"Brave Game 2" exposed the advanced special edition, Qi Xin joined forces to fight again.

1905 movie network news Jumanji: The Next Level, a Hollywood action adventure masterpiece, will be released nationwide on December 6th, and the Brave Team led by "Stonestone" Qiang Sen will be assembled again. This time, the game world is completely out of control, the difficulty of the level is soaring, the visual wonders are escalating, and the lives of four people are hanging by a thread at any time.

On December 5th, the film released a special edition of "All-round Advanced", in which all the main creators appeared to show the interesting shooting process of the film, and all the people worked together to create higher-level works, which perfectly explained the spirit of the brave to challenge the peak. The film is directed by jack Kasdan, and Dwayne Douglas Johnson, Jack Black, kevin hart and Karen Sheila Gillan will return to the whole lineup.

The main creative staff appeared in the comprehensive advanced special edition.  

Qi Xin, the brave, works together to fight the peak again.

In addition to the thrilling and funny clips of the film, the special edition also exposed the behind-the-scenes shooting tidbits for the first time, and the main creative staff made an appearance to tell about their expectations for the film. Qiang Sen, as the leading actor and producer, has very high requirements for this film: "If you are lucky enough to make a film as successful as the first Brave Game, you must get an by going up one flight of stairs when making a sequel."

For director jack Kasdan, he also wants to "fight the peak again": "We want to challenge ourselves and do something new that was not in the first movie." In order to present a fully upgraded game world, they challenged infinite possibilities during this shooting. Not only were the scenes more diverse and grand, but the actors also went beyond their physical limits.

The reunion of the whole excellent team inspired everyone’s creative inspiration, produced wonderful chemical effects, and created a series of jokes at the same time. For example, Qiang Sen played Grandpa Eddie, which made Awkwafina, who played a mysterious new role, very amazed. In addition, Dr. Yong Shi also met a more powerful opponent — — You Ergen, the cruel man, makes people wonder how the brave will fight against this "ultimate enemy".

"Man-Bird Wars" and "Speeding Cars" are frightening. 

Mouth gun partners love each other and kill each other, which brings laughter again and again 

The brave game world, which has returned to the audience’s field of vision, has ushered in a dangerous escalation and total loss of control, and the rapid transformation of a number of extremely thrilling new levels is dizzying. In addition to the primitive jungle where the man-eating hippopotamus is hidden in the previous work, there are endless abyss that kills people at any time, numerous peak forest pontoons besieged by wild mandrels, extremely cold snow-capped mountains that suddenly collapse and crack, and uninhabited desert & HELIP; …

The wild animals in the game world, such as wild mandrills, angry ostriches, man-eating pythons and ferocious hyenas, are lifelike and terrible, with clear hair expressions and 100% reduction; The ostrich gallops as if it were there, and the flying stones and gravel seem to be in front of it. The immersive visual experience brings the extreme stimulation that makes people’s adrenal glands soar.

At the same time, there are a lot of jokes in the film. Whether Qiang Sen plays a bad-tempered grandfather or kevin hart turns into an elegant old gentleman who speaks very slowly, Gao Fancha’s "laughter" is hilarious, and the two of them start the mode of love and killing each other along the way, which makes people laugh hysterically. In addition, the brave fought fiercely with the angry ostrich brigade and fought side by side with Bethany who turned into a dark horse. The super-burning group battle was exciting and full of jokes. It was a rare "effective" and funny masterpiece.

Global word-of-mouth harvest received rave reviews. 

"The biggest surprise of the year" triggered the expectation of the whole people.

"Jumanji: The Next Level" has been praised by the media since it was announced. Recently, it has been released in other regions and countries, and it has received numerous praises. As a sequel to Super IP, people feel full of sincerity: "It’s great to see such a wonderful sequel!" "Surprise, amazing! After reading it, I look forward to the follow-up development of IP. ""The most surprising, thrilling and sincere Hollywood action adventure blockbuster in 2019 "; The comprehensive upgrade of the visual spectacle is amazing: "This brave game world presents us with a shocking spectacle";

The wonderful performances of the leading actors won numerous praises: "The best partner of Qiang Sen and kevin hart is worth watching, and Awkwafina has excellent acting skills." "I can’t choose the best actor, because everyone in it performed super brilliantly, which makes people sincerely admire!" ; The film brings you thrilling and hilarious sensory enjoyment: "The film has brought me unexpected excitement and continuous laughter, which is simply a surprise everywhere!" The strong word-of-mouth given by local media and audiences has ignited the strong expectations of domestic fans for film release.

Short-listed for the Oscar for Best Visual Effects  

Top production team to create "the most powerful film in the same file"

Recently, "Jumanji: The Next Level" was shortlisted for the Oscar for Best Visual Effects Award. The shocking visual effects presented in the preview attracted countless audiences, thanks to the top behind-the-scenes production team: more than 5,000 visual effects teams from all over the world created vivid details of fierce beasts;

Spectacular scenes and checkpoints full of imagination are manipulated by artists who have participated in special effects blockbusters; The Oscar-level visual effects director who participated in the production also participated in the production of this film, presenting the imaginary game world realistically and satisfying the dreams of countless people to enter the game world. Since the pre-sale of the film started last week, so far, the pre-sale box office has exceeded 10 million, and the pre-sale ratio ranks first, and other indicators such as wanting to see also take advantage, crushing the films released in the same file.

No matter from the aspects of IP popularity, production level, card lineup, etc., it can be called the strongest giant system at the end of the year. Newly upgraded levels and newly joined characters will present a novel and interesting sensory experience for everyone, which is definitely worthy of the title of the most anticipated Hollywood action adventure blockbuster at the end of the year.

Jumanji: The Next Level, a Hollywood action adventure masterpiece, is directed by jack Kasdan, and the four leading characters, Dr. Yong Shi Dwayne Douglas Johnson, geologist Jack Black, linguist kevin hart and sexy girl Karen Sheila Gillan, will return to the whole lineup! In order to save their lost companions, the Brave Four assembled again and entered an unknown world that was completely out of control. Facing the dangerous barrier of off the charts, Qiang Sen led the team to challenge the limit to escape. An adventure full of thrills and surprises is about to begin.

[I knew] 10 central enterprises collectively acted and set off a new wave of repurchase and holdings; US stocks closed higher.



10 central enterprises collectively act! Since September, more than 100 companies have repurchased their holdings;

Will the US government take more measures to restrict the export of chips to China?The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded;

The State Council:Improve the support capacity of strategic mineral resources such as rare earths;

In September, the electricity consumption of the whole society increased by 9.9% year-on-year;

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited Shenxing rechargeable battery launched the first landing Star Road Star Era model;

Institution:Suppliers expand production reduction, and the quarterly increase of NAND Flash contract price in the fourth quarter is estimated to be 8-13%;

The three major indexes of US stocks collectively closed up, with the Nasdaq rising by 1.2%;

Chairman Haitian Weiye proposed a big buyback..

Overnight outer disk
The three major indexes of US stocks rose across the board. At the close, the Dow Jones index rose 0.93%, the Nasdaq index rose 1.2% and the S&P 500 index rose 1.06%. Popular technology stocks generally rose, with Amazon and Meta rising more than 2%, and Microsoft, Google, NVIDIA and Tesla rising more than 1%. Popular Chinese stocks are mixed, with the future rising by nearly 7%, Tencent Music rising by nearly 6% and JD.COM rising by over 2%.
Europe’s three major indexes rose across the board. At the close, Britain’s FTSE 100 index rose 0.41%, France’s CAC40 index rose 0.27%, and Germany’s DAX30 index rose 0.34%.
Hot spot focusing
1, 10 central enterprises collective action! Since September, more than 100 companies have repurchased and increased their holdings.
On October 16th, 10 central enterprises announced one after another, which set off a new wave of repurchase and increase holdings, including China Petrochemical, baoshan iron & steel, COSCO Haikong, China Mobile, China Railway Construction, China Coal Energy, Three Gorges Energy, China Power Construction, Hikvision and China Resources Micro. Among them, five listed companies announced plans to increase their holdings by about 500-1.63 billion yuan; Two listed companies announced the progress of increasing their holdings, totaling about 2.343 billion yuan; A listed company adds a repurchase plan, which does not exceed 3 billion yuan; Two listed companies announced the progress of repurchase, totaling 475 million yuan. In fact, this wave of repurchase holdings has started since September. According to incomplete statistics, since September, more than 40 listed companies in the A-share market have issued relevant announcements to increase their holdings, including shareholders, Dong Jiangao and dealers. More than 60 listed companies have issued share repurchase plans, and most of the repurchased shares are used to implement equity incentives or employee stock ownership plans.
2. The US government will take more measures to restrict the export of chips to China? Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded
According to CCTV news, on October 16th, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning held a regular press conference. A reporter from Reuters asked that the Biden administration is expected to take more measures to restrict the export of chips to China. What is China’s response to this? Mao Ning said that China has repeatedly stated its position on US chip export control to China. We believe that the United States should stop politicizing, instrumentalizing and weaponizing economic, trade, scientific and technological issues, and stop disrupting the stability of the global supply chain. China will pay close attention to relevant trends and resolutely safeguard its own rights and interests.
3. the State Council: Improve the support capacity of strategic mineral resources such as rare earths.
The State Council issued the Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Inner Mongolia and Striving to Write a New Chapter of Chinese Modernization, in which it proposed to support the systematic exploration and evaluation, protective development, high-quality utilization and standardized management of strategic mineral resources in Inner Mongolia, and to enhance the support capacity of strategic mineral resources such as rare earth, iron, nickel, copper, tungsten, tin, molybdenum, gold, fluorite, crystalline graphite, lithium, uranium and helium. Accelerate the development of high-end rare earth functional materials such as high-purity rare earth metals, high-performance rare earth permanent magnets and high-performance polishing. Expand the application of rare earth catalytic materials in steel, cement, glass, automobile, thermal power and other industries. Support Baotou Rare Earth Products Exchange to build a nationwide rare earth products trading center according to laws and regulations, and build Baotou into the largest rare earth new material base in China and the world’s leading rare earth application base.
4. the State Council: Support the application for the establishment of China (Inner Mongolia) Pilot Free Trade Zone according to procedures.
The State Council issued the Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Inner Mongolia and Striving to Write a New Chapter of Chinese Modernization, in which it proposed to support the application for the establishment of China (Inner Mongolia) Pilot Free Trade Zone according to procedures. Accelerate the integrated development of processing, investment and trade in Manzhouli and Erenhot mutual trade zones. Study and optimize the setting of administrative divisions at border ports to enhance the endogenous development momentum. We will promote innovative management models in Manzhouli and Zhalainuoer, Wulanchabu and Erenhot, and promote the joint development of ports and hinterland. Further consolidate the industrial foundation and promote the high-quality development of the comprehensive bonded zone. Promote cooperation with Mongolia and Russia in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, energy and minerals, infrastructure and other fields. Strengthen technical and project exchanges and cooperation with Mongolia and other neighboring sand source countries in the fields of dust source monitoring and comprehensive management, ecological environment and ecological restoration. Support Inner Mongolia to expand economic and trade cooperation with Singapore and other countries.
5. National Energy Administration: In September, the electricity consumption of the whole society increased by 9.9% year on year.
On October 16th, the National Energy Administration released data on electricity consumption of the whole society in September. In September, the electricity consumption of the whole society was 781.1 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase of 9.9%. In terms of industries, the electricity consumption of the primary industry was 11.7 billion kWh, up 8.6% year-on-year; The electricity consumption of the secondary industry was 519.2 billion kWh, up 8.7% year-on-year; The electricity consumption of the tertiary industry was 146.7 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase of 16.9%; The domestic electricity consumption of urban and rural residents was 103.5 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase of 6.6%.
6, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited Shenxing rechargeable battery first landing Star Road Star Era model.
On October 16th, Chery Group and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited jointly announced that Shenxing rechargeable battery had landed in the era of Qi Ruixing, and the strategic cooperative relationship between them was further deepened. Relying on Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited’s leading extreme manufacturing capacity, Shenxing rechargeable battery will be mass-produced by the end of 2023, and the vehicle equipped with Shenxing rechargeable battery will be officially launched in the first quarter of next year. In the future, Chery Group and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited also plan to simultaneously promote Shenxing rechargeable battery models in overseas markets, explore markets in Europe, the Middle East, ASEAN and North America, and jointly promote the early realization of global electrification and national double carbon targets. Up to now, Shenxing rechargeable battery has landed in brands such as Chery, Aouita and Nezha Automobile. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited is leading the industry into the era of overcharge of new energy vehicles.
7. Organization: Suppliers expand production reduction. The quarterly increase of NAND Flash contract price is estimated to be 8-13% in the fourth quarter.
According to the research of TrendForce Jibang Consulting, due to the strict control of output by suppliers, the contract price of NAND Flash rose in the fourth quarter, with an increase of about 8-13%. Looking forward to 2024, unless the original factory can still maintain the production reduction strategy, and the demand for Enterprise SSD in the server field warms up, it will be difficult for NAND Flash to continue its upward trend without the support of demand.
Theme opportunity
1. The price of fluorite rose to an eight-year high, and leading enterprises were investigated by hundreds of institutions.
On October 16th, the mainstream delivery price of domestic fluorite market was 3,700 yuan to 3,900 yuan/ton. The quotation of some enterprises has increased by more than 20% compared with that before the National Day, and the price has reached the highest level in eight years. Prior to this, two fluorite mine safety accidents occurred in Inner Mongolia and Jiangxi, and the rectification efforts of non-coal mines continued to increase, and the mine operating rate continued to decrease at a low level. On the company side, Jinshi Resources has been investigated by more than 130 institutions recently. The company said that fluorite is a non-renewable, irreplaceable and recyclable resource, and some small mines have withdrawn or suspended due to resource exhaustion or other reasons, and strict supervision has been normalized. The threshold has increased, and the increase in mining and processing costs has also increased their prices. During the National Day this year, the price of fluorite increased rapidly. As far as the increase is concerned, this year is stronger than the same period of last year, and the company will follow the market. In terms of production capacity, if the three production lines of Baotou Steel Jinshi can fully reach production next year, the output can reach the goal of 600,000 to 800,000 tons; Yonghe Co., Ltd. (sh605020) currently owns 3 fluorite mining rights and 2 fluorite exploration rights, and the proven fluorite reserves have reached 4,852,700 tons of ore. In September this year, the company obtained a new mining license for Sumo Chagan Aobao fluorite mine. The production scale of fluorite ore is 120,000 tons/year, and it is expected that it can be mined by 2025, at the earliest or at the end of 2024.
2. The leading flash memory manufacturers’ role in reducing production shows that institutions are optimistic about the bottoming out of the industry.
According to TrendForce Jibang Consulting, due to the strict control of output by suppliers, the contract price of memory NAND Flash rose in the fourth quarter, with an increase of about 8% to 13%. For NAND FIashWafer, after Samsung’s production reduction was expanded to 50%, other original factories also maintained a controlled film-throwing strategy. After the production reduction for more than half a year, some processes and capacities showed structural supply shortage, and it is expected that the contract price will increase by 3% to 18% in the fourth quarter. Tianfeng International Securities believes that the semiconductor industry is a typical industry with obvious two characteristics of strong cycle growth, which generally follows the law of completing a round of ups and downs in four to five years. The downward cycle of this round of memory chip prices has lasted for one and a half years. According to the short cycle distribution of Niu Changxiong and the recent price increase signals of DRAM and NAND Flash, it is currently in the brewing stage of the downward tail to regain its upward trend, and the industry is expected to gradually recover after bottoming out in the third quarter. You can pay attention to Jiang Bolong and De Mingli.
3, Huawei asked the car to re-expose the black technology photovoltaic roof charging battery life
It is reported that the flagship SUV model M9 of AITO will be officially launched at the end of the year. Recently, there are channels to expose the two "black technologies" unique to the car world M9. One of them is that the car world M9 is equipped with solar panels on the roof and hood. When the weather is fine, it can increase the vehicle’s endurance by 20 kilometers every day, and even meet the commuting needs of some people. The analysis points out that solar energy technology is becoming cheaper and more efficient. In addition, the electric vehicle industry has made great progress, battery technology has been continuously improved, and the penetration rate among customers has been continuously improved. The intersection between these trends and related enterprises is the best opportunity for solar electric vehicles. The development of solar electric vehicle technology will make electric vehicles a real "new energy" vehicle, which is of great significance to the green development and the realization of the double carbon goal. You can pay attention to Amarton and Tuo Ri Xinneng.
Company news
1. Borui Medicine: The polypeptide hypoglycemic drugs of its subsidiary are still in the research and development stage.
Borui Pharmaceutical (688166) disclosed the announcement of stock trading changes on the evening of October 16th. The peptide hypoglycemic drug BGM0504 injection independently developed by Borui Xinchuang Biomedical Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of the company, is still in the research and development stage. As of the disclosure date of the announcement, the two indications of weight loss and treatment of type 2 diabetes have only obtained the ethical approval of phase II clinical trials, and the phase II clinical treatment of type 2 diabetes has begun to enter the group. After the phase II clinical trial is completed, the confirmatory clinical trial scheme needs to be confirmed by National Medical Products Administration, and the phase III clinical study needs to be carried out and completed, and it can only be produced and put on the market after being reviewed and approved by National Medical Products Administration.
2. Kanghui Pharmaceutical: Shaanxi Youbang has not produced the intermediate of diet pills at present.
Kanghui Pharmaceutical (603139) issued a clarification announcement on the evening of October 16. Shaanxi Youbang was the holding company of the company acquired in September 2020. Due to the overall market environment, Shaanxi Youbang continued to lose money since its merger in October 2020. At present, Shaanxi Youbang is carrying out small-scale pilot production of the intermediates of Smegrupeptide and Teborpeptide. After the small-scale pilot production, it is necessary to complete the pilot stage before large-scale production can be carried out. At present, Shaanxi Youbang does not have the production capacity of the intermediate of smeglutide and teportide.
3. Shuanglu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: GLP-1 receptor agonist has not been independently studied for weight loss.
Shuanglu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (002038) disclosed the announcement of stock trading changes on the evening of October 16th. At present, the company’s research project GLP-1 receptor agonist (Japanese preparation) has completed the follow-up of all the enrolled subjects in the third phase, and it is in the stage of clinical data collation. The preliminary results show that the products developed by the company are basically the same as those of the original research drug Novotel, and there is no difference in safety. This product has not been clinically studied for weight loss alone, but the weight change at baseline and after 24 weeks was observed as a secondary therapeutic index in phase III clinical study.
4. Baihua Medicine: There is no production and sales of drugs related to liraglutide and smeaglutide.
Baihua Pharmaceutical (600721) issued a risk warning on the evening of October 16th. The company only carried out the preliminary research work of the synthesis route screening and pilot test of liraglutide and smeagoutide projects, and there was great uncertainty in the subsequent research and development. At present, no customers entrust our company with research and development, and the company has no related drug production and sales. The company mentioned in the reply of the interactive platform that "there is a slimming product in the research project", only orlistat capsules; The project began drug research and development in July 2022, and is currently in the clinical research stage.
5. Far East Co., Ltd.: The customer of the company’s liquid-cooled high-power cable sample delivery is not Huawei.
Far East Co., Ltd. (600869) issued an explanatory announcement on the evening of October 16th, regarding the sample delivery of the company’s liquid-cooled high-power cable to Huawei supplier Yonggui Technology in the early stage. At present, the relevant samples are still being tested by the other party, and the customer of the company’s liquid-cooled high-power cable delivery is not Huawei, and it has not yet passed the final test of Yonggui Technology. There is uncertainty about whether the final test passed or not, and whether the company generates revenue.
7. Zhengqiang shares: It is planned to establish a new energy automobile battery manufacturing company through joint venture.
Zhengqiang Co., Ltd. (301119) announced on the evening of October 16 that the company recently signed the Cooperation Agreement on Joint Venture with Hangzhou Shiteng New Energy Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Shuoqing Technology Co., Ltd., and all parties intend to jointly invest in the establishment of a joint venture company. The registered capital of the joint venture company is 100 million yuan, of which the company contributes 55 million yuan, accounting for 55%. After the establishment of the joint venture company, it will mainly engage in the manufacture, integration and sales of energy storage and new energy vehicle batteries; Production and sales of battery spare parts and accessories and other related technology development and business expansion.
8. tonghua dongbao: Engelje raw materials and tablets have been approved for marketing.
Tonghua dongbao (600867) announced on the evening of October 16th that the raw materials and tablets of Engelgin were approved for marketing. Engleggin is a highly selective SGLT-2 inhibitor with a unique insulin-independent hypoglycemic mechanism, which is mainly used to improve blood sugar control in patients with type 2 diabetes.
9. Guoxin Technology: The internal test of the new automotive electronic MCU product was successful.
On the evening of October 16th, Guoxin Technology (688262) announced that the new generation of automotive electronic MCU product "CCFC3007PT" developed by the company has been successfully tested in the company recently. The chip is developed and produced based on 40nmeFlash technology. Compared with CCFC3008PT chips of the same series, the communication LIN is increased to 16 channels, and the MCAN is increased to 12 channels. The storage capacity of the chip is increased to 12 bytes, the highest configuration Flash for data storage is 512K bytes, and the memory space SRAM is increased to 1536K bytes.
10. Shensi Electronics: jointly won the bid for the project of 1.369 billion yuan.
Shensi Electronics (300479) announced on the evening of October 16 that the consortium led by the company won the bid for the construction project of digital Jinan city comprehensive perception and early warning network engineering information platform, with the winning bid amount of 1.369 billion yuan. According to the workload division agreed by the consortium, the amount of projects undertaken by the company is about 809 million yuan, accounting for more than 50% of the company’s operating income in 2022.
11. Baolong Technology: notified by the designated point of ADAS project of a head independent brand OEM.
Baolong Technology (603197) announced on the evening of October 16th that it had recently received a "Fixed Point Notice" from a domestic head self-owned brand main engine factory, and selected the company as the supplier of pavement preview system for its brand-new platform project. According to the customer’s plan, the life cycle of the project is 3 years, and the total amount of the life cycle exceeds 300 million yuan. It is expected that mass production will begin in the first half of 2024.
12. baoshan iron & steel: It is planned to buy back the A shares of the company for no more than RMB 3 billion.
Baoshan iron & steel (600019) announced on the evening of October 16th that it planned to buy back A shares of the company at a price of 8.86 yuan per share with its own funds of no more than 3 billion yuan, and the number of shares repurchased was no less than 330 million shares and no more than 500 million shares, accounting for about 1.48%-2.25% of the company’s total share capital before repurchase.
13. Haitian Weiye: The chairman of the board proposed to buy back shares of 500 million yuan to 800 million yuan.
Haitian Weiye (603288) announced on the evening of October 16 that Pang Kang, the chairman of the company, proposed that the company buy back some public shares by centralized bidding. The total amount of the repurchase funds is not less than 500 million yuan and not more than 800 million yuan.
14. China Mobile: The actual controller’s increase has exceeded 50% of the lower limit of the increase plan.
China Mobile (600941) announced on the evening of October 16th that during the period from January 21st, 2022 to October 16th, 2023, China Mobile Group increased its holdings of 26,258,400 A-share shares, accounting for 0.123% of the total issued A-share shares of the company, accounting for 2.909% of the total issued A-share shares of the company, and the accumulated holding amount was about 1.514 billion yuan, which exceeded the holding plan. China Mobile Group will continue to increase its holdings and complete the plan before December 31, 2023.
15. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway: It is estimated that the net profit in the first three quarters will be 8.253 billion yuan to 9.662 billion yuan.
The Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway (601816) announced on the evening of October 16th that it is estimated that the net profit for the first three quarters will be 8.253 billion to 9.662 billion yuan, compared with 152 million yuan in the same period last year. In the first three quarters of 2023, the safety of high-speed rail within the company continued to be stable, and the domestic passenger transport market showed a steady recovery trend.
16. TCL Technology: The net profit in the first three quarters increased by 448%-502% year-on-year.
TCL Technology (000100) released its performance forecast on the evening of October 16th. It is estimated that the net profit for the first three quarters of 2023 will be 1.541 billion yuan to 1.691 billion yuan, up 448%-502% year-on-year. In the third quarter, the net profit returned to the mother was 1.201 billion yuan to 1.351 billion yuan, turning losses year-on-year. During the reporting period, the company firmly adhered to the strategy of large-size high-end, accelerated the business layout of medium-size IT and vehicle, consolidated the position of small-size market, and expanded the VR/AR and special display market. The quarterly profit of semiconductor display business in the third quarter increased significantly year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter. In the field of new energy photovoltaic business, TCL Zhonghuan accelerated manufacturing transformation and technological innovation transformation, enhanced flexible manufacturing capability, accelerated global business layout and industrial chain coordination, and made sustained and stable contributions to performance.
17. Linglong Tire: It is estimated that the net profit in the first three quarters will increase by 317%-400% year-on-year.
Linglong Tire (601966) announced on the evening of October 16th that it is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will reach 900 million-1.08 billion yuan in the first three quarters of 2023, up by 317%-400% year-on-year. In 2023, benefiting from the continuous recovery of domestic economic activities and the rising demand in overseas markets, the company achieved a cumulative sales growth of 20.8% from January to September, among which the passenger car tires with high Mao Lijiao increased by 23.25%.
18. Jinhui Liquor: The net profit in the first three quarters was 273 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.55%.
Jinhui Liquor (603919) released its third quarter report on the evening of October 16, and achieved an operating income of 496 million yuan in the third quarter, a year-on-year increase of 47.84%; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 18.2308 million yuan, an increase of 884.79% year-on-year. In the first three quarters, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 273 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.55%. During the reporting period, the proportion of products above 100 yuan in the main business income increased to 79%.
Pien Tze Huang: Net profit in the third quarter was 864 million yuan, up 17.03% year-on-year.
Pien Tze Huang (600436) released its third quarterly report on the evening of October 16th, and achieved an operating income of 2.555 billion yuan in the third quarter, up 16.48% year-on-year; The net profit of returning to the mother was 864 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.03%.
Editor: peng bo
Proofreading: Li Lingfeng
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At the critical moment, central enterprises took the lead, and these companies took the shot!
Sudden! Country Garden founder Yang Guoqiang appeared.
It’s time! Huijin, holding four major banks.
Well-known scenic spots have an accident! Many tourists were washed down by the Qiantang River wave, and the resort urgently announced that it would be suspended from now on.
Over 3 billion net purchases! Foreign capital suddenly shot, sweeping goods in this industry, 200 billion giants were bought the most! The bull market flag bearer was sold over 3.5 billion!
Latest! Ant group announced: buy back shares!

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CBNData jointly released the "2018 Mobile Phone Ordering Trend Insight Report"

In the Internet era, ordering food by mobile phone is bringing new opportunities to the catering industry.

On July 30th, CBNData jointly released the Insight Report on 2018 Mobile Phone Ordering Trend (hereinafter referred to as "Report"). Based on word-of-mouth data, it focused on the latest development of mobile phone ordering in offline catering consumption, gained insight into the consumption characteristics of mobile phone ordering people and interpreted the latest development trend of offline catering.

CBNData "Report" shows that in the past year, the penetration rate of mobile phone ordering in merchants and consumers has increased significantly; Mobile phone ordering users have a high acceptance of fast food and snack catering with higher ordering efficiency; After 85 s and 90 s, they are fans of mobile phone ordering; Mobile phone ordering users are mainly concentrated in first-and second-tier cities. Hangzhou and Shanghai use mobile phones to order food most commonly, and the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration is far ahead.

The increase in the penetration rate of mobile phone ordering obviously helps to upgrade catering services.

Food is the most important thing for the people. According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, since 2015, the catering industry in China has achieved double-digit growth for three consecutive years, with a scale of nearly 4 trillion yuan. The growth of catering revenue has continuously outperformed the growth of total retail sales of social consumer goods. As aborigines in the Internet age, "post-80s" and "post-90s" have become the backbone of catering consumption, and it is very important for the catering industry to meet the needs of this consumer group through Internet.

The "Report" pointed out that the iterative upgrade of ordering methods is an important embodiment of the Internet in the catering industry, and ordering by mobile phone has become the latest trend to help upgrade catering services.

According to the Report, in the past year, the penetration rate of mobile phone ordering in both merchants and consumers has increased significantly. In terms of merchants, taking word-of-mouth platform as an example, compared with the second quarter of 2017, the number of merchant stores using mobile phone ordering function increased by 44% in the first quarter of 2018, and the coverage rate of merchant stores using mobile phone ordering function also increased by about 79%.

Before arriving at the store, consumers use the word-of-mouth App to order good food in advance, make an appointment and then pick it up at the store; After arriving at the store, consumers can order directly with their mobile phones without queuing. For merchants, the cost reduction and efficiency improvement brought by ordering food by mobile phone are remarkable. On the one hand, this ordering method can optimize the process and improve the turnover rate and service efficiency of the restaurant. On the other hand, it saves labor costs and consumables costs. Taking the comparison of operating costs of "Jindingxuan" before and after ordering food by mobile phone as an example, the labor cost of a single store can be saved by 240,000 a year, and the cost of paper menus can be reduced by 350,000 a year.

In addition, ordering food by mobile phone has also realized the change from "card" to "person" in member management. Mobile phone ordering and collecting a large amount of consumption data provide more possibilities for restaurants to create refined and intelligent membership services.

As the function of ordering food by mobile phone has been widely verified, the Report predicts that accessing mobile phone to order food will become the infrastructure for the operation of stores. After experiencing the embryonic stage and the initial stage of development in the past year, the access of mobile phone ordering in catering stores will usher in a period of rapid development in the next year.

Post-80s and post-90s become the main force of the new generation of mobile phone ordering, and have higher acceptance of fast food.

For consumers, ordering food by mobile phone can reduce the waiting time, get real-time discounts, meet their own personalized needs, and significantly improve the dining experience. According to the data of word-of-mouth platform, the number of mobile phone ordering users ushered in a large growth in the third quarter of 2017, which was higher than the growth rate of the overall number of users on the platform. In the first quarter of 2018, the number of users increased by 48% month-on-month, about twice the overall growth rate of the platform. The penetration rate of mobile phone ordering users has also continued to increase. The penetration rate in the first quarter of 2018 is about five times that in the second quarter of 2017.

Specifically, young users are the absolute main force of the mobile phone ordering party, and the number of users after 90 is the highest, followed by 85 and 95. The number of women users is also relatively higher than that of men.

From the peak of the post-90s and post-90s meals, it can be seen that they are new to the society and have not settled down yet, and they eat out and use their mobile phones to order food on weekdays. Moreover, the gap between the weekend catering consumption level of the post-90s and post-90s and the working day is more obvious, indicating that young people who will enjoy life consciously reward themselves and "eat something good" on weekends.

On the whole, mobile phone ordering users have a high acceptance of fast food and snacks, because their products are highly standardized and consumers have higher requirements for ordering efficiency. According to the Report, fast food and snack shops account for 40% of all mobile phone ordering shops, and contribute nearly 80% of mobile phone ordering pens.

However, this trend is also expanding to other catering categories. According to the report, men’s attempts to order food by mobile phone have expanded from fast food snacks to Chinese food, hot pot, western food and other categories, and after 90, they have expanded from fast food snacks to hot pot and other categories.

The "Report" pointed out that the new generation of people ordering food by mobile phone is highly coincident with the main group of food and beverage consumption in the store. The post-80s and post-90s’ sensitivity to time and pursuit of quality experience will push back the popularization and optimization of ordering function of mobile phones from consumers.

Hangzhou and Shanghai use mobile phones to order food, and the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration is far ahead.

Generally speaking, the fashionable trend starts from first-and second-tier cities, and then gradually spreads to low-tier cities, and mobile phone ordering is no exception. According to the Report, over 60% of mobile phone ordering users are concentrated in first-tier cities and second-tier cities, but the proportion of mobile phone ordering users in third-and fourth-tier cities is increasing.

At present, the development of mobile phone ordering in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration can be described as the first. From the perspective of the whole year, the penetration rate of mobile phone ordering in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration is significantly ahead of the Pearl River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration. Since the second quarter of 2017, the penetration rate of the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration has increased the fastest, while the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration is relatively flat.

In terms of cities, Hangzhou and Shanghai are the leading cities in mobile phone ordering, and Hangzhou, as the "city of mobile payment", has become the development benchmark in the field of mobile phone ordering. Shanghai residents have used mobile phones to order food, but the frequency of use is not as good as that of Hangzhou, and their habits still need to be cultivated. There are many colleges and universities in Wuhan, and the government actively encourages scientific research and innovation, or promotes the atmosphere of ordering food by mobile phone, so it has become the only central city among the top ten.

The Report predicts that the advantages of first-and second-tier cities in ordering food by mobile phone will continue. Mobile payment was first popularized in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, and merchants are highly sensitive to Internet technology, and will still maintain their advantage in ordering food on mobile phones in the short term. Shanghai, which has the largest number of mobile phone orders, and Hangzhou, which has the largest number of mobile phone orders, are currently in the leading position, but it is still unknown who will spend the "first city".

E Zhou Xin Li

This week, Weilai released its 2020 financial report. Although its annual net loss was 5.3 billion yuan, its gross profit margin turned positive. This has increased the industry’s expectations for Weilai. At the same time, holding more than 40 billion yuan in cash also gives investors confidence in the future development of the company.

The first week of March is the week when the new car-making forces release the production and sales express. Five new car-making forces, such as Weilai, Ideality, Tucki, Nezha and Zero Run, all showed different degrees of decline in February, and Weilai ranked first by virtue of the number of models.

For more news about the new forces of building cars, let’s move on.

1. In 2020, Weilai’s total revenue exceeded 16.2 billion, up 107% year-on-year, and 43,000 vehicles were delivered.

On March 1, 2021, US time, Weilai released the fourth quarter and full-year financial report of 2020. In the fourth quarter of 2020, the revenue was RMB 6.64 billion, up 46.7% from the previous quarter, and the total revenue for the whole year was RMB 16.2579 billion, up 107.8% from the same period last year. In terms of cash reserves, Weilai currently has a total reserve of 42.45 billion yuan; The annual operating loss was 4.61 billion yuan, narrowing by 58.4%.

In terms of delivery volume, the number of vehicles delivered in the fourth quarter of 2020 was 17,353, including 4,873 ES8, 7,574 ES6 and 4,906 EC6. In contrast, 8,224 vehicles were delivered in the fourth quarter of 2019 and 12,206 vehicles were delivered in the third quarter of 2020. In 2020, 43,728 vehicles were delivered and in 2019, 20,565 vehicles were delivered.

Source: First Electric Network

2、Geely Baidu established Jidu Automobile Co., Ltd.

Tianyancha APP shows that Geely and Baidu set up a brand-new joint venture company today, and the company was named Jidu Automobile. The registered capital of the new company is 2 billion yuan, and the company law is Xia Yiping. The shareholders are Dazi Bairuixiang Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. (55%) and Shanghai Huapu Automobile Co., Ltd. (45%).

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: First Electric Network

3. Weilai sold 5,578 vehicles in February, a year-on-year increase of 689%.

On March 2, Weilai Automobile released the unaudited financial report for the fourth quarter and the whole year of fiscal year 2020 as of December 31, 2020. The financial report shows that in the fourth quarter, Weilai Automobile delivered 17,353 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 111%, and delivered 43,728 vehicles throughout the year, an increase of 112.63% over 2019; Revenue in the fourth quarter was 6,641.1 billion yuan (US$ 1,017.8 billion), a year-on-year increase of 133.2%.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: First Electric Network

4. LI delivered 2,300 Li ONE vehicles in February, a year-on-year increase of 755%.

On March 2nd, LI released the February delivery data. Li ONE delivered 2,300 vehicles in February, an increase of 755% compared with February 2020. As of February 28th, Li ONE has delivered more than 40,000 vehicles, reaching 41,276 vehicles.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: First Electric Network

5. Xpeng Motors delivered 2,223 vehicles in February, and the cumulative delivery volume in January and February increased by 577% year-on-year.

On March 2nd, Xpeng Motors released the results delivered in February 2021. Affected by the Spring Festival holiday and other reasons, Xpeng Motors delivered 2,223 vehicles in February, of which 1,409 vehicles were delivered by Tucki P7 in February, and the cumulative delivery reached 20,181 vehicles, making it the fastest vehicle type for new car manufacturers to break through 20,000 vehicles. From January to February, the cumulative delivery volume in Xpeng Motors increased by 577% compared with the same period of last year.

Source: First Electric Network

6. Nezha Automobile sold 2,002 units in February, up 18.63% year-on-year.

On March 1st, Nezha Automobile released the production and sales data for February, and sold 2,002 vehicles in February, up by 18.63% year-on-year, and the cumulative sales exceeded 30,000.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: First Electric Network

7. The delivery exceeded the 10,000-unit mark, with a total of 10,841 zero-run vehicles delivered.

On March 1st, First Electric Network learned from the official of Zero-Run Cars that by February 28th, 2021, the cumulative delivery of Zero-Run Cars had exceeded 10,000 units, reaching 10,841 units. Among them, T03 delivered a total of 8,362 units and S01 delivered 2,479 units. At the same time, 2424 sets of zero-running cars were ordered in February.

E Zhou Xin Li

There are 793 pre-sale orders for retail C11, 1604 sales orders for retail T03 and 27 sales orders for retail S01. As a zero-run, C11 launched a brand-new SUV model, and the first OTS vehicle (tooling car) was officially rolled off the assembly line on February 27th.

Source: First Electric Network

8. The first model of Zhiji Automobile was opened for booking in April and listed in 2022.

A few days ago, the driving sight learned from the official that Zhiji Automobile, a subsidiary of SAIC, will make a global reservation for its first production model at the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year. It is understood that the new car will be officially listed and delivered in 2022.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: driving sight

9. Nezha received another credit of 5 billion yuan, and the accumulated credit amount exceeded 10 billion yuan.

A few days ago, we learned that Hezhong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Branch of CITIC Group Coordination Committee to start all-round and in-depth cooperation with CITIC Bank Shanghai Branch, CITIC Securities and CITIC Prudential Life Insurance Shanghai Branch, and obtained a comprehensive credit line of 5 billion yuan from CITIC Bank. The financing funds will be mainly used for the research and development of intelligent technologies such as intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving in Nezha.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: Aika Automobile

10. The new models of G3/P7 in Tucki are all entry-level models.

On March 3rd, Xpeng Motors announced that G3 and P7 had launched two NEDC models respectively, among which Tucki G3 added a 460c enjoyment model, the battery type was lithium iron phosphate, and at the same time, it was replaced with low wind resistance wheels, with a battery life of 460km;. Tucki P7 has newly added rear-drive standard endurance models, including Zhixiang version and Zhizun version, all of which use lithium iron phosphate batteries, and NEDC has a battery life of 480km. From the perspective of the two vehicle systems, the newly added models are all entry-level models of G3 and P7, which enriches the choice of car purchase, especially the newly added model of Tucki P7 further lowers the purchase threshold of this car.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: First Electric Network

11, 169,900 from the sale of Aichi U5 PURE Zhi listed in urtext.

A few days ago, we learned from the official that the 2021 Aichi U5 PURE urtext was officially launched, and the price of the new car was 169,900-189,900 yuan. The "1+3" mode with self-defined options is introduced in this model. Users can carry out three categories of options and options, such as battery life, exterior interior color and function upgrade, on a benchmark model, with 384 vehicle configuration combinations.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: car home.

one2、Weimar W6 officially opens the pre-sale intention, only 6.6 yuan is needed.

On March 1st, Weimar W6, a brand-new pure electric SUV model of Weimar Automobile, officially opened for pre-sale. At present, after logging in and authenticating Weimar Auto WeChat applet, you will be able to participate in Weimar W6 prize-winning pre-order activities, and you will become an "reserved customer" by paying 6.6 yuan on the activity page, and you will have a lucky draw. In terms of power, Weimar W6 will be equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 160kW. The battery is a ternary lithium-ion battery produced by Hubei Xinghui New Energy Smart Car Co., Ltd., with a battery capacity of 65kWh and a cruising range of 520km.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: First Electric Network

13. The longest battery life is 610km. Nezha will launch Nezha U Pro.

A few days ago, we learned from Nezha Auto that Nezha Auto will launch 2021 Nezha U, and the new car will be named Nezha U Pro. According to the official, the new car will be upgraded in 33 aspects, such as battery life and intelligence, and the cruising range will reach 610km09 under comprehensive working conditions.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: car home.

14. Chinese Express and Zhongke Chuangda join hands to build smart cars.

A few days ago, Chinese Express announced that it has formally signed a cooperation agreement with Zhongke Chuangda, and the two sides will set up a joint venture company to focus on the development of automotive intelligent systems and software. The two sides will jointly build a computing platform and tool chain for the next generation of smart cars and launch a new generation of smart car operating systems.

Source: car home.

15. Guosen Securities shares in zero-run cars.

On March 1 ST, Tianyancha APP showed that Zhejiang Zero Run Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zero Run Car") changed its business information: Guoxin Securities, a new shareholder, was added. Regarding this industrial and commercial change, the person in charge of the relevant departments of Zero Run Automobile said: "Guosen Securities is the trustee of our employee stock ownership plan, and Zero Run Automobile is preparing for IPO listing."

Source: Yiou Automobile

16. Xpeng Motors affiliated enterprises set up a new company, and its business scope includes second-hand car distribution.

The data shows that on March 2, Shanghai Pengxing Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, and its legal representative is Zhu Yanhua. Its business scope includes the sales of new cars. New energy vehicle sales; Used car distribution; Motor vehicle repair and maintenance. Enterprise survey shows that the company is wholly owned by Shanghai Xpeng Motors Sales & Service Co., Ltd.

Source: Sina Auto

Source: First Electric Network

Author: Li Yanjiao

Address: https://www.d1ev.com/news/shichang/141375.

The State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Conference: Recently, the situation of multi-point distribution of local epidemics and frequent prevention and control in many places is severe

Cctv newsOn July 23rd, the State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism held a press conference on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines in Covid-19. According to the report of the World Health Organization, the newly confirmed cases in the western Pacific where China is located increased by 37% last week, which is the fastest growing region in the world. Omicron’s BA.5 sub-branch has spread to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, resulting in an increase in the number of infections, hospitalizations and severe cases, and the pressure on China’s foreign countries to prevent imports is increasing.

Recently, the local epidemic situation has shown a trend of multi-point distribution and frequent occurrence. In some areas, the epidemic spillover has not been completely blocked, and the prevention and control situation is severe and complicated.

We must unswervingly adhere to the general strategy of "external defense input, internal defense rebound" and the general policy of "dynamic clearing". The areas where the epidemic occurred should deal with the clustered epidemic according to the local situation, concentrate resources and strength to quickly put it out, and quickly curb the spread of the local epidemic; Border areas and entry cities should strictly implement various measures for external defense input, strictly manage in a closed loop, and resolutely avoid the destruction of defense and the overflow of epidemic situation; Areas where no epidemic has occurred should continue to do a good job in normalization prevention and control, and maintain the efficient operation of the emergency response command system.

Covid-19 vaccination should be continued.

Domestic films relay to ignite the film market! This year’s summer box office is expected to break the film history record.

Author: Uncle Biao

Last weekend, with the release of "Feng Shen I", "Super Family" and the national screening of "Enthusiasm", it added another fire to the already hot summer movie market. Although there are films that are not as good as expected, there are more excellent works that exceed expectations.

Disappeared She took the lead, Three Wan Li in Chang ‘an, In the Octagonal Cage were full of stamina, The First Part of Gods was well received, and The Warmth was warmly reflected.

One domestic film after another has completely ignited the film market in China, and this year’s summer box office is expected to break the box office record of 17.653 billion yuan created by the summer file in 2019.

On July 21st, the Mahua FunAge comedy "Super Family" directed by Song Yang and starring Allen and Shen Teng was released, which earned 87.33 million yuan at the box office that day, and unexpectedly won the one-day box office champion. However, its reputation was not satisfactory, and it was impossible to reproduce the hot box office in Moon Man in the same period last year.

These two films were originally considered as the most important domestic commercial films in the second half of this summer, but their box office performance in the first weekend was not as good as expected, which made people slightly worried about whether the China mainland film market could continue to be hot in August.

The east is not bright and the west is bright. Last Saturday and Sunday, the domestic comedy inspirational film "Enthusiasm", which was scheduled to be released on July 28, was released in the country one week ahead of schedule. The touching and funny story won enthusiastic response from the audience and restored confidence in the August film market.

As of the press release of The Vane of Film and Television, the box office in July this year has reached 6.656 billion yuan, which is only one step away from the highest box office record of 6.966 billion yuan in China film history created in July 2018. There are still eight days left, which will surely set a new record.

Among the new films released last weekend, the biggest surprise was the hip-hop comedy "Enthusiasm" directed by Dapeng and starring Bo Huang and YiBo. This is the second film directed by Dapeng released this year.

On March 10th, "Keep You Safe" starring Dapeng, Li Xueqin, Andrew and Wang Xun earned 700 million box office and 7.7 points for Douban. "Enthusiasm" is even worse in terms of word of mouth, starring lineup and release schedule.

The film tells the story of little people pursuing their dreams and fighting back. The theme of street dance is not only novel, but also meets the aesthetic needs of young audiences. The whole film is both exciting and tearful. Personally, it is the best film directed by Dapeng so far.

"Enthusiasm" has the right casting, and the scene of the street dance competition is very explosive and youthful. YiBo gave full play to his dancing skills and presented his best performance on the big screen to the audience.

As always, Bo Huang’s performance is grounded and humorous, and she also shows off her dancing skills in the film. He and Yun-peng Yue also made a lot of jokes in the film. When Liu Mintao’s mother sang "Zhang San’s Song" in the film, I saw my eyes moist.

Such an inspirational film, which is burning, touching, funny and realistic, is likely to lead the second half of the summer file in August and this year, and the box office will hit 2 billion or even 3 billion yuan.

According to the data of Cat’s Eye Professional Edition, up to now, the summer box office in 2019 and 2018 ranked first and second in the box office of China film history in the same period. By analyzing the box office rankings of single films in the past two years, we can find that five films have grossed more than 1 billion yuan.

At present, three films, Disappeared She, Trapped in an Octagon Cage and Long March, have grossed more than 1 billion yuan this summer, and the films that are expected to exceed 1 billion yuan in the second half are expected to be Feng Shen Part I and Enthusiasm. Meg 2, which was released on August 4th, is likely to have a good reputation. In this way, there are expected to be as many as six films with a box office of 1 billion this summer.

In 2019, Ne Zha, the champion of summer box office, earned 4.706 billion yuan at the box office. In the summer of 2018, Dying to Survive, the box office champion, earned 3.098 billion yuan, and the runner-up "The Richest Man in Xihong City" earned 2.52 billion yuan.

This year’s summer file, "Disappeared She" currently ranks first at the box office with 3.465 billion yuan, which has surpassed Dying to Survive. The box office of octagonal cage is currently close to 2 billion yuan, and the final box office will definitely exceed 2 billion yuan. Cat’s Eye’s latest forecast that the final box office of Chang ‘an Three Wan Li will be 1.94 billion yuan.

If "Enthusiasm" can reach 23 billion yuan at the box office after its release, and other heavy films such as Meg 2’s "Put all your eggs in one basket", "Assassination Storm" and "Learning Dad", this summer’s box office is likely to break the highest box office record in China’s film history at the same time.

A single flower does not make a spring. Compared with Ne Zha’s dominance in the summer of 2019, this summer’s top films are richer in themes and types, and the box office structure is more reasonable. Looking forward to China movies getting better and better!

Little Red Book: Analysis Report on User Operation Strategy

Editor’s lead: Nowadays, many people will look for evaluation stickers on various platforms before buying goods. With Xiaohongshu as the representative, there are many bloggers in Xiaohongshu, ranging from stars to amateurs. They often post on it to help people grow grass or pull weeds. Among many products, how does Little Red Book occupy a favorable market and attract many loyal users? The author of this paper analyzes the user operation strategy of Xiaohongshu. Let’s take a look.

1.1.1 field

Xiaohongshu is a social e-commerce platform that provides sharing, communication and purchase channels for young Internet users who like shopping and love life. Users can discover good things all over the world through the platform, browse the product strategies summarized by various experts, share their own experience on the use of products, and also complete online shopping in the e-commerce platform.

Xiaohongshu was founded on June 6, 2013, with the asymmetric shopping information of Haitao as the breakthrough point. Since there were no products with similar positioning in the market at the time of its establishment, Xiaohongshu became a dark horse at the beginning of its establishment, and the number of users has exceeded 15 million in just one year. By December 2020, the cumulative download volume of Xiaohongshu has exceeded 5.3 billion, and the number of users has exceeded 300 million.

1.1.2 product positioning

At the beginning of its establishment, Xiaohongshu was positioned as a tool-based product, mainly aiming at the basic shopping guide of overseas markets. Later, through deep cultivation of UGC shopping sharing community, it continued to integrate content community and e-commerce module, and developed into the world’s largest consumer word-of-mouth library and community e-commerce platform.

At present, Xiaohongshu officially defines Xiaohongshu APP as a lifestyle platform for young people. With "UGC Content Community" as the core, users can record their life, share their lifestyles and form interactions based on their interests through short videos, pictures and texts. They can also purchase high-quality goods from all over the world through the welfare agency with one click. It is an online shopping note sharing community and a platform for self-operated bonded warehouses.

1.2.1 Target users

1) User characteristics

From the user portrait data of iResearch, it can be seen that the proportion of female users of Xiaohongshu is close to 80%, and the number of male users is only 20%, which shows that the target users of Xiaohongshu are mainly women, and the community sharing and e-commerce model is more in line with the shopping habits and user characteristics of female users.

Judging from the age distribution of users, the main users of Xiaohongshu are young people under the age of 30, and users aged 31-35 also account for a certain proportion.

From the geographical distribution, the users of Xiaohongshu are mainly concentrated in the coastal areas with highly developed economy. Users in this area generally have high living standards, strong consumption power, pursue quality of life, and have certain demand for overseas shopping.

2) user portrait

User portraits can be roughly divided into the following categories:

  • Student groups: high school students and college students, born after 1995, are highly active, have enough time, pursue trends and fashions, are easily attracted by new things, and are willing to share and show their lives;
  • Workplace groups: white-collar workers and office workers, in first-tier cities such as Beishangguang, pursue quality of life, like to share their living conditions, like overseas shopping of beauty products, refer to KOL’s notes before shopping, and are willing to share their experiences after buying;
  • Online celebrity stars: KOL and stars in the vertical field, with certain social influence, spontaneously share beauty products or toiletries that grow grass every day through videos or notes, or cooperate with beauty brands to promote and gain income;
  • Merchants’ shops: shop operators such as youth hotels, online celebrity restaurants, cafes and bars, aged between 20 and 35, pursue fashion and hot spots, and are good at using the Internet for publicity and packaging.

1.2.2 Demand Scenario

  • Plenty of time, daily wandering, watching videos, notes, browsing the welfare club mall or other official flagship stores, watching the trend, killing time;
  • Purposeful browsing, planning to buy products, experience services or learning skills, reading and learning KOL’s notes and experiences;
  • Willing to share life, want to share new products purchased or new services experienced with social media, get appreciation and attention, and answer other users’ questions;
  • Want to buy genuine overseas products, but lack the time or ability to do overseas shopping, and intend to buy welfare agency products or other overseas flagship store products;
  • When preparing for cross-border/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan tourism shopping, check the selected shopping notes of the destination, find the favorite overseas goods and form a list.

1.2.3 Core functions

The slogan "Mark My Life" of Xiaohongshu defines that the core function of the platform is the dissemination of tag notes-that is, the output of content culture. Users can record their life, share their lifestyles and form interactions based on their interests through short videos, pictures and texts.

E-commerce models such as welfare agencies and limited-time purchases are the closed loop to complete the business model, allowing users to have a better experience.

Main functional structure:

Main business logic:

The main business logic is divided into two sections: e-commerce mode and social mode, and other functions serve these two sections.

Social mode refers to that core users (content producers) publish notes and share consumption experience, while ordinary users recommend notes according to the algorithm set by the system according to behavior records, and at the same time, they can browse, like and collect notes, and after paying attention, both parties can have social interaction by private letter; E-commerce mode refers to that users browse their notes, plant grass for goods, make purchases through welfare agencies or other means, continue to publish notes after use, and conduct more "online sharing", thus forming a closed loop in business.

  • Time perspective: Xiaohongshu was established in 2013, and APP was launched at the end of 2013. It has been in operation for 7 years.
  • User’s perspective: the number of user downloads began to exceed 100 million in November 2017, and then the number of user downloads increased by nearly four times. Up to now, it has accumulated more than 5.9 billion times and the number of users has exceeded 300 million;
  • Product perspective: The latest version of Little Red Book is 6.81.1, which has been updated 4 times in the last 30 days and once in the last 7 days. Through continuous version iteration, the basic functions and core functions of the product are complete, and the platform is mainly based on content sharing. The content topics have covered various life fields such as fashion, skin care, make-up, food, travel, film and television, and the content range is getting wider and wider;
  • Operational perspective: the core business of Xiaohongshu is UGC content operation, which realizes the closed loop of user behavior through user operation and e-commerce operation;
  • Business perspective: profitable operation, constantly seeking ways to integrate with e-commerce, and has completed the D round of investment led by Alibaba.

Conclusion: Judging from the above, Xiaohongshu APP is in a mature stage.

According to the life cycle judgment of Xiaohongshu, the next report will focus on the analysis of household operation strategies in the initial stage, mature stage and mature stage.

In 2013, with the rapid development of mobile Internet and the large-scale use of smart phones, cross-border travel became a popular choice for travel, and consumers began to pay attention to the purchase of overseas goods. At the intersection of several trends, Xiaohongshu was established in Shanghai to meet the needs of users for cross-border shopping.

At that time, cross-border e-commerce was still in the blue ocean market. Xiaohongshu accurately captured the target users and user needs, focused on overseas shopping to share this blank market, accurately captured the pain points of people shopping overseas, and targeted women in first-tier cities who tended to shop in overseas markets, and gained the first batch of users.

4.1.1 Acquiring users

In October, 2013, the little red book shopping strategy based on PGC came into being. slogan is a basic shopping guide for entry-level users, covering 8 countries and several popular tourist destinations, including the United States, Japan and South Korea.

Users can download and read offline on the PC or iOS platform, and they have been downloaded 500,000 times in less than one month, which successfully attracted a group of young women with overseas shopping habits, which also proved the user’s demand for overseas shopping and accumulated the first batch of original users for Xiaohongshu APP.

4.1.2 Activate users

1) The "shopping guide" is transformed into a "sharing community", and high-quality UGC content enhances the social attributes of Xiaohongshu.

Considering that it is difficult for guide products to interact with users and become sticky, Xiaohongshu team launched APP V1.0 "Hong Kong Shopping Raiders APP" at the end of 2013.

By inviting experts from all fields and community promotion, women with overseas shopping habits are encouraged to share their shopping experiences on Xiaohongshu. By producing high-quality content through UGC, Xiaohongshu has accumulated a large number of middle-and high-income female users, and its stickiness has made a qualitative leap. More and more users are willing to exchange shopping experiences and have completed the acquisition and activation of early seed users.

In several version iterations, Xiaohongshu has continuously strengthened social functions and content publishing tools, effectively improving users’ participation and activity.

On the basis of high-quality content community, Xiaohongshu was upgraded from content community to "content+e-commerce" in October 2014, and the "welfare society" module was launched, and the business closed loop was finally formed. Xiaohongshu clarified the user’s needs and product development direction, and became a one-stop platform for e-commerce in women’s overseas shopping communities, from content planting to shopping mall ordering. slogan was changed to "find good things abroad".

2) The first global awards event, in which millions of users voted for good things from all over the world.

At the end of 2014, Xiaohongshu held the first global prize-winning activity. Within 20 days, 1.87 million people voted, which was very popular. The products and shops it launched once became the vane of outbound shopping.

This activity was all voted by users, attracting more people to participate in it through the most popular H5 method at present, and finally forming fashion list, makeup list, furniture list and other lists. The discussion heat of users in Xiaohongshu increased significantly, which brought high popularity and activity to Xiaohongshu, and also gained a number of new users for Xiaohongshu. Since then, global awards have been held for three consecutive years in 2015 and 2016, further expanding its influence.

For a product that has passed the initial stage, the core goal is to gain rapid user growth. Xiaohongshu has verified the user demand in the initial stage, and then began to attract more and more users through the update of product functions and the holding of creative activities, and quickly occupied the market, while slogan was changed to "a good thing in the world".

4.2.1 Get Users & Activate Users

1) "Fresh Meat Marketing for Anniversary Celebration" to gain new users-Fresh Meat Video, Fresh Meat Express and School Grass Express.

In the early stage of the 2015 anniversary, Xiaohongshu began to put on video advertisements for publicity. The content of the video was that a topless foreign male model showed Xiaohongshu’s slogan "Finding good things abroad" through the scene.

On the anniversary day, Xiaohongshu hired a group of foreign male models in SOHO, Shanghai, naked as customers to deliver the courier, and provided the "princess hug" benefits, which made the female users on the scene once boiling and accurately reached the target users. This activity brought 3 million new users and 50 million yuan in sales for Xiaohongshu. From the data point of view, the daily activities and new additions have doubled, which has successfully played a role in pulling new ones.

In September 2015, Xiaohongshu held a marketing campaign of "School Grass Express" in 12 universities in five cities across the country while the iron was hot, which once again set off a wave in the circle of female college students.

In the end, the "School Grass Express" event ended with 52.977 million exposures and 47,000 discussions, which successfully improved the overall popularity in the post-90 s circle. During the whole anniversary, Xiaohongshu APP ranked fourth in the total list of Apple App Stores, with 15 million users.

2) "Star Girl" Jelly Lin and other female stars and KOL settled in Xiaohongshu.

In April 2017, Little Red Book invited Jelly Lin, a "star girl", to officially settle in Little Red Book. Later, female stars such as Nana Ou-yang and Stephy and vertical KOL successively settled in Little Red Book.

First of all, the star itself has its own traffic. By entering the activity, it can increase the number of users and improve user retention; Secondly, the publication of life notes by stars will enable fans to see the daily life of the stars and narrow the distance between fans and stars. At the same time, the stars bring their own elements such as fashion, fashion and wearing, which can arouse the topic and effectively enhance the user’s activity. In addition, you can also use the fan effect of stars to promote some goods and improve profitability.

4.2.2 Retain users

1) Refined operation

At this stage, Xiaohongshu began to focus on the optimization of community functions, the page was revised many times, the product was iterated many times, and the recommendation algorithm was updated.

Based on the machine algorithm, Xiaohongshu will make personalized recommendations according to users’ interests and user portraits, and successfully achieve "content finding", which shows that Xiaohongshu team attaches great importance to users’ experiences and needs, and keeps more users with no clear browsing purpose through refined operation, which improves daily activity and user usage time.

In order to ensure users’ long-term retention, Xiaohongshu encourages users to publish, share, like, collect and comment, and sets up a ten-level user growth system. Each level corresponds to the task requirements of corresponding social attributes, and the completion of these tasks will grow to the next level, thus encouraging users to use little red books more.

In the process of upgrading and cracking down on monsters, users with creative ability are unconsciously encouraged to become new UGC, and more high-quality content is produced and spread on the platform, forming a positive circular incentive.

4.2.3 Transforming users

1) Red Friday

In November 2015, Xiaohongshu transplanted the "Black Friday" activity to China and launched the "Red Friday" promotion activity, which covered more than ten categories such as skin care and makeup. Selected overseas goods are less than 50% off, and all overseas direct mail goods are free of freight.

The gameplay is novel and the scene is strong, which paves the way for holiday promotion. Users can see the "Red Five" sign everywhere in the APP, and click to browse and buy their favorite products, which increases the daily activity of users and is also an important means to realize profit.

2) Three days and three nights between Hugh and Little Red Book.

In April, 2016, Xiaohongshu invited Hugh and planned the "Three Days and Three Nights between Hugh and Xiaohongshu" activity. Accurate artist matching+advertisement recording close to life, as well as the pre-heating of Weibo before going online, successfully created a wave of big topics on Weibo, which raised the popularity of Xiaohongshu to a higher level, and the new growth rate of users reached 100%.

This cooperation with Hugh once again accurately captured the female users of Little Red Book, and the label # Hugh Endorsed Little Red Book # created by fans on Weibo, which received more than 7 million readings.

At the same time, Xiaohongshu planned the promotion of the category of "Hugh Advertising with the same paragraph" of Welfare Society, and launched the activity of "Buy enough 699 to get the potato captain doll with the same paragraph in Hugh". The whole activity released the topic of quantity, guided the participation and dissemination of households, improved the activity of users and increased the sales of the mall, allowing users to experience all the charm of Little Red Book in a closed loop.

Through the operation in the growing period, Xiaohongshu has already had a large number of users and a relatively stable position, and established a brand image. The tonality of users has declined, and slogan has changed to "mark my life". At this stage, Xiaohongshu pays more attention to the operation of content communities, conducts thematic planning, and is guided by user activity, retention rate, commercial realization and user communication.

4.3.1 Activate users & keep users.

  • Idol Trainee & Creation 101

In January and April of 2018, with the expansion of the fan economy, Xiaohongshu sponsored two phenomenal variety shows, namely "Idol Trainee" and "Creation 101". The two top variety shows brought super high exposure to Xiaohongshu, and Xiaohongshu users entered the spurt growth stage.

In addition to oral broadcast, insertion and logo, Xiaohongshu also invited trainees to come to Xiaohongshu to release notes and open a voting channel in the APP. From the data point of view, the diversion effect of the program broadcast for three consecutive months is extremely obvious.

The audience of the two variety shows are actually potential users of Xiaohongshu, especially women. They are keen on star hotspots and fashion trends. Xiaohongshu successfully acquired these potential users through the precise variety show. These users are of high quality and high activity. They posted articles on Xiaohongshu to share their love beans and spit out the competition system, which improved the overall activity.

At the same time, posting and sharing in voting rules can increase the number of votes, which actually improves the activity and retention rate of users.

After the end of the activity, the trainees continued to use Xiaohongshu to record their lives and publish their daily lives, which continued to attract fans. Fans would like to praise and comment on the trainees’ notes and buy the goods planted by the trainees, which improved the activity and retention rate of Xiaohongshu.

4.3.2 User Transformation & User Communication

1) Differentiated e-commerce live broadcast

With the popularity of Taobao’s e-commerce live broadcast, Li Jiaqi, Viya and other anchors constantly set a record for the transaction amount, and Xiaohongshu also started to conduct e-commerce live broadcast, trying to get the latest traffic bonus of the platform on the live broadcast track.

In 2019, Xiaohongshu tested the e-commerce live broadcast, and the enterprise model student "Perfect Diary" made a new product debut in Xiaohongshu live broadcast. The new products were quickly snapped up, and the powder rose by 100,000 people one week after the live broadcast. In April 2020, the live broadcast was officially launched and began to be open to all creators in the platform.

The next day, Xiaohongshu announced the 3 billion traffic and targeted support plan on the second creator’s open day, hoping to normalize the live broadcast. Xiaohongshu, which has always emphasized style and quality, also pursues a differentiated live broadcast form. The live broadcast is based on the core advantage content notes, mainly sharing and chatting, and the atmosphere with goods is more inclined to emotional attributes.

On the one hand, it improves the user’s activity and conversion rate through live broadcast, realizing the realization of the platform, and on the other hand, it also realizes the retention of outstanding creators by realizing the realization.

2) "Creator 123 Plan"&"Campus Big Player"

In the past two years, Xiaohongshu has launched activities such as "Creator Open Day", "Creator 123 Plan" and "Campus Big Player" to carry out the "Million Creator Support Plan" for creators who love to share their lives, aiming to help content creators improve the quality of notes and productivity, hoping to cultivate and retain excellent content producers through various incentives, so that creators and content can release greater influence, precipitate private domain traffic for creators, and provide diversified commercialization roads.

At the same time, attract more users to join the little red book to complete the purpose of word-of-mouth communication.

After the above analysis, we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Xiaohongshu from three aspects: content operation, activity operation and household operation.

In terms of content operation, high-quality UGC content dissemination and community communication are the key points of Xiaohongshu’s success.

At present, Xiaohongshu has tens of thousands of notes in various hot topics such as fashion, skin care, travel, fitness, food, film and television, etc. The note list page made by high-quality creators gives people the most direct beauty enjoyment through exquisite filters and designed photos or small videos.

Xiaohongshu guides topics according to hot spots and user preferences, and encourages users to discover new content. Users can browse and share their life experiences on Xiaohongshu, and at the same time, they can complete a one-stop shopping experience from planting grass to placing orders.

On the other hand, the presence of more and more stars and KOL makes all kinds of commercial implants and soft articles appear in Little Red Books. The original intention of content creators to publish notes is no longer good recommendation, but commercial promotion, so users gradually become cautious about notes and have some doubts about the authenticity of the content.

For ordinary content creators, many people are also worried that the massive admission of star KOL will change the positioning of "Little Red Book" in a subtle way, and the style will gradually become the trend of "showing off wealth", so creators and staff of Little Red Book need stricter control and more accurate algorithms in content review.

Xiaohongshu’s achievements are largely due to the creativity of the event. At present, Xiaohongshu has established two festivals of its own label-"6.6 Anniversary Celebration" and "Red Friday". In addition, the platform often combines hot spots or self-made hot spots to carry out creative activities marketing, such as fresh meat express and linkage draft variety show.

Both online and offline activities have been well received, and the daily activity and new registrations during the activities are more eye-catching. In the next step, Xiaohongshu will launch cross-border cooperation with tourism, and also look forward to the next explosion point created by Xiaohongshu.

In terms of user operation, the users of Xiaohongshu are mainly divided into two categories: content producers and ordinary users.

For ordinary users, Xiaohongshu has established a user growth rating system, encouraging users to share life fun, publish notes, and communicate socially in the platform to become creators and produce high-quality content, thus forming a virtuous circle;

For content producers, the creator training system of the platform allows users to continuously produce high-quality content, and at the same time, it brings huge traffic and hot spots to the platform, and then users can cooperate with brands to realize traffic realization, thus ensuring the operation of the platform.

Despite this, Xiaohongshu is still under pressure in user conversion, and creative activities can often bring short-term profits to the platform, but once the popularity passes, the sales volume of the platform will return to the previous level.

Although Xiaohongshu’s "community+e-commerce" model realizes the closed-loop of user behavior, its commercial realization is not satisfactory, and its popularity and reputation do not seem to match the market share. In the end, it is because users have not changed the shopping mode of "planting grass on Xiaohongshu and pulling grass on other platforms", especially the "fake goods" that broke out in recent years have had a certain impact on Xiaohongshu’s reputation.

At the same time, with the increasing number of competitors on the social e-commerce track in recent years, the market expansion space is limited, and many APPs with overlapping functions are gradually launched, such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker, which focus on short video socializing, Netease Koala Shopping, a community-based shopping app integrating sharing and shopping, etc. Their rise has caused a large-scale shift in users’ attention, which will make Xiaohongshu lose a group of users to a certain extent. How to complete traffic construction and user maintenance in the industry with many giants will be the focus of Xiaohongshu’s consideration.

Judging from the data in October 2020, Xiaohongshu ranked first in the dating APP section of iResearch data community, and the number of independent devices is still rising, which is in the leading position in the industry.

Little Red Book has gradually developed into a comprehensive platform of community+e-commerce from the initial PDF travel shopping strategy, with the number of users exceeding 300 million. The content of this "book" of Little Red Book has become richer and richer, and more and more users have written it.

As the first batch of community+e-commerce products, Xiaohongshu identified the target users at the beginning of the product, fully met the needs of users, and successfully realized the integration of two seemingly weak modules through marketing activities, realizing the logical self-consistency of the product and the closed loop of user behavior within the product.

  • The e-commerce industry is already in the Red Sea competition, and users don’t seem to buy the e-commerce platform of Xiaohongshu, and there is still much room for improvement in traffic liquidity;
  • Faced with the same type of content community or social e-commerce APP that is rising, how can Xiaohongshu maintain its position and maintain its relationship with users?

6.2.1 Strengthen the connection between content and e-commerce, and constantly explore the integration of content community and e-commerce platform.

Realize the intercommunication between seller’s comments and notes, place the product link at the appropriate place on the note page, or attach the sharing notes of star KOL to the product page to enhance the user’s impression and trust; Invite the official flagship store to settle in and improve the variety of goods.

On the basis of the original REDelivery international logistics system, a mature supply chain system and a perfect management system are established to support its e-commerce platform and ensure the authenticity of goods; At the same time, establish a supervision and audit mechanism, conduct regular spot checks, remove inferior products in time, and do a good job in after-sales service.

6.2.2 In terms of user maintenance, we should adhere to the tonality of the product itself and ensure the high quality of the core content.

Increase the reward function of high-quality content, give more direct ways to prove creative ability and get more economic encouragement for high-quality content; Establish a hot list of little red books similar to Weibo Hot Search and Zhihu Hot List, inform users of current trends, improve users’ immersion time, and thus increase users’ stickiness.

New user incentive mechanisms, such as daily sign-in reward, watching live broadcast time reward, shopping reward, sharing reward, etc., will enable users to get incentives not only from spiritual and emotional aspects, but also from material benefits, and these rewards can be used for cash deduction in e-commerce sectors such as welfare agencies, thus forming a cycle.

Xiaohongshu has developed from an unknown APP to a national-level software in just six years. Behind this is the creation and efforts of the founding team. "Three points rely on innovation and seven points rely on hard work." In the future, Xiaohongshu will provide more interesting community games to meet more needs of users, and expect Xiaohongshu to write his own wonderful.


This article was originally published by @ 京京京京京京京京京京京京京京京京 is a product manager. Reprinting is prohibited without permission.

The title map comes from Unsplash and is based on CC0 protocol.

Fitness just makes you look better? Learn more about it!

  Editor’s note:With the improvement of living conditions and the strengthening of health awareness, more and more people enter the fitness industry. Some people exercise to gain muscle, while others exercise to lose weight. What benefits can fitness bring us? Today, people’s network health talks with you.

  Strength training, the benefits are not only muscle gain.

  1. Prevent and improve anxiety and depression. A study of more than 1,800 people at Harvard University found that people with mild to moderate depression who do strength training at least twice a week have significantly less symptoms than those who don’t. This is because strength training increases the blood flow in the brain and releases brain hormones that enhance mood, such as norepinephrine and dopamine.

  2. Improve cognitive function. A study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry shows that people who do strength training twice a week have significantly improved their cognitive function after 18 months. Researchers say that strength training can thicken a part of the gray matter in the brain that is often affected in early Alzheimer’s disease.

  3. Reduce the risk of falling. Falling is the main cause of death among people over 65 years old, and the weakness of lower body strength, especially leg strength, is the main risk factor. In a review of 17 studies published in the British Medical Journal, it was found that the risk of the elderly who participated in the fall prevention exercise program, including strength training, decreased by more than one third.

  4. Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. A Japanese study published in the Journal of Diabetes Research shows that the elderly over 60 years old have undergone low-intensity resistance training twice a week for 16 weeks, and their blood sugar levels have improved significantly. Su Hao said that the process of human aging itself is caused by insufficient energy supply of cells, and strength training can delay cell aging and improve sugar metabolism.

  5. Prevent heart disease. A study of 4086 adults by the American Heart Association in 2018 showed that strength training can protect health better than aerobic exercise. Last year, a study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise showed that less than one hour of resistance exercise per week can reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome (such as hypertension, high cholesterol and elevated blood sugar). "This is because strength training can increase the body’s sugar and lipid metabolism." Su Hao explained.

  6. Relieve the symptoms of chronic kidney disease. Muscle atrophy is one of the symptoms of chronic kidney disease. A study published in the American Journal of Physiology last year found that patients who combined aerobic exercise with strength training three times a week significantly increased their muscle strength and overall physical fitness, and other symptoms of patients with kidney disease, such as itching, shortness of breath, impotence and muscle spasm, were also relieved. Patients who only do aerobic exercise have no obvious effect.

  Four movements can reduce underarm fat

  Some women find that there are two lumps of meat under their armpits when they are wearing clothes, which greatly affects their appearance and worries them. In this regard, Tan Sijie, a professor at the Department of Sports Human Science of Tianjin Institute of Physical Education, said that this excess meat is mostly false breast milk, that is, the subcutaneous fat in front of or under the armpit increases, which can be improved through the following four actions to make the body look better.

  1. Back flexion: Sit on the bed or mat, hold the ankle with both hands, touch the ground with the elbow joint, bend the upper body forward, fully extend the back, and try to make the chest touch the thigh; After 6 ~ 8 seconds, restore and do it for 10 ~ 12 times.

  2. Flexion and extension of the back of the neck: stand up straight, hold the barbell piece with both hands, and elbow height lifts it, then lift the barbell piece upward until the arms are straight, and then restore it. Do it 8 times in a row and do 4 ~ 6 groups.

  3. Push the wall exercise: hold the wall with both hands upright, stand with your body leaning forward against the wall, bend your elbows and push the wall to make your body upright, and then stop for a while and restore. Do it 20 ~ 30 times in a row, a total of 2 groups.

  4. Bend your arms and strengthen your chest in a prone position: kneel on the floor with your arms straight, then bend your arms down until your chest hits the ground. When bending your arm, pay attention to putting your body’s center of gravity on your wrist, and support your body weight with the strength of your arm and wrist. Do it 8 ~ 10 times repeatedly.

  Exercise since childhood, and you will get less cancer all your life.

  An epidemiological study by the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil shows that from the age of 17, the health benefits of 60 minutes of moderate physical exercise every day will accumulate for a lifetime.

  In order to investigate the causes of chronic diseases and the long-term effects of physical activity, nutrition, hormones and environment on the development of diseases, the research team conducted a follow-up survey on 28,000 American women. The researchers collected the physical exercise data provided by the participants in adolescence (12-22 years old), and then followed up their physical examination results and exercise every year. The relationship between physical activity in adolescence and the risk of adenoma was tested by logistic regression model. It was found that the risk of adenoma was reduced by 7% in people with more physical activity in adolescence (more than 60 minutes of exercise every day). Starting to exercise in adulthood (23-64 years old) reduces the risk by 9%; Those who have been exercising from adolescence to adulthood have reduced the risk by 24%. The findings were published in the British Journal of Cancer.

  Researchers say that the health benefits brought by sports will have cumulative effects with age. At a time when unhealthy lifestyles such as sedentary, smoking, drinking and overeating are widespread, this study aims to enlighten the public that educating children to form the habit of insisting on exercise from adolescence will benefit them for life.

  Exercise in the gym is step by step.

  Step 1: Warm-up (10 ~ 15 minutes): As soon as many novices enter the gym, they can’t wait and immediately start strenuous exercise, ignoring an important link — — Warm up. Wang Anli said that warm-up activities can not only reduce sports injuries, but also improve sports ability, improve joint flexibility and mobilize internal organs.

  Warm-up activities are based on body fever, slight sweating and no fatigue, and mainly low-intensity activities. For example, you can do some knee stretching exercises first, and then jog for a few minutes, preferably outdoors; Walk for a while after jogging, and increase the swing range of your arms appropriately; After feeling the temperature rise, do some stretching exercises. In addition, warm-up activities can also be carried out in a targeted manner. For example, before spinning training, you can do opening and closing jumps, lunges and leg stretching to mobilize breathing and leg muscles.

  Step 2: Training (about one hour). Many people run on the treadmill for an hour as soon as they enter the gym, which makes it difficult to carry out strength training later because the energy has been exhausted. The correct order is: anaerobic first, then aerobic, such as dumbbell bending, squat and other anaerobic exercises to improve metabolic function, and then aerobic exercise, the exercise effect is better, but pay attention to the fact that the total time of the two should not exceed 1 hour.

  When training equipment, you should practice big equipment first and then small equipment, otherwise, there may be no stamina; We should also follow the principle of gradual progress, starting with a small number of pounds, such as 1 pound, 3 pounds and then rising to 5 pounds or more; The number of practice groups starts from 2 groups, and then gradually increases, with a group of 12~15 times. In addition, when practicing strength, novices should first choose fixed equipment, such as bench press with Smith machine, feel muscle contraction and learn to exert strength, and then practice free weight training, such as lifting barbells from the ground.

  Step 3: Tidy up or relax (5 ~ 10 minutes). After the training, finishing activities with a small amount of exercise for 5 to 10 minutes can make the muscles recover faster and prevent muscle spasms, injuries and soreness. For example, you can walk fast or run 300 meters and do stretching activities. In addition, relaxation activities are also targeted, that is, which parts of muscles are used more during exercise, where to relax. For example, spinning training uses more muscles in legs and shoulders. After training, you can do leg press, turn shoulders and other actions. (People’s Health Network Comprehensive from Life Times)

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  In winter, you always freeze your hands and feet. A few warm ways will keep you warm for the winter.

  Breathing through your mouth will make you "stupid and ugly"! Measure how you breathe.

  The longer you stand with your eyes closed on one leg, the longer you live. Remember 6 "micro" s if you want to live longer.

  How to spend the "closed season"? Beginning of winter will do these three things later.

  Can you become "stupid" if you don’t sleep well? Staying up late is more terrible than you think.

  How to stabilize hypertension in autumn and winter? Abide by two principles

  The taste that salty hurts the kidney and pungent hurts the lung determines the health of your five internal organs.

  The root of all diseases! How many do you know about the nine hazards of obesity?

Impact on "the first chip of intelligent driving", Black Sesame Intelligent lost 10 billion yuan in three years to go to Hong Kong for blood transfusion.

On March 22nd, official website, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, showed that Black Sesame International Holding Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Black Sesame Intelligence"), an autonomous driving research and development enterprise, submitted its application for listing on the main board again, with CICC, Huatai International and CCB International as its co-sponsors.

Black sesame intelligence launched an impact on the "first share of autonomous driving chips".

On March 22nd, official website of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange showed that Black Sesame International Holding Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Black Sesame Intelligence"), an autonomous driving research and development enterprise, submitted its application for listing on the main board again, with CICC, Huatai International and CCB International as its co-sponsors.

Black Sesame Intelligence had previously submitted the form on June 30, 2023. Due to its failure to pass the hearing within 6 months, its listing application expired in early January 2024. After a lapse of three months, I handed in the form again. Can Black Sesame Intelligence, which is in urgent need of listing and financing, successfully open the door of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange this time?

Lose 10 billion yuan in three years, and grasp the new dividend of Hong Kong stocks.

According to the prospectus, Black Sesame Intelligence was established in 2016. According to the shipment of high-computing SoC in 2022, Black Sesame Intelligence is the third largest provider of SoC and SoC-based solutions for smart cars in the world. The largest shareholder is the founder Shan Zhangzhang, with about 55.99% of the voting rights.

It is reported that about 80% of the funds raised by Black Sesame Intelligence will be used for research and development; About 10% will be used to improve commercialization ability; And about 10% will be used for working capital and general corporate purposes.

Although the revenue of Black Sesame Smart keeps increasing year by year, the loss is also expanding year by year, with a loss of nearly 10 billion yuan in three years. From 2021 to 2023, the operating income of Black Sesame Intelligence was 61 million yuan, 165 million yuan and 312 million yuan respectively; The net losses were 2.357 billion yuan, 2.754 billion yuan and 4.855 billion yuan respectively.

By the end of 2023, the cash and cash equivalents of Black Sesame Intelligence were 1.298 billion yuan, and the total current liabilities were 334 million yuan. The short-term debt repayment looks good, but due to the company’s low operating income and the need to maintain the company’s daily operations, in 2023, Black Sesame Intelligent’s operating cash flow was a net outflow of 1.058 billion yuan, which was not much different from the value of cash and cash equivalents at the end of the year, and the company continued to flow in funds.

Black Sesame Intelligence said that the huge loss was mainly caused by the company’s excessive R&D investment, and R&D expenditure was the main expenditure part of Black Sesame Intelligence. From 2021 to 2023, the R&D expenditure of Black Sesame Intelligence was 595 million yuan, 764 million yuan and 1.363 billion yuan respectively, accounting for 78.7%, 69.4% and 74.0% of the total operating expenditure and 984.0%, 461.8% and 436.2% of the income in the same year.

Financing has become a "life-saving straw" for black sesame to intelligently supplement its own capital reserves.

Since its establishment in 2016, Black Sesame Intelligence has been invested by well-known VC and industrial capital such as Northern Lights Venture Capital, SAIC, China Merchants Venture Capital, Haisong Capital, Tencent, Boyuan Capital and Dongfeng Motor Group. The total amount of financing in 10 rounds is about 695 million US dollars, about 5 billion yuan. After the last round of financing, the valuation of Black Sesame Intelligence reached 2.218 billion US dollars, about 16 billion yuan.

However, since the signing of the C+ round financing agreement in December 2021, Black Sesame Intelligence has not conducted external financing. This IPO in Hong Kong or Black Sesame Intelligence is an important opportunity under the new dividend of Hong Kong stocks.

On March 31st, 2023, HKEx added Chapter 18C to the Main Board Listing Rules, and introduced the listing mechanism of specialized technology companies, allowing technology companies with no income and no profit to come to Hong Kong for listing. The new rules are applicable to companies in five specialized technology industries: new generation information technology, advanced hardware, advanced materials, new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection, new food and agricultural technology.

It is reported that Black Sesame Smart is the first company to formally submit the A-1 listing documents under the 18C rule of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since it came into effect.

Competition is worrying about external troubles and internal troubles, and the pressure to reduce costs is great.

In 2022, self-driving passenger cars became popular all over the world, with a global penetration rate of 60.6% and a China penetration rate of 64.4%. According to Jost Sullivan, the global sales volume of self-driving passenger cars is expected to reach 71.6 million by 2028, with a penetration rate of 94.4%, and the sales volume of China is expected to reach 25.3 million by 2028, with a penetration rate of 97.2%.

With the development of automotive industry towards intelligence, SoC has become the mainstream trend in the design and application of automotive chips with many advantages such as improved computing power and high data transmission efficiency. According to Jost Sullivan, in 2028, the global market size of SoC is expected to reach 179.2 billion yuan, and the market size of China is expected to reach 83.5 billion yuan.

However, the current smart driving chip track is still dominated by foreign brands, and domestic smart driving chip manufacturers are facing fierce competition.

According to the prospectus, in 2022, the market share of Black Sesame Intelligence in China and the global high-computing SoC field will be 5.2% and 4.8% respectively, while the market share of the No.1 company A in the global market and China market will be 82.5% and 81.6% respectively.

According to the statistics of Geshi Automobile Research Institute, the top four smart driving domain control chips in 2023 were Tesla FSD chip, NVIDIA Orin, Mobileye EyeQ4H and Mobileye EyeQ5H, and their installed capacity in the field of smart driving domain control was 1.2 million, 1.14 million, 200,000 and 170,000 respectively, with corresponding market shares of 34.4%, 32.6% and 5.7 respectively.

Whether it’s cockpit chips in Qualcomm or smart driving chips in NVIDIA, the products of overseas manufacturers are generally faced with the problem of high cost. In this respect, domestic chip manufacturers have relative advantages in cost control. This has once become an important factor for domestic manufacturers to "roll in" in terms of price.

Since 2023, the growth rate of the new energy automobile market has slowed down, and the "price war" in the domestic automobile market has intensified, and the pressure has been transmitted to the chip manufacturers in the upstream of the industrial chain. According to Morgan Stanley’s report, some car manufacturers are cutting orders for chips such as power management IC, metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) and microcontroller (MCU), and asking suppliers to reduce prices.

Yang Yuxin, chief marketing officer of Black Sesame Intelligence, once publicly stated, "The automobile market in China is developing rapidly now. While ensuring the functional performance of (chips), there is also great pressure on the cost. Under the premise that the traditional cost reduction method can’t meet (demand), we can only find a way from the architectural way to put the functions of the original four chips into one chip, and the chip cost will be greatly reduced. "

At present, Black Sesame Intelligence has two series of products, Huashan and Wudang. Among them, A1000 chip helps customers reduce costs by reducing the use of devices. Wudang series chips integrate four sets of functions into one architecture from the way of architecture, so as to reduce the chip cost.

According to the prospectus, as of March 13, 2024, Black Sesame Intelligence has received 23 models of intentional orders from 16 automobile OEMs and first-tier suppliers. As of March 13, 2024, the company has cooperated with more than 49 automobile OEMs and first-class suppliers, including FAW Group, Dongfeng Group and Jiangqi Group.

In addition, in recent two years, BYD, Weilai, Tucki and other major car manufacturers are also actively deploying self-developed chips to improve the efficiency of the combination of software and chips. In this regard, Yang Yuxin said that the self-developed chips of car companies and the chips developed by third-party companies are essentially a game process in terms of cost, differentiation and technological leadership.

Yang Yuxin believes that Weilai’s chips are mainly used in high-end models, and other models will choose other suppliers. After all, car companies should consider a value accounting. He said that the black sesame smart body is relatively large, so it will also gain an advantage through scale.

[Editor: Li Yangzi]

Strengthening ideals and beliefs is the primary task of developing political life within the party (studying and implementing the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee)




  (1) Ideals and beliefs are the spiritual pillar of communist party people. People always have a little spirit. The spirit of communist party people is "revolutionary ideals are higher than the sky". It is with the support of this spirit that our party has withstood the bloody revolutionary test of bullets, life and death, the arduous pioneering test of hurricane and rain, the test of reform and opening up, and has continuously moved from victory to new victory and developed into the world’s largest ruling party. Just as Comrade Deng Xiaoping pointed out: "Why did we struggle out under very difficult circumstances in the past, and overcome numerous difficulties and dangers to win the revolution?"? It is because we have ideals, Marxist beliefs and communist beliefs. " Over the past 95 years, generations of communist party people have stood the test of blood and fire, life and death in their heroic struggle for national independence and people’s liberation, national prosperity and national rejuvenation. The key lies in their unswerving ideals and beliefs and their confidence in the bright future of a better society. "It doesn’t matter to behead, as long as the doctrine is true" and "The enemy can only chop off our heads and never shake our faith", all of which vividly show the steadfast and persistent spiritual pursuit of communist party people. Facts fully show that ideals and beliefs are the spiritual foundation and source of strength of communist party people. As long as you build a spiritual pillar with ideals and beliefs, you will not be afraid of any difficulties and challenges, and you will be able to overcome any difficulties and challenges.

  (二)理想信念是共产党人的政治灵魂。理想信念是政治觉悟、思想境界、道德情操的集中体现。有了坚定的理想信念,就能坚持正确政治方向,在胜利时和顺境中不骄傲不自满,在困难时和逆境中不消沉不动摇,经受住各种赞誉和诱惑考验,经受住各种风险和挑战考验,永葆共产党人政治本色。习近平总书记反复强调,共产党人如果没有理想信念,或者理想信念不坚定,精神上就会“缺钙”,就会得“软骨病”,就必然导致政治上变质、经济上贪婪、道德上堕落、生活上腐化。当前,绝大多数党员干部理想信念是坚定的、政治上是可靠的,但也有一些人理想信念模糊甚至动摇。有的认为“理想很丰满,现实很骨感”,谈理想太远、谈信念太虚;有的不信马列信鬼神,热衷于算命看相、烧香拜佛;有的对中国道路和制度缺乏自信,总觉得西方的月亮比较圆;等等。这些现象和问题,应当引起高度注意。从一些领导干部违纪违法案件可以看出,他们之所以步入歧途、走上不归路,最根本的是思想政治出了问题,是理想信念出了问题。事实警示我们,理想信念动摇是最危险的动摇,理想信念滑坡是最危险的滑坡。只有坚定理想信念,Only in this way can we solve the "master switch" problem of world outlook, outlook on life and values, constantly strengthen our political determination and protect the political soul of communist party people.

  (3) Ideals and beliefs are the ideological basis for maintaining the unity and unity of the Party. Ideals and beliefs are the spiritual banner of a political party’s unity and forge ahead, which determines the cohesion and centripetal force of a political party. Over the past 95 years, despite all kinds of setbacks and hardships, our party has always been United as one, unswerving and rock-solid, leading the people of all ethnic groups in the country to March forward bravely together, relying on the cohesion and inspiration of ideals and beliefs. At present, our party has more than 88 million party member and more than 4.4 million party organizations. Great changes have taken place in the party, and the situation and tasks it faces have changed greatly. How to unite and unite such a large party organization, form a common will, and maintain unity of action and keep pace? The most fundamental thing is to build up ideals and beliefs. The tortuous course of world socialist practice shows that once Marxist political parties give up their Marxist beliefs, socialist beliefs and communist beliefs, they will fall apart. The disintegration of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the CPSU are very important because the ideals and beliefs have been shaken, the ideological defense line has fallen, and the lessons have been extremely profound. Facts tell us that the decline of a political party often begins with the loss or absence of ideals and beliefs. Only by always holding high the banner of ideals and beliefs can we consolidate the ideological foundation of unity and ensure that the party is stronger and more prosperous.

  Second, firm ideals and beliefs must be based on a profound grasp of Marxism.

  Ideological and theoretical firmness is the premise of political firmness. Our party is a Marxist political party that is nurtured and nurtured with advanced ideas and armed with scientific theories. Party member and cadres, especially senior cadres, must take Marxist theory as a compulsory course, constantly improve their ideological awareness and theoretical level of Marxism, build a solid foundation of faith, supplement the calcium of spirit, and keep the rudder of thought steady.

  (1) Unswervingly adhere to the guiding ideology of Marxism. Marxism is the fundamental guiding ideology for building the Party and the country, and it is also the core and soul of communist party people’s ideals and beliefs. When we say that we are firm in faith and loyal to the Party, we should first look at whether we unswervingly adhere to the guiding ideology of Marxism. If you deviate from or give up Marxism, you will lose your soul and lose your direction, and you will be alienated from the party, which is actually a betrayal of the party’s thoughts. On the fundamental issue of adhering to the unification of Marxist guiding ideology, we must be firm, and we must not engage in diversification of guiding ideology at any time and under any circumstances. To adhere to Marxism, the key is to make sure that our ancestors can’t lose sight of it, but also speak new words, so as to continuously develop Marxism in combination with the reality in China. Persistence is the foundation of development, and development is the best persistence. It is very harmful to treat Marxism with a skeptical and negative attitude, or with a pragmatic and dogmatic attitude. Over the past 95 years, the reason why our Party has been able to accomplish the arduous tasks that all kinds of political forces can’t accomplish in modern times, and to lead and promote China’s revolution, construction and reform to win great victories continuously lies in always taking Marxism as its own action guide, and persisting in constantly enriching and developing Marxism in practice. In the future journey, no matter what kind of setbacks and interference we encounter, we must firmly adhere to Marxism as the backbone.



  (4) Seriously study the party rules of party constitution. Party constitution is the general charter of governing the party, which embodies the basic theory and political proposition of the party, the collective will and the principle requirements of the party, and is the fundamental code of conduct that the whole party must abide by. Party rules are the extension and concretization of party constitution, and the concrete follow-up to regulate party member’s behavior. Ideals and beliefs are not abstract, but concrete, which is embodied in the specific provisions of party constitution’s party rules. To strengthen the cultivation of party spirit and strengthen ideals and beliefs, the most basic requirement is to learn the party rules and regulations of party constitution. At present, some cadres in party member have such problems as cheating, escaping and leaking. One of the important reasons is that they don’t learn party constitution’s party rules, forget party constitution’s party rules and don’t take party constitution’s party rules as a discipline. It can be said that whether we can seriously study and strictly abide by party constitution’s party rules is an important test of party member cadres’ party spirit and party loyalty, and also an important test of party member cadres’ ideals and beliefs. We should firmly establish party constitution’s awareness of party rules, regard party constitution’s party rules as the basic standard for strengthening party spirit cultivation and strengthening ideals and beliefs, consciously study party constitution’s party rules, strictly implement party constitution’s party rules, resolutely safeguard party constitution’s party rules, and truly internalize them in the heart and externalize them in the line.

  Third, strive for the realization of ideals on the road of Socialism with Chinese characteristics.

  To achieve lofty ideals and goals, we must have a firm and pragmatic trip. We should always maintain the spirit of struggle of the Communist Party of China (CPC) people when the Party was founded, hold lofty ideals, grasp realistic goals, unswervingly adhere to and develop Socialism with Chinese characteristics, and constantly push forward the great practice of fighting for lofty ideals.

  (a) adhere to the practice of Socialism with Chinese characteristics’s common ideal and firm communist lofty ideal. Realizing communism is the highest ideal of communist party people. Communism can only be realized on the basis of fully developed and highly developed socialist society, which will be a very long historical process. Building Socialism with Chinese characteristics is an inevitable stage to realize communism, and Socialism with Chinese characteristics’s common ideal is the concrete embodiment of the highest ideal of communism at this stage. Therefore, Socialism with Chinese characteristics is the unity of the Party’s highest program and basic program, and the realization of the common ideal is essentially the same as the realization of the highest ideal. If you forget the highest ideal and only care about the present, you will lose your way and become utilitarian and pragmatic; Leaving the realistic goal and talking about the highest ideal will be divorced from reality and become utopianism. For communist party people, we can’t shout the slogan of communism every day and do things like "running into communism", and we can’t live without the beacon of communism. We should correctly understand the relationship between Socialism with Chinese characteristics’s common ideal and the lofty ideal of communism, base ourselves on the basic national condition that China is still in the primary stage of socialism and will be in it for a long time, and make unremitting efforts to realize the Party’s basic program at this stage.

  (二)坚定中国特色社会主义道路自信、理论自信、制度自信、文化自信。理想因其远大而为理想,信念因其执着而为信念。习近平总书记强调,“当今世界,要说哪个政党、哪个国家、哪个民族能够自信的话,那中国共产党、中华人民共和国、中华民族是最有理由自信的。”为什么这样说?就是因为我们成功开创和发展了中国特色社会主义道路、理论和制度,继承和发展了灿烂辉煌的中华文化,使中国人民富起来了、中华民族强起来了,为人类对更好社会制度的探索贡献了中国智慧。当代中国的伟大社会变革,不是简单延续我国历史文化的母版,不是简单套用马克思主义经典作家设想的模版,不是其他国家社会主义实践的再版,也不是国外现代化发展的翻版,而是自己历经千辛万苦探索出来的正确道路,具有鲜明的独创性。坚定道路自信、理论自信、制度自信,说到底是要坚定文化自信。文化自信是更基础、更广泛、更深厚的自信。这种文化自信,来自于博大精深的中华优秀传统文化,来自于党领导人民创造的激昂向上的革命文化和生机勃勃的社会主义先进文化,来自于以爱国主义为核心的民族精神和以改革创新为核心的时代精神。我们要坚定中国特色社会主义必胜信念,Not afraid of any risks, not confused by any interference, we will create a more extraordinary "China miracle" and write a more wonderful "China story" on the journey of pursuing lofty ideals.

  (3) Consciously work hard to advance the cause of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Any great cause begins with ideals and ends with hard work. Without the spirit of hard work and hard work, no matter how great the goal is, no matter how beautiful the blueprint is, it can only be a castle in the air. Our Party has always emphasized hard work and hard work. From "arousing millions of workers and peasants to work with one heart" to "not doing anything, there is no Marxism at all", and then to "talking about making mistakes in the country and rejuvenating the country with hard work", the word "doing" has always been the loudest motto of the Communist Party of China (CPC) people. The red mountains and rivers of new China were shot down by countless revolutionary ancestors, one city and one pool; The magnificent building of socialism was built by countless laborers, brick by brick. Among them, thousands of outstanding party member cadres have devoted all their energy and even their lives. Without lofty ideals, he is not a qualified Communist party member; Leaving real work and talking about lofty ideals is not a qualified Communist party member. Today, it is even more necessary to work hard to promote the great cause of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, realize the goal of "two hundred years" and realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We should aim high and be down-to-earth, embody the firmness of ideals and beliefs in the process of doing our job well, do every job well in a down-to-earth manner, and strive to achieve our excellent results in the "relay race".Leading cadres, especially senior cadres, should play an exemplary role and let party member and the masses feel the power of ideals and beliefs with practical actions.




  (two) efforts to guide party member cadres to distinguish between right and wrong, and resolutely resist the erosion of wrong ideas. At present, the mainstream in the field of ideological theory is good, with a loud theme and strong positive energy, but there are also some wrong thoughts and wrong views, some of which are still influential and confusing. If we don’t strengthen correct guidance and in-depth guidance, it will be difficult to unify the ideological understanding of party member cadres, and even shake our ideals and beliefs. It is necessary to improve the system of analyzing and reporting major ideological and theoretical issues within the Party, regularly judge and report important trends in the field of ideological and theoretical issues, objectively and comprehensively explain the deep-seated ideological and theoretical issues to party member cadres, and set the direction, say hello, draw the bottom line, defend the position and prevent erosion. We should focus on the erroneous ideological trends such as western constitutional democracy, "universal values", neo-liberalism and historical nihilism, and make a clear-cut analysis and criticism to guide party member cadres to recognize their essence and harm. The broad masses of party member cadres should stand firm in their political stance, stick to the political bottom line, dare to show their swords and confront each other in the face of erroneous ideological trends, and never let it go and stay out of it.

  (3) Focus on improving innovative education methods. At present, great changes have taken place in the situation of the times and the ranks of party member, and the ways and means of ideal and belief education need to be improved and innovated accordingly. It is necessary to thoroughly study the characteristics and laws of ideal and belief education under the new situation, inherit good experience and practices, explore new ways and means, and constantly enhance the times and attractiveness. We should persist in carrying out centralized study and education within the Party, sum up and make good use of long-term practical experience, especially the fresh experience of the Party’s mass line education practice activities, "three strictness and three realities" special education and "two studies and one doing" study and education since the 18th CPC National Congress, so as to continuously educate and improve party member cadres. We should pay more attention to the ideological reality of cadres in party member, adhere to the combination of advanced requirements and extensive requirements, solve ideological problems with practical problems, and educate people with understanding and caring for people. It is necessary to make full use of all-media diversified forms of communication and use differentiated and interactive methods to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of education.

  (four) efforts to expand and expand the coverage of education. The education of ideals and beliefs should be carried out not only among cadres in party member, but also for the whole society. We should continue to deepen publicity and education in Socialism with Chinese characteristics, make clear the historical inevitability and great superiority of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, and maximize social consensus. It is necessary to carry out in-depth publicity and education on the Chinese dream, pay attention to spreading the Chinese dream with literary and artistic works, show the Chinese dream with patriotic education bases, cultivate the Chinese dream with mass theme activities, and guide the broad masses of the people to pursue their dreams together. It is necessary to further promote the construction of socialist core values, do a solid job of integration and implementation, and strive to promote compliance with the law and integration into social life, making it the common pursuit of all people. Ideal and belief education should pay special attention to young people, guide them to firmly listen to the party’s words and follow the party’s beliefs, and establish lofty life aspirations and lofty ideals.