"Brave Game 2" exposed the advanced special edition, Qi Xin joined forces to fight again.

1905 movie network news Jumanji: The Next Level, a Hollywood action adventure masterpiece, will be released nationwide on December 6th, and the Brave Team led by "Stonestone" Qiang Sen will be assembled again. This time, the game world is completely out of control, the difficulty of the level is soaring, the visual wonders are escalating, and the lives of four people are hanging by a thread at any time.

On December 5th, the film released a special edition of "All-round Advanced", in which all the main creators appeared to show the interesting shooting process of the film, and all the people worked together to create higher-level works, which perfectly explained the spirit of the brave to challenge the peak. The film is directed by jack Kasdan, and Dwayne Douglas Johnson, Jack Black, kevin hart and Karen Sheila Gillan will return to the whole lineup.

The main creative staff appeared in the comprehensive advanced special edition.  

Qi Xin, the brave, works together to fight the peak again.

In addition to the thrilling and funny clips of the film, the special edition also exposed the behind-the-scenes shooting tidbits for the first time, and the main creative staff made an appearance to tell about their expectations for the film. Qiang Sen, as the leading actor and producer, has very high requirements for this film: "If you are lucky enough to make a film as successful as the first Brave Game, you must get an by going up one flight of stairs when making a sequel."

For director jack Kasdan, he also wants to "fight the peak again": "We want to challenge ourselves and do something new that was not in the first movie." In order to present a fully upgraded game world, they challenged infinite possibilities during this shooting. Not only were the scenes more diverse and grand, but the actors also went beyond their physical limits.

The reunion of the whole excellent team inspired everyone’s creative inspiration, produced wonderful chemical effects, and created a series of jokes at the same time. For example, Qiang Sen played Grandpa Eddie, which made Awkwafina, who played a mysterious new role, very amazed. In addition, Dr. Yong Shi also met a more powerful opponent — — You Ergen, the cruel man, makes people wonder how the brave will fight against this "ultimate enemy".

"Man-Bird Wars" and "Speeding Cars" are frightening. 

Mouth gun partners love each other and kill each other, which brings laughter again and again 

The brave game world, which has returned to the audience’s field of vision, has ushered in a dangerous escalation and total loss of control, and the rapid transformation of a number of extremely thrilling new levels is dizzying. In addition to the primitive jungle where the man-eating hippopotamus is hidden in the previous work, there are endless abyss that kills people at any time, numerous peak forest pontoons besieged by wild mandrels, extremely cold snow-capped mountains that suddenly collapse and crack, and uninhabited desert & HELIP; …

The wild animals in the game world, such as wild mandrills, angry ostriches, man-eating pythons and ferocious hyenas, are lifelike and terrible, with clear hair expressions and 100% reduction; The ostrich gallops as if it were there, and the flying stones and gravel seem to be in front of it. The immersive visual experience brings the extreme stimulation that makes people’s adrenal glands soar.

At the same time, there are a lot of jokes in the film. Whether Qiang Sen plays a bad-tempered grandfather or kevin hart turns into an elegant old gentleman who speaks very slowly, Gao Fancha’s "laughter" is hilarious, and the two of them start the mode of love and killing each other along the way, which makes people laugh hysterically. In addition, the brave fought fiercely with the angry ostrich brigade and fought side by side with Bethany who turned into a dark horse. The super-burning group battle was exciting and full of jokes. It was a rare "effective" and funny masterpiece.

Global word-of-mouth harvest received rave reviews. 

"The biggest surprise of the year" triggered the expectation of the whole people.

"Jumanji: The Next Level" has been praised by the media since it was announced. Recently, it has been released in other regions and countries, and it has received numerous praises. As a sequel to Super IP, people feel full of sincerity: "It’s great to see such a wonderful sequel!" "Surprise, amazing! After reading it, I look forward to the follow-up development of IP. ""The most surprising, thrilling and sincere Hollywood action adventure blockbuster in 2019 "; The comprehensive upgrade of the visual spectacle is amazing: "This brave game world presents us with a shocking spectacle";

The wonderful performances of the leading actors won numerous praises: "The best partner of Qiang Sen and kevin hart is worth watching, and Awkwafina has excellent acting skills." "I can’t choose the best actor, because everyone in it performed super brilliantly, which makes people sincerely admire!" ; The film brings you thrilling and hilarious sensory enjoyment: "The film has brought me unexpected excitement and continuous laughter, which is simply a surprise everywhere!" The strong word-of-mouth given by local media and audiences has ignited the strong expectations of domestic fans for film release.

Short-listed for the Oscar for Best Visual Effects  

Top production team to create "the most powerful film in the same file"

Recently, "Jumanji: The Next Level" was shortlisted for the Oscar for Best Visual Effects Award. The shocking visual effects presented in the preview attracted countless audiences, thanks to the top behind-the-scenes production team: more than 5,000 visual effects teams from all over the world created vivid details of fierce beasts;

Spectacular scenes and checkpoints full of imagination are manipulated by artists who have participated in special effects blockbusters; The Oscar-level visual effects director who participated in the production also participated in the production of this film, presenting the imaginary game world realistically and satisfying the dreams of countless people to enter the game world. Since the pre-sale of the film started last week, so far, the pre-sale box office has exceeded 10 million, and the pre-sale ratio ranks first, and other indicators such as wanting to see also take advantage, crushing the films released in the same file.

No matter from the aspects of IP popularity, production level, card lineup, etc., it can be called the strongest giant system at the end of the year. Newly upgraded levels and newly joined characters will present a novel and interesting sensory experience for everyone, which is definitely worthy of the title of the most anticipated Hollywood action adventure blockbuster at the end of the year.

Jumanji: The Next Level, a Hollywood action adventure masterpiece, is directed by jack Kasdan, and the four leading characters, Dr. Yong Shi Dwayne Douglas Johnson, geologist Jack Black, linguist kevin hart and sexy girl Karen Sheila Gillan, will return to the whole lineup! In order to save their lost companions, the Brave Four assembled again and entered an unknown world that was completely out of control. Facing the dangerous barrier of off the charts, Qiang Sen led the team to challenge the limit to escape. An adventure full of thrills and surprises is about to begin.