How much does the new Mercedes-Benz E300 Deluxe Edition cost? Does it have many shortcomings? This article will give you the answer.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a traditional luxury medium-sized and large-sized car product. For Biao and Audi a6l, its unique brand advantages and extreme luxury attributes have made it deeply recognized by consumers, with an average monthly sales volume of more than 13,000, which is in a strong competitive position in this market segment.

Mercedes-Benz e300l luxury design atmosphere, strong business atmosphere, the front shield-shaped mesh is quite eye-catching, two bar-type led light groups are shiny and recognizable, and the erected three-pointed star logo is also noble and elegant, which can always give people a strong psychological hint. The side is slender and smooth, the lines are smooth and sexy, the rear tail is sexy and stocky, the bilateral double exhaust is quite graded, and the overall face value is remarkable, which is a small S-class.

In terms of power, e300l is equipped with a 2.0t high-powered version, 190 kW, 370 Nm, equipped with a 9-speed manual, with a zero-hundred-speed score of about 6.6 seconds, which makes the acceleration feel smooth and calm at the beginning, and at the same time, the latter part is full of confidence and orderly shift logic, which is always indifferent and comfortable to drive, and can raise the speed to a very high level unconsciously.

In terms of structure, the training style is still very comfortable, the bumps on the road are handled in place, and there is not much impact when taking some bad roads. Driving is particularly heavy and advanced, which will definitely bring people the highest level of enjoyment, which is in line with the level that this level should have.

In terms of selling price, the official guide price of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz e300l Deluxe Edition is 492,800, with a preferential margin of about 40,000. The transaction price of the bare car at the terminal is 452,800, including 40080 purchase tax, 480 travel tax, 950 compulsory insurance, 12,299 commercial insurance and 500 licensed cars, totaling about 507,200.

Car experience:

Most satisfied with fashion and youth, cool atmosphere lights and a sense of science and technology in off the charts! 9-speed automatic transmission, almost no frustration!

The most dissatisfied with the sound effect is just so-so. The original car’s own sound is really lame, not as loud as Berlin’s.

[Space] The space in the front row of my 176 is quite large. There is not much horizontal space for two people. Three people are not very comfortable. From driving to now, I have only gone home for the Spring Festival, and I have been full of company group tours. Basically, I am alone.

[Power] The power is smooth between 234 gears, and occasionally, there will be some setbacks in oil collection.

[Control] Control is general, and this owner plays.

[Comfort] The front seat is comfortable and the rear seat is short.

[Appearance] I bought a sports label with pearl white. I feel very young. In fact, I am already young.

[Interior] Family-style design is adopted, just like driving an S. Due to the hasty booking of a car, the car comes with a black interior, which is a little depressing, but quite resistant to dirt.

[Cost-effective] If people like me don’t pay attention to performance, people who look at their eyes will buy a car of around 500,000, which is still very good.

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