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From Chen Kun to Roy and Karry, among the stars who are constantly "harvesting" attention in the entertainment circle, it seems that there is never a lack of Chongqing elements. If it is said that ten years ago, Chen Kun began to impress the audience with his youthful and immature acting skills, it was the beginning of Chongqing children’s journey in the entertainment circle; Then at the dawn of the second decade of the new century, successors have appeared on this long journey …

Needless to say, Roy and Karry, two children who have long been popular all over the country through TFBOYS, Sean Xiao, who won the popularity of the new generation of actors this year, Vin, Ivan and YoRoll , who are the most popular new men’s team at present, followed closely, and J.zen, Gu Landi and other names have repeatedly refreshed your understanding of the newcomers in the entertainment circle. In the next decade, it should be the following new forces that attract your attention and guide your remote control and mouse.

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Sean Xiao

The hottest Chinese actor this year

How new is the "new power"? We might as well take the year 2000, the first year of the 21st century, as the base point.

That year, Chen Kun was a student of the Beijing Film Academy. After the movie "National Anthem", he participated in his second drama "Like Fog, Like Rain and Like Wind", but at this time he was just a little coffee hidden behind the highlights of Zhou Xun and Lu Yi. This year, Roy and Vin were born, Karry just turned one year old and YoRoll  and Ivan were two years old. The older ones are J.zen and Gu Landi, who are 5 and 6 years old respectively. Xiao Zhan, who is 9 years old, should start learning piano under the guidance of his father.

Wei Wuxian, played by Sean Xiao in The Untamed. jpg

Wei Wuxian played by Sean Xiao The Untamed.

In a blink of an eye, 10 years later, they all became "popular fried chicken", and some of them were even hotter than Chen Kun in 2000.

If you want to ask how hot Sean Xiao is now? Just pay a little attention to the frequency of his name appearing in various news information in the last week, and you can perceive one or two. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are approaching. He is on the guest lists of CCTV, Beijing Satellite TV and Oriental TV. Among them, Beijing Satellite TV also chose Sean Xiao as the spokesperson for the 2020 Spring Festival Gala.


Sean Xiao became the spokesperson for the 2020 Beijing Spring Festival Evening.

Not only that, all kinds of "harvest" hot search and attention in Sean Xiao can be described as full bloom. Let’s take a closer look at the variety field. In the music reality show "The Voice of Chinese Dreams Our Songs", which is being broadcasted by Oriental TV, his partner, Tian Na Ying, praised him as "really handsome" from the first sight, and the following two people’s cooperation, "Follow Your Feelings" and "Night at the Naval Port" were hotly debated in every capital.


Sean Xiao has become the "darling" of fashion magazines.

Secondly, magazine covers and photos, which have always been Vogue of the main battlefields for star competition, have ELLE published Sean Xiao’s photos or covers.

In the field of TV series, The Untamed, a costume drama that was popular all over the network in June this year, was regarded as the tipping point of Sean Xiao’s popularity. In the play, his handsome appearance is just in line with the audience’s imagination of Wei, the original character: clean, optimistic and cheerful. On December 20th, Douban made a ranking list from movies to TV series in 2019. The Untamed ranked third in the highest-rated Chinese drama series in 2019 with 8.3 points, and Sean Xiao won the first place among the most watched Chinese actors in 2019.

Sean Xiao in college. jpg

Sean Xiao in college.

Compared with several Chongqing babies who will be mentioned later in Ran Ran, Sean Xiao is not too young. Born in 1991, he studied painting, violin and other literary specialties under the cultivation of his father since childhood. In 2010, Sean Xiao was admitted to chongqing technology and business university Modern International Design and Art Institute. Since he entered the school, he has been a member of the class’s literary and art committee, and also served as the head of vocal music department and male voice department of the college students’ art troupe, as well as an actor of the school’s language and art sub-group.

In her sophomore year, Sean Xiao, who won the title of "Top Ten Singers on Campus" in chongqing technology and business university, participated in the "Top Ten Singers on Campus" competition in Chongqing on behalf of her school and won the second prize. It is worth mentioning that when he was a student, Sean Xiao also played a lot of tricks in his professional field: in 2012, he and his friend Camera founded the "Recalling Light and Shadow Visual Media" photography studio and the "NED Design Studio", and he was the main photographer and designer.

Until now, Weibo’s name in Sean Xiao still retains the head of his newly-debuted group "X-Nine Youth League". In June 2015, he was invited to participate in Zhejiang Satellite TV’s amateur inspirational program "Burn Boys" and became a trainee. In the finals in February of the following year, although Sean Xiao and his teammates narrowly lost to the Chris Lee team, in September of the same year, they announced their debut as the lead singer of the X-Nine Youth League. Since then, Sean Xiao’s performances in costume dramas "Breaking the Sky" and "Your Highness the Wolf" have been recognized by everyone. In the popular costume drama Joy of Life, although Sean Xiao is a supporting role, the hot discussion expected by netizens has spread all over the network since the first day of the drama.

Up to now, the number of Weibo fans in Sean Xiao has reached a staggering 21 million, and among the more than 700 Weibo posts, the likes of any one easily exceeded 1 million. It is no exaggeration to say that, as Douban commented, he is definitely the first most concerned Chinese actor at present.

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The hottest new men’s team "R1SE"

Three of the 11 members are Chongqing children.

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R1SE men’s team

On 14th of this month, R1SE, a men’s group, announced that it had been a group debut for less than half a year, put "WE ARE R.1.S.E-2019 R1SE National Tour Concert" into the Chongqing Concert of Chongqing Huaxi International Cultural and Sports Center. The scene is naturally screaming and cheering. This concert is of great significance to the three members of R1SE: Vin, Ivan and Zhang Yanquan are authentic Chongqing babies.

For this reason, R1SE specially designed an interactive session with unique regional characteristics for Chongqing fans. The members not only adapted the lyrics of the song "Deba" into Chongqing dialect "Yaode", but also performed a dialect chorus with the live fans. Combined with Chongqing special hot pot, a creative game "What’s in the hot pot restaurant" was created, which made the concert scene burst into laughter again and again.

Back in June this year, the reality show "Creation Camp 2019" launched by Tencent Video specially selected men’s teams finally scheduled the final seats. According to the program rules, 11 members of the "R1SE" group who made their debut as a group were born. Among the 11 members born after the elimination of 101 trainees, three Chongqing children were included: the names of Vin, Ivan and YoRoll  instantly became popular on the Internet.

Wechat picture _20191224220417.jpg


You are not mistaken. After 00, you have already started to board this eye-catching stage. Vin, the third of the three, was born in 2000, while YoRoll  and Yao Chen were both born in 1998. According to Vin’s self-report when he participated in Creation Camp 2019, his idea of going on stage was influenced by Michael Jackson: in 2012, at the age of 12, after watching Michael Jackson’s performance in This is it, he had the idea of going on stage for the first time, and it got out of hand. He first signed up for a street dance class, and then spent two years persuading his parents to let him take the road of acting. Before participating in the domestic draft variety show, he went to an entertainment company in South Korea as a trainee in 2014.

Before this year’s "Creation Camp 2109" won the C place, Vin had already won the fourth place in the 2017 musical idol cultivation program "Son of Tomorrow" and made her debut. Two months ago, Vin was selected into the 2019 Forbes China list of 30 elites under the age of 30 by virtue of her popularity.


Ivan Yao

Ivan, born in 1998, also had the experience of joining a Korean entertainment company as an intern. In "Creation Camp 2019", Yao Chen’s first stage performance of "Baddd" attracted countless attention. During the performance, Ivan inadvertently lifted his T-shirt to reveal eight abdominal muscles, which also made him known as a "small waist" by fans.



YoRoll  is famous for her "interesting soul" among R1SE members. On the one hand, he keeps making golden sentences in the "Creation Camp 2019" program, such as calling PK among students "mutual torture to the bald head"; On the other hand, the scene of Chongqing Xiaoer, who is super spicy, recommending Laoganma’s hot sauce for other students in the program has also made fans talk about it for a long time.

YoRoll  madly recommended hot sauce to other students in "Creation Camp 2019". jpg

The scene of YoRoll ‘s crazy recommendation of hot sauce

As he himself said in the program, his interest in rap began in junior high school. "My classmates showed me a rough MV made by a domestic rapper, but the content was very close to life." He immediately fell in love with this form of writing everything that happened around him into a song and began to try originality. Nowadays, family members are very supportive of this road chosen by Zhang Yan. In an interview, he even laughed that his father is his number one male fan. "His ten circle of friends, nine of them are all about me, and I find people everywhere to like me."

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A cold folded ear root was forwarded by Weibo for more than 240,000 times.

On December 22nd, J.zen’s name was posted on the hot search because Ronghao Li, who had just finished his concert in Chongqing, met Xiao Zhu at the airport and stopped him. At first, he didn’t react. When he recognized that he was Ronghao Li, the music tutor when he participated in the online comprehensive Idol Trainee, J.zen’s appearance as a good student made fans happy instantly.

1.jpg, J.zen


If you don’t know J.zen, it only means that you are either old or Out.

Now official website, who is logged into Luneng Bashu Middle School, can find J.zen's name in the classmate record of Class 16, Grade 2012. jpg.

Now logging in to Luneng Bashu Middle School, official website can find J.zen’s name in the classmate record of Class 16, Grade 2012.

J.zen was born in Chongqing in 1994. Until now, if you log in to Luneng Bashu Middle School, official website can find his name in the previous student lists. He is in Class 16, Grade 2012. Compared with Chongqing’s fellow villagers who are equally popular in the entertainment circle today, J.zen is a broader type. He and Variety should have been electrocuted since high school: in 2011, J.zen’s name was included in the second season of China’s Got Talent. Later, he entered Beijing Modern Music Institute to study in university.

The reason why J.zen dabbles in a lot is that he has appeared in the dance competition program, the magic reality show and the most popular variety show "Hip-hop in China" in 2017 (entering the top 46 in China). However, if we really want to say that J.zen’s name is on fire, it is inseparable from the reality show "Idol Trainee" formed by the idol men’s team that was red and purple last year. In this program, J.zen and the current traffic took the PK of KUN, Chen Linong and Adam, and finally ranked 14th. This achievement is quite rare.

This year's Spring Festival, J.zen's menu for going home for dinner also has cold folded ears. jpg

This year’s Spring Festival, J.zen’s cold salad is broken.

How hot is J.zen, who has released his second personal music EP "Something Worth mentioning" in April this year? The reporter noticed that the number of his real-name authentication fans in Weibo has already exceeded 6.4 million. As a Chongqing cub, he is naturally unambiguous in eating. Apart from basking in the Vlog that he made "Chongqing tomato scrambled eggs" and "boiled meat slices", this year’s Spring Festival J.zen basked in a picture of himself eating New Year’s Eve dinner at home in Chongqing: "The legendary braised fish of grandma and the broken ears of grandpa’s cold salad". This Weibo has been forwarded more than 240,000 times, and the number of likes has exceeded 78,000 times.

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Chongqing guy who won the popularity of "making stars in a new way"

Compared with his peers in other circles, Gu Landi, who was born in Chongqing in 1995, was quite unconventional from his debut to his popularity. Although he also participated in Iqiyi’s talent show "Youth has You", he actually made his debut before this program started: In the online drama "Love You So Sweet" of Tencent video last year, Gu Landi starred in the male No.2.



In January of this year, Youth with You, which has been regarded as the second season of Idol Trainee, was launched, and Gu Landi joined it as a trainee. After two months of competition, Gu Landi regretted stopping in the top 20, and something interesting happened at this time. He, together with Shi Mingze, Hu Wenxuan, Xu Bingchao and Ding Feijun, formed a men’s team named "D5, the fifth son of the desert" and announced his debut. The operation team behind it is Lehua Entertainment, which has previously launched the "NEXT of the Seven sons of Lehua" (the main members include THEO and Adam).

Display and Valley Blue Imperial Capital is a "trainee" launched by the online comprehensive "Youth has You". jpg

Displaying the Imperial Capital of Valley Blue is a "trainee" from Youth with You.

The key to saying that it is the result of the current "new game of making stars" is that "the fifth son of the desert D5" announced its existence for only three months at the same time from the date of its birth. Not only that, the unique significance of "Five Sons of the Desert D5" is that it is the first case of spontaneous group cooperation between artists from different companies. People in the industry generally believe that this has unlocked the new mode of idol draft, given the eliminated players new opportunities, and maintained the heat of the players after the game to a certain extent. At the same time of forming a group, "Desert Wuzi D5" has an official fan club, and the membership card valid for three months costs 99 yuan.

During the three-month existence of "Five Sons of the Desert D5", they released two singles successively, and they also appeared in the theme concert of "Burning Snow" in the 1000-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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