Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

On July 20th, singer Hua Chenyu appeared in Shanghai to unveil his wax figure at Madame Tussauds Shanghai.

On the day of the event, Hua Chenyu celebrated the 8th anniversary of his debut with fans, listened to the fans’ hearts and thanked the fans for accompanying him all the way. At the same time, Shanghai Dusha also created a month-long "Mars Philharmonic Carnival" pop-up band on the stage of the music district.

The wax figure of Hua Chenyu replicates the shape of Hua Chenyu at the concert through gorgeous performance costumes, domineering expressions, and passionate singing with a microphone in hand.

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

Speaking about the styling of his wax figure this time, Hua Chenyu admitted that the action on his wax figure was selected from his concert. "The concert is a very free stage, and my state is also the most relaxed, comfortable and natural. The shape of the concert is more like myself, more free, and I hope the fans will feel at home when they see it."

At the scene, Hua Chenyu interacted closely with his wax figure, posed in various handsome poses, and held himself intimately. At the press conference, Hua Chenyu, who played musical instruments, was also very cool. Hua Chenyu also said more than once that what he wanted to do most was to hold a concert.

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

When it comes to his wish for the second half of the year, Hua Chenyu said: "Seeing the enthusiastic support of fans, I hope to hold a concert this year." Speaking of his wax figure, Hua Chenyu thinks the wax figure is very realistic, like himself, and also assigns a small task to his fans to ask everyone to name his wax figure.

Hua Chenyu appeared at the wax statue unveiling, looking forward to holding a concert this year

How about Xiaomi Smart TV, Xiaomi Smart TV Features Introduction [Detailed Explanation]

  Nowadays, televisions are an indispensable type of entertainment appliances in people’s normal lives, and it can be said that they can be seen in every household. With the continuous improvement of modern technology, televisions have also been upgraded, and smart TVs have gradually appeared in our lives. At present, there are many TV brands on the market, and I believe everyone is familiar with the brand of Xiaomi. So how about Xiaomi, smart TV? The following editor will take you to have a look!

  First, the screen

  Xiaomi’s smart TV has a 47-inch narrow side, using LG’s IPS screen and Samsung’s SVA screen. The screen quality of these two major companies is truly world-class. While mainstream TVs at the same price are generally 46 inches with domestic screens, it can be seen that Xiaomi still has an advantage in this regard.

  Operating system

  Xiaomi’s operating system is MIUI TV, which is easy to operate and rich in functions. * The main thing is that you can install Android applications and games, which is much better than other ordinary TV operating systems.

  III. Processor

  The CPU of Xiaomi Smart TV is a Qualcomm quad-core 1.7GHz processor, which has a rather high configuration even compared with mobile phones. Other mainstream TVs are generally core solo processors.

  IV. 3D function

  Xiaomi Smart TV supports 3D function, and giving two pairs of 3D glasses is a great value. Generally, some mainstream TVs of the same price support 3D, while others do not.

  4K ultra high definition

  4K refers to the physical resolution of 3840 × 2160, so that the total number of pixels of the display device exceeds 8 million or more. From the perspective of resolution indicators, 720P is the high definition standard, 1080P is the full high definition standard, 4K ultra high definition is 4 times the full high definition and 8 times the high definition, making the TV picture finer and more delicate.

  The above is the relevant content about whether Xiaomi smart TV is good or not, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!

"Detective War" released a new clip, Liu Qingyun rectified the workplace laughing and crying audience

1905 movie network news The film continues to have a strong box office trend, ranking first in the single-day box office for several consecutive days, and the total box office is about to break through the 500 million mark. The film has also been officially released in Hong Kong on July 21. At the Hong Kong premiere, Johnnie To and other well-known filmmakers appeared one after another to wish the film continued the momentum of the mainland box office and achieved great results in Hong Kong.

In fact, apart from the exciting scenes, the tense plot, and the core worthy of further investigation, "Detective War" also has a unique flavor in terms of "joy". In the "Detective Return" feature clip released by the film, it is a wonderful medicine that soothes the nerves of the audience after the film war. In the clip, Li Jun, who plays the "Mad Detective", after returning to the police force, makes many netizens shout "Help" because "Detective has rolled up the police force!"

The movie "Detective War" is directed and produced by a famous Hong Kong filmmaker, supervised by Zhu Shuyi, and joined by Liu Qingyun, Lin Li,,,,,, and many other powerful stars. The film is being screened nationwide!

The genius detective also called on everyone to "roll up"

Liu Qingyun rectifies the workplace laughing and crying audience

At the end of "Detective War", "Crazy Detective" Li Jun finally returned to the police force after a life-and-death battle, became a criminal investigation consultant of O Ji, and was treated with courtesy by the police force and welcomed by all the police. However, his subsequent speech surprised everyone, because he openly said: "None of us are detective, we only need to do our best to investigate the case, and always ask ourselves if we have checked the wrong case!" Then he began to ask everyone "can’t go home, can’t see family, can’t date, can’t watch football, can’t sing K, can’t play games…" Even asked everyone to "can’t watch movies"!

This episode of "The Return of the Detective" made the audience laugh and cry directly, and they all shouted "It turns out that the detective can also be curled like this", "Sir Li himself is a genius, and he has to curl ordinary people, and he is afraid", "The police’s inner OS: Sir Li begged for mercy", and many netizens joked in the comment area: "Can’t watch a movie? Can you still watch" Detective War "?" Many people said that the seemingly neurotic Liu Qingyun in the film was "a little cute" when he rectified the workplace. I didn’t expect that the detective had such a side. Sure enough, "Mr. Liu, a citizen," has excellent acting skills.

The Hong Kong premiere of "Detective War" was attended by all the stars

Johnnie To Hong Jinbao appears on the movie platform

It is reported that "Detective Wars" held a grand premiere in Hong Kong, China on the evening of July 19. Dr. Yang Shoucheng, Chairperson of Emperor Group, and his wife, together with director and producer Wei Jiahui, producer Shao Jianqiu and Zhu Shuyi, as well as protagonists Liu Qingyun, Tang Yi, Wu Haokang, Yang Tianyu, Zhang Wenjie, Beard Tong, Zhu Luoran, Che Wanwan, Liao Jiajue, Grizzly Bear, etc. attended the premiere. The well-known Hong Kong filmmakers To Kifeng, Hong Jinbao and the queen who just won the Hong Kong Film Awards also attended the premiere, and jointly wished "Detective Wars" a good hit in Hong Kong and a big box office sale!

At the Hong Kong premiere, the director Gary Wei also revealed that he had "fallen in love at first sight" with Liu Qingyun, praising Liu Qingyun as an actor who was "unfathomable" and could still surprise him by working together after a few years. When asked if the two would have the opportunity to work together again in the future, Wei Jiahui laughed and said it would depend on Liu Qingyun’s willingness.

The movie "Detective War" is currently in theaters!

Andy Lau holds a concert in Singapore on his 58th birthday, and fans sing the birthday song

Last night, Andy Lau held his second concert in Singapore, and there was still a lot of singing and dancing at the scene. But what was even more noticeable was that at halftime, all the fans began to sing the birthday song. It turned out that today was Andy Lau’s 58th birthday, so the fans had been preparing for a big surprise for Andy Lau.

Andy was also touched by the fans that day, and Andy kept blowing kisses to the fans, and the whole scene was real spectacular. Presumably only Andy can have such treatment, so Andy also sang with the fans at the scene. The scene was really warm and harmonious, so Andy kept blowing kisses to the fans.

Andy Lau’s first concert in Singapore was also quite exciting, and Andy Lau was also moved to tears by the fans at the scene, and began to sob directly at the scene, which made the fans really feel distressed and comforted Andy to be strong, because you have always been accompanied by us.

This time Andy Lau’s "my love" world tour concert can be said to be quite successful. For example, the recent concert in Malaysia was also proposed by female fans on the spot. It can be said that this time Andy Lau really has surprises everywhere. So "my love" is the love that Andy Lau gives to fans, and it is also the love that fans give to Andy Lau.

On Andy Lau’s 58th birthday, the whole concert in Singapore sang the birthday song, and Andy blew kisses. At the same time, Andy Lau also sang classic songs such as "Chinese" at the concert, which made the Chinese fans on the scene excited again. I have to say that Andy is really a well-deserved idol. We also hope that Andy’s concert will be a complete success. Happy birthday.

Why did Volvo and Krypton choose their batteries?

On April 27th, an interview with the theme of "Walking in the Pioneer Area to See Green, Low Carbon and High Quality Development" entered Shandong Geely Xinwangda Power Battery Co., Ltd. As the undertaker of Geely Automobile’s latest pure electric and hybrid platform power battery manufacturing, with the world’s first advantage of Xinwangda hybrid battery production capacity and Geely Group’s multi-brand and multi-series automobile resource endowment, we cooperate and support each other, and give priority to the supply of many popular models such as Lectra, Krypton, Volvo and Smart, helping enterprises to develop circularly and comprehensively utilize product resources. (Public Daily Public News Client Reporter Ma Haiyan Zhang Ziliang Tang Yi Gong Shan Planning Ma Yufeng Zhang Huanze)

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

From hormone-bursting black bombs and guns, to leisure-filled traveling guns, towed guns and wild fishing guns, from coffee guns with entrepreneurial dreams to rescue guns for emergency rescue, the Great Wall guns came with a whole system modification plan.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

Heavy modification of black bombs is more domineering.

Speaking of outdoor cross-country, black bomb is definitely a big move of the Great Wall Gun. The heavily modified black bullet has a tough and powerful shape, which shows the domineering spirit of others; Strengthen the fever-level off-road equipment, and the off-road performance is more outstanding. It is reported that the black bomb will be pre-sold at the Shanghai Auto Show. Are you ready to start?

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

As a heavily modified model of the Great Wall Gun, Black BombThe front and rear bumpers of the original car were replaced by stronger competitive bars, which were consistent with the style of the whole car in terms of modeling and color matching, which not only had more value, but also resisted the impact of flying slopes and off-road.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

The Black Bomb also has various off-road kits such as side treads for rock climbing, front and rear double winches, spotlights, etc. Professional adjustable damping shock absorbers are used, the chassis is raised by 50mm as a whole, and the full-size off-road tires of Toyo Dragon Claw make off-road more pure.


How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

In the interior of the car, the newly designed interior of "Black Bomb" gives people a new look. Cement ash with orange lines shows high performance and fashionable design trend, while there is no lack of luxury and comfort.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.


Crossing the gun and challenging the limit is not a dream.

The life you yearn for is not the same, and challenging yourself is the highlight of exploring nature. The Great Wall Gun Off-road Pickup Truck mainly attacks long-distance off-road, redesigned the wading throat with low wind noise, and added a quick-release roll cage in the car to improve the safety level and meet the extreme challenge.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

The rear bucket is designed with a multi-purpose self-defined side plate rack and a sliding reset tray. Various types of roof tents can be installed on the gantry, and the world-famous Avandia wheel hub is matched with the prestigious KM3 tire of Bailuchi to adapt to more difficult and dangerous outdoor road conditions. The biggest highlight of the cross-country pickup truck version of the Great Wall Gun is to fix all kinds of equipment, equipped with roof racks, roof spotlights, headlights, etc., which is convenient for crossing bad road conditions and replacing tires and wheels at the same time, which looks more domineering.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.


Brigade guns give you freedom to camp.

The Great Wall Gun is committed to building a full-scene pickup truck life, and to achieve the full scene, it needs targeted deep modification. For consumers who yearn for a natural life, while retaining most functions of the RV, the RV gun makes full use of the body space to ensure the simplicity of the vehicle shape, portability and good passability, and has sufficient storage space and fully functional camping equipment.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

The traveling gun adopts the space expansion design, and the bed on the side adopts the cable-stayed structure, so that the bed can be raised and retracted into the carriage during driving. The roof adopts lifting structure, which lowers the roof when driving, reducing the height of the car body and reducing wind resistance; Raise when parking, strengthen ventilation and lighting, improve comfort, so that users can stay in the camp at any time during the journey and enjoy the natural scenery.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.


Legal towing of towed guns is more casual.

Long-distance travel, in addition to food and shelter, but also have fun, many consumers will drag yachts, motorcycles, RV travel. The towing quality of the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck is 2.5 tons, and it has a towing notice, which can be legally towed on the road; Optional rear traction device+electric outlet in trailer area to meet various towing requirements.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

The towed gun has 11 unique off-road equipment with fever level, 7 all-terrain driving modes, three locks, tank U-turn, Bailuchi tires, crawling mode, winch, wading throat, nitrogen shock absorption, off-road expert mode, multi-link and off-road information display, etc., which can easily be used for dragging and other tasks.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.



How many wild fishing guns can be used without worrying?

There is a huge group of outdoor enthusiasts, who often set out with fishing rods, buckets and nets, looking for them in inaccessible mountains and lakes. This is fishing enthusiasts. Their demand for pickups is that they can cross-country, drag, wade and store, and the Great Wall gun cross-country pickups are all satisfied.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

The wild fishing gun converts the container into a pulley drawer-type partition storage bin, which can classify fishing gear and fish and bid farewell to fishing line entanglement and mud-water cross-flow; Full-coverage gantry, set up a large number of expansion fixed points, and place fishing rods, shovels and other items in different categories; In addition, the frame of the gantry extends all the way to the roof, and outdoor equipment with large size such as kayaking can be placed above the gantry through fixed components.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

Different from the traditional side-opening side curtain, the side curtain of Australian rhinoceros used in the wild fishing version can be unfolded at 270 degrees, providing a larger covering area.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

Coffee cannon, starting a business, getting rich, assisting god

Pickup truck users have diverse needs. While enjoying life, they are also working hard for their dreams. The coffee-themed car modified by the Great Wall Artillery commercial pickup truck is built for this group of people.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

The telescopic fixed coffee console is easy to operate, coffee machines, bean grinders and other coffee utensils are readily available, the flip coffee bar is exquisitely designed and easy to display, and the advertising price board is installed in a proper position, which is beautiful and elegant. Considering customers’ demand for "coffee time", the Great Wall Cannon coffee theme car is equipped with retractable sunshade and outdoor table, which is convenient for customers to relax while drinking coffee.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

Mobile coffee carts bring flexibility in doing business, but it is not easy to carry coffee utensils, tables and chairs around. Considering the storage demand, the Great Wall Gun Coffee Theme Car is equipped with a telescopic storage cabinet for placing coffee utensils and other items, and the folding table, seat and sunshade also have corresponding storage positions, which is convenient to operate and saves time and effort.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.


Reliable comrade-in-arms of the rescue gun retrograde warrior

Enjoy life at ordinary times and come forward at critical moments. As a leader of independent brands, Great Wall Gun has developed rescue guns for medical, fire fighting, communication, outdoor and other rescue scenes with a high sense of responsibility and using product advantages.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

The rescue gun was modified based on the commercial pickup truck of Great Wall Gun, and the cargo box was changed into a rescue mobile warehouse, equipped with professional rescue equipment such as generators, lifebuoys, demolition machines, medical boxes, stretchers and oxygen tanks. The whole vehicle is equipped with rescue equipment such as car radio, long-distance telescopic antenna (relay antenna) and climbing ladder.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

The chassis suspension is raised and the passability is strengthened, which can cope with all kinds of complicated road conditions and ensure that it can reach the rescue site as quickly as possible. In the future, Great Wall Gun, which has reached a strategic cooperation with Blue Sky Rescue Team, will launch a customized model for Blue Sky Rescue to provide professional rescue vehicles with more professional, off-road capability, better loading capacity and comfort for registered members of Blue Sky Rescue.

How to play it is up to you. The original factory modification of the Great Wall Gun will change with you.

Nowadays, on the basis of successfully developing the three sub-categories of passenger, commercial and off-road markets, Great Wall Gun has expanded N-type modified vehicles to form a 3+N pattern, and has used unlimited modification to meet the diversified needs of users in all directions. In the future, the Great Wall Gun will also launch more abundant, better quality and more targeted modified models to satisfy all your imaginations of pickup trucks!

Why is predecessor 4, which more than 2.9 million people want to see, far ahead?

Special feature of 1905 film network "Ex" is always an eternal topic. I believe that there is always a song belonging to it in many people’s song lists. Fish LeongI sang, "This moment suddenly feels so familiar/like it was being shown at the same time yesterday and today/my tone turned out to be like you/not the evidence that we loved";JJ LinSing "ex" as, "Don’t tell her/I still miss her/It’s easier to let go of hate than love. When tears block your chest/Let silence/take the place of all answers".

In the New Year’s Eve of 2017-18, a film "Ex-3: Goodbye to Ex-3" set off the market, and a film "Decent" made the story of Meng Yun (Han Geng) and Jia Lin (Kelly) a "difficult story" for many viewers. The lyrics "Breaking up should be decent/no one should say sorry/no debt/I dare to break my heart", which brings their final separation out of a new emotional point.

The story of the two people has regrets, or is unfinished, and almost everyone is looking forward to it. So what will happen next?selfEx-4: Early Marriage(hereinafter referred to as "predecessor 4") Since the official announcement, the number of people who want to see is far ahead, and it has exceeded one million on both platforms.Only after this "decent farewell" with my predecessor, the story went to "early marriage".

Before talking about "predecessor 4", we still need to understand why the "predecessor" series can last for a long time.

Looking back at the film history of China, few love movies IP have the opportunity to shoot three or more cases like the "predecessor" series. To a great extent, the popularity of the "Ex" series is due to the seemingly dramatic conflict of story lines, which can also make some viewers empathize and express their emotions.

The sense of reality under the drama comes from the fact that when director Yu-sheng Tian created this series, he took materials from life, recorded the emotional stories of friends around him, and then refined them.

As the creator grows older, the story slowly begins to enter a new link — — Marriage.Just like vice president of China Film Directors Association, famous producer, screenwriter and planner.Wang HongweiAfter the screening interview, it was said that "Previous 4" would be different from the past three films, and it was obvious that director Yu-sheng Tian had grown up to understand emotions.

It is true that when filming "Ex 4", director Yu-sheng Tian and starring Han Geng and Ryan all entered a new stage in their emotional life. Looking back at the lines of the past three films, Yu-sheng Tian even lamented that "I can’t write it now, which is a documentary reflection of that age".

The same is true for the audience of the "predecessor" series. After ten years, from the student days of that year, or just entering the society, most of them are now facing marriage and the "daily necessities" after marriage.

Under the eternal topic of "marriage", "Former 4" explores the more detailed key point — — Facing marriage with blind date (Meng Yun) and the "marriage cooling-off period" for couples to welcome marriage (Yu Fei) — — One of their core topics is the habit in emotion.

Meng Yunhe and Yu Fei (Ryan) are just like "two sides of one body" for habit.How many people, like Meng Yun, have had a vigorous emotional experience even if they don’t have the "supreme treasure" emotional expression. This experience has also become the key to making it difficult to cross yourself and start a new relationship. In today’s words, it is "sequela of breakup" — — Afraid of starting a new relationship, insecure about feelings, afraid of loneliness and getting along, afraid to try and touch.

In this state, many people are used to living alone, and the so-called "loneliness rating test" items on the Internet are no longer important, just as the lines in the movie say, "When you find that eating, watching movies, exercising and going to the supermarket can be done by yourself, you will gradually get used to this kind of loneliness."

Often at this time, parents will be more anxious and start the marriage promotion mode.From rejection to acceptance, young people now have their own understanding of blind date, from relatives to members who are willing to recharge their dating software — — At least for them, even if it is not for the purpose of marriage and love, it can become another new social possibility in this fast-paced life.

The description of the details in Ex-4 is extremely ingenious, which blends into feelings and is higher than reality, and skillfully handles the interpersonal relationship of contemporary young people in blind date. This subtle reality is interesting, and even echoes the "predecessor table" at the beginning of "predecessor raiders" (2014).

Of course, some people naturally expect to meet "soulmate" on blind date.Meng Yun’s blind date was not smooth until he met a lawyer, willow (Cya Liu Play) — — The opening does not have a strong purpose, but the humorous opening becomes a plus item. Getting along with each other is like entering the slow pace of student days, watching the stars. At this time, the movie offers another golden sentence, "People with single beliefs are more likely to meet soul mates, and such people treat their feelings more purely."

It’s just that compared with willow’s bravery, Meng Yun has become more embarrassed. He will write an article about "being used to being alone", but as Zi Wang (Romeo) said, "You are not used to being alone, but afraid of changing the present."

Sometimes, this change is "suffocating". Even if they are on the same frequency, a person begins to appear in life, which may change the pace of life, and the spread from point to point seems to have a lot of constraints.

This is not only Meng Yun’s mentality when facing willow, but also the problem that Yu Fei faces when getting along with Xiaodian (Mengxue Zeng).

Compared with Meng Yun’s twisted personality, Yu Fei is more straightforward in getting along with Tiny Point. A "Confession Bureau" in "Former 3" shows that this group of young people are calm and comfortable with their feelings, not binding each other, but also giving themselves space. Only when it comes to "Ex 4", when Yu Fei proposes "marriage", will he be worried that he can really enter the marriage state smoothly?

They continued all the styles in their previous relationship, carried out honesty to the end, and started the "marriage cooling-off period".

When a person starts to live in a house, it is necessary to share the whole wardrobe, even all the accommodation in the house, and there will be objects different from the decoration style, but this is the "tolerance" and "tolerance" faced by getting along. It’s just that this tolerance is a little more competitive, and both of us want to go to a better state and give each other a sense of security.

The original intention of each other is pure, just a buffer for emotional progress.This anxiety about marriage is just another emotion of young people nowadays — — Worried about divorce. Therefore, Yu Fei and Xiaodian constantly use the "confession bureau" to correct the trajectory of two people, but marriage is no more than love. At the same time, it is more like a game of "two people and three feet", acting in tandem to balance the pace of two people.

As Tong Liya said after the premiere of Ex-4, "Everyone should think about how to get into a marriage, and then how to go on well in the marriage."

So, did Meng Yun and Yu Fei give the answer at the end of the movie?It can only be said that "Ex 4" gives an emotional answer that belongs to the two of them at the moment. But at least the film cuts to the current urban youth’s attitude towards emotion, facing and even reflecting. As for what the final answer will be, it seems that it belongs to them.This is also one of the most attractive places in the "predecessor" series.

From "Previous Raiders" to "Previous 4", the development of the plot will have an ending and a conclusion, but the feelings will not.

The creative team is also keen on the observation of emotions. He did not instill these contents into the audience very boring, nor did he attempt to preach the truth. Instead, he opened them in a comedy way, but always when he was caught off guard, the tears of the audience came down.

It may just be the emotional white paper of urban youth. Every story is innovating, and emotions are close to the times, looking for resonance.

In 2014, the "Previous Raiders" made the issue of "predecessor" no longer heavy; In 2015, "Ex 2" let everyone face love seriously and feel the two-way love; In 2017, "Ex 3" left his dignity in the breakup; In 2023, "Ex 4" turned decency into a "goodbye" of Jia Lin, but left love to the habit and still had to learn to "let go".

The "Ex" series also seems to create a state of love for the audience. Laughter when in love and tears when breaking up can be experienced in an immersive way. By the time of "Previous 4", this experience had a diversified interpretation.

Everyone will also be curious, will there be a follow-up story in the "predecessor" series?

As Yu-sheng Tian said, more life experiences are needed. After all, the stories of the "Ex" series have been hidden in the reality of laughter and tears.

A salesman decided to leave Huawei’s store.

Text | "China Entrepreneur" reporter Mo Wei

Editor | Maggie Ying

"Wen Jie will be the first mainstream brand to fall down this year." Adi (pseudonym) sighed. Adi is one of the first brands to sell in the world. He worked in a luxury car brand for many years and joined the world two years ago with the word "Huawei". But at the end of February, he chose to leave.

At present, this conclusion is premature and somewhat absolute. However, from the public data, compared with the sales performance in January and February this year, the industry has not yet stepped out of the sales trough. According to the sales report issued by Cyrus, in March, the sales volume of the industry was 3,679 vehicles, which was significantly lower than the monthly sales volume of over 10,000 vehicles last year. Within the realm of question, greater changes have also taken place.

On the morning of March 31, an announcement of "Resolution on Huawei Not Building Cars" inside Huawei was circulated on the Internet. According to the news, the resolution was issued by Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, and once again stressed that Huawei does not build cars and is valid for 5 years. Ren Zhengfei specifically emphasized that Huawei /HUAWEI could not be used in vehicle publicity and appearance.

On the afternoon of the same day, at the press conference of Huawei’s 2022 annual report, Xu Zhijun, vice chairman and rotating chairman of Huawei, once again stressed: "Some departments, individuals or partners are abusing Huawei’s brand. In the process of investigating this matter, the brand built by Huawei for more than 30 years will not be abused by anyone. Huawei doesn’t make cars, and it doesn’t have any brands of cars. Huawei brand is strictly prohibited as an automobile brand. We will rectify internal promotional materials such as flagship stores and return to strategy. "

Then, it was reported publicly that Yu Chengdong, managing director of HUAWEI, CEO of BG and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, ordered that the removal of Celestial cars in Huawei stores involved all promotional materials of Huawei brand, especially the sinking market.

On April 3, in a Huawei experience store in a shopping mall in the suburbs of Tianjin, the words "Huawei asks the world" have disappeared from the publicity screen in the store, and the display boards at the license plates before and after the show have been replaced with "AITO". The pasting of the new license plate is obviously a little hasty, the rear license plate is a little distorted, and the double-sided tape used for pasting is even exposed.

Photography: Mo Wei

Although there is no written logo of "HUAWEI asks the world" in the store, Huawei asks the world is still on the lips of store sales. When adding the WeChat of the in-store sales consultant, the nickname prefix suddenly shows "HUAWEI asks the world".

"Golden signboard" is not enough.

Summarizing the work experience in the field of inquiry in the past two years, Adi’s answer is: love is the deepest responsibility.

The reason why he thinks that the world of inquiry will "fall down" this year is not for his old club’s downfall, but for the future fate of the world of inquiry after "clearing the relationship" with Huawei.

In Adi’s impression, at the beginning of the establishment of the world, the manufacturer Cyrus has always been a humble existence. "The marketing and quality inspection of the brand are all led by Huawei, and even in the training courseware sold, Cyrus is not mentioned." Although he joined the brand in the world, all his work and performance are managed by Huawei. "Huawei will send a Huawei person to supervise in every store that sells cars, responsible for managing and conveying some guidelines from manufacturers and activity plans."

Adi’s feeling is that Huawei has always been a very strong presence, and the people who were stationed in the store at the beginning are very capable, which can help the sales people to make orders and sell better. "It sold very well at first, with an average of about three transactions a month. At that time, Huawei also wanted to make Cyrus a benchmark to prove its strength. "

Chen Jie (a pseudonym), another sales consultant who switched to Japanese brands from the world of inquiry, also has a deep understanding of Huawei’s strength. In the sales process, Huawei’s leading role is obvious. In 2022, it achieved a sales volume of 75,000 vehicles throughout the year, and was called "the fastest growing brand of new energy vehicles".

However, in the beginning of 2023, the price war in the automobile market intensified, and the sales volume in the world continued to decline. In 2023, the sales volume in January was 4,885 vehicles, down 56% from the previous month. In February, the sales volume dropped to 3,505 vehicles, down 21% from the previous month.

The pressure on the sales side has increased significantly. Since the beginning of this year, Adi obviously feels that Huawei is in a mess. "The preferential policies promoted by Huawei are said to be the lowest in history every time, and then it won’t be long before the activities are held again, and the price is even stronger than before."

After several times, Adi had no idea when communicating with customers, and could not confirm the preferential amount. "Internal policies are often inconsistent."

What makes Adi even more helpless is Huawei’s "involution" at the dealer level. "There are a lot of stores in a city, and each store recruits a lot of people. These stores are not the same boss, and the price is very serious." Adi said that in order to sell cars, peers kept each other’s prices down and even let their profits go.

Later, the professionalism of Huawei’s staff stationed in the store was also greatly reduced. "They don’t even understand Huawei’s basic policies."

At the same time, Huawei will have requirements for data such as test drive in the store, and most of this data can’t be completed. "There are many stores and many salespeople. In order to complete the task, the store will share it. Let’s find relatives and friends to complete it." For a long time, Adi and his colleagues were tired of completing the test drive data task in the store.

In this case, the loss of intentional customers has become the biggest problem. A lot of sales around Adi have lost many intentional customers because of the changeable prices and various "coquettish operations" in the store.

Due to the failure to complete the work task, the performance salary was deducted, and some sales people chose to leave their jobs. Artie is one of them.

A partner who starts a new stove

Although he has left, Adi is still paying attention to the world.

Adi and his former colleagues have discussed a lot about "drawing a clear line" between Huawei and the media. In their view, Huawei is somewhat "throwing a pot" in the case of poor overall sales at this time.

In the inner voice community of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei signed a post saying "Huawei doesn’t make cars", and Yu Chengdong left a message: "This era has changed, which will only make it more difficult for us! After a few years, everyone will understand! Leave time to test! " "For an industry, only in-depth insight and deep understanding can we grasp the correct direction! Mark it and come back in a few years! "

Since Huawei set foot in the automobile business in 2019, Yu Chengdong has been labeled as a "car maker". In February this year, the news that Wang Jun, the original Huawei smart car solution BU COO, was suspended came out, and the news that Yu Chengdong was fully responsible for BU was rampant. Immediately, photos of Yu Chengdong’s visits to Sellers and Aouita came out.

It seems that Huawei’s car-making route has become as radical and bold as himself.

At the beginning of March, "HUAWEI asked the world" appeared in the holiday poster released by HUAWEI terminal. Among the official accounts of the car, "AITO asked the world" was quietly replaced by "Huawei asked the world".

Promotional materials in offline stores are also updated synchronously. In the sinking market, the words "Huawei Auto" even appeared.

On March 30th, the day before Huawei and Cyrus "drew a clear line". Celestial’s company launched a brand-new new energy vehicle brand Blue Power, equipped with BYD Foday hybrid system. Sailis said that this is a brand new brand that is different from the outside world.

This is also regarded by the outside world as a signal that Cyrus is "planning ahead" and starting a new stove.

The change of HI mode partners is more obvious. It is reported that a senior executive of BAIC Polar Fox expressed his dissatisfaction with Huawei at a recent internal meeting. "We have cooperated with Huawei for so many years, and Huawei has gained a lot of voice. What have we got?" Under the bleak sales of Alpha created in cooperation with Huawei, BAIC has begun to promote the mother-baby parent-child model "Koala".

Another partner, GAC, has also undergone new changes. On March 27th, Guangzhou Automobile Group said that the AH8 project jointly built by Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an and Huawei was changed to independent development, and Huawei will participate as an important supplier. This means that the HI mode of GAC and Ai ‘an has fallen through.

In the public interview, Feng Xingya, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group, talked about the cooperation with Huawei and bluntly said that Guangzhou Automobile needs more brand characteristics. This just corresponds to the "soul theory" put forward by Chen Hong, the chairman of SAIC.

On April 1st, when Yu Chengdong attended the committee of 100 Forum on Electric Vehicles in China (2023), he said that Huawei was still under sanctions, and its partners were limited. "The new forces have their own intelligent pursuit, and it is unlikely to cooperate with us. It is also difficult for European, American and Japanese companies to choose Huawei. In the end, only traditional car companies are left." Yu Chengdong said.

An engineer from a head parts supplier told China Entrepreneur that Huawei seems to have neglected the brand dignity that traditional car companies value most, and planned a lot of cooperative car companies and models, which eventually became a constraint.

On April 6, the related content of "HUAWEI asks the world" has not been deleted from Huawei’s official accounts such as Huawei Terminal.

Huawei to ensure survival

Yu Chengdong insists that the cooperation has not changed. However, in the rapidly changing China market, it is becoming more and more difficult to do both the brand and Huawei’s automobile business.

In an interview with China Entrepreneur, Zhang Yun, global CEO of Rees Strategic Positioning Consulting and chairman of China, said that Huawei’s insistence on not building cars is a comprehensive choice.

"Huawei’s mobile phone business has been affected in the United States. If the car moves the’ cheese’ of European and American companies again, it will be’ killed’ in overseas core markets." Zhang Yun said that this is a statement spread from within Huawei and also reflects Huawei’s overall strategic considerations.

"If Huawei is a core supplier of smart cars, the technical value of core components is very high, and its value may be higher than that of a car-making enterprise." Zhang Yun believes that from the perspective of business value, technology is not only an area that Huawei is good at, but also can create more value.

In Zhang Yun’s view, just because Huawei can make a good mobile phone does not mean that it can also make a good car. "It takes a lot longer to make a car than a mobile phone. Interlacing is like a mountain. " This view seems to confirm the choice of Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei.

According to the financial report data released by Huawei on March 31st, in 2022, the company’s net profit decreased by 68.7% year-on-year, and the cash flow from operating activities decreased by 70.2% year-on-year. Although Meng Wanzhou, the rotating chairman, has repeatedly stressed that Huawei’s cash flow is still sufficient, the declining data has already reflected Huawei’s survival status in the current market environment.

As early as last year, Ren Zhengfei published the famous "Cold Theory" based on the changes in the domestic and international market environment, saying that Huawei should take survival as the highest program, focus on strategy and burn less money.

The impact of the car-making business seems to be contrary to Ren Zhengfei’s strategy.

The data shows that Huawei BU is the only loss-making business unit. China Entrepreneur learned from Huawei officials that BU, a Huawei smart car solution, has invested 3 billion US dollars in R&D since its establishment, with as many as 7,000 R&D personnel.

In the 2022 annual report, Huawei’s sales revenue in carrier business, enterprise business and terminal business was 284 billion yuan, 133.2 billion yuan and 214.5 billion yuan respectively. Among them, the revenue of smart car solution parts business was 2.1 billion yuan.

From the perspective of Huawei’s overall business, after the terminal mobile phone business encounters sanctions, Huawei may not be able to bear the car business to get into trouble again. The first task is to ensure the safety and survival of its main business.

Many people in the industry also believe that whether from the basic logic of building a car or the increasingly fierce market competition, Huawei should really be more rational in building a car.

In his speech at the committee of 100 Forum, Yu Chengdong said: "In the past, Huawei leaders, including Ren Zong, wanted to become a Tier1 supplier similar to Bosch, but now the conditions of this strategy seem to be untenable."


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Editor on duty: Wang Yijie Review: Zhang Gege Production: Wu Ying

"Live+"empowers the real economy, new formats and new scenes, and opens up new fields and "new tracks"

CCTV News:Live e-commerce is a new e-commerce retail model that has developed rapidly in recent years. It has the characteristics of strong interaction, high conversion rate, low access cost, and breakthrough in operating time and space constraints, providing consumers with a richer, more intuitive and vivid instant consumption experience. Relevant experts said that the healthy development of the live broadcast cargo industry, in addition to the industry’s own efforts, is also inseparable from the relevant market supervision.

Relevant data show that by the end of December 2022, there were 751 million webcast users in China. In the first half of 2023, the cumulative live broadcast sales of e-commerce platforms monitored by the Ministry of Commerce reached 1.27 trillion yuan, with about 110 million live broadcasts and over 2.7 million active anchors, which played an important role in promoting consumption, increasing employment and entrepreneurship, and promoting economic growth.

Wu Changhong, chief economist of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce:When the anchor is broadcast, it measures whether the goods are liked and recognized by consumers through consumers’ reaction to the anchor. Therefore, the anchor is actually a "touchstone" to understand consumers’ needs. Let enterprises know what consumers like, and also create some new and good products.

The proportion of live broadcast e-commerce in online shopping continues to rise, while the proportion of live broadcast with goods by anchors in online celebrity is declining, while the proportion of store broadcast with brand promotion is increasing. Diversified development enriches and prospers the ecology of live broadcast e-commerce and contributes to the long-term development of live broadcast e-commerce industry.

Qi Yunlan, Deputy Director of Research Office of Market Economy Research Institute of the State Council Development Research Center:Consumers’ behaviors, concepts and consumer groups are constantly iterative, and consumption behaviors and consumption patterns, behaviors and concepts are also constantly developing. Any kind of innovation or a new model must be produced because it has its own competitiveness or is more in line with the requirements of the new era, the new economic environment and the demands of new consumers, so that it can grow, prosper and develop rapidly.

Relevant experts said that at present, the most important thing is how to further standardize the live broadcast e-commerce market, put an end to false propaganda and exaggerated propaganda, protect consumers’ rights and interests, create an honest market environment, enhance the sustainable development ability of live broadcast e-commerce, and better promote consumption growth and expand employment and entrepreneurship.

Qi Yunlan, Deputy Director of Research Office of Market Economy Research Institute of the State Council Development Research Center:The combination of state supervision, industry self-discipline and social supervision, I think, should enable any industry to move towards an increasingly standardized development path.

"Live+"empowers the real economy and stimulates new vitality of consumption

With the rise of live e-commerce in various industries, in recent years, the "talent" who creates content on the short video platform is very popular with consumers. Many industries, scenic spots, villages and other "content talent" have joined the live broadcast, and "live broadcast+traditional industries" have set off a new consumption format.

After graduating from Wu Mengting University, I began to work as a tour guide. At the beginning of this year, she began to try to combine the live broadcast with the tour guide’s explanation and broadcast the explanation in the scenic spot. In two months, the number of fans reached more than 4,000.

Anchor Wu Mengting:For you, it’s more efficient, and it won’t be so blind for the tourists who come. They have already got an understanding of (the destination) through my live broadcast room.

In a scenic spot in Shangrao, Jiangxi, the person in charge told the reporter that after the live broadcast was launched, some "private customization" needs were often received, and the business scope of the scenic spot continued to expand.

Wei Meng, Brand Director of Wangxian Valley Scenic Spot in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province:After a live broadcast, we can show a variety of product content and experience projects to the audience in a down-to-earth manner. The audience perceives trust in online interaction, which can’t be satisfied by other forms of advertising and promotion. Therefore, we see that more and more users are diverting from online live interaction to offline tourism consumption.

The interactive introduction of "live broadcast+tourism" in the live broadcast room can directly understand the demands of tourists, thus providing corresponding tourism services and promoting relevant information, and attracting consumers’ participation more directly.

Tourist Ms. Huang:Sometimes the introduction of the live broadcast room is intuitive and interactive, which saves a lot of time to do raiders. I would rather watch the local live broadcast when I travel.

Not only that, the live video broadcast has also been integrated into the development of rural economy.

The video is being filmed by the Gaoji family in Huanghualing Village, Wushan Street, Wangcheng District, Changsha, Hunan Province. The appearance of short videos has turned this authentic farmer who used to only farm and work into a well-known local live broadcast carrier. The wife is the chef, the mother is the chef, the younger sister is the side dish, and a few special dishes are fried on the spot. The family has a tacit understanding and a happy state, which also allows them to find their own position in the traffic of the Internet. In two years, Gao Jijia’s account released 216 videos and more than 400 live broadcasts, and the appearance of live broadcasts changed their family’s life.

Villagers’ Gaoji in Huanghualing Village, Wushan Street, Wangcheng District, Changsha, Hunan Province;My bigger dream is to drive the agricultural and sideline products (sales) of local small agricultural enterprises and drive these daily incomes of farmers.

With the successful case of Gaoji, the local government also encourages everyone to actively explore new formats and new scenarios under "live broadcast+"and cultivate a number of new accounts. The local government also actively strives for policies for everyone in terms of express logistics, goods with goods, etc., reducing logistics costs and achieving a double harvest of live broadcast and local economy.

Yong Jia, Director of the Network Information Office of Wangcheng District Committee, Changsha City, Hunan Province:Many ordinary people are both producers and sellers. Through the combination of these two businesses, the goal of getting rich for the masses, industrial development and rural revitalization is finally realized.

Nowadays, live broadcast and short video are vivid portrayal of "integration of numbers and reality". With the platform as a link, it pulls both ends of supply and demand and opens up a new "track" for the efficient circulation of industrial products and agricultural products. The data shows that in 2022, the direct or indirect employment opportunities driven by the live broadcast and short video industries exceeded 100 million.

Sanzhi ceiling leads the world, new M7 leads the new trend of smart travel.

The market is full of all kinds of products, but good products are rare. Huawei not only broke through the limit in the mobile phone industry, but also made Huawei Mate series a benchmark in the mobile phone industry. Recently, the new M7, a traffic upstart in the hot industry, has won the love and recognition of consumers in three aspects: intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and intelligent safety with the help of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system and HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit 3.0, and has repeatedly set new records.

HUAWEI ADS 2.0 makes intelligence everywhere.

One of the most striking core technologies of the new M7 is the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, which realizes the advanced intelligent driving experience without relying on high-precision maps. With the perfect combination of 27 powerful sensing hardware, high-performance computing platform and Huawei’s self-developed anthropomorphic algorithm, the new M7 in Wenjie presents unparalleled full-scene, all-weather accurate sensing and recognition capabilities for drivers. Whether it is dynamic moving targets or static road information, the new M7 can easily cope with the complex traffic environment and driving challenges.

At the same time, the new M7 in Wenjie adopts multi-sensors such as lidar and integrated sensing BEV and GOD 2.0+RCR 2.0 networks, which provides high perception, quick response and the ability to adapt to light and dark changes. This also enables the new M7 to perceive the world more powerfully, to perceive and monitor all kinds of complex road conditions in an all-round way, and its perception ability can not only be beyond the reach of the eye, but also understand complex road conditions independently, so as to achieve accurate response even if the attention is not concentrated or the road conditions are complex, and greatly reduce the incidence of traffic accidents.

What’s more worth mentioning is that in terms of intelligent driving, the new M7 in the world has upgraded a new intelligent extended range mode, which has brought drivers a more efficient way of energy utilization. Through the optimal oil and electricity distribution of intelligent control system, the vehicle can achieve the lowest energy consumption during driving, achieve the effect of saving fuel and electricity, and greatly reduce the driver’s endurance anxiety.

HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit 3.0 defines what a true smart cockpit is.

HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0, which is equipped with the new M7, brings unprecedented intelligent experience to drivers. The super desktop function provides drivers with a variety of audio-visual entertainment options, making driving time more enjoyable. By touching the screen, drivers can easily access various applications, music, movies and other entertainment content and enjoy a high-quality driving and entertainment experience.

With the powerful empowerment of HarmonyOS Zhixing depth technology, HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 not only performs well in normal environment, but also shows its extraordinary stability under severe working conditions of extremely cold and low temperature. It has been verified by actual measurement that the operation and response of the cross-car machine remain silky and smooth even in the extremely cold climate, and its achievements are among the best in similar products.


With the addition of Xiaoyi Smart Assistant and HUAWEI MagLink Smart Car Screen System, the intelligent experience of the new M7 has been greatly improved. The voice interactive service of Xiaoyi Smart Assistant provides drivers with convenient information acquisition and service reservation. Whether it is weather query, navigation or ordering, all operations become simple and convenient. The driver only needs to give instructions, and Xiaoyi will enter the voice interaction mode to provide smoother and more efficient services for the driver.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the HUAWEI MagLink smart car screen system not only realizes the connection without feeling on the Huawei tablet, but also creates a dedicated personal studio and conference room for users. This flexible cockpit space switching can not only meet the needs of the whole family to watch movies and entertain together, but also meet the needs of individuals to work independently, so that users can experience the diversity of space.

Intelligent and safe construction of travel barrier base

In the field of intelligent security, the new M7 has made remarkable achievements with its excellent performance. First of all, HUAWEI ADS 2.0, the world’s first omni-directional anti-collision system, has achieved omni-directional anti-collision capability in the forward direction, lateral direction and backward direction. With the multi-sensor fusion perception capability based on lidar, the system can identify common obstacles as road boundaries. Once the vehicle deviates from the lane or has collision risk, the system will automatically trigger emergency direction intervention or emergency braking to avoid potential collision risk.

Happily, in the AEB active safety evaluation of Autolab, Wenjie New M7 has won the championship in all kinds of active safety evaluation, and its safety response speed ranks among the top in the whole scene. In all kinds of complicated situations, including the mixed scene of stationary vehicles and pedestrians at the front and rear of the vehicle and rollover scenes, HUAWEI ADS 2.0 can reach the braking speed of 90km/h even at night, which improves its capacity by 50%, far ahead of other active safety systems in the industry. This series of innovations has enabled the new M7 to reach the ceiling level in terms of intelligent security performance.

In addition, the new M7 also has the function of identifying obstacles in advance and actively intervening, so that drivers can make timely deceleration or avoidance actions. In this way, the process of braking or avoiding is smoother, and the driving experience is smoother and calmer. Based on the powerful intelligent safety function, the new M7 in Wenjie successfully passed the active safety test project of knowing the winter test of Chedi 2023, and successfully completed the test in extreme scenes such as snow at night and backlight at night at a speed of 60km/h, and its excellent performance further consolidated the leading position of the new M7 in the field of intelligent safety.

With the help of Huawei’s deep empowerment, the world has won the title of "three smart ceilings" for intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and intelligent safety, providing a more comprehensive guarantee for travel. In the future, the world will continue to adhere to innovation-driven and user-demand-oriented, constantly improve the technical level and user experience of smart travel, and lay a solid foundation for better smart travel.

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