English Analysis: Debate on Medical-assisted Suicide

  The Supreme Court’s decisions on physician-assisted suicide carry important implications for how medicine seeks to relieve dying patients of pain and suffering.

  Although it ruled that there is no constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide, the Court in effect supported the medical principle of "double effect", a centuries-old moral principle holding that an action having two effects— a good one that is intended and a harmful one that is foreseen— is permissible if the actor intends only the good effect.

  Doctors have used that principle in recent years to justify using high doses of morphine to control terminally ill patients’ pain, even though increasing dosages will eventually kill the patient.

  Nancy Dubler, director of Montefiore Medical Center, contends that the principle will shield doctors who "until now have very, very strongly insisted that they could not give patients sufficient mediation to control their pain if that might hasten death."

  George Annas, chair of the health law department at Boston University, maintains that, as long as a doctor prescribes a drug for a legitimate medical purpose, the doctor has done nothing illegal even if the patient uses the drug to hasten death. "It’s like surgery, "he says. "We don’t call those deaths homicides because the doctors didn’t intend to kill their patients, although they risked their death. If you’re a physician, you can risk your patient’s suicide as long as you don’t intend their suicide."

  On another level, many in the medical community acknowledge that the assisted-suicide debate has been fueled in part by the despair of patients for whom modem medicine has prolonged the physical agony of dying.

  Just three weeks before the Court’s ruling on physician-assisted suicide, the National Academy of Science (NAS) released a two-volume report, Approaching Death: Improving Care at the End of Life. It identifies the undertreatment of pain and the aggressive use of "ineffectual and forced medic al procedures that may prolong and even dishonor the period of dying" as the twin problems of end-of-life care.

  The profession is taking steps to require young doctors to train in hospices, to test knowledge of aggressive pain management therapies, to develop a Medicare billing code for hospital-based care, and to develop new standards for assessing and treating pain at the end of life.

  Annas says lawyers can play a key role in insisting that these well-meaning medical initiatives translate into better care. “Large numbers of physician s seem unconcerned with the pain their patients are needlessly and predictably suffering, ”to the extent that it constitutes “systematic patient abuse.” He says medical licensing boards “must make it clear … that painful deaths are presumptively ones that are incompetently managed and should result in license suspension.”

  36. From the first three paragraphs, we learn that

  [A]doctors used to increase drug dosages to control their patients’ pain.

  [B]it is still illegal for doctors to help the dying end their lives.

  [C]the Supreme Court strongly opposes physician-assisted suicide.

  [D]patients have no constitutional right to commit suicide.

  37. Which of the following statements its true according to the text?

  [A]Doctors will be held guilty if they risk their patients’ death.

  [B]Modern medicine has assisted terminally ill patients in painless recovery.

  [C]The Court ruled that high-dosage pain-relieving medication can be prescribed.

  [D]A doctor’s medication is no longer justified by his intentions.

  38. According to the NAS’s report, one of the problems in end-of-life care is

  [A]prolonged medical procedures.

  [B]inadequate treatment of pain.

  [C]systematic drug abuse.

  [D]insufficient hospital care.

  39. Which of the following best defines the word “aggressive" (line 3, paragraph 7)?

  [A]Bold. [B]Harmful. [C]Careless. [D]Desperate.

  40. George Annas would probably agree that doctors should be punished if they

  [A]manage their patients incompetently.

  [B]give patients more medicine than needed.

  [C]reduce drug dosages for their patients.

  [D]prolong the needless suffering of the patients.


  36. From the first three paragraphs, we learn that we know from the first three paragraphs.

  [A] doctors used to increase drug dosages to control their patients’ pain.

  Doctors used to increase the dosage of drugs to control patients’ pain.

  [B] it is still illegal for doctors to help the dying end their lives.

  It is still illegal for a doctor to help a critically ill person end his life.

  [C] the Supreme Court strongly opposes physician-assisted suicide.

  The Supreme Court strongly opposes medical-assisted suicide.

  [D] patients have no constitutional right to commit suicide.

  The patient has no constitutional right to commit suicide.

  [answer] b

  [test site] factual details.

  [Analysis] This question tests all the contents of the first to third paragraphs, and the relevant information of option [A] can be located in the third paragraph, but the article says that "doctors have only used this principle to defend their actions in recent years." There is no way to say "used to be" in the article. Option [B] can be located in the second paragraph, which mentions that "the Constitution does not give such rights". So it can be said that this answer is correct. Option [C] can be located in the second paragraph, but the court supports this approach. As for [D], it is obviously wrong.

  37. Which of the following statements is true according to the text?

  According to the passage, which of the following statements is correct?

  [A] Doctors will be held guilty if they risk their patients’ death.

  If doctors risk patients’ lives, they will be found guilty.

  [B] Modern medicine has assisted terminally ill patients in painless recovery.

  Modern medicine has helped terminal patients to recover painlessly.

Straight down 12.4℃! Spring flashes back in Hangzhou!

According to the Central Meteorological Observatory:
20-22 February
The cold wave will continue to affect the central and eastern parts of China.
In some areas, there is a high risk of snowstorm and low temperature rain, snow and freezing disaster.
Today (February 20th) at 6 o’clock.
Six early warnings are issued!
Issued by the Central Meteorological Observatory
Cold wave orange warning, frozen yellow warning
Fog yellow warning, blizzard blue warning
Strong wind blue warning and strong convective weather blue warning
Please pay attention to safety when you return to Spring Festival travel rush!
Photo/Jiang Zhiqing
In Hangzhou
The prelude of continuous low temperature and rainy weather has also been opened.
Cool down by 12.4℃! But this is just an appetizer.
Yesterday, the highest temperature in Hangzhou Station reached 25.5℃, but in the evening, due to the influence of cold air front, the weather pattern reversed, and Hang Cheng cooled down, with rain and wind.
At 10 o’clock today, the hourly temperature at Hangzhou Station was only 9.6℃, which was 12.4℃ lower than that at the same time yesterday.
Photo/Jiang Zhiqing
Some people say that after years of cold wave, rain, snow and freezing, this coldness is nothing. Don’t be too proud, it’s just an appetizer for cold air.The real cold air body will go south from tomorrow afternoon to the day after tomorrow (21-22).
Go home early from work tomorrow!
Moderate to heavy rain and local heavy rain are coming.
Tomorrow morning, the front area will be strengthened, and the shear line and the front area will be pressed southward after noon. Coupled with the warm and humid air flow, the rain will be obviously strengthened tomorrow, with moderate to heavy rain, and there will even be heavy rain in the southwest!
Not only the rain, but also the temperature will continue to drop.The lowest temperature on 22-26 days is 0 ~ 4℃ in plain area and 0 ~-3℃ in mountainous area.There is freezing. Tomorrow, the largest northerly wind will be 5-7 in the plain area, 8 in some areas, and 7-9 in the rivers and lakes and high mountains.
Next, the cold and rainy weather will last for many days, and the wet and cold sensation will linger, especially in the early stage when the temperature is high and the warm and cold turn sharply. Everyone must pay special attention to the impact of drastic temperature changes and continuous wet and cold on human health.
In addition, Spring Festival travel rush is still going on. Friends who have travel plans must pay attention to the weather conditions along the way and pay attention to traffic safety.
(Source: Hangzhou Release)

Nourishing the lungs in spring, Chinese medicine experts explain the "five most" lung nourishing method.

Xiaoli health teacher said

Expert introduction:

Cai Shengchao, chief physician of the Third Department of Geriatrics, Anhui Acupuncture Hospital. He is the academic successor of Zhou Meisheng, the first batch of famous old Chinese medicine practitioners in China, and now he is a famous doctor in Jianghuai, a famous Chinese medicine practitioner in Anhui Province, and an instructor for the academic experience inheritance of the fifth and sixth batch of Chinese medicine experts in China.

Some things, only when you lose it, begin to realize its importance, such as health. Most of us, our minds are full of money, fame and fortune, and desires … In the process of chasing them, we spend day after day in a daze. At this time, health is getting farther and farther away from us. ……

The outbreak of COVID-19 is like a wake-up call, which makes us understand the value of health and the sublimity of life! Under the influence of COVID-19, more and more people began to notice the importance of the lung.

Huangdi Neijing records: "All qi belongs to the lung". Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the normal operation of human organs mainly depends on qi, and the manager of qi is the lungs. Therefore, once the lung is damaged, qi can’t function normally, which affects the normal operation of other organs in the body, and diseases follow.

In this issue, Cai Shengchao, the chief physician of the Third Department of Geriatrics, Anhui Acupuncture Hospital, will teach the family a small coup to protect the lungs, and will also share tea and ingredients for nourishing the lungs to help everyone do a good job of nourishing the lungs easily.

It is very important to raise lungs in spring!

Generally speaking, people think that spring is the best time to nourish the liver. So, why is it so important to raise lungs in spring? There are two main reasons:

1. The large temperature difference in spring is likely to cause respiratory diseases, such as colds and flu, which will increase the burden on the lungs.

2. Impurities such as pollen enter the respiratory tract in spring, which will easily increase the burden on the lungs.

If the lungs are not maintained, men, women and children will suffer!

1. Men don’t have lungs and are prone to kidney deficiency.

Many men have the habit of smoking, which is very harmful to the lungs. The proportion of lung cancer caused by smoking is quite high every year.

In addition, the five elements theory of TCM holds that the lung belongs to gold and the kidney belongs to water. Gold and water coexist, that is, the lungs and kidneys complement each other. Therefore, lung deficiency will inevitably lead to kidney deficiency.

2. Women don’t have lungs, so they tend to get old quickly.

The International Journal of Natural Science has found that 40%~50% of platelets in human body are produced by macrophages in the lungs.

Therefore, the decline of lung function will lead to the decline of platelets and blood deficiency. Appear not ruddy, gaunt, dull and dull.

3. The elderly don’t have lungs, which is easy to induce diseases such as chronic bronchial asthma.

Various organs in the elderly are prone to fibrosis. After pulmonary fibrosis, the elasticity becomes smaller, and it is easy to feel gas resistance and shortness of breath when breathing.

In addition, the elderly are prone to some lung diseases, such as pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial pneumonia and chronic bronchial asthma.

4. Children don’t have lungs, which affects their normal development.

Children are still in the stage of growing up. If they don’t raise their lungs well, the development of other organs will be affected.

Poor lungs will also lead to the decline of human immune function, which will bring health risks. Therefore, it is necessary for men, women and children to raise lungs in spring!

Nourishing and protecting the lungs, Chinese medicine has a coup.

There are many ways for Chinese medicine to recuperate the lungs, such as Chinese medicine, sachet, diet, exercise and so on.



During the epidemic period, many Chinese medicine hospitals donated epidemic prevention sachets to front-line medical staff, because they have certain effects of avoiding plague and preventing diseases.

The sachet mainly purifies the air around and the respiratory environment inside the nasal cavity through the volatilization of the smell of Chinese herbal medicines, so as to achieve the purpose of avoiding plague and preventing diseases.

The sachet originated in the pre-Qin period and has a history of thousands of years. The record of sachet first appeared in Shan Hai Jing, which contained "there is grass, called smoked grass, hemp leaves and square stems, which are red and black, stinking like weeds, and can be cured if cultivated".

After the Tang Dynasty, sachets became more popular, and people often used them to repel insects, epidemics or filth.

Common medicinal materials for making sachets and their efficacy;

Xinyi: Dispelling cold, clearing the nose;

Perrin: wake up the spleen and stomach, disperse and relieve summer heat;

Zanthoxylum bungeanum: warming the middle to relieve pain, killing insects and relieving itching;

Cinnamon: help fire to replenish yang, warm and disperse cold evil, and lead fire to return to yuan;

Folium Artemisiae Argyi: Warming meridians and dredging collaterals, dispelling cold, removing dampness and relieving itching;

Acorus calamus: sweating to relieve exterior syndrome, eliminating dampness, neutralizing and promoting diuresis to reduce swelling;

Atractylodes lancea: strengthening the spleen and stomach, eliminating pathogenic dampness, expelling wind and cold, and improving eyesight;

Borneolum Syntheticum: Refreshing the brain, inducing resuscitation, clearing away heat and relieving pain.

In ancient times, people often hung sachets on their chests; Now, for convenience, we can put it beside the pillow or hang it on the bag. Adults, the elderly and children can wear it. Generally, the medicinal flavor of the sachet will evaporate in about a month, and it needs to be replaced again.


Flap lung meridian

Flapping the lung meridian can stimulate the meridian qi and achieve the purpose of tonifying the lung. The lung meridian flapping here is mainly the lung meridian outside the body surface.

Specific steps:

① Knead Taiyuan and Zhongfu points 8-10 times before beating the lung meridian to open the meridian.

(2) the empty palm or fist is slapped from top to bottom along the meridian, and both sides are slapped for 5-10 minutes.

③ Push Lieque Point, Taiyuan Point, Yuji Point and Shaoshang Point from top to bottom with both hands and thumbs until they are hot and flush locally. Push 20~30 times on both sides.

It is recommended to beat the lung meridian once a day for about 20 minutes, which has a good effect on tonifying the lung. Especially for the elderly or people with insufficient lung and qi function, the effect will be very significant if they insist on slapping every day.

"Five Best" Methods for Nourishing Lung

1. The simplest way to nourish the lungs-hot water

This method can moisten the lungs. Pour hot water into the cup, and aim your nose at the cup to absorb water vapor for about 5~10 minutes each time, once in the morning and once in the evening. It will be better to cover the cup with a towel and suck it.

Patients with respiratory diseases or people whose sputum should not be discharged can do it several times a day.

2. The most effective way to nourish the lungs-active cough

After getting up, you can cooperate with deep breathing to cough actively, and discharge sputum and turbid gas in the respiratory tract to achieve the purpose of maintaining the lungs.

3. The oldest method of nourishing lung-breathing exercises

Inflate your stomach when inhaling, and deflate your stomach when exhaling. When you sleep at night, you can put 2~3 kg sandbags on your stomach to help you practice, which is conducive to increasing your vital capacity and thus maintaining your lungs. It is advisable to practice once a day.

4. The cheapest way to nourish the lungs-smile often.

Laughter can dilate the lungs, and people will unconsciously take a deep breath when laughing, clearing the respiratory tract and making breathing more smooth.

5. The most comfortable way to nourish the lungs-press Yingxiang point

Yingxiang point is located at the junction of alar and nasolabial groove, one on the left and one on the right.

External air enters the respiratory tract through the nasal cavity. Pressing Yingxiang point can adjust the blood supply of nasal mucosa, which is conducive to heating and moistening inhaled gas, sticking toxic gas and discharging it through nasal scab and snot, purifying the respiratory environment inside the nasal cavity and promoting the health of the respiratory tract. Massage it 20~30 times a day.

Ziyin Runfei Tea

1. Component analysis

◎ Boat-fruited Sterculia has the effects of clearing away heat and moistening lung, relieving sore throat and opening voice, and relaxing bowels.

◎ Ophiopogon japonicus has the effects of nourishing yin and moistening lung, benefiting stomach and promoting fluid production, and clearing heart and removing annoyance.

◎ Mulberry leaves have the functions of dispersing wind and heat, clearing away lung-heat, moistening dryness, calming the liver and suppressing yang, and clearing the liver and improving eyesight.

◎ Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch has the effects of invigorating spleen and qi, eliminating phlegm and relieving cough.

Step 2: Making method

Take 2 boat-fruited Sterculia, 5g of Ophiopogon japonicus, 3g of mulberry leaves and 3g of licorice to make a cup of tea for nourishing yin and moistening lung. Drinking a cup every day can nourish yin and moisten the lungs, which is suitable for office people with faster pace of life to drink it to nourish the lungs.

Taboo crowd: Ziyin Runfei tea is cold, and it is not recommended for people with spleen and stomach deficiency and pregnant women.

In addition to tea, some foods in daily life also have a good lung moistening effect. Pear, tremella and pumpkin can be put together to make soup, and a little rock sugar can be added. This soup also has a good effect of nourishing and moistening the lungs.

Source: Health consultation WeChat WeChat official account (ID: ahtvjkdwz)

Original title: "It is urgent for the whole people to raise their lungs! This "five best" lung-nourishing method should be put away quickly ~ (with lung-nourishing exercises and dietotherapy) "

Collect it! Qilian’s five go on road trip routes contain beautiful scenery.

There is no place like Qilian Mountain in the world. It is unique and cannot be copied. 570 million years ago, the earth was magnificent and the mountains were full of tsunamis. I don’t know how long it lasted, but the sea gradually receded and the land rose. Gradually, on the land in the northwest of China, the boundless Qilian Mountain grassland was formed.
It has been rated as one of the six most beautiful grasslands in China by National Geographic Magazine, and it has been rated as "Qilian Mountain in Heaven" by the world. Here, Yuan Ye is green with "the sky is grey and wild, and the wind blows grass and cattle and sheep are low", and here, "the sky is like a vault and four fields are covered".
For many go on road trip lovers, the scenery is on the road, and the unknown is beauty, not to mention beautiful qinghai, calling at the far end of the road. Go on road trip lovers from all over the country will take advantage of vacations and holidays to go to Qilian to feel the "beautiful scenery hanging on the horizon", regardless of long distance or short distance, even if they rent a car or carpool. Today, Xiaobian will recommend five go on road trip routes for everyone to experience the beautiful scenery together.
Corridor 1: Grassland Ethnic Customs Corridor
Ebao Town-Arou Township-Babao Town
[theme]Tibetan culture is combined with grassland customs.
LineEntering from Jingyang Mountain, along the G227 and 5302 sections, it is the most beautiful Qilian grassland scenery section, which organically combines the humanistic landscape such as national culture and religious culture with the prairie scenery, fully displays Qilian culture and national characteristics, and forms the Qilian grassland national customs landscape.
[Route tourist attractions]Jingyang Lingyakou, Ebao Ancient Slope, Yuanyang Flower Sea, Song Dynasty Triangle City Site, Arou Folk Culture Tourism Resort, Arou Temple.
[Distance span]About 90 kilometers.
Corridor 2: Heihe Grand Canyon Scenic Corridor
Yeniugou Township, Second Section of the Northern Section of Heihe Grand Canyon
[theme]The scenery of Heihe Gorge and Danxia style.
LineAlong the core landscape section of E204 Heihe Grand Canyon, combined with the landscape resources such as vegetation landscape, Danxia style and village style along the Heihe River.
[Passing through tourist spots]Heihe Grand Canyon, Huangzangsi Reservoir, Kayo Cultural Sites in Zhamashi Township, Qilian Deer Farm, and Oil Gourd Nature Reserve.
[Distance]About 70 kilometers.
Corridor 3: Ecological Impression Corridor of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Yeniugou Township-Heiheyuan National Wetland Park
Natural ecological scenery.
Starting from Yeniugou Township, along the two sides of S204 are the most intuitive sections of plateau ecological landscape in Qilian County, including wildlife landscape, alpine meadow landscape, mountains and rivers landscape, snow mountain glacier landscape and so on. On the premise of ecological protection, combine natural ecological landscape with human landscape to create a characteristic ecological sightseeing corridor.
[Passing through tourist attractions]
Qilian Prairie, Heiheyuan Wetland Park and Sanheyuan Nature Reserve.
[Distance span]About 80 kilometers.
Corridor 4: Ami Dongsuo Snow Mountain Scenic Corridor
Ami Dongsuo Scenic Spot-Dadongshu Pass
[theme]Cultural and natural themes of sacred mountains in snowy areas.
LineAmidongsuo is the symbol of Qilian Mountain, with four seasons in one mountain, among which the snow scene is the most sacred. Relying on the majestic Amidongsuo and the lush ice ditch and forest landscape, a unique snow-capped mountain scenic corridor is formed.
[Passing through tourist attractions]Amidongsuo, Binggou Linhai, Dadongshu Pass.
[Distance span]About 37 kilometers.
Corridor 5: Moeller Grassland Nomadic Style Corridor
End point of Dadongshuyakou-—S302 Mole section
[theme]Nomadic customs theme.
LineMoeller Town is the only place on the great tour line around Qinghai Lake, and Moeller Town is the largest animal husbandry town in the county. The town has a large Mongolian population and a strong nomadic style. Form the most distinctive grassland nomadic customs corridor in southern Qilian, which is dominated by Mongolian national culture and grassland nomadic scenery.
[Passing through tourist attractions]Tianjing Holy Lake Scenic Area, Moeller Grassland Station, Datong River, etc.
[Distance span]About 80 kilometers.

The 2018 national examination was held today: more than 28,000 people were recruited and nearly 1.66 million people applied for it.

  BEIJING, Dec. 10 (Shang Qi) Today, the 2018 written examination for civil servants of central organs and their directly affiliated institutions will be held. More than 120 central authorities, their directly affiliated institutions and units managed with reference to the Civil Service Law participated in this national examination, and it is planned to recruit more than 28,000 people. In the end, 1,659,700 people passed the registration qualification examination, an increase of 173,400 compared with last year, and the ratio of the number of people who passed the qualification examination to the number of employment plans was 58: 1.

  It is planned to recruit more than 28,000 people and nearly 1.66 million people passed the registration review.

  At 9: 00 this morning, the 2018 written national examination will be held simultaneously in provincial capitals and individual large cities. More than 120 central authorities, their directly affiliated institutions and units managed according to the Civil Service Law participated in this national examination, and it is planned to recruit more than 28,000 people.

  According to the statistics of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, a total of 1,659,700 people finally passed the qualification examination of employers in the registration process, an increase of 173,400 compared with 1,486,300 last year, and the ratio of the number of qualified people to the number of employment plans was 58: 1.

  However, the number of people who pass the registration is not the number of people who finally take the exam, because in recent years, there has been a phenomenon of "abandoning the exam" in the national examination.

  Taking the 2017 national examination as an example, official data show that 1,486,300 people passed the qualification examination of the recruitment agency, 1,137,000 people paid for the written examination, and 984,000 people actually took the examination, with a reference rate of about 86.58%, which means that more than 500,000 candidates "abandoned the examination" last year.

  China News Agency issued Meng Delong photo

  What subjects should be tested in the written national examination?

  According to the previously published recruitment announcement, this morning at 9:00— At 11:00, there will be an administrative professional ability test, and at 14:00— At 17:00, the application exam will be held.

  In addition, in some positions, in addition to the public subject examination, the "2+X" examination mode is also implemented, that is, in addition to the administrative professional ability test and the application examination, candidates also need to take the professional subject examination or the foreign language proficiency test.

  According to the recruitment announcement, those who apply for eight non-common language positions such as Japanese and French in the International Liaison Department of the Central Committee and the Central Compilation Bureau will first take the foreign language proficiency test on the afternoon of December 9.

  In addition, those who apply for special professional positions in China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission and its dispatched institutions and people’s police positions in public security organs will take the professional subject examination on the afternoon of December 9, and their professional subject examination results will be announced together with the public subject examination results, and the comprehensive written test results will be synthesized according to the proportion of each.

  Strict examination discipline, multi-sectoral crackdown on cheating

  Every year, the national examination and examination discipline have been repeatedly emphasized by the government. On the eve of this national examination, the website of the National Civil Service Bureau issued a special reminder, expecting the majority of candidates who are interested in becoming civil servants to start from themselves and apply in good faith.

  Before the exam, the National Civil Service Bureau suggested that candidates should strictly abide by the exam discipline, take no prohibited items, do nothing against discipline, take no chances, engage in fraud, properly protect their exam papers and answer information, and resolutely resist any ugly illegal acts such as cheating by any group and using various means. Don’t spread or disseminate test questions after the exam, and don’t participate in irresponsible comments on the Internet.

  The National Civil Service Bureau also reminded candidates that on the day of the examination, the competent civil service department will closely monitor the examination room and the surrounding environment in conjunction with the public security organs and radio management departments to crack down on cheating in the examination.

  In addition, the National Civil Service Bureau hopes that the majority of candidates, especially those who enter the post-interview stage, will not give up their interview qualifications and admission qualifications at will, so as not to miss the opportunity to realize their career ideals and affect the rights and interests of other candidates and the normal recruitment needs of recruitment agencies.

  Check the results in the middle and late January next year

  According to the recruitment announcement issued before, the Central Organization Department, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Civil Service Bureau will study and determine the minimum qualified score line after the written examination of public subjects in the national examination today. There will be differences between the qualified scores of posts above the provincial level and those below the prefecture level.

  In addition, positions in the western region and hard and remote areas, grass-roots positions and special professional positions, etc., will be given policy inclination when drawing the minimum qualified score line.

  In the middle and late January of 2018, candidates can log on to the special website with their ID number and admission ticket number to inquire about the written test scores of public subjects, the minimum qualified scores and the list of interviewers.

  After the written test results are announced, the central civil servant department will determine the proportion of interviewers according to the Recruitment Guide, and the specific interview time will be determined by the recruitment agency, generally before the end of March 2018. (End)

Thai girls in China: Traditional culture and beautiful scenery are fascinating.

  Changchun, Nov. 26 (Reporter Lu Shengnan) "China is rich in cultural landscape and magnificent natural scenery, which should be shared more." Li Jiameng, a Thai girl majoring in tourism management at Jilin International Studies University, said that after coming to China, she fell in love with the culture and beautiful scenery here. In the future, she would like to see more of this country and introduce what she saw, heard and learned to her friends.

  “‘ What are you doing ’ It is the first China northeast dialect I learned, which I think is very fun. " Li Jiameng has a talent for languages. She passed the Chinese proficiency test in three years and successfully applied for a scholarship to study in China. At school, Li Jiameng registered a short video account to share her study and life experience in China. Beijing, Guangdong, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Yunnan … … Since 2023, Li Jiameng has been traveling all over China. She told reporters excitedly, "It’s the most unforgettable thing to take pictures in Hanfu in the Palace Museum."

  Photo courtesy of respondents

  Li Jiameng said that she is looking forward to tasting delicious food all over China. "Traveling not only enjoys the beautiful scenery of China, but also tastes the delicious food from all over the world." To this end, every time when designing a travel route, Li Jiameng is used to collecting more food information in advance, in addition to looking for a tour guide for local tourist attractions.

  The profound traditional culture of China fascinated Li Jiameng. She experienced the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival at school, making dumplings, eating moon cakes and making rabbit lanterns … … All this is novel to this Thai girl. "China’s traditional culture is thick, elegant and so charming. I hope to know more."

  In her spare time, Li Jiameng likes to walk out of school and take the subway or light rail to shuttle between cities. She admits that China’s public transportation is very developed, which is convenient and environmentally friendly. "During my travels in many cities, I was deeply impressed by the developed public transportation. The development of tourism is closely related to transportation. "

  Li Jiameng is taking the subway. Photo by Lu Shengnan

  Li Jiameng sings very well. Every time the school holds an activity, her singing is indispensable. She can almost sing melodious Chinese songs such as "You at the same table" and "Confession Balloon". Li Jiameng believes that singing Chinese songs is a way to learn Chinese better.

  Changchun, Jilin has four distinct seasons. In a blink of an eye, autumn passed, and the fluttering snowflakes announced the arrival of winter. This winter is Li Jiameng’s first "freezing" winter, so she prepared a lot of winter clothes in advance, many of which were bought by teachers and classmates.

  Li Jiameng said that she will not go back to Thailand this winter vacation, but will continue to stay in China to enjoy the winter fun. The snow season is coming soon, and Li Jiameng is very much looking forward to experiencing skiing. Li Jiameng said that she made a lot of strategies in advance, knowing that Jilin Province is located in the "golden latitude zone of ice and snow" and is rich in ice and snow resources. "I look forward to skiing and ice appreciation in this winter."

  This year, Thailand has launched a series of promotional activities to attract more China tourists to Thailand. Li Jiameng believes that Thailand and China are both countries with very developed tourism, and frequent tourist exchanges between the two countries are mutually beneficial and win-win.

  Li Jiameng is making rabbit lanterns. Photo by Lu Shengnan

  "After the opening of the Sino-Thai Railway, the communication will be smoother." Li Jiameng said that his goal is to become a tour guide, taking tourists from Thailand and China to fully experience different natural landscapes and historical cultures. (End)

Suzhou, Jiangsu: The development of Wechat business agent to take orders and use express delivery, Zhangjiagang police cracked the case of illegal fireworks and firecrackers.

On the morning of January 26th, Suzhou Public Security Bureau held a meeting.News briefing on the prohibition of fireworks and firecrackers in the whole city, to inform the work related to the ban on release control this year. During this period, it released the first case of illegal fireworks and firecrackers that was cracked by Zhangjiagang police through the development of Wechat business agent to take orders and deliver goods by express delivery.

Recently, Zhangjiagang police smashed a

Collection of procurement, storage, transportation and sales

Illegal operation of fireworks and firecrackers interest chain

More than 1,900 boxes of fireworks and firecrackers were seized.

The amount involved is 4 million yuan.

In mid-January, the police in Zhangjiagang found that someone was selling fireworks in the WeChat circle of friends. This Wechat business named Su Mou sold fireworks at a clearly marked price without obtaining a sales license for fireworks and firecrackers, and his behavior was suspected of illegal business operation.

Online celebrity, explosions, express home, Su Mou in the circle of friends mainly sells a fireworks named "gatling". As early as the eve of the Spring Festival last year, "gatling" fireworks became popular through social media and turned into "online celebrity Fireworks".

It is understood that the name of "gatling" fireworks comes from Gatling machine gun, which is named after its fast firing speed and fierce firepower. This kind of fireworks is extremely powerful and loud, and it blooms a wide range of sparks when it rises into the sky. After the internet became popular, sales were hot, and even the demand was in short supply.

The price of "gatling" fireworks appearing in the circle of friends ranges from 680 to 960 yuan according to different categories. As long as you complete the online payment and provide the harvest address, you will soon receive the "gatling" fireworks wrapped in snakeskin bags.

After investigation, the police found that in Zhangjiagang City, like Su Mou, there was more than one Wechat business who used his circle of friends to sell fireworks, and even a subordinate agent was derived.Their delivery sources all started in a city in other provinces.

Fireworks and firecrackers are treated as ordinary commodities, and they are bought and sold at will through logistics, regardless of the hidden safety hazards behind them! The police found out that several micro-businesses such as Su Mou were subordinate agents, and the leader of the gang was a 29-year-old Henan woman named Shimou. At this time, the illegal fireworks gang with Shimou as the core was in Hubei and Hunan hundreds of kilometers away.

Zhangjiagang police immediately dispatched elite police to carry out investigations. After investigation, since October, 2021, Shimou and his friend Peng have made a joint venture, and Shimou sought the source of goods to purchase fireworks mainly based on "gatling". Subsequently, the two found a number of relatives and friends to rent the warehouse, making this place a distribution center for the purchase and sale of fireworks.

After that, Shimou and Pengmou began to sell fireworks in the circle of friends, and also authorized subordinate agents. "Agents at every level will raise the price of fireworks step by step to earn the difference." According to the police handling the case, the agent only needs feedback after receiving the order, and the delivery is completed by Shimou gang. In this way, the purchase price of fireworks per box is only 200 to 300 yuan, and the price sold by the agent is doubled.

Due to the large shipment volume, Guan, who had done logistics business in Shimou’s gang, was stationed in the warehouse and used the regulatory loopholes of individual express delivery companies to deliver fireworks to many provinces and cities across the country.

On January 21st, Suzhou Public Security Bureau organized police forces to cooperate with Zhangjiagang police, and with the cooperation of police in Wuhan, Hubei Province and Wuxi, Changzhou and other places in our province, carried out centralized network-closing operations in two provinces and places, successfully arrested 13 suspects suspected of illegally operating fireworks and firecrackers, including Shimou and Pengmou, and seized more than 1,900 boxes of illegal fireworks and firecrackers for sale in Shimou’s rented warehouse.

After investigation, since October 2021, the criminal suspect Shimou, together with Peng and others, illegally stored a large number of fireworks and firecrackers without obtaining a sales license, and sold the fireworks and firecrackers to 28 provinces and cities across the country by developing an agent in Wechat business to take orders and using express delivery, involving more than 4 million yuan.

At present, seven people, including Shimou, have been taken criminal compulsory measures according to law for suspected illegal business operations. The relevant logistics units and express delivery enterprises involved in the case have been punished by the local regulatory authorities according to law; The agents in Wechat business who were sorted out were also punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Police reminder

No unit or individual may produce, operate, store or transport fireworks and firecrackers without permission, and fireworks and firecrackers must be operated with a "Fireworks and Firecrackers Business (Retail) License".

Citizens need to go to a regular fireworks store to buy fireworks and firecrackers. It is strictly forbidden to buy or discharge inferior, low-priced and unidentified fireworks and firecrackers.

The sound of firecrackers said goodbye to the old year.

Smoke and flowers bloom to welcome the new year.

this year

Within the Second Ring Road of Suzhou City

Continue to implement the policy of banning fireworks and firecrackers.

At present, the forbidden areas of fireworks and firecrackers in Suzhou are the East Second Ring Road, the South Second Ring Road, the West Second Ring Road and the JASON ZHANG Highway.

According to the Regulations of Suzhou Municipality on the Prohibition of Fireworks and Firecrackers, if fireworks and firecrackers are set off in areas and places where fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited, the public security organ shall order them to stop the discharge and impose a fine of 100 yuan and 200 yuan; If the circumstances are serious, a fine of more than 200 yuan and less than 500 yuan shall be imposed. Members of the public can call 58812319 to report the suspected illegal discharge of fireworks and firecrackers.

Source: Zhangjiagang Public Security Micro Police


"Going to the Grassroots in the Spring Festival" and "Silent Police Room" are the lively group years.

People’s Daily Online, Chongqing, February 8 th On February 8 th, He Qiao, the "most beautiful grass-roots policeman in China" and "the most beautiful police model in Chongqing" and the community policeman in Shapingba District of Chongqing, opened the door of the police office early in the morning. Today, a group of special guests will be welcomed here.
At 8 o’clock in the morning, residents of the community arrived one after another. Some of them were old people who were over the age of 70, and some of them were young migrant workers who responded to the call of "celebrating the New Year on the spot". Most of them were deaf residents of the community. At the invitation of He Qiao, they are going to have a special Spring Festival in advance in the police room today.
Residents make dumplings in the police room. Photo courtesy of Shapingba police
He Qiao said that considering that many deaf residents’ families in the area did not return home for the Spring Festival in other places, she specially invited everyone to the police office to make dumplings and chat at home to welcome the arrival of the Spring Festival.
After the residents arrived, the police room, which was originally deserted, began to be lively. Everyone sat around the table in the police room, greeted each other with sign language and paid New Year greetings, and then began to prepare for the next activity: making dumplings.
The glutinous rice balls and fillings brought by everyone from home have been put on the table. Just do it. After everyone washes their hands, they mix the dough, adjust the stuffing, and boil the water. They are busy in an orderly manner. Busy at the same time, they also communicate with each other from time to time with hands covered with starch, and it is better to compare the dumplings made by whoever. Several experienced old people are teaching young people who are not very good at how to make beautiful dumplings. I saw my hands gently rubbing a few times, and a round glutinous rice ball was born from their hands.
Residents make dumplings in the police room. Photo courtesy of Shapingba police
In a short time, several pots on the table were already filled with wrapped dumplings. Just then, the water boiled, and everyone put the wrapped dumplings into the pot in batches, watching them slowly float to the surface from the bottom of the pot, and then "roll" one by one, which is a signal that the dumplings are cooked.
Hot dumplings are put into bowls, and everyone around the table enjoys this special "reunion dinner". He Qiao brought the first bowl out of the pot to the oldest mother-in-law, Zhu, and fed her one. He Qiao said: "We are like a big family. We get together in the New Year. Of course, the oldest elder has to move chopsticks first."
In the last few days before the Spring Festival, He Qiao also visited the deaf families in the community door to door, asking how the new year’s goods were prepared, whether there was any need for help, and sent them Spring Festival couplets and blessings. He Qiao said to the residents: "Many people actively responded to the government’s call to celebrate the New Year on the spot, so this year must be grand and festive, and welcome the new year with the most joyful mood."
The boiled water with glutinous rice balls is still boiling hot, and the Spring Festival couplets at the entrance of the police office are red and festive. The "silent police office" is silent, but it is full of joy and peace, and a happy smile is on everyone’s face. (Liu Zhengning, Ren Xueyi)

Guohejiu and Huading Club held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation.

Source: headlines of the moment

  On April 21st, 2021, the opening ceremony of Huading Club Member Championship and the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Guohe Wine and Huading Club were successfully held in Beijing Tianan Holiday Golf Club.

  The epidemic in 2020 made people’s desire for healthy sports and happy life more intense. The epidemic prevention and control in China achieved a comprehensive victory, and the normal social order and economic development were fully restored. It is against this background that Guizhou Guohe Wine Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation with Huadinghui Golf Club, making friends with the ball and entertaining friends with the party, promoting healthy sports, stimulating positive energy, developing together and giving back to the society.

  Many social celebrities and more than 100 members of Huading Club participated in the opening ceremony of the 2021 Huading Club Member Championship.

  After the competition, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Guohe Liquor and Huading Club was held. Ms. Zhang Yan, Vice President of Guizhou Guohe Liquor Industry under Huayi Oriental Asset Management Group, and Mr. Liu Weidong, Founder and Vice President of Huadinghui, respectively signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of Guizhou Guohe Liquor Industry Co., Ltd. and Huadinghui Golf Club. Mr. Wu Songmin, strategic partner of Huading Club and chairman of Huayi Oriental Asset Management Group, Mr. Fan Yue, vice chairman and secretary general of Beijing Golf Association, Mr. Sun Zhengping, former famous host of CCTV5 sports channel, Mr. Zhang Jianmin, vice chairman of Beijing Golf Association, Mr. Jin Feihong, vice chairman of Beijing Golf Association and head of handicap system of China High School Association, Mr. Liu Gang, deputy secretary general of Beijing Golf Association and chairman of China Golf Network TV Station, and Ms. Li Xing, a national first-class actor of Oriental Song and Dance Troupe, witnessed this exciting moment together.

  Guohe Liquor strongly supported this competition and will continue to provide high-quality Heya Maotai-flavor liquor products in future competitions. Mr Peng Lei, Marketing Director of Guizhou Guohe Liquor Co., Ltd., introduced Guohe Liquor to the guests. Guohe Liquor is produced in the core producing area of China Maotai-flavor liquor, which is 7.5 square kilometers in Maotai Town, renhuai city, Guizhou Province. It has been devoted for 40 years, and the national sauce master supervised the brewing and blending, creating Heya Maotai-flavor high-quality liquor with round and harmonious body, elegant sauce flavor, natural flavor, long aftertaste and lasting empty cup in Mika. In 2019 and 2020, Guohe Liquor won the title of "Gold Award in the Brussels Spirits Competition", which is known as the Oscar of international spirits. It enriched the categories of China traditional Maotai-flavor liquor and added new connotations to China sauce-flavor liquor culture. At the beginning of this month, Guohe Liquor made a stunning appearance at the 6th China Cultural Night for Global Diplomats, and as the founder of China Heya Maotai-flavor liquor, it represented China liquor on the international stage and won unanimous praise.

  Drinking Heya Maotai-flavor wine and playing elegant golf will greatly promote cross-border cooperation and win-win between the two sides, create a more dynamic and healthy development platform, take Maotai-flavor wine as social media and golf as sports focus, and make contributions to promoting China’s traditional harmony culture and wine culture and spreading positive sportsmanship.

He Guo he JIU Shang Jing dong Guo he JIU Guan Fang flagship shop


Shiyan launched a special food safety inspection of the "Group Annual Banquet" before the festival.


As the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to ensure the food safety of the "Group Year Banquet" during the Spring Festival, on January 19th, Shiyan City Market Supervision Bureau launched a special law enforcement inspection on food safety for some catering units in the urban area.

In Wudang International Hotel, market supervision and law enforcement officers conducted on-the-spot inspection of the hotel’s license publicity, the layout of dining places and the operation of feeding equipment.

During the inspection of the back kitchen of the hotel, law enforcement officers found that some condiments lacked labels.The site requires immediate rectification..

In the meat cold storage area of the hotel, law enforcement officers carefully checked the purchase channels, storage environment and production date of meat products.

Then,law enforcement officialsCome to the Garden Hotel. In the raw food processing area of the hotel, law enforcement officers found that some processed finished ingredients were not isolated by the "three defenses" facilities, and the site required immediate rectification.

It is understood that before the Spring Festival, the market supervision department of our city will also set up a supervision team to investigate the catering units that received the reunion dinner during the Spring Festival in 2024, and urge the catering units to strictly implement the main responsibility of food safety and prevent expired, corrupt and spoiled food from flowing to the dinner table. The catering units with food safety problems will be rectified within a time limit, and the units that refuse to rectify or rectify actively will be dealt with seriously.

Chen Wei, Catering Service Supervision Department of Municipal Market Supervision BureauRemind consumers: In the consumption process of the reunion dinner, try to choose well-qualified businesses, such as those with quantitative classification above Grade A or Grade B for consumption. In the process of consumption, if consumers encounter consumption disputes, they should properly keep the consumption bills and call 12315 in time to protect their rights.