AITO’s new M7 series was delivered as soon as it was released, with a price of 249,800 ~ 329,800 yuan.

On September 12th, the new M7 series of AITO was officially launched. At the press conference, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG, and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, said: "We have invested 500 million yuan in the new M7 series of AITO, using solid materials and the best technology to make it not only become ‘ Intelligent cockpit ceiling ’ , or ‘ Intelligent driving ceiling ’ , but also ‘ Intelligent safety ceiling ’ ! In the invisible and visible places, it brings users the ultimate experience that is more advanced than far ahead! " 

"Shuangzhi" continues to be far ahead, and the whole country can drive with wisdom.

The new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, which is the first to realize high-speed and high-order intelligent driving in urban areas without relying on high-precision maps. It is expected that in December this year, the urban intelligent driving pilot assistance (urban NCA) will realize the intelligent driving experience that all roads in the country can be opened and the more open they are, the better they will be. 

Behind the excellent intelligent driving experience, the new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with 27 sensing hardware, including an overhead laser radar, three millimeter-wave radars, 11 high-definition visual sensing cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars. With the high-performance computing platform and Huawei’s self-developed anthropomorphic algorithm, the whole scene and all-weather perception of dynamic and static targets (including alien objects) are realized. Among them, HUAWEI ADS 2.0 upgrades the GOD(General Obstacle Detection Network) 2.0 network pioneered by the industry on the basis of integrating BEV(Bird Eye View) perception ability, which can identify alien objects outside the white list of general obstacles, and finely identify the types of obstacles (such as distinguishing ambulances and police cars), with a recognition rate as high as 99.9%.

HarmonyOS’s smart cockpit is smoother and more fun. The super desktop brings more mobile phone applications, and the "touch" of mobile phones can realize the continuous circulation of applications such as drama and games. In the back row, HUAWEI MagLinkTM has developed a new way to play space scenes. Huawei tablets can be connected immediately, realizing multi-device linkage. The intelligent cockpit can be changed into a personal workshop, a multi-person conference room and a children’s study, and the magic space can be flexibly switched to create "mobile whole house intelligence".  

All-round "rejuvenation" upgrade, super-large space is unparalleled.

The new M7 fully considers the needs of family travel, with a length of 3338mm and a trunk depth of 1100mm, which can easily accommodate 12 20-inch boarding boxes. After the second row of seats are laid down and connected with the trunk, the maximum depth is extended to 2051mm, which can easily accommodate 30 20-inch suitcases, and various modes such as a 2-meter big bed can be switched, so that it is easy for two people to lie flat. With the 52L storage compartment in the trunk, the ultimate space efficiency meets the loading requirements of family cars, and it can be easily loaded regardless of the distance of one person, the romance of two people or the happiness of a family.

Active and passive double insurance, double super safety and more reliable.

Passive safety is not afraid of accidents, active safety avoids accidents, physical safety and intelligent safety are double insurance, which makes the new M7 series double super safety in the world. In terms of passive safety, the new M7 car body structure is matched with mold opening. The submarine-grade thermoformed steel accounts for 24.4% of the whole car, and high-strength steel and aluminum alloy account for 80.6%, which is better than the mainstream models of 500,000 luxury brands currently on sale. The new car also comes standard with eight airbags and double pre-tensioned seat belts in the front row, which provides users with all-round driving safety based on more real scene verification.

In terms of active safety, the new M7 is not afraid of things and can avoid them. The active safety capability of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 continues to evolve, and the omni-directional anti-collision system is launched to realize the forward, lateral and backward omni-directional anti-collision capability, and the omni-directional protection is the real safety. The maximum braking speed of AEB(Automatic Emergency Braking) is increased to 90km/h, which can reduce 90% of traffic accidents caused by inattention and complex road conditions, and its active safety capability continues to lead in the industry. 

The cart is comfortable and easy to drive, and the whole family is comfortable to travel.

The new M7 focuses on family travel scenes and comprehensively optimizes the driving experience. The big five seats come standard with brand-new "cotton candy" seats, with 10 layers of comfortable laminated design and a total foam thickness of 100mm;; The ventilation, heating and massage functions of four seats are standard, and each seat is as comfortable as first class. Through the Xiaoyi Wisdom Assistant, the double-row nap function of the main driver and the auxiliary driver can be turned on by voice. Enjoy six new zero-gravity seats, so that users can unload their fatigue when riding, as if they were in a space capsule, bringing the ultimate comfort and relaxation experience. In addition, the new M7 in Wenjie is also equipped with leading and comfortable configurations such as front and rear double air-conditioning boxes, 17 air-conditioning outlets, rear air-conditioning touch screen, and fully automatic electric pedal. A healthier "zero formaldehyde" cockpit allows the whole family to enjoy a healthy and comfortable travel experience at any time.

In terms of driving experience, the new M7 in Wenjie upgraded HUAWEI DATSTM 2.0, equipped with HUAWEI DriveONE extended-range electric drive platform, and the four-wheel drive version accelerated by 4.8s per 100 kilometers, with a comprehensive battery life of 1,300km under the condition of full oil and full electric CLTC, a pure battery life of 240km and a fuel consumption as low as 5.6L/100km under the condition of power feeding. 

The official guide price of the new M7 series is: 249,800 yuan for the five-seat rear-drive version of M7 Plus, 284,800 yuan for the five-seat four-wheel drive version of M7 Plus and 309,800 yuan for the five-seat intelligent driving version of M7 Max; The six-seat rear-drive version of M7 Plus is 269,800 yuan, and the six-seat intelligent driving version of M7 Max is 329,800 yuan. Order the new M7 series in the world immediately, and you can enjoy the car purchase rights of 33,000 yuan. Consumers can consult and make reservations at Huawei Mall, Huawei Authorized Experience Store and AITO User Center.

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