These six products were named on March 15 this year. What time will the live broadcast of the 315 party in 2021 be?

  It’s March 15th again.

  March 15th this year is the first consumer rights day since the 14th Five-Year Plan. Many people are concerned, which enterprises and products will be greatly exposed? Many businesses are worried that their products will be "named"?

  According to the complaints received by the National Consumers Association in 2020 announced by the China Consumers Association, the hot spots of consumer complaints and media attention in the past year should be sorted out, and products in these six fields should be extra careful.


  One is the car.

  Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision and other five departments talked about Tesla, involving abnormal acceleration, battery fire, remote vehicle upgrade and other issues.

  Many models of Toyota have problems such as oil increase and oil emulsification. Especially Asian Dragon, the related complaints on the car quality network are more serious.

  In the complaint list of Chezhi. com in 2020, the Volkswagen model headed by sagitar has abnormal gearbox noise and frustration, with 1199 complaints. Among them, it also involves a variety of models such as LaVida and Bora.

  Some local consumers’ associations pointed out that Buick’s complaints among mid-level car joint venture brands are outstanding, followed by Chevrolet and SAIC Volkswagen; Domestic independent brands such as Geely, Roewe and BYD have more complaints; Luxury brands BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz have the highest number of complaints.

  In addition, the car purchase contract is "tricky", the after-sales service is not in place, and the car insurance is bundled, which are also common problems in car consumption complaints.

  The second is live broadcast with goods.

  Low price is the biggest selling point of live broadcast to attract consumers, but it is also mixed. Some live broadcast rooms also gather many consumption traps such as counterfeiting, exaggeration, wrong goods and poor after-sales.

  The problems of live broadcast with goods include old problems such as poor quality, false propaganda, and inadequate after-sales, as well as new problems such as fraud by public figures with goods, traffic fraud, and false reports. Although Tmall, JD.COM and other shopping platforms are increasingly cracking down on swiping bills, it is not difficult to find traffic dealers on the Internet, and even you can find sellers by directly entering keywords such as "pink" and "live traffic" on some websites.

  The third is short video.

  Short video platform has become the main channel for consumers to browse and share information, but the low-cost experience released by enterprises through short video may be a trap. Some college students complained that they saw that "Yanyu Oriental Costume Photography" had an experience activity of 19.9 yuan through the short video platform. After the actual registration, the studio staff constantly induced them to upgrade their services, and finally the accumulated service fee was as high as 20,000 yuan. The Consumer Protection Committee found that the trap of low-cost experience is more in the service fields such as photography and moving.

  The fourth is the network car.

  Not long ago, a 23-year-old woman in Changsha jumped out of the window and died. The Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Bureau interviewed the cargo girl twice. On March 11th, Cargo Lala announced the on-line recording function, trial operation of on-board equipment and other rectification measures.

  Previously, Didi was also caught in many security incidents. Compared with the management loopholes in previous years, Didi has made many improvements in recent years, but the problems such as "killing big data", "high drawing" and "selling coupons black production chain" are still criticized.

  Fifth, educational institutions.

  Recently, the market supervision departments in many places have issued consumer warnings about carefully choosing education and training institutions.

  A few days ago, five education and training institutions with a large number of complaints and low resolution rate made public exposure. Among them, Yousheng Education was exposed for the seventh time because of running a school without a license, and Jianwei Education and Yi Xiao Education were exposed for the sixth time and the fourth time respectively.

  The sixth is mobile phone software.

  Over the past year, the loopholes in mobile phone software have repeatedly triggered public opinion.

  A professor from Fudan University led a team to complete a research report on "mobile phone software taxi" in many cities across the country, saying that taxi software has the phenomenon of "big data killing".

  On March 12, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "APP Notice on Infringement of Users’ Rights and Interests (the third batch in 2021, the twelfth batch in total)", and 136 apps were notified for infringing users’ rights and interests. Among them, companies such as Tencent, Iflytek and Shengtian Network are involved.

related news

  The "March 15th" party of the Central Radio and Television General Station in 2021 will be broadcast live on CCTV financial channel, CCTV financial client and Yangguang Economic Voice at 8 pm on March 15th. The theme of this "March 15th" party is: boosting consumption starts from the heart.

  China’s economy has gone through an extraordinary year in 2020. In the face of multiple severe impacts such as the sudden COVID-19 epidemic and the deep recession of the world economy, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with the Supreme Leader as the core, people of all ethnic groups throughout the country have worked hard, made significant strategic achievements in epidemic prevention and control, achieved positive economic growth in the only major economies in the world, won a comprehensive victory in the fight against poverty, won a decisive victory in building a well-off society in an all-round way, and handed over an answer that was satisfactory to the people, attracted worldwide attention and could go down in history. At such a critical moment, consumption is still the mainstay of the national economy. The total retail sales of consumer goods in the whole year was 39,198.1 billion yuan, accounting for 38.6% of the total economic output. Among them, the improvement of consumption order and consumption environment is a remarkable feature. The determination and sincerity of policies and supervision, the conscience and intention of enterprises, and the confidence and reassurance of consumers constitute a benign consumption ecology.

  The "March 15th" party in 2021 focused on "boosting consumption from the heart", hoping that through the power of honesty, everyone can live a happier and happier life, steadily improve their consumption capacity, improve the consumption environment, enable residents to consume and be willing to consume, speed up the construction of a modern economic system, smooth the domestic cycle and the domestic and international dual cycle, start the "14th Five-Year Plan" for China’s economy, and contribute to the new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way.

  The new development stage, new development concept and new development pattern mean that a new consumption era is coming with the wind. A good new consumption ecology will make everyone enjoy a sense of acquisition, happiness and security more fully, more securely and sustainably, and jointly usher in the spring of growth. The "March 15th" party advocates that every producer, operator, consumer and supervisor should weave the country’s development goals with the people’s simple wishes into a better life.

  The "March 15th" party in 2021 was jointly sponsored by the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, National Internet Information Office, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, National Health and Wellness Commission, State Administration of Market Supervision, National Medical Products Administration, China Consumers Association and CCTV.

Original title: This year’s "March 15th", these six products were named.
Editor in charge: Zheng Lili

Yang Mi, Li Xirui, Xu Dongdong, Guan Xiaotong, they are the beautiful legs of the entertainment industry Muse

Yang Mi, Li Xirui, Xu Dongdong, Guan Xiaotong

1905 movie network news The lack of an actress’s aura depends on whether her legs are beautiful or not. As an entertainment industry that never lacks beautiful women, there are not many actresses known as beautiful legs, and recently, Yang Mi, Li Xirui, Xu Dongdong, and Guan Xiaotong have been praised by netizens as the beautiful legs of the entertainment industry. Muse.


Yang Mi is not afraid of the cold and shows super long legs

Yang Mi beautiful legs

Every time Yang Mi attended an event, it caused a frenzy. Recently, Yang Mi wore a starlight dress to attend a grand event. At that time, the weather was cold and the temperature had reached below zero. However, Da Mimi still wore a metallic slanted shoulder dress despite the cold, showing off snow-white shoulders and slender and slender legs, revealing his good figure.


Li Xirui’s legs are frequently on the hot search and crush the stars

Li Xiqian beautiful legs

As a member of Yang Mi’s general, Li Xirui’s beautiful legs are no more than or even more than the boss Da Mimi. Earlier, with the corner of Xia Qiao in "Beautiful Li Huizhen", Li Xirui’s long legs successfully captured netizens. "Li Xirui’s legs" also once hit the hot search, as long as they were on the same field with her, they were all crushed by her beautiful legs.


Xu Dongdong’s Weibo show of beautiful legs attracts netizens to watch

Xu Dongdong’s beautiful legs

Recently, Xu Dongdong, the national sister-in-law, showed off her beautiful legs on Weibo and wrote: Since I was a child, I was told that my legs are not good-looking, who knows… now I am basking in the sun… I am a lot more confident in my legs… So, I have learned a truth. When others say you are bad, you can bask in whatever you are. Maybe that is what makes you different… Just like when I was growing up, I was always told to be hunched… Now they can only envy me. This article attracted countless netizens to watch, and her beautiful legs have also become a hot topic of discussion among netizens.


Guan Xiaotong’s slender legs are one meter long

Guan Xiaotong beautiful legs

Recently, Guan Xiaotong participated in an event, singing and dancing on the spot, a pair of long legs against the sky amazed the audience, and the beautiful legs were full of talent. It is no wonder that she successfully "captured" Luhan, and the news of Guan Xiaotong’s hot dance has also attracted the attention of many netizens. The child star Guan Xiaotong grew up in the spotlight, and at 1.73 meters, she has a perfect figure. Her fair and slender legs are one meter long.

Stunning design, Huawei Ascend P7 mid-autumn big price

  [PConline Anhui Railway Station Quote]As a typical example of the world’s thinnest machine, Huawei Ascend P7 has a stunning appearance design, both front and rear are third-generation Corning Gorilla Glass, which combines beauty and protection performance. At the same time, it is equipped with a HiSilicon Kirin 910T quad-core processor, has 2GB RAM, and a 5-inch full high definition screen. The running performance is also not to be underestimated. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, "Hefei Five Star Telecom" is promoting this mobile phone. Interested friends may wish to call for consultation.

Mobile communication latest price change table
Model Previous quotation (yuan) Current price (yuan) Rise and fall (yuan) Remarks
Huawei Ascend P7 Mobile So — yeah. So — yeah. So — yeah.  So — yeah.
Collection date: August 26, 2014, please click for more market price changesAnhui mobile phone market

Huawei Ascend P7 Mobile
Huawei Ascend P7 Mobile  picture  series  review  forum  quote  Online shopping price  

Huawei Ascend P7 Mobile  Huawei Ascend P7 Mobile 

Huawei Ascend P7 Mobile  Huawei Ascend P7 Mobile 

  Huawei P7 is an upgraded version of the previous generation P6, with a body size of 139.8 × 68.8 × 6.5 mm and a weight of 124 grams. It is similar in appearance to the P6 design. It is still the style of the aluminum alloy frame and the C-shaped arc design at the bottom of the fuselage, but the material and craftsmanship of the fuselage have changed greatly compared to the previous generation. It is made of glass before and after, and the back case has textured decoration. The screen of Huawei P7 has been upgraded from the 4.7-inch 720P resolution of the previous generation to 5.0-inch 1080P (1920×1080 pixels). The screen frame is 2.97mm. The outer layer of the screen is made of Corning’s third-generation gorilla glass to enhance the scratch resistance. This screen also supports glove mode, which provides convenience for operating the mobile phone in winter. Huawei P7 is equipped with a 1.8 GHz HiSilicon Kirin 910T quad-core processor, with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB body storage space, and supports microSD card expansion; front and rear cameras are 8 million/13 million pixels.

PConline Product Library– Specifications
brand Huawei Honor
series Huawei P7 series
Model Ascend P7
Mobile phone frequency band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, TD-SCDMA 1880-1920/2010-2025MHz, TD-LTE 1900/2300/2600MHz (Mobile 4G)
weight 124G
system Android 4.4
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.0
WiFi (WLAN) Supports WiFi, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
expansion card Support TF card (microSD card), up to 64GB expansion
product link //
online shopping price comparison Price comparison of major e-commerce companies
IT mall Online shopping price
More details picture  quote  parameter  compare  User comments  Review · Quotes

  Editor’s comment:Huawei Ascend P7 adheres to the ultimate fashion and elegance unique to the P6. In terms of appearance design, the combination of metal and glass materials creates a high-texture exquisite craftsmanship, showing the beauty of technology and fashion. Interested friends are welcome to inquire or enter the store to buy. At that time, Pacific Computer Network will enjoy more discounts.[Return to Anhui Branch to view more]

  When purchasing a machine, mention PConline Pacific Computer Network for better service or discounts.

  [Reference price]:Huawei Ascend P7 Mobile Price negotiable
  [Sales Merchant]:Hefei Five Star Telecom  //
  [Business address]:Bao Wuxing Telecom, 2k19, 2nd floor, Xinyinhe Communication Mall, Baohe District, Hefei City, Anhui Province.
  [Business phone number]:18655111521
  [Latest Quotes]:Anhui mobile phone market
  [Quote inquiry]:Anhui mobile phone quotation

"Qingyu Nian 3" official announcement, Zhang Ruoyun joined hands with Li Qin, Tian Yu, Song Yi and other more than 20 leading actors to return

The official announcement of "Qingyu Nian 3" was launched, and the five protagonists were replaced. Yan Bingyun’s corner invited Xiao Zhan again.

"Qingyu Nian" is a series of classics created by screenwriter Wang Tie and director Sun Hao, and jointly created by Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin, Chen Daoming, Wu Gang, Li Xiaoran, Tian Yu, Song Yi, Guo Qilin and others. The play is adapted from the novel of the same name by Cat Network and has been broadcast in three parts. At present, the first and second parts have already appeared. After the conclusion of "Qingyu Nian 1", news about the second part appeared in just one month, but what no one expected was that the release of "Qingyu Nian 2" made the audience wait for four years. Now, "Qingyu Nian 2" has officially ended, and the news of the third installment also appeared, which led everyone to ask, is this "Qingyu Nian 3" going to be on for three or four years? The answer is not so! "Qingyu Nian 3" was officially launched, and the five protagonists were replaced, and Yan Bingyun invited Xiao Zhan again. As we all know, the reason why "Qingyu Nian 2" was delayed for so long was mainly due to the environmental factors at that time. Not only the play, but many works were delayed because of those three years, but now it is completely different, so the launch of the play should be smooth sailing. Of course, although "Qingyu Nian 3" will soon be put on the schedule as hoped, the selection of actors is still the top priority. After all, this is the key point of a drama, so I will mainly introduce the general list of the drama. In the preparation of "Qingyu Nian 3", almost the vast majority of the lead actors have returned to the filming of the drama, including Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin, Chen Daoming, Tian Yu, Li Xiaoran, Xin Zhilei, Song Yi, Guo Qilin, Liu Duanduan, Zhang Haowei, Gao Shuguang and more than 20 other actors. In addition to the return of many of the above protagonists, in the cast section of "Qingyu Nian 3", there are also many roles that have changed actors, among which Ye Qingmei, Ye Linger, Yan Bingyun and others are the most eye-catching. Although Ye Qingmei’s role has not appeared many times, it has always been in everyone’s memory, but her stories and legends have always been throughout, especially in "Qingyu Nian 3", so the candidate for this role is about to be screened again. However, it is interesting that most of the news on the Internet about the candidate for Ye Qingmei’s role points to Tang Yixin. As a flower with good looks, acting skills and popularity, Tang Yixin has a lot of faulty works, and it is easy to play a Ye Qingmei. In addition,In "Qingyu Nian 1", the popular male sidekick, Bingyun, has also ushered in a sudden increase in scenes, which is enough in the second installment

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Unbounded design leads the fashion trend! Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition has skyrocketed in popularity and is sold out immediately upon sale

  Recently, the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition has finally been officially launched. This high-profile Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition mobile phone has quickly become the focus of the market due to its excellent product design advantages. From design craftsmanship to appearance, it shows unparalleled charm and quality, and is loved by many star Internet celebrities. Let’s take a deeper look at this trendsetting mobile phone and explore the beauty of its design.

  The design of Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition adopts the Infinite Design unbounded design language, which interprets the aesthetic concept of unbounded design. The front design creates a sense of immersion, while the front and back sides are made of solid Titan glass, which is not only extremely strong, but also improves the anti-drop performance by 4 times, providing users with excellent durability.

  The middle frame is made of ultra-lightweight stainless steel material from the automotive field mixed with steel and aluminum, which not only reduces the weight of the whole machine by 30%, but also improves the heat dissipation efficiency by 40%. The rear camera, on the other hand, abandons the frame design and adopts the crystal dome borderless mirror group. Each lens is inlaid with two pieces of sapphire, which is more forcibly updated and pure.

  In addition, Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition shines with its many eye-catching color schemes. Star Black seems to bring users into the universe world of traceless stars, space silver imaginative vast starry sky, nebula green symbolizes the most mysterious nebula above the sky, each color scheme shows a unique personality and charm.

  In terms of screen, the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition is equipped with BOE Q9 OLED flexible straight screen, and the almost borderless design allows users to immerse themselves in the visual unbounded experience. 2K + resolution, 1850nit peak brightness and 10Bit color depth bring more delicate and realistic color performance. At the same time, it supports 1Hz to 120Hz LTPO variable refresh rate and 1920Hz PWM dimming technology for a smoother and more natural display effect.

  In terms of performance, the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition is equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship platform, equipped with LPDDR5X memory and UFS 4.0 flash memory, providing users with excellent processing speed and storage capacity. The built-in 4800mAh battery meets daily use needs and supports 65W Super mCharge wired overcharge technology, making charging faster and more convenient.

  In addition to its excellent design and powerful performance, Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition has also attracted the attention and love of star Internet celebrities. Many well-known stars have shared photos with Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition, showing its appearance and fashion sense. This phenomenon further proves the unique charm and attractiveness of Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition in appearance.

  What’s more exciting is that the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition sold out quickly in the first sale, demonstrating its high popularity and user recognition. Users have given positive feedback on the product power of the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition, which is also a trust and support for the Meizu brand.

  In addition, the Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition also provides up to 3 years of quality assurance service to provide users with a full range of after-sales protection. At the same time, the mobile phone has also passed the 48-month smooth certification to ensure that users can get a lasting and smooth operation experience during use, free from performance degradation.

  In short, Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition has won the love of many star Internet celebrities with its excellent design craftsmanship and eye-catching appearance and has achieved great success in the market. Unbounded design language, high-quality materials, excellent screen and powerful performance have made Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition a leader in fashion trends. Whether it is appearance or interior, it has attracted users’ attention with its unique charm and brought them an excellent experience. The news that Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition sold out for the first time is further proof of its excellent quality and market recognition. Whether it is the pursuit of fashion or the pursuit of excellent performance, Meizu 20 Unbounded Edition is a good choice.


Most satisfied:High value, good performance, taking pictures is a surprise, Huawei old fans adapt faster
The least satisfied:It’s a pity that it’s not 5G.
Workmanship appearance:Originally torn to the standard black or rococo white, finally chose rococo white, the value is really high
Configuration performance:The battery life is at the level of a regular Snapdragon model, just over 6 hours and 20 minutes.
System fluency:Performance is not to worry about, with Hongmeng 3.1 to enjoy silky smoothness, while the animation has also been strengthened a lot, there is a more obvious detail, drop down the notification bar and then pull up the recycling when the recycling is closer to the upper left corner, observe the displacement of time will be obvious.
Photo effect:If you take a picture, try it, the most intuitive experience of telephoto is stable, unprecedented stability, followed by the telephoto photo formation rate is greatly improved, the night telephoto photo image quality can not be said to be much stronger than mate40PRO, especially the smearing feeling is much better, the main camera is also stronger than mate40PRO, mainly with the variable collar, the blurring of the picture is much stronger.

How to protect supermarket shopping, online car-hailing, and dining out?

  As the resumption of work and production across the country continues to advance in an orderly manner, everyone can’t help but ask in work and life: how to prevent the risk of infection when shopping in supermarkets? When traveling, how to take online taxis and taxis? What protection details should be paid attention to when eating out?… In response to these issues of public concern, the Economic Daily reporter interviewed relevant experts.

  In the season of surprise, the spring is getting stronger. With the return of spring to the earth, the resumption of work and production across the country is carried out in an orderly manner. However, at the moment of the COVID-19 epidemic, how to continue to do a good job of personal protection is still an issue that everyone needs to pay special attention to.

  Keep your distance from shopping and avoid peak crowds

  "When shopping, keep a certain distance from each other, at least one meter or more." Zhang Liubo, a researcher at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that in order to meet the daily needs of people, stores and supermarkets have to open their doors. As consumers, they should minimize the frequency of visiting these stores and supermarkets and shorten the time when shopping. In addition to daily shopping, consumers should try to avoid wandering in stores.

  "When shopping, it is very necessary to take good personal protection." Shi Xiaoming, director of the environment institute of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, believes that the public should try to avoid the peak traffic of shopping malls and supermarkets when shopping. For example, choose non-weekend hours, or when you just open in the morning, this can reduce the chance of direct contact with other people. In addition, try to avoid taking the box elevator. If you are shopping on a lower floor, it is best to take the stairs. If you are shopping on a higher floor, it is recommended to use the escalator first. If you must take the box elevator, you can wait for the next elevator when there are many people in the elevator, and keep a safe distance from other people when taking the elevator. In addition, wear a mask correctly and do good hand hygiene throughout the journey.

  Open more windows in a taxi and do a good job of hand hygiene

  When traveling for a long distance, how do you take online taxis and taxis? In this regard, Zhang Liubo said that taxis and online taxis have a relatively independent space, and you need to do five things during the ride:

  The first is to ensure that the driver is not infected. A health declaration system can be established to carry out temperature testing; drivers need to wear masks throughout the journey, and often do hand hygiene, which is the most basic requirement. Second, before the vehicle leaves the car every day, door handles, seats, handrails and other places should be cleaned and disinfected. Third, during driving, if conditions permit, windows should be opened as much as possible when the outside temperature is suitable to ensure better air communication. Fourth, before passengers get on the bus, open the door for a minute or two to give the car an opportunity for air exchange. You can also use disinfectant paper towels to wipe and disinfect the positions that may be encountered. Most importantly, passengers should wear masks throughout the ride and do hand hygiene after the ride. Fifth, when paying, promote contactless payment.

  Travel remotely, don’t wait too early

  For people who travel remotely by train, plane, and other means of transportation, Zhang Liubo recommends:

  First, you should pay attention to the timetable and not wait too early in crowded areas such as railway stations and terminals. This can not only reduce the density of people in such public places, but also avoid being in a relatively closed environment for a long time. Of course, some transportation departments also have relevant regulations that cannot enter the station 2 hours or 3 hours in advance.

  Second, passengers should take good personal protection when entering the station, wear masks throughout the process, minimize contact with public facilities and public goods, and avoid too much communication with strangers. They should also maintain good hand hygiene as soon as possible.

  The third is to keep quiet and avoid noise when riding these means of transportation. When individuals cough or sneeze, they should pay attention to civilized etiquette, cover their mouths and noses with paper towels or their arms; if they go to the bathroom, they should pay attention to the surfaces of handrails and door handles. Once they come into contact with these items, they should do a good job of hand hygiene in time.

  Fourth, when travel conditions permit, it is best to sit as far away from the seat as possible.

  Eating out, try to pay without contact

  How to take personal protection during restaurant queuing and dining? Zhang Liubo said that during the queuing process, the public should wear masks, reduce language communication, and maintain a certain safe distance from neighboring customers. If you sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, or use elbow shielding measures. When picking up meals, individuals should avoid directly touching the surfaces of frequently touched objects with their hands; when paying, they should try to choose electronic payment methods such as QR codes that are not in direct contact, and reduce the use of cash settlement.

  In addition, before eating, individuals should choose tables and chairs with clean surfaces, preferably near doors and windows and other well-ventilated locations. They should pay attention to hand hygiene and wash their hands with hand sanitizer under running water, or disinfect them with disinfectant.

  During the meal, when individuals take off their masks, they must pay attention to keeping the inside of the masks clean to avoid pollution. They should avoid sitting face-to-face, preferably in the same direction, and the distance between them should be more than 1 meter. They should shorten the dining time and reduce the communication between colleagues. If there are many people in the restaurant, packing is a better choice. After the meal, individuals should leave the restaurant immediately to reduce their stay.

  Reduce meetings and increase temperature monitoring

  After the resumption of work, it is inevitable that the company will hold a meeting. During the meeting, local personnel can gather, so it is very important to do a good job in hygiene protection. In this regard, Zhang Liubo has 4 suggestions:

  The first is to ensure the ventilation and ventilation of the conference room; the second is to clean and disinfect the conference room desktops, handles, and floors in a timely manner; the third is to minimize the frequency of meetings, shorten the meeting time, pay attention to the distance between participants, and wear masks; the fourth is that if it can be turned into a network conference, video conference, or WeChat meeting, it is best to use these methods instead.

  For enterprises with employees living in collective dormitories, how to prevent and control the epidemic? Shi Xiaoming suggested that for the personnel living in collective dormitories, daily temperature monitoring should be strengthened, and the body temperature should be checked every time they enter the collective dormitory. This is a universal measure for everyone. Once people with abnormal body temperature are found, they should be immediately transferred to a temporary isolation area and disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations. In addition, dormitories should have windows and regular ventilation. For dormitories without windows, mechanical exhaust equipment such as exhaust fans should be installed; washbasins should be equipped with hand disinfection products and regularly cleaned and disinfected. At the same time, the number of people living in collective dormitories should be strictly controlled.

  Public transportation system, increase the frequency of disinfection

  For traveling by public transportation, Zhang Liubo introduced that bus companies should arrange vehicles appropriately according to traffic counting, try to evacuate passenger flow and reduce the congestion of carriages. When conditions permit, vehicles should open windows for ventilation as much as possible during driving, and try to increase the frequency of disinfection while ensuring safety. In addition, passengers, attendants, and drivers should wear masks; passengers should try to keep a certain distance from each other when riding.

  Due to the relatively fixed station of the subway, it is recommended to strengthen personnel guidance and control the number of people entering the station; increase the temperature detection device in the station hall; increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of public facilities and public areas to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioning in the platform; before each trip, clean and disinfect the interior of the carriage, paying special attention to ensure the normal operation of the ventilation system of the carriage; operators, including platform service personnel, should wear masks; make full use of radio, television, posters, and reminders to publicize relevant prevention and control knowledge; passengers should wear masks throughout the ride and do a good job of hand hygiene after the ride.

  Nursery institutions, full health knows the real situation

  In the near future, childcare institutions in some areas are about to open parks. How to protect against the epidemic? Zhang Liubo said that childcare institutions should carry out relevant work from three aspects:

  First, before the opening of the kindergarten, the kindergarten should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to ensure that the classrooms are well ventilated, and relevant material reserves should be made, and the kindergarten teachers should master these prevention and control knowledge. In addition, the most critical point is to know the real situation of the health status of all teaching staff and children. Only children can enter the kindergarten if they are healthy. Second, if the epidemic is over, the kindergarten can be implemented according to the normal teaching order; if there are still cases, we must take corresponding preventive measures and make an emergency plan, especially to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of the environment and items, as well as hand hygiene and personal protection. Third, once suspected cases occur, they must be dealt with quickly according to the emergency plan. ( Economic Daily · China Economic Net reporter, Wu Jiajia)

A number of car companies have announced price cuts, and the car market will be "price war" or reopened in the second half of the year.

  Our reporter Gong Mengze

  In the first half of 2023, the automobile industry accelerated the "involution" in the reshuffle, and achieved a cumulative sales volume of 13.239 million vehicles in the first six months, a year-on-year increase of 9.8%. However, due to the low achievement rate of domestic automobile enterprises, especially new energy automobile enterprises in the first half of the year, enterprises started the impulse work early in the second half of the year.

  Since August, many car companies have joined the army of price reduction through official reduction, new car concessions and terminal concessions, covering more than 20 models, with prices ranging from 50,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan.

  On August 7th, the reporter of Securities Daily visited the authorized experience store of AITO Wenjie Automobile located in Blue Harbor, Chaoyang District, Beijing. As the first inquiry M5 to follow up Tesla’s price reduction at the beginning of the year, the current car purchase can enjoy the first sale rights of the optional fund of 10,000 yuan, the Beijing brand redemption discount of 5,000 yuan, and the optional equipment donated by subsidies varies according to different models. "In addition to price concessions, the equity category is mainly upgraded around the rim and seat configuration." The store sales staff told reporters.

  In addition, the reporter learned from china automobile dealers association that the inventory index of domestic dealers rebounded to 57.8% in July after three consecutive months of decline. At the same time, 32.7% of dealers have raised their sales targets in the second half of the year in the context of the continuous decline in transaction prices, which means that the sales pressure in the domestic automobile market has intensified, and a new round of "price war" may be reopened.

  A number of car companies announced price cuts.

  The "price war" in the second half of the year may be more intense.

  In August, SAIC-Volkswagen launched the "first shot" of price reduction, announcing the price reduction of nine SUV models of SAIC-Volkswagen from August 1 to August 31. Among them, the highest comprehensive discount for Tourang and Tourang X reached 60,000 yuan, and the highest comprehensive discount for Tiguan L plug-in hybrid was 55,000 yuan.

  On the same day, the zero-running car in the new domestic car-making force simultaneously started the price reduction activity of "double C-door, zero-running and summer price". Zero-run automobile announced the price reduction of some models of its C series, including two C11 models and three C01 models, of which the highest drop of C01 model reached 20,000 yuan.

  In fact, this is the year after the zero-run official announced the price reduction in March this year. "Everyone thinks that the central integrated electronic and electrical architecture is carried by products with more than 300,000 yuan. But zero running can popularize such an architecture to popular products. " Ying Zhou, general manager of the retail car marketing department, said in an interview with the Securities Daily that "technical equality" is one of the greatest significance of retail cars to ordinary consumers.

  Then, Chery New Energy launched an official event. Users can enjoy different cash discounts when purchasing three models of Chery New Energy, namely Little Ant, Unbounded Pro and QQ Ice Cream, up to 10,000 yuan. At the same time, SAIC MG MG also offered limited-time discounts for three hot-selling models: MG5 Scorpio, the third-generation MG6PRO and MGONE, with a maximum discount of 26,000 yuan for bicycles.

  Under the pressure, the Euler brand of Great Wall Motor has also launched a limited-time preferential activity recently, and many of its models have ushered in a sharp price reduction, and can enjoy a cash discount of up to 30,000 yuan. The models involved include Euler Lightning Cat, Euler Good Cat, Euler Good Cat GT Mulan Edition and Euler Ballet Cat; As for Nezha Auto, it has recently announced that its 2022 Nezha S will be released on Tanabata, with a maximum price reduction of 49,000 yuan from August 5, 2023, and at the same time, it will enjoy a financial discount or replacement subsidy of 8,000 yuan.

  "At the beginning of the year, Tesla took the lead in lowering the selling price and triggered other car companies to follow up. By March, the joint subsidy between Hubei government and enterprises triggered a national promotion, and then ‘ The dispute between oil and electricity ’ Competing for the user base, in fact ‘ Price war ’ It has never really stopped. " According to Zhang Xiuyang, Secretary-General of China Passenger Car Industry Alliance, the "price war" in the second half of the year is even fiercer than that in the first half.

  In fact, there has long been a consensus on the speculation that auto companies will continue to reduce prices in the second half of the year. Earlier, Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the All-China Federation of Riders, said in an institutional investigation: "It appeared in the second half of the year ‘ Price war ’ The probability is greater. " Cui Dongshu also specifically mentioned that the market competition among brands in plug-in hybrid field will be more intense.

  Policies are favorable frequently.

  Automobile demand continues to recover.

  Previously, every time the domestic auto market experienced a "price war" and a wave of price reduction, it would have a great impact on the overall auto market revenue and profit in that year, disrupting the development rhythm of the auto market in the future, which would bring some negative effects that were not conducive to the development of the industry.

  Based on this, in order to create a good market atmosphere, China Automobile Industry Association initiated the Commitment Letter on Maintaining Fair Market Order in Automobile Industry, which was signed by 16 mainstream automobile companies including Dongfeng, SAIC and Tesla, requiring automobile companies to abide by the rules and regulations and standardize marketing activities, with the aim of maintaining the competitive order in the automobile market and jointly creating a harmonious consumption environment.

  On the policy level, on July 31 this year, the state officially promulgated the "Measures on Restoring and Expanding Consumption", in which automobile consumption was highlighted. On July 21st, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and other thirteen ministries and commissions also issued "Several Measures on Promoting Automobile Consumption".

  In Cui Dongshu’s view, consumer demand is still insufficient, the industry operation is still under great pressure, and there are still many challenges in business operation. It is necessary to maintain the stability and predictability of policies to help the industry run smoothly.

  In 2023, China Automobile Association put forward the development goal that automobile sales are expected to reach 27.6 million units, a year-on-year increase of 3%. It is understood that on the basis of positive growth for two consecutive years, whether the domestic auto market can continue its growth performance has attracted much attention from the market.

  "The good performance of new energy vehicles and automobile exports has effectively boosted market growth." Xu Haidong, deputy chief engineer of China Automobile Industry Association, said that as the effect of automobile consumption promotion policy continues to appear, the consumption potential of the automobile market will be further released, which will help promote the steady growth of the industry throughout the year. (Securities Daily)

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

On July 20th, singer Hua Chenyu appeared in Shanghai to unveil his wax figure at Madame Tussauds Shanghai.

On the day of the event, Hua Chenyu celebrated the 8th anniversary of his debut with fans, listened to the fans’ hearts and thanked the fans for accompanying him all the way. At the same time, Shanghai Dusha also created a month-long "Mars Philharmonic Carnival" pop-up band on the stage of the music district.

The wax figure of Hua Chenyu replicates the shape of Hua Chenyu at the concert through gorgeous performance costumes, domineering expressions, and passionate singing with a microphone in hand.

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

Speaking about the styling of his wax figure this time, Hua Chenyu admitted that the action on his wax figure was selected from his concert. "The concert is a very free stage, and my state is also the most relaxed, comfortable and natural. The shape of the concert is more like myself, more free, and I hope the fans will feel at home when they see it."

At the scene, Hua Chenyu interacted closely with his wax figure, posed in various handsome poses, and held himself intimately. At the press conference, Hua Chenyu, who played musical instruments, was also very cool. Hua Chenyu also said more than once that what he wanted to do most was to hold a concert.

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

When it comes to his wish for the second half of the year, Hua Chenyu said: "Seeing the enthusiastic support of fans, I hope to hold a concert this year." Speaking of his wax figure, Hua Chenyu thinks the wax figure is very realistic, like himself, and also assigns a small task to his fans to ask everyone to name his wax figure.

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

How about Xiaomi Smart TV, Xiaomi Smart TV Features Introduction [Detailed Explanation]

  Nowadays, televisions are an indispensable type of entertainment appliances in people’s normal lives, and it can be said that they can be seen in every household. With the continuous improvement of modern technology, televisions have also been upgraded, and smart TVs have gradually appeared in our lives. At present, there are many TV brands on the market, and I believe everyone is familiar with the brand of Xiaomi. So how about Xiaomi, smart TV? The following editor will take you to have a look!

  First, the screen

  Xiaomi’s smart TV has a 47-inch narrow side, using LG’s IPS screen and Samsung’s SVA screen. The screen quality of these two major companies is truly world-class. While mainstream TVs at the same price are generally 46 inches with domestic screens, it can be seen that Xiaomi still has an advantage in this regard.

  Operating system

  Xiaomi’s operating system is MIUI TV, which is easy to operate and rich in functions. * The main thing is that you can install Android applications and games, which is much better than other ordinary TV operating systems.

  III. Processor

  The CPU of Xiaomi Smart TV is a Qualcomm quad-core 1.7GHz processor, which has a rather high configuration even compared with mobile phones. Other mainstream TVs are generally core solo processors.

  IV. 3D function

  Xiaomi Smart TV supports 3D function, and giving two pairs of 3D glasses is a great value. Generally, some mainstream TVs of the same price support 3D, while others do not.

  4K ultra high definition

  4K refers to the physical resolution of 3840 × 2160, so that the total number of pixels of the display device exceeds 8 million or more. From the perspective of resolution indicators, 720P is the high definition standard, 1080P is the full high definition standard, 4K ultra high definition is 4 times the full high definition and 8 times the high definition, making the TV picture finer and more delicate.

  The above is the relevant content about whether Xiaomi smart TV is good or not, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!