Positioning young Nordic wind LYNK&CO two concept cars released

  [New Car Launch] LYNK&CO, a brand-new brand of Geely Group, officially released the Harmony. The new car is built on the CMA platform jointly developed by Geely and Geely, in which 01 will be officially mass-produced as the first model of LYNK&CO in 2017, and will be listed in China at the end of 2017. Meanwhile, the Lynk & Co brand will gradually enter the European and North American markets.

Home of the car

『LYNC&CO 01 concept car

LYNK&CO LYNK Concept Car 2017 Basic Model

『LYNK concept car

LYNK&CO 01 concept car

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

  LYNK&CO 01 concept car is located in a model, which is built by Gothenburg styling center led by Peter Hobury, deputy director of Geely Group, and its overall style is very fashionable. The large mouth air intake grille gives people a very layered feeling. At the same time, the headlight group adopts split design, in which the light band shape is very individual, while the high beam and low beam groups are hidden on both sides of the grille, which makes the front face of the whole vehicle look more integrated.

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

  On the tail, the 01 concept car adopts L-shaped taillight design and LED light source, and presents a stereoscopic visual effect. The overall design is coordinated, the lines are full, and it doesn’t look stingy.

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

  In terms of interior, the new car adopts a 10-inch full LCD instrument panel with mechanical instrument combination design, and is equipped with interior atmosphere lights, a 10.1-inch touch screen, an electronic shift lever, etc. to increase the sense of technology. On the whole, the new car focuses on Nordic style, and the design is simple and fashionable.

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  LYNK&CO brand official said that this concept car is "the product that best represents intelligent interconnection technology". Based on the open digital platform, it will cooperate with the world’s leading technology companies. Therefore, interconnection is also one of the main aspects of LYNK&CO brand in the future.

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

  In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with 1.5T three-cylinder and 2.0T four-cylinder matched with CMA platform in the future, as well as hybrid system and pure electric system. In terms of transmission, it will be matched with a brand-new 7-speed, and the new car will also be equipped with a four-wheel drive system.

LYNK concept car

Home of the car

  Compared with LYNK&CO 01 concept car, this concept car named LYNK has no mass production plan. It is just an attempt by the designer for LYNK&CO brand. The new car adopts a four-door coupe design and looks very dynamic as a whole. The front face of the new car still uses a large mouth grille design, while the headlight group uses a more simplified LED light source. Compared with LYNK&CO 01 concept car, the new car has more muscular lines.

LYNK&CO LYNK Concept Car 2017 Basic Model

  In terms of body, the new car adopts a four-door style that tilts upwards and looks very individual. In the tail shape, we can see the sense of movement of its design, and the taillight group adopts integrated light belt design, which gives people a very fashionable feeling.

LYNK&CO LYNK Concept Car 2017 Basic Model

  In terms of interior, the concept car is even more exaggerated. The steering wheel with more sporty shape is equipped with a full LCD instrument panel and a central control LCD screen, which gives people a more futuristic feeling. At the same time, the 2+2-type four-seat chair looks very design-oriented.

Introduction of CMA platform

Home of the car

  With regard to the platform, the 01 concept car is built on the CMA modular platform of Geely Group. The CMA platform is a brand-new intermediate car basic module structure led by Volvo Cars and jointly developed by Geely Cars and Volvo Cars. The platform has been developed in the European Research and Development Center (CEVT) of Geely Cars for more than three years, and can be adjusted according to the positioning and length of different models, covering small, compact and corresponding product layouts. In the future, a new generation of Volvo 40 series models will be born on this platform.

LYNK&CO brand introduction:

LYNK&CO 01 concept car 2017 basic model

  LYNK&CO brand is a brand-new brand created by Geely Group. Its positioning is between Geely brand and Volvo brand under the group, focusing on Nordic style, and it will become a competitor of overseas mainstream brands including and.

Home of the car

  LYNK&CO is a combination of two English words. LYNK means connection and interconnection, which represents the cooperative nature of the brand and the future development route of intelligent interconnection. It is expected to join the ranks of future mobile travel service providers. CO has no specific meaning, its meaning is to make the brand name more catchy, thus showing that the new brand is young and full of vitality.

  In the future, the brand will build matrix products based on CMA platform. The first production car will be a compact SUV, code-named C11, which will adopt the overall design language of 01 concept car. In the future, LYNK&CO brand will also enter the China market in the future, so as to compete with Volkswagen, Ford and other brands. (Text/car home Wuyuan)

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Sanzhi ceiling leads the world, new M7 leads the new trend of smart travel.

The market is full of all kinds of products, but good products are rare. Huawei not only broke through the limit in the mobile phone industry, but also made Huawei Mate series a benchmark in the mobile phone industry. Recently, the new M7, a traffic upstart in the hot industry, has won the love and recognition of consumers in three aspects: intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and intelligent safety with the help of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system and HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit 3.0, and has repeatedly set new records.

HUAWEI ADS 2.0 makes intelligence everywhere.

One of the most striking core technologies of the new M7 is the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, which realizes the advanced intelligent driving experience without relying on high-precision maps. With the perfect combination of 27 powerful sensing hardware, high-performance computing platform and Huawei’s self-developed anthropomorphic algorithm, the new M7 in Wenjie presents unparalleled full-scene, all-weather accurate sensing and recognition capabilities for drivers. Whether it is dynamic moving targets or static road information, the new M7 can easily cope with the complex traffic environment and driving challenges.

At the same time, the new M7 in Wenjie adopts multi-sensors such as lidar and integrated sensing BEV and GOD 2.0+RCR 2.0 networks, which provides high perception, quick response and the ability to adapt to light and dark changes. This also enables the new M7 to perceive the world more powerfully, to perceive and monitor all kinds of complex road conditions in an all-round way, and its perception ability can not only be beyond the reach of the eye, but also understand complex road conditions independently, so as to achieve accurate response even if the attention is not concentrated or the road conditions are complex, and greatly reduce the incidence of traffic accidents.

What’s more worth mentioning is that in terms of intelligent driving, the new M7 in the world has upgraded a new intelligent extended range mode, which has brought drivers a more efficient way of energy utilization. Through the optimal oil and electricity distribution of intelligent control system, the vehicle can achieve the lowest energy consumption during driving, achieve the effect of saving fuel and electricity, and greatly reduce the driver’s endurance anxiety.

HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit 3.0 defines what a true smart cockpit is.

HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0, which is equipped with the new M7, brings unprecedented intelligent experience to drivers. The super desktop function provides drivers with a variety of audio-visual entertainment options, making driving time more enjoyable. By touching the screen, drivers can easily access various applications, music, movies and other entertainment content and enjoy a high-quality driving and entertainment experience.

With the powerful empowerment of HarmonyOS Zhixing depth technology, HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 not only performs well in normal environment, but also shows its extraordinary stability under severe working conditions of extremely cold and low temperature. It has been verified by actual measurement that the operation and response of the cross-car machine remain silky and smooth even in the extremely cold climate, and its achievements are among the best in similar products.


With the addition of Xiaoyi Smart Assistant and HUAWEI MagLink Smart Car Screen System, the intelligent experience of the new M7 has been greatly improved. The voice interactive service of Xiaoyi Smart Assistant provides drivers with convenient information acquisition and service reservation. Whether it is weather query, navigation or ordering, all operations become simple and convenient. The driver only needs to give instructions, and Xiaoyi will enter the voice interaction mode to provide smoother and more efficient services for the driver.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the HUAWEI MagLink smart car screen system not only realizes the connection without feeling on the Huawei tablet, but also creates a dedicated personal studio and conference room for users. This flexible cockpit space switching can not only meet the needs of the whole family to watch movies and entertain together, but also meet the needs of individuals to work independently, so that users can experience the diversity of space.

Intelligent and safe construction of travel barrier base

In the field of intelligent security, the new M7 has made remarkable achievements with its excellent performance. First of all, HUAWEI ADS 2.0, the world’s first omni-directional anti-collision system, has achieved omni-directional anti-collision capability in the forward direction, lateral direction and backward direction. With the multi-sensor fusion perception capability based on lidar, the system can identify common obstacles as road boundaries. Once the vehicle deviates from the lane or has collision risk, the system will automatically trigger emergency direction intervention or emergency braking to avoid potential collision risk.

Happily, in the AEB active safety evaluation of Autolab, Wenjie New M7 has won the championship in all kinds of active safety evaluation, and its safety response speed ranks among the top in the whole scene. In all kinds of complicated situations, including the mixed scene of stationary vehicles and pedestrians at the front and rear of the vehicle and rollover scenes, HUAWEI ADS 2.0 can reach the braking speed of 90km/h even at night, which improves its capacity by 50%, far ahead of other active safety systems in the industry. This series of innovations has enabled the new M7 to reach the ceiling level in terms of intelligent security performance.

In addition, the new M7 also has the function of identifying obstacles in advance and actively intervening, so that drivers can make timely deceleration or avoidance actions. In this way, the process of braking or avoiding is smoother, and the driving experience is smoother and calmer. Based on the powerful intelligent safety function, the new M7 in Wenjie successfully passed the active safety test project of knowing the winter test of Chedi 2023, and successfully completed the test in extreme scenes such as snow at night and backlight at night at a speed of 60km/h, and its excellent performance further consolidated the leading position of the new M7 in the field of intelligent safety.

With the help of Huawei’s deep empowerment, the world has won the title of "three smart ceilings" for intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and intelligent safety, providing a more comprehensive guarantee for travel. In the future, the world will continue to adhere to innovation-driven and user-demand-oriented, constantly improve the technical level and user experience of smart travel, and lay a solid foundation for better smart travel.

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The disputes are rising year by year. Why are online celebrity amusement projects so troublesome?

  Because of its sports, fun and fashion, in recent years, emerging amusement projects such as rock climbing, trampoline, bridge swinging, equestrian and bungee jumping are popular among young people and even children, but their safety risks cannot be ignored. On August 31st, in order to promote the health of the emerging amusement industry, Beijing Shunyi Court made a summary of the legal risks reflected in the disputes involving emerging amusement projects, and made suggestions to consumers, operators and relevant departments.

  Typical case

  Injury while playing trampoline was not treated in time.

  Be diagnosed with grade 10 disability

  A total of five people from Yan and his friends went to play in a trampoline park run by an ecological farm in Beijing. Before entering, Zou and others signed the "Notice of Exemption for Admission Safety".

  Yan said that it was his first time to play trampoline on the day of the incident. When he entered the venue, no staff told him which areas were advanced and which areas were primary. During the playing process, no staff gave him guidance. He was injured while doing somersault in the white area, and then he did not report his discomfort to the staff. The staff did not give him first aid or take corresponding medical measures. He did not go to the hospital in time because he did not expect to be so seriously injured at that time. Finally, the hospital diagnosed it as a burst fracture of thoracic vertebra 12 and a spinous process fracture of thoracic vertebra 11. After identification, Zou constituted a level 10 disability.

  In the end, the court found that Yan was responsible for 80%, and the operator was responsible for 20%, and compensated Yan for personal injury losses of more than 60,000 yuan.

  Coincidentally, when Ms. Xu, a citizen of Beijing, was playing on the Huangqiao Bridge in online celebrity, a water park in Shunyi, Beijing, many tourists accidentally fell into the water, and the pool was too shallow and lacked protective measures, which caused her calcaneal fracture, which was a grade 10 disability. Ms. Xu sued a company that managed it. On July 21 this year, Beijing Shunyi Court ordered a company to compensate Ms. Xu for medical expenses, nursing expenses, lost time and mental damages totaling 175,385.55 yuan.

  In this regard, Liu Hongyan, president of Niulanshan Court of Shunyi Court, said that most of the emerging amusement projects have evolved from professional sports and there are great security risks. Liu Hong Yan said that due to reasons such as low industry entry threshold, inadequate safety tips, and insufficient personnel and equipment protection, safety incidents caused by emerging amusement projects frequently occur, and such disputes are also on the rise year by year. In 2019 alone, Beijing courts accepted 67 such cases.

  "It is worth noting that the injuries of the injured in such cases are mostly serious, and the rate of identification as disability is large, which has caused heavy trauma to both the injured and the operators."

  Risk warning

  Emerging amusement projects have low barriers to entry.

  Lack of industry standards

  At present, places such as trampoline hall, rock climbing hall, partying hall and water park, which are engaged in new amusement projects, are not professional sports venues, and the state has no specific qualification requirements for their operators, and there are also no unified standards and requirements for their market access conditions, venue specifications, amusement facilities, staffing and management level. Operators only need to obtain industrial and commercial business licenses to operate.

  In addition, the key hardware facilities and safety equipment in the business premises, such as the location requirements, instructions for use, the number of people and the weight of climbing ropes, lack clear specifications and standards, and most of them are purchased or built by operators themselves, and there is no need to go through relevant inspections before they are put into operation.

  The rules of the game are unclear and the industry supervision is absent. Whether trampoline and other emerging sports have relatively uniform rules and action standards is not fully understood by the general public and players, and the relevant industry departments have not formulated and popularized the rules and precautions of this kind of amusement projects, especially for the players’ own physical requirements, the formulation of rules and the maintenance of game order.

  In addition, there is also a lack of corresponding supervision over the operators and business premises that operate the above amusement projects. Whether the first-aid drugs, first-aid personnel and measures in the business premises are fully prepared, and whether there are corresponding penalties for operators who have safety accidents, etc., there is still a lack of industry guidance and supervision for emerging amusement projects.

  Insufficient safety tips in business premises and abuse of exemption clauses. Before tourists enter the business site and prepare to play, most operators do not fulfill their full obligation to inform and prompt, so that players can fully understand the safety risks of the projects they want to play, and then make correct choices and decisions based on their own physical fitness.

  Uneven staffing and lack of safety guidance. Although emerging amusement projects belong to amusement projects, they are professional and dangerous. However, some operators are not equipped with professionals to save costs, so players can’t ask for help in time when they encounter problems.

  Consumers’ lack of risk awareness and violation of safety tips. Some consumers do not know enough about the risks that emerging amusement projects may bring, blindly pursue excitement, and imitate difficult movements without professional training and guidance. In addition, some consumers lack sufficient experience and skills to deal with emergencies, and often panic and mishandle them.

  The judge suggested

  Consumers carefully and rationally choose play items.

  Regulatory authorities improve industry norms

  In view of the above risks, Tu Lin, a judge of Niulanshan Court of Shunyi Court, made corresponding suggestions to the players, operators and relevant departments.

  Players improve their awareness of risk prevention and choose their play items carefully and rationally. Taking into account the existence of normal risk factors in sports activities, Article 1176 of the Civil Code promulgated this year stipulates that "the victim may not ask other participants to bear tort liability if they voluntarily participate in cultural and sports activities with certain risks and are damaged by the actions of other participants; However, unless other participants have intentional or gross negligence in the occurrence of damage. " Based on the risk-taking principle, the following suggestions are put forward for players:

  First, read the risk notice carefully and choose the play items carefully. The second is to follow the rules of the game and never challenge high-risk actions. The third is to seek medical advice in time after the injury and keep the evidence properly.

  The regulatory authorities improve industry norms and strictly supervise and manage.

  First, improve the industry norms and standards of emerging amusement projects, strengthen the qualification review of business entities and employees, formulate production and installation standards for equipment and facilities of high-risk amusement projects, and introduce basic game rules and prohibitions of corresponding amusement projects. The second is to strengthen the law enforcement supervision of industry operators. It is necessary to intensify the investigation and punishment of illegal acts, refine the safety operation standards, strengthen the implementation of standards, increase the administrative management and supervision of the implementation of safety responsibilities of operators, and improve the standard level of workplace safety management. The third is to improve the relief channels. Open telephone complaints, online complaints and other channels for the misconduct of operators, and punish them once they are verified.

  Text/reporter Song Xia

2022 Black Bomb Officially Listed Great Wall Gun Shines at Qilu Auto Show

  On June 9th, the 45th Qilu International Automobile Exhibition and Trade Fair officially opened. Qilu Auto Show, as one of the important exhibitions in the central market, has a strong radiation influence. At this year’s auto show, the Great Wall Gun took two major categories, leisure and fashion business, and three models, 2022 black bullet, off-road gun trailer version and King Kong gun flat-bottomed container version, made a grand debut. Among them, the 2022 black bullet rejuvenation is listed, which is a 1-word scalp card model, and the official guide price is 248,800 yuan.

A copy of the default title of the picture _fororder_image001.

2022 black bomb goes on the market.

  In May, the 300,000th vehicle of the Great Wall Gun was officially rolled off the assembly line. From zero to 300,000, the Great Wall Gun took only 2 years and 8 months, and once again demonstrated the "Great Wall Gun Speed", becoming the first high-end pickup truck brand in China to break through 300,000 sets, setting a new industry record.

  Designed for off-road players, 2022 black bombs were launched.

  In 2021, Great Wall Gun officially released the "Cannonball Plan", and together with excellent co-creation partners such as Yunliang, Dinghuo and Yuanda Shelby, it built the first co-creation and modification platform of China automobile brand, which is also the first professional, customized, personalized and ultimate user experience platform in China. Black bomb is the first product of this platform incubation. In view of the individual needs of deep cross-country and pan-outdoor players, Great Wall Gun and Yunliang Cross-country jointly developed, and after many revisions and demonstration tests, this "wilderness weapon" was created.

  At the auto show, the 2022 black bomb was launched. In terms of face value, the 2022 black bullet adopts the all-black body background color, which is only decorated with bright orange, which is very appropriate in the temperament of "low-key is not mediocre, high-profile is not unassuming".

Image default title _fororder_image002

2022 Black Bomb

  What is even more surprising is that the 2022 black bullet chassis has been newly developed and upgraded, with stronger resistance, lighter weight, faster chassis response and worry-free handling. The whole vehicle is also equipped with professional K-MAN shock absorption and standard Bailuchi KO2 tires, which not only provides strong support and rebound suppression, but also enables people to "walk on the ground" in any environment, and can cope with all kinds of road conditions and easily meet various usage scenarios. Off-road hard core equipment is added. Thanks to part-time 4wd system, front and rear axle electronic differential system and WARN winch, the 2022 Black Bomb has a stronger ability to get out of trouble, and it can be easily hold in desert, Gobi, river beach or bog, enjoying the fun of off-road driving. In addition, the original factory comes with 2.5 tons of traction qualification, which can meet all kinds of traction needs and enjoy outdoor life.

Picture default title _fororder_image003

2022 Black Bomb

  The Great Wall Gun, which takes users as the center, will continue to create personalized customized models with upgraded performance, enhanced functions and unlimited expansion of scenes together with major modified brands, so as to meet the needs of pickup players and lead the development of pickup culture in China.

  Full scene pickup truck life Great Wall gun whole car layout trailer version

  As the pioneer of new pickup truck category, the leader of pickup truck culture and the leader of users’ co-creation, Great Wall Gun insists on category innovation and makes full efforts to take advantage of leisure and fashion business. Take the leisure category, and strive to meet the diversified and personalized needs of users, improve the quality of life of users around the world, and empower the pickup culture to develop upwards.

  At the auto show, as an all-terrain mass production off-road pickup truck — — The trailer version of the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck is particularly eye-catching. In order to meet the diversified needs of users, at present, the whole car system of Great Wall Gun has been equipped with trailer models. The off-road gun trailer version is naturally powerful, with C6 driving towing qualification, equipped with 2.5 tons of towing qualification, a trailer with a reserved power outlet and a rear towing device, which can create infinitely expanding towing use scenarios, including towing motorcycles, Luya boats, RVs, motorboats, etc., which perfectly adapts to the whole scene of pickup truck life and allows users to enjoy the charm of pickup truck culture.

Image default title _fororder_image004

Great wall gun off-road pickup trailer

  Empowering thousands of industries to create a car with people’s livelihood value.

  Great Wall Gun’s fashion and commercial products focus on building compact and medium-sized pickup trucks, and are committed to building a car of value and people’s livelihood for thousands of industries, helping users to have good business and a better life. King Kong Gun, which is positioned as a fashionable commercial pickup truck, is another global product of Great Wall Gun’s category innovation.

Image default title _fororder_image005

King kong cannon

  King Kong Cannon has three kinds of containers to choose from: standard box, long box and flat bottom. No matter what "goods" they are, they can give you the right choice. In particular, the flat-bottomed container is "value-for-money, economical and fashionable". The horizontal inclination angle of the container is smaller than that of competing products, the rear of the container is not tilted, and the car posture is good; 1.82m ultra-long flat container, leading the same level, the effective loading of flat container is increased by 50%, and the square boxes and drums are placed casually. King Kong cannon also has a small turning diameter, which can easily cope with narrow road conditions and turn around and turn. Intimate container lighting, caring for everyone who races against the clock.

  King Kong Cannon is a high-value model based on the needs of users in the era of industrial interconnection. It is tempered to be rigid and has the quality of King Kong. It pays tribute to the strugglers in the new era with hard-core strength, empowers thousands of industries, expands new formats and innovates business together.

  At this year’s auto show, the Great Wall Gun also shared its understanding of the "climber spirit": the climber spirit is the spirit of pursuing dreams, and the Great Wall Gun has changed the commercial characteristics of pickup trucks, endowed them with the characteristics of riding, created a full-scene pickup truck life, and made pickup trucks have culture; Climbers need to challenge themselves mentally. Above 300,000, the Great Wall Gun will climb to a higher goal. The climber’s spirit needs cooperation and co-creation. The Artillery League Cheyouhui has 31 provincial teams, 800,000 fans of the Great Wall Gun APP and six pickup colleges. The Great Wall Gun has built a full-scale pickup truck life by co-creating, co-building and sharing with users, helping the diversified development of pickup trucks.

Image default title _fororder_image006

Measure Everest

  Great Wall pickup truck has been the first in domestic sales and the first in export for 24 consecutive years. Ride the wind and waves, be steady and far-reaching. Standing on a new starting point of 300,000 units, Great Wall Gun will continue to exert its efforts in category innovation and user co-creation, write a new chapter in category innovation, practice the concept of global user co-creation and deepen global development. (Photo courtesy of the Great Wall pickup)

The acceleration of 100 kilometers is 3.9 seconds. How does BYD Han EV drive?

closefillIThe first time to share with you the hot spots in the automobile circle.

I have to say that when BYD Han just went public, many people were not very optimistic about it. After all, it was in the car segmentation field where its own brand had been weak, and it had a distance compared with Tesla and BBA in brand power. At the same time, pricing is also controversial.

Some netizens said: "Is BYD Han worth 219,800-279,500 yuan after subsidy?

Is the set price a little too floating?

The brain is crazy. Is it not fresh and fragrant to have the money to buy a Tesla?

This car is destined to be cool. "

However, in reality, BYD Han succeeded, and after three months of listing, BYD Han ushered in the first sales of more than 10,000. It can be said that BYD Han gave two big mouths to those who didn’t value it with real sales results. Yes! Byd Han not only didn’t get cold, but also climbed steadily.

According to the latest official sales data released by BYD in November, BYD Han sold a total of 10,105 vehicles in November, achieving a four-month sales increase, with a cumulative sales volume of 28,467 vehicles. Among them, BYD Han EV (parameter picture) sold 7,482 vehicles in November, ranking fourth in the sales list of new energy vehicles in November of china automobile dealers association Automobile Market Research Branch (Association); BYD Han DM also sold 2,623 vehicles in mid-November, up 5.3% from October. Judging from these sales figures, BYD Han really "went up". So why did it succeed? What are the core highlights? Just recently, the key gentleman participated in a deep test drive experience of "recalling Jiangnan" for BYD, and found some answers from it. Let’s go! Let’s take a look!

Full of Chinese style! The appearance is highly recognizable and differentiated.

Still as usual, let’s talk about the static part first. In this era of "looking at the face", not only people have to look at the face value, but even cars have to fight for the face value. In recent years, the post-90 s and post-00 s gradually replaced the post-70 s and post-80 s as the main group of consumers, and the personalized consumption characteristics of young people began to dominate the market changes. Therefore, the value of a car is good or bad, which can be said to play a decisive role in the process of consumers’ car selection.

After so many years of development, China’s automobile industry has become increasingly mature. While increasing the research and development of their own products, independent car manufacturers have also made great efforts in appearance value, striving to cater to the aesthetics of young consumers with the latest and most fashionable appearance design. Of course, BYD is the representative of this. Judging from the appearance of the models currently listed, the design style of BYD’s models is absolutely "fan".

Ok, the gossip is a little too much, so let’s get back to the topic! This time, the key test drive is a BYD Han EV four-wheel drive high-performance version of the flagship, with a price of 279,500 yuan and an acceleration of 3.9s seconds per 100 kilometers. When the key gentleman saw this car at first sight, the key gentleman was really amazed by its design. First of all, the first feeling it gave the key gentleman was that this BYD Han EV was very coupe-like, with a low posture and smooth lines. Interestingly, the overall design of this car is also full of Chinese style. Specifically, the front face of BYD Han EV adopts a closed and integrated front face, and a silver chrome-plated decorative strip is conspicuous at the grille of the front face, and the "Han" logo is also dotted in it, which also makes China elements more prominent. In addition, the shape of the headlight group is slender and sharp, and it looks more sci-fi and avant-garde with the streamlined body.

In addition to the attractive value of the front face, BYD Han EV also has a surprising part on the side of the car body. The side of the whole car body adopts a slip-back roof arc to make the car look more sporty. In addition, the design of the hidden handle highlights its sense of science and technology. During the experience, the key gentleman thinks that BYD has made this design very carefully, and the LOGO with the word "Han" is printed on the inside of the door handle, which is also very good in the process of pushing and retracting. It is worth mentioning that this car also supports NFC unlocking, and the sensing area is in the rearview mirror, which can support Huawei mobile phone unlocking and binding. At this point, the key gentleman thinks it is very convenient for consumers.

In addition, the design of the tail shape of BYD Han EV is also very textured. The top corner of the trunk adopts a duck tail shape, and the popular through taillights are not absent. The design elements of the taillights are also used on both sides, which is highly recognizable after lighting. From the overall design point of view, the face value of BYD Han EV is very high, which is quite good in terms of atmosphere and durability, and there is actually a reason to have this face value.

It is reported that this design was jointly created by Wolfgang Eiger, former design director of Audi, JuanMa López, exterior design director of Ferrari, and Michele Jauch-Paganetti, former interior design director of Mercedes-Benz. It is not difficult to understand why BYD Han can have a highly recognizable and differentiated appearance with such a big-name designer.

The interior is both textured and advanced.

Press the car key lightly, and when you open the car door and enter the car, the electric seat and the electric steering wheel will move slowly. It can be said that the full sense of ceremony will burst out instantly, and the interior that gives the key gentleman the deepest feeling visually is the red and black collocation. It is worthy of recognition that this car has significantly improved the sense of texture and luxury compared with the previous BYD models. At the same time, the interior of the whole car is also decorated with many wood grains, which is very classy.

In terms of materials, BYD Han EV is also very sincere. For example, in terms of seats, BYD Han EV uses Nappa leather raw materials. It is reported that this is selected from cattle hide imported from Brazil and has been processed by more than 20 processes. The overall filler is also very soft and comfortable. At the same time, BYD Han EV is equipped with the function of seat ventilation, and the overall comfort is very good. From this point of view alone, BYD Han EV is much better than Model 3, which is criticized for its rough workmanship and poor materials.

In addition, the interior design of BYD Han EV has not only retained the family-style design, but also carried out many innovations. For example, the dashboard uses a large display screen and the latest DiLink 3.0 UI design, which is called the theme of "flowing". The central control rotating large screen is not absent from this BYD Han EV, with a size of 15.6 inches and a brand-new UI design. The display effect is very clear and delicate, and the fluency of use is also "smooth". In addition, it has functions such as car WIFI, OTA remote upgrade and split-screen display. It is worth noting that in audio-visual entertainment, it can also support Internet radio, online music, local music and local videos, and the system supports downloading applications, which is basically the same as the smart phones we use every day.

In addition, this car is also quite rich in configuration, especially in active safety configuration. It is equipped with BYD Dipilot driver assistance system, and it is equipped with basic common practical configurations such as adaptive cruise, lane keeping and automatic parking.

Key Jun also had some experience during the test drive, among which the most memorable one is that when you enter low-speed driving, as soon as you turn on the turn signal, the screen will automatically switch to a 360-degree panoramic image, and its response speed is really fast. The most important thing is that it is practical and convenient. In terms of voice control, BYD Han EV also has a high degree of voice recognition. The wake-up mode can be awakened by buttons on the steering wheel or by voice, and its voice system has a fast response speed and high recognition. You just need to say "Hello, Xiao Di+Command" to switch to the specified command. Byd Han EV can support switching to make a phone call, check the weather, open the window and other commands.

Let’s take a look at the size. As a medium-sized and large car, BYD Han EV is also full of advantages in space performance. First, let’s take a look at the body size of BYD Han EV. Its length, width and height are 4980/1910/1495mm, and the wheelbase is 2920mm. It is precisely because of its super-long wheelbase of 2920 mm that the rear space of BYD Han EV can be described as luxury. In the actual experience process, the emphasis is on your height. At the same time, sitting in the back seat, you can feel the softness of the whole seat is very high. In addition, the cushion is also very long, not only with ventilation and heating functions, but also with electric adjustment of the back seat, which is quite "cool". Of course, there are still some shortcomings in the space of BYD Han EV. Compared with the abundance of leg space, the head space in the back row is somewhat cramped. In fact, it is not difficult to understand. After all, there are restrictions on the shape of sliding back, so the head space is not so comfortable. According to the pro-test, the head distance is 3.5 to 4 fingers without sitting up straight. If the body plate is upright, it will be a bit awkward. Judging from the overall interior experience of BYD Han EV, BYD Han EV can give consumers a luxury car enjoyment in terms of texture, technical equipment and comfort.

How does BYD Han EV drive?

After talking about the appearance and interior, what is the feeling of BYD Han EV? Since it is a test drive experience, how can we not talk about the feeling of driving! Let’s talk about parameters and power first. BYD Han EV provides two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models, in which the front and rear dual-motor systems with total power of 363kW(494Ps) and maximum torque of 680N·m are adopted for the dual-motor four-wheel drive models. Among them, the long endurance version, the cruising range of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 605km, and our test drive is the high-performance version of the Han EV four-wheel drive.

In this activity, we started from 4S shop to Tongling Yongquan Mountain Villa, with a total length of 180 kilometers. The middle section includes urban roads and expressway sections. In the early stage, before we got on the expressway section, there was a section of urban roads and there were many traffic lights in the middle. At this stage, we switched to economic mode. In this mode, the power output was relatively soft. After entering the expressway section, we switched the driving mode to SPORT mode. Choose the standard intensity for kinetic energy recovery. In the actual experience, the accelerator pedal of the four-wheel drive version is extremely sensitive. When the floor is electrified, the whole car is like a runaway wild horse. Its powerful acceleration performance gives the driver a strong sense of pushing back, but the overall feeling will not appear so abrupt, but it is delicate and linear. To be honest, this kind of driving pleasure will also make consumers feel addicted.

In addition, in addition to the extreme feeling of performance, BYD Han EV also brings us a good driving experience in handling, sports and comfort. When we arrive at the destination of Tongling Yongquan Mountain Villa, we need to go through a continuous curve mountain road. When our vehicle enters the curve, the lateral support of BYD Han EV is very good, and the flexibility of the whole chassis is also very good, which can make you easily turn the curve. To be honest, in this performance, BYD Han EV is not worthy of some luxury brands.

Finally, let’s talk about the performance of BYD Han EV in sound insulation. In fact, in real life, car noise can directly affect our driving experience. If the performance of the vehicle we are driving is not good enough in quietness, it will also increase the burden on the driver’s brain invisibly, which will make people feel annoyed and even lead to road rage. This is harmful to safe driving. At this point, BYD Han EV’s noise control in the car is good, and even some of them exceed the expectations of the key drivers. During the driving process, even if the speed reaches 120KM/h, the car is very quiet, and the wind noise and tire noise are also well controlled. At this point, BYD Han EV is better than other new energy vehicles.

Write at the end:

Whether it is the advanced design or the interior with both texture and high sense, BYD Han EV has given the key gentleman a good feeling. The excellent performance and the pleasant driving texture also make the key gentleman have enough surprises. For this price or this level of models, BYD Han EV is definitely a "face" and a "value" model. I believe that in the future new energy field, BYD Han EV will also create new achievements. Let’s wait and see!

Xiamen Volvo V90 has significantly reduced its price, with a reserve price of 399,400! Act quickly.

In the car home Xiamen Promotion Channel, we are pleased to announce that luxury brands are having preferential activities! As a high-profile medium and large station wagon, the price reduction of Volvo V90 is very impressive, with the highest discount reaching 61,000 yuan. In Xiamen, you can start with this model at a lower price through preferential activities. The minimum starting price is 399,400 yuan. If you want to know the specific preferential price, please click the "Check Car Price" button in the quotation form to get a higher discount.


The design of Volvo V90 is full of unique charm and exquisiteness. The front face design adopts the iconic Volvo family-style design, with a unique air intake grille, which makes it more visually eye-catching. The body lines are smooth, the overall style is fashionable and atmospheric, especially the unique C-pillar design, which shows its unique charm. The design of Volvo V90 not only embodies the traditional aesthetics of the brand, but also shows the sense of modernization and technology. No matter from which angle, Volvo V90 is an impressive luxury station wagon.


Volvo V90 is a luxury station wagon, with the length, width and height of 4959*1903*1543 mm and the wheelbase of 2941 mm respectively. The side lines of the car body are smooth, simple and elegant, giving people a feeling of noble atmosphere. The front and rear wheels are made of 245/45 R20 tires, with unique tire pattern design and good grip performance. The rim style is simple and generous, which complements the overall design of the car body and makes the vehicle more fashionable and sporty.


The interior design of Volvo V90 is full of simple Nordic style, creating a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere. The steering wheel is made of leather, which can be adjusted manually up and down+front and back, so that the driver can adjust according to his own needs. The central control screen has a size of 9 inches and supports voice recognition control system, including multimedia, navigation and telephone functions. There are four USB/Type-C interfaces in the front row and the back row, which is convenient for passengers to charge. The front seats are equipped with heating, ventilation and massage functions to provide a comfortable driving experience. The main and co-pilot seats can be electrically adjusted, including front and rear, backrest, height, leg rest and lumbar support, while the front seats are also equipped with seat memory function. The rear seats can be tilted in proportion, which increases the flexibility of space. Overall, the interior design of Volvo V90 is both comfortable and luxurious, making the driving experience more comfortable.


The Volvo V90 is equipped with a 2.0T 250 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 184 kW and a maximum torque of 350 N m.. This engine uses an 8-speed automatic transmission, which can provide a smooth shifting experience and excellent acceleration performance. At the same time, it also has excellent fuel economy and reliability, and is a high-performance and high-efficiency engine.

If you are satisfied with the performance and configuration of Volvo V90, now is the best time to buy it. At present, our dealers are holding promotional activities to provide you with a cash discount of up to 10,000 yuan. In addition, we also provide 0 interest rate loans and free maintenance services for 3 years or 100,000 kilometers, making it easier for you to own this luxury station wagon. Act quickly and make your dream come true!

Lei Jun personally experienced Xiaomi SU7! Watch unlock, auto-flip dashboard cool

Fast technology January 19 news, a few days ago, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun released a video, personally taking everyone to immerse themselves in Xiaomi’s first car Xiaomi SU7.

As you can see,Lei Jun unlocked the vehicle through Xiaomi Watch, and at the same time, the tail wing also rose synchronously, which was very handsome.

After Lei Jun enters Xiaomi SU7 and starts, the main driver’s seat will be automatically adjusted to the memory position. The advantage of this function is that it is convenient to get on and off.

Xiaomi SU7 is also equipped with a dashboard that supports automatic flipping.Support to display total mileage, gear, driving mode and total energy consumption.

Finally, Lei Jun also demonstrated the head-up display function in the car, which can display information such as remaining power, speed and navigation.

The watch is unlocked, the tail wing is automatically raised, the main driver is automatically adjusted, and the dashboard is automatically turned over. It must be said that these processes in one go have already filled the sense of ceremony before Xiaomi SU7 runs.

It is worth mentioning that some netizens sincerely asked Lei Jun in the comment area: Will there be Redmi cars? ".

In this regard, Lei Jun replied: At present, we are still focusing on Xiaomi Automobile. "

Lei Jun personally experienced Xiaomi SU7! Watch unlock, auto-flip dashboard cool

It is understood that the first models of Xiaomi SU7 will be equipped with Xiaomi super motors V6 and V6s, with a speed of up to 21,000 rpm, and adopt a new super 800V silicon carbide high-voltage platform developed by Xiaomi, with a maximum voltage of up to 871V V.


Weilai’s senior management team joined another general: once worked in Tucki, taking stock of the technical talents Weilai dug up from Huawei, NVIDIA and Xilinx.

Leifeng. com reported on March 30th that Xin Huang, the former director of Xpeng Motors Autopilot Products, had joined Weilai as vice president, reporting directly to Li Bin, founder, chairman and CEO of Weilai.

In this regard, Xin Huang in the circle of friends suspected response: "false". It is understood that Xin Huang did join Weilai last year, but the position is senior director, not vice president.

During his tenure as Director of Autopilot Products in Xpeng Motors, Xin Huang promoted the implementation of NGP and memory parking projects in Tucki. In addition, Li Bin attaches great importance to the talents of autonomous driving technology, so Xin Huang’s level in Weilai is 6, after which his level in Tucki was 5. In this regard, Wei Lai also did not comment.

In July last year, it was reported by the media that Xin Huang had sent out six words in his personal circle of friends-"Thanksgiving, Goodbye and Best wishes", and it was suspected that he had left Xpeng Motors at that time.

Among many new car-making forces, Weilai has attracted much attention from the outside world since its establishment. A big reason is that its founders, Li Bin and Li Xiang, were once the bosses of the two largest vertical websites of automobiles in China.

In 2014, Li Binlian, the founder of Easy Car, together with car home Li Xiang, JD.COM and Tencent, invested and created a financing of 1 billion US dollars, and formally established Weilai, with the intention of building Tesla in China.

In the two years after its establishment, Weilai successively recruited a large number of senior executives from traditional car companies, who became the core entrepreneurs of Weilai Company in the early days, enabling Weilai to land in the capital market in just four years and complete the ringing of the bell on the New York Stock Exchange. These people include:

Qin Lihong, co-founder and legal representative of Weilai Automobile

Qin Lihong graduated from Peking University University of International Relations in 1999 with a master’s degree in law. In 2001, he obtained a master’s degree in public policy from Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University. In 2005, he joined Anhui Chery Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. as deputy general manager.

Zheng Xiancong, co-founder and executive vice president of Weilai Company.

In 2015, he officially joined Weilai, and together with Li Bin, he built the core team of the company, making contributions to the company in supply chain, industrialization and Weilai-driven technology.

Previously, he served as vice president of Fiat China Global Purchasing Center and general manager of gac fiat, and earlier worked for Ford, with nearly 40 years of experience in the automotive industry.

In August 2019, Zheng Xiancong announced his retirement. After retirement, he will continue to serve as the chairman of Weilai Drive Technology.

Martin Leach, former president and CEO of Weilai Automobile

Martin Leach has been working for Ford motor company for 24 years since 1979; In 2004, he served as CEO of Maserati; In 2006, he served as the president of GAZ Group, a Russian automobile company, in the UK. Since 2008, he has served as the vice chairman of Volvo Construction Equipment Group. In 2015, he joined NEXTEV Weilai as the president of the company.

He is not only a professional manager, but also an avid racing enthusiast. He became a kart driver when he was only 11 years old, and became a professional player at the age of 14. He has made great achievements in the field of karting and racing, and won several championship prizes in Europe.

In 2016, Martin Leach died unfortunately due to illness, at the age of 59.

Huang Chendong, Senior Vice President of Weilaiyuan

Huang Chendong is a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan, USA. He used to be the deputy general manager of the new energy division of SAIC. In March 2015, Huang Chendong joined Weilai, and was responsible for the core business of Weilai vehicle development, independent intelligent driving technology research and development, and electric power engineering.

In October 2019, Huang Chendong was promoted to senior vice president of Weilai, reporting to Li Bin. In June 2020, Wei Laiguan announced the news of Huang Chendong’s departure.

Padmasree Warrior, Chief Development Officer of Weilai and CEO of North American Company.

Joined Weilai in 2015, and together with Li Bin, promoted Weilai Automobile to become a competitive member of the global electric vehicle manufacturers. Before joining Weilai Automobile, Warrior was the chief technology officer and strategy officer of Cisco, and also served as the chief technology officer of Motorola. In December 2018, it officially announced its departure from Weilai.

In addition, Weilai Automobile also recruited Lu Xiaoming, the former chairman of Montblanc in China, to take charge of Weilai’s user experience. Zhong Wan Li, executive vice president of Jiangling, is responsible for the specific manufacturing. Ganesh V. Lyer, former chief information officer of Tesla, is the leader of Tesla’s ERP system and is responsible for the operation.

Ping Jiang, former vice president of Guangzhou Automobile Group, Zhou Xin, former executive director of automobile procurement and human resources and government affairs of Qoros, and Mao Jie, former executive director of automobile assembly of Qoros, and other senior executives are responsible for R&D, cost and manufacturing.

It can be said that at the beginning of its establishment, Weilai Automobile began to recruit a large number of senior executives, covering all aspects of automobile manufacturing.

In addition to founding the core figures in the early days, in recent years, Weilai has successively recruited many technical talents from well-known enterprises such as Huawei, NVIDIA, Wal-Mart, Xilinx and Huami.

Ren Shaoqing, co-founder and R&D director of Momenta, an autonomous driving startup.

In August 2020, Ren Shaoqing joined Weilai as assistant vice president, reporting directly to Weilai CEO Li Bin.

Ren Shaoqing graduated from the doctoral program jointly trained by the University of Science and Technology of China and Microsoft Asia Research Institute, and participated in proposing an efficient framework Faster RCNN and an image recognition algorithm ResNet for object detection.

The latter related papers won the Best Paper Award of CVPR, the top conference in the field of computer vision, in 2016.

In 2019, Momenta published an article saying that Ren Shaoqing ranked first in the world in adding academic citations to Google in autonomous driving, and accumulated academic citations ranked second in the world.

In addition, Ren Shaoqing was selected into the list of outstanding young people under the age of 30 in Forbes Asia in 2018.

Zhang Lei, Chief Architect of Yuan Hua Mi Technology

In August 2019, Zhang Lei joined Weilai Automobile as the vice president of software development, succeeding Dr. Li Zhuang.

Judging from the public information, Zhang Lei is a veteran of the automotive technology industry. In 2016, he joined the Huami Technology Silicon Valley team as the chief architect. Before joining Huami, Zhang Lei participated in the development of Android Auto, a car project.

After joining Weilai, Zhang Lei was mainly responsible for Weilai CDC (Car Digital Cockpit) business.

Hu Chengchen, former director of Xilinx Asia-Pacific Laboratory

According to public information, Hu Chengchen received his Ph.D. in computer science and technology in Tsinghua University in 2008, and then taught in Xi ‘an Jiaotong University for a long time. At the age of 29, he became an associate professor at the School of Telecommunications of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, and later became a professor, and served as the head of the computer department of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University.

Its main research direction is data center, network big data and so on.

Later, in 2017, he was transferred from academia to industry, and served as the director /CTO of Xilinx Asia Pacific Laboratory, with rich experience in chip front-end design.

In October 2021, Hu Chengchen joined Weilai Automobile as the chief expert & assistant vice president and the head of the technical planning department.

Yin Shuijun, former president of Meitu mobile phone

(The picture on the right shows Yin Shuijun)

In February of this year, it was reported that Yin Shuijun, the former president of Meitu Mobile, joined Weilai to take the lead in the mobile phone business.

She Xiaoli, former chief functional safety expert of Huawei BU.

She Xiaoli graduated from Tsinghua University, worked as a functional safety expert in Baidu Autopilot Division for one year, and then worked as the chief functional safety expert and the chief big data application expert in Huawei.

According to public information, She Xiaoli joined Baidu (BIDU) in 2015 after receiving her Ph.D. in Tsinghua as a functional safety expert, and introduced the concept of functional safety into Baidu’s Autopilot Division.

A year later, he joined Huawei as the chief functional safety expert and the chief big data application expert, leading the design of vehicle-side data collection, cloud processing architecture and cloud value-added applications suitable for the characteristics of autonomous driving data.

In November 2021, She Xiaoli joined Weilai Automobile as an internal expert in algorithm research.

Zhang Xiaohong, former director of Huawei BU intelligent driving product project group.

Zhang Xiaohong graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University with a major in mechanical engineering, and has served as a senior software development engineer of Shanghai Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and an OSS product director of Dingqiao Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

In April 2021, he joined Weilai as a senior product manager.

Steve Xie, former head of NVIDIA autopilot simulation.

On January 11th, 2022, Steve Xie, the former head of NVIDIA Autopilot Simulation, said that he had joined Weilai Automobile as the head and senior director of Autopilot Simulation Department of Shanghai Weilai Automobile Co., Ltd.

Steve Xie graduated from Peking University and received his Ph.D. from Columbia University. Judging from his work experience, Steve Xie had been deeply involved in the autonomous driving industry for many years before joining Weilai Automobile, and had working experience in Cruise, NVIDIA and other big manufacturers.

In 2018, Steve Xie joined Cruise, an American L4 autonomous driving company, responsible for simulation product development.

Alister Whelan, a former Jaguar Land Rover designer, and Joaquin Garcia, a former SEAT designer.

In October 2021, Whelan will become the design director of Weilai together with Garcia.

Alister Whelan had previously served as the interior design director in the design department of Jaguar Land Rover, and his career in Jaguar Land Rover was as long as 21 years, and he participated in the interior design of F-Type, F-Pace, I-Pace and other vehicles. Judging from his qualifications, he obviously has rich design experience.

Joaquin Garcia once worked in Skoda, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, for 5 years and in Seat for 6 years, and participated in the design work of Seat and its high-performance brand CUPRA.

Feng Li, Dean of BAIC New Technology Research Institute.

Feng Li comes from a technical background and knows a lot about automobile manufacturing. At the same time, he is also known as a "marketing wizard".

Previously, he worked in Chery Automobile, BAIC Group and other car companies, and has rich practice and successful experience in R&D, marketing, manufacturing and company management.

Since 2009, Feng Li has joined BAIC, successively serving as the executive deputy general manager of Beijing Hyundai, the president of Beijing Automotive Co., Ltd., the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of BAIC and the Party Secretary of the New Technology Research Institute of BAIC.

In December 2017, Feng Li joined Weilai Capital as a partner.

Bai Jian, former hardware director of OPPO and general manager of Xiaomi Chip and Forward-looking Research Department.

In November 2020, Bai Jian joined Weilai Automobile as vice president of hardware, reporting to Li Bin.

Before joining Xiaomi, Bai Jian worked for OPPO as the hardware director. In September 2018, Bai Jian joined Xiaomi Company as the general manager of Xiaomi Chip and Prospective Research Department. Bai Jian studied in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, majoring in cryptography and communication engineering.

Zhu Jiang, former deputy general manager of Lexus China

In February 2017, Zhu Jiang joined Weilai Automobile as the vice president. In November, 2021, Zhu Jiang announced his resignation from Weilai and joined Jidu Automobile, a brand owned by Baidu Car, as the vice president of Jidu Automobile and the person in charge of user development and operation.

In 2002, Zhu Jiang began to set foot in the automobile industry, and then entered BMW Brilliance, responsible for dealer market, event marketing and other related work. In 2008, he was promoted to vice president of brand management of BMW China MINI.

In July 2014, he joined Lexus China as Deputy General Manager, mainly responsible for product planning and marketing.

Xie Dongying, former CFO of New Oriental

Xie Dongying worked in JPMorgan Chase, UBS Assets, UBS Investment Bank and other companies for many years, and then served as CFO of New Oriental Education Group, and once served as chief financial officer.

He is also a director of JD.COM, British education groups Noranda and Yum! China, and has helped many companies to complete the listing.

In May 2017, Weilai announced the appointment of personnel, and announced that Xie Dongying had joined as CFO, responsible for Weilai automobile financing and listing projects, and reported directly to Li Bin.

In October 2019, Xie Dongying left from Weilai.

Ralph kranz, former Volvo executive

In January, 2022, overseas media reported that Ralph Kranz, sales and commercial director of Volvo Germany, resigned on March 1st and joined Weilai Automobile to take charge of the German market.

According to public information, Ralph Kranz has many years’ experience in the automobile industry. Besides 10 years at Volvo, he also worked in aston martin and Toyota.

On the surface, it is wise for Weilai to dig kranz, mainly to promote the plan to enter the German market before the end of 2022.

Shen Feng, former Volvo executive.

In December 2017, the global CTO of Polestar, a high-performance brand owned by Volvo Cars, and Shen Feng, president of China and president of Volvo China R&D Company, announced that they had joined Weilai Automobile as vice president of quality and chairman of quality management committee, and were responsible for its overall quality-related management.

Volvo said that Shen Feng’s previous position in Polestar had been temporarily taken over by Lars Danielson.

Before joining Weilai, Shen Feng was a master of Ford 6-Sigma black belt, global CTO of Volvo Car Polestar and president of China, and president of Volvo China R&D Company.

Shen Feng has rich experience in 6-Sigma quality management, Geely Volvo International M&A, establishment of international R&D center, product R&D and mass production, supplier management, and establishment and commissioning of new factories.

Wu Yusen, Luo Jing, has the same disease but different lives, fighting against the "chameleon" lymphoma in the tumor field, and the new anti-cancer force CAR-T rises!

       Luo Jing, the host of the famous News Network, Cindy Lee, the actor who plays Fang Yu in Deep Rain, and Fuck off! Tumor jun touched many netizens’ cartoonist Xiong Dun … In recent years, many celebrities have passed away because of lymphoma. At the same time, however, there are also many famous people who have succeeded in fighting cancer after suffering from lymphoma. For example, the 70-year-old famous director Wu Yusen was diagnosed with large B-cell lymphoma in tonsils when filming Taiping Wheel in 2008. After four operations, in the second month of chemotherapy, his mouth was all festered, he could not swallow, and his body and face were so thin that he was wrinkled. Finally, he succeeded in fighting cancer with his firm will!  


       For example, Kai-Fu Lee, the founder of an innovative factory that successfully used chemotherapy and targeted therapy to fight advanced lymphoma! On September 5, 2013, 52-year-old Kai-fu Lee announced that he had stage IV follicular lymphoma and had to leave work for treatment. In February 2015, he announced the results of his physical examination, indicating that the tumor in the body is not obvious at present. In June of the same year, Kai-fu Lee said that he had not found any lesions in his last two examinations and ridiculed himself as "Li Kangfu". It took Kai-fu Lee less than two years from finding out the cancer until the focus was completely gone. His anti-cancer experience is worth learning from.


Alias "the most disguised disease", lymphoma has become a killer.

       According to statistics, there is a new case of lymphoma every 9 minutes in the world. The incidence of lymphoma in China is 0.02‰, with about 25,000 new patients and nearly 20,000 deaths each year. The threat of lymphoma is rapidly emerging. It ranks among the top ten malignant tumors in China and ranks second among hematological malignancies. At the beginning, the symptoms of the disease were hidden, and it was described as "the most disguised disease". In the intercontinental area, the incidence of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is much higher than Hodgkin’s disease, which is about 9: 1. Because of the higher degree of malignancy and worse prognosis, lymphoma is generally referred to as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In China, the incidence of malignant tumors ranks ninth among men and tenth among women. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma can occur in all ages, and the high incidence age is 45~60 years old. Among them, Luo Jing suffered from diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). This is a common non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which belongs to aggressive lymphoma with high malignancy. The course of the disease progresses rapidly. If it is not actively treated, the median survival time is less than one year. In recent years, great progress has been made in the research and treatment of lymphoma, and new drugs and technologies have risen strongly! CAR-T therapy Among them, the chimeric antigen receptor T(CAR-T) cell therapy is particularly prominent. Its appearance represents a great progress in personalized cancer treatment, especially bringing the hope of rebirth to patients with hematological malignancies.

Complete remission! The first advanced lymphoma patient in China who received CAR-T therapy was discharged smoothly!

       Although they all suffer from diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, Mr. Chen, who suffers from malignant lymphoma, is a lucky one. According to Jiangsu public news channel News Space Station, on August 31st, the first lymphoma patient treated with CAR-T cells in China achieved complete remission and was discharged smoothly.  


       Mr. Chen suffered from diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. After the onset of the disease in October 2010, he had received chemotherapy for many times, but all of them were unsatisfactory. Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma is the most common malignant lymphoma. After immunotherapy, about 60% patients can survive for a long time, but 40% patients will still relapse. In June this year, Mr. Chen accepted CAR-T cell therapy with a tentative attitude, and all the physical indicators tended to be normal. He told reporters with delight that his physical condition was better than before, and he was no different from a normal person after leaving the hospital. CAR-T therapy, a "living drug", made her completely relieved and looked forward to a cancer-free future. 

       As a "living" drug, CAR-T therapy is very different from traditional drugs. First, the therapy needs to isolate T cells from patients and modify them with chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) in vitro, so that they can specifically recognize cancer cells. Finally, the modified T cells are expanded and reinfused into patients. Compared with traditional chemotherapy and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, it can kill tumor cells more accurately, improve the curative effect and greatly reduce the side effects.  


The well-known director of hematology in China said: CAR-T can identify lymphoma very deliberately, and the antigen carried on tumor cells will attack directly after being connected, and it will produce an anti-tumor effect and kill it directly without the need for second signal stimulation, so one of its characteristics is accuracy, and the second is power. The scope of application is still the recurrence or refractory diffuse large B lymphoma that is ineffective in general immunochemotherapy.  

CAR-T therapy FDA approved 6 models, and domestic CAR-T therapy caught up!    

       After sharing the above news reports about CAR-T therapy, let’s get down to business and talk about CAR-T therapy. At present,CAR-T therapy has achieved great success in the treatment of hematological malignancies.. Six CAR-T cell therapies have been approved by FDA in the United States and two CAR-T cell therapies have been listed in China. The picture below shows CAR-T cell therapy that has been listed at home and abroad.   58991648856113613   

       Although China’s CAR-T technology started late, the domestic market is large. According to the data on Clinicaltrials.gov’s website, China became the country that registered the most CAR-T tests in September 2017. As of May 27th, 2021, there are 1301 CAR-T clinical trials in the world, and the number of CAR-T trials registered in China has reached 478! 

01  The first CAR-T therapy in China was approved for listing! China welcomes the first year of cellular immunotherapy.

       On June 22nd, the blank in the field of CAR-T in China was finally broken! The latest announcement of China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), Fosun Kaite Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " Fosun Kate ”) The CAR-T cell therapy product targeting CD19, Aquilencel Injection (also known as Aquilencel, FKC876), was officially approved for marketing. This is the first approved CAR-T therapy in China and the sixth approved CAR-T therapy in the world. It is believed that China will usher in the blowout era of CAR-T cell therapy. 

02  In just one month, the second CAR-T therapy in China and the sixth CAR-T therapy in the world were approved!

       On September 3, the State Drug Administration recently announced that Yaoming JunuoThe CAR-T product targeting CD19, Regiosai Injection.(relma-cel, trade name: Benoda) has been officially approved. The approved indications for Regioside Injection are:It can be used to treat relapsed or refractory large B-cell lymphoma (r/r LBCL) in adult patients after second-line or above systemic treatment.Reggiorense injection is the second CAR-T product approved in China and the first CAR-T product of Class 1 biological products in China.



It’s only been about one month since it was submitted for examination and approval on July 30th last time, which can be described as rapid progress. Congratulations! (At present, patients with economic conditions can contact cancer-free homes for the treatment of regiorense. ) 

Boom! The first BCMA CAR-T therapy in China and the second in the world was approved by FDA!

       China’s "dark horse" in CAR-T cell therapy industry-legendary BCMA(B-cell mature antigen) CAR-T therapy Cedar-B38m/JNJ-4528 (hereinafter referred to as cilta-cel) has attracted much attention, and has shown excellent anticancer activity in clinical trials for multiple myeloma.

       What is exciting is that on February 28th, 2022, local time, it was jointly developed by Janssen and Legendary Biology.BCMA CAR-T product, Cedactylosin (trade name Carvykti), has been approved by the US FDA for the treatment of adult patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma (MM).

This is the first cell therapy product approved by FDA in China and the second CAR-T cell immunotherapy approved for BCMA in the world.



       Cilta-cel was awarded priority review qualification by FDA on May 26th.However, the approval of the West Dachiorensai was delayed, and it was adjusted from November 29, 2021 toFebruary 28, 2022Fortunately, it was finally approved and lived up to expectations!

       cilta-celIt is a CAR-T therapy directed by research B cell maturation antigen (BCMA), which is used to treat relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma (RRMM). These patients received an average of five kinds of pre-treatment before treatment, 76% of them received five kinds of treatment, and 86% of them were resistant to five kinds of treatment, including CD38 treatment, and they were both resistant to protease inhibitor PI and immunomodulator IMiD. Simply put, it is refractory to relapse and lack of effective treatment in the follow-up. The principle of this CAR-T therapy is different from the current PD-1/L1. It directly uses the T cells in the patient’s body, transforms them in vitro, replicates them in large quantities, and then transfuses them into the patient’s body to kill cancer cells. At the ASH conference in 2021, the latest results of the 1b/2 CARTITUDE-1 study (n=97) showed that,meso-position 22 months Long-term follow-up, The objective remission rate (ORR) reached 98% , 83% patients achieved strict complete remission (sCR) It is emphasized that the mitigation will deepen with the passage of time (sCR will increase from 67% reported at the ASH annual meeting in 2020 to 83%). At 18 months, 66% of the patients were alive and the disease did not progress. .The two-year progression-free survival rate and overall survival rate are respectively 61% and 74% .The latest research results to be announced at the ASCO annual meeting in 2021 show that After a median follow-up of 18 months, the overall survival (OS) rate was 81%. The remission rate is comparable in all pre-specified subgroups and patients with different treatment lines.


American research shows that cilta-cel has excellent long-term efficacy.   

       Emily, a foreign country, successfully ushered in nine years of cancer-free survival in 2021, and suddenly became the "spokesperson" of global CAR-T therapy. In China, there is such a lucky person whose fate has been completely changed by CAR-T therapy. Mr. Min was diagnosed with a special rare disease at the age of 54- multiple myeloma . He had no drugs available at that time, so he was lucky enough to participate in the clinical trial of CAR-T therapy. Although the treatment process was not smooth sailing, after three times of treatment, all the lumps on Mr. Min’s body disappeared and the pain disappeared. Surprisingly, by June 4, 2021, Mr. Min had lived cancer-free for five years, which is the field of cancer treatment, which is theoretically said. Clinical cure .


       In fact, as early as March 27th this year,The FDA approved the first CAR-T therapy targeting BCMA for adult patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma (r/r MM) after receiving more than four therapies.

       Chemotherapy to fight cancer is often "killing one thousand enemies and losing eight hundred". Antibody drugs can accurately find tumor targets, but sometimes their combat effectiveness is insufficient. If we can put a "warhead" of chemotherapy drugs on antibody drugs, can we attack cancer cells more accurately? Based on this, an ADC (antibody drug conjugate) called "biological missile" was born. Antibody-coupled drugs are like biological missiles, which consist of two core functions: the first is antibody (missile body), the second is strong chemotherapy drug (nuclear warhead); This design will enable antibodies to find tumor cells with chemotherapy drugs, and then accurately poison tumor cells and poison them.  This drug design combines the precision of targeted drugs with the high efficiency of chemotherapy drugs, which not only avoids the toxic and side effects of systemic use of chemotherapy drugs, but also has stronger killing ability than using targeted drugs alone, killing two birds with one stone.     42591648856116705    

Schematic diagram of antibody-coupled drugs   Note: (a) General description of A)ADC structure; (b) the mechanism of B)ADC.  

Fourteen ADC drugs have been approved around the world, which brings hope for prolonging the survival time of back-line patients.

       At present, more than 100 kinds of ADC are undergoing clinical trials. Most adcs have progressed from phase i to phase II. Some ADC phase III trials show positive results; Up to September 20th, 2021, there are 14 kinds of ADC drugs on the market in the world, which are mainly used in hematological tumors and solid tumors, and are mainly used for back-line treatment of patients, including advanced, recurrent/refractory and metastatic tumor indications.



Fourteen ADC drugs have been approved worldwide.

According to the curative effect data, ADC drugs have brought more treatment options and the hope of prolonging the survival time for back-line patients, and the objective remission rate or median progression-free survival time of several drugs has doubled compared with chemotherapy.

Looking at the CD30 target, the new drug F0002-ADC became an instant hit and squeezed into the lymphoma track.

       CD30, a member of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor superfamily, can promote cell proliferation or apoptosis by activating different signal pathways. In 2020, Vebtuximab for injection (Adcetris) was approved to be listed in China, and CD30 became famous. Adcetris, as an antibody-coupled drug targeting CD30, has an effective rate of 73% for Hodgkin’s lymphoma (HL) and 86% for anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). It is the first new drug approved in the field of Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment in recent 30 years, and it is also the first time that a drug targeting CD30 has been approved, filling the gap in this field. At present, the only new ADC drug for CD30 in China is F0002-ADC. This new drug consists of three parts, namely, human-mouse chimeric anti-CD30 monoclonal antibody, thioether linker (MCC) and DM1. Since the project was launched in 2016, it has been disappointing! At present, patients with recurrent/refractory CD30 positive peripheral T-cell lymphoma are being recruited clinically! This is a new treatment option for patients with recurrent/refractory peripheral T-cell lymphoma!

This article is original for a cancer-free home, and it needs authorization to reprint! Cancer-free homes remind patients  

E Zhou Xin Li

This week, Weilai released its 2020 financial report. Although its annual net loss was 5.3 billion yuan, its gross profit margin turned positive. This has increased the industry’s expectations for Weilai. At the same time, holding more than 40 billion yuan in cash also gives investors confidence in the future development of the company.

The first week of March is the week when the new car-making forces release the production and sales express. Five new car-making forces, such as Weilai, Ideality, Tucki, Nezha and Zero Run, all showed different degrees of decline in February, and Weilai ranked first by virtue of the number of models.

For more news about the new forces of building cars, let’s move on.

1. In 2020, Weilai’s total revenue exceeded 16.2 billion, up 107% year-on-year, and 43,000 vehicles were delivered.

On March 1, 2021, US time, Weilai released the fourth quarter and full-year financial report of 2020. In the fourth quarter of 2020, the revenue was RMB 6.64 billion, up 46.7% from the previous quarter, and the total revenue for the whole year was RMB 16.2579 billion, up 107.8% from the same period last year. In terms of cash reserves, Weilai currently has a total reserve of 42.45 billion yuan; The annual operating loss was 4.61 billion yuan, narrowing by 58.4%.

In terms of delivery volume, the number of vehicles delivered in the fourth quarter of 2020 was 17,353, including 4,873 ES8, 7,574 ES6 and 4,906 EC6. In contrast, 8,224 vehicles were delivered in the fourth quarter of 2019 and 12,206 vehicles were delivered in the third quarter of 2020. In 2020, 43,728 vehicles were delivered and in 2019, 20,565 vehicles were delivered.

Source: First Electric Network

2、Geely Baidu established Jidu Automobile Co., Ltd.

Tianyancha APP shows that Geely and Baidu set up a brand-new joint venture company today, and the company was named Jidu Automobile. The registered capital of the new company is 2 billion yuan, and the company law is Xia Yiping. The shareholders are Dazi Bairuixiang Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. (55%) and Shanghai Huapu Automobile Co., Ltd. (45%).

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: First Electric Network

3. Weilai sold 5,578 vehicles in February, a year-on-year increase of 689%.

On March 2, Weilai Automobile released the unaudited financial report for the fourth quarter and the whole year of fiscal year 2020 as of December 31, 2020. The financial report shows that in the fourth quarter, Weilai Automobile delivered 17,353 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 111%, and delivered 43,728 vehicles throughout the year, an increase of 112.63% over 2019; Revenue in the fourth quarter was 6,641.1 billion yuan (US$ 1,017.8 billion), a year-on-year increase of 133.2%.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: First Electric Network

4. LI delivered 2,300 Li ONE vehicles in February, a year-on-year increase of 755%.

On March 2nd, LI released the February delivery data. Li ONE delivered 2,300 vehicles in February, an increase of 755% compared with February 2020. As of February 28th, Li ONE has delivered more than 40,000 vehicles, reaching 41,276 vehicles.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: First Electric Network

5. Xpeng Motors delivered 2,223 vehicles in February, and the cumulative delivery volume in January and February increased by 577% year-on-year.

On March 2nd, Xpeng Motors released the results delivered in February 2021. Affected by the Spring Festival holiday and other reasons, Xpeng Motors delivered 2,223 vehicles in February, of which 1,409 vehicles were delivered by Tucki P7 in February, and the cumulative delivery reached 20,181 vehicles, making it the fastest vehicle type for new car manufacturers to break through 20,000 vehicles. From January to February, the cumulative delivery volume in Xpeng Motors increased by 577% compared with the same period of last year.

Source: First Electric Network

6. Nezha Automobile sold 2,002 units in February, up 18.63% year-on-year.

On March 1st, Nezha Automobile released the production and sales data for February, and sold 2,002 vehicles in February, up by 18.63% year-on-year, and the cumulative sales exceeded 30,000.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: First Electric Network

7. The delivery exceeded the 10,000-unit mark, with a total of 10,841 zero-run vehicles delivered.

On March 1st, First Electric Network learned from the official of Zero-Run Cars that by February 28th, 2021, the cumulative delivery of Zero-Run Cars had exceeded 10,000 units, reaching 10,841 units. Among them, T03 delivered a total of 8,362 units and S01 delivered 2,479 units. At the same time, 2424 sets of zero-running cars were ordered in February.

E Zhou Xin Li

There are 793 pre-sale orders for retail C11, 1604 sales orders for retail T03 and 27 sales orders for retail S01. As a zero-run, C11 launched a brand-new SUV model, and the first OTS vehicle (tooling car) was officially rolled off the assembly line on February 27th.

Source: First Electric Network

8. The first model of Zhiji Automobile was opened for booking in April and listed in 2022.

A few days ago, the driving sight learned from the official that Zhiji Automobile, a subsidiary of SAIC, will make a global reservation for its first production model at the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year. It is understood that the new car will be officially listed and delivered in 2022.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: driving sight

9. Nezha received another credit of 5 billion yuan, and the accumulated credit amount exceeded 10 billion yuan.

A few days ago, we learned that Hezhong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Branch of CITIC Group Coordination Committee to start all-round and in-depth cooperation with CITIC Bank Shanghai Branch, CITIC Securities and CITIC Prudential Life Insurance Shanghai Branch, and obtained a comprehensive credit line of 5 billion yuan from CITIC Bank. The financing funds will be mainly used for the research and development of intelligent technologies such as intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving in Nezha.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: Aika Automobile

10. The new models of G3/P7 in Tucki are all entry-level models.

On March 3rd, Xpeng Motors announced that G3 and P7 had launched two NEDC models respectively, among which Tucki G3 added a 460c enjoyment model, the battery type was lithium iron phosphate, and at the same time, it was replaced with low wind resistance wheels, with a battery life of 460km;. Tucki P7 has newly added rear-drive standard endurance models, including Zhixiang version and Zhizun version, all of which use lithium iron phosphate batteries, and NEDC has a battery life of 480km. From the perspective of the two vehicle systems, the newly added models are all entry-level models of G3 and P7, which enriches the choice of car purchase, especially the newly added model of Tucki P7 further lowers the purchase threshold of this car.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: First Electric Network

11, 169,900 from the sale of Aichi U5 PURE Zhi listed in urtext.

A few days ago, we learned from the official that the 2021 Aichi U5 PURE urtext was officially launched, and the price of the new car was 169,900-189,900 yuan. The "1+3" mode with self-defined options is introduced in this model. Users can carry out three categories of options and options, such as battery life, exterior interior color and function upgrade, on a benchmark model, with 384 vehicle configuration combinations.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: car home.

one2、Weimar W6 officially opens the pre-sale intention, only 6.6 yuan is needed.

On March 1st, Weimar W6, a brand-new pure electric SUV model of Weimar Automobile, officially opened for pre-sale. At present, after logging in and authenticating Weimar Auto WeChat applet, you will be able to participate in Weimar W6 prize-winning pre-order activities, and you will become an "reserved customer" by paying 6.6 yuan on the activity page, and you will have a lucky draw. In terms of power, Weimar W6 will be equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 160kW. The battery is a ternary lithium-ion battery produced by Hubei Xinghui New Energy Smart Car Co., Ltd., with a battery capacity of 65kWh and a cruising range of 520km.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: First Electric Network

13. The longest battery life is 610km. Nezha will launch Nezha U Pro.

A few days ago, we learned from Nezha Auto that Nezha Auto will launch 2021 Nezha U, and the new car will be named Nezha U Pro. According to the official, the new car will be upgraded in 33 aspects, such as battery life and intelligence, and the cruising range will reach 610km09 under comprehensive working conditions.

E Zhou Xin Li

Source: car home.

14. Chinese Express and Zhongke Chuangda join hands to build smart cars.

A few days ago, Chinese Express announced that it has formally signed a cooperation agreement with Zhongke Chuangda, and the two sides will set up a joint venture company to focus on the development of automotive intelligent systems and software. The two sides will jointly build a computing platform and tool chain for the next generation of smart cars and launch a new generation of smart car operating systems.

Source: car home.

15. Guosen Securities shares in zero-run cars.

On March 1 ST, Tianyancha APP showed that Zhejiang Zero Run Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zero Run Car") changed its business information: Guoxin Securities, a new shareholder, was added. Regarding this industrial and commercial change, the person in charge of the relevant departments of Zero Run Automobile said: "Guosen Securities is the trustee of our employee stock ownership plan, and Zero Run Automobile is preparing for IPO listing."

Source: Yiou Automobile

16. Xpeng Motors affiliated enterprises set up a new company, and its business scope includes second-hand car distribution.

The data shows that on March 2, Shanghai Pengxing Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, and its legal representative is Zhu Yanhua. Its business scope includes the sales of new cars. New energy vehicle sales; Used car distribution; Motor vehicle repair and maintenance. Enterprise survey shows that the company is wholly owned by Shanghai Xpeng Motors Sales & Service Co., Ltd.

Source: Sina Auto

Source: First Electric Network

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