Do you like running? What is the significance of our running?

Do you like running?


Last year, I loved running.

This year, before the Spring Festival, I saw a netizen edit it online.Strong wind blowingShort film, moved to tears.

I found the treasure., finished watching this cartoon.

it isWhere many people dream of starting.How many people fell in love with running because of this cartoon.

People who like running first will be as excited as fighting chicken blood when they come into contact with this cartoon, and all their blood will be ignited for the second time, and they really want to change their equipment and go out for running at once.

As long as there is love in our hearts, maybe we can feel the same feelings when we are moved like this.

At the beginning of the film, Keiseki rides a bike to catch up with Zangyuan and asks him with glowing eyes:Do you like running?

This is the beginning of moving this animation;

Also, the beginning of running romance;

What’s more, the place where dreams begin.

Every time I see the second time that Grey Er asks questions, the light from his eyes gives me goose bumps, which shocks my soul.


Those classic quotations that I was moved by "Strong Wind Blowing":

1. Do you like running?-Keiji Kiyoseki

2. Can only the selected people participate? Is running such a sport?-Keiji Kiyoseki

I have never really liked running before, just do what adults say …It was not until I couldn’t continue running that I really wanted to run for the first time.-Keiji Kiyoseki

4. This time, you must chase your dreams with your partners who really like running. -Keiji Kiyoseki

When I’m running, it’s the only time that I feel purified. Become pure and flawless, as if all those burdens on your shoulders can be forgotten. As long as there is a moment of happiness, then I am willing. —— Senior Nico

6. Stretch out your right foot, stretch out your left foot, and speed up a little bit. People who could only walk originally ran unconsciously. You can experience the touch of running again. -Keiji Kiyoseki

7. The biggest compliment to long-distance runners is "strong". -Keiji Kiyoseki

8. Being strong, not moving like a mountain, will not lose to your true strength. -Keiji Kiyoseki

9. Take turns to take the left and right feet, so that you can reach the finish line sooner or later. -Mr. Tanaka

10. As long as there is a road, I will run with all my strength. -Zangyuan left.

11. You should know best that you want to run, but you can’t beat the mood of a player. -Keiji Kiyoseki

12. Players don’t need to be treated gently, because they have a longing for victory. -the prince

13. I like running, I love this project deeply, and I want to throw all my attachment on this track. —— Senior Nico

14. Where should we go? Is there really an end in front of us? -Fujioka Yizhen

However, we still cannot stop. -Keiji Kiyoseki

15. The ideal appearance that I can never reach is you. I can see a straight path of light under your running feet, like a shooting star. -Keiji Kiyoseki

16. Where you are, it will always be your runway. -Mr. Tanaka

17. Strong winds are blowing head-on, running against the wind, firmly believing that the answer lies ahead.

Hope is in our hearts. Look, the road is under our feet, so we should run today and all the way to eternity. -Keiji Kiyoseki

18. Can you find a job after running? -brother ——King

I don’t know, but I feel uneasy when I stop. -Keiji Kiyoseki

19. For long-distance runners, what is most needed is "strength". -Keiji Kiyoseki

20. It is clear that there is no wind at this time, because it has caught up with your heart. -Keiji Kiyoseki

"Only the selected people can attend? Is running such a sport?……It was not until I couldn’t continue running that I really wanted to run for the first time. "

These two words of Kiyoseki give me a lot of thoughts, both dreamy and realistic. Some are fragmented, and perhaps some are flawless.

No matter how many times I watch it, I will still break the defense every time I watch it. I really can’t stand it. It’s because my tears are naturally too low ~

What is the significance of our running?

Since I started running in 2021, I actually can’t explain clearly why I like running and what it means to me.

I only know that running will always accompany me in the future, and it is the only sport that I can’t give up.

I like a lot of sports and fitness, but they are all add-ons, and running is the only one.

So why on earth is running so important to me?

In the past, among all the sports, running was the most boring sport I would choose.

During the running time, it is simply torture for me to mechanically repeat the same action with both legs.

But the most unexpected thing is that after the second run,I love running.

It seems that I have spied some meaning of running:Running seems to be my confrontation with myself and my destiny.

Running is just two legs repeatedly alternating, but it means a lot to me.


Running for the first timeIt’s really hard. I’m very discouraged that I can’t run down the standard runway for 400 meters in one lap.

It is difficult to continue running rhythmically as long as you stop once in the process, because the brain remembers the feeling of rest, and both the spirit and the body are resisting shouting and longing for the next rest.

This is my first running plan after I insisted on 50 bobby jumps every day for a week.

According to the novice running plan, my second run was two days later.

At this time, I began to look for resources online and learn how to run more scientifically, in order to adjust and encourage myself.


Second runAt that time, I said to myself: There must be no pause and rest in the middle. We must run down 800 meters in one breath, and we must finish it!

But when I ran on the plastic track, I realized again: running is really difficult.

I didn’t like running before. I thought running was an ascetic sport.

Now, it’s really hard to run 800 meters in one breath when I first came into contact with running.

How hard is it?

Every step you take is to give up.

Every step of the way is: let’s do it this time, and there will be another time:

It has improved a lot compared with last time;

Know how to be content;

You’re getting into a dead end again;

Want to eat a fat man again?

These lines, which were used by my family and me in the past, filled my ears. If I didn’t bite my teeth, I would give up every second.

"Come on next time." There is a voice in my heart telling myself that I am not firm, how can I stick to it?

Thinking of the agreement with myself before running, all the unwilling emotions have poured in over the years, and I almost broke the defense on the runway.


I have the best idol in the world.

At the moment when I wanted to give up most, I thought of my idol.

Why do you like him?

He is not a star idol, he is an athlete.

It was his strong spirit that touched me, so every time I think of him, my heart is very touched.

Later, I realized that the pursuit of idols is actually what I look forward to, and the powerful spiritual power I see in him is actually the projection of my heart.

He made me feel that as long as I worked as hard as he did, I might be able to achieve the life I wanted.

So when I think of him, my heart will be full of strength, which is a kind of unyielding and unyielding force!

Then I silently recited the name of my idol in my mind every step.

In this way, I finished running 800 meters in one breath.

Later, I found that I really fell in love with running from that time on.


The future can be firmly held in your own hands.

Running has become my irreplaceable and unique.

I remember all the mental journey of that run very clearly.

May be in the process of running, I had an emotional interaction and collision with the sport itself.

Therefore, I attached my spiritual strength to this sport, which made it so unique and unparalleled.

When I ran for the second time, the shock brought to me by running 800 meters in one breath has been deeply imprinted on my mind.

Unconsciously, I am no longer confused.

I became more confident and determined.

When I realize this, I can clearly foresee that this will bring great help to my future life.

Since then, every step taken by running for me is no longer a cyclic mechanical movement.

They are my uncompromising fate and my inner pride and dignity.

Running is no longer boring, lonely and meaningless, but sticking to yourself.

Running has no end for me, just like life has no end.

Running makes me think better and examine myself more clearly.

Running also makes me think.Some of your future can be firmly held in your own hands.

When running, lower your head and concentrate on the plastic track under your feet. It has no end, just like the road of life.

What you have to do in running is to take every step with all your strength and persist in taking the next step with all your life. From that moment on, the link at the other end of the runway is faith, and every step with all your strength is moving towards that faith.

Haruki Murakami said: I ran because I didn’t want to run.

More than 2000 years ago, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said that sunshine, air, water and exercise are the sources of life and health.

There must be a place where I can run near where I live, and I will choose my address according to this.

Generally, I choose near the stadium, because the stadium has a standard plastic track.

I especially like running on the plastic track, especially the professional sports ground.

But I don’t agree with my preference in my heart. Running should be natural, and you should run whenever you want, without so many additional items.

Now, I’m sure I haven’t found the true meaning of running, but I’ve already fallen in love with running, so is that still important?

The only thing I can be sure of is that running and reading are very important to me in my life.

Collect it! Qilian’s five go on road trip routes contain beautiful scenery.

There is no place like Qilian Mountain in the world. It is unique and cannot be copied. 570 million years ago, the earth was magnificent and the mountains were full of tsunamis. I don’t know how long it lasted, but the sea gradually receded and the land rose. Gradually, on the land in the northwest of China, the boundless Qilian Mountain grassland was formed.
It has been rated as one of the six most beautiful grasslands in China by National Geographic Magazine, and it has been rated as "Qilian Mountain in Heaven" by the world. Here, Yuan Ye is green with "the sky is grey and wild, and the wind blows grass and cattle and sheep are low", and here, "the sky is like a vault and four fields are covered".
For many go on road trip lovers, the scenery is on the road, and the unknown is beauty, not to mention beautiful qinghai, calling at the far end of the road. Go on road trip lovers from all over the country will take advantage of vacations and holidays to go to Qilian to feel the "beautiful scenery hanging on the horizon", regardless of long distance or short distance, even if they rent a car or carpool. Today, Xiaobian will recommend five go on road trip routes for everyone to experience the beautiful scenery together.
Corridor 1: Grassland Ethnic Customs Corridor
Ebao Town-Arou Township-Babao Town
[theme]Tibetan culture is combined with grassland customs.
LineEntering from Jingyang Mountain, along the G227 and 5302 sections, it is the most beautiful Qilian grassland scenery section, which organically combines the humanistic landscape such as national culture and religious culture with the prairie scenery, fully displays Qilian culture and national characteristics, and forms the Qilian grassland national customs landscape.
[Route tourist attractions]Jingyang Lingyakou, Ebao Ancient Slope, Yuanyang Flower Sea, Song Dynasty Triangle City Site, Arou Folk Culture Tourism Resort, Arou Temple.
[Distance span]About 90 kilometers.
Corridor 2: Heihe Grand Canyon Scenic Corridor
Yeniugou Township, Second Section of the Northern Section of Heihe Grand Canyon
[theme]The scenery of Heihe Gorge and Danxia style.
LineAlong the core landscape section of E204 Heihe Grand Canyon, combined with the landscape resources such as vegetation landscape, Danxia style and village style along the Heihe River.
[Passing through tourist spots]Heihe Grand Canyon, Huangzangsi Reservoir, Kayo Cultural Sites in Zhamashi Township, Qilian Deer Farm, and Oil Gourd Nature Reserve.
[Distance]About 70 kilometers.
Corridor 3: Ecological Impression Corridor of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Yeniugou Township-Heiheyuan National Wetland Park
Natural ecological scenery.
Starting from Yeniugou Township, along the two sides of S204 are the most intuitive sections of plateau ecological landscape in Qilian County, including wildlife landscape, alpine meadow landscape, mountains and rivers landscape, snow mountain glacier landscape and so on. On the premise of ecological protection, combine natural ecological landscape with human landscape to create a characteristic ecological sightseeing corridor.
[Passing through tourist attractions]
Qilian Prairie, Heiheyuan Wetland Park and Sanheyuan Nature Reserve.
[Distance span]About 80 kilometers.
Corridor 4: Ami Dongsuo Snow Mountain Scenic Corridor
Ami Dongsuo Scenic Spot-Dadongshu Pass
[theme]Cultural and natural themes of sacred mountains in snowy areas.
LineAmidongsuo is the symbol of Qilian Mountain, with four seasons in one mountain, among which the snow scene is the most sacred. Relying on the majestic Amidongsuo and the lush ice ditch and forest landscape, a unique snow-capped mountain scenic corridor is formed.
[Passing through tourist attractions]Amidongsuo, Binggou Linhai, Dadongshu Pass.
[Distance span]About 37 kilometers.
Corridor 5: Moeller Grassland Nomadic Style Corridor
End point of Dadongshuyakou-—S302 Mole section
[theme]Nomadic customs theme.
LineMoeller Town is the only place on the great tour line around Qinghai Lake, and Moeller Town is the largest animal husbandry town in the county. The town has a large Mongolian population and a strong nomadic style. Form the most distinctive grassland nomadic customs corridor in southern Qilian, which is dominated by Mongolian national culture and grassland nomadic scenery.
[Passing through tourist attractions]Tianjing Holy Lake Scenic Area, Moeller Grassland Station, Datong River, etc.
[Distance span]About 80 kilometers.

Xu Shaogang, the dean of the Central Academy of Social Sciences, once handled the petition problem of "making the secretary of the municipal party Committee climb the window to work"

According to the information of official website of the Central Institute of Socialism, Xu Shaogang, who was the director of the office of the Central Institute of Socialism before, has become a member of the party group and dean of the institute, ranking among the leaders of the institute.

Xu Shaogang, male, Han nationality, born in September 1971, Luoyang, Henan Province, joined the Party in April 1991, and joined the work in July 1991. He is a doctoral student majoring in Marxist philosophy at the Graduate School of the Central Party School.

He has served as the deputy director of the editorial department of Political Science Research in the Institute of Political Science of China Academy of Social Sciences, the deputy researcher of the comprehensive group of the research office of the Central Office, the deputy director-level cadre of the comprehensive group of the research office of the Central Office, the deputy inspector of the research office of the Central Office, and the deputy inspector of the supervision and inspection office of the Secretariat of the Central Office. In 2016, he was appointed as the standing Committee member and deputy mayor of Siping Municipal Committee of Jilin Province, and later served as the director of the office of the Central Institute of Socialism.

The Central Institute of Socialism is a United front political college led by the Communist Party of China (CPC), a joint party school of democratic parties and personages without party affiliation, the main front for United front personnel education and training, an important department to carry out the party’s United front work, and an important part of the party and state cadre education and training system.

It is worth mentioning that during his tenure in Siping, Xu Shaogang was reported by People’s Daily for dealing with the problem of "making the secretary of the municipal party committee and the mayor climb the window to go to work".

In 1980s and 1990s, Siping Scientific Research Institute was once the most productive institution and large taxpayer in the city, and it was "a good unit that many people tried to get in". Before the wage reform in 2001, the average monthly salary of scientific research institutes had reached more than 2,000 yuan, more than double that of government agencies. However, it is such a "fat as oil" scientific research unit. Due to the former "corrupt" successors of two presidents and a group of cadres, the solid financial resources were squandered in just 10 years, and the former "star enterprise" became a "rat nest" where corrupt elements swaggered through the city and bad style became popular.

Leadership corruption, family ruin, rampant unhealthy practices, and distracted people, the research institute finally fell into a situation of long-term suspension of production and shutdown, with a debt of more than 80 million yuan. By March 2016, the enterprise owed employees nearly 14 million yuan in social security fees and 700,000 yuan in medical insurance fees. The employees had not been paid for nine consecutive months, and even the funeral expenses could not be paid. Some employees can’t retire at retirement age because of social security debts …

The report mentioned that in order to "seek a way out", some employees began to petition. Ma Li, vice president of the Academy, told reporters that since 2010, petitions have been sporadic, and in 2012, large-scale group visits have appeared. On several occasions, even the municipal party committee and the municipal government were blocked for a long time. At that time, the secretary of the municipal party committee and the mayor could only jump in and out of the office on the first floor when going to work, and lunch was served with hanging baskets. By the beginning of 2016, petitioners had visited the city, the province and Beijing for nearly 400 times.

"We ran all over the relevant departments, but we were kicked around like a ball." Yu Fei, the head of the trade union of the Research Institute and the petition leader of that year, said, "In those days, we found the deputy mayor in charge, but said that another deputy mayor was in charge. When we found another deputy mayor, we said that we still had to find the deputy mayor in charge."

"This’ mess’ of the research institute must be solved!" At the beginning of 2016, the Siping Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government decided to hand over the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau to Xu Shaogang, who has just been appointed as the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor. Zhao Xiaojun, secretary of the municipal party Committee, said, "We consider that Comrade Shao Gang is a cadre on the job and has no intersection with Siping, so it is convenient to let go."

According to the report, Xu Shaogang plunged into the staff of the research institute. There are 132 employees in the research institute, except for more than 30 retired and temporary workers, more than 80 people have participated in petitions. In more than two months, Xu Shaogang interviewed 66 people face to face. He called all the petitioners’ phones, and then made appointments to talk in the office one after another. When there was not enough time during the day, he used holidays, and at the latest, he talked about it after 3 am. He said: "communist party cadres can’t be afraid to meet the masses!"

For many years, the visiting leaders in Siping City have always thought that people’s petition is to be fully staffed by public institutions, which is unreasonable at all, and there is no solution no matter how fierce it is. Through discussions and visits, Xu Shaogang found that the deep-seated reason is that corruption has wiped out the family of the enterprise, and the employees are angry in their hearts and can’t live any longer, so they stubbornly cling to the iron rice bowl. To solve the problems of scientific research institutes, we must first strictly manage the party in an all-round way, uncover the cover of corporate corruption cases and regain the trust of the masses!

The Siping Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection recorded a heavy blow against corruption, and immediately slammed into the corruption shady of the research institute: In May 2016, Dong Weidong, the former president who had been transferred for two years, was "double-regulated"; In August, Cheng Xiaomin, the former president, was placed on probation and dismissed from his post. All but one of the original teams of the Academy of Scientific Research were dismissed, and all middle-level cadres were dismissed. In September, the former director of the Science and Technology Bureau was transferred, and the head of the discipline inspection team stationed in the bureau was ordered to resign … "Double regulations" and transferred to the judiciary, four people were formally arrested, more than 10 people were dealt with by party discipline and discipline, and more than 10 million yuan of corruption and misappropriation funds were recovered.

Xu Shaogang said, "Strictly administering the Party in an all-round way is a systematic project. Combating corruption is only a’ stop loss’ and a’ break’. The key is to’ stand up’ and save the enterprise and let the employees live a better life again."

"It’s not easy to let a dead enterprise regain its vitality!" Cong Tienan, the head of the discipline inspection team of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the head of the working group stationed in the research institute, recalled awkwardly, "In September 2016, Wang Zhidong, the new director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, and I went to the research institute for a meeting on the first day, and we were ousted by the masses without saying a few words. At that time, the relationship between the cadres and the masses in the research institute had broken down, and no matter what the cadres said, the employees did not believe it. "

"The first time I met Mayor Xu, we didn’t trust him either." Yu Fei, Zhang Shouzhong, Chang Wen, Bai Minghui, Hao Qingfeng and Gao Hongjie, the petitioners of the Academy of Sciences in those days, all mentioned Xu Shaogang when they talked about the change of mentality: "Other leaders saw the petition and tried their best to hide and push it. Mayor Xu was not afraid. He took the initiative to talk to us, and it lasted for hours. Later, the city arrested and exempted the corrupt elements, and we really believed in him and the municipal party Committee. This is the cadre of communist party! "

According to the report, in order to help the research institute plug the growing debt hole and solve the problem of shortage of development funds, Xu Shaogang tried every means to coordinate all aspects, adjust the original obviously unreasonable seizure and deduction according to the law, and re-apply for mortgage loans. In order to lift the seizure of enterprise assets, Xu Shaogang offered to take his private car as collateral for creditors.

"Don’t say it’s a temporary cadre, it’s a working cadre. Who is not afraid of falling into the trap of the Academy and jumping out? However, the mayor of Shaogang dared to take responsibility and was not afraid of hitting hard. In order to plan the way out for the enterprise, he worked overtime day and night. Once on Sunday, he removed gastrointestinal polyps in the morning and went to the office to work overtime in the afternoon. With such a leader, we still have something to say. " On the evening of the announcement of his appointment, Cong Tienan checked into the office of the Academy with his bedclothes on his back and vowed: "I will never leave until the problem is solved."

Editor-in-Chief: Qin Hong

Author: The Paper

Text Editor: Yang Rong

Source of the title map: the creativity of the worm

Photo editor: Xiang Jianying

"Going to the Grassroots in the Spring Festival" and "Silent Police Room" are the lively group years.

People’s Daily Online, Chongqing, February 8 th On February 8 th, He Qiao, the "most beautiful grass-roots policeman in China" and "the most beautiful police model in Chongqing" and the community policeman in Shapingba District of Chongqing, opened the door of the police office early in the morning. Today, a group of special guests will be welcomed here.
At 8 o’clock in the morning, residents of the community arrived one after another. Some of them were old people who were over the age of 70, and some of them were young migrant workers who responded to the call of "celebrating the New Year on the spot". Most of them were deaf residents of the community. At the invitation of He Qiao, they are going to have a special Spring Festival in advance in the police room today.
Residents make dumplings in the police room. Photo courtesy of Shapingba police
He Qiao said that considering that many deaf residents’ families in the area did not return home for the Spring Festival in other places, she specially invited everyone to the police office to make dumplings and chat at home to welcome the arrival of the Spring Festival.
After the residents arrived, the police room, which was originally deserted, began to be lively. Everyone sat around the table in the police room, greeted each other with sign language and paid New Year greetings, and then began to prepare for the next activity: making dumplings.
The glutinous rice balls and fillings brought by everyone from home have been put on the table. Just do it. After everyone washes their hands, they mix the dough, adjust the stuffing, and boil the water. They are busy in an orderly manner. Busy at the same time, they also communicate with each other from time to time with hands covered with starch, and it is better to compare the dumplings made by whoever. Several experienced old people are teaching young people who are not very good at how to make beautiful dumplings. I saw my hands gently rubbing a few times, and a round glutinous rice ball was born from their hands.
Residents make dumplings in the police room. Photo courtesy of Shapingba police
In a short time, several pots on the table were already filled with wrapped dumplings. Just then, the water boiled, and everyone put the wrapped dumplings into the pot in batches, watching them slowly float to the surface from the bottom of the pot, and then "roll" one by one, which is a signal that the dumplings are cooked.
Hot dumplings are put into bowls, and everyone around the table enjoys this special "reunion dinner". He Qiao brought the first bowl out of the pot to the oldest mother-in-law, Zhu, and fed her one. He Qiao said: "We are like a big family. We get together in the New Year. Of course, the oldest elder has to move chopsticks first."
In the last few days before the Spring Festival, He Qiao also visited the deaf families in the community door to door, asking how the new year’s goods were prepared, whether there was any need for help, and sent them Spring Festival couplets and blessings. He Qiao said to the residents: "Many people actively responded to the government’s call to celebrate the New Year on the spot, so this year must be grand and festive, and welcome the new year with the most joyful mood."
The boiled water with glutinous rice balls is still boiling hot, and the Spring Festival couplets at the entrance of the police office are red and festive. The "silent police office" is silent, but it is full of joy and peace, and a happy smile is on everyone’s face. (Liu Zhengning, Ren Xueyi)

Karen Mok hosted a banquet for the staff to eat the New Year’s dinner, draw a lottery and give a big red envelope.

Karen Mok and his work partners have a reunion dinner and a big red envelope.

  Karen Mok, who has just finished her work at hand and is going back to Europe to spend the Lunar New Year with her husband, recently hosted a group of hard-working colleagues in Hong Kong for a "reunion dinner" in advance to thank them for their support and help. Karen prepared a lot of seafood and restaurant specialties to greet everyone. The most delicious and popular is the traditional Hong Kong-style "bacon clay pot rice". For the first time, as a newly-married wife, Perry distributed red envelopes to every friend present, and specially selected three New Year ornaments as lucky draw gifts. Everyone was very happy and promised Karen that she would always support her in her career. 

  Karen said that her working partners have been her pillars for many years. Without them, she would never have achieved what she is today. In 2012, she also has many plans to realize. First, the new album will be recorded at the end of February, which is very challenging and a very shocking project for her. However, Karen can’t disclose the details for the time being and will not announce it until the time is ripe. In addition, the Hollywood film Tai Chi Xia, which was filmed with Keanu Reeves, will also start shooting. She said that she is looking forward to this cooperation, and she should also start exercising recently to meet a series of work. However, she said that no matter how busy the work is, the time spent with her husband must be arranged. She has already agreed with her agent that she must not "exploit" her family fun time! 

Photo courtesy of TUNGSTAR, copyrighted pictures, refused to reprint.

KPMG China Financial Technology 50 List: Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai rank in the top three, and 70% of the listed companies have more than 40% technical talents.

Image source: the idea of the worm

Zhu Hanqi, intern reporter of Economic Observer Network  On January 9th, KPMG China released the "2023 KPMG China Financial Technology Enterprises Double 50 List" and the annual trend report.

Huang Aizhou, managing partner of KPMG China Financial Technology, said that in the process of digital transformation of the financial industry, there are unique advantages in the three pillars needed for the vertical model of the industry: algorithm, computing power and data. The financial industry has mastered a large number of historical data and written materials, which provides natural convenience for the development of the industry model; In the process of financial digitalization and intelligence, financial technology enterprises have also formed unique solutions in terms of algorithms and computing power.

The report analyzes the listed enterprises in five dimensions: professional field, city and region, main technical elements, proportion of technical personnel and establishment time.

In the distribution of professional fields, platform technology empowerment and wealth technology rank first and second, Pratt & Whitney technology and insurance technology rank third, and AI and blockchain are still the core technologies in the underlying technologies.

In terms of urban and geographical distribution, Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai rank in the top three, and Chengdu ranks fourth for the first time. Tan Wei, chief partner of KPMG in China, Sichuan and Chongqing, said that in recent years, Chengdu has incorporated financial technology into the category of "building a circle and strengthening a chain" and become one of the 28 key industrial chains, forming an ecological layout that integrates Chongqing, links the whole country and sails the whole world.

In the distribution of main technical elements, the types of technical elements are more colorful, and the proportion of technical elements such as safety, credibility and large-scale correlation is obviously improved.

In terms of the proportion of technical personnel, 70% of the listed companies have more than 40% technical personnel, thus occupying an advantageous position in the fierce market competition.

In terms of the time distribution of enterprise establishment, the proportion of listed enterprises established for more than 10 years in 2023 has increased, and more enterprises that have been deeply involved in this field for a long time have continuously consolidated their market position by optimizing data processing, increasing transaction rate, simplifying financial service processes, and innovating financial products and services.

Kpmg chart

In addition, the report also puts forward nine major trends:

Trend 1: The development of financial macro-model will have a far-reaching impact on the paradigm of financial technology industry (annual trend). In the era of mobile internet, domestic manufacturers are actively developing the layout of financial big models, and relevant enterprises need to build competitive advantages by virtue of "having data" and "understanding scenarios". In the future, the wide application of financial macro-model will have the following changes: the change of AI cognition and concept, reshaping customer service process and experience, improving risk management, improving financial service efficiency and innovating financial business forms.

Trend 2: Science and technology investment pays more attention to output energy efficiency, and peer-to-peer science and technology output changes to ecological empowerment mode (integrated financial technology). Comprehensive financial technology enterprises pay more attention to business orientation and precise focus in objectives and methods, and change from technical empowerment to all-round ecological empowerment in service direction.

Trend 3: AI helps to innovate wealth management, and the core system of the organization is autonomous and accelerated (wealth technology). Wealth technology enterprises provide support for wealth management business scenarios such as investment, research and marketing, and will explore more application scenarios of large models to improve efficiency and service upgrade.

Trend 4: Insurance technology has evolved into risk reduction management, and the service boundary (insurance technology) has been continuously expanded in combination with industrial upgrading. Insurance technology companies turn the original uninsurable risks into insurable risks, and penetrate technology into the development process of all walks of life, which leads to new risk management demands.

Trend 5: Digital symbiosis and digital platform services accelerate the development of inclusive finance (Pratt & Whitney Technology).

Small and medium-sized enterprises access digital resources through the digital service platform, build a digital intelligent business process, meet the rapidly changing market demand, and accelerate the digital intelligent transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Trend 6: Multi-parties join hands to expand the new blue ocean of supply chain finance, and scene product innovation is emerging (supply chain technology). The supply chain science and technology platform has accelerated its efforts in the scene business. It is expected that there will be more scene-based innovative products based on data credit in the future, and the traditional confirmation mode will begin to weaken.

Trend 7: Mobile payment innovation scenario application, cross-border payment opens up a new chapter in the sea (payment technology). The third-party payment platform at the C end expands its business by exploring new scenes and product innovation, and the mobile payment platform at the B end provides integrated services based on payment functions. The cross-border payment platform will also provide customers with integrated services to enhance customer stickiness.

Trend 8: Regulatory technology is expected to improve regulatory efficiency with the help of large models (regulatory technology). The development of regulatory technology will rely more and more on scientific and technological means to achieve more efficient and accurate supervision.

Trend 9: A new round of development opportunities will be opened, and a big article on digital finance (platform technology empowerment) will be done with the tide. At the present stage, the trends of innovation and going out to sea are highly certain, and the actions of "data elements ×" and "high-quality development of computing infrastructure" are steadily advanced, and the opportunity of technological change is expected to drive the sustained release of China’s financial technology value.

Spanish priest falls in love with a beautiful girl in Paiwan, leaving a sad story (Figure)


  Pan Mingfu (right) and his biological father Father Su Shilang (left) both have the handsome appearance of European men with straight noses and heavy eyebrows.


    Lai Guihua, the mother who fell in love with the priest, was a beautiful woman in the tribe at that time, with a delicate face and a slender figure and a height of about 160 centimeters.

    BEIJING, March 19 (Xinhua)-Pan Mingfu, the curly and tall principal of Wutan Primary School in Taiwu Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan, decided to unlock the heart lock for half a century. He said: "I am the crystallization of love between the Spanish priest Su Shilang who came to Taiwan to preach and Lai Guihua, a girl from Paiwan."

    According to Taiwan Province’s United Daily News, The Thorn Birds, one of the top ten best-selling novels in the United States in the 1980s, described the story that Father Ralph fell in love with a woman Maggie and gave birth, and it was made into a movie. Pan Mingfu, 53, said that the plot of his life is more tortuous than that of The Thorn Birds.

    Church priests can’t get married. In the remote mountainous area of Pingtung, the love story between Su Shilang and Lai Guihua not only touched church taboos, but also made it difficult to accommodate closed ethnic tribes.

    "The times have become more open, and my life topic has to be lifted." Pan Mingfu told his life story yesterday. He opened his notebook and said that his biological father Su Shilang was a Catholic Dominican priest. He was only thirty-four years old when he was sent to Jiaping Village in Taiwu Township in 1953. According to records, Su Shilang was the first priest in Taiwan Province Mountain area.

    The older local people still remember this priest: Su Shilang can speak fluent Minnan and Paiwan dialect. After a year of missionary work, she fell in love with Lai Guihua, a female missionary, and gave birth to Pan Mingfu privately in 1955, when Lai Guihua was only seventeen.

    This love story violated the church precepts and shocked the Paiwan tribe. Zhang Xiuzhen, the eldest daughter of the big boss Liu Bihuang, recalled that at that time, through her grandmother Liu Chunmei, she secretly resolved the local dissatisfaction with the authority of the big boss and arranged for Lai Guihua to marry Pan Keji, the then leader.

    Lai Guihua married Pan Mingfu, who was about two or three years old, and suppressed this relationship until she died. Their stories still secretly spread mysterious and beautiful colors; It’s just that the people don’t want to touch the sad past of the parties and avoid talking about it.

    Su Shilang later left Taiwu Township and went to Majia, Laiyi and other mountainous areas to preach. Until Pan Mingfu was eleven years old, Su Shilang could not resist the pressure of tribes and churches, and left Taiwan and returned to Spain. Later, he was sent to Argentina again. In 1985, he died in a foreign land, and Taiwan Province, the father and son, never met again.

    Su Shilang once wrote a letter to Pan Mingfu from Argentina, writing in Latin, and he asked the staff to assist in translation. "Although I don’t know much about it, I believe that many feelings between father and son should be hidden between sentences." His mother and adoptive father died one after another more than ten years ago, and the mystery of his life has been hidden to this day.

Editor: Wang Yuxi

Star Power: The application for renewal of the ship nationality certificate was completed on December 21st, 2023.

Every time after the AI ? ? news, some investors ask questions on the investor interactive platform: I am a minority shareholder of the company. Last week, I saw the fine imposed on the company by Suining Municipal Transportation Bureau. Although the plot of using expired certificates seems not so serious, it will also affect the assessment of corporate social responsibility! I wonder what the company thinks? Is there any improvement?

Star Power (600101. SH) said on the investor interaction platform on January 8 that the ships used by the company are mainly used for dredging and slag removal of artificial canal river in the North and South Weirs and the operation and maintenance of the dikes, and are inspected annually according to the regulations of local transportation and maritime administrative departments. The application for renewal of the ship’s nationality certificate was completed on December 21, 2023.

(Reporter Jia Yunke)

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Wang Yiming, China International Economic Exchange Center: China’s economy has the conditions to achieve a growth rate of 5% next year.

On December 19th, Wang Yiming, vice chairman of China International Economic Exchange Center, said at the hot meeting of China Macroeconomic Forum (CMF) that, optimistically, China's economy can achieve a 5% growth rate next year. "If our investment can be close to 3% from 2.9%, it can be increased to 4% and 5%; The consumption base was very low last year, and in the case of high base this year, it will be able to maintain the level of 6% to 7% next year; Exports can turn positive; Achieving 5% next year should be expected. "

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has caused nearly a thousand deaths, and Israel calls the current situation a "war situation."

On October 8, local time, in Gaza City, after the Israeli air raid, smoke billowed. This article is a picture of vision china.

A number of Israeli media, such as Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation, reported on the 8th that a new round of conflict between Palestine and Israel has killed more than 600 Israelis. The health department of the Gaza Strip in Palestine issued a statement on the same day saying that 370 people were killed and 2,200 injured when Israeli troops attacked the Gaza Strip.

On October 8, local time, people stood outside a mosque destroyed by Israeli air strikes in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, Palestine.

Statistics released by the Israeli medical department that afternoon showed that the conflict had injured more than 2,000 Israelis. According to the Jerusalem Post, more than 100 Israeli soldiers and civilians were taken into the Gaza Strip.

On October 8, local time, Gaza City, the second day of the continuous conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, was devastated by Israeli air strikes.

Daniel Heggli, chief spokesman of the Israel Defense Forces, said on the same day that the Israeli army is recruiting hundreds of thousands of reservists to "prepare for the final ground counterattack in the Gaza Strip", which is the largest recruitment activity in Israel in the past decades.

On October 8, local time, Merkava tanks rolled on the road near the Lebanese border in Kiliatshmna, Israel.

The Information Office of the Israeli Government issued a statement on the afternoon of the 8th, saying that the security cabinet confirmed the current situation as a "war situation" on the evening of the 7th, and took major military measures according to Article 40 of the Basic Law of Israel, that is, Israel was forced to wage war due to rocket attacks from Gaza, and the war started at 6 am local time on the 7th.

On October 8, local time, Israeli troops assembled at a secret location on the border of the Gaza Strip.

A new round of military conflict broke out between Israel and Palestine on the 7th, and the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) launched a military operation against Israel during the Jewish holiday that day. The Israeli army launched several rounds of air strikes in the Gaza Strip.

(Source: Wang Zhuolun, Liu Weijian/Xinhua News Agency)

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