Straight down 12.4℃! Spring flashes back in Hangzhou!

According to the Central Meteorological Observatory:
20-22 February
The cold wave will continue to affect the central and eastern parts of China.
In some areas, there is a high risk of snowstorm and low temperature rain, snow and freezing disaster.
Today (February 20th) at 6 o’clock.
Six early warnings are issued!
Issued by the Central Meteorological Observatory
Cold wave orange warning, frozen yellow warning
Fog yellow warning, blizzard blue warning
Strong wind blue warning and strong convective weather blue warning
Please pay attention to safety when you return to Spring Festival travel rush!
Photo/Jiang Zhiqing
In Hangzhou
The prelude of continuous low temperature and rainy weather has also been opened.
Cool down by 12.4℃! But this is just an appetizer.
Yesterday, the highest temperature in Hangzhou Station reached 25.5℃, but in the evening, due to the influence of cold air front, the weather pattern reversed, and Hang Cheng cooled down, with rain and wind.
At 10 o’clock today, the hourly temperature at Hangzhou Station was only 9.6℃, which was 12.4℃ lower than that at the same time yesterday.
Photo/Jiang Zhiqing
Some people say that after years of cold wave, rain, snow and freezing, this coldness is nothing. Don’t be too proud, it’s just an appetizer for cold air.The real cold air body will go south from tomorrow afternoon to the day after tomorrow (21-22).
Go home early from work tomorrow!
Moderate to heavy rain and local heavy rain are coming.
Tomorrow morning, the front area will be strengthened, and the shear line and the front area will be pressed southward after noon. Coupled with the warm and humid air flow, the rain will be obviously strengthened tomorrow, with moderate to heavy rain, and there will even be heavy rain in the southwest!
Not only the rain, but also the temperature will continue to drop.The lowest temperature on 22-26 days is 0 ~ 4℃ in plain area and 0 ~-3℃ in mountainous area.There is freezing. Tomorrow, the largest northerly wind will be 5-7 in the plain area, 8 in some areas, and 7-9 in the rivers and lakes and high mountains.
Next, the cold and rainy weather will last for many days, and the wet and cold sensation will linger, especially in the early stage when the temperature is high and the warm and cold turn sharply. Everyone must pay special attention to the impact of drastic temperature changes and continuous wet and cold on human health.
In addition, Spring Festival travel rush is still going on. Friends who have travel plans must pay attention to the weather conditions along the way and pay attention to traffic safety.
(Source: Hangzhou Release)