Suzhou, Jiangsu: The development of Wechat business agent to take orders and use express delivery, Zhangjiagang police cracked the case of illegal fireworks and firecrackers.

On the morning of January 26th, Suzhou Public Security Bureau held a meeting.News briefing on the prohibition of fireworks and firecrackers in the whole city, to inform the work related to the ban on release control this year. During this period, it released the first case of illegal fireworks and firecrackers that was cracked by Zhangjiagang police through the development of Wechat business agent to take orders and deliver goods by express delivery.

Recently, Zhangjiagang police smashed a

Collection of procurement, storage, transportation and sales

Illegal operation of fireworks and firecrackers interest chain

More than 1,900 boxes of fireworks and firecrackers were seized.

The amount involved is 4 million yuan.

In mid-January, the police in Zhangjiagang found that someone was selling fireworks in the WeChat circle of friends. This Wechat business named Su Mou sold fireworks at a clearly marked price without obtaining a sales license for fireworks and firecrackers, and his behavior was suspected of illegal business operation.

Online celebrity, explosions, express home, Su Mou in the circle of friends mainly sells a fireworks named "gatling". As early as the eve of the Spring Festival last year, "gatling" fireworks became popular through social media and turned into "online celebrity Fireworks".

It is understood that the name of "gatling" fireworks comes from Gatling machine gun, which is named after its fast firing speed and fierce firepower. This kind of fireworks is extremely powerful and loud, and it blooms a wide range of sparks when it rises into the sky. After the internet became popular, sales were hot, and even the demand was in short supply.

The price of "gatling" fireworks appearing in the circle of friends ranges from 680 to 960 yuan according to different categories. As long as you complete the online payment and provide the harvest address, you will soon receive the "gatling" fireworks wrapped in snakeskin bags.

After investigation, the police found that in Zhangjiagang City, like Su Mou, there was more than one Wechat business who used his circle of friends to sell fireworks, and even a subordinate agent was derived.Their delivery sources all started in a city in other provinces.

Fireworks and firecrackers are treated as ordinary commodities, and they are bought and sold at will through logistics, regardless of the hidden safety hazards behind them! The police found out that several micro-businesses such as Su Mou were subordinate agents, and the leader of the gang was a 29-year-old Henan woman named Shimou. At this time, the illegal fireworks gang with Shimou as the core was in Hubei and Hunan hundreds of kilometers away.

Zhangjiagang police immediately dispatched elite police to carry out investigations. After investigation, since October, 2021, Shimou and his friend Peng have made a joint venture, and Shimou sought the source of goods to purchase fireworks mainly based on "gatling". Subsequently, the two found a number of relatives and friends to rent the warehouse, making this place a distribution center for the purchase and sale of fireworks.

After that, Shimou and Pengmou began to sell fireworks in the circle of friends, and also authorized subordinate agents. "Agents at every level will raise the price of fireworks step by step to earn the difference." According to the police handling the case, the agent only needs feedback after receiving the order, and the delivery is completed by Shimou gang. In this way, the purchase price of fireworks per box is only 200 to 300 yuan, and the price sold by the agent is doubled.

Due to the large shipment volume, Guan, who had done logistics business in Shimou’s gang, was stationed in the warehouse and used the regulatory loopholes of individual express delivery companies to deliver fireworks to many provinces and cities across the country.

On January 21st, Suzhou Public Security Bureau organized police forces to cooperate with Zhangjiagang police, and with the cooperation of police in Wuhan, Hubei Province and Wuxi, Changzhou and other places in our province, carried out centralized network-closing operations in two provinces and places, successfully arrested 13 suspects suspected of illegally operating fireworks and firecrackers, including Shimou and Pengmou, and seized more than 1,900 boxes of illegal fireworks and firecrackers for sale in Shimou’s rented warehouse.

After investigation, since October 2021, the criminal suspect Shimou, together with Peng and others, illegally stored a large number of fireworks and firecrackers without obtaining a sales license, and sold the fireworks and firecrackers to 28 provinces and cities across the country by developing an agent in Wechat business to take orders and using express delivery, involving more than 4 million yuan.

At present, seven people, including Shimou, have been taken criminal compulsory measures according to law for suspected illegal business operations. The relevant logistics units and express delivery enterprises involved in the case have been punished by the local regulatory authorities according to law; The agents in Wechat business who were sorted out were also punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Police reminder

No unit or individual may produce, operate, store or transport fireworks and firecrackers without permission, and fireworks and firecrackers must be operated with a "Fireworks and Firecrackers Business (Retail) License".

Citizens need to go to a regular fireworks store to buy fireworks and firecrackers. It is strictly forbidden to buy or discharge inferior, low-priced and unidentified fireworks and firecrackers.

The sound of firecrackers said goodbye to the old year.

Smoke and flowers bloom to welcome the new year.

this year

Within the Second Ring Road of Suzhou City

Continue to implement the policy of banning fireworks and firecrackers.

At present, the forbidden areas of fireworks and firecrackers in Suzhou are the East Second Ring Road, the South Second Ring Road, the West Second Ring Road and the JASON ZHANG Highway.

According to the Regulations of Suzhou Municipality on the Prohibition of Fireworks and Firecrackers, if fireworks and firecrackers are set off in areas and places where fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited, the public security organ shall order them to stop the discharge and impose a fine of 100 yuan and 200 yuan; If the circumstances are serious, a fine of more than 200 yuan and less than 500 yuan shall be imposed. Members of the public can call 58812319 to report the suspected illegal discharge of fireworks and firecrackers.

Source: Zhangjiagang Public Security Micro Police


"Going to the Grassroots in the Spring Festival" and "Silent Police Room" are the lively group years.

People’s Daily Online, Chongqing, February 8 th On February 8 th, He Qiao, the "most beautiful grass-roots policeman in China" and "the most beautiful police model in Chongqing" and the community policeman in Shapingba District of Chongqing, opened the door of the police office early in the morning. Today, a group of special guests will be welcomed here.
At 8 o’clock in the morning, residents of the community arrived one after another. Some of them were old people who were over the age of 70, and some of them were young migrant workers who responded to the call of "celebrating the New Year on the spot". Most of them were deaf residents of the community. At the invitation of He Qiao, they are going to have a special Spring Festival in advance in the police room today.
Residents make dumplings in the police room. Photo courtesy of Shapingba police
He Qiao said that considering that many deaf residents’ families in the area did not return home for the Spring Festival in other places, she specially invited everyone to the police office to make dumplings and chat at home to welcome the arrival of the Spring Festival.
After the residents arrived, the police room, which was originally deserted, began to be lively. Everyone sat around the table in the police room, greeted each other with sign language and paid New Year greetings, and then began to prepare for the next activity: making dumplings.
The glutinous rice balls and fillings brought by everyone from home have been put on the table. Just do it. After everyone washes their hands, they mix the dough, adjust the stuffing, and boil the water. They are busy in an orderly manner. Busy at the same time, they also communicate with each other from time to time with hands covered with starch, and it is better to compare the dumplings made by whoever. Several experienced old people are teaching young people who are not very good at how to make beautiful dumplings. I saw my hands gently rubbing a few times, and a round glutinous rice ball was born from their hands.
Residents make dumplings in the police room. Photo courtesy of Shapingba police
In a short time, several pots on the table were already filled with wrapped dumplings. Just then, the water boiled, and everyone put the wrapped dumplings into the pot in batches, watching them slowly float to the surface from the bottom of the pot, and then "roll" one by one, which is a signal that the dumplings are cooked.
Hot dumplings are put into bowls, and everyone around the table enjoys this special "reunion dinner". He Qiao brought the first bowl out of the pot to the oldest mother-in-law, Zhu, and fed her one. He Qiao said: "We are like a big family. We get together in the New Year. Of course, the oldest elder has to move chopsticks first."
In the last few days before the Spring Festival, He Qiao also visited the deaf families in the community door to door, asking how the new year’s goods were prepared, whether there was any need for help, and sent them Spring Festival couplets and blessings. He Qiao said to the residents: "Many people actively responded to the government’s call to celebrate the New Year on the spot, so this year must be grand and festive, and welcome the new year with the most joyful mood."
The boiled water with glutinous rice balls is still boiling hot, and the Spring Festival couplets at the entrance of the police office are red and festive. The "silent police office" is silent, but it is full of joy and peace, and a happy smile is on everyone’s face. (Liu Zhengning, Ren Xueyi)

Karen Mok hosted a banquet for the staff to eat the New Year’s dinner, draw a lottery and give a big red envelope.

Karen Mok and his work partners have a reunion dinner and a big red envelope.

  Karen Mok, who has just finished her work at hand and is going back to Europe to spend the Lunar New Year with her husband, recently hosted a group of hard-working colleagues in Hong Kong for a "reunion dinner" in advance to thank them for their support and help. Karen prepared a lot of seafood and restaurant specialties to greet everyone. The most delicious and popular is the traditional Hong Kong-style "bacon clay pot rice". For the first time, as a newly-married wife, Perry distributed red envelopes to every friend present, and specially selected three New Year ornaments as lucky draw gifts. Everyone was very happy and promised Karen that she would always support her in her career. 

  Karen said that her working partners have been her pillars for many years. Without them, she would never have achieved what she is today. In 2012, she also has many plans to realize. First, the new album will be recorded at the end of February, which is very challenging and a very shocking project for her. However, Karen can’t disclose the details for the time being and will not announce it until the time is ripe. In addition, the Hollywood film Tai Chi Xia, which was filmed with Keanu Reeves, will also start shooting. She said that she is looking forward to this cooperation, and she should also start exercising recently to meet a series of work. However, she said that no matter how busy the work is, the time spent with her husband must be arranged. She has already agreed with her agent that she must not "exploit" her family fun time! 

Photo courtesy of TUNGSTAR, copyrighted pictures, refused to reprint.

Spanish priest falls in love with a beautiful girl in Paiwan, leaving a sad story (Figure)


  Pan Mingfu (right) and his biological father Father Su Shilang (left) both have the handsome appearance of European men with straight noses and heavy eyebrows.


    Lai Guihua, the mother who fell in love with the priest, was a beautiful woman in the tribe at that time, with a delicate face and a slender figure and a height of about 160 centimeters.

    BEIJING, March 19 (Xinhua)-Pan Mingfu, the curly and tall principal of Wutan Primary School in Taiwu Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan, decided to unlock the heart lock for half a century. He said: "I am the crystallization of love between the Spanish priest Su Shilang who came to Taiwan to preach and Lai Guihua, a girl from Paiwan."

    According to Taiwan Province’s United Daily News, The Thorn Birds, one of the top ten best-selling novels in the United States in the 1980s, described the story that Father Ralph fell in love with a woman Maggie and gave birth, and it was made into a movie. Pan Mingfu, 53, said that the plot of his life is more tortuous than that of The Thorn Birds.

    Church priests can’t get married. In the remote mountainous area of Pingtung, the love story between Su Shilang and Lai Guihua not only touched church taboos, but also made it difficult to accommodate closed ethnic tribes.

    "The times have become more open, and my life topic has to be lifted." Pan Mingfu told his life story yesterday. He opened his notebook and said that his biological father Su Shilang was a Catholic Dominican priest. He was only thirty-four years old when he was sent to Jiaping Village in Taiwu Township in 1953. According to records, Su Shilang was the first priest in Taiwan Province Mountain area.

    The older local people still remember this priest: Su Shilang can speak fluent Minnan and Paiwan dialect. After a year of missionary work, she fell in love with Lai Guihua, a female missionary, and gave birth to Pan Mingfu privately in 1955, when Lai Guihua was only seventeen.

    This love story violated the church precepts and shocked the Paiwan tribe. Zhang Xiuzhen, the eldest daughter of the big boss Liu Bihuang, recalled that at that time, through her grandmother Liu Chunmei, she secretly resolved the local dissatisfaction with the authority of the big boss and arranged for Lai Guihua to marry Pan Keji, the then leader.

    Lai Guihua married Pan Mingfu, who was about two or three years old, and suppressed this relationship until she died. Their stories still secretly spread mysterious and beautiful colors; It’s just that the people don’t want to touch the sad past of the parties and avoid talking about it.

    Su Shilang later left Taiwu Township and went to Majia, Laiyi and other mountainous areas to preach. Until Pan Mingfu was eleven years old, Su Shilang could not resist the pressure of tribes and churches, and left Taiwan and returned to Spain. Later, he was sent to Argentina again. In 1985, he died in a foreign land, and Taiwan Province, the father and son, never met again.

    Su Shilang once wrote a letter to Pan Mingfu from Argentina, writing in Latin, and he asked the staff to assist in translation. "Although I don’t know much about it, I believe that many feelings between father and son should be hidden between sentences." His mother and adoptive father died one after another more than ten years ago, and the mystery of his life has been hidden to this day.

Editor: Wang Yuxi

LAY plays! "Changsha Nightlife" made the opening song "Xiangjiang River Water"

1905 movie network news On April 4th,, producer, screenwriter and director, starring,,,,, Wu Jun and Luo Gang, specially starring, and friendship starring, released the title song "Xiangjiang River Water" sung by LAY and Kung Fu Pang, which was composed and arranged by Kung Fu Pang and LAY. The two musicians who grew up in Changsha integrated the domineering and hotness of Huxiang culture into the song, and also expressed their infinite love for their hometown through this passionate "Xiangjiang River Water".

In the opening song, LAY vividly expressed the attitude of Changsha nightlife with Changsha dialect RAP. "Changsha people, Changsha soul, the Party ends in the morning" vividly explained the lively fireworks in Changsha night. The MV also launched the story line of LAY’s role. He played the role of He An, a talk show actor, who insisted on polishing jokes and performing on stage with the enthusiasm of "leading Changsha dialect to the world". Whether in songs or movies, LAY used Changsha dialect to make the audience feel the charm of Changsha nightlife.


LAY shows Changsha night attitude with dialect RAP, and "Xiangjiang River Water" sings the whole city life.

"Xiangjiang River Water" was written by LAY, a native of Changsha, and Kung Fu Pang, and their fate continued with this song. LAY also has different feelings about this song about his hometown. The title of the song is called Xiangjiang River Water because the sound of the flute flowing in the song is like the Xiangjiang River water flowing, and the sound of the flute contains the yearning for my hometown. He used Chinese-style instruments with Beatbox arrangement to make the song more ethnic. LAY also used Changsha dialect to sing this song telling the story of Changsha, hoping to make friends all over the country feel the enthusiasm and hotness of Changsha through this song, which is also the attitude of Changsha that the film "Changsha Nightlife" wants to convey.

LAY’s authentic Changsha dialect RAP injects soul into the colorful Changsha night. "This is the people of Changsha, the soul of Changsha, and the story of Changsha lives in the city of Changsha", and every word of the lyrics reflects the tyrant of Changsha. "Changsha people, the soul of Changsha, the party ends in the morning", "Take a tour in the Martyrs Park, and listen to close lovers by the boat" are combined with the pictures in the film, showing the beauty and excitement of Changsha’s streets. Xiangjiang River passes through the city, and there are fireworks in daily life. During the day, history and culture blend with each other, and at night, there is a collision between soul and food.

Since the official announcement of Nightlife in Changsha, the hot topic has continued. LAY’s opening song "Xiangjiang River Water" is full of singing, and "Watching Nightlife in Changsha during the May Day holiday" has earned the audience’s expectations.


"Cold talk show" witnessed the constant contradiction between father and son.

Changsha dialect must be an essential element in a film full of "Xiang". He An, a talk show actor played by LAY, insisted on talking in Changsha dialect and vowed to "lead Changsha dialect to the world". LAY and Luo Gang are both from Changsha, and they play a father and son. The father is puzzled by his son’s career choice, and the son is unwilling to follow his father’s ideas, which reflects the family relationship and generation gap between Chinese father and son. As soon as the authentic dialect lines come out, the life breath of Changsha will come to me.

Previously, once the video of LAY talking about talk show in the film was released, it was well received by many viewers. He An, who was pursuing her dream, met with a cold reception when she talked about the talk show in front of her father for the first time. He An’s performance was cold and her eyes were lonely. Her father sat in the audience with tears in his eyes, which even hurt many netizens. "Comedians provide joy on the stage, but they are not happy inside. The role of He An makes people feel very empathetic.". In Changsha, a city full of emotions and stories, can a father and son who care about each other but don’t know how to express themselves resolve their feelings in this ordinary Changsha night? Many viewers are curious about the subsequent development of this plot line.

The Palestinian-Israeli war officially expanded, the third country suddenly attacked Israel, and the five-star red flag in the Gaza Strip "fluttered"

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been going on for so long, resulting in a large number of civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip. However, it is worrying that the war still shows no signs of stopping. Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip, continue to be cruel to civilians. Israel did not expect that when the Israeli army bombed Gaza, a third country suddenly bombed Israel, which marked the official expansion of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. On the 16th, the Houthi armed forces in Yemen claimed to have launched a "cross-border drone attack" on several targets in the southern Israeli city of Eilat. A spokesman for the Houthi armed forces said that the organization will continue to attack Israel until Israel stops its attack in the Gaza Strip.

On the 16th, Israel continued to launch air strikes against the Gaza Strip. The casualties were unknown, but the communication service in the Gaza Strip was interrupted. Palestinian media pointed out that while Israel carried out air strikes, its ground troops continued to slaughter civilians. On the same day, the Israeli army attacked a hospital in northern Gaza. Israeli soldiers drove armored bulldozers and destroyed tents where patients and displaced people lived, killing at least 20 people.

According to international law, during the war, such non-military targets as hospitals and schools cannot be attacked, and the Israeli army claimed that there were Hamas fighters in these places and carried out inhuman attacks on these places, resulting in the tragic death of a large number of innocent civilians. In fact, the Israeli army attacked the hospital in order to prevent these places from providing timely treatment to Hamas fighters. Hamas fighters who can’t get effective treatment can only die.

It can be seen that the Israeli army is really insane in order to destroy Hamas and annex Gaza. On the 16th, Hamas officials said that since the outbreak of the current Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Israel has continued to bomb Gaza, resulting in constant civilian casualties. At present, at least 19,000 Palestinians have died, and more than 8,000 people are missing. Among these 8,000 people, there are no bones left by Israeli bombing, or they may be buried alive. Nine times out of ten, they are unlucky.

The viciousness of the Israeli army has also led to the death of Israeli hostages in the Gaza Strip. Recently, the Israeli army "killed" three Israeli hostages in an offensive.this momentIt has caused great controversy at home and abroad, because Israel attacked the Gaza Strip under the guise of rescuing hostages, and as a result, the person you wanted to save was killed by you. What is the significance of launching a war? Why do you have to start a war when you can save the hostages through negotiations? In Israel, the families of Israeli detainees held a press conference, strongly demanding that the Israeli Prime Minister and wartime cabinet negotiate with Hamas to peacefully rescue the hostages held by them. After all, the Palestinians and Israelis have exchanged many hostages through a ceasefire before.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized for the "manslaughter" of Israeli hostages, saying that he was very sad and said that he was under strong pressure from the international community, but Israel would not stop its military operations in Gaza.

It can be seen that the Israeli government still does not want to stop the war. Still thinking about the territory of Gaza, as long as Israel’s ambitions are not stopped, the suffering of the people in Gaza will not stop.

China has given active assistance to the suffering Palestinian people. Recently, China has previously announced that it will assist 40 trucks of materials in Gaza, which have been distributed locally. These materials include emergency relief, medical and health care, daily life and other supplies.

A large number of Palestinian children in Gaza gathered and danced. Knowing that these life-saving materials came from Yiwu, China, they waved a five-star red flag and held high a "poster" that read "Yiwu, China". They shouted "Thank you China" crazily, which made people cry.


Poetry Ouyang Bin: Scenery

◎ Scenery: Everest

A height

To be insurmountable.

To be unparalleled in the world

It must be accompanied by cold and loneliness.

For Mount Everest,

The most intimate "cotton-padded jacket" is snow

◎ Scenery: Great Wall

Only China has the patience.

A city

Qin Xiu, Han Xiu

Han Xiu, Tang Xiu, Ming Xiu and Qing Xiu.

It has been repaired for generations.

Only China has this ambition.

A city

From Shanhaiguan in the east to Jiayuguan in the west.

It winds for more than two thousand kilometers.

Repair, repair

It became a miracle and a totem.

Built into a dragon

In China, there is another Great Wall.

Its foundation is connected by blood, and masonry is increasing.

Now, it’s 1.4 billion yuan.

Tianzi Mountain in Zhangjiajie.

◎ scenery: Zhangjiajie

From the perspective of beauty

Zhangjiajie is actually unbounded.

Zhangjiajie is unbounded, and Hunan is unbounded.

China is also borderless, even

The world is unbounded.


Is the boundary.

◎ Scenery: Chakou Waterfall

That year, at Yakou Waterfall,

I’m crazy. I say

I want to borrow your card.

Pretend to be heroic and passionate.

Pretend to be self-respecting and self-reliant.

Pretend to be unstoppable.

Surging and dreaming

Take it home and enjoy it slowly all your life.

Chakou Waterfall, that year

You, actually agreed.

◎ Landscape: Yellow River

I compared my skin with yours.

I compared my blood with yours.

I compared my indomitable personality with yours.

I have compared the strength in my bones with yours.

I compared my DNA with yours.

Yes, Yellow River, my mother.

I am your forever child.

◎ Scenery: Yangtze River

If the water is clearer, you can see the distant mountains and the setting sun.

Pay off a little, you can see the shadows and pavilions on the shore.

A little clearer, you can see snow-capped mountains and grasslands.

See the Jinge Iron Horse, the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

Take a look at a history of China deposited in the water.

See the vastness and vastness of 6300 kilometers.

Until, see myself

See another Yangtze River in my body.

Ouyang Bin, born in July 1965, is from Hengyang, Hunan. He once worked in Maoshi Supply and Marketing Cooperative of Hengnan County, Nanyue District Committee of Hengyang City, Shuangpai County Committee of Yongzhou City, Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau, Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Zhangjiajie Municipal People’s Government, and now he works in Zhangjiajie CPPCC. He has published a collection of poems, The Finger of Sunshine, The Most Beautiful Hunan, a collection of essays, Feeling Famous Mountains, Asking Questions and other literary works, and tourism planning monographs such as Introduction to China Tourism Planning and Realistic Planning.

The difference between "reading at night" exercise and not exercising is a whole life.


There is a question on the Internet:What are the benefits of sticking to exercise?Praise replied:Sleep well and seldom suffer from insomnia;In a good mood, feel great;Quick body and quick response;More importantly, when the whole company catches a cold, I don’t catch a cold …

In this life, the most important thing is to have a good body, a good mood and a good attitude.And these, sports can just give you.Exercise and no exercise, life is really different.

Seeing an old man on the news,Spend a lot of time exercising after retirement. In winter in the northeast, it can reach MINUS 20 degrees Celsius, and he never stops exercising.Persistence in one day and two days will bring little change;And more than 20 years of persistence, let him practice a strong figure, but also let his body be healthier than his peers..
The most intuitive change that exercise can bring to a person is getting healthier and healthier.Long-term lack of exercise, the function of tissues and organs decline, and various diseases are easy to follow. A person’s decadent life consumes not only his own time, but also his health.
It is said that a person’s body hides his life direction.People who can manage their physical condition and plan their lives can often manage their lives better. The world is secretly rewarding those who love sports.
In the adjustment of emotions, the role of exercise is beyond many people’s imagination.
A neuroscientist once told a personal experience.As a scientist, she spends a lot of time in the laboratory every day. The pressure of work made her ignore her physical demands. Over time, her weight soared and she was unhappy. Once she walked out of the laboratory, she even began to doubt herself and felt that she had accomplished nothing.
In order to change this situation as soon as possible, she began to participate in various sports courses in the gym.She tried free fighting, dancing, yoga and so on. I felt very hard at first, but after every exercise, her mood will get better and her body will be very comfortable.After a year of persistent exercise, her weight tends to be normal.She was also surprised to find that her memory and concentration were better than before when doing scientific research.
It is said that it is difficult to control emotions, and exercise gives us a way to release bad emotions.Imagine, let the sweat take away the gloomy mood, will the whole person’s state be more positive?
Exercise, alsoIt will enhance our confidence in facing the life around us and enable us to face difficulties with a more positive and optimistic attitude.
I have such a friend around me,When we met last year, he was depressed, complaining that life was boring and there was endless work at hand. Because of his bad mentality, it is a great pressure to put small things on him. He often can’t sleep well all night, and his spirit is low.
Seeing him again this year, he seems to be a different person, a lot more sunny than before.It was only after asking that he learned that during this more than a year, he followed the advice of people around him and began to exercise.Whenever he has time, he will go for a few laps in the park.At first, he was panting after running a few hundred meters, but with the increase of running times, he gradually realized the "pleasure of running" from the need to force himself to concentrate on sports. He said that when you devote yourself to sports, your worries are forgotten, and your whole state is getting better and better.
I have heard the saying that exercise can keep a person young. I think so. What kind of mentality a person treats life with, what kind of state life will give him back.It is said that exercise and non-exercise lead different lives.Every minute you invest in sports will affect your state and mentality, and will affect your quality of life and happiness index.
So, while the sun is shining, let’s move!Life never starts too late,Even the smallest change, multiplied by 365 days, will become the strength that others can’t envy.

Source:Reading at ten o’clock (ID: duhaoshu) | Author: Zhou Meihao | Anchor: Zhao Wenlong

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10 books to help you understand the power of women.

Member of the jury of this book list: Han Haoyue Yan Han Zhang Jiahong

Column host: Shen Jiequn

One hundred years, many people, many things

Recommended reason:

Yang Yi’s beauty, to a great extent, stems from her status as a resister. Although she didn’t mention the word "resistance" in the whole book, her dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction made her the first person with female consciousness in modern China. Yang Yi’s courage has been consolidated step by step because of her love of literature. According to the story in the book, it is the communication, reading and writing that runs through her life, which helps her to gradually establish her own "castle". Anyone who has read "One Hundred Years, Many People, Many Things" is all moved by Yang Yi’s self-satisfied and ordinary narrative posture and unpretentious writing style, and will also be infected by her pursuit of beauty and her courage to pay for it.

Salt town

Recommended reason:

Salt Town is a book about women, first a record of women’s life, and then a record of women’s survival. Compared with life, survival needs a high degree of generalization and precise refinement. Compared with the random recording, the record reflects the author’s concentration and the value of the first-hand information obtained from the interview. Their life is tired, bitter, and even tormented. There is physical suffering, but also spiritual suffering. Non-tenacious hidden ninjas can’t wade through the tortuous and dim river of years, and they bear the burden of humiliation. Some women suffer all their lives, and some women are "forced" to become strong in life. The author writes them all in the book, not to compare who is tall and who is low, who is good and who is bad, but to make the original ecological presentation as much as possible. Recording their joys, sorrows, loves, hates and enmities actually has the significance of engraving history.

They and them

Recommended reason:

This collection of women’s reports in People magazine tells the fate and soul of women in this era through 12 real women’s stories, from the countryside to the city, from the confusion to the old age. They encounter difficulties, they struggle hard, and remain naive after suffering. Their stories are eternal stories and also stories of human nature, from silence to sound, from strangeness to meeting, and from one person to another.

Opening: An Interview with Female Scholars

Recommended reason:

The Opening: An Interview with Female Scholars tries to break the gender stereotype and the gender barrier in academic circles. In the form of questions and answers, the book has conducted in-depth interviews with 11 scholars, retracing their respective ideological threads and taking stock of their dissatisfaction, confusion, ambitions and dreams around their learning process, gender identity and academic research keywords; Similarly, these life experiences are the pain and happiness shared by most modern women.

Golden branch (full version)

Recommended reason:

There is an ancient village on the bank of Yinghe River-Last Week Village. The dream and reality, roots and branches, origin and present of a family of five generations are vividly presented in this novel. The escape, stabbing pain, separation and integration between relatives of the Zhou family are moving. In the historical cycle of family elites gathering from the countryside to the city and returning from the city to the countryside, it truly shows the great differences and changes between the city and the countryside, and writes the joys and sorrows of life from estrangement to blending.

The writer tells the family story supported by several generations of "golden branches" with the eyes of women. Through the rebellion and contest between the two daughters in the city and the country, the work shows the persistence and struggle, struggle and struggle of family women under the traditional culture. Their unique resilience and strength have propped up the soul and rebirth of the homeland of the Central Plains.

A woman’s story

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A Woman’s Story is a touching account of mother and daughter, youth and aging, dreams and reality by Nobel Prize winner Anne Elnor. After her mother died of Alzheimer’s disease, the author began a daunting journey back in time, trying to capture the real woman, the woman who existed independently of her daughter. She discusses the fragile and unshakable bond between mother and daughter, the alienated world that separates them, and the inescapable fact that we must lose the people we love. In this calm and powerful tribute, Elnor wants to strive for the greatest fairness for her mother: to portray her as herself.

Dear daughter

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Gong Jiyeong, the author of The Melting Pot, told his daughter 27 life stories, each of which was based on a simple home-cooked dish. She exposed the scars of the past to her daughter without reservation, and was not afraid to face her sincere self. She told her daughter with personal experience that you can complain about your family and life, but it didn’t help. The important thing in life is to love yourself and strive to grow. This is not only a mother’s encouragement to her daughter, but also a growth gift for everyone. When I feel that my dream is far away and I have been frustrated repeatedly, I might as well open this book and gain the warm power to move on.

The light we carry

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There may be no perfect solution to the challenges in life, but Michelle Obama believes that we can find some ways to help us point out the course of change and move forward steadily in the torrent. In the book, she talks about the problem that bothers many people: how to establish lasting and sincere interpersonal relationships? How can we draw strength from differences and seek common ground while reserving differences? When you feel self-doubt or helpless, what tools can you use to solve it? By telling her experiences as a mother, a daughter, a partner, a friend and the first lady of the United States, she shared her habits and principles formed when she successfully adapted to change and surmounted many obstacles, and was full of life wisdom.

"Nine Chapters of the Goddess of Luo"

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This book is the research achievement of Professor Dai Yan for more than ten years. From the aspects of literature, art and history, it reconstructs the literary background and communication process of Cao Zhi’s writing "Ode to Luoshen", so as to break through the old-fashioned interpretation of the theory of "feeling Zhen" and "thinking of Jun", analyze the original meaning of Cao Zhi’s writing "Ode to Luoshen" and explore the literary vitality of "Ode to Luoshen" spanning thousands of years.

Ladies’ relay

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The Lady Relay is a biography of women’s groups, with nine public female figures who have deeply influenced the feminist movement in the United States as the main body, and outlines the development process of feminist movement in the United States. These women have stories, thoughts and personalities, and have had a wide and in-depth impact on society and history. They founded schools, established organizations, made public speeches, wrote, promoted legislation, explored art, and rebelled against authority … Against the inherent shackles of women in their time, they made hit the floor voices in all fields, which was a model for women to pursue themselves and transform society, and changed the process of American history and civilization with their own actions.

Source: China Youth Daily

Source: China Youth Daily

China Automobile Association: Automobile production and sales are expected to reach a record high in 2023, exceeding expectations and achieving the annual forecast target.

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, December 11 (Reporter Li Qiaochu) On December 11, data released by the China Automobile Association showed that in November this year, China’s automobile production and sales were 3.093 million and 2.97 million respectively, up 7% and 4.1% from the previous month and 29.4% and 27.4% from the same period last year. Among them, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 1.074 million and 1.026 million respectively, up by 39.2% and 30% respectively, and the market share reached 34.5%.

According to the China Automobile Association, in November this year, the automobile market continued to be hot. With the help of the "double 11" promotion and other consumer waves, the demand for car purchase was further released, and the market performance continued to improve and exceeded expectations. In November, both automobile production and sales increased year-on-year, passenger cars continued their good trend, commercial vehicles maintained rapid growth, and new energy vehicles and automobile exports led the industry growth. With the continuous appearance of the policy effect, auto shows and promotional activities in various places continue to exert their strength, and the final sprint of enterprises in the last month, it is expected that the auto market will continue to improve in December, reappearing the phenomenon of "jumping tail" at the end of the year. Automobile production and sales are expected to hit a record high throughout the year, exceeding the expected annual forecast target.

Source: People’s Network