These six products were named on March 15 this year. What time will the live broadcast of the 315 party in 2021 be?

  It’s March 15th again.

  March 15th this year is the first consumer rights day since the 14th Five-Year Plan. Many people are concerned, which enterprises and products will be greatly exposed? Many businesses are worried that their products will be "named"?

  According to the complaints received by the National Consumers Association in 2020 announced by the China Consumers Association, the hot spots of consumer complaints and media attention in the past year should be sorted out, and products in these six fields should be extra careful.


  One is the car.

  Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision and other five departments talked about Tesla, involving abnormal acceleration, battery fire, remote vehicle upgrade and other issues.

  Many models of Toyota have problems such as oil increase and oil emulsification. Especially Asian Dragon, the related complaints on the car quality network are more serious.

  In the complaint list of Chezhi. com in 2020, the Volkswagen model headed by sagitar has abnormal gearbox noise and frustration, with 1199 complaints. Among them, it also involves a variety of models such as LaVida and Bora.

  Some local consumers’ associations pointed out that Buick’s complaints among mid-level car joint venture brands are outstanding, followed by Chevrolet and SAIC Volkswagen; Domestic independent brands such as Geely, Roewe and BYD have more complaints; Luxury brands BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz have the highest number of complaints.

  In addition, the car purchase contract is "tricky", the after-sales service is not in place, and the car insurance is bundled, which are also common problems in car consumption complaints.

  The second is live broadcast with goods.

  Low price is the biggest selling point of live broadcast to attract consumers, but it is also mixed. Some live broadcast rooms also gather many consumption traps such as counterfeiting, exaggeration, wrong goods and poor after-sales.

  The problems of live broadcast with goods include old problems such as poor quality, false propaganda, and inadequate after-sales, as well as new problems such as fraud by public figures with goods, traffic fraud, and false reports. Although Tmall, JD.COM and other shopping platforms are increasingly cracking down on swiping bills, it is not difficult to find traffic dealers on the Internet, and even you can find sellers by directly entering keywords such as "pink" and "live traffic" on some websites.

  The third is short video.

  Short video platform has become the main channel for consumers to browse and share information, but the low-cost experience released by enterprises through short video may be a trap. Some college students complained that they saw that "Yanyu Oriental Costume Photography" had an experience activity of 19.9 yuan through the short video platform. After the actual registration, the studio staff constantly induced them to upgrade their services, and finally the accumulated service fee was as high as 20,000 yuan. The Consumer Protection Committee found that the trap of low-cost experience is more in the service fields such as photography and moving.

  The fourth is the network car.

  Not long ago, a 23-year-old woman in Changsha jumped out of the window and died. The Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Bureau interviewed the cargo girl twice. On March 11th, Cargo Lala announced the on-line recording function, trial operation of on-board equipment and other rectification measures.

  Previously, Didi was also caught in many security incidents. Compared with the management loopholes in previous years, Didi has made many improvements in recent years, but the problems such as "killing big data", "high drawing" and "selling coupons black production chain" are still criticized.

  Fifth, educational institutions.

  Recently, the market supervision departments in many places have issued consumer warnings about carefully choosing education and training institutions.

  A few days ago, five education and training institutions with a large number of complaints and low resolution rate made public exposure. Among them, Yousheng Education was exposed for the seventh time because of running a school without a license, and Jianwei Education and Yi Xiao Education were exposed for the sixth time and the fourth time respectively.

  The sixth is mobile phone software.

  Over the past year, the loopholes in mobile phone software have repeatedly triggered public opinion.

  A professor from Fudan University led a team to complete a research report on "mobile phone software taxi" in many cities across the country, saying that taxi software has the phenomenon of "big data killing".

  On March 12, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "APP Notice on Infringement of Users’ Rights and Interests (the third batch in 2021, the twelfth batch in total)", and 136 apps were notified for infringing users’ rights and interests. Among them, companies such as Tencent, Iflytek and Shengtian Network are involved.

related news

  The "March 15th" party of the Central Radio and Television General Station in 2021 will be broadcast live on CCTV financial channel, CCTV financial client and Yangguang Economic Voice at 8 pm on March 15th. The theme of this "March 15th" party is: boosting consumption starts from the heart.

  China’s economy has gone through an extraordinary year in 2020. In the face of multiple severe impacts such as the sudden COVID-19 epidemic and the deep recession of the world economy, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with the Supreme Leader as the core, people of all ethnic groups throughout the country have worked hard, made significant strategic achievements in epidemic prevention and control, achieved positive economic growth in the only major economies in the world, won a comprehensive victory in the fight against poverty, won a decisive victory in building a well-off society in an all-round way, and handed over an answer that was satisfactory to the people, attracted worldwide attention and could go down in history. At such a critical moment, consumption is still the mainstay of the national economy. The total retail sales of consumer goods in the whole year was 39,198.1 billion yuan, accounting for 38.6% of the total economic output. Among them, the improvement of consumption order and consumption environment is a remarkable feature. The determination and sincerity of policies and supervision, the conscience and intention of enterprises, and the confidence and reassurance of consumers constitute a benign consumption ecology.

  The "March 15th" party in 2021 focused on "boosting consumption from the heart", hoping that through the power of honesty, everyone can live a happier and happier life, steadily improve their consumption capacity, improve the consumption environment, enable residents to consume and be willing to consume, speed up the construction of a modern economic system, smooth the domestic cycle and the domestic and international dual cycle, start the "14th Five-Year Plan" for China’s economy, and contribute to the new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way.

  The new development stage, new development concept and new development pattern mean that a new consumption era is coming with the wind. A good new consumption ecology will make everyone enjoy a sense of acquisition, happiness and security more fully, more securely and sustainably, and jointly usher in the spring of growth. The "March 15th" party advocates that every producer, operator, consumer and supervisor should weave the country’s development goals with the people’s simple wishes into a better life.

  The "March 15th" party in 2021 was jointly sponsored by the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, National Internet Information Office, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, National Health and Wellness Commission, State Administration of Market Supervision, National Medical Products Administration, China Consumers Association and CCTV.

Original title: This year’s "March 15th", these six products were named.
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"Qingyu Nian 3" official announcement, Zhang Ruoyun joined hands with Li Qin, Tian Yu, Song Yi and other more than 20 leading actors to return

The official announcement of "Qingyu Nian 3" was launched, and the five protagonists were replaced. Yan Bingyun’s corner invited Xiao Zhan again.

"Qingyu Nian" is a series of classics created by screenwriter Wang Tie and director Sun Hao, and jointly created by Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin, Chen Daoming, Wu Gang, Li Xiaoran, Tian Yu, Song Yi, Guo Qilin and others. The play is adapted from the novel of the same name by Cat Network and has been broadcast in three parts. At present, the first and second parts have already appeared. After the conclusion of "Qingyu Nian 1", news about the second part appeared in just one month, but what no one expected was that the release of "Qingyu Nian 2" made the audience wait for four years. Now, "Qingyu Nian 2" has officially ended, and the news of the third installment also appeared, which led everyone to ask, is this "Qingyu Nian 3" going to be on for three or four years? The answer is not so! "Qingyu Nian 3" was officially launched, and the five protagonists were replaced, and Yan Bingyun invited Xiao Zhan again. As we all know, the reason why "Qingyu Nian 2" was delayed for so long was mainly due to the environmental factors at that time. Not only the play, but many works were delayed because of those three years, but now it is completely different, so the launch of the play should be smooth sailing. Of course, although "Qingyu Nian 3" will soon be put on the schedule as hoped, the selection of actors is still the top priority. After all, this is the key point of a drama, so I will mainly introduce the general list of the drama. In the preparation of "Qingyu Nian 3", almost the vast majority of the lead actors have returned to the filming of the drama, including Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin, Chen Daoming, Tian Yu, Li Xiaoran, Xin Zhilei, Song Yi, Guo Qilin, Liu Duanduan, Zhang Haowei, Gao Shuguang and more than 20 other actors. In addition to the return of many of the above protagonists, in the cast section of "Qingyu Nian 3", there are also many roles that have changed actors, among which Ye Qingmei, Ye Linger, Yan Bingyun and others are the most eye-catching. Although Ye Qingmei’s role has not appeared many times, it has always been in everyone’s memory, but her stories and legends have always been throughout, especially in "Qingyu Nian 3", so the candidate for this role is about to be screened again. However, it is interesting that most of the news on the Internet about the candidate for Ye Qingmei’s role points to Tang Yixin. As a flower with good looks, acting skills and popularity, Tang Yixin has a lot of faulty works, and it is easy to play a Ye Qingmei. In addition,In "Qingyu Nian 1", the popular male sidekick, Bingyun, has also ushered in a sudden increase in scenes, which is enough in the second installment

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Andy Lau holds a concert in Singapore on his 58th birthday, and fans sing the birthday song

Last night, Andy Lau held his second concert in Singapore, and there was still a lot of singing and dancing at the scene. But what was even more noticeable was that at halftime, all the fans began to sing the birthday song. It turned out that today was Andy Lau’s 58th birthday, so the fans had been preparing for a big surprise for Andy Lau.

Andy was also touched by the fans that day, and Andy kept blowing kisses to the fans, and the whole scene was real spectacular. Presumably only Andy can have such treatment, so Andy also sang with the fans at the scene. The scene was really warm and harmonious, so Andy kept blowing kisses to the fans.

Andy Lau’s first concert in Singapore was also quite exciting, and Andy Lau was also moved to tears by the fans at the scene, and began to sob directly at the scene, which made the fans really feel distressed and comforted Andy to be strong, because you have always been accompanied by us.

This time Andy Lau’s "my love" world tour concert can be said to be quite successful. For example, the recent concert in Malaysia was also proposed by female fans on the spot. It can be said that this time Andy Lau really has surprises everywhere. So "my love" is the love that Andy Lau gives to fans, and it is also the love that fans give to Andy Lau.

On Andy Lau’s 58th birthday, the whole concert in Singapore sang the birthday song, and Andy blew kisses. At the same time, Andy Lau also sang classic songs such as "Chinese" at the concert, which made the Chinese fans on the scene excited again. I have to say that Andy is really a well-deserved idol. We also hope that Andy’s concert will be a complete success. Happy birthday.

Lynk & Co 05/Volkswagen Viloran leads the new car to be launched in May

New car features: NEDC battery life up to 530km
IPO time: May 10

  The Jianghuai iC5 is based on Jianghuai’s new 432 platform, and its appearance and shape are similar to the Jiayue A5 on the same platform. Its appearance is very simple and handsome, and the polyline design can be seen everywhere. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4770/1820/1514mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2760mm. The rear of the vehicle is clearly layered, and the opening shape on both sides of the rear insurance echoes the design of the front of the car.

Jianghuai Automobile, Jianghuai iC5 2020, Deluxe Urban Edition

Jianghuai Automobile, Jianghuai iC5 2020, Deluxe Urban Edition

  The interior of the Jianghuai iC5 uses a black rice color scheme + chrome plating + piano paint trim to bring a good texture. The large central control screen and simple design style enhance the sense of technology in the car a lot. In terms of configuration, the car has 64-color ambient lights, as well as a powerful vehicle to everything car system. Built-in iFLYTEK intelligent voice control, can recognize a variety of dialects, and controls multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning, sunroof, etc., through voice control, and also has car Wi-Fi.

Jianghuai Automobile, Jianghuai iC5 2020, Deluxe Urban Edition

Jianghuai Automobile, Jianghuai iC5 2020, Deluxe Urban Edition

  In terms of active and passive safety configuration, the JAC iC5 high-end model features intelligent ramp assistance, body stabilization system, ABS + EBD, emergency braking assistance, adaptive cruise, lane keeping assistance, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition, and more.

Jianghuai Automobile, Jianghuai iC5 2020, Deluxe Urban Edition

  The new car retains the hatchback tailgate design of the Jianghuai Jiayue A5, which is rare in models of the same class. In addition, the rear air conditioner is out of trend and the rear seats are divided into 4/6 proportions. In terms of power, the Jianghuai iC5 has a maximum power of 204 horsepower and a peak torque of 340 Nm. The acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 7.6 seconds. With a 64.5kWh lithium battery, the NEDC battery life can reach 530km.

Editor’s comment:

  The appearance of the Jianghuai iC5 is very simple and spiritual, giving people a good first impression, and I believe it will win the favor of young people. Since it is a pure electric car, the cruising range is naturally the focus of everyone’s attention. The official data of the Jianghuai iC5 is 530km (NEDC battery life), which is also good. As for the configuration, it is comparable to the Chinese brand models of the same class, and it is difficult to distinguish between the top and the bottom.

  In the case of a relatively balanced book strength, the deciding elements also include the texture of driving and interior materials, which can only be evaluated when we get the Jianghuai iC5 test car. For Jianghuai, it is also necessary to set an attractive and competitive price for the iC5 to make up for the weakness of brand recognition.

Zero run T03
New car features: miniature car/battery life up to 403km
IPO time: May 11

  As early as April 10, the Zero Run T03 had been on pre-sale. The new car was positioned as a miniature pure electric vehicle, and the appearance adopted what the official called the "curved design aesthetic" style, which looked quite cute. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the T03 were 3620/1652/1577mm respectively, and the wheelbase was 2400mm.

Zero Run Car, Zero Run T03 2020, Trial Car

Zero Run Car, Zero Run T03 2020, Trial Car

  The interior design of the new car is simple, and the central control screen integrates most functions. The Zero Run T03 is quite high, such as facial recognition start system, Leap On smart car system, etc.; and the T03 has the hardware foundation of "3 cameras + 1 millimeter wave radar + 11 ultrasonic radar" and up to 10 autonomous driving auxiliary features, including: APS intelligent parking system, ACC adaptive cruise system, LDW lane departure warning system, LKA lane keeping assistance system, FCW front collision warning system, AEB automatic emergency braking system, etc.

Zero Run Car, Zero Run T03 2020, Trial Car

  In terms of power, the Zero Run T03 is equipped with the Heracles electric drive assembly independently developed by Zero Run, with a maximum power of 55kW (75Ps) and a maximum torque of 155Nm. The battery pack adopts the ternary lithium battery of Ningde era, and the energy density of the battery system is as high as 171Wh/kg. According to the previous declaration information, the battery capacity of the new car is 31kWh and 38kWh, and the corresponding NEDC cruising range is 300km and 403km respectively.

Editor’s comment:

  The Zero Run T03 is positioned as a mini car. From the perspective of body length (3620mm), it is longer than the Euler R1 (3495mm) and BYD e1 (3465mm). In addition, the slightly square body helps to improve the head space of the second row. So the Zero Run T03 gives people the feeling of a more practical mini car.

  At present, the Zero Running T03 has started pre-sale, and the pre-sale price after subsidy is less than 80,000 yuan. Surprisingly, its configuration is very awesome, and this level of models equipped with L2-level intelligent driving assistance is indeed rare. At the same time, the new car is also equipped with the Leap On smart car system. Most importantly, its range is enough to complete the task of daily city commuting.

New car features: plug-in hybrid model
IPO time: May 18

  As a plug-in hybrid model, SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 5 PLUG IN continues the overall shape of the EUNIQ 5, both of which also adopt a new energy design style. The closed air intake grille is embellished with blue elements, and a larger front lip is added under the front surround. The shovel-like shape highlights the movement and looks very fashionable.



  From the side, the standard MPV style design adds a sense of style to the new car due to the use of a suspended roof. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4825/1825/1778mm, and the wheelbase is 2800mm.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 5 2019, Comfort Edition

"The picture shows SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 5"

  In terms of the interior, the new car should still use the pure electric version of the interior layout, equipped with a 7-inch LCD instrument panel and a 12.3-inch floating touch screen, and equipped with "Zebra Zhixing System". The new car offers wireless charging, head-up display, automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assistance, panoramic imaging, panoramic sunroof and seat heating.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 5 2019, Comfort Edition

"The picture shows SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 5"

  Power is the biggest highlight of the new car. The motor of the new 1.3T engine forms a plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid power system, with a maximum engine power of 163 horsepower and a maximum motor power of 82 horsepower. The comprehensive pure electric cruising range is 64km.

Editor’s comment:

  SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 5 PLUG IN is a plug-in hybrid model. For many friends, it is undoubtedly a more secure choice at present, without mileage anxiety, and at the same time can be supported by relevant policies. Since it is built on the same platform as the EUNIQ 5 pure electric version, their appearance, interior and even configuration will not be significantly different. Recently, SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 5 PLUG IN has opened pre-sale, and the new car will launch 5 models. The only suspense is the price.

New car features: two power versions/power balance
IPO time: May 18

  The SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 is based on the SAIC MAXUS MERA intelligent scalable mid-size vehicle platform, which is compatible with pure electric, hybrid, and fuel powertrain layouts.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 2020 1.3T PLUG IN Geek Full Edition

  Among them, the EUNIQ 6 PLUG IN (hereinafter referred to as the plug-in hybrid version) adopts a new air intake grille design. The appearance of blue decorative strips emphasizes the new energy identity of the new car. At the same time, blue decoration is also added to the headlight group to highlight. In addition, the new car shape is basically the same as the fuel car, and even equipped with the same 19-inch wheels.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 2020 PRO 510 Edition

  The EUNIQ 6 is a pure electric model with a more futuristic feel. The new car has cancelled the plug-in hybrid version of the air intake grille shape, and the design of the full LED headlight group has been continued, resulting in a very fashionable visual effect. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with a separately designed low wind resistance rim, and the two exhaust layouts at the tail side have been cancelled, and the chrome decoration design has been changed. In terms of size, the two models remain the same, with a length, width and height of 4735/1860/1736mm respectively, and a wheelbase of 2760mm.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 2019, trial vehicle

  In terms of interior layout, the two use the same design. The leather-wrapped interior with stitching process and Alcantara fabric seats enhance the texture of the vehicle, and the 12.3-inch full LCD meter, head-up display and 14-inch center console display are equipped to further enhance the technological atmosphere of the vehicle. The 14-inch central control display adopts touch design and is embedded with Zebra Zhixing Internet System 3.0, which can control air conditioning, music, navigation, sunroof opening/closing, express inquiry, weather inquiry and other functions through voice.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 2019, trial vehicle

  In addition, the air-conditioning control area of the new car is also integrated into the central control screen, making the center console appear very simple. However, the new car does not cancel all physical buttons, and there are necessary driving auxiliary features around the shift lever.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 2019, trial vehicle

  It is reported that SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 will also support SAIC MAXUS’s C2B intelligent customization mode. In terms of configuration, it also provides panoramic sunroof, 64-color ambient light, electric tailgate, mobile phone wireless charger, etc. In terms of safety configuration, it provides panoramic surround view system (360-degree panoramic image + transparent chassis system), parking sentry mode, tire pressure monitoring, DRS driver identification system, and supports Face ID to start the vehicle, driver fatigue reminder, in-car environment remote monitoring, etc.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 2019 PLUG IN test vehicle

  In terms of power, the EUNIQ 6 PLUG IN is equipped with a plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid system composed of a motor of SAIC GM’s 1.3T engine. The maximum power of the engine is 163 horsepower, the maximum power of the motor is 82 horsepower, and the comprehensive pure electric cruising range is 62km.

SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 2019, trial vehicle

  The EUNIQ 6 will be equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 177 horsepower and a peak torque of 310 Nm. The power battery is a ternary lithium battery provided by Ningde Times, with a battery capacity of 70kW · h. It has the latest generation of battery heating management system and battery management system, supports fast charging mode, and has a range of 510km under NEDC comprehensive operating conditions.

Editorial comments:

  SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 6 can be seen as a main force for SAIC MAXUS to enter the new energy market, as a medium-sized SUV. Thanks to the generalization of the MERA platform, the new car has adopted a more mature design style. Judging from the upcoming version, the pure electric version and the plug-in hybrid version have a double insurance feeling. For SAIC MAXUS, in addition to the strength of the product itself, it is necessary to quickly improve the brand’s recognition among consumers, which takes time to accumulate.

Is the American dream stable for the "light speed" IPO of the polar krypton car under two years old?

Wen | Fangfang, New Economic Observer Mission

On December 13, 2022, Geely Automobile officially announced that its high-end pure electric brand Extreme Krypton Automobile had secretly submitted the IPO registration documents to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on December 7. At this point, this "traditional new force" established less than two years ago began to break through the IPO.

The data shows that in 2022, a total of nearly 72,000 new cars were delivered, which further narrowed the gap with the new forces’ head camp. However, despite the rapid growth, there are many "problems" in Krypton cars compared with "Wei Xiaoli": performance loss, low gross profit margin, and doubtful high-end positioning are very prominent. Nowadays, the extremely krypton car in the initial stage of development is so eager to go public, is it really hot enough?

01, a rising star, losses.

Compared with other brands of Geely Automobile, the daily performances of Krypton Automobile, which was established in 2021, are showing its more independent existence. But no matter from the development process or business performance, we can’t put it outside Geely Automobile to observe.

Before Krypton Automobile, Geely Automobile had tried many times to transform and upgrade with electrification, but it didn’t splash much water in the new energy market.

In 2015, Geely Automobile released the new energy strategy of "Blue Geely Action" and set an extremely aggressive sales target: by 2020, the sales of new energy vehicles will account for 90% of the total sales. However, at that time, Geely Automobile bet on "oil to electricity", which led to a general market reaction. In 2019, Geely Automobile launched a geometric brand focusing on the field of high-end pure electric vehicles, which is at the same level as Lectra, and the degree of attention can be seen.

But again, the geometric brand has little thunder and rain, and has not broken out its due potential. In 2020, Geely Automobile actually sold 68,000 new energy vehicles (including Geely, Link and Geometry brands), and the proportion of new energy was only 5.15%, far from reaching the target of 90%.

Until March 2021, Geely once again launched the extremely krypton car that positioned the high-end electric vehicle market, while the geometric car returned to the mainstream mass market. Once the former came out, it quickly launched the first mass-produced new car with an average sales price of more than 300,000 yuan, and ran all the way up with the strong support of the group.

Drawing of the delivery table of the new car-making forces in 2022: New Economic Observation Mission

In 2022, Kyk 001 delivered nearly 72,000 new cars, and the average order amount reached 336,000 yuan. Especially in the fourth quarter of 2022, the sales volume of Krypton in January 2001 exceeded 10,000 vehicles for three consecutive months, which was basically able to compete with the head camp of the new forces. It is also the ever-increasing sales of Krypton 001 that makes the capital market begin to re-evaluate the prospective map of Geely Automobile’s new energy.

But the question is, is Geely’s electrification transformation really successful this time? I’m afraid it’s too early to draw a conclusion. Because cars sell well, it doesn’t mean high profitability. At this point, new forces such as "Wei Xiaoli" have already had a deep understanding.

First of all, like "Wei Xiaoli", Krypton cars sell well, but their operating conditions are not satisfactory. Geely Automobile’s interim financial report in 2022 shows that in the first half of 2021 -2022, Kyo Automobile achieved revenue of 2.868 billion yuan and 8.828 billion yuan respectively. However, under the rapid growth of revenue, the net loss is constantly expanding. In the same period, the brand’s net loss reached 1.01 billion yuan and 759 million yuan respectively. In other words, in just one and a half years, Krypton has lost 1.769 billion yuan.

The crazy "burning money" of sub-brands also directly dragged down the overall profitability of Geely Automobile. In the first half of 2021-2022, the net profit of Geely Automobile was 4.847 billion yuan and 1.552 billion yuan respectively, and the year-on-year decline rate of net profit reached 12.4% and 34.81% respectively. As for the reasons for the further expansion of losses, Geely Automobile stated directly in the financial report that the relatively high operating costs of Krypton Automobile in the early stage of development and the confirmation of share-based payment fees in the current period were one of the reasons that adversely affected the profitability of the Group during the period.

It can be said that the climbing road of Krypton automobile is based on Geely automobile’s continuous blood transfusion. Nowadays, extremely krypton cars are eager for IPO. On the one hand, it can be seen that the capital market still shows great tolerance for new forces; On the other hand, it is also the bad situation caused by the group’s long-term blood transfusion behind the crazy burning of money by extremely krypton cars, which is in urgent need of IPO financing.

02, the core indicators are not good, not as good as "Wei Xiaoli"

Geely Automobile’s explanation of the development status of Krypton automobile in the financial report also gave the latter time to change course. However, with the acceleration of the electrification transformation of traditional car companies and the crazy invasion of cross-border people such as Huawei and Xiaomi, the competition faced by extremely-krypton cars is becoming increasingly fierce, and this battle is more filled with strong smoke compared with the increasingly mature head camp of new forces.

Schematic diagram of the comparison of the revenue of the new car-making forces in the first half of 2022 Tabulation: New Economic Observation Mission

First of all, from the volume point of view, the positioning of Krypton 001 has a certain competitive relationship with "Wei Xiaoli" and so on. In recent months, it has broken the sales performance of 10,000 vehicles, posing a great threat to the models such as Weilai ET5 and Tucki P7. However, judging from the volume of both sides, the revenue of extremely-krypton cars still cannot be compared with "Wei Xiaoli". According to the data of various financial reports, in the first half of 2022, Weilai, LI and Xpeng Motors achieved revenues of 20.2 billion yuan, 18.2 billion yuan and 14.8 billion yuan respectively, while the revenue of Krypton Automobile was only 8.8 billion yuan.

Graphic tabulation of gross profit margin of the new force of making cars in the first half of 2022: new economic observation group

At the same time, judging from the gross profit margin of various companies, there is a big gap between the profitability of extremely krypton cars and the head camp of new forces. According to An Conghui, CEO of Krypton Automobile, in the first half of 2022, the gross profit margin of Krypton automobile was around 5%. In the same period, the gross profit margins of LI, Weilai and Xpeng Motors reached 22.09%, 13.8% and 11.55% respectively.

The more serious situation is that Li Xiang, the founder of LI, revealed that the company is about to reach the turning point of breakeven. Li Bin, the founder of Weilai, also said that it is expected to break even in the fourth quarter of 2023. Obviously, the first batch of new car-making forces have touched the threshold of performance and profitability, while extremely krypton cars are still struggling in the whirlpool of losses.

Despite the poor performance, the capital market’s evaluation of extremely krypton cars is not low. In August, 2021, Krypton Auto completed the Pre-A round of strategic financing of US$ 500 million (equivalent to RMB 3.24 billion), with five ecological partners including Intel Capital and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited participating. After the completion of the investment, five companies got 5.6% of the shares of Extreme Krypton Automobile, and Geely Automobile’s shareholding dropped to 48%, but it is still the single largest shareholder of Extreme Krypton Automobile. At that time, the valuation of Krypton cars had reached $9 billion.

According to informed sources, this IPO in the United States will seek a valuation of more than 10 billion US dollars, and it is planned to be listed in new york as early as the second quarter of 2023. The reason why we abandoned the HKEx and chose new york as the listing place is to seek a higher valuation.

Looking at the new force "predecessors" car companies, "Wei Xiaoli" has taken the lead in listing in the United States. It took four years, six years and five years for the three companies to go public. If Krypton can really successfully pass the IPO within the predicted time, it means creating a record of the shortest time to market for new forces. And its valuation of nearly 70 billion yuan, although there is still a certain gap with Weilai (134 billion yuan) and Ideal (156.7 billion yuan), has surpassed the current market value of 57.6 billion yuan in Xpeng Motors and the zero-running car listed in September last year (the market value as of January 13 was 26.7 billion yuan).

It can be seen that although the performance is not satisfactory, the capital market still has high hopes for extremely krypton cars. However, there is a lesson that the stock price of the zero-run car broke and fell by more than 33% on the first day of listing. It is still unknown whether the extremely-krypton car can re-sample for the listing of new forces.

03, "Benchmarking Tesla", the road to high-end is not easy.

In addition to the embarrassing status quo, the problem of the extreme krypton car is that "ambition is not worthy of ability." From the emphatic wording of "the average order amount exceeds 336,000 yuan" in the sales posters of each issue, we can see that it is imperative for extreme krypton cars to hit the high end. After all, according to the definition of "high-end models" by the Federation, the starting price of products must exceed 300,000 yuan.

However, in the upsurge of "benchmarking Tesla" on the Internet, Extreme Krypton 001 played a configuration beyond Tesla such as "712km long battery life", hoping to raise the product positioning. However, in Tesla’s repeated price reduction boom, Krypton has lost its vital price advantage. As for the level of revenue and profitability, the two are not an order of magnitude.

One of the most critical problems that hinder krypton cars from taking the high-end road is that product problems emerge one after another.

Extreme krypton cars rank first in complaints. Image source: Car Quality Network

On January 1, 2023, Extreme Krypton Automobile announced that the new Extreme Krypton 001 was officially launched, and the new car was fully upgraded at the configuration level. However, it failed to take into account the rights and interests of old car owners. Since January 2nd, there have been hundreds of complaints about "sales promise not fulfilled" in the online complaint platform, ranking first in the complaint list.

According to the old owner of Krypton 001, after the launch of the new model of 001, the "old" owners who decided in advance have received the "overlord clause" to cancel the lifetime warranty, and the related rights and interests have also shrunk. The car owners accused the car of "cutting leeks" and did not hesitate to make false marketing to harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

In addition, some car owners revealed that in addition to the change of rights and interests, the car also unilaterally locked the order automatically, which was inconsistent with the information promised at the beginning, and today’s terms are even more unreasonable. As of press time, Extreme Krypton Automobile has not announced the handling results of this incident.

Complaints against extremely krypton cars (partial) Image source: Car Quality Network

The actual situation is that there is a precedent for the "false marketing" of extremely krypton cars. On New Year’s Day last year, Extreme Krypton Automobile released the rights and interests of the Spring Festival, which led to the price of new cars under the same configuration being lower than the purchase price years ago, which triggered the rights protection of old car owners. After several rounds of games, Krypton finally reached a settlement with the old car owners in the form of "returning 5,000 yuan".

Since then, Krypton 001 has also experienced various questions and problems such as "disguised price increase", "replacement of motor", "EC light-sensing canopy goods are not on the right board" and "order delay". More importantly, after the incident, the authorities never paid enough attention to the owner of the extremely krypton car. Instead, they responded indifferently by destroying misleading legends and perfunctory apologies, which made the owner even more annoyed.

As we all know, one of the biggest differences between new forces and traditional car companies is that they are good at user marketing and often play the banner of "deeply linking users" in order to win the favor of more consumers. However, judging from the company’s performance, although it classifies itself as a new force, it still has the "arrogance and prejudice" of traditional car companies in its bones. This simple and rude response has had a negative impact on the brand image.

On January 9th of this year, the second new car, Extreme Krypton 009, was officially mass-produced, and it is expected to be officially delivered in the second half of January. The new car hit the "high-end" goal again, and the prices of the two models were 499,000 yuan and 588,000 yuan respectively.

However, even Jason Lin, vice president of Extreme Smart Technology, once said, "To meet the high end, it is not how much money is used to measure the high end, but whether you can represent the most important products in that market." No matter from the perspective of copying the bottom chip of Krypton 001 completely or the battery scheme that has not been optimized and upgraded, it is obvious that Krypton 009 has not controlled the core technology well.

To add insult to injury, the problem of false propaganda of Qianqiu Kyo 001 has not been properly solved, and Kyo 009 was controversial because of the advertisement "All pets are love" on the day of listing, and finally ended up deleting the advertisement. Prior to this, Li Xiang also questioned the interior space of the extremely krypton 009 and "poured cold water" on the listing of the new car. Nowadays, Krypton 009 has not been mass-produced and delivered, and it has suffered from public opinion crises one after another. This is really not a good sign.

For a company to be listed, the establishment time is too short, the loss situation of the company is increasing, and the product quality problems have been repeatedly criticized, which will become a stumbling block on the road to sprint IPO. Whether Geely can achieve the goal of high-end by relying on Krypton 009 can be successfully achieved, I am afraid it will take a long time to investigate.

The most successful anchor in history disappeared without warning when his career reached the top. What happened now?

Some time ago, Ti mo Feng, a tens of millions of fans who disappeared in the live broadcast room for nearly half a year, suddenly announced his comeback live broadcast.

▲ Ti mo Feng photos taken by ▲Vogue Me.

When her career was in full swing, she stopped broadcasting for half a year without warning, and the outside world also talked about whether she was going to retire quickly. Now I’m finally back. While a large number of eagerly awaited fans are waving their arms and shouting, a news of "Ti mo Feng’s advanced thyroid cancer" has set off a hot search in Weibo.

Maybe some friends who don’t pay much attention to the live broadcast have no idea who this is. Let’s briefly introduce her first.

This is a super online celebrity who is famous for singing. Have you ever overheard a popular Tik Tok Divine Comedy "You said that you like the Mori school, and I got an extra G, just like removing half of LOVE and changing it into loli… …" It was sung by Ti mo Feng.

▲ "Buddha Girl" sign gesture dance. Her Tik Tok has released several short videos about "The Girl of Buddhism", and one of them has nearly 5 million likes. It is conservatively estimated that the number of views of this song is absolutely hundreds of millions.

Ti mo Feng can be regarded as the highest figure in the industry, and even the most successful anchor in history. Various topics and controversies also make her one of the most popular anchors.

She is different from the e-commerce anchors like Weiya and Li Jiaqi, who sell goods. She mainly engages in live broadcast of show (attracting users’ attention through the anchor’s face value, talent, emotional intelligence and interactive ability, and using these abilities to show and get rewards from fans, which is the main source of income for the anchor). Simply put, it is to attract audiences by performing and interacting. In 2014, I made a fortune from fighting fish. With my lovely appearance and sweet singing voice, I became a fighting fish sister with tens of millions of flows.

▲ Ti mo Feng is the first anchor in the history of Betta TV live broadcast platform to exceed 20 million.

Very ambitious in career, spanning bilibili, Tik Tok, variety show and singer.

▲ In 2019, bilibili was signed at a high price.

▲ In 2019, the number of fans of Tik Tok reached 32 million. At that time, she was the first among a large number of show anchors who settled in Tik Tok from YY, Momo, Betta and Huya platforms.

▲ The first solo concert was held in 2019, and the fare was comparable to that of a first-line singer.

Participate in various popular variety shows.

▲ From top to bottom are Happy Camp, Everyday Up, Masked Singers Guess, and Jiangsu Satellite TV New Year’s Eve party.

There is another picture that can better illustrate her position in the industry.

▲ A picture of "online celebrity anchor income ranking" counted by a magazine once circulated on the Internet, which was later dismissed by the magazine as a fabrication. Although the data is unreliable, this ranking also shows Ti mo Feng’s absolute top position in the live broadcast industry.

The reason for the comeback news was that Ti mo Feng was interviewed by Tik Tok program and told about his illness and recovery in the past six months.

▲ Ti mo Feng was interviewed by Tik Tok program "White show". When the host asked about her illness, Ti mo Feng said that her thyroid cancer was in the advanced stage of malignancy, which was unknown not only to her fans, but also to her parents.

Talking about the situation when he was diagnosed, Ti mo Feng knew that his first reaction to cancer was to ask the doctor if he could still sing.

When told by the doctor that "you can’t sing", Ti mo Feng felt that there was no point in living. This girl really loves singing.

After the operation, my voice was hoarse and I didn’t want to live for a time. Fortunately, my voice has basically recovered after many consultations and persistent training.

After the release of this interview, Ti mo Feng also officially responded in Weibo, saying that his body has recovered. "The operation has been done and the operation was very successful.".

▲ Ti mo Feng reminds girls not to have mental internal friction and not to accumulate negative energy; And comfort the fans who are worried and miss her. "As long as you listen, I will keep singing."

After the news came out, netizens praised her strength and optimism, and some netizens questioned that the word "late stage" was suspected of exaggerating her blog. Some people who knew the relevant fields came out to popularize science. According to Ti mo Feng’s surgery and good recovery, it should belong to "differentiated thyroid cancer". Patients with such cancer under 55 years old only have "stage I and stage II", and there is no such thing as "late stage".

I’m not a professional in medicine, it’s hard to say, but it’s certain that mental stress, irregular work and rest, anxiety and so on will have a direct negative impact on thyroid. Although thyroid cancer is a relatively mild cancer (many people call it "lazy cancer", and the tumor grows slowly and progresses slowly, so it has a high clinical cure rate), it is also a serious illness. In addition, the disease has something to do with the anchor’s long-term high-pressure work, and the top anchor is not short of money to support his family. In my case, I would have to slow down the pace of work, but Ti mo Feng chose to start working non-stop quickly after recovery, which can only be really hard.

▲ Even during the half-year break, Weibo, Ti mo Feng maintained a high update frequency.

In August, she started her comeback.

First of all, it made its first live broadcast in Tik Tok, and after half a year’s suspension, it still achieved excellent premiere results, which shows its appeal.

▲ According to the official data, the number of people who watched the live broadcast of the first show exceeded 45 million, and the number of viewers reached 15.26 million. The highest online number of live broadcasts was 336,000, and the number of fans in the first show was 365,000.

In September, the live broadcast of singing tour began to travel all over the country. There are various passers-by perspectives in Tik Tok.

▲ From top to bottom, it is broadcast live in Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The video is from a watermark.

In order to increase exposure, he quickly accumulated popularity in Tik Tok, and also visited the live broadcast room of a brother "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" in Tik Tok at present.

▲ "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" (right) and "Crazy Big Yang Ge" (left) are twins. The short video of "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" is mainly humorous, grounded and reversed. It moved from Aauto Quicker to Tik Tok in 2018 and now has 120 million fans. At 618 this year, Brother Xiao Yang and Simba Lianmai, the generous Simba, immediately gave a gift of 3 million.

‍ ▲ In 2022, with the help of Hefei government, "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" bought 3,000 square meters of space for 103 million yuan and established the headquarters of Three Sheep Network Company in Hefei. Last year, the company earned 860 million yuan and paid 250 million yuan in taxes, which is comparable to that of local leading enterprises. This year, these figures may double. Viya used to be the first person in Hefei online celebrity’s economy, and now this banner has been given to her Anhui hometown Xiao Yang Ge. The video is from a watermark.

▲ On November 26th, at Hefei Olympic Sports Center, Brother Xiao Yang paid 30 million yuan for a star concert to give back to his fans, and invited Pu Shu, twins, Paul Wong, Silence Wang, Chopsticks Brothers, Faye Chan and other stars. The concert was "No tickets, no goods and no rewards". However, this money is also well spent. This concert made Brother Dayang get 800,000 yuan, and Xiao Yang got 4 million yuan for his selected account. "It’s the star’s turn to work for online celebrity," netizens lamented.

In recent months, Ti mo Feng has achieved remarkable results, and the number of fans who have dropped a lot in the past six months has started to increase.

▲ In less than 4 months, the number of fans in Tik Tok has increased by nearly 4 million.

I have to admire Ti mo Feng’s enthusiasm and perseverance.

There is no way to regain popularity these days, but there is an extremely involuted and distorted ecology in the live broadcast industry. In recent years, the news of online celebrity’s anchor’s sudden death is not unusual.

In March 2021, a million fans in Tik Tok, who were only 29 years old, died suddenly after eating and broadcasting online celebrity’s "Paopaolong".

▲ Tik Tok eats and broadcasts online celebrity’s "Paopaolong" (right). His main content of eating and broadcasting is to visit the cafeteria and show his amazing appetite with friends. It is reported that "Paopaolong" weighed 320 Jin before his death. Long-term overeating and severe obesity have long buried a huge health hazard.

▲ Every video of "Paopaolong" before his death has netizens reminding him to pay attention to his health.

Not only the head online celebrity are under extreme working intensity, but also the newcomers who just entered the business. The glamorous myth of making wealth attracts countless young people to flock in.

In November this year, a Henan college student died suddenly when he returned to his rental house to rest after nearly 9 hours of live broadcast of the company’s all-night game.

Why is he trying so hard to broadcast live?

▲ The reason is the "Cooperation Agreement" signed by the college student and the game live broadcast company. The company offers a basic salary of 3,000 yuan, provided that it meets the company’s requirements of "240 hours of live broadcast per month and 26 days of broadcasting".

Everyone knows that the anchor needs to overdraw his health.

▲ The legal affairs of the company involved said that there are indeed hidden dangers of overwork in the industry, but the relevant responsibilities are attributed to the anchor individual, and the company only wants to pay a pension of 5,000 yuan.

Is there someone pointing a gun at everyone who plunges into the live broadcast industry, so that they can’t stop, including Li Jiaqi, a rich man who has long declared that he wants to retire and "has a headache every day"?

Who in the end forced them to stay on the tide of traffic rather than overdraw their health or even run out of life?

Let’s start with Ti mo Feng. She is a very representative figure in the live broadcast industry. Her eight-year live broadcast struggle history is almost a microcosm of the development of the live broadcast industry. A large number of early online celebrity people she represents created the myth of grassroots fame with the most vigorous vitality. Let’s get a glimpse of the real living conditions in online celebrity.

Become a sister

Want face value, want talent, but also be able to broadcast live.

Now we are used to live broadcast for a long time, and the time goes back to 10 years ago, when webcasting was still a novelty.

Ti mo Feng was born in Wanxian County, Sichuan Province (now Wanzhou District, Chongqing) in 1991. He loved singing and dancing since he was a child. He was an activist in school theatrical performances, majored in broadcasting and performance at university, dreamed of becoming a singer, and liked to show himself on the network platform.

▲ In 2013, she sang a song at that time, which was not very popular, and she was recommended on the homepage. The screen name "Little Boy" should be taken from her real name "Feng Yanan".

In 2014, the betta platform, which focuses on the live broadcast of the game, was officially launched. She was regarded as the first batch of early adopters, which also made her catch up with the heyday of the live broadcast of the show. Before short video platforms such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker were involved in live broadcast, Betta was the largest live broadcast platform in China.

▲ Ti mo Feng’s early pictures in DouYu. In 2014, Ti mo Feng, who graduated from Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai, worked as a teacher in a junior college in Chongqing. During the day, she went to work and chatted with netizens while playing League of Legends in the betta live broadcast room at night, and often took her family with her.

Since then, Ti mo Feng has started her live broadcast career, working as a part-time anchor in Betta. At first, fighting fish didn’t have a reward function, and there was no income as an anchor. She just took live broadcast as a hobby and began to implement an almost crazy schedule.

Get up at five or six o’clock in the morning, get home from work at seven o’clock in the evening, eat and make up at eight o’clock, and finish at one o’clock in the morning, remove makeup and wash, and go to bed at two or three o’clock.

▲ Ti mo Feng started singing at the request of netizens because the game was so bad. In the betta anchor, her voice has obvious advantages, and she has gradually accumulated a lot of popularity. She is excited to have a large number of people willing to listen to her singing.

This day I feel that I will fall down in a month. Ti mo Feng has been like this for more than a year, and finally he is tired to lose his hair and his mental state is close to collapse. In 2015, she finally gave up her stable teaching job. At this time, her live broadcast income can be equal to her salary income, but she should not have expected to realize wealth freedom in the near future.

▲ Ti mo Feng, who takes the girl next door route, never basks in luxury houses, luxury cars and luxury bags on social media; Seeing a picture of Weibo who was practicing driving in 2015, the co-pilot’s "Xiaoxiang" bag seems to show that her financial resources have been quite extraordinary just one year after graduating from college.

At that time, there was a saying in the live broadcast world that "the female anchor wanted to be on fire, either selling cute or taking a sexy route".

▲ The early live broadcast was an era of "dancing with demons". YY, 9158 and other live broadcast platforms were full of various glamorous female anchors. At that time, the supervision was not strict, and it was common for live broadcasts to release soft pornography and beat the ball.

Ti mo Feng is a clean stream, and the signature of her studio is singing. She sings whatever songs the fans order, and she sings 40 to 50 songs a night, accompanying the fans conscientiously, and quickly sucking powder in the powerful betta anchor with "beautiful songs". In August, 2015, Ti mo Feng broke through one million fans in one year.

▲ Although I don’t take the sexy route, I occasionally make some little jokes that fans like.

Since 2016, the live broadcast industry has ushered in the golden age of capital. Platforms such as pepper live broadcast, Yingke live broadcast and Yi live broadcast have entered the market one after another, and staged a "Thousand Broadcast Wars". In order to grab the big anchor, each platform has spent a lot of money, and has a head anchor and fighting fish with constant capital blessing. For a time, the scenery is infinite.

▲ Betta fish was popular at that time, and there were four top female anchors of Betta fish, which were called the "four great singers" of Betta fish. First cousin, Ti mo Feng, Chen Yifa and Zhou Erke from left. After the first cousin and Zhou Erke were poached by Panda TV in Wang Sicong, Chen Yifa was banned from fighting fish because of her inappropriate remarks, and Ti mo Feng held the position of "First Sister Fighting Fish".

▲ In 2017, Ti mo Feng can receive more than 2 million rewards every month on the Betting Platform.

▲ In 2019, Betta went public in the United States, and CEO Chen Shaojie led four game anchors to ring the bell on Nasdaq. From the left, "Female Stream" in the console game board, "Xuxu Baby" in the DNF board, CEO Chen Shaojie, PDD in the lol board and YYF in the dota board. It is rumored that Panda TV in Wang Sicong offered a sky-high price of 300 million yuan for five years in order to dig the anchor PDD. Chen Shaojie, CEO of Betta Fish, was also questioned by netizens why he didn’t bring a sister Ti mo Feng. He explained that he didn’t bring an entertainment anchor because of the concept of live broadcast of Betta Fish.

Just this month, Chen Shaojie, CEO of Betta, was arrested on suspicion of opening a casino. As the leader of the game live broadcast industry, it is also embarrassing to end up like this … …

▲ It is rumored that some anchors of Betta opened a lottery in the live broadcast room, and the platform closed one eye for running water.

▲ The traditional live broadcast business has been severely squeezed by Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker, and the market value of Betta has dropped from the highest $6.5 billion to less than $300 million at present. In recent years, the head anchor of Betta has left the nest one after another. In 2019, Ti mo Feng left Betta. This year, Baby Xuxu, the absolute brother of Betta, also announced that he would bid farewell to Betta for five years and switch to Tik Tok.

▲ Ti mo Feng and Xu Xu’s baby were connected live, and one elder brother and one elder sister once again gathered in Tik Tok.

The update speed of the Internet industry is so fast. With the rise of pan-entertainment platforms such as short videos, the traditional live broadcast giant Betta has been abandoned by the times.

Back to Ti mo Feng.

She has reached 20 million fans, and her live broadcast time is also quite amazing. "There is no latest, only later." In addition to broadcasting every day, there are four or five live broadcasts a week until three or four in the morning.

Not only did I stay up late for a long time, but I also started to lose weight extremely because of fan comments, so I suffered from stomach problems.

▲ Ti mo Feng was attacked by many people for being fatter than in the live broadcast because she participated in a large-scale performance under the betta line, and some fans told her to eat less, so she made up her mind to lose weight. She was already petite and lost 40 kilograms in more than a year. She often only ate grapefruit and drank water, and finally got stomach trouble and needed long-term medication.

Why does Ti mo Feng care so much about what fans think?

First of all, she is a person with high self-demand and thinks that she needs to manage her body. It is also very important that fans are the lifeblood of the anchor.

There is a "symbiotic" emotional relationship between the anchor and the fans. The anchor creates an online intimacy for the fans, and the fans want to get the most intimate feedback by rewarding.

Local tyrants spend a lot of money just to get strong emotional feedback from the anchor, and even more, they spend a lot of money on PK rewards between local tyrants and big brothers, fighting for their heads, just to compete for who is the most popular "Big Brother Bang" today, and "Big Brother Bang" has the most sacred rights and status in the live broadcast room.

Therefore, brushing gifts is a face-to-face competition, and such an extravagant moment needs to be watched and worshipped.

At that time, Wang Sicong also enjoyed this feeling.

▲ Wang Sicong (ID "Travel Frog Wage") likes to wander around the live broadcast rooms of female anchors, and his hand is quite generous. He once brushed 80 super rockets (unit price is 2,000 yuan) in the live broadcast room in Ti mo Feng, and smashed 160,000 in one minute.

This kind of emotional connection will sometimes continue into real life. The social news of female anchors and big brother Bang Yi emerges one after another, such as love, gray trading, fraud and even murder cases.

Ti mo Feng and "Big Brother Tuhao" also caused a great controversy. It is widely believed that this incident made Ti mo Feng’s popularity fall to the altar.

The other side of traffic is facing controversy.

This local tyrant was ranked second in Ti mo Feng at that time, and his ID was "Fragrant White Lotus Su Huanjen", so rich that netizens were curious about his background.

▲ The unit price of the rocket is 500 yuan, and it costs 30,000 yuan a night.

▲ At that time, Ti mo Feng’s "List One" was a mysterious figure with an ID of "Light a cigarette in the morning" all the year round, and was called the general manager of cigarettes by betta netizens. He used to hold the highest record of 2.69 million in fighting fish contribution list, and he often gave a "rocket" to every song in the live broadcast room in Ti mo Feng.

In 2018, the second eldest brother was on CCTV news, and everyone knew that his background was a company accountant. He did something that made everyone stunned.

In order to save face in the live broadcast room and enjoy the feeling of the stars holding the moon, he used his position to misappropriate 9.3 million yuan of public funds to reward anchors and squander enjoyment, 9.3 million yuan … …

Because the hole was too big, I was afraid that the company’s audit at the end of the year would find out that the accountant Wang tried to commit suicide in the hotel, regretted it and asked for help. Finally, Wang was sentenced to seven years.

▲ According to news reports, Wang, who earns more than 3,000 yuan a month, has recharged more than 7 million yuan on various live broadcast platforms. By constantly saving money, Wang, who is married, and Yu, a female anchor in Shanghai, have developed into a lover relationship, and each time Wang privately squanders tens of thousands of yuan to capture his heart.

▲ Later, he was pulled out, and Wang was in love with Yu Sizhen, the female anchor of Panda TV. After being scolded by Keyboard Man for a year, Yu Sitong responded in Weibo. The general content is that she called 120 to save Wang. She was deceived by Wang and didn’t know that Wang had a family. She was rewarded with more than 1.2 million yuan through the platform, and the platform was deducted by half, and the company was deducted by half. It was not so much in her hand. Influenced by the public opinion of this matter, Yu Sizhen later left the live broadcast world.

The news didn’t mention anything about Ti mo Feng from beginning to end, but the news video quoted a live video of a female anchor. Although the face was coded, the familiar audience recognized the female anchor as Ti mo Feng at a glance.

Plus media reports will bring the most traffic "Ti mo Feng". Many netizens simply don’t bother to read the content, and directly think that the female anchor who mentioned Wang’s private meeting in the news is Ti mo Feng. This is one of the reasons why Ti mo Feng was pushed to the forefront of public opinion.

As soon as the news came out, netizens quickly grasped the specific amount that Wang rewarded each anchor, and Ti mo Feng was 1.6 million.

In the face of public opinion, Ti mo Feng immediately expressed his position in the live broadcast room, and was willing to cooperate with the law enforcement unit to return all the rewards.

Before the reward was over, there were waves of news.

First, it was revealed that Ti mo Feng and Wang had been lovers. Netizens listed a large number of screenshots of chat, transfer, offline party photos and hotel dating photos, but this part of the news was unconfirmed from beginning to end.

▲ A back photo, I really can’t say who this is.

Second, it was revealed that the marriage was hidden. Netizens pointed out that Ti mo Feng married another betta anchor, Cookie Mad, in June 2015 and divorced in July 2017.

▲ photo of the anchor "biscuit maniac". Many information such as their marriage registration, divorce registration, and flights together were all exposed on the Internet. Ti mo Feng never responded to this matter. In view of the fact that she sent a lawyer’s letter to all the relevant reporters and communicators warning rumors and infringement, the pictures of the news were not put down.

Third, it was derailed in the marriage. The netizen posted an intimate photo of her and a man without providing any time and place explanation.

Three waves broke down, and things became more and more serious, interspersed with Ti mo Feng, Chen Yifa and other betta female anchors.

Ti mo Feng finally sat still and was interviewed by the media in public, but she only responded to the reward of public funds.

▲ In an interview, Ti mo Feng admitted that she had met Wang at an offline party once, and there was no relationship between men and women.

She once again expressed her willingness to return the reward amount, but the betta platform told her that because the reward amount involves complex processes such as platform, company drawing and tax deduction, this matter should be handled by the platform.

In the eyes of many people, Ti mo Feng didn’t do what she said, but also "acted and stood again", which became a point that she was criticized by countless people later.

▲ Under the pressure of public opinion, Ti mo Feng shed tears in the interview.

Ti mo Feng’s response can’t calm the public opinion, the image of purity and sweetness is greatly reduced, and the popularity of the road has also fallen to the bottom, and he also sucked a lot of Bosnia and Herzegovina powder. A large number of netizens criticized her for "returning money", "sleeping with her", "hidden marriage" and "plastic surgery".

This incident has also caused great heat in the social level, and many topics have been discussed around this incident, including "whether the reward of public funds is a sale or a gift, whether the anchor should refund the money", "whether the reward of public funds should be recovered", "how much’ dirty money’ there is in the live broadcast platform", "how to improve the system to prevent the reward of public funds" and so on.

At the peak of public opinion, a large number of netizens poured into the live broadcast room in Ti mo Feng, and the barrage was filled with cheers from fans and curses from all directions.

In the face of surging attacks, Ti mo Feng was quite calm. Such a strong psychological quality is also tempered.

"When I first made a live broadcast, I would cry on the spot when I was sprayed randomly. The biggest growth brought by the live broadcast was that I changed from blx to a steel woman warrior."

At that time, Ti mo Feng, who was already the best in the live broadcast industry, was perhaps most helpless because she could not put on a bad face like a star artist, or shut down comments, barrage and fans, because the anchor’s job was to accompany the audience.

▲ Third-party statistics of the 2018 Betta anchor paid income list. Ti mo Feng ranked seventh in the overall list with 24 million yuan, and the entertainment anchor was second. The traffic disk is still quite stable, but the personal topic has exceeded the liquidity.

Ti mo Feng realized that her stamina in fighting fish was weak, and she had always dreamed of being a singer, so she tried to go to the center of the stage, or she wanted to get rid of the label of "online celebrity" which was considered low by the public at that time.

The star and live online celebrity infiltrated each other.

DouYu’s career has enabled Ti mo Feng to accumulate a large number of loyal fans. From obscurity to top-notch online celebrity, their contribution is undoubtedly the first.

▲ Ti mo Feng’s "youthful beauty" with small face, cold white skin, big eyes and pouting lips is deeply loved by otaku.

▲ Ti mo Feng’s photo of Men’s Wear.

▲ In Ti mo Feng’s offline fan support activity, Yishui’s male powder called for her at the top of her lungs.

In 2019, Ti mo Feng gave up his old club to fight fish, refused Huya, and did not choose Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker, which had already made a lot of noise, but signed a contract with bilibili. First, she thinks that artists in transition will need a bigger platform for music creation to absorb the flow of breaking circles. Second, it may be that bilibili’s sincerity of 50 million yuan moved her.

▲ The first live show in bilibili, Ti mo Feng. Rui Chen, CEO of Net Chuan bilibili, is also a mushroom (called by Ti mo Feng fans). He once parachuted into the live broadcast room of Ti mo Feng’s first show to give a crazy reward and give a full face.

By the standards of a show head anchor with tens of millions of fans on the whole network, Ti mo Feng’s performance in bilibili is average.

In bilibili, the ranking, income and popularity all showed a cliff-like decline.

▲ The monthly income has shrunk from 1.6 million to 300,000. After four years in bilibili, the number of fans has not broken 3 million. This number of fans is the highest in bilibili.

Bilibili data does not affect Ti mo Feng’s continuous running on the road of breaking circles, and variety shows, performances, singers and endorsements are in full bloom.

In terms of commercial value, Ti mo Feng is undoubtedly quite successful.

However, in the eyes of the public, it is always difficult to lose the identity of "online celebrity" without the blessing of works recognized by the mainstream and traditional authorities, but she has gone the farthest among the female anchors of cross-border artists.

Online celebrity wants to enter the mainstream, and the mainstream stars are rushing off the air. Today, Jerry is the most successful one, and his brilliance in the live broadcast industry may soon overshadow his acting career.

▲ He won the "Outstanding Individual" award at the Tik Tok E-commerce Author Summit for two consecutive years, which should be faster than his acting.

Jerry signed a contract with MCN Yuanwang Technology, which started live broadcast in August, 2021. This year’s Double Eleven single-game delivery exceeded 500 million, which directly set a new record for single-game sales in Tik Tok this year. We have also written about his story before.

▲ The operation team in Jerry has reached 1,000 people.

There were 11 live broadcasts of the whole Double Eleven, and the longest single broadcast was 13 hours, with a total GMV of 1.36 billion yuan, four times higher than last year’s 320 million. Most stars bring goods as "debut is the peak", and Jerry’s performance is getting better and better.

Jerry is now the undisputed number one star with goods. He has his own topic flow, a natural performance personality, and loves to talk. He has long known how to design routines and how to interact with the audience. Personally, he is the chosen son of live broadcast. Of course, it is also very important that he has worked hard and has enough pressure resistance.

▲ Jerry said that the live broadcast was not a ticket game, and he watched 30 live broadcasts of head anchors to do research.

▲ Talking with goods, professional introduction, hysterical selling, Jerry has all the qualities and behaviors that a head anchor should have.

There is a big data screen in the live broadcast room for data monitoring at any time.

When the data is found to fluctuate, we must do everything possible to attract and retain the audience to place an order, which is why every head anchor constantly announces lottery gifts and various tricks to catch horses in the live broadcast room.

▲ The CEO of Yaowang Technology (wearing white clothes and glasses) immediately communicated with the team when he found Jerry’s data problem at the scene, and must immediately prescribe the right medicine.

▲ The team immediately informed Jerry, who was thirsty to sell goods, that "the process should be faster".

▲ Even though we have achieved the goal of looking ahead first, the CEO is still not satisfied with Jerry’s data that day.

We must continue to make innovations in content. Team Jerry is now "making the live broadcast into a variety show, and doing the live broadcast with the configuration of variety show".

Jerry, who has worked hard in this field, was asked, "Are you worried that users will suddenly dislike you?" He replied, "Every day."

Have you noticed that many stars have recently dropped out of the live broadcast to bring goods? According to statistics, from the first year of star live broadcast in 2020, at least 500 artists will start live broadcast with goods.

Up to now, there is not much visible to the naked eye. Live broadcast with goods is the best track to make money. We have written about this scene before. Here, we can recall that the sentence "The star’s end is with goods" is still in my ears, so I will quit?

There must be different reasons, such as cherishing feathers, being unable to bear the pressure, unsustainable traffic, being afraid of rollover, exhaustion of physical strength, and chain loss in the supply chain. In short, it is not so easy to bring goods live, and not everyone who can play with the stars in the entertainment industry can serve this bowl of rice well. No matter how big the interest is, under the limited time and energy of the stars, it is obviously not their cost-effective choice to bring goods live with high investment and strong physical strength.

▲ Two female anchors, Tamia Liu and Li Xiang, who were the most successful in the live broadcast industry, have both retired.

▲ Li Xiang got involved in live broadcasting as early as 2019, and now she is accompanying her in the UK, saying that her elder sister has retired.

By the way, take a look at Wang Shiling, a famous second-generation story that we just wrote.

▲ Benenden School, Wang Shiling’s top boarding school for women in Britain, was established in 1923, located in Kent, southeast England. Princess Anne of the British royal family once attended this school. According to Li Xiang Tik Tok, the school also arranged the room where Princess Anne stayed for Wang Shiling (above).

Real gold needs fire, and the industry also knows that it is not possible to cut "leek" with a star sign now. For example, the MCN organization Yuanwang Technology has set a standard in the selection of star cooperation, and it is necessary to have love and be willing to invest, and it is also clearly mentioned that it is necessary to be resistant to pressure.

Four years is a cycle.

Less than four years have passed from the first year of star live broadcast to the first year of star live broadcast, which represents the real update speed of this industry. The live broadcast industry is an industry with a very high elimination rate and a very short life cycle.

People in the industry have said that the life cycle of most online celebrity is only half a year, or even only two or three months.

The ubiquitous anxiety permeates every one of their lives.

▲ Worry-Free Media’s cargo anchor "Bear Haunted" has gone from zero to over one million fans in one year. Last year, the GMV of Double Eleven reached 70 million. She was so anxious that "I took a break and others were broadcasting live, so I thought I was going to lose".

▲ The eye-catching slogan in the live broadcast room is beating everyone.

For anchors, their income depends entirely on fans, traffic and algorithms. Driven by platform algorithms, anchors can only be "at the mercy of others".

So,Big data is the root cause of the anchor’s increasingly serious mental anxiety. Like a perpetual motion machine, it can only continuously broadcast the live broadcast upside down day and night for a long time until the critical point of collapse. This is the origin of the AI ? ? era. It turns people into machines, but the key is that people, after all, are not machines. People are flesh and blood and cannot live at the critical point of life for a long time.

About this matter, Miss Huang described it in detail in her novel First Class:

< swipe left to see more >

The work intensity of WeChat official account is about five or six times different from that of live broadcast, so live broadcast is a more exhausting job.

▲ Jerry’s agent said that according to Tik Tok’s algorithmic mechanism, only high-quality content will be pushed to more people, otherwise it will not be brushed at all.

▲ The "bear haunt" who started from an amateur said that he could only fight for the live broadcast time to get fans.

▲ CEO of Yaowang Technology said that the company’s head anchor "Yu Dagongzi" can be broadcasted from 10 am to 2 am the next day, which is 14 hours of impassioned, no food or drink.

In addition to long abnormal working hours, the most fatal problem of live broadcast is its own damage to people’s body and mind.Live broadcast is high-intensity emotional labor.(emontion labor, which was first proposed by American emotional sociologist Arlie Hochschild in 1983, is defined as "employees manage their emotions and perform according to the organization’s requirements for facial expressions or body language for reward"),The anchor is actually a worker who sells emotions..

The anchor needs great mental consumption to create consuming content, to catch people’s attention, to make viewers feel happy, relaxed, enjoyable, and even to manipulate others’ satisfaction, which requires great psychological energy and even reaches the psychological endurance limit of this fragile creature as a human being.

▲ There is a documentary "People’s Republic of Desire" which tells the story of online celebrity’s live broadcast on the show. One of the protagonists is Hua Dan Shen Man, the most popular YY live broadcast in that year. When she was exhausted for more than ten hours, she received a phone call from a local fan. She had no choice but to answer the phone. She had no right to refuse, which was the generous privilege enjoyed by local fans.

▲ "The anchor wants the audience in the live broadcast room to get a sense of existence and make him feel that the money he spent is worth it, so he should show him a show, which may have humiliating elements".

When the anchor enters the live broadcast platform, it has entered the cage of power, and the body no longer belongs to itself, but a commodity tempered, shaped and packaged by brokers and platforms.

Female anchors are "atomized" individuals, who are trapped in the ubiquitous network woven by platforms and trade unions. They are produced by internet technology in the form of assembly line, manipulated by the emotional rules of the platform, and become "smile masks" where their self is gradually eroded. Under the "smile masks", there are worn-out hearts.

-Digital Labor: Freedom and Prison

▲ On the first day of training for newcomers, the live broadcast company will constantly emphasize "maintain good fans and consumers, and then you will be like a god".

Whether we talk about labor alienation, exploitation, or the change of the system to people, I feel pain in the "field" most of the time, which is also the reaction brought by the strong emotional stimulation in this industry. I wrote about the influence of the intensity of emotion on people in my doctoral thesis. In the live broadcast of the show, you have to constantly create a plot, sell it badly, or show yourself to be particularly generous. You have to let people experience emotional intensity that they can’t experience in reality.

—— Wang Yilin, a Ph.D. student at the University of Hong Kong, specializes in live show. In 2019, she signed a live broadcast association and began to experience it personally.

The anchor should keep interacting with fans at any time, stay on standby for a long time, and have high emotional energy, which is actually very embarrassing, which is also the main cause of anxiety and stress. "In many cases, it can even lead to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), especially after suffering from language violence, security threats and privacy attacks."

▲ Interview with Dr. Wang Yilin from HKU.

Being wrapped in high-concentration emotions in a live broadcast, some anchors can no longer return to their daily work and life.

▲ "It seems that a big ship has gone out and you can’t pull it back".

▲ In addition to endless anxiety, there is loneliness behind glitz.

For the platform, it must constantly create new people to become popular to ensure the sustainability of platform traffic. Online celebrity, with its iron platform and flowing water, everyone is worried that they will be replaced next.

▲ Anchors under the age of 29 account for 64%, and the age limit for many live broadcast companies to recruit new anchors is 30 years old.

▲95.2% of the anchors earn less than 5,000 yuan a month, and the head anchors we can see are rare.

However, in today’s employment situation, the anchor profession seems to be the only blue ocean workplace that does not need to consider academic qualifications and background. As long as you are willing to work hard, be willing to work hard, and be willing to give yourself up, it seems that there is a chance. This is also the place where countless grassroots people seem to realize their dream of getting rich. Here, what we don’t lack most is people.

Young people grow up one after another, spilling their strength and sweat in the waves of traffic one after another. Ti mo Feng suffers from cancer, which may shock us. A online celebrity may die, which may make us sigh, but we will still be fascinated by the illusion paradise created by the Internet and the myth of flying life and getting rich that online celebrity shows us.

But in those places where the light can’t shine, there are still surging figures. The vast majority of the bottom anchors who want to be online celebrity are like dirt, and they are carried away by the tide. Even if someone pops up, they are swept away by the waves for three to five months, and they have never been seen since.

This is the truth of online celebrity’s career.

The illusory paradise of the digital world enshrined with human flesh and blood is only the beginning of the AI era, and no one knows where it will take us human beings &hellip; &hellip;

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Above: Vanity Fair || Zhang Aijia’s only son is married, old money and hipsters gather together, and contacts span the entertainment circle of Taiwan and Hong Kong &hellip; &hellip;

Author: Yang Waiwai

Editor in charge:Miss H

Produced by: Miss Lan and Miss Huang

Original text, with pictures from the network.

"Live+"empowers the real economy, new formats and new scenes, and opens up new fields and "new tracks"

CCTV News:Live e-commerce is a new e-commerce retail model that has developed rapidly in recent years. It has the characteristics of strong interaction, high conversion rate, low access cost, and breakthrough in operating time and space constraints, providing consumers with a richer, more intuitive and vivid instant consumption experience. Relevant experts said that the healthy development of the live broadcast cargo industry, in addition to the industry’s own efforts, is also inseparable from the relevant market supervision.

Relevant data show that by the end of December 2022, there were 751 million webcast users in China. In the first half of 2023, the cumulative live broadcast sales of e-commerce platforms monitored by the Ministry of Commerce reached 1.27 trillion yuan, with about 110 million live broadcasts and over 2.7 million active anchors, which played an important role in promoting consumption, increasing employment and entrepreneurship, and promoting economic growth.

Wu Changhong, chief economist of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce:When the anchor is broadcast, it measures whether the goods are liked and recognized by consumers through consumers’ reaction to the anchor. Therefore, the anchor is actually a "touchstone" to understand consumers’ needs. Let enterprises know what consumers like, and also create some new and good products.

The proportion of live broadcast e-commerce in online shopping continues to rise, while the proportion of live broadcast with goods by anchors in online celebrity is declining, while the proportion of store broadcast with brand promotion is increasing. Diversified development enriches and prospers the ecology of live broadcast e-commerce and contributes to the long-term development of live broadcast e-commerce industry.

Qi Yunlan, Deputy Director of Research Office of Market Economy Research Institute of the State Council Development Research Center:Consumers’ behaviors, concepts and consumer groups are constantly iterative, and consumption behaviors and consumption patterns, behaviors and concepts are also constantly developing. Any kind of innovation or a new model must be produced because it has its own competitiveness or is more in line with the requirements of the new era, the new economic environment and the demands of new consumers, so that it can grow, prosper and develop rapidly.

Relevant experts said that at present, the most important thing is how to further standardize the live broadcast e-commerce market, put an end to false propaganda and exaggerated propaganda, protect consumers’ rights and interests, create an honest market environment, enhance the sustainable development ability of live broadcast e-commerce, and better promote consumption growth and expand employment and entrepreneurship.

Qi Yunlan, Deputy Director of Research Office of Market Economy Research Institute of the State Council Development Research Center:The combination of state supervision, industry self-discipline and social supervision, I think, should enable any industry to move towards an increasingly standardized development path.

"Live+"empowers the real economy and stimulates new vitality of consumption

With the rise of live e-commerce in various industries, in recent years, the "talent" who creates content on the short video platform is very popular with consumers. Many industries, scenic spots, villages and other "content talent" have joined the live broadcast, and "live broadcast+traditional industries" have set off a new consumption format.

After graduating from Wu Mengting University, I began to work as a tour guide. At the beginning of this year, she began to try to combine the live broadcast with the tour guide’s explanation and broadcast the explanation in the scenic spot. In two months, the number of fans reached more than 4,000.

Anchor Wu Mengting:For you, it’s more efficient, and it won’t be so blind for the tourists who come. They have already got an understanding of (the destination) through my live broadcast room.

In a scenic spot in Shangrao, Jiangxi, the person in charge told the reporter that after the live broadcast was launched, some "private customization" needs were often received, and the business scope of the scenic spot continued to expand.

Wei Meng, Brand Director of Wangxian Valley Scenic Spot in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province:After a live broadcast, we can show a variety of product content and experience projects to the audience in a down-to-earth manner. The audience perceives trust in online interaction, which can’t be satisfied by other forms of advertising and promotion. Therefore, we see that more and more users are diverting from online live interaction to offline tourism consumption.

The interactive introduction of "live broadcast+tourism" in the live broadcast room can directly understand the demands of tourists, thus providing corresponding tourism services and promoting relevant information, and attracting consumers’ participation more directly.

Tourist Ms. Huang:Sometimes the introduction of the live broadcast room is intuitive and interactive, which saves a lot of time to do raiders. I would rather watch the local live broadcast when I travel.

Not only that, the live video broadcast has also been integrated into the development of rural economy.

The video is being filmed by the Gaoji family in Huanghualing Village, Wushan Street, Wangcheng District, Changsha, Hunan Province. The appearance of short videos has turned this authentic farmer who used to only farm and work into a well-known local live broadcast carrier. The wife is the chef, the mother is the chef, the younger sister is the side dish, and a few special dishes are fried on the spot. The family has a tacit understanding and a happy state, which also allows them to find their own position in the traffic of the Internet. In two years, Gao Jijia’s account released 216 videos and more than 400 live broadcasts, and the appearance of live broadcasts changed their family’s life.

Villagers’ Gaoji in Huanghualing Village, Wushan Street, Wangcheng District, Changsha, Hunan Province;My bigger dream is to drive the agricultural and sideline products (sales) of local small agricultural enterprises and drive these daily incomes of farmers.

With the successful case of Gaoji, the local government also encourages everyone to actively explore new formats and new scenarios under "live broadcast+"and cultivate a number of new accounts. The local government also actively strives for policies for everyone in terms of express logistics, goods with goods, etc., reducing logistics costs and achieving a double harvest of live broadcast and local economy.

Yong Jia, Director of the Network Information Office of Wangcheng District Committee, Changsha City, Hunan Province:Many ordinary people are both producers and sellers. Through the combination of these two businesses, the goal of getting rich for the masses, industrial development and rural revitalization is finally realized.

Nowadays, live broadcast and short video are vivid portrayal of "integration of numbers and reality". With the platform as a link, it pulls both ends of supply and demand and opens up a new "track" for the efficient circulation of industrial products and agricultural products. The data shows that in 2022, the direct or indirect employment opportunities driven by the live broadcast and short video industries exceeded 100 million.

Empowering Industry Financing Innovation Huawei Cloud Innovation Center Partner Cooperation Forum was held.

Shenzhen News Network August 29, 2023(Reporter Ye Mei) On August 27th, the "828 B2B Enterprise Festival Huawei Cloud Innovation Center Ecological Development Forum" was held in Shenzhen. The theme of this forum was "Empowering industries to integrate innovation", focusing on enterprise digitalization and exploring the path and vision of enterprise digital transformation.

At the meeting, Huawei Cloud Innovation Center joined hands with more than 10 software eco-partners to release the special plan of Huawei Cloud Industry Expert Group. UFIDA Software and Huawei Cloud released the Fast by BIP product scheme, and CITIC Bank Shenzhen Branch and Huawei Cloud jointly launched CITIC e-loan financial products for software partners. Huawei Cloud Empowerment Cloud and the National Service Alliance for Digital Transformation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises jointly released the National Alliance for Digital Services of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises "Three Fu" National Bank-Shenzhen Station. In addition, the awarding ceremony of Huawei Cloud Innovation Center’s excellent education solution partner and Huawei Cloud Innovation Center’s excellent manufacturing solution partner was held at the same time.

Digital transformation experts from many industries shared the digital transformation of manufacturing and education industries, as well as the cooperation history and achievements with Huawei Cloud Innovation Center.

Gather wisdom and strength to help enterprises transform digitally and win a new future for industrial development.

Liu Yaohuang, Party Secretary and Director of Shenzhen Pingshan Industry and Information Technology Bureau, delivered a speech at the scene. He thanked Huawei and partner companies for their support to Pingshan’s economic and social development, and introduced the achievements of digital transformation of Pingshan’s manufacturing industry. He said that Pingshan has always insisted on planning, exploring and promoting the development of "digital+"empowerment, intelligence and assignment manufacturing, and promoting the real economy to improve quality, increase efficiency and reduce costs. The N of Pingshan industrial policy "2+N" includes the special policy of digital economy, which highlights the strong support for the industrial Internet.

Zhiqiang Tao, vice president of Huawei Cloud China District, shared the theme of "Gathering wisdom, gathering strength, and sharing a new chapter of booming industrial ecology". He said that "empowering industries and integrating innovation" is the core of Huawei Cloud Innovation Center. With the help of integrating innovative public service platforms, it provides a complete set of technical empowerment solutions related to all aspects of digital ecology, helping enterprises solve the technical, financial and talent problems faced in the transformation and helping enterprises grow better. In the future, Huawei Cloud will continue to practice the concept of "everything is service", continue to increase investment in the fertile soil of industrial digital innovation, and join hands with governments at all levels, enterprises, ecological partners and developers to jointly develop, tolerate and innovate a new chapter in industrial ecology.

Peng Kunmin, general manager of Huawei Cloud Empowerment Cloud Excellence Operation, gave a speech entitled "Gathering together, working together for a win-win situation, and the road of Huawei Cloud Empowerment Cloud Digital Intelligence Empowerment", which explained the development trend of digital economy and the development process of Huawei Cloud Empowerment Cloud. He said that digital transformation has become an important direction of industrial development. Huawei Cloud Empowering Cloud continues to build an eco-service organization, strengthen the introduction of eco-partner capabilities, and with the help of the public service platform model of Huawei Cloud Innovation Center, it continues to empower enterprises in digital transformation and accelerate the digital innovation of the industry for industrial manufacturing, software development, integration of industry and education and other industry scenarios.

At the inauguration ceremony of Huawei Cloud Partner Expert Group, Chen Qianwen, general manager of inclusive finance Department of CITIC Bank Shenzhen Branch, Tang Xianyong, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Xunfang Technology Co., Ltd., Liu Chen, co-founder and vice president of Beijing Yidong Fanxiang Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Pei, chairman of Shanghai Zhenyun Information Technology Co., Ltd., Zhang Yancong, founder and &CEO of Guangzhou Shengyuancheng Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhou Haiwei, chief technology officer of Shanghai Yurui Information Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Zhiwei, Vice President of Ecology of Shanghai Black Lake Technology Co., Ltd., and Ma Changxi, General Manager of South China Operation Center of Shanghai Pan Micro Network Technology Co., Ltd. became members of the expert group. Zhiqiang Tao, Vice President of Huawei Cloud China District, and Peng Kunmin, General Manager of Huawei Cloud Empowerment Cloud Excellence Operation presented letters of appointment to the members of the expert group and took a group photo.

Huawei Cloud Innovation Center joins hands with eco-partners to create heavy activities, invest superior resources and boost the digitalization of the industry.

Cloud gathers innovation and prospers ecology. In the process of promoting the digital development of the industry, Huawei Cloud Innovation Center cannot do without the support of excellent partners. In this forum, Huawei Cloud Innovation Center and ecological partners released a number of projects to accelerate the digital transformation process of the industry.

Fast by BIP, a large-scale enterprise digital intelligence package jointly built by UFIDA Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Huawei Cloud, provides a one-stop global service for large enterprises, enabling customers to make good use of the cloud and help them quickly promote digital intelligence and become a digital intelligence enterprise. In this forum, Zhiqiang Tao, Vice President of Huawei Cloud China, Gao Feng, Minister of Huawei Cloud Ecological Development Department, Dong Bo, Vice President of UFIDA Network and President of UFIDA Ecological Department, and Wang Zengliang, Director of UFIDA Network Ecology jointly announced that "2023 UFIDA Fast by BIP & Huawei Cloud Joint Product" was officially released.

CITIC Bank Shenzhen Branch and Huawei Cloud launched the "e-loan for cloud merchants" to help enterprises build a lifeline and empower their partners to grow their businesses. Under the witness of Zhiqiang Tao, Vice President of Huawei Cloud China, Peng Kunmin, General Manager of Huawei Cloud Empowerment Cloud Excellence Operation, Chen Qianwen, General Manager of inclusive finance Department of CITIC Bank Shenzhen Branch, and Luo Wenqiang, Deputy General Manager of State-owned Assets Business Department of CITIC Bank Shenzhen Branch, the "2023 Cloud Business E-Loan Huawei Cloud Innovation Center Accelerated Action" was officially released.

The National Alliance of Digital Services for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises "Sanfu" National Tour-Shenzhen Station was officially launched.

Qi Lu, Secretary-General of the National Alliance for Digital Services of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, introduced the "three contributions" of the National Alliance for Digital Services of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, namely, promoting digital empowerment, intellectual empowerment of scientific and technological achievements, and brand assignment of quality standards-Shenzhen Station.

Under the joint witness of Peng Kunmin and Qi Lu, the activity of "National Alliance of Digital Services for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises’ Three-Fu National Tour-Shenzhen Station" was officially launched.

The forum also presented awards and awards for Huawei Cloud Innovation Center’s outstanding educational solution partners, Huawei Cloud Innovation Center’s outstanding manufacturing solution partners, Huawei Cloud Innovation Center’s outstanding general solution partners and Huawei Cloud Innovation Center’s potential partners.

In the future, Huawei Cloud Innovation Center will continue to join hands with ecological partners, continue to serve enterprises, deeply empower the industry, accelerate the integration of innovation, and help the process of digital intelligence transformation.

The disputes are rising year by year. Why are online celebrity amusement projects so troublesome?

  Because of its sports, fun and fashion, in recent years, emerging amusement projects such as rock climbing, trampoline, bridge swinging, equestrian and bungee jumping are popular among young people and even children, but their safety risks cannot be ignored. On August 31st, in order to promote the health of the emerging amusement industry, Beijing Shunyi Court made a summary of the legal risks reflected in the disputes involving emerging amusement projects, and made suggestions to consumers, operators and relevant departments.

  Typical case

  Injury while playing trampoline was not treated in time.

  Be diagnosed with grade 10 disability

  A total of five people from Yan and his friends went to play in a trampoline park run by an ecological farm in Beijing. Before entering, Zou and others signed the "Notice of Exemption for Admission Safety".

  Yan said that it was his first time to play trampoline on the day of the incident. When he entered the venue, no staff told him which areas were advanced and which areas were primary. During the playing process, no staff gave him guidance. He was injured while doing somersault in the white area, and then he did not report his discomfort to the staff. The staff did not give him first aid or take corresponding medical measures. He did not go to the hospital in time because he did not expect to be so seriously injured at that time. Finally, the hospital diagnosed it as a burst fracture of thoracic vertebra 12 and a spinous process fracture of thoracic vertebra 11. After identification, Zou constituted a level 10 disability.

  In the end, the court found that Yan was responsible for 80%, and the operator was responsible for 20%, and compensated Yan for personal injury losses of more than 60,000 yuan.

  Coincidentally, when Ms. Xu, a citizen of Beijing, was playing on the Huangqiao Bridge in online celebrity, a water park in Shunyi, Beijing, many tourists accidentally fell into the water, and the pool was too shallow and lacked protective measures, which caused her calcaneal fracture, which was a grade 10 disability. Ms. Xu sued a company that managed it. On July 21 this year, Beijing Shunyi Court ordered a company to compensate Ms. Xu for medical expenses, nursing expenses, lost time and mental damages totaling 175,385.55 yuan.

  In this regard, Liu Hongyan, president of Niulanshan Court of Shunyi Court, said that most of the emerging amusement projects have evolved from professional sports and there are great security risks. Liu Hong Yan said that due to reasons such as low industry entry threshold, inadequate safety tips, and insufficient personnel and equipment protection, safety incidents caused by emerging amusement projects frequently occur, and such disputes are also on the rise year by year. In 2019 alone, Beijing courts accepted 67 such cases.

  "It is worth noting that the injuries of the injured in such cases are mostly serious, and the rate of identification as disability is large, which has caused heavy trauma to both the injured and the operators."

  Risk warning

  Emerging amusement projects have low barriers to entry.

  Lack of industry standards

  At present, places such as trampoline hall, rock climbing hall, partying hall and water park, which are engaged in new amusement projects, are not professional sports venues, and the state has no specific qualification requirements for their operators, and there are also no unified standards and requirements for their market access conditions, venue specifications, amusement facilities, staffing and management level. Operators only need to obtain industrial and commercial business licenses to operate.

  In addition, the key hardware facilities and safety equipment in the business premises, such as the location requirements, instructions for use, the number of people and the weight of climbing ropes, lack clear specifications and standards, and most of them are purchased or built by operators themselves, and there is no need to go through relevant inspections before they are put into operation.

  The rules of the game are unclear and the industry supervision is absent. Whether trampoline and other emerging sports have relatively uniform rules and action standards is not fully understood by the general public and players, and the relevant industry departments have not formulated and popularized the rules and precautions of this kind of amusement projects, especially for the players’ own physical requirements, the formulation of rules and the maintenance of game order.

  In addition, there is also a lack of corresponding supervision over the operators and business premises that operate the above amusement projects. Whether the first-aid drugs, first-aid personnel and measures in the business premises are fully prepared, and whether there are corresponding penalties for operators who have safety accidents, etc., there is still a lack of industry guidance and supervision for emerging amusement projects.

  Insufficient safety tips in business premises and abuse of exemption clauses. Before tourists enter the business site and prepare to play, most operators do not fulfill their full obligation to inform and prompt, so that players can fully understand the safety risks of the projects they want to play, and then make correct choices and decisions based on their own physical fitness.

  Uneven staffing and lack of safety guidance. Although emerging amusement projects belong to amusement projects, they are professional and dangerous. However, some operators are not equipped with professionals to save costs, so players can’t ask for help in time when they encounter problems.

  Consumers’ lack of risk awareness and violation of safety tips. Some consumers do not know enough about the risks that emerging amusement projects may bring, blindly pursue excitement, and imitate difficult movements without professional training and guidance. In addition, some consumers lack sufficient experience and skills to deal with emergencies, and often panic and mishandle them.

  The judge suggested

  Consumers carefully and rationally choose play items.

  Regulatory authorities improve industry norms

  In view of the above risks, Tu Lin, a judge of Niulanshan Court of Shunyi Court, made corresponding suggestions to the players, operators and relevant departments.

  Players improve their awareness of risk prevention and choose their play items carefully and rationally. Taking into account the existence of normal risk factors in sports activities, Article 1176 of the Civil Code promulgated this year stipulates that "the victim may not ask other participants to bear tort liability if they voluntarily participate in cultural and sports activities with certain risks and are damaged by the actions of other participants; However, unless other participants have intentional or gross negligence in the occurrence of damage. " Based on the risk-taking principle, the following suggestions are put forward for players:

  First, read the risk notice carefully and choose the play items carefully. The second is to follow the rules of the game and never challenge high-risk actions. The third is to seek medical advice in time after the injury and keep the evidence properly.

  The regulatory authorities improve industry norms and strictly supervise and manage.

  First, improve the industry norms and standards of emerging amusement projects, strengthen the qualification review of business entities and employees, formulate production and installation standards for equipment and facilities of high-risk amusement projects, and introduce basic game rules and prohibitions of corresponding amusement projects. The second is to strengthen the law enforcement supervision of industry operators. It is necessary to intensify the investigation and punishment of illegal acts, refine the safety operation standards, strengthen the implementation of standards, increase the administrative management and supervision of the implementation of safety responsibilities of operators, and improve the standard level of workplace safety management. The third is to improve the relief channels. Open telephone complaints, online complaints and other channels for the misconduct of operators, and punish them once they are verified.

  Text/reporter Song Xia

The acceleration of 100 kilometers is 3.9 seconds. How does BYD Han EV drive?

closefillIThe first time to share with you the hot spots in the automobile circle.

I have to say that when BYD Han just went public, many people were not very optimistic about it. After all, it was in the car segmentation field where its own brand had been weak, and it had a distance compared with Tesla and BBA in brand power. At the same time, pricing is also controversial.

Some netizens said: "Is BYD Han worth 219,800-279,500 yuan after subsidy?

Is the set price a little too floating?

The brain is crazy. Is it not fresh and fragrant to have the money to buy a Tesla?

This car is destined to be cool. "

However, in reality, BYD Han succeeded, and after three months of listing, BYD Han ushered in the first sales of more than 10,000. It can be said that BYD Han gave two big mouths to those who didn’t value it with real sales results. Yes! Byd Han not only didn’t get cold, but also climbed steadily.

According to the latest official sales data released by BYD in November, BYD Han sold a total of 10,105 vehicles in November, achieving a four-month sales increase, with a cumulative sales volume of 28,467 vehicles. Among them, BYD Han EV (parameter picture) sold 7,482 vehicles in November, ranking fourth in the sales list of new energy vehicles in November of china automobile dealers association Automobile Market Research Branch (Association); BYD Han DM also sold 2,623 vehicles in mid-November, up 5.3% from October. Judging from these sales figures, BYD Han really "went up". So why did it succeed? What are the core highlights? Just recently, the key gentleman participated in a deep test drive experience of "recalling Jiangnan" for BYD, and found some answers from it. Let’s go! Let’s take a look!

Full of Chinese style! The appearance is highly recognizable and differentiated.

Still as usual, let’s talk about the static part first. In this era of "looking at the face", not only people have to look at the face value, but even cars have to fight for the face value. In recent years, the post-90 s and post-00 s gradually replaced the post-70 s and post-80 s as the main group of consumers, and the personalized consumption characteristics of young people began to dominate the market changes. Therefore, the value of a car is good or bad, which can be said to play a decisive role in the process of consumers’ car selection.

After so many years of development, China’s automobile industry has become increasingly mature. While increasing the research and development of their own products, independent car manufacturers have also made great efforts in appearance value, striving to cater to the aesthetics of young consumers with the latest and most fashionable appearance design. Of course, BYD is the representative of this. Judging from the appearance of the models currently listed, the design style of BYD’s models is absolutely "fan".

Ok, the gossip is a little too much, so let’s get back to the topic! This time, the key test drive is a BYD Han EV four-wheel drive high-performance version of the flagship, with a price of 279,500 yuan and an acceleration of 3.9s seconds per 100 kilometers. When the key gentleman saw this car at first sight, the key gentleman was really amazed by its design. First of all, the first feeling it gave the key gentleman was that this BYD Han EV was very coupe-like, with a low posture and smooth lines. Interestingly, the overall design of this car is also full of Chinese style. Specifically, the front face of BYD Han EV adopts a closed and integrated front face, and a silver chrome-plated decorative strip is conspicuous at the grille of the front face, and the "Han" logo is also dotted in it, which also makes China elements more prominent. In addition, the shape of the headlight group is slender and sharp, and it looks more sci-fi and avant-garde with the streamlined body.

In addition to the attractive value of the front face, BYD Han EV also has a surprising part on the side of the car body. The side of the whole car body adopts a slip-back roof arc to make the car look more sporty. In addition, the design of the hidden handle highlights its sense of science and technology. During the experience, the key gentleman thinks that BYD has made this design very carefully, and the LOGO with the word "Han" is printed on the inside of the door handle, which is also very good in the process of pushing and retracting. It is worth mentioning that this car also supports NFC unlocking, and the sensing area is in the rearview mirror, which can support Huawei mobile phone unlocking and binding. At this point, the key gentleman thinks it is very convenient for consumers.

In addition, the design of the tail shape of BYD Han EV is also very textured. The top corner of the trunk adopts a duck tail shape, and the popular through taillights are not absent. The design elements of the taillights are also used on both sides, which is highly recognizable after lighting. From the overall design point of view, the face value of BYD Han EV is very high, which is quite good in terms of atmosphere and durability, and there is actually a reason to have this face value.

It is reported that this design was jointly created by Wolfgang Eiger, former design director of Audi, JuanMa López, exterior design director of Ferrari, and Michele Jauch-Paganetti, former interior design director of Mercedes-Benz. It is not difficult to understand why BYD Han can have a highly recognizable and differentiated appearance with such a big-name designer.

The interior is both textured and advanced.

Press the car key lightly, and when you open the car door and enter the car, the electric seat and the electric steering wheel will move slowly. It can be said that the full sense of ceremony will burst out instantly, and the interior that gives the key gentleman the deepest feeling visually is the red and black collocation. It is worthy of recognition that this car has significantly improved the sense of texture and luxury compared with the previous BYD models. At the same time, the interior of the whole car is also decorated with many wood grains, which is very classy.

In terms of materials, BYD Han EV is also very sincere. For example, in terms of seats, BYD Han EV uses Nappa leather raw materials. It is reported that this is selected from cattle hide imported from Brazil and has been processed by more than 20 processes. The overall filler is also very soft and comfortable. At the same time, BYD Han EV is equipped with the function of seat ventilation, and the overall comfort is very good. From this point of view alone, BYD Han EV is much better than Model 3, which is criticized for its rough workmanship and poor materials.

In addition, the interior design of BYD Han EV has not only retained the family-style design, but also carried out many innovations. For example, the dashboard uses a large display screen and the latest DiLink 3.0 UI design, which is called the theme of "flowing". The central control rotating large screen is not absent from this BYD Han EV, with a size of 15.6 inches and a brand-new UI design. The display effect is very clear and delicate, and the fluency of use is also "smooth". In addition, it has functions such as car WIFI, OTA remote upgrade and split-screen display. It is worth noting that in audio-visual entertainment, it can also support Internet radio, online music, local music and local videos, and the system supports downloading applications, which is basically the same as the smart phones we use every day.

In addition, this car is also quite rich in configuration, especially in active safety configuration. It is equipped with BYD Dipilot driver assistance system, and it is equipped with basic common practical configurations such as adaptive cruise, lane keeping and automatic parking.

Key Jun also had some experience during the test drive, among which the most memorable one is that when you enter low-speed driving, as soon as you turn on the turn signal, the screen will automatically switch to a 360-degree panoramic image, and its response speed is really fast. The most important thing is that it is practical and convenient. In terms of voice control, BYD Han EV also has a high degree of voice recognition. The wake-up mode can be awakened by buttons on the steering wheel or by voice, and its voice system has a fast response speed and high recognition. You just need to say "Hello, Xiao Di+Command" to switch to the specified command. Byd Han EV can support switching to make a phone call, check the weather, open the window and other commands.

Let’s take a look at the size. As a medium-sized and large car, BYD Han EV is also full of advantages in space performance. First, let’s take a look at the body size of BYD Han EV. Its length, width and height are 4980/1910/1495mm, and the wheelbase is 2920mm. It is precisely because of its super-long wheelbase of 2920 mm that the rear space of BYD Han EV can be described as luxury. In the actual experience process, the emphasis is on your height. At the same time, sitting in the back seat, you can feel the softness of the whole seat is very high. In addition, the cushion is also very long, not only with ventilation and heating functions, but also with electric adjustment of the back seat, which is quite "cool". Of course, there are still some shortcomings in the space of BYD Han EV. Compared with the abundance of leg space, the head space in the back row is somewhat cramped. In fact, it is not difficult to understand. After all, there are restrictions on the shape of sliding back, so the head space is not so comfortable. According to the pro-test, the head distance is 3.5 to 4 fingers without sitting up straight. If the body plate is upright, it will be a bit awkward. Judging from the overall interior experience of BYD Han EV, BYD Han EV can give consumers a luxury car enjoyment in terms of texture, technical equipment and comfort.

How does BYD Han EV drive?

After talking about the appearance and interior, what is the feeling of BYD Han EV? Since it is a test drive experience, how can we not talk about the feeling of driving! Let’s talk about parameters and power first. BYD Han EV provides two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models, in which the front and rear dual-motor systems with total power of 363kW(494Ps) and maximum torque of 680N·m are adopted for the dual-motor four-wheel drive models. Among them, the long endurance version, the cruising range of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 605km, and our test drive is the high-performance version of the Han EV four-wheel drive.

In this activity, we started from 4S shop to Tongling Yongquan Mountain Villa, with a total length of 180 kilometers. The middle section includes urban roads and expressway sections. In the early stage, before we got on the expressway section, there was a section of urban roads and there were many traffic lights in the middle. At this stage, we switched to economic mode. In this mode, the power output was relatively soft. After entering the expressway section, we switched the driving mode to SPORT mode. Choose the standard intensity for kinetic energy recovery. In the actual experience, the accelerator pedal of the four-wheel drive version is extremely sensitive. When the floor is electrified, the whole car is like a runaway wild horse. Its powerful acceleration performance gives the driver a strong sense of pushing back, but the overall feeling will not appear so abrupt, but it is delicate and linear. To be honest, this kind of driving pleasure will also make consumers feel addicted.

In addition, in addition to the extreme feeling of performance, BYD Han EV also brings us a good driving experience in handling, sports and comfort. When we arrive at the destination of Tongling Yongquan Mountain Villa, we need to go through a continuous curve mountain road. When our vehicle enters the curve, the lateral support of BYD Han EV is very good, and the flexibility of the whole chassis is also very good, which can make you easily turn the curve. To be honest, in this performance, BYD Han EV is not worthy of some luxury brands.

Finally, let’s talk about the performance of BYD Han EV in sound insulation. In fact, in real life, car noise can directly affect our driving experience. If the performance of the vehicle we are driving is not good enough in quietness, it will also increase the burden on the driver’s brain invisibly, which will make people feel annoyed and even lead to road rage. This is harmful to safe driving. At this point, BYD Han EV’s noise control in the car is good, and even some of them exceed the expectations of the key drivers. During the driving process, even if the speed reaches 120KM/h, the car is very quiet, and the wind noise and tire noise are also well controlled. At this point, BYD Han EV is better than other new energy vehicles.

Write at the end:

Whether it is the advanced design or the interior with both texture and high sense, BYD Han EV has given the key gentleman a good feeling. The excellent performance and the pleasant driving texture also make the key gentleman have enough surprises. For this price or this level of models, BYD Han EV is definitely a "face" and a "value" model. I believe that in the future new energy field, BYD Han EV will also create new achievements. Let’s wait and see!