Ticket face design of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou was announced.

On August 9, 2023, Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee released the sample design of paper tickets and electronic commemorative tickets for sports competitions.

The face design of paper tickets for Hangzhou Asian Games revolves around urban cultural connotation, interactive sharing among the whole people, sublimation of Asian Games theme, etc., based on the core graphic "Moist", with laurel yellow as the main color in the core color system "Light Makeup and Heavy Makeup", combined with the silhouette design of Hangzhou landmark attractions such as "Three Tans Printing the Moon" and various competition sports icons, through the cultural collision between history and modern times, it conveys the unique cultural charm of the host city and forms a unified vision with the image of Hangzhou Asian Games.

In order to appeal to the whole people to help the Green Asian Games, Hangzhou Asian Games recommended the use of electronic tickets. Users who purchase electronic tickets can sell tickets on the official website H5 page and the Smart Asian Games One-stop • The electronic commemorative tickets of the corresponding project are extracted from the ticket folder of the ticket service, and the exclusive ticket book is generated, which is convenient for collection, sharing and dissemination. Electronic commemorative tickets can be divided into four types: gold, silver, copper and general, and the winning proportions are 5%, 10%, 15% and 70% respectively. Electronic commemorative tickets and exclusive electronic ticket books are first used in comprehensive sports games held in China, which is a vivid embodiment of the concept of intelligent competition.

A variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies are adopted for the tickets of sports competitions in this Asian Games, which are easy to identify and difficult to copy. At the same time, the intelligent application of technologies such as Internet, big data and blockchain in ticket inspection and ticket anti-counterfeiting is used to provide the public with a new experience of intelligent ticketing. The ticketing blockchain is used to record every node of tickets from production to use. Ticket holders can trace the information through the two-dimensional code of tickets. Paper tickets can be viewed directly by scanning the code, and electronic tickets can be viewed by clicking on the ticket folder details page.

(Headquarters reporter Xia Zhou Jinjian Jiang Wei Liu Yi)