What are the benefits of running?

1, strong body

Running can improve our physical fitness. Compared with people who don’t exercise, runners are more robust, giving us more muscles, full of spiritual vitality, and improving all aspects of our body.

2. Keep your body young

Running is a good aerobic exercise. When we run, our body’s oxygen delivery and blood quantity are ten times more than usual, which will deliver more oxygen and nutrition to cells, make our cells more energetic and make our bodies younger!

3. Keep in good shape

Eating without exercise is the easiest way to get fat. Obese bodies are unsightly and, more importantly, unhealthy, while running can maintain our good bodies. Running every day can control the fat content in the body, and make our body more upright and will not go out of shape! So if you want to keep fit, running is a good way to exercise.

4. Improve sleep quality

Running at night can improve our sleep quality, because running can release the pressure of work and study during the day and produce physical fatigue, which makes it easier to fall asleep. If your sleep quality is poor, try fun run.