"Qingyu Nian 3" official announcement, Zhang Ruoyun joined hands with Li Qin, Tian Yu, Song Yi and other more than 20 leading actors to return

The official announcement of "Qingyu Nian 3" was launched, and the five protagonists were replaced. Yan Bingyun’s corner invited Xiao Zhan again.

"Qingyu Nian" is a series of classics created by screenwriter Wang Tie and director Sun Hao, and jointly created by Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin, Chen Daoming, Wu Gang, Li Xiaoran, Tian Yu, Song Yi, Guo Qilin and others. The play is adapted from the novel of the same name by Cat Network and has been broadcast in three parts. At present, the first and second parts have already appeared. After the conclusion of "Qingyu Nian 1", news about the second part appeared in just one month, but what no one expected was that the release of "Qingyu Nian 2" made the audience wait for four years. Now, "Qingyu Nian 2" has officially ended, and the news of the third installment also appeared, which led everyone to ask, is this "Qingyu Nian 3" going to be on for three or four years? The answer is not so! "Qingyu Nian 3" was officially launched, and the five protagonists were replaced, and Yan Bingyun invited Xiao Zhan again. As we all know, the reason why "Qingyu Nian 2" was delayed for so long was mainly due to the environmental factors at that time. Not only the play, but many works were delayed because of those three years, but now it is completely different, so the launch of the play should be smooth sailing. Of course, although "Qingyu Nian 3" will soon be put on the schedule as hoped, the selection of actors is still the top priority. After all, this is the key point of a drama, so I will mainly introduce the general list of the drama. In the preparation of "Qingyu Nian 3", almost the vast majority of the lead actors have returned to the filming of the drama, including Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin, Chen Daoming, Tian Yu, Li Xiaoran, Xin Zhilei, Song Yi, Guo Qilin, Liu Duanduan, Zhang Haowei, Gao Shuguang and more than 20 other actors. In addition to the return of many of the above protagonists, in the cast section of "Qingyu Nian 3", there are also many roles that have changed actors, among which Ye Qingmei, Ye Linger, Yan Bingyun and others are the most eye-catching. Although Ye Qingmei’s role has not appeared many times, it has always been in everyone’s memory, but her stories and legends have always been throughout, especially in "Qingyu Nian 3", so the candidate for this role is about to be screened again. However, it is interesting that most of the news on the Internet about the candidate for Ye Qingmei’s role points to Tang Yixin. As a flower with good looks, acting skills and popularity, Tang Yixin has a lot of faulty works, and it is easy to play a Ye Qingmei. In addition,In "Qingyu Nian 1", the popular male sidekick, Bingyun, has also ushered in a sudden increase in scenes, which is enough in the second installment

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Most satisfied:High value, good performance, taking pictures is a surprise, Huawei old fans adapt faster
The least satisfied:It’s a pity that it’s not 5G.
Workmanship appearance:Originally torn to the standard black or rococo white, finally chose rococo white, the value is really high
Configuration performance:The battery life is at the level of a regular Snapdragon model, just over 6 hours and 20 minutes.
System fluency:Performance is not to worry about, with Hongmeng 3.1 to enjoy silky smoothness, while the animation has also been strengthened a lot, there is a more obvious detail, drop down the notification bar and then pull up the recycling when the recycling is closer to the upper left corner, observe the displacement of time will be obvious.
Photo effect:If you take a picture, try it, the most intuitive experience of telephoto is stable, unprecedented stability, followed by the telephoto photo formation rate is greatly improved, the night telephoto photo image quality can not be said to be much stronger than mate40PRO, especially the smearing feeling is much better, the main camera is also stronger than mate40PRO, mainly with the variable collar, the blurring of the picture is much stronger.

How to protect supermarket shopping, online car-hailing, and dining out?

  As the resumption of work and production across the country continues to advance in an orderly manner, everyone can’t help but ask in work and life: how to prevent the risk of infection when shopping in supermarkets? When traveling, how to take online taxis and taxis? What protection details should be paid attention to when eating out?… In response to these issues of public concern, the Economic Daily reporter interviewed relevant experts.

  In the season of surprise, the spring is getting stronger. With the return of spring to the earth, the resumption of work and production across the country is carried out in an orderly manner. However, at the moment of the COVID-19 epidemic, how to continue to do a good job of personal protection is still an issue that everyone needs to pay special attention to.

  Keep your distance from shopping and avoid peak crowds

  "When shopping, keep a certain distance from each other, at least one meter or more." Zhang Liubo, a researcher at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that in order to meet the daily needs of people, stores and supermarkets have to open their doors. As consumers, they should minimize the frequency of visiting these stores and supermarkets and shorten the time when shopping. In addition to daily shopping, consumers should try to avoid wandering in stores.

  "When shopping, it is very necessary to take good personal protection." Shi Xiaoming, director of the environment institute of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, believes that the public should try to avoid the peak traffic of shopping malls and supermarkets when shopping. For example, choose non-weekend hours, or when you just open in the morning, this can reduce the chance of direct contact with other people. In addition, try to avoid taking the box elevator. If you are shopping on a lower floor, it is best to take the stairs. If you are shopping on a higher floor, it is recommended to use the escalator first. If you must take the box elevator, you can wait for the next elevator when there are many people in the elevator, and keep a safe distance from other people when taking the elevator. In addition, wear a mask correctly and do good hand hygiene throughout the journey.

  Open more windows in a taxi and do a good job of hand hygiene

  When traveling for a long distance, how do you take online taxis and taxis? In this regard, Zhang Liubo said that taxis and online taxis have a relatively independent space, and you need to do five things during the ride:

  The first is to ensure that the driver is not infected. A health declaration system can be established to carry out temperature testing; drivers need to wear masks throughout the journey, and often do hand hygiene, which is the most basic requirement. Second, before the vehicle leaves the car every day, door handles, seats, handrails and other places should be cleaned and disinfected. Third, during driving, if conditions permit, windows should be opened as much as possible when the outside temperature is suitable to ensure better air communication. Fourth, before passengers get on the bus, open the door for a minute or two to give the car an opportunity for air exchange. You can also use disinfectant paper towels to wipe and disinfect the positions that may be encountered. Most importantly, passengers should wear masks throughout the ride and do hand hygiene after the ride. Fifth, when paying, promote contactless payment.

  Travel remotely, don’t wait too early

  For people who travel remotely by train, plane, and other means of transportation, Zhang Liubo recommends:

  First, you should pay attention to the timetable and not wait too early in crowded areas such as railway stations and terminals. This can not only reduce the density of people in such public places, but also avoid being in a relatively closed environment for a long time. Of course, some transportation departments also have relevant regulations that cannot enter the station 2 hours or 3 hours in advance.

  Second, passengers should take good personal protection when entering the station, wear masks throughout the process, minimize contact with public facilities and public goods, and avoid too much communication with strangers. They should also maintain good hand hygiene as soon as possible.

  The third is to keep quiet and avoid noise when riding these means of transportation. When individuals cough or sneeze, they should pay attention to civilized etiquette, cover their mouths and noses with paper towels or their arms; if they go to the bathroom, they should pay attention to the surfaces of handrails and door handles. Once they come into contact with these items, they should do a good job of hand hygiene in time.

  Fourth, when travel conditions permit, it is best to sit as far away from the seat as possible.

  Eating out, try to pay without contact

  How to take personal protection during restaurant queuing and dining? Zhang Liubo said that during the queuing process, the public should wear masks, reduce language communication, and maintain a certain safe distance from neighboring customers. If you sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, or use elbow shielding measures. When picking up meals, individuals should avoid directly touching the surfaces of frequently touched objects with their hands; when paying, they should try to choose electronic payment methods such as QR codes that are not in direct contact, and reduce the use of cash settlement.

  In addition, before eating, individuals should choose tables and chairs with clean surfaces, preferably near doors and windows and other well-ventilated locations. They should pay attention to hand hygiene and wash their hands with hand sanitizer under running water, or disinfect them with disinfectant.

  During the meal, when individuals take off their masks, they must pay attention to keeping the inside of the masks clean to avoid pollution. They should avoid sitting face-to-face, preferably in the same direction, and the distance between them should be more than 1 meter. They should shorten the dining time and reduce the communication between colleagues. If there are many people in the restaurant, packing is a better choice. After the meal, individuals should leave the restaurant immediately to reduce their stay.

  Reduce meetings and increase temperature monitoring

  After the resumption of work, it is inevitable that the company will hold a meeting. During the meeting, local personnel can gather, so it is very important to do a good job in hygiene protection. In this regard, Zhang Liubo has 4 suggestions:

  The first is to ensure the ventilation and ventilation of the conference room; the second is to clean and disinfect the conference room desktops, handles, and floors in a timely manner; the third is to minimize the frequency of meetings, shorten the meeting time, pay attention to the distance between participants, and wear masks; the fourth is that if it can be turned into a network conference, video conference, or WeChat meeting, it is best to use these methods instead.

  For enterprises with employees living in collective dormitories, how to prevent and control the epidemic? Shi Xiaoming suggested that for the personnel living in collective dormitories, daily temperature monitoring should be strengthened, and the body temperature should be checked every time they enter the collective dormitory. This is a universal measure for everyone. Once people with abnormal body temperature are found, they should be immediately transferred to a temporary isolation area and disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations. In addition, dormitories should have windows and regular ventilation. For dormitories without windows, mechanical exhaust equipment such as exhaust fans should be installed; washbasins should be equipped with hand disinfection products and regularly cleaned and disinfected. At the same time, the number of people living in collective dormitories should be strictly controlled.

  Public transportation system, increase the frequency of disinfection

  For traveling by public transportation, Zhang Liubo introduced that bus companies should arrange vehicles appropriately according to traffic counting, try to evacuate passenger flow and reduce the congestion of carriages. When conditions permit, vehicles should open windows for ventilation as much as possible during driving, and try to increase the frequency of disinfection while ensuring safety. In addition, passengers, attendants, and drivers should wear masks; passengers should try to keep a certain distance from each other when riding.

  Due to the relatively fixed station of the subway, it is recommended to strengthen personnel guidance and control the number of people entering the station; increase the temperature detection device in the station hall; increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of public facilities and public areas to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioning in the platform; before each trip, clean and disinfect the interior of the carriage, paying special attention to ensure the normal operation of the ventilation system of the carriage; operators, including platform service personnel, should wear masks; make full use of radio, television, posters, and reminders to publicize relevant prevention and control knowledge; passengers should wear masks throughout the ride and do a good job of hand hygiene after the ride.

  Nursery institutions, full health knows the real situation

  In the near future, childcare institutions in some areas are about to open parks. How to protect against the epidemic? Zhang Liubo said that childcare institutions should carry out relevant work from three aspects:

  First, before the opening of the kindergarten, the kindergarten should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to ensure that the classrooms are well ventilated, and relevant material reserves should be made, and the kindergarten teachers should master these prevention and control knowledge. In addition, the most critical point is to know the real situation of the health status of all teaching staff and children. Only children can enter the kindergarten if they are healthy. Second, if the epidemic is over, the kindergarten can be implemented according to the normal teaching order; if there are still cases, we must take corresponding preventive measures and make an emergency plan, especially to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of the environment and items, as well as hand hygiene and personal protection. Third, once suspected cases occur, they must be dealt with quickly according to the emergency plan. ( Economic Daily · China Economic Net reporter, Wu Jiajia)

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

On July 20th, singer Hua Chenyu appeared in Shanghai to unveil his wax figure at Madame Tussauds Shanghai.

On the day of the event, Hua Chenyu celebrated the 8th anniversary of his debut with fans, listened to the fans’ hearts and thanked the fans for accompanying him all the way. At the same time, Shanghai Dusha also created a month-long "Mars Philharmonic Carnival" pop-up band on the stage of the music district.

The wax figure of Hua Chenyu replicates the shape of Hua Chenyu at the concert through gorgeous performance costumes, domineering expressions, and passionate singing with a microphone in hand.

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

Speaking about the styling of his wax figure this time, Hua Chenyu admitted that the action on his wax figure was selected from his concert. "The concert is a very free stage, and my state is also the most relaxed, comfortable and natural. The shape of the concert is more like myself, more free, and I hope the fans will feel at home when they see it."

At the scene, Hua Chenyu interacted closely with his wax figure, posed in various handsome poses, and held himself intimately. At the press conference, Hua Chenyu, who played musical instruments, was also very cool. Hua Chenyu also said more than once that what he wanted to do most was to hold a concert.

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

When it comes to his wish for the second half of the year, Hua Chenyu said: "Seeing the enthusiastic support of fans, I hope to hold a concert this year." Speaking of his wax figure, Hua Chenyu thinks the wax figure is very realistic, like himself, and also assigns a small task to his fans to ask everyone to name his wax figure.

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

How about Xiaomi Smart TV, Xiaomi Smart TV Features Introduction [Detailed Explanation]

  Nowadays, televisions are an indispensable type of entertainment appliances in people’s normal lives, and it can be said that they can be seen in every household. With the continuous improvement of modern technology, televisions have also been upgraded, and smart TVs have gradually appeared in our lives. At present, there are many TV brands on the market, and I believe everyone is familiar with the brand of Xiaomi. So how about Xiaomi, smart TV? The following editor will take you to have a look!

  First, the screen

  Xiaomi’s smart TV has a 47-inch narrow side, using LG’s IPS screen and Samsung’s SVA screen. The screen quality of these two major companies is truly world-class. While mainstream TVs at the same price are generally 46 inches with domestic screens, it can be seen that Xiaomi still has an advantage in this regard.

  Operating system

  Xiaomi’s operating system is MIUI TV, which is easy to operate and rich in functions. * The main thing is that you can install Android applications and games, which is much better than other ordinary TV operating systems.

  III. Processor

  The CPU of Xiaomi Smart TV is a Qualcomm quad-core 1.7GHz processor, which has a rather high configuration even compared with mobile phones. Other mainstream TVs are generally core solo processors.

  IV. 3D function

  Xiaomi Smart TV supports 3D function, and giving two pairs of 3D glasses is a great value. Generally, some mainstream TVs of the same price support 3D, while others do not.

  4K ultra high definition

  4K refers to the physical resolution of 3840 × 2160, so that the total number of pixels of the display device exceeds 8 million or more. From the perspective of resolution indicators, 720P is the high definition standard, 1080P is the full high definition standard, 4K ultra high definition is 4 times the full high definition and 8 times the high definition, making the TV picture finer and more delicate.

  The above is the relevant content about whether Xiaomi smart TV is good or not, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!

Andy Lau holds a concert in Singapore on his 58th birthday, and fans sing the birthday song

Last night, Andy Lau held his second concert in Singapore, and there was still a lot of singing and dancing at the scene. But what was even more noticeable was that at halftime, all the fans began to sing the birthday song. It turned out that today was Andy Lau’s 58th birthday, so the fans had been preparing for a big surprise for Andy Lau.

Andy was also touched by the fans that day, and Andy kept blowing kisses to the fans, and the whole scene was real spectacular. Presumably only Andy can have such treatment, so Andy also sang with the fans at the scene. The scene was really warm and harmonious, so Andy kept blowing kisses to the fans.

Andy Lau’s first concert in Singapore was also quite exciting, and Andy Lau was also moved to tears by the fans at the scene, and began to sob directly at the scene, which made the fans really feel distressed and comforted Andy to be strong, because you have always been accompanied by us.

This time Andy Lau’s "my love" world tour concert can be said to be quite successful. For example, the recent concert in Malaysia was also proposed by female fans on the spot. It can be said that this time Andy Lau really has surprises everywhere. So "my love" is the love that Andy Lau gives to fans, and it is also the love that fans give to Andy Lau.

On Andy Lau’s 58th birthday, the whole concert in Singapore sang the birthday song, and Andy blew kisses. At the same time, Andy Lau also sang classic songs such as "Chinese" at the concert, which made the Chinese fans on the scene excited again. I have to say that Andy is really a well-deserved idol. We also hope that Andy’s concert will be a complete success. Happy birthday.

Beijing Auto Show: BYD Qin L DM-i was launched and listed in the second quarter.

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Reject "one thousand cars on one side" and establish a new standard for pure electric cars.

"The number of 48-hour bookings exceeded 20,000."


On November 19th, Extreme Krypton Motor released the above data, once again refreshing the pure electric market record with "extreme Krypton speed".


At the Guangzhou International Auto Show in 2023, the first pure electric luxury car, Krypton 007, made its debut, and the pre-sale started at the same time. The pre-sale price started from 229,900 yuan. Before the launch, the user paid 1000 yuan the intention money to deduct 6,000 yuan, and the pre-sale price started from 224,900 yuan.


The whole system comes standard with 800V platform, front double wishbone and rear multi-link suspension, silicon carbide motor and Qualcomm 8295 chip. The total power of front and rear motors is up to 310 kW, and the four-wheel drive model accelerates for 2.84 seconds. ……


A series of luxury configurations beyond the same level, Extreme Krypton 007 entered the pure electric luxury car market by breaking the conventional brand-new luxury standards, providing users with more and more novel category choices.


Establish a new standard for pure electric cars against Tesla Model 3 and Krypton 007.


As the fourth model of Krypton, it is also the first car product to enter the most mainstream market. Based on the insight into the market and users, the appearance of Krypton 007 has chosen a more "advanced" design concept, breaking the status quo of "one thousand cars".


By Stefan Sielaff, the former design director of Bentley who joined Krypton two years ago, Krypton 007 reached the best visual point of a luxury B-class car: the length of the car is 4865mm, the width of the car is 1900mm, the height of the car is 1450mm, and the wheelbase is 2928mm, achieving a perfect 1:2 ratio of the height of the yellow gold wheels.

Caption: Extreme Krypton 007. Figure/Enterprise official website

The world’s first double-zone hidden front face design makes the Krypton 007 have a smoother and more recognizable front face. The exclusive clamshell front hatch cover and clamshell tailgate design of ultra-luxury SUV were first introduced into the B-class sedan by Krypton 007, creating the first real suspended roof in its class.


Extreme Krypton 007 headlight group uses the world’s largest 90-inch giant screen light strip and 1711 LED light beads, and the brightness can reach 10000 nits, bringing a visual interaction effect with a sense of future technology. The most surprising thing is that the light curtain is independently controlled by 75 high-power chips of vehicle specifications, and the pattern can be presented on the smart light curtain just by drawing on the central control panel with your fingers, which makes Kyk 007 the first smart electric vehicle in the world that can be customized by users, and also allows users to have personalized exclusive labels.

Caption: Extreme Krypton 007 interior. Figure/Enterprise official website

Not only comes with a brand-new image, but also with the powerful performance genes, safety genes, intelligent technology and luxury configuration of the brand, Krypton 007 breaks the rules and establishes a new standard for pure electric cars.


In terms of power, Extreme Krypton 007 not only inherits the luxury performance gene of Extreme Krypton 001 FR, but also comes standard with high-performance 800V architecture. The whole system comes standard with front double wishbone and rear multi-link high-performance suspension system, equipped with 800V silicon carbide high-performance rear motor with a maximum power of 310 kW. The fastest acceleration of the rear-wheel drive model is 5.4 seconds, and that of the four-wheel drive model is a record-breaking, with the fastest acceleration of 2.84 seconds (excluding the starting time), which is faster than the 3.4 seconds (excluding the starting time) of the Tesla Model 3 high-performance all-wheel drive version. It has become the fastest accelerating pure electric car of its kind in the world.


In terms of cruising range, the cruising range of CLTC, the entry-level model of Krypton 007, is 688 kilometers, and the long-life version is as high as 870 kilometers.


With 800-volt high-voltage architecture, 800-kilometer battery life and 800-seat exclusive charging stations, with the absolute strength of three "800", Extreme Krypton 007 will completely eliminate users’ travel mileage and recharge anxiety.

Caption: Comparison between Extreme Krypton 007 and Tesla models.

In the luxury pure electric car market, Tesla Model 3 is an unavoidable opponent of cars of the same price. However, with the consumer’s demand for interior space and comfort, the sales volume of Model 3, which has not been greatly upgraded for 8 years, has declined in recent years, and the sales volume in the third quarter of this year is only one-third of that of two years ago. Based on the insight into the market and users, Extreme Krypton 007 is fully configured, and it is more competitive than Tesla Model 3 in key parameters such as body size, wheelbase and battery life.


Create a differentiated competitive advantage and be a "leader" in market segments.


Extreme krypton 007 is a concentrated expression of extreme krypton’s soft and hard strength. As a luxury intelligent pure electric brand under Geely Holding Group, Krypton is also continuing to create "Krypton speed".


Different from other enterprises, Krypton firmly takes the "third track", that is, "combining the power of giants with pure user thinking."


In less than three years since its establishment, Extreme Krypton has successively launched the hunting coupe extreme Krypton 001, MPV extreme Krypton 009, compact SUV extreme Krypton X and super-running extreme Krypton 001 FR, covering the price range of 200,000-800,000 yuan.


In 2022, the annual delivery of Krypton exceeded 70,000 vehicles, making it the only brand of mainstream new energy to achieve the delivery target. By the end of October 2023, the monthly delivery of krypton has increased for nine consecutive months. It took only 24 months to start delivery, and Krypton became a luxury pure electric brand with the fastest delivery of 170,000 vehicles, with a cumulative delivery of more than 170,000 vehicles, the only one in the industry with zero spontaneous combustion, which set a new record in the industry.


Among them, Kykrypton 001 is the champion of pure electric vehicle sales with a price of over 300,000 yuan, Kykrypton 009 is the champion of MPV sales with a price of over 500,000 yuan, and Kykrypton X is the only China brand in the top ten of compact car sales with a price of over 200,000 yuan.


In terms of globalization strategy, in October this year, Krypton signed a pan-European cooperation agreement with BNP Paribas and Arval, which will provide users with financial solutions covering all aspects of travel, all-round leasing business support and insurance services, covering many European countries.


In November, Krypton started selling in Stockholm, Sweden, and will be sold in major developed countries in Western Europe next year. In 2024, the European market is expected to increase to 6 countries, and in 2025, it will enter 8 countries, accelerating its March to the global market.

Caption: An Conghui, CEO of Extreme Krypton Intelligent Technology. Figure/Enterprise official website

An Conghui, CEO of Extreme Smart Technology, once said, "If there is no benchmark in the early stage, as a follower, it is not enough to be the same as others. Only by surpassing others can everyone think that you are a little competitive."


In creating differentiation, we can’t follow suit. With other car companies, we choose to focus on a large number of similar models in the same field, and seek market differences through the way of "having more children and fighting", and set up benchmark products in different market segments through excellent product strength, which is a very embarrassing product planning concept.


After the pre-sale of Krypton 007 started for 30 minutes, the booking volume exceeded 5,000; After 3 hours, the booking volume exceeded 10,000; After 48 hours, the booking volume exceeded 20,000.


The release of Krypton 007 not only enriches Krypton products, but also enters the pure electric luxury car market with the product experience of innovating the mainstream car market in the electric age, providing users with more and more novel category choices.


Text/Liu Chang

Editor Jiang Fan

Proofread Liu Baoqing

"Live+"empowers the real economy, new formats and new scenes, and opens up new fields and "new tracks"

CCTV News:Live e-commerce is a new e-commerce retail model that has developed rapidly in recent years. It has the characteristics of strong interaction, high conversion rate, low access cost, and breakthrough in operating time and space constraints, providing consumers with a richer, more intuitive and vivid instant consumption experience. Relevant experts said that the healthy development of the live broadcast cargo industry, in addition to the industry’s own efforts, is also inseparable from the relevant market supervision.

Relevant data show that by the end of December 2022, there were 751 million webcast users in China. In the first half of 2023, the cumulative live broadcast sales of e-commerce platforms monitored by the Ministry of Commerce reached 1.27 trillion yuan, with about 110 million live broadcasts and over 2.7 million active anchors, which played an important role in promoting consumption, increasing employment and entrepreneurship, and promoting economic growth.

Wu Changhong, chief economist of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce:When the anchor is broadcast, it measures whether the goods are liked and recognized by consumers through consumers’ reaction to the anchor. Therefore, the anchor is actually a "touchstone" to understand consumers’ needs. Let enterprises know what consumers like, and also create some new and good products.

The proportion of live broadcast e-commerce in online shopping continues to rise, while the proportion of live broadcast with goods by anchors in online celebrity is declining, while the proportion of store broadcast with brand promotion is increasing. Diversified development enriches and prospers the ecology of live broadcast e-commerce and contributes to the long-term development of live broadcast e-commerce industry.

Qi Yunlan, Deputy Director of Research Office of Market Economy Research Institute of the State Council Development Research Center:Consumers’ behaviors, concepts and consumer groups are constantly iterative, and consumption behaviors and consumption patterns, behaviors and concepts are also constantly developing. Any kind of innovation or a new model must be produced because it has its own competitiveness or is more in line with the requirements of the new era, the new economic environment and the demands of new consumers, so that it can grow, prosper and develop rapidly.

Relevant experts said that at present, the most important thing is how to further standardize the live broadcast e-commerce market, put an end to false propaganda and exaggerated propaganda, protect consumers’ rights and interests, create an honest market environment, enhance the sustainable development ability of live broadcast e-commerce, and better promote consumption growth and expand employment and entrepreneurship.

Qi Yunlan, Deputy Director of Research Office of Market Economy Research Institute of the State Council Development Research Center:The combination of state supervision, industry self-discipline and social supervision, I think, should enable any industry to move towards an increasingly standardized development path.

"Live+"empowers the real economy and stimulates new vitality of consumption

With the rise of live e-commerce in various industries, in recent years, the "talent" who creates content on the short video platform is very popular with consumers. Many industries, scenic spots, villages and other "content talent" have joined the live broadcast, and "live broadcast+traditional industries" have set off a new consumption format.

After graduating from Wu Mengting University, I began to work as a tour guide. At the beginning of this year, she began to try to combine the live broadcast with the tour guide’s explanation and broadcast the explanation in the scenic spot. In two months, the number of fans reached more than 4,000.

Anchor Wu Mengting:For you, it’s more efficient, and it won’t be so blind for the tourists who come. They have already got an understanding of (the destination) through my live broadcast room.

In a scenic spot in Shangrao, Jiangxi, the person in charge told the reporter that after the live broadcast was launched, some "private customization" needs were often received, and the business scope of the scenic spot continued to expand.

Wei Meng, Brand Director of Wangxian Valley Scenic Spot in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province:After a live broadcast, we can show a variety of product content and experience projects to the audience in a down-to-earth manner. The audience perceives trust in online interaction, which can’t be satisfied by other forms of advertising and promotion. Therefore, we see that more and more users are diverting from online live interaction to offline tourism consumption.

The interactive introduction of "live broadcast+tourism" in the live broadcast room can directly understand the demands of tourists, thus providing corresponding tourism services and promoting relevant information, and attracting consumers’ participation more directly.

Tourist Ms. Huang:Sometimes the introduction of the live broadcast room is intuitive and interactive, which saves a lot of time to do raiders. I would rather watch the local live broadcast when I travel.

Not only that, the live video broadcast has also been integrated into the development of rural economy.

The video is being filmed by the Gaoji family in Huanghualing Village, Wushan Street, Wangcheng District, Changsha, Hunan Province. The appearance of short videos has turned this authentic farmer who used to only farm and work into a well-known local live broadcast carrier. The wife is the chef, the mother is the chef, the younger sister is the side dish, and a few special dishes are fried on the spot. The family has a tacit understanding and a happy state, which also allows them to find their own position in the traffic of the Internet. In two years, Gao Jijia’s account released 216 videos and more than 400 live broadcasts, and the appearance of live broadcasts changed their family’s life.

Villagers’ Gaoji in Huanghualing Village, Wushan Street, Wangcheng District, Changsha, Hunan Province;My bigger dream is to drive the agricultural and sideline products (sales) of local small agricultural enterprises and drive these daily incomes of farmers.

With the successful case of Gaoji, the local government also encourages everyone to actively explore new formats and new scenarios under "live broadcast+"and cultivate a number of new accounts. The local government also actively strives for policies for everyone in terms of express logistics, goods with goods, etc., reducing logistics costs and achieving a double harvest of live broadcast and local economy.

Yong Jia, Director of the Network Information Office of Wangcheng District Committee, Changsha City, Hunan Province:Many ordinary people are both producers and sellers. Through the combination of these two businesses, the goal of getting rich for the masses, industrial development and rural revitalization is finally realized.

Nowadays, live broadcast and short video are vivid portrayal of "integration of numbers and reality". With the platform as a link, it pulls both ends of supply and demand and opens up a new "track" for the efficient circulation of industrial products and agricultural products. The data shows that in 2022, the direct or indirect employment opportunities driven by the live broadcast and short video industries exceeded 100 million.

Volvo XC60 new energy in Haikou area is on sale! The special price is 390,900, and the discount waits for no one.

In the car home Haikou preferential promotion channel, we can see a high-profile car model-a preferential activity is under way. The starting price of this model in Haikou area is 390,900 yuan, and the highest discount is 135,000 yuan. If you are interested in this model, you can click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount.


The design of Volvo XC60 new energy is unique, and the front face design is fashionable. The car adopts a unique air intake grille design, which makes its overall style more refined. The body lines are smooth and full of strength. As a new energy vehicle, Volvo XC60 New Energy also has a unique logo and detailed design to show its environmental protection characteristics. The overall style is simple and generous, showing Volvo’s consistent high quality and elegant temperament.


Volvo XC60 new energy vehicle is a medium-sized SUV with a body length of 4708mm, a body width of 1902mm, a body height of 1656mm and a wheelbase of 2865 mm.. The car uses 255/45 R20 front and rear tires, with fashionable rim style and high visual impact. The body lines are smooth and exquisite, especially the design of the side lines is unique, which shows the perfect combination of luxury and sportiness. The front wheel track is 1649mm and the rear wheel track is 1653mm, which makes the vehicle more stable and better in handling.


The interior design of Volvo XC60 New Energy is simple and elegant, with attention to detail and texture. The steering wheel is made of leather, which can be manually adjusted up and down and back and forth, so that drivers can easily find the driving posture that suits them best. The central control screen has a size of 9 inches, supports voice recognition control system, and can control functions such as multimedia, navigation, telephone and air conditioning. The front and rear rows are equipped with USB/Type-C interface, which is convenient for users to charge. The front seats are also equipped with heating function, and both the driver’s seat and the co-pilot seat support power seat memory. In addition, the seat can be adjusted in front and back, backrest, height, leg rest and lumbar support to provide a comfortable riding experience. The rear seats support proportional reclining, and the space can be flexibly adjusted as needed.


Santana is a classic car with reliable quality and excellent performance. It has a maximum power of 228 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m. It is equipped with a 2.0T 310 HP L4 engine, which provides a strong power output. At the same time, it is equipped with an 8-speed automatic gearbox, which can shift gears smoothly and quickly, making driving more comfortable. Whether on urban roads or highways, Volvo XC60 new energy can bring excellent driving experience.

As a luxury SUV, Volvo XC60 New Energy not only shows a unique design style in the appearance of the whole vehicle, but also performs well in the interior, performance and safety. Car home car owners’ evaluation of it is also very pertinent. He mentioned that although the removal of the tail throat made the back look a little bald, it was still acceptable. In addition, 24 wheels have been changed into low wind resistance shapes. Although some people don’t like them, they also have a sense of science and technology, which complements the overall style. It can be seen that the details and overall style of Volvo XC60 new energy have been recognized and affirmed by the owners. Whether on urban roads or highways, this model can provide excellent driving experience and safety guarantee. Therefore, for those consumers who pursue luxury, comfort and safety, Volvo XC60 new energy is undoubtedly a worthy choice.