread all over the network since the first day of the drama.

Up to now, the number of Weibo fans in Sean Xiao has reached a staggering 21 million, and among the more than 700 Weibo posts, the likes of any one easily exceeded 1 million. It is no exaggeration to say that, as Douban commented, he is definitely the first most concerned Chinese actor at present.

TIM screenshot 20190731214409.png

The hottest new men’s team "R1SE"

Three of the 11 members are Chongqing children.

Wechat picture _ 2019122422810.jpg

R1SE men’s team

On 14th of this month, R1SE, a men’s group, announced that it had been a group debut for less than half a year, put "WE ARE R.1.S.E-2019 R1SE National Tour Concert" into the Chongqing Concert of Chongqing Huaxi International Cultural and Sports Center. The scene is naturally screaming and cheering. This concert is of great significance to the three members of R1SE: Vin, Ivan and Zhang Yanquan are authentic Chongqing babies.

For this reason, R1SE specially designed an interactive session with unique regional characteristics for Chongqing fans. The members not only adapted the lyrics of the song "Deba" into Chongqing dialect "Yaode", but also performed a dialect chorus with the live fans. Combined with Chongqing special hot pot, a creative game "What’s in the hot pot restaurant" was created, which made the concert scene burst into laughter again and again.

Back in June this year, the reality show "Creation Camp 2019" launched by Tencent Video specially selected men’s teams finally scheduled the final seats. According to the program rules, 11 members of the "R1SE" group who made their debut as a group were born. Among the 11 members born after the elimination of 101 trainees, three Chongqing children were included: the names of Vin, Ivan and YoRoll  instantly became popular on the Internet.

Wechat picture _20191224220417.jpg


You are not mistaken. After 00, you have already started to board this eye-catching stage. Vin, the third of the three, was born in 2000, while YoRoll  and Yao Chen were both born in 1998. According to Vin’s self-report when he participated in Creation Camp 2019, his idea of going on stage was influenced by Michael Jackson: in 2012, at the age of 12, after watching Michael Jackson’s performance in This is it, he had the idea of going on stage for the first time, and it got out of hand. He first signed up for a street dance class, and then spent two years persuading his parents to let him take the road of acting. Before participating in the domestic draft variety show, he went to an entertainment company in South Korea as a trainee in 2014.

Before this year’s "Creation Camp 2109" won the C place, Vin had already won the fourth place in the 2017 musical idol cultivation program "Son of Tomorrow" and made her debut. Two months ago, Vin was selected into the 2019 Forbes China list of 30 elites under the age of 30 by virtue of her popularity.


Ivan Yao

Ivan, born in 1998, also had the experience of joining a Korean entertainment company as an intern. In "Creation Camp 2019", Yao Chen’s first stage performance of "Baddd" attracted countless attention. During the performance, Ivan inadvertently lifted his T-shirt to reveal eight abdominal muscles, which also made him known as a "small waist" by fans.



YoRoll  is famous for her "interesting soul" among R1SE members. On the one hand, he keeps making golden sentences in the "Creation Camp 2019" program, such as calling PK among students "mutual torture to the bald head"; On the other hand, the scene of Chongqing Xiaoer, who is super spicy, recommending Laoganma’s hot sauce for other students in the program has also made fans talk about it for a long time.

YoRoll  madly recommended hot sauce to other students in "Creation Camp 2019". jpg

The scene of YoRoll ‘s crazy recommendation of hot sauce

As he himself said in the program, his interest in rap began in junior high school. "My classmates showed me a rough MV made by a domestic rapper, but the content was very close to life." He immediately fell in love with this form of writing everything that happened around him into a song and began to try originality. Nowadays, family members are very supportive of this road chosen by Zhang Yan. In an interview, he even laughed that his father is his number one male fan. "His ten circle of friends, nine of them are all about me, and I find people everywhere to like me."

TIM screenshot 20190731214409.png


A cold folded ear root was forwarded by Weibo for more than 240,000 times.

On December 22nd, J.zen’s name was posted on the hot search because Ronghao Li, who had just finished his concert in Chongqing, met Xiao Zhu at the airport and stopped him. At first, he didn’t react. When he recognized that he was Ronghao Li, the music tutor when he participated in the online comprehensive Idol Trainee, J.zen’s appearance as a good student made fans happy instantly.

1.jpg, J.zen


If you don’t know J.zen, it only means that you are either old or Out.

Now official website, who is logged into Luneng Bashu Middle School, can find J.zen's name in the classmate record of Class 16, Grade 2012. jpg.

Now logging in to Luneng Bashu Middle School, official website can find J.zen’s name in the classmate record of Class 16, Grade 2012.

J.zen was born in Chongqing in 1994. Until now, if you log in to Luneng Bashu Middle School, official website can find his name in the previous student lists. He is in Class 16, Grade 2012. Compared with Chongqing’s fellow villagers who are equally popular in the entertainment circle today, J.zen is a broader type. He and Variety should have been electrocuted since high school: in 2011, J.zen’s name was included in the second season of China’s Got Talent. Later, he entered Beijing Modern Music Institute to study in university.

The reason why J.zen dabbles in a lot is that he has appeared in the dance competition program, the magic reality show and the most popular variety show "Hip-hop in China" in 2017 (entering the top 46 in China). However, if we really want to say that J.zen’s name is on fire, it is inseparable from the reality show "Idol Trainee" formed by the idol men’s team that was red and purple last year. In this program, J.zen and the current traffic took the PK of KUN, Chen Linong and Adam, and finally ranked 14th. This achievement is quite rare.

This year's Spring Festival, J.zen's menu for going home for dinner also has cold folded ears. jpg

This year’s Spring Festival, J.zen’s cold salad is broken.

How hot is J.zen, who has released his second personal music EP "Something Worth mentioning" in April this year? The reporter noticed that the number of his real-name authentication fans in Weibo has already exceeded 6.4 million. As a Chongqing cub, he is naturally unambiguous in eating. Apart from basking in the Vlog that he made "Chongqing tomato scrambled eggs" and "boiled meat slices", this year’s Spring Festival J.zen basked in a picture of himself eating New Year’s Eve dinner at home in Chongqing: "The legendary braised fish of grandma and the broken ears of grandpa’s cold salad". This Weibo has been forwarded more than 240,000 times, and the number of likes has exceeded 78,000 times.

TIM screenshot 20190731214409.png


Chongqing guy who won the popularity of "making stars in a new way"

Compared with his peers in other circles, Gu Landi, who was born in Chongqing in 1995, was quite unconventional from his debut to his popularity. Although he also participated in Iqiyi’s talent show "Youth has You", he actually made his debut before this program started: In the online drama "Love You So Sweet" of Tencent video last year, Gu Landi starred in the male No.2.



In January of this year, Youth with You, which has been regarded as the second season of Idol Trainee, was launched, and Gu Landi joined it as a trainee. After two months of competition, Gu Landi regretted stopping in the top 20, and something interesting happened at this time. He, together with Shi Mingze, Hu Wenxuan, Xu Bingchao and Ding Feijun, formed a men’s team named "D5, the fifth son of the desert" and announced his debut. The operation team behind it is Lehua Entertainment, which has previously launched the "NEXT of the Seven sons of Lehua" (the main members include THEO and Adam).

Display and Valley Blue Imperial Capital is a "trainee" launched by the online comprehensive "Youth has You". jpg

Displaying the Imperial Capital of Valley Blue is a "trainee" from Youth with You.

The key to saying that it is the result of the current "new game of making stars" is that "the fifth son of the desert D5" announced its existence for only three months at the same time from the date of its birth. Not only that, the unique significance of "Five Sons of the Desert D5" is that it is the first case of spontaneous group cooperation between artists from different companies. People in the industry generally believe that this has unlocked the new mode of idol draft, given the eliminated players new opportunities, and maintained the heat of the players after the game to a certain extent. At the same time of forming a group, "Desert Wuzi D5" has an official fan club, and the membership card valid for three months costs 99 yuan.

During the three-month existence of "Five Sons of the Desert D5", they released two singles successively, and they also appeared in the theme concert of "Burning Snow" in the 1000-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Upstream News chongqing morning post Reporter Qiu Jinxi

Entertainment channel. jpg

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Q&A | Is the dining table of Shanghainese healthy enough? How to eat scientifically?

Q:What are the nutrition and health problems of Shanghai residents?

A:It is not eating too much, but the dietary structure is unreasonable, mainly because there are less plant foods (cereals/vegetables/fruits) and more animal foods (livestock and poultry meat); The proportion of fat in diet is high, and the energy provided by fat is 38.0%, which exceeds the recommended upper limit of 30%.

First, the problem of overweight and obesity is prominent. As far as diet is concerned, the problem is unreasonable dietary structure (more animal food/less plant food, high fat ratio).

The overweight and obesity rate of Shanghai residents is 44.1%, which is close to the average level of cities in the national nutrition monitoring results from 2010 to 2013 (the overweight and obesity rate of big cities in China is 47.8%). Shanghai residents don’t eat too much. The energy intake of Shanghai residents is lower than that of 10 years ago, which may be related to the change of lifestyle, people no longer engaged in manual labor, and the decrease of energy demand, as well as the trend of energy intake of people found in international and our country’s nutrition monitoring.

There are many factors that cause obesity. As far as dietary factors are concerned, the main problem of Shanghai residents is the unreasonable dietary structure. The traditional Chinese diet mainly takes plant food (cereal is the staple food), which is rich in dietary fiber, which is beneficial to prevent chronic diseases. However, current monitoring shows that the intake of animal food in residents’ diet greatly exceeds the recommended level, while the intake of cereal has dropped significantly in the past 10 years, and the intake of vegetables and fruits is insufficient. Such a dietary structure contains less dietary fiber, which is not conducive to the prevention of chronic diseases. At the same time, the absorption rate of different foods in the human body is different. The current dietary structure may increase the absorption rate of food, which may lead to the increase in the overweight and obesity rate of residents.

On the other hand, the monitoring also found that the percentage of energy provided by residents’ fat was 38.0%, which was close to the average level of big cities (37.2%) in the national nutrition monitoring results from 2010 to 2013. In the recommendation of Dietary Guidelines for China Residents, the percentage of energy provided by dietary fat does not exceed 30%, which has now exceeded the upper limit by a lot. Animal foods, especially livestock and poultry meat, contain more saturated fat. The monitoring results show that the intake of livestock and poultry meat in Shanghai residents’ animal foods exceeds the recommended 61%.

Second, suggestions on unreasonable dietary structure: increase plant food, reduce animal food, and replace some livestock and poultry meat with aquatic products.

1. Increase the intake of plant foods such as cereals, vegetables and fruits.

In view of the dietary nutrition problems found by monitoring, it is suggested that residents gradually improve their dietary structure and increase the intake of plant foods such as coarse grains, vegetables and fruits. Usually, people’s food intake in a day is relatively stable. If the intake of plant food increases, the intake of animal food will decrease accordingly.

It is worth noting that in the past 10 years, the grain intake has dropped significantly. At present, the grain intake of residents is 189.6g, which only reaches 69% of the recommended intake (the recommended intake is 200-300g, compared with 275g/2200kcal). It is suggested that residents should increase the intake of cereals, and at the same time, they should match the thickness, and pay attention to increasing whole grains and miscellaneous beans, because cereals with high processing precision will cause high blood sugar response. Rice can be eaten with whole grains (brown rice), miscellaneous grains (oats, millet, buckwheat, corn, etc.) and miscellaneous beans (red beans, mung beans, kidney beans, flower beans, etc.).

2. Reduce animal food, you can choose aquatic products to replace some livestock and poultry meat.

At the same time, it advocates food diversification. In view of the problem of excessive intake of livestock and poultry meat by Shanghai residents, it is recommended that residents can choose aquatic products to replace some livestock and poultry meat. Livestock and poultry meat contains saturated fat, which is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and tumors. Aquatic products contain unsaturated fat, which is beneficial to health.

Finally, it is recommended to choose at least 12 different foods every day to prevent the risk of chronic diseases caused by possible nutritional deficiency or excess.

Third, the rising trend of overweight and obesity among students has not been curbed, and sugary drinks are widely consumed. Excessive drinking of sugary drinks is one of the risk factors of overweight and obesity, so it is suggested that students should be controlled to drink sugary drinks.

There are many factors that cause overweight and obesity, except the unreasonable dietary structure mentioned just now. In addition, there are differences between primary and secondary school students and adults. This monitoring found that it is common for primary and secondary school students to drink sugary drinks. 74.6% primary and middle school students drink sugary drinks more than once a week, and 36.5% primary and middle school students often drink them. It is more common for high school students to drink sugary drinks, and 62.5% of them often drink them. There are also a few students who drink sugary drinks every day. 20.9% of primary and secondary school students drink sugary drinks more than once a day, and the proportion of high school students is even higher. There are 41.5% of high school students who drink sugary drinks more than once a day.

The Dietary Guidelines for China Residents (2016 Edition) recommends that children and adolescents prefer boiled water to sugary drinks every day. Drinking sugary drinks does not produce satiety, resulting in excessive intake of sugar and energy. According to literature reports, excessive intake of sugary drinks can easily lead to various diseases such as obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and blood lipid problems.

It is suggested that primary and secondary school students should be restricted from drinking sugary drinks, students should be encouraged not to drink sugary drinks, and extra sugar and energy intake should be reduced. Parents and school teachers should be aware of the influence of sugary drinks on children’s overweight and obesity. It is suggested that schools should encourage students not to bring sugary drinks into school, schools should not provide sugary drinks for sale, and widely carry out health knowledge propaganda on restricting sugary drinks in schools.

4. The intake of oil and salt in Shanghai has obviously decreased in recent 10 years, thanks to the measures to control oil and salt in Shanghai, but the current intake of oil and salt is still higher than the recommended level, and it is necessary to continue to strengthen intervention.

Our diet is mainly salty, and frying, frying and frying are common cooking methods. Excessive intake of cooking oil and salt in the diet is one of the important factors causing hyperlipidemia and hypertension. According to the monitoring results, the daily per capita intake of cooking oil and salt is 36.4g and 7.5g, respectively, which are 21% and 24% lower than the survey data 10 years ago, and 11% and 16% lower than the national average of big cities.

We compared the trend of oil and salt intake in Shanghai in recent 10 years, and found that it was obviously decreasing. At the same time, we also looked at the trend of oil and salt intake in urban areas of China in recent 10 years, but there was no obvious downward or upward trend, and it remained basically stable. This difference in trend should be attributed to the health education and intervention on oil and salt control led by the Shanghai Municipal Government in the past 10 years, such as the distribution of "salt control spoons" and "oil control pots" throughout the city in 2008 and 2009, so that the vast number of Shanghai residents can truly experience the quantitative concept of "eating less salt and putting less oil" and turn the traditional propaganda slogan into a reality for residents.

Residents’ intake of cooking oil and salt decreased obviously, thanks to various health education and intervention led by the Shanghai municipal government in the past 10 years, which is a good aspect. On the other hand, we should also see that the intake of oil and salt for eating at home is still higher than the recommended standard. The recommended daily intake of oil and salt is no more than 25 grams per day, and the current intake of cooking oil and salt for residents is still far from the recommended level. Measures to control oil and salt should continue to be strengthened.

5. At present, it is common for residents to eat out (61% residents eat out). In addition to traditional intervention in family cooking, institutions such as restaurants and canteens should be intervened in the future.

From the monitoring data, we also found that the current rate of residents eating out is 61%, which is much higher than the national rate of urban residents eating out of 42%. The people who eat out in Shanghai are mainly young people aged 15-44. People used to eat at home, but now they eat out more and more. We can also see from ourselves that prepackaged foods (that is, packaged food, such as cakes, bread, sausages, etc.) has become a new choice. The development of science and technology has made life more convenient, and the rise of new consumption methods such as take-away and online shopping has affected the traditional family cooking habits. These changes pose new challenges to traditional nutrition intervention strategies.

The monitoring also found that the sodium intake of Shanghai residents was 4927.2mg, which was nearly 1.5 times higher than the recommended level. Excessive intake of sodium is closely related to the increase of blood pressure and the occurrence of hypertension. At present, the sodium intake of residents through salt accounts for 3/5 of the total sodium intake. Besides salt, sodium comes from salty condiments (such as soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, etc.), semi-finished dishes, pickled products, snacks, etc. (common sweet preserves also contain a lot of sodium), and vegetables also contain a certain amount of sodium. In the past, we actively advocated reducing salt intake, which can reduce sodium intake. As mentioned just now, residents’ eating style has changed. More and more people eat out, and they choose more packaged foods. In order to control the intake of sodium, besides controlling the intake of salt, they also reasonably choose condiments, packaged foods and snacks containing sodium.

In the past, our intervention measures to control oil and salt covering the whole city have made great achievements, but the intake of oil and salt for residents to eat at home is still higher than the recommended level. For future intervention and publicity, we will continue to strengthen the implementation of intervention measures to control oil and salt. On the other hand, we will also keep pace with the times, not only to continue to publicize the knowledge of reasonable nutrition for residents, but also with the popularity of residents eating out. Centralized dining halls, restaurants, take-away service providers, and prepackaged foods enterprises will also be the key targets for nutrition promotion in the future, advocating the supply of catering and food with "reducing salt, limiting oil and reducing blood sugar", encouraging dining places to carry out nutrition propaganda, formulating easy-to-understand nutrition labels in prepackaged foods, and guiding residents to choose food reasonably.

In addition, it is recommended that everyone eat at home, adhere to the habit of cooking at home with less oil and salt, and at the same time, eating at home also promotes the emotional exchange and promotion of family members.

6. Insufficient calcium intake is common, and residents drink less milk every day. It is suggested that residents increase the frequency of drinking milk and increase the intake of soybeans and bean products.

Our traditional Chinese diet is mainly based on plant food, which is conducive to the prevention of chronic diseases, but it also has an obvious defect, lacking a good source of calcium. Milk is a good source of calcium, and Chinese diet does not contain milk. A good phenomenon found in this monitoring is that residents have the habit of drinking milk, 41.6% residents consume milk every day, and 71.4% students consume milk every day. However, 86.8% residents still have insufficient calcium intake. Milk supplements the calcium that is insufficient in daily diet. Calcium is an integral part of bones and teeth, and it is an important nutrient for physical growth and bone development. Calcium deficiency will affect normal growth and development and cause osteoporosis. The Dietary Guidelines for China Residents (2016 Edition) recommends that each person should take 800mg of calcium daily, and students in the growth stage need 1000-1200mg. Every 100ml of milk contains about 104mg of calcium. In addition to the calcium in daily diet, 300ml of milk is needed every day. At present, the monitoring results show that the daily milk intake is insufficient. The average daily milk intake of residents is 97ml, and that of primary and secondary school students is 150ml.

Encourage residents to increase the amount of milk they drink. If the single intake is small, they can increase the number of times they drink milk, improve the calcium intake level and ensure the normal demand of the body. People who are lactose intolerant can choose low lactose milk or yogurt. At the same time, soybeans or bean products are also a good source of calcium. The Dietary Guide for Residents in China recommends that they consume 25g soybeans or a considerable amount of bean products every day. At present, residents’ intake of soybeans and bean products is less than half of the recommended amount. It is suggested that residents increase their intake of soybeans or bean products.

Do you like running? What is the significance of our running?

Do you like running?


Last year, I loved running.

This year, before the Spring Festival, I saw a netizen edit it online.Strong wind blowingShort film, moved to tears.

I found the treasure., finished watching this cartoon.

it isWhere many people dream of starting.How many people fell in love with running because of this cartoon.

People who like running first will be as excited as fighting chicken blood when they come into contact with this cartoon, and all their blood will be ignited for the second time, and they really want to change their equipment and go out for running at once.

As long as there is love in our hearts, maybe we can feel the same feelings when we are moved like this.

At the beginning of the film, Keiseki rides a bike to catch up with Zangyuan and asks him with glowing eyes:Do you like running?

This is the beginning of moving this animation;

Also, the beginning of running romance;

What’s more, the place where dreams begin.

Every time I see the second time that Grey Er asks questions, the light from his eyes gives me goose bumps, which shocks my soul.


Those classic quotations that I was moved by "Strong Wind Blowing":

1. Do you like running?-Keiji Kiyoseki

2. Can only the selected people participate? Is running such a sport?-Keiji Kiyoseki

I have never really liked running before, just do what adults say …It was not until I couldn’t continue running that I really wanted to run for the first time.-Keiji Kiyoseki

4. This time, you must chase your dreams with your partners who really like running. -Keiji Kiyoseki

When I’m running, it’s the only time that I feel purified. Become pure and flawless, as if all those burdens on your shoulders can be forgotten. As long as there is a moment of happiness, then I am willing. —— Senior Nico

6. Stretch out your right foot, stretch out your left foot, and speed up a little bit. People who could only walk originally ran unconsciously. You can experience the touch of running again. -Keiji Kiyoseki

7. The biggest compliment to long-distance runners is "strong". -Keiji Kiyoseki

8. Being strong, not moving like a mountain, will not lose to your true strength. -Keiji Kiyoseki

9. Take turns to take the left and right feet, so that you can reach the finish line sooner or later. -Mr. Tanaka

10. As long as there is a road, I will run with all my strength. -Zangyuan left.

11. You should know best that you want to run, but you can’t beat the mood of a player. -Keiji Kiyoseki

12. Players don’t need to be treated gently, because they have a longing for victory. -the prince

13. I like running, I love this project deeply, and I want to throw all my attachment on this track. —— Senior Nico

14. Where should we go? Is there really an end in front of us? -Fujioka Yizhen

However, we still cannot stop. -Keiji Kiyoseki

15. The ideal appearance that I can never reach is you. I can see a straight path of light under your running feet, like a shooting star. -Keiji Kiyoseki

16. Where you are, it will always be your runway. -Mr. Tanaka

17. Strong winds are blowing head-on, running against the wind, firmly believing that the answer lies ahead.

Hope is in our hearts. Look, the road is under our feet, so we should run today and all the way to eternity. -Keiji Kiyoseki

18. Can you find a job after running? -brother ——King

I don’t know, but I feel uneasy when I stop. -Keiji Kiyoseki

19. For long-distance runners, what is most needed is "strength". -Keiji Kiyoseki

20. It is clear that there is no wind at this time, because it has caught up with your heart. -Keiji Kiyoseki

"Only the selected people can attend? Is running such a sport?……It was not until I couldn’t continue running that I really wanted to run for the first time. "

These two words of Kiyoseki give me a lot of thoughts, both dreamy and realistic. Some are fragmented, and perhaps some are flawless.

No matter how many times I watch it, I will still break the defense every time I watch it. I really can’t stand it. It’s because my tears are naturally too low ~

What is the significance of our running?

Since I started running in 2021, I actually can’t explain clearly why I like running and what it means to me.

I only know that running will always accompany me in the future, and it is the only sport that I can’t give up.

I like a lot of sports and fitness, but they are all add-ons, and running is the only one.

So why on earth is running so important to me?

In the past, among all the sports, running was the most boring sport I would choose.

During the running time, it is simply torture for me to mechanically repeat the same action with both legs.

But the most unexpected thing is that after the second run,I love running.

It seems that I have spied some meaning of running:Running seems to be my confrontation with myself and my destiny.

Running is just two legs repeatedly alternating, but it means a lot to me.


Running for the first timeIt’s really hard. I’m very discouraged that I can’t run down the standard runway for 400 meters in one lap.

It is difficult to continue running rhythmically as long as you stop once in the process, because the brain remembers the feeling of rest, and both the spirit and the body are resisting shouting and longing for the next rest.

This is my first running plan after I insisted on 50 bobby jumps every day for a week.

According to the novice running plan, my second run was two days later.

At this time, I began to look for resources online and learn how to run more scientifically, in order to adjust and encourage myself.


Second runAt that time, I said to myself: There must be no pause and rest in the middle. We must run down 800 meters in one breath, and we must finish it!

But when I ran on the plastic track, I realized again: running is really difficult.

I didn’t like running before. I thought running was an ascetic sport.

Now, it’s really hard to run 800 meters in one breath when I first came into contact with running.

How hard is it?

Every step you take is to give up.

Every step of the way is: let’s do it this time, and there will be another time:

It has improved a lot compared with last time;

Know how to be content;

You’re getting into a dead end again;

Want to eat a fat man again?

These lines, which were used by my family and me in the past, filled my ears. If I didn’t bite my teeth, I would give up every second.

"Come on next time." There is a voice in my heart telling myself that I am not firm, how can I stick to it?

Thinking of the agreement with myself before running, all the unwilling emotions have poured in over the years, and I almost broke the defense on the runway.


I have the best idol in the world.

At the moment when I wanted to give up most, I thought of my idol.

Why do you like him?

He is not a star idol, he is an athlete.

It was his strong spirit that touched me, so every time I think of him, my heart is very touched.

Later, I realized that the pursuit of idols is actually what I look forward to, and the powerful spiritual power I see in him is actually the projection of my heart.

He made me feel that as long as I worked as hard as he did, I might be able to achieve the life I wanted.

So when I think of him, my heart will be full of strength, which is a kind of unyielding and unyielding force!

Then I silently recited the name of my idol in my mind every step.

In this way, I finished running 800 meters in one breath.

Later, I found that I really fell in love with running from that time on.


The future can be firmly held in your own hands.

Running has become my irreplaceable and unique.

I remember all the mental journey of that run very clearly.

May be in the process of running, I had an emotional interaction and collision with the sport itself.

Therefore, I attached my spiritual strength to this sport, which made it so unique and unparalleled.

When I ran for the second time, the shock brought to me by running 800 meters in one breath has been deeply imprinted on my mind.

Unconsciously, I am no longer confused.

I became more confident and determined.

When I realize this, I can clearly foresee that this will bring great help to my future life.

Since then, every step taken by running for me is no longer a cyclic mechanical movement.

They are my uncompromising fate and my inner pride and dignity.

Running is no longer boring, lonely and meaningless, but sticking to yourself.

Running has no end for me, just like life has no end.

Running makes me think better and examine myself more clearly.

Running also makes me think.Some of your future can be firmly held in your own hands.

When running, lower your head and concentrate on the plastic track under your feet. It has no end, just like the road of life.

What you have to do in running is to take every step with all your strength and persist in taking the next step with all your life. From that moment on, the link at the other end of the runway is faith, and every step with all your strength is moving towards that faith.

Haruki Murakami said: I ran because I didn’t want to run.

More than 2000 years ago, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said that sunshine, air, water and exercise are the sources of life and health.

There must be a place where I can run near where I live, and I will choose my address according to this.

Generally, I choose near the stadium, because the stadium has a standard plastic track.

I especially like running on the plastic track, especially the professional sports ground.

But I don’t agree with my preference in my heart. Running should be natural, and you should run whenever you want, without so many additional items.

Now, I’m sure I haven’t found the true meaning of running, but I’ve already fallen in love with running, so is that still important?

The only thing I can be sure of is that running and reading are very important to me in my life.

The 2018 national examination was held today: more than 28,000 people were recruited and nearly 1.66 million people applied for it.

  BEIJING, Dec. 10 (Shang Qi) Today, the 2018 written examination for civil servants of central organs and their directly affiliated institutions will be held. More than 120 central authorities, their directly affiliated institutions and units managed with reference to the Civil Service Law participated in this national examination, and it is planned to recruit more than 28,000 people. In the end, 1,659,700 people passed the registration qualification examination, an increase of 173,400 compared with last year, and the ratio of the number of people who passed the qualification examination to the number of employment plans was 58: 1.

  It is planned to recruit more than 28,000 people and nearly 1.66 million people passed the registration review.

  At 9: 00 this morning, the 2018 written national examination will be held simultaneously in provincial capitals and individual large cities. More than 120 central authorities, their directly affiliated institutions and units managed according to the Civil Service Law participated in this national examination, and it is planned to recruit more than 28,000 people.

  According to the statistics of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, a total of 1,659,700 people finally passed the qualification examination of employers in the registration process, an increase of 173,400 compared with 1,486,300 last year, and the ratio of the number of qualified people to the number of employment plans was 58: 1.

  However, the number of people who pass the registration is not the number of people who finally take the exam, because in recent years, there has been a phenomenon of "abandoning the exam" in the national examination.

  Taking the 2017 national examination as an example, official data show that 1,486,300 people passed the qualification examination of the recruitment agency, 1,137,000 people paid for the written examination, and 984,000 people actually took the examination, with a reference rate of about 86.58%, which means that more than 500,000 candidates "abandoned the examination" last year.

  China News Agency issued Meng Delong photo

  What subjects should be tested in the written national examination?

  According to the previously published recruitment announcement, this morning at 9:00— At 11:00, there will be an administrative professional ability test, and at 14:00— At 17:00, the application exam will be held.

  In addition, in some positions, in addition to the public subject examination, the "2+X" examination mode is also implemented, that is, in addition to the administrative professional ability test and the application examination, candidates also need to take the professional subject examination or the foreign language proficiency test.

  According to the recruitment announcement, those who apply for eight non-common language positions such as Japanese and French in the International Liaison Department of the Central Committee and the Central Compilation Bureau will first take the foreign language proficiency test on the afternoon of December 9.

  In addition, those who apply for special professional positions in China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission and its dispatched institutions and people’s police positions in public security organs will take the professional subject examination on the afternoon of December 9, and their professional subject examination results will be announced together with the public subject examination results, and the comprehensive written test results will be synthesized according to the proportion of each.

  Strict examination discipline, multi-sectoral crackdown on cheating

  Every year, the national examination and examination discipline have been repeatedly emphasized by the government. On the eve of this national examination, the website of the National Civil Service Bureau issued a special reminder, expecting the majority of candidates who are interested in becoming civil servants to start from themselves and apply in good faith.

  Before the exam, the National Civil Service Bureau suggested that candidates should strictly abide by the exam discipline, take no prohibited items, do nothing against discipline, take no chances, engage in fraud, properly protect their exam papers and answer information, and resolutely resist any ugly illegal acts such as cheating by any group and using various means. Don’t spread or disseminate test questions after the exam, and don’t participate in irresponsible comments on the Internet.

  The National Civil Service Bureau also reminded candidates that on the day of the examination, the competent civil service department will closely monitor the examination room and the surrounding environment in conjunction with the public security organs and radio management departments to crack down on cheating in the examination.

  In addition, the National Civil Service Bureau hopes that the majority of candidates, especially those who enter the post-interview stage, will not give up their interview qualifications and admission qualifications at will, so as not to miss the opportunity to realize their career ideals and affect the rights and interests of other candidates and the normal recruitment needs of recruitment agencies.

  Check the results in the middle and late January next year

  According to the recruitment announcement issued before, the Central Organization Department, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Civil Service Bureau will study and determine the minimum qualified score line after the written examination of public subjects in the national examination today. There will be differences between the qualified scores of posts above the provincial level and those below the prefecture level.

  In addition, positions in the western region and hard and remote areas, grass-roots positions and special professional positions, etc., will be given policy inclination when drawing the minimum qualified score line.

  In the middle and late January of 2018, candidates can log on to the special website with their ID number and admission ticket number to inquire about the written test scores of public subjects, the minimum qualified scores and the list of interviewers.

  After the written test results are announced, the central civil servant department will determine the proportion of interviewers according to the Recruitment Guide, and the specific interview time will be determined by the recruitment agency, generally before the end of March 2018. (End)

The first snow in 2024 is coming, and these areas need to pay attention to prevention →

Today (13th) morning, fog with visibility less than 1km appeared in many parts of the country.The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue yellow fog warning.
From today to the 15th, a cold air will bring strong winds and cool weather to most parts of the north.. Affected by cold air, the haze weather in North China, Huanghuai, Jianghuai and other places will gradually weaken and dissipate from the daytime on the 14th.

Affected by cold air

Since the 14th, haze in North China and other places has gradually dissipated.

The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that there will be foggy weather in Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places from the night of the 13th to the morning of the 14th, including parts of southern Hebei, northern and southwestern Shandong and eastern Henan.Strong fog with visibility less than 200 meters,There is a very strong fog with visibility less than 50 meters in the local area.
In addition, the coastal waters in the south of Shandong Peninsula, the coastal waters in the southeast of Jiangsu, the coastal waters in the east of Zhejiang and the waters near the Yangtze River estuary will haveFog with visibility less than 1 km.
From 13th to 15th, a cold air will affect most parts of northern China.There will be a temperature drop of 4 ~ 8℃ in the eastern part of northwest China and most areas north of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The temperature drop in some areas such as central Inner Mongolia and Huanghuai can reach 10 ~ 14℃, and in some areas it can exceed 14℃, accompanied by northerly winds of 4 ~ 6.
Affected by cold air, from the day of the 14 th, North China, Huanghuai, Jianghuai and other placesHaze weather will gradually weaken and dissipate from north to south.
Meteorological department remindsThe public should pay attention to temperature changes, add clothes in time, and take measures to prevent wind and cold. At the same time, pay attention to the adverse effects of low visibility on traffic travel and pay attention to travel safety.The public in North China, Huanghuai, Jianghuai and other places need to do a good job in respiratory protection and minimize outdoor sports.

From the 15th

China will usher in a large-scale rain and snow weather process.

In terms of precipitation, the Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that,From 15th, affected by cold and warm air, China will have a large-scale rain and snow weather process.
It is predicted that a large-scale rain and snow weather process will occur in the central and eastern regions of China from 15th to 18th, with the joint efforts of cold and warm air currents.Most of northwest China, western and southern North China are dominated by small to medium snow; There is rain in eastern Gansu, south-central Shaanxi, most of Henan, Shandong and other places, or the rain turns to medium snow, and there is heavy snow or blizzard in the local area.
The accumulated precipitation in the above areas is 1 ~ 5 mm, and the local area is 8 ~ 15 mm; The newly added snow depth is 1 ~ 3 cm, and the local area is more than 5 cm.
The snowfall from 15th to 16th was mainly located in Shaanxi, Shanxi, northern Henan and other places. On 17th, the snowfall was reduced.On the 18th, the snowfall expanded again., mainly located in the eastern part of northwest China to the northern part of Huanghuai.
From the day of 15th to the morning of 16th, in southwestern Shaanxi, western Henan, northwestern Hubei and other places.There may be freezing rain in the local area..
Meteorological department remindsSome areas in Gansu, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Shandong, Hubei and other places are at risk of snowstorm, freezing rain and snow at low temperature.The public should pay attention to the adverse effects of low visibility, snow and ice on traffic caused by rain and snow, and pay attention to travel safety.
Source: China Weather Network of Central Meteorological Observatory.
Producer: Liang Bingqing Editor: Liu Wanru

Thai girls in China: Traditional culture and beautiful scenery are fascinating.

  Changchun, Nov. 26 (Reporter Lu Shengnan) "China is rich in cultural landscape and magnificent natural scenery, which should be shared more." Li Jiameng, a Thai girl majoring in tourism management at Jilin International Studies University, said that after coming to China, she fell in love with the culture and beautiful scenery here. In the future, she would like to see more of this country and introduce what she saw, heard and learned to her friends.

  “‘ What are you doing ’ It is the first China northeast dialect I learned, which I think is very fun. " Li Jiameng has a talent for languages. She passed the Chinese proficiency test in three years and successfully applied for a scholarship to study in China. At school, Li Jiameng registered a short video account to share her study and life experience in China. Beijing, Guangdong, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Yunnan … … Since 2023, Li Jiameng has been traveling all over China. She told reporters excitedly, "It’s the most unforgettable thing to take pictures in Hanfu in the Palace Museum."

  Photo courtesy of respondents

  Li Jiameng said that she is looking forward to tasting delicious food all over China. "Traveling not only enjoys the beautiful scenery of China, but also tastes the delicious food from all over the world." To this end, every time when designing a travel route, Li Jiameng is used to collecting more food information in advance, in addition to looking for a tour guide for local tourist attractions.

  The profound traditional culture of China fascinated Li Jiameng. She experienced the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival at school, making dumplings, eating moon cakes and making rabbit lanterns … … All this is novel to this Thai girl. "China’s traditional culture is thick, elegant and so charming. I hope to know more."

  In her spare time, Li Jiameng likes to walk out of school and take the subway or light rail to shuttle between cities. She admits that China’s public transportation is very developed, which is convenient and environmentally friendly. "During my travels in many cities, I was deeply impressed by the developed public transportation. The development of tourism is closely related to transportation. "

  Li Jiameng is taking the subway. Photo by Lu Shengnan

  Li Jiameng sings very well. Every time the school holds an activity, her singing is indispensable. She can almost sing melodious Chinese songs such as "You at the same table" and "Confession Balloon". Li Jiameng believes that singing Chinese songs is a way to learn Chinese better.

  Changchun, Jilin has four distinct seasons. In a blink of an eye, autumn passed, and the fluttering snowflakes announced the arrival of winter. This winter is Li Jiameng’s first "freezing" winter, so she prepared a lot of winter clothes in advance, many of which were bought by teachers and classmates.

  Li Jiameng said that she will not go back to Thailand this winter vacation, but will continue to stay in China to enjoy the winter fun. The snow season is coming soon, and Li Jiameng is very much looking forward to experiencing skiing. Li Jiameng said that she made a lot of strategies in advance, knowing that Jilin Province is located in the "golden latitude zone of ice and snow" and is rich in ice and snow resources. "I look forward to skiing and ice appreciation in this winter."

  This year, Thailand has launched a series of promotional activities to attract more China tourists to Thailand. Li Jiameng believes that Thailand and China are both countries with very developed tourism, and frequent tourist exchanges between the two countries are mutually beneficial and win-win.

  Li Jiameng is making rabbit lanterns. Photo by Lu Shengnan

  "After the opening of the Sino-Thai Railway, the communication will be smoother." Li Jiameng said that his goal is to become a tour guide, taking tourists from Thailand and China to fully experience different natural landscapes and historical cultures. (End)