The price reduction of Tiggo 8 PRO in Jinhua area is coming, with a special price of 113,900! limited in number

[car home Jinhua Preferential Promotion Channel] Good news, preferential promotion activities are being carried out in Jinhua area! The current maximum discount for this model is 13,000, and the minimum starting price is 113,900. If you are interested in this model, you may wish to click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount.

Tiggo 8 PRO is a medium-sized SUV, and its design is very fashionable and dynamic. The front part of the car adopts a large-area air intake grille, with sharp LED headlights and fog lights, creating a very domineering visual effect. The body lines are smooth and strong, and the overall style is very tough. The side of the car body is decorated with smooth lines and chrome plating, which makes the car body more exquisite. Through taillights are used in the rear part, which makes the whole rear look very fashionable. In addition, the Tiggo 8 PRO is also equipped with 18-inch wheels to make the whole car look more stable. On the whole, the design of Tiggo 8 PRO is excellent, which is not only fashionable and dynamic, but also very powerful, which is very in line with the aesthetic needs of modern consumers.

Tiggo 8 PRO is a medium-sized SUV. Its body size is 4745mm long, 1860mm wide and 1745mm high, with a wheelbase of 2710mm and front and rear wheel tracks of 1582mm and 1604mm respectively. The lines on the side of the car are smooth, showing a tough and fashionable feeling as a whole. Before and after tyre size are the same, both are 235/55 R18. Tire brands can choose different brands and models to meet different driving needs. In addition, the rim style of the Tiggo 8 PRO is also very unique, adopting a multi-spoke shape to make the vehicle look more dynamic. In short, the side design of the Tiggo 8 PRO is simple and atmospheric, which shows the strength and stability of the medium-sized SUV.

The interior design of the Tiggo 8 PRO is full of modernity. The central control screen size is 12.3 inches. It is equipped with a voice recognition control system, which can easily control multimedia systems, navigation, telephones, air conditioners and skylights. The steering wheel is made of leather and supports manual up and down+forward and backward adjustment, so that the driver can easily find the most comfortable position. The front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for passengers to charge. The front row is also equipped with a mobile phone wireless charging function. The seat is made of imitation leather. The main seat supports front-back adjustment, backrest adjustment and height adjustment (2-way), and the auxiliary seat also supports front-back adjustment and backrest adjustment. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can also be tilted in proportion, which increases the practicability of the vehicle.

The Tiggo 8 PRO is equipped with a 1.6T 197 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 145kW and a maximum torque of 290N·m, and is equipped with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. This engine has excellent performance and can provide strong power output for vehicles. At the same time, the addition of 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox also provides drivers with a smoother shift experience.

In the eyes of car home car owners, the design of Tiggo 8 PRO is excellent, which is not inferior to other models of Chery in recent years. He believes that the design of the Tiggo 8 PRO has high aesthetics, especially the black body, which gives people an atmospheric feeling. However, he also mentioned a problem that needs attention, that is, the black body is easy to get dirty. Overall, the owner is satisfied with the design of Tiggo 8 PRO. We believe that with the use and evaluation of more car owners, the reputation of Tiggo 8 PRO will become more and more rich and true, and it will also provide consumers with more car purchase references.

BYD’s new generation of Tang went on sale at 129,900 yuan.

On June 26th, BYD’s new generation Tang officially went on sale. The price range of fuel version was 129,900-169,900 yuan, and the price range of DM (dual-mode) version was 239,900-279,900 yuan.

A new generation of Tang adopted a new design concept in appearance design — — Designed by Dragon Face. This new design language, which combines Chinese and western industrial design aesthetics, is inspired by China’s traditional totem — — Dragon, supplemented by three key words of "impression", "technology" and "culture" as the core, finally formed a new design concept of "Dynasty car system". The integrated LED "double" seamless taillight design is another highlight of the new generation of Tang.

In terms of interior design, simple style is adopted. Among them, the 14.6-inch central control large screen that can rotate 90 degrees has naturally become the biggest highlight of the interior design of the whole vehicle. The screen can also adapt to the "horizontal and vertical" usage scenarios of smart phones. In addition, the new generation of Tang also provides DiLink intelligent network system, which supports various App downloads.

In terms of power, the new generation of Tang fuel version is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine; The new generation Tang DM power system consists of a 2.0T turbocharged engine and a dual-drive motor.

In addition, the new generation of Tang EV (pure electric version) is expected to be launched at the end of 2018.

Weilai’s senior management team joined another general: once worked in Tucki, taking stock of the technical talents Weilai dug up from Huawei, NVIDIA and Xilinx.

Leifeng. com reported on March 30th that Xin Huang, the former director of Xpeng Motors Autopilot Products, had joined Weilai as vice president, reporting directly to Li Bin, founder, chairman and CEO of Weilai.

In this regard, Xin Huang in the circle of friends suspected response: "false". It is understood that Xin Huang did join Weilai last year, but the position is senior director, not vice president.

During his tenure as Director of Autopilot Products in Xpeng Motors, Xin Huang promoted the implementation of NGP and memory parking projects in Tucki. In addition, Li Bin attaches great importance to the talents of autonomous driving technology, so Xin Huang’s level in Weilai is 6, after which his level in Tucki was 5. In this regard, Wei Lai also did not comment.

In July last year, it was reported by the media that Xin Huang had sent out six words in his personal circle of friends-"Thanksgiving, Goodbye and Best wishes", and it was suspected that he had left Xpeng Motors at that time.

Among many new car-making forces, Weilai has attracted much attention from the outside world since its establishment. A big reason is that its founders, Li Bin and Li Xiang, were once the bosses of the two largest vertical websites of automobiles in China.

In 2014, Li Binlian, the founder of Easy Car, together with car home Li Xiang, JD.COM and Tencent, invested and created a financing of 1 billion US dollars, and formally established Weilai, with the intention of building Tesla in China.

In the two years after its establishment, Weilai successively recruited a large number of senior executives from traditional car companies, who became the core entrepreneurs of Weilai Company in the early days, enabling Weilai to land in the capital market in just four years and complete the ringing of the bell on the New York Stock Exchange. These people include:

Qin Lihong, co-founder and legal representative of Weilai Automobile

Qin Lihong graduated from Peking University University of International Relations in 1999 with a master’s degree in law. In 2001, he obtained a master’s degree in public policy from Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University. In 2005, he joined Anhui Chery Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. as deputy general manager.

Zheng Xiancong, co-founder and executive vice president of Weilai Company.

In 2015, he officially joined Weilai, and together with Li Bin, he built the core team of the company, making contributions to the company in supply chain, industrialization and Weilai-driven technology.

Previously, he served as vice president of Fiat China Global Purchasing Center and general manager of gac fiat, and earlier worked for Ford, with nearly 40 years of experience in the automotive industry.

In August 2019, Zheng Xiancong announced his retirement. After retirement, he will continue to serve as the chairman of Weilai Drive Technology.

Martin Leach, former president and CEO of Weilai Automobile

Martin Leach has been working for Ford motor company for 24 years since 1979; In 2004, he served as CEO of Maserati; In 2006, he served as the president of GAZ Group, a Russian automobile company, in the UK. Since 2008, he has served as the vice chairman of Volvo Construction Equipment Group. In 2015, he joined NEXTEV Weilai as the president of the company.

He is not only a professional manager, but also an avid racing enthusiast. He became a kart driver when he was only 11 years old, and became a professional player at the age of 14. He has made great achievements in the field of karting and racing, and won several championship prizes in Europe.

In 2016, Martin Leach died unfortunately due to illness, at the age of 59.

Huang Chendong, Senior Vice President of Weilaiyuan

Huang Chendong is a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan, USA. He used to be the deputy general manager of the new energy division of SAIC. In March 2015, Huang Chendong joined Weilai, and was responsible for the core business of Weilai vehicle development, independent intelligent driving technology research and development, and electric power engineering.

In October 2019, Huang Chendong was promoted to senior vice president of Weilai, reporting to Li Bin. In June 2020, Wei Laiguan announced the news of Huang Chendong’s departure.

Padmasree Warrior, Chief Development Officer of Weilai and CEO of North American Company.

Joined Weilai in 2015, and together with Li Bin, promoted Weilai Automobile to become a competitive member of the global electric vehicle manufacturers. Before joining Weilai Automobile, Warrior was the chief technology officer and strategy officer of Cisco, and also served as the chief technology officer of Motorola. In December 2018, it officially announced its departure from Weilai.

In addition, Weilai Automobile also recruited Lu Xiaoming, the former chairman of Montblanc in China, to take charge of Weilai’s user experience. Zhong Wan Li, executive vice president of Jiangling, is responsible for the specific manufacturing. Ganesh V. Lyer, former chief information officer of Tesla, is the leader of Tesla’s ERP system and is responsible for the operation.

Ping Jiang, former vice president of Guangzhou Automobile Group, Zhou Xin, former executive director of automobile procurement and human resources and government affairs of Qoros, and Mao Jie, former executive director of automobile assembly of Qoros, and other senior executives are responsible for R&D, cost and manufacturing.

It can be said that at the beginning of its establishment, Weilai Automobile began to recruit a large number of senior executives, covering all aspects of automobile manufacturing.

In addition to founding the core figures in the early days, in recent years, Weilai has successively recruited many technical talents from well-known enterprises such as Huawei, NVIDIA, Wal-Mart, Xilinx and Huami.

Ren Shaoqing, co-founder and R&D director of Momenta, an autonomous driving startup.

In August 2020, Ren Shaoqing joined Weilai as assistant vice president, reporting directly to Weilai CEO Li Bin.

Ren Shaoqing graduated from the doctoral program jointly trained by the University of Science and Technology of China and Microsoft Asia Research Institute, and participated in proposing an efficient framework Faster RCNN and an image recognition algorithm ResNet for object detection.

The latter related papers won the Best Paper Award of CVPR, the top conference in the field of computer vision, in 2016.

In 2019, Momenta published an article saying that Ren Shaoqing ranked first in the world in adding academic citations to Google in autonomous driving, and accumulated academic citations ranked second in the world.

In addition, Ren Shaoqing was selected into the list of outstanding young people under the age of 30 in Forbes Asia in 2018.

Zhang Lei, Chief Architect of Yuan Hua Mi Technology

In August 2019, Zhang Lei joined Weilai Automobile as the vice president of software development, succeeding Dr. Li Zhuang.

Judging from the public information, Zhang Lei is a veteran of the automotive technology industry. In 2016, he joined the Huami Technology Silicon Valley team as the chief architect. Before joining Huami, Zhang Lei participated in the development of Android Auto, a car project.

After joining Weilai, Zhang Lei was mainly responsible for Weilai CDC (Car Digital Cockpit) business.

Hu Chengchen, former director of Xilinx Asia-Pacific Laboratory

According to public information, Hu Chengchen received his Ph.D. in computer science and technology in Tsinghua University in 2008, and then taught in Xi ‘an Jiaotong University for a long time. At the age of 29, he became an associate professor at the School of Telecommunications of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, and later became a professor, and served as the head of the computer department of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University.

Its main research direction is data center, network big data and so on.

Later, in 2017, he was transferred from academia to industry, and served as the director /CTO of Xilinx Asia Pacific Laboratory, with rich experience in chip front-end design.

In October 2021, Hu Chengchen joined Weilai Automobile as the chief expert & assistant vice president and the head of the technical planning department.

Yin Shuijun, former president of Meitu mobile phone

(The picture on the right shows Yin Shuijun)

In February of this year, it was reported that Yin Shuijun, the former president of Meitu Mobile, joined Weilai to take the lead in the mobile phone business.

She Xiaoli, former chief functional safety expert of Huawei BU.

She Xiaoli graduated from Tsinghua University, worked as a functional safety expert in Baidu Autopilot Division for one year, and then worked as the chief functional safety expert and the chief big data application expert in Huawei.

According to public information, She Xiaoli joined Baidu (BIDU) in 2015 after receiving her Ph.D. in Tsinghua as a functional safety expert, and introduced the concept of functional safety into Baidu’s Autopilot Division.

A year later, he joined Huawei as the chief functional safety expert and the chief big data application expert, leading the design of vehicle-side data collection, cloud processing architecture and cloud value-added applications suitable for the characteristics of autonomous driving data.

In November 2021, She Xiaoli joined Weilai Automobile as an internal expert in algorithm research.

Zhang Xiaohong, former director of Huawei BU intelligent driving product project group.

Zhang Xiaohong graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University with a major in mechanical engineering, and has served as a senior software development engineer of Shanghai Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and an OSS product director of Dingqiao Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

In April 2021, he joined Weilai as a senior product manager.

Steve Xie, former head of NVIDIA autopilot simulation.

On January 11th, 2022, Steve Xie, the former head of NVIDIA Autopilot Simulation, said that he had joined Weilai Automobile as the head and senior director of Autopilot Simulation Department of Shanghai Weilai Automobile Co., Ltd.

Steve Xie graduated from Peking University and received his Ph.D. from Columbia University. Judging from his work experience, Steve Xie had been deeply involved in the autonomous driving industry for many years before joining Weilai Automobile, and had working experience in Cruise, NVIDIA and other big manufacturers.

In 2018, Steve Xie joined Cruise, an American L4 autonomous driving company, responsible for simulation product development.

Alister Whelan, a former Jaguar Land Rover designer, and Joaquin Garcia, a former SEAT designer.

In October 2021, Whelan will become the design director of Weilai together with Garcia.

Alister Whelan had previously served as the interior design director in the design department of Jaguar Land Rover, and his career in Jaguar Land Rover was as long as 21 years, and he participated in the interior design of F-Type, F-Pace, I-Pace and other vehicles. Judging from his qualifications, he obviously has rich design experience.

Joaquin Garcia once worked in Skoda, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, for 5 years and in Seat for 6 years, and participated in the design work of Seat and its high-performance brand CUPRA.

Feng Li, Dean of BAIC New Technology Research Institute.

Feng Li comes from a technical background and knows a lot about automobile manufacturing. At the same time, he is also known as a "marketing wizard".

Previously, he worked in Chery Automobile, BAIC Group and other car companies, and has rich practice and successful experience in R&D, marketing, manufacturing and company management.

Since 2009, Feng Li has joined BAIC, successively serving as the executive deputy general manager of Beijing Hyundai, the president of Beijing Automotive Co., Ltd., the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of BAIC and the Party Secretary of the New Technology Research Institute of BAIC.

In December 2017, Feng Li joined Weilai Capital as a partner.

Bai Jian, former hardware director of OPPO and general manager of Xiaomi Chip and Forward-looking Research Department.

In November 2020, Bai Jian joined Weilai Automobile as vice president of hardware, reporting to Li Bin.

Before joining Xiaomi, Bai Jian worked for OPPO as the hardware director. In September 2018, Bai Jian joined Xiaomi Company as the general manager of Xiaomi Chip and Prospective Research Department. Bai Jian studied in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, majoring in cryptography and communication engineering.

Zhu Jiang, former deputy general manager of Lexus China

In February 2017, Zhu Jiang joined Weilai Automobile as the vice president. In November, 2021, Zhu Jiang announced his resignation from Weilai and joined Jidu Automobile, a brand owned by Baidu Car, as the vice president of Jidu Automobile and the person in charge of user development and operation.

In 2002, Zhu Jiang began to set foot in the automobile industry, and then entered BMW Brilliance, responsible for dealer market, event marketing and other related work. In 2008, he was promoted to vice president of brand management of BMW China MINI.

In July 2014, he joined Lexus China as Deputy General Manager, mainly responsible for product planning and marketing.

Xie Dongying, former CFO of New Oriental

Xie Dongying worked in JPMorgan Chase, UBS Assets, UBS Investment Bank and other companies for many years, and then served as CFO of New Oriental Education Group, and once served as chief financial officer.

He is also a director of JD.COM, British education groups Noranda and Yum! China, and has helped many companies to complete the listing.

In May 2017, Weilai announced the appointment of personnel, and announced that Xie Dongying had joined as CFO, responsible for Weilai automobile financing and listing projects, and reported directly to Li Bin.

In October 2019, Xie Dongying left from Weilai.

Ralph kranz, former Volvo executive

In January, 2022, overseas media reported that Ralph Kranz, sales and commercial director of Volvo Germany, resigned on March 1st and joined Weilai Automobile to take charge of the German market.

According to public information, Ralph Kranz has many years’ experience in the automobile industry. Besides 10 years at Volvo, he also worked in aston martin and Toyota.

On the surface, it is wise for Weilai to dig kranz, mainly to promote the plan to enter the German market before the end of 2022.

Shen Feng, former Volvo executive.

In December 2017, the global CTO of Polestar, a high-performance brand owned by Volvo Cars, and Shen Feng, president of China and president of Volvo China R&D Company, announced that they had joined Weilai Automobile as vice president of quality and chairman of quality management committee, and were responsible for its overall quality-related management.

Volvo said that Shen Feng’s previous position in Polestar had been temporarily taken over by Lars Danielson.

Before joining Weilai, Shen Feng was a master of Ford 6-Sigma black belt, global CTO of Volvo Car Polestar and president of China, and president of Volvo China R&D Company.

Shen Feng has rich experience in 6-Sigma quality management, Geely Volvo International M&A, establishment of international R&D center, product R&D and mass production, supplier management, and establishment and commissioning of new factories.

Mercedes-Benz/BMW/Audi German car maintenance cost comprehensive PK

  [car home Car Information] We have made a separate investigation and analysis on the maintenance prices of conventional cars owned by Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi in the first two weeks. Today, we will make a big summary for everyone. Let’s take a look at the maintenance prices of these three brands.

  As for the choice of vehicle types, we have chosen two relatively representative vehicles in each of the three basics: medium-sized cars, medium-sized cars and luxury cars. In the field of medium-sized cars, they are Mercedes-Benz C200K and C260, BMW 320i and 325i, and Audi A4L2.0T;; The fields of medium and large vehicles are Mercedes-Benz E200 and E300, BMW 523Li and 530Li, and Audi A6L 2.0T and 2.4. Luxury cars are Mercedes S300 and S600, BMW 730Li and 760Li, and Audi A8L 3.0L and 6.0L, with a total of 17 models.

Medium-sized cars: Mercedes-Benz C200K, C260, BMW 320i, 325i, Audi A4L2.0T

  Among the three luxury mid-size cars, the sales volume of Audi A4L has an absolute advantage in this class, and the 2.0T model is the best-selling displacement among them, while the 1.8T and 3.2L models are neglected. The same situation also appears in BMW 3 Series and mercedes benz c Class cars. The sales of BMW 320i and Mercedes-Benz C200K are good, but at the same time, the market performance of BMW 325i and Mercedes-Benz C260 is ok. Let’s take a look at the maintenance prices of these seven cars.

Maintenance Price List of mercedes benz c Class, BMW 3 Series and Audi A4L (unit: RMB)
  Mercedes C200K Mercedes-Benz C260 Bmw 320i Bmw 325i Audi A4L 2.0T
Minor maintenance:
Oil maintenance
(Replace the oil filter)
1725 2349 820 1115 860
Major maintenance:
Oil maintenance+replace air conditioner filter and air filter.
4119 5077 1429 1768 2035
All prices in the tableIncluding accessories and working hours.
List of engine oil prices in Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi 4S stores
run quickly Designated oil: Jin Mobil No.1 SM 0W-40 Price: 168 yuan/liter.
BMW Original factory designated oil: Castrol Zun Hu SM 5W-30 Price: 125 yuan/liter

Optional oil: Grey Shell SM 5W-40 Price: 125 yuan/liter

Original factory designated oil: Audi original engine oil 5W-40 SM price 93 yuan/liter.

Optional oil: Castrol Zun Hu SM 0W-30 192 yuan/liter

Mercedes benz c Class, BMW 3 Series and Audi A4L three-car manufacturer’s specified maintenance cycle table.
cycle run quickly BMW Audi
Minor maintenance 10,000 kilometers 10,000 kilometers 5,000 kilometers
Major maintenance 30,000 kilometers 30,000 kilometers 15,000 kilometers
Date of Form Collection: July 16th, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Beijing Benz mercedes benz c Class 2010 C200K Standard Model

"Beijing Benz mercedes benz c Class 2010 C200K Standard"

BMW Brilliance BMW 3 Series 2010 320i Fashion

"BMW Brilliance BMW 3 Series 2010 320i Fashion Model"

Audi FAW Audi A4L 2010 2.0 TFSI technology type

"FAW Audi A4L 2010 2.0 TFSI Technology Type"

  Judging from the price of routine maintenance, compared with Audi A4L and mercedes benz c, BMW 3 Series has obvious advantages in terms of both major maintenance and minor maintenance. The single maintenance price of Audi A4L model is moderate, but the maintenance price of mercedes benz c Class is obviously expensive, which is twice as high as that of BMW 3 Series basically listed.In terms of maintenance cycle, the original factories of Mercedes-Benz and BMW stipulate that 10,000 kilometers should be a minor maintenance and 30,000 kilometers should be a major maintenance, while Audi stipulates that 5,000 kilometers should be a minor maintenance and 15,000 kilometers should be a major maintenance, which is half of that of Mercedes-Benz and BMW. However, under normal circumstances, the staff of Mercedes-Benz and BMW 4S stores will advise the owners to do maintenance at 7000-8000 km, while Audi basically allows the owners to do maintenance at 7000-8000 km. Of course, the specific maintenance cycle will be determined according to the actual use of each car. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the actual maintenance cycle of these three cars is roughly the same.

"The original factory of Mercedes-Benz designated Jin Mobil No.1 SM 0W-40 all over synthetic engine oil"

BMW small maintenance minimum 820 yuan! 320i Maintenance Full Record car home

"BMW original factory designated Castrol to protect SM 5W-30 all over synthetic engine oil"

"Audi original factory designated (Castrol OEM) SM 5W-40 all over synthetic engine oil"

  In the choice of engine oil, these three luxury brands will naturally not be shabby, and SM-level synthetic engine oil is certain. Among them, the oil designated by Audi and BMW are all Castrol products. Of course, BMW will also provide two kinds of SM-grade all-synthetic engine oil products, namely Grey Shell and Jin Mobil No.1, according to the climate and environment of different 4S stores. As for Mercedes-Benz, there are not so many choices, so we just offer the 0W-40 all over synthetic engine oil. In terms of price, Audi is the cheapest, the unit price is 92 yuan/liter, followed by BMW at 125 yuan/liter, and Mercedes-Benz is relatively expensive at 168 yuan/liter.

  At the same time, the editor needs to explain something here, about the amount of oil. Mercedes benz c-class cars have a big appetite. As a four-cylinder car, C200K can be said to have a considerable amount of better engine oil of 6L at a time. The oil consumption of V6 engines of C230, 260 and C300 is 8.5L. As a four-cylinder car, BMW 320i needs about 4.5L to change the oil once, and the oil consumption of the straight six engine of 325i model is about 6.5l.. The 2.0T engine oil consumption of Audi A4L is basically the same as that of BMW 320i, ranging from 4.5L to 5.0L..

For more details about the specific maintenance prices of the above seven models, please click the following icon to enter.


Mercedes benz C/E/S level maintenance survey, the minimum maintenance is 1,700 yuan.


Reveal the maintenance price of BMW car! Minimum 820 yuan once.


Small maintenance 860 yuan! Audi A4L/A6L/A8L Maintenance Survey

Medium and large cars: Mercedes-Benz E200, E300, BMW 523Li, 530Li and Audi A6L 2.0T, 2.4.

  At present, in the field of medium and large-sized cars in China, Audi A6L has a higher dominance than Audi A4L in medium-sized cars. The annual sales of more than 100,000 vehicles are astounding, and the relatively low-end 2.0T and 2.4L models are the main sales products. With the development of domestic market in recent years, BMW 5 Series has also achieved good results. Among them, 523Li is the absolute main product, and 530Li has won the appreciation of some high-end users with its rich configuration and excellent power. As for Mercedes-Benz E-Class, although the market performance is average, we can’t ignore its existence with its golden signboard of "three-pointed star". Especially in recent months, with the lower price of imported Mercedes-Benz E-Class cars, the sales of Mercedes-Benz E-Class cars have a gradual upward trend. Among them, E200 and E300 are relatively representative. Let’s take a look at the maintenance price of these cars.

Maintenance price list of Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series and Audi A6L (unit: RMB)
  Mercedes E200
1.8T M271
Mercedes-benz E300
3.0 V6
Bmw 523Li Bmw 530Li Audi A6L
Audi A6L
Minor maintenance:
Oil maintenance
(Replace the oil filter)
1783 2469 1115 1115 1351 1567
Major maintenance:
Oil maintenance+replace air conditioner filter and air filter.
4028 4863 2246 2246 2743 2966
All prices in the tableIncluding accessories and working hours.
List of engine oil prices in Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi 4S stores
run quickly Designated oil: Jin Mobil No.1 SM 0W-40 Price: 168 yuan/liter.
Original factory designated oil: Castrol Zun Hu SM 5W-30 Price: 125 yuan/liter

Optional oil: Grey Shell SM 5W-40 Price: 125 yuan/liter

Original factory designated oil: Audi original engine oil 5W-40 SM price 93 yuan/liter.

Optional oil: Castrol Zun Hu SM 0W-30 192 yuan/liter

Schedule of Maintenance Periods for Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series and Audi A6L.
cycle run quickly BMW Audi
Minor maintenance 10,000 kilometers 10,000 kilometers 5,000 kilometers
Major maintenance 30,000 kilometers 30,000 kilometers 15,000 kilometers
Date of Form Collection: July 16th, 2010

  Judging from the price in the above table, the large maintenance cost of Mercedes-Benz E-Class is still the most expensive, but the small maintenance cost is reasonable. Take the E200CGI model with M271 1.8L in-line four-cylinder turbocharged engine as an example, the small maintenance price of replacing oil and machine filter is 1783 yuan, which is reasonable compared with the price of six-cylinder BMW 5 Series Xiaobao of 1115 yuan and Audi A6L with different displacement models of 1300-1600 yuan. But if it is replaced by a six-cylinder Mercedes E300 model, the price will be much more expensive.

Mercedes-Benz (Import) Mercedes-Benz E-Class (Import) 2010 E 260 Fashion Style

"Mercedes-Benz (imported) Mercedes-Benz E-Class (imported) 09 E 300 Fashion Model"

BMW Brilliance BMW 5 Series 2010 523Li Leading Model

"BMW Brilliance BMW 5 Series 2010 523Li Leading Model"

Audi FAW Audi A6L 2010 2.4 Comfort Type

"FAW Audi A6L 2010 2.4 Comfort Type"

  However, if we compare the large maintenance prices of the replacement oil filter, air filter and air conditioner filter of these three models, Mercedes-Benz is obviously much more expensive. Doing roughly the same maintenance content, the cost of Mercedes-Benz is basically twice that of BMW, and it is about 50% more expensive than Audi.

Luxury cars: Mercedes S300, S600, BMW 730Li, 760Li and Audi A8L 3.0L and 6.0L.

  In the field of luxury cars, Mercedes-Benz BMW has finally found its face, and Mercedes-Benz S-Class can sit firmly in this basic model and it is difficult to shake in the short term. Bmw 7 series, with the launch of E66 in China, has also achieved good market performance. As for Audi A8L, although China has a special preference for this brand, it also has a certain sales volume, but it is much worse than Audi A6L and A4L. As for the choice of car models, the editor chose the entry-level Mercedes S300, BMW 730Li and Audi A8L 3.0, and their respective flagships, 12-cylinder models.

Maintenance price list of Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8L (unit: RMB)
  Mercedes S300 Mercedes S600 Bmw 730Li Bmw 760Li Audi A8L
Audi A8L
Minor maintenance:
Oil maintenance
(Replace the oil filter)
2396 2486 1150 1448 1910 2801
Major maintenance:
Oil maintenance+replace air conditioner filter and air filter.
5872 6215 2309 2986 3313 4480
All prices in the tableIncluding accessories and working hours.
List of engine oil prices in Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi 4S stores
run quickly Designated oil: Jin Mobil No.1 SM 0W-40 Price: 168 yuan/liter.
Original factory designated oil: Castrol Zun Hu SM 5W-30 Price: 125 yuan/liter

Optional oil: Grey Shell SM 5W-40 Price: 125 yuan/liter

Original factory designated oil: Audi original engine oil 5W-40 SM price 93 yuan/liter.

Optional oil: Castrol Zun Hu SM 0W-30 192 yuan/liter

Schedule of Maintenance Periods for Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8L
cycle run quickly BMW Audi
Minor maintenance 10,000 kilometers 10,000 kilometers 5,000 kilometers
Major maintenance 30,000 kilometers 30,000 kilometers 15,000 kilometers
Date of Form Collection: July 16th, 2010

Mercedes-Benz (import) Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2010 S 300L distinguished model

"Mercedes-Benz (imported) Mercedes-Benz S-Class S300L distinguished model"

BMW BMW (imported) BMW 7 Series 09 730Li luxury model

"BMW (imported) BMW 7 Series 730Li Luxury Model"

Audi Audi (imported) Audi A8 2010 3.0 FSI Centennial Edition

"Audi (imported) Audi A8 2010 3.0 FSI Centennial Edition"

  As a million-class luxury car, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8L can’t match the maintenance cost of these three models naturally, but judging from the small maintenance price of normal oil change and machine filter, BMW is still the cheapest of these three brands. Even the 760Li of V12 is less than 1,500 yuan at a time, which is quite surprising. The price difference between Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Audi A8L is not too much, both of which are around 2000-2500 yuan. Only Audi A8L 6.0L has a higher price, close to 3,000 yuan. As for the big maintenance cost, BMW is the cheapest, Audi is the second, and Mercedes is the most expensive. Among them, the price of Mercedes-Benz is twice that of BMW and about 50% more expensive than that of Audi, which is roughly the same as that of previous models.

Editor’s comment:

  With the increasing competition in the domestic auto market, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, the three German luxury brands, are getting closer and closer to our lives. Nowadays, you can buy a BMW 318i, Audi A4L or Mercedes-Benz C180K for more than 200,000 yuan, and you can drive the BMW 5 Series, Audi A6L or the original imported Mercedes-Benz E-Class for about 400,000 yuan. Although on the whole, these cars are not very close to the people, in any case, compared with 10 years ago or even 5 years ago, they can be said to be a big step closer to the lives of the people.

  But at the same time, we can often hear many people say that entry-level models of luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi can afford them, but they can’t afford them. Today, the editor hopes that through this article, everyone can have a simple but systematic understanding of the general maintenance prices of these three brands of cars, hoping to help you choose, use and raise a car. At the same time, in the near future, we will launch more articles on the horizontal comparison of maintenance prices of the same grade vehicles, so please look forward to it. (Text/car home Sheng Yuanjun)

For more details about the maintenance of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi cars and the price of conventional wearing parts, please click the following icon to enter.


Mercedes benz C/E/S level maintenance survey, the minimum maintenance is 1,700 yuan.


Reveal the maintenance price of BMW car! Minimum 820 yuan once.


Small maintenance 860 yuan! Audi A4L/A6L/A8L Maintenance Survey

How much does the new Mercedes-Benz E300 Deluxe Edition cost? Does it have many shortcomings? This article will give you the answer.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a traditional luxury medium-sized and large-sized car product. For Biao and Audi a6l, its unique brand advantages and extreme luxury attributes have made it deeply recognized by consumers, with an average monthly sales volume of more than 13,000, which is in a strong competitive position in this market segment.

Mercedes-Benz e300l luxury design atmosphere, strong business atmosphere, the front shield-shaped mesh is quite eye-catching, two bar-type led light groups are shiny and recognizable, and the erected three-pointed star logo is also noble and elegant, which can always give people a strong psychological hint. The side is slender and smooth, the lines are smooth and sexy, the rear tail is sexy and stocky, the bilateral double exhaust is quite graded, and the overall face value is remarkable, which is a small S-class.

In terms of power, e300l is equipped with a 2.0t high-powered version, 190 kW, 370 Nm, equipped with a 9-speed manual, with a zero-hundred-speed score of about 6.6 seconds, which makes the acceleration feel smooth and calm at the beginning, and at the same time, the latter part is full of confidence and orderly shift logic, which is always indifferent and comfortable to drive, and can raise the speed to a very high level unconsciously.

In terms of structure, the training style is still very comfortable, the bumps on the road are handled in place, and there is not much impact when taking some bad roads. Driving is particularly heavy and advanced, which will definitely bring people the highest level of enjoyment, which is in line with the level that this level should have.

In terms of selling price, the official guide price of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz e300l Deluxe Edition is 492,800, with a preferential margin of about 40,000. The transaction price of the bare car at the terminal is 452,800, including 40080 purchase tax, 480 travel tax, 950 compulsory insurance, 12,299 commercial insurance and 500 licensed cars, totaling about 507,200.

Car experience:

Most satisfied with fashion and youth, cool atmosphere lights and a sense of science and technology in off the charts! 9-speed automatic transmission, almost no frustration!

The most dissatisfied with the sound effect is just so-so. The original car’s own sound is really lame, not as loud as Berlin’s.

[Space] The space in the front row of my 176 is quite large. There is not much horizontal space for two people. Three people are not very comfortable. From driving to now, I have only gone home for the Spring Festival, and I have been full of company group tours. Basically, I am alone.

[Power] The power is smooth between 234 gears, and occasionally, there will be some setbacks in oil collection.

[Control] Control is general, and this owner plays.

[Comfort] The front seat is comfortable and the rear seat is short.

[Appearance] I bought a sports label with pearl white. I feel very young. In fact, I am already young.

[Interior] Family-style design is adopted, just like driving an S. Due to the hasty booking of a car, the car comes with a black interior, which is a little depressing, but quite resistant to dirt.

[Cost-effective] If people like me don’t pay attention to performance, people who look at their eyes will buy a car of around 500,000, which is still very good.

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The drone postman appeared in the mountainous area of Guiyang and needed to change batteries when flying to every village.

  Since the beginning of January this year, residents of Weicheng Town, Guiyang City, located in the mountainous area of Guizhou Province, have often seen a drone shuttle through the town. Under the belly of the plane, there was a box with the words "China Post". The local people later learned that this drone was used by the post office in the town to deliver mail to the surrounding mountain villages. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the local post office on the 15th that this drone now flies twice a week, and it will be promoted if it works well in the future.

  Postman part-time drone operator

  On the morning of 15th, Wang Hua, a staff member of Weicheng Post Sub-bureau in Guiyang, took his drone to an open space near the town, and prepared to deliver newspapers and some mails to five villages around the town.

  Wang Hua is a postman. He used to ride a motorcycle to deliver mail to several surrounding villages three times a week. Because the mountain road is rugged, although the distance is not far, it takes a whole day to deliver it every time. Since the beginning of January this year, Wang Hua has added a new task, which is to operate drones to transport mail.

  "Our economy is not developed here. Many people have never seen drones, so many people gathered around to see them when they first started flying. Some old people asked us about the timetable for flying drones and came to see them several times." Wang Hua said.

  Wang Hua said that he is driving a drone, but in fact the main operation is not done by him. He is mainly responsible for loading mail on the drone and then checking the battery. The flight route has long been set by the company that developed the drone. All he has to do is scan the QR code on the plane with his mobile phone, and then click the start button on the mobile phone, and the plane can fly according to the pre-designed route.

  "It used to take a whole day to send the mail from these villages by motorcycle. Now the whole route is flown by drones, which is more than an hour." Wang Hua said.

  Flying to every village requires changing batteries.

  Director Chen Zhongxiang of Weicheng Post Sub-office told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that at present, there is only one drone in the town post office, and they selected five villages, namely Yingyan, Yinqiao, Maixiang, Xingguang and Lianhua Temple, as delivery pilots. Chen Zhongxiang said that these villages were chosen because they are relatively remote, and it takes too long and the road is dangerous to send mail into the village by manpower.

  Chen Zhongxiang said that the UAV they are using now has a diameter of more than 1 meter and six propellers. In theory, it can carry about 7 kilograms of goods. However, for safety reasons, the stipulated delivery weight is no more than 5 kilograms, and the flying distance between villages is about 10 minutes. Every time you fly to a village, you need people from the village to help replace the new battery, and then you can fly to the next village. The whole journey is a "relay" process.

  "The plane must be fully charged before it can take off. The last time we saw the power of the plane was 82%, we felt that we could complete a flight, but after the start, the plane still could not take off. This may be the design made by the aircraft research and development enterprise for the absolute safety of the aircraft." Chen Zhongxiang said.

  Temporarily unable to replace manual delivery.

  According to the staff of the UAV R&D company, when the plane lands, it needs to lay a red and blue positioning carpet at the landing site. The UAV is equipped with a sensor in the vertical direction. When it searches for the positioning carpet, it will land accurately. Location.

  Chen Zhongxiang told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that it was not the decision of the town post office to equip the town post office with drones, but the higher authorities chose the Weicheng post office as a pilot. If the use effect is good in the future, it will continue to be promoted.

  "Many people in the village felt particularly fresh when they saw the plane at first, and the people in charge of managing the plane in each village also had a WeChat group. When the plane took off and landed, everyone would inform each other."

  Annabelle of Xingguang Village Committee is one of the managers of this drone. Every time he receives the mail from his village, he also needs to replace the plane with a new battery. "If the battery is not fully charged, the plane can’t fly, but there will definitely be no forgetting to charge the battery. Everyone will remind each other when they have WeChat groups."

  Chen Zhongxiang said that in the past, the postman of the post office had to go into the mountain three times a week, but now it has been reduced to twice a week, while the drone now flies twice a week. If the effect is good in the future, it will increase the flight frequency. "But due to the limitation of load, drones can’t completely replace the postman now, and everywhere they go, they need people to get express delivery for batteries. There are still some troubles. It would be nice if these jobs can be replaced by machines in the future."

  Text/reporter Fu Wei

"Brave Game 2" exposed the advanced special edition, Qi Xin joined forces to fight again.

1905 movie network news Jumanji: The Next Level, a Hollywood action adventure masterpiece, will be released nationwide on December 6th, and the Brave Team led by "Stonestone" Qiang Sen will be assembled again. This time, the game world is completely out of control, the difficulty of the level is soaring, the visual wonders are escalating, and the lives of four people are hanging by a thread at any time.

On December 5th, the film released a special edition of "All-round Advanced", in which all the main creators appeared to show the interesting shooting process of the film, and all the people worked together to create higher-level works, which perfectly explained the spirit of the brave to challenge the peak. The film is directed by jack Kasdan, and Dwayne Douglas Johnson, Jack Black, kevin hart and Karen Sheila Gillan will return to the whole lineup.

The main creative staff appeared in the comprehensive advanced special edition.  

Qi Xin, the brave, works together to fight the peak again.

In addition to the thrilling and funny clips of the film, the special edition also exposed the behind-the-scenes shooting tidbits for the first time, and the main creative staff made an appearance to tell about their expectations for the film. Qiang Sen, as the leading actor and producer, has very high requirements for this film: "If you are lucky enough to make a film as successful as the first Brave Game, you must get an by going up one flight of stairs when making a sequel."

For director jack Kasdan, he also wants to "fight the peak again": "We want to challenge ourselves and do something new that was not in the first movie." In order to present a fully upgraded game world, they challenged infinite possibilities during this shooting. Not only were the scenes more diverse and grand, but the actors also went beyond their physical limits.

The reunion of the whole excellent team inspired everyone’s creative inspiration, produced wonderful chemical effects, and created a series of jokes at the same time. For example, Qiang Sen played Grandpa Eddie, which made Awkwafina, who played a mysterious new role, very amazed. In addition, Dr. Yong Shi also met a more powerful opponent — — You Ergen, the cruel man, makes people wonder how the brave will fight against this "ultimate enemy".

"Man-Bird Wars" and "Speeding Cars" are frightening. 

Mouth gun partners love each other and kill each other, which brings laughter again and again 

The brave game world, which has returned to the audience’s field of vision, has ushered in a dangerous escalation and total loss of control, and the rapid transformation of a number of extremely thrilling new levels is dizzying. In addition to the primitive jungle where the man-eating hippopotamus is hidden in the previous work, there are endless abyss that kills people at any time, numerous peak forest pontoons besieged by wild mandrels, extremely cold snow-capped mountains that suddenly collapse and crack, and uninhabited desert & HELIP; …

The wild animals in the game world, such as wild mandrills, angry ostriches, man-eating pythons and ferocious hyenas, are lifelike and terrible, with clear hair expressions and 100% reduction; The ostrich gallops as if it were there, and the flying stones and gravel seem to be in front of it. The immersive visual experience brings the extreme stimulation that makes people’s adrenal glands soar.

At the same time, there are a lot of jokes in the film. Whether Qiang Sen plays a bad-tempered grandfather or kevin hart turns into an elegant old gentleman who speaks very slowly, Gao Fancha’s "laughter" is hilarious, and the two of them start the mode of love and killing each other along the way, which makes people laugh hysterically. In addition, the brave fought fiercely with the angry ostrich brigade and fought side by side with Bethany who turned into a dark horse. The super-burning group battle was exciting and full of jokes. It was a rare "effective" and funny masterpiece.

Global word-of-mouth harvest received rave reviews. 

"The biggest surprise of the year" triggered the expectation of the whole people.

"Jumanji: The Next Level" has been praised by the media since it was announced. Recently, it has been released in other regions and countries, and it has received numerous praises. As a sequel to Super IP, people feel full of sincerity: "It’s great to see such a wonderful sequel!" "Surprise, amazing! After reading it, I look forward to the follow-up development of IP. ""The most surprising, thrilling and sincere Hollywood action adventure blockbuster in 2019 "; The comprehensive upgrade of the visual spectacle is amazing: "This brave game world presents us with a shocking spectacle";

The wonderful performances of the leading actors won numerous praises: "The best partner of Qiang Sen and kevin hart is worth watching, and Awkwafina has excellent acting skills." "I can’t choose the best actor, because everyone in it performed super brilliantly, which makes people sincerely admire!" ; The film brings you thrilling and hilarious sensory enjoyment: "The film has brought me unexpected excitement and continuous laughter, which is simply a surprise everywhere!" The strong word-of-mouth given by local media and audiences has ignited the strong expectations of domestic fans for film release.

Short-listed for the Oscar for Best Visual Effects  

Top production team to create "the most powerful film in the same file"

Recently, "Jumanji: The Next Level" was shortlisted for the Oscar for Best Visual Effects Award. The shocking visual effects presented in the preview attracted countless audiences, thanks to the top behind-the-scenes production team: more than 5,000 visual effects teams from all over the world created vivid details of fierce beasts;

Spectacular scenes and checkpoints full of imagination are manipulated by artists who have participated in special effects blockbusters; The Oscar-level visual effects director who participated in the production also participated in the production of this film, presenting the imaginary game world realistically and satisfying the dreams of countless people to enter the game world. Since the pre-sale of the film started last week, so far, the pre-sale box office has exceeded 10 million, and the pre-sale ratio ranks first, and other indicators such as wanting to see also take advantage, crushing the films released in the same file.

No matter from the aspects of IP popularity, production level, card lineup, etc., it can be called the strongest giant system at the end of the year. Newly upgraded levels and newly joined characters will present a novel and interesting sensory experience for everyone, which is definitely worthy of the title of the most anticipated Hollywood action adventure blockbuster at the end of the year.

Jumanji: The Next Level, a Hollywood action adventure masterpiece, is directed by jack Kasdan, and the four leading characters, Dr. Yong Shi Dwayne Douglas Johnson, geologist Jack Black, linguist kevin hart and sexy girl Karen Sheila Gillan, will return to the whole lineup! In order to save their lost companions, the Brave Four assembled again and entered an unknown world that was completely out of control. Facing the dangerous barrier of off the charts, Qiang Sen led the team to challenge the limit to escape. An adventure full of thrills and surprises is about to begin.

CBNData jointly released the "2018 Mobile Phone Ordering Trend Insight Report"

In the Internet era, ordering food by mobile phone is bringing new opportunities to the catering industry.

On July 30th, CBNData jointly released the Insight Report on 2018 Mobile Phone Ordering Trend (hereinafter referred to as "Report"). Based on word-of-mouth data, it focused on the latest development of mobile phone ordering in offline catering consumption, gained insight into the consumption characteristics of mobile phone ordering people and interpreted the latest development trend of offline catering.

CBNData "Report" shows that in the past year, the penetration rate of mobile phone ordering in merchants and consumers has increased significantly; Mobile phone ordering users have a high acceptance of fast food and snack catering with higher ordering efficiency; After 85 s and 90 s, they are fans of mobile phone ordering; Mobile phone ordering users are mainly concentrated in first-and second-tier cities. Hangzhou and Shanghai use mobile phones to order food most commonly, and the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration is far ahead.

The increase in the penetration rate of mobile phone ordering obviously helps to upgrade catering services.

Food is the most important thing for the people. According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, since 2015, the catering industry in China has achieved double-digit growth for three consecutive years, with a scale of nearly 4 trillion yuan. The growth of catering revenue has continuously outperformed the growth of total retail sales of social consumer goods. As aborigines in the Internet age, "post-80s" and "post-90s" have become the backbone of catering consumption, and it is very important for the catering industry to meet the needs of this consumer group through Internet.

The "Report" pointed out that the iterative upgrade of ordering methods is an important embodiment of the Internet in the catering industry, and ordering by mobile phone has become the latest trend to help upgrade catering services.

According to the Report, in the past year, the penetration rate of mobile phone ordering in both merchants and consumers has increased significantly. In terms of merchants, taking word-of-mouth platform as an example, compared with the second quarter of 2017, the number of merchant stores using mobile phone ordering function increased by 44% in the first quarter of 2018, and the coverage rate of merchant stores using mobile phone ordering function also increased by about 79%.

Before arriving at the store, consumers use the word-of-mouth App to order good food in advance, make an appointment and then pick it up at the store; After arriving at the store, consumers can order directly with their mobile phones without queuing. For merchants, the cost reduction and efficiency improvement brought by ordering food by mobile phone are remarkable. On the one hand, this ordering method can optimize the process and improve the turnover rate and service efficiency of the restaurant. On the other hand, it saves labor costs and consumables costs. Taking the comparison of operating costs of "Jindingxuan" before and after ordering food by mobile phone as an example, the labor cost of a single store can be saved by 240,000 a year, and the cost of paper menus can be reduced by 350,000 a year.

In addition, ordering food by mobile phone has also realized the change from "card" to "person" in member management. Mobile phone ordering and collecting a large amount of consumption data provide more possibilities for restaurants to create refined and intelligent membership services.

As the function of ordering food by mobile phone has been widely verified, the Report predicts that accessing mobile phone to order food will become the infrastructure for the operation of stores. After experiencing the embryonic stage and the initial stage of development in the past year, the access of mobile phone ordering in catering stores will usher in a period of rapid development in the next year.

Post-80s and post-90s become the main force of the new generation of mobile phone ordering, and have higher acceptance of fast food.

For consumers, ordering food by mobile phone can reduce the waiting time, get real-time discounts, meet their own personalized needs, and significantly improve the dining experience. According to the data of word-of-mouth platform, the number of mobile phone ordering users ushered in a large growth in the third quarter of 2017, which was higher than the growth rate of the overall number of users on the platform. In the first quarter of 2018, the number of users increased by 48% month-on-month, about twice the overall growth rate of the platform. The penetration rate of mobile phone ordering users has also continued to increase. The penetration rate in the first quarter of 2018 is about five times that in the second quarter of 2017.

Specifically, young users are the absolute main force of the mobile phone ordering party, and the number of users after 90 is the highest, followed by 85 and 95. The number of women users is also relatively higher than that of men.

From the peak of the post-90s and post-90s meals, it can be seen that they are new to the society and have not settled down yet, and they eat out and use their mobile phones to order food on weekdays. Moreover, the gap between the weekend catering consumption level of the post-90s and post-90s and the working day is more obvious, indicating that young people who will enjoy life consciously reward themselves and "eat something good" on weekends.

On the whole, mobile phone ordering users have a high acceptance of fast food and snacks, because their products are highly standardized and consumers have higher requirements for ordering efficiency. According to the Report, fast food and snack shops account for 40% of all mobile phone ordering shops, and contribute nearly 80% of mobile phone ordering pens.

However, this trend is also expanding to other catering categories. According to the report, men’s attempts to order food by mobile phone have expanded from fast food snacks to Chinese food, hot pot, western food and other categories, and after 90, they have expanded from fast food snacks to hot pot and other categories.

The "Report" pointed out that the new generation of people ordering food by mobile phone is highly coincident with the main group of food and beverage consumption in the store. The post-80s and post-90s’ sensitivity to time and pursuit of quality experience will push back the popularization and optimization of ordering function of mobile phones from consumers.

Hangzhou and Shanghai use mobile phones to order food, and the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration is far ahead.

Generally speaking, the fashionable trend starts from first-and second-tier cities, and then gradually spreads to low-tier cities, and mobile phone ordering is no exception. According to the Report, over 60% of mobile phone ordering users are concentrated in first-tier cities and second-tier cities, but the proportion of mobile phone ordering users in third-and fourth-tier cities is increasing.

At present, the development of mobile phone ordering in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration can be described as the first. From the perspective of the whole year, the penetration rate of mobile phone ordering in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration is significantly ahead of the Pearl River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration. Since the second quarter of 2017, the penetration rate of the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration has increased the fastest, while the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration is relatively flat.

In terms of cities, Hangzhou and Shanghai are the leading cities in mobile phone ordering, and Hangzhou, as the "city of mobile payment", has become the development benchmark in the field of mobile phone ordering. Shanghai residents have used mobile phones to order food, but the frequency of use is not as good as that of Hangzhou, and their habits still need to be cultivated. There are many colleges and universities in Wuhan, and the government actively encourages scientific research and innovation, or promotes the atmosphere of ordering food by mobile phone, so it has become the only central city among the top ten.

The Report predicts that the advantages of first-and second-tier cities in ordering food by mobile phone will continue. Mobile payment was first popularized in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, and merchants are highly sensitive to Internet technology, and will still maintain their advantage in ordering food on mobile phones in the short term. Shanghai, which has the largest number of mobile phone orders, and Hangzhou, which has the largest number of mobile phone orders, are currently in the leading position, but it is still unknown who will spend the "first city".

The State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Conference: Recently, the situation of multi-point distribution of local epidemics and frequent prevention and control in many places is severe

Cctv newsOn July 23rd, the State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism held a press conference on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines in Covid-19. According to the report of the World Health Organization, the newly confirmed cases in the western Pacific where China is located increased by 37% last week, which is the fastest growing region in the world. Omicron’s BA.5 sub-branch has spread to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, resulting in an increase in the number of infections, hospitalizations and severe cases, and the pressure on China’s foreign countries to prevent imports is increasing.

Recently, the local epidemic situation has shown a trend of multi-point distribution and frequent occurrence. In some areas, the epidemic spillover has not been completely blocked, and the prevention and control situation is severe and complicated.

We must unswervingly adhere to the general strategy of "external defense input, internal defense rebound" and the general policy of "dynamic clearing". The areas where the epidemic occurred should deal with the clustered epidemic according to the local situation, concentrate resources and strength to quickly put it out, and quickly curb the spread of the local epidemic; Border areas and entry cities should strictly implement various measures for external defense input, strictly manage in a closed loop, and resolutely avoid the destruction of defense and the overflow of epidemic situation; Areas where no epidemic has occurred should continue to do a good job in normalization prevention and control, and maintain the efficient operation of the emergency response command system.

Covid-19 vaccination should be continued.

Little Red Book: Analysis Report on User Operation Strategy

Editor’s lead: Nowadays, many people will look for evaluation stickers on various platforms before buying goods. With Xiaohongshu as the representative, there are many bloggers in Xiaohongshu, ranging from stars to amateurs. They often post on it to help people grow grass or pull weeds. Among many products, how does Little Red Book occupy a favorable market and attract many loyal users? The author of this paper analyzes the user operation strategy of Xiaohongshu. Let’s take a look.

1.1.1 field

Xiaohongshu is a social e-commerce platform that provides sharing, communication and purchase channels for young Internet users who like shopping and love life. Users can discover good things all over the world through the platform, browse the product strategies summarized by various experts, share their own experience on the use of products, and also complete online shopping in the e-commerce platform.

Xiaohongshu was founded on June 6, 2013, with the asymmetric shopping information of Haitao as the breakthrough point. Since there were no products with similar positioning in the market at the time of its establishment, Xiaohongshu became a dark horse at the beginning of its establishment, and the number of users has exceeded 15 million in just one year. By December 2020, the cumulative download volume of Xiaohongshu has exceeded 5.3 billion, and the number of users has exceeded 300 million.

1.1.2 product positioning

At the beginning of its establishment, Xiaohongshu was positioned as a tool-based product, mainly aiming at the basic shopping guide of overseas markets. Later, through deep cultivation of UGC shopping sharing community, it continued to integrate content community and e-commerce module, and developed into the world’s largest consumer word-of-mouth library and community e-commerce platform.

At present, Xiaohongshu officially defines Xiaohongshu APP as a lifestyle platform for young people. With "UGC Content Community" as the core, users can record their life, share their lifestyles and form interactions based on their interests through short videos, pictures and texts. They can also purchase high-quality goods from all over the world through the welfare agency with one click. It is an online shopping note sharing community and a platform for self-operated bonded warehouses.

1.2.1 Target users

1) User characteristics

From the user portrait data of iResearch, it can be seen that the proportion of female users of Xiaohongshu is close to 80%, and the number of male users is only 20%, which shows that the target users of Xiaohongshu are mainly women, and the community sharing and e-commerce model is more in line with the shopping habits and user characteristics of female users.

Judging from the age distribution of users, the main users of Xiaohongshu are young people under the age of 30, and users aged 31-35 also account for a certain proportion.

From the geographical distribution, the users of Xiaohongshu are mainly concentrated in the coastal areas with highly developed economy. Users in this area generally have high living standards, strong consumption power, pursue quality of life, and have certain demand for overseas shopping.

2) user portrait

User portraits can be roughly divided into the following categories:

  • Student groups: high school students and college students, born after 1995, are highly active, have enough time, pursue trends and fashions, are easily attracted by new things, and are willing to share and show their lives;
  • Workplace groups: white-collar workers and office workers, in first-tier cities such as Beishangguang, pursue quality of life, like to share their living conditions, like overseas shopping of beauty products, refer to KOL’s notes before shopping, and are willing to share their experiences after buying;
  • Online celebrity stars: KOL and stars in the vertical field, with certain social influence, spontaneously share beauty products or toiletries that grow grass every day through videos or notes, or cooperate with beauty brands to promote and gain income;
  • Merchants’ shops: shop operators such as youth hotels, online celebrity restaurants, cafes and bars, aged between 20 and 35, pursue fashion and hot spots, and are good at using the Internet for publicity and packaging.

1.2.2 Demand Scenario

  • Plenty of time, daily wandering, watching videos, notes, browsing the welfare club mall or other official flagship stores, watching the trend, killing time;
  • Purposeful browsing, planning to buy products, experience services or learning skills, reading and learning KOL’s notes and experiences;
  • Willing to share life, want to share new products purchased or new services experienced with social media, get appreciation and attention, and answer other users’ questions;
  • Want to buy genuine overseas products, but lack the time or ability to do overseas shopping, and intend to buy welfare agency products or other overseas flagship store products;
  • When preparing for cross-border/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan tourism shopping, check the selected shopping notes of the destination, find the favorite overseas goods and form a list.

1.2.3 Core functions

The slogan "Mark My Life" of Xiaohongshu defines that the core function of the platform is the dissemination of tag notes-that is, the output of content culture. Users can record their life, share their lifestyles and form interactions based on their interests through short videos, pictures and texts.

E-commerce models such as welfare agencies and limited-time purchases are the closed loop to complete the business model, allowing users to have a better experience.

Main functional structure:

Main business logic:

The main business logic is divided into two sections: e-commerce mode and social mode, and other functions serve these two sections.

Social mode refers to that core users (content producers) publish notes and share consumption experience, while ordinary users recommend notes according to the algorithm set by the system according to behavior records, and at the same time, they can browse, like and collect notes, and after paying attention, both parties can have social interaction by private letter; E-commerce mode refers to that users browse their notes, plant grass for goods, make purchases through welfare agencies or other means, continue to publish notes after use, and conduct more "online sharing", thus forming a closed loop in business.

  • Time perspective: Xiaohongshu was established in 2013, and APP was launched at the end of 2013. It has been in operation for 7 years.
  • User’s perspective: the number of user downloads began to exceed 100 million in November 2017, and then the number of user downloads increased by nearly four times. Up to now, it has accumulated more than 5.9 billion times and the number of users has exceeded 300 million;
  • Product perspective: The latest version of Little Red Book is 6.81.1, which has been updated 4 times in the last 30 days and once in the last 7 days. Through continuous version iteration, the basic functions and core functions of the product are complete, and the platform is mainly based on content sharing. The content topics have covered various life fields such as fashion, skin care, make-up, food, travel, film and television, and the content range is getting wider and wider;
  • Operational perspective: the core business of Xiaohongshu is UGC content operation, which realizes the closed loop of user behavior through user operation and e-commerce operation;
  • Business perspective: profitable operation, constantly seeking ways to integrate with e-commerce, and has completed the D round of investment led by Alibaba.

Conclusion: Judging from the above, Xiaohongshu APP is in a mature stage.

According to the life cycle judgment of Xiaohongshu, the next report will focus on the analysis of household operation strategies in the initial stage, mature stage and mature stage.

In 2013, with the rapid development of mobile Internet and the large-scale use of smart phones, cross-border travel became a popular choice for travel, and consumers began to pay attention to the purchase of overseas goods. At the intersection of several trends, Xiaohongshu was established in Shanghai to meet the needs of users for cross-border shopping.

At that time, cross-border e-commerce was still in the blue ocean market. Xiaohongshu accurately captured the target users and user needs, focused on overseas shopping to share this blank market, accurately captured the pain points of people shopping overseas, and targeted women in first-tier cities who tended to shop in overseas markets, and gained the first batch of users.

4.1.1 Acquiring users

In October, 2013, the little red book shopping strategy based on PGC came into being. slogan is a basic shopping guide for entry-level users, covering 8 countries and several popular tourist destinations, including the United States, Japan and South Korea.

Users can download and read offline on the PC or iOS platform, and they have been downloaded 500,000 times in less than one month, which successfully attracted a group of young women with overseas shopping habits, which also proved the user’s demand for overseas shopping and accumulated the first batch of original users for Xiaohongshu APP.

4.1.2 Activate users

1) The "shopping guide" is transformed into a "sharing community", and high-quality UGC content enhances the social attributes of Xiaohongshu.

Considering that it is difficult for guide products to interact with users and become sticky, Xiaohongshu team launched APP V1.0 "Hong Kong Shopping Raiders APP" at the end of 2013.

By inviting experts from all fields and community promotion, women with overseas shopping habits are encouraged to share their shopping experiences on Xiaohongshu. By producing high-quality content through UGC, Xiaohongshu has accumulated a large number of middle-and high-income female users, and its stickiness has made a qualitative leap. More and more users are willing to exchange shopping experiences and have completed the acquisition and activation of early seed users.

In several version iterations, Xiaohongshu has continuously strengthened social functions and content publishing tools, effectively improving users’ participation and activity.

On the basis of high-quality content community, Xiaohongshu was upgraded from content community to "content+e-commerce" in October 2014, and the "welfare society" module was launched, and the business closed loop was finally formed. Xiaohongshu clarified the user’s needs and product development direction, and became a one-stop platform for e-commerce in women’s overseas shopping communities, from content planting to shopping mall ordering. slogan was changed to "find good things abroad".

2) The first global awards event, in which millions of users voted for good things from all over the world.

At the end of 2014, Xiaohongshu held the first global prize-winning activity. Within 20 days, 1.87 million people voted, which was very popular. The products and shops it launched once became the vane of outbound shopping.

This activity was all voted by users, attracting more people to participate in it through the most popular H5 method at present, and finally forming fashion list, makeup list, furniture list and other lists. The discussion heat of users in Xiaohongshu increased significantly, which brought high popularity and activity to Xiaohongshu, and also gained a number of new users for Xiaohongshu. Since then, global awards have been held for three consecutive years in 2015 and 2016, further expanding its influence.

For a product that has passed the initial stage, the core goal is to gain rapid user growth. Xiaohongshu has verified the user demand in the initial stage, and then began to attract more and more users through the update of product functions and the holding of creative activities, and quickly occupied the market, while slogan was changed to "a good thing in the world".

4.2.1 Get Users & Activate Users

1) "Fresh Meat Marketing for Anniversary Celebration" to gain new users-Fresh Meat Video, Fresh Meat Express and School Grass Express.

In the early stage of the 2015 anniversary, Xiaohongshu began to put on video advertisements for publicity. The content of the video was that a topless foreign male model showed Xiaohongshu’s slogan "Finding good things abroad" through the scene.

On the anniversary day, Xiaohongshu hired a group of foreign male models in SOHO, Shanghai, naked as customers to deliver the courier, and provided the "princess hug" benefits, which made the female users on the scene once boiling and accurately reached the target users. This activity brought 3 million new users and 50 million yuan in sales for Xiaohongshu. From the data point of view, the daily activities and new additions have doubled, which has successfully played a role in pulling new ones.

In September 2015, Xiaohongshu held a marketing campaign of "School Grass Express" in 12 universities in five cities across the country while the iron was hot, which once again set off a wave in the circle of female college students.

In the end, the "School Grass Express" event ended with 52.977 million exposures and 47,000 discussions, which successfully improved the overall popularity in the post-90 s circle. During the whole anniversary, Xiaohongshu APP ranked fourth in the total list of Apple App Stores, with 15 million users.

2) "Star Girl" Jelly Lin and other female stars and KOL settled in Xiaohongshu.

In April 2017, Little Red Book invited Jelly Lin, a "star girl", to officially settle in Little Red Book. Later, female stars such as Nana Ou-yang and Stephy and vertical KOL successively settled in Little Red Book.

First of all, the star itself has its own traffic. By entering the activity, it can increase the number of users and improve user retention; Secondly, the publication of life notes by stars will enable fans to see the daily life of the stars and narrow the distance between fans and stars. At the same time, the stars bring their own elements such as fashion, fashion and wearing, which can arouse the topic and effectively enhance the user’s activity. In addition, you can also use the fan effect of stars to promote some goods and improve profitability.

4.2.2 Retain users

1) Refined operation

At this stage, Xiaohongshu began to focus on the optimization of community functions, the page was revised many times, the product was iterated many times, and the recommendation algorithm was updated.

Based on the machine algorithm, Xiaohongshu will make personalized recommendations according to users’ interests and user portraits, and successfully achieve "content finding", which shows that Xiaohongshu team attaches great importance to users’ experiences and needs, and keeps more users with no clear browsing purpose through refined operation, which improves daily activity and user usage time.

In order to ensure users’ long-term retention, Xiaohongshu encourages users to publish, share, like, collect and comment, and sets up a ten-level user growth system. Each level corresponds to the task requirements of corresponding social attributes, and the completion of these tasks will grow to the next level, thus encouraging users to use little red books more.

In the process of upgrading and cracking down on monsters, users with creative ability are unconsciously encouraged to become new UGC, and more high-quality content is produced and spread on the platform, forming a positive circular incentive.

4.2.3 Transforming users

1) Red Friday

In November 2015, Xiaohongshu transplanted the "Black Friday" activity to China and launched the "Red Friday" promotion activity, which covered more than ten categories such as skin care and makeup. Selected overseas goods are less than 50% off, and all overseas direct mail goods are free of freight.

The gameplay is novel and the scene is strong, which paves the way for holiday promotion. Users can see the "Red Five" sign everywhere in the APP, and click to browse and buy their favorite products, which increases the daily activity of users and is also an important means to realize profit.

2) Three days and three nights between Hugh and Little Red Book.

In April, 2016, Xiaohongshu invited Hugh and planned the "Three Days and Three Nights between Hugh and Xiaohongshu" activity. Accurate artist matching+advertisement recording close to life, as well as the pre-heating of Weibo before going online, successfully created a wave of big topics on Weibo, which raised the popularity of Xiaohongshu to a higher level, and the new growth rate of users reached 100%.

This cooperation with Hugh once again accurately captured the female users of Little Red Book, and the label # Hugh Endorsed Little Red Book # created by fans on Weibo, which received more than 7 million readings.

At the same time, Xiaohongshu planned the promotion of the category of "Hugh Advertising with the same paragraph" of Welfare Society, and launched the activity of "Buy enough 699 to get the potato captain doll with the same paragraph in Hugh". The whole activity released the topic of quantity, guided the participation and dissemination of households, improved the activity of users and increased the sales of the mall, allowing users to experience all the charm of Little Red Book in a closed loop.

Through the operation in the growing period, Xiaohongshu has already had a large number of users and a relatively stable position, and established a brand image. The tonality of users has declined, and slogan has changed to "mark my life". At this stage, Xiaohongshu pays more attention to the operation of content communities, conducts thematic planning, and is guided by user activity, retention rate, commercial realization and user communication.

4.3.1 Activate users & keep users.

  • Idol Trainee & Creation 101

In January and April of 2018, with the expansion of the fan economy, Xiaohongshu sponsored two phenomenal variety shows, namely "Idol Trainee" and "Creation 101". The two top variety shows brought super high exposure to Xiaohongshu, and Xiaohongshu users entered the spurt growth stage.

In addition to oral broadcast, insertion and logo, Xiaohongshu also invited trainees to come to Xiaohongshu to release notes and open a voting channel in the APP. From the data point of view, the diversion effect of the program broadcast for three consecutive months is extremely obvious.

The audience of the two variety shows are actually potential users of Xiaohongshu, especially women. They are keen on star hotspots and fashion trends. Xiaohongshu successfully acquired these potential users through the precise variety show. These users are of high quality and high activity. They posted articles on Xiaohongshu to share their love beans and spit out the competition system, which improved the overall activity.

At the same time, posting and sharing in voting rules can increase the number of votes, which actually improves the activity and retention rate of users.

After the end of the activity, the trainees continued to use Xiaohongshu to record their lives and publish their daily lives, which continued to attract fans. Fans would like to praise and comment on the trainees’ notes and buy the goods planted by the trainees, which improved the activity and retention rate of Xiaohongshu.

4.3.2 User Transformation & User Communication

1) Differentiated e-commerce live broadcast

With the popularity of Taobao’s e-commerce live broadcast, Li Jiaqi, Viya and other anchors constantly set a record for the transaction amount, and Xiaohongshu also started to conduct e-commerce live broadcast, trying to get the latest traffic bonus of the platform on the live broadcast track.

In 2019, Xiaohongshu tested the e-commerce live broadcast, and the enterprise model student "Perfect Diary" made a new product debut in Xiaohongshu live broadcast. The new products were quickly snapped up, and the powder rose by 100,000 people one week after the live broadcast. In April 2020, the live broadcast was officially launched and began to be open to all creators in the platform.

The next day, Xiaohongshu announced the 3 billion traffic and targeted support plan on the second creator’s open day, hoping to normalize the live broadcast. Xiaohongshu, which has always emphasized style and quality, also pursues a differentiated live broadcast form. The live broadcast is based on the core advantage content notes, mainly sharing and chatting, and the atmosphere with goods is more inclined to emotional attributes.

On the one hand, it improves the user’s activity and conversion rate through live broadcast, realizing the realization of the platform, and on the other hand, it also realizes the retention of outstanding creators by realizing the realization.

2) "Creator 123 Plan"&"Campus Big Player"

In the past two years, Xiaohongshu has launched activities such as "Creator Open Day", "Creator 123 Plan" and "Campus Big Player" to carry out the "Million Creator Support Plan" for creators who love to share their lives, aiming to help content creators improve the quality of notes and productivity, hoping to cultivate and retain excellent content producers through various incentives, so that creators and content can release greater influence, precipitate private domain traffic for creators, and provide diversified commercialization roads.

At the same time, attract more users to join the little red book to complete the purpose of word-of-mouth communication.

After the above analysis, we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Xiaohongshu from three aspects: content operation, activity operation and household operation.

In terms of content operation, high-quality UGC content dissemination and community communication are the key points of Xiaohongshu’s success.

At present, Xiaohongshu has tens of thousands of notes in various hot topics such as fashion, skin care, travel, fitness, food, film and television, etc. The note list page made by high-quality creators gives people the most direct beauty enjoyment through exquisite filters and designed photos or small videos.

Xiaohongshu guides topics according to hot spots and user preferences, and encourages users to discover new content. Users can browse and share their life experiences on Xiaohongshu, and at the same time, they can complete a one-stop shopping experience from planting grass to placing orders.

On the other hand, the presence of more and more stars and KOL makes all kinds of commercial implants and soft articles appear in Little Red Books. The original intention of content creators to publish notes is no longer good recommendation, but commercial promotion, so users gradually become cautious about notes and have some doubts about the authenticity of the content.

For ordinary content creators, many people are also worried that the massive admission of star KOL will change the positioning of "Little Red Book" in a subtle way, and the style will gradually become the trend of "showing off wealth", so creators and staff of Little Red Book need stricter control and more accurate algorithms in content review.

Xiaohongshu’s achievements are largely due to the creativity of the event. At present, Xiaohongshu has established two festivals of its own label-"6.6 Anniversary Celebration" and "Red Friday". In addition, the platform often combines hot spots or self-made hot spots to carry out creative activities marketing, such as fresh meat express and linkage draft variety show.

Both online and offline activities have been well received, and the daily activity and new registrations during the activities are more eye-catching. In the next step, Xiaohongshu will launch cross-border cooperation with tourism, and also look forward to the next explosion point created by Xiaohongshu.

In terms of user operation, the users of Xiaohongshu are mainly divided into two categories: content producers and ordinary users.

For ordinary users, Xiaohongshu has established a user growth rating system, encouraging users to share life fun, publish notes, and communicate socially in the platform to become creators and produce high-quality content, thus forming a virtuous circle;

For content producers, the creator training system of the platform allows users to continuously produce high-quality content, and at the same time, it brings huge traffic and hot spots to the platform, and then users can cooperate with brands to realize traffic realization, thus ensuring the operation of the platform.

Despite this, Xiaohongshu is still under pressure in user conversion, and creative activities can often bring short-term profits to the platform, but once the popularity passes, the sales volume of the platform will return to the previous level.

Although Xiaohongshu’s "community+e-commerce" model realizes the closed-loop of user behavior, its commercial realization is not satisfactory, and its popularity and reputation do not seem to match the market share. In the end, it is because users have not changed the shopping mode of "planting grass on Xiaohongshu and pulling grass on other platforms", especially the "fake goods" that broke out in recent years have had a certain impact on Xiaohongshu’s reputation.

At the same time, with the increasing number of competitors on the social e-commerce track in recent years, the market expansion space is limited, and many APPs with overlapping functions are gradually launched, such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker, which focus on short video socializing, Netease Koala Shopping, a community-based shopping app integrating sharing and shopping, etc. Their rise has caused a large-scale shift in users’ attention, which will make Xiaohongshu lose a group of users to a certain extent. How to complete traffic construction and user maintenance in the industry with many giants will be the focus of Xiaohongshu’s consideration.

Judging from the data in October 2020, Xiaohongshu ranked first in the dating APP section of iResearch data community, and the number of independent devices is still rising, which is in the leading position in the industry.

Little Red Book has gradually developed into a comprehensive platform of community+e-commerce from the initial PDF travel shopping strategy, with the number of users exceeding 300 million. The content of this "book" of Little Red Book has become richer and richer, and more and more users have written it.

As the first batch of community+e-commerce products, Xiaohongshu identified the target users at the beginning of the product, fully met the needs of users, and successfully realized the integration of two seemingly weak modules through marketing activities, realizing the logical self-consistency of the product and the closed loop of user behavior within the product.

  • The e-commerce industry is already in the Red Sea competition, and users don’t seem to buy the e-commerce platform of Xiaohongshu, and there is still much room for improvement in traffic liquidity;
  • Faced with the same type of content community or social e-commerce APP that is rising, how can Xiaohongshu maintain its position and maintain its relationship with users?

6.2.1 Strengthen the connection between content and e-commerce, and constantly explore the integration of content community and e-commerce platform.

Realize the intercommunication between seller’s comments and notes, place the product link at the appropriate place on the note page, or attach the sharing notes of star KOL to the product page to enhance the user’s impression and trust; Invite the official flagship store to settle in and improve the variety of goods.

On the basis of the original REDelivery international logistics system, a mature supply chain system and a perfect management system are established to support its e-commerce platform and ensure the authenticity of goods; At the same time, establish a supervision and audit mechanism, conduct regular spot checks, remove inferior products in time, and do a good job in after-sales service.

6.2.2 In terms of user maintenance, we should adhere to the tonality of the product itself and ensure the high quality of the core content.

Increase the reward function of high-quality content, give more direct ways to prove creative ability and get more economic encouragement for high-quality content; Establish a hot list of little red books similar to Weibo Hot Search and Zhihu Hot List, inform users of current trends, improve users’ immersion time, and thus increase users’ stickiness.

New user incentive mechanisms, such as daily sign-in reward, watching live broadcast time reward, shopping reward, sharing reward, etc., will enable users to get incentives not only from spiritual and emotional aspects, but also from material benefits, and these rewards can be used for cash deduction in e-commerce sectors such as welfare agencies, thus forming a cycle.

Xiaohongshu has developed from an unknown APP to a national-level software in just six years. Behind this is the creation and efforts of the founding team. "Three points rely on innovation and seven points rely on hard work." In the future, Xiaohongshu will provide more interesting community games to meet more needs of users, and expect Xiaohongshu to write his own wonderful.


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