25:2! The primary school football match is now "fake ball". Netizen: It is more desperate than losing to Syria.

  Cctv news: 25-2, a U11 football match in Guangzhou, kicked out the volleyball score. Fake ball? Negative competition? Over-age player? One puzzle appeared in front of people.

  Bring a stunning game to your door.

  On the afternoon of October 5th, the U11 age group of Guangzhou Yida Golden Autumn Cup National Day Invitational Tournament entered the final round. Before that, the "Guangdong Youth Team" and "Dongshan Xiaoye Team" were both 5 wins and 1 draw, and the final champion will also be produced between these two teams.

  In the final round, the opponent of the young crop team was the Shawan Blue Lion team, which ranked at the bottom. In the end, the young crop beat the opponent 31-0, leading the second-place Dongshan Xiaoye team by 17 goal difference.

  The opponent of Dongshan Xiaoye team is Tikitaka team. In the first half, Dongshan Xiaoye once fell behind by 1: 2, but in the second half, the situation changed suddenly and Dongshan Xiaoye team began to score goals in succession.

  When the score became 15: 2, Tikitaka players even took the ball directly to their own goal after kicking off in the middle circle and hit the post with a shot. This scene of attacking his own goal stunned many people present. "In the end, Dongshan Xiaoye team won by 25: 2, and overtook the young crops team on the goal difference, and finally won the championship.

  A coach of the young crops team said, at that time, the members of the young crops team cried "in tears". "Their pure world outlook can’t accept this. How can football be played like this?"

 Guangdong qingmiao team

  U11 children play "fake ball"?

  Originally, it was not impossible to score 25-2 in the U11 football match. However, it is not normal to concede 24 goals in 30 minutes in the second half. What is even more unimaginable is that Tikitaka players not only played passively in the second half, but also took the initiative to kick the ball into their own goal. 

  Basically, it can be judged: fake ball.

  Why do a group of U11 children play fake ball? Was this match-fixing inspired by some people? Who are these people who have poisoned football seedlings since childhood?

  Young crop coach: The opponent threatened to kill us.

  "Originally, this was just an exchange event, focusing on happy football. Why do you want to be so utilitarian? Why do you want to fake the ball!"

  Guan Yuhai, the head and head coach of the Guangdong young crops team, restored the process of the game when interviewed by the media. "The first half of the game was normal, and the second half was completely different." The parents of our players are very angry and have condemned Tikitaka’s "immoral" game behavior. The other side responded, "That’s how we’re going to kill you."

 Dongshan Xiaoye team is the champion of this competition.

  Grandpa Dongshan: I refused to play fake ball at first. 

  Since the "match-fixing incident" was exposed, Dongshan Xiaoye’s players and parents refused to speak out because they didn’t want to be hyped and exposed to the spotlight of the media. Strictly speaking, being a champion in such a shameful way also makes the parents of these players feel ashamed. "In fact, we refused to play fake football from the beginning." A parent A, who did not want to be named, said this in an interview with the media on the evening of the 9th.

  According to parent A, before the game started on the afternoon of the 5th, someone in Tikitaka suggested to the parents of Dongshan Xiaoye that he would lose the game on purpose, so that Dongshan Xiaoye would win the championship, in order to prevent the champion from falling into the hands of Guangdong young crops.

  "Of course, we hope that our children can win, but not in this way. If we want to win, we will win in an upright manner. This is also the concept we have been instilling in our children." Parent A said that although they refused to fake the ball together, the opponent’s release of water was beyond their control. "How the opponent kicks is their business, and we only ask the children to be themselves."

  What hatred? What hatred? Revenge with "match-fixing"

  According to media follow-up investigation, Guangdong Young Beavers recalled two players they had trained from Evergrande Football School and R&F Football School before the competition. In addition, due to the holiday, Dongshan Xiaoye and Tikitaka teams are not led by coaches, but by parents. 

  In the view of the young crop team coach, these two things have become the fuse of the "match-fixing" storm.

  In the direct confrontation between the young crops team and Tikitaka team, Tikitaka lost 2-4. After losing, they complained to the organizing committee that the No.28 player of the young crops team was "the wrong goods", and this player was the player recalled by the young crops from Evergrande Football School. In addition, in the match between young crops and Dongshan Xiaoye, a member of the young crops team hit a parent of the Dongshan Xiaoye team who was watching the game while clearing the clearance, which almost triggered a conflict between the two sides.

  In the view of the coach of the young crops team, the "match-fixing" between Grandpa Dongshan and Tikitaka is a "grudge" between parents.

  "The most important thing about this accident is that the two teams have no coach to lead the team, so it will cause such a big storm. I hope everyone can learn the lesson of this matter. " He said.

  At present, the parents of the Tikitaka team have not been interviewed by the media. What purpose is hidden behind the match-fixing is still unknown.

  Guangzhou Football Association made a heavy penalty. 

  On October 9th, the news of match-fixing in Guangzhou U11 alerted the China Football Association. On the morning of the same day, Ceng Dan, director of the National School Foot Office of the China Football Association, called the Guangzhou Football Association to inquire about the situation and demanded that the match-fixing incident be strictly investigated.


  On the morning of October 10th, Guangzhou Football Association convened some news organizations to hold a briefing meeting in the office of the Municipal Football Association, so that the organizer could introduce the situation and regulations of this Golden Autumn Cup competition, and three related teams could also state the situation. Finally, the Municipal Football Association explained the situation of the competition and put forward suggestions for handling it — — Guangzhou Yida Football Club violated regulations and was stopped from registering with Guangzhou Football Association for three years. "Tikitaka" was banned from participating in the competition organized by Guangzhou Football Association and was disqualified. "

   Reviews from netizens

   @ Nobody-Li Zenglu: China faked the ball and grabbed it from the doll. . .

   @ Bu2ma: This is more desperate than losing to Syria.

   @ 中中中中中中 ours: Why do some people behind it need it? They are still children!

   @ Xiao _48592: If China Football is a broken tree, at first I thought it was a problem with the branches, but later I thought the roots were broken. Now I know that the land where the trees were planted is broken!

   @ 京京京京京京: fish begins to stink at the head.

   @MARONGDI: The shady youth football is the real nightmare of China football.

  Football in China has been poisoned by match-fixing more than once. Nowadays, some parents even instigate their children to play match-fixing for the sake of being quick, which is not only shameful, but also sad. Is this the original intention of parents to send their children to the football field?

  For a long time, the number one enemy of youth football is utilitarian football. Too blind pursuit of achievements has killed many football talents in the cradle of youth training. Haven’t you learned enough? Take this as a warning and create a fair, just and "clean" football environment for children.