Chun’ an: Deep affection for Lantern Festival continues the taste of the year

Making lanterns, solve riddles on the lanterns, playing games and eating Lantern Festival is another year of Lantern Festival. The villages and towns in Chun ‘an County are very lively, and everyone gathered together to carry out various Lantern Festival theme activities.
"The waist drum team is coming!" In the outdoor Little Square of Wanghu Community in Qiandao Lake Town, a community dance team with waist drums and bright red dresses started a lively opening ceremony, and the "Lantern Festival Happy Home" garden party and the pro-theme activities of Pearl and Wanghu officially began. Accompanied by laughter, the dragon surrounded by ribbons "swam" into the community and flew up and down to stage the "Dragon in Prosperity".
On the other side of the Nanyuan community, at the scene of the activity of "Concentrating on the Neighborhood and Celebrating the Lantern Festival", the neighbors had a heated discussion in the "lantern riddle array". This year’s lantern riddles cover the creation of civilization, Hangzhou Asian Games, Song Yun culture and other aspects, with higher concern for residents and stronger educational attributes.
The Sunshine Community held the Lantern Festival theme activity of "Happy Lantern Festival, Welcome the Asian Games with One Heart". Festive music attracted a large number of residents. They went out in groups of three or five, or the whole family. First, they received a delicious and steaming dumpling, and then quietly selected their favorite puzzles to answer. If they guessed the riddles, they could also receive a beautiful small gift. At the same time, in the other corner of the activity site, the publicity activities of garbage classification and anti-fraud are also in full swing. Through polite competition, the knowledge of garbage classification and anti-fraud is popularized to the residents on the site, and publicity materials are distributed to enhance the residents’ awareness of anti-fraud and garbage classification to welcome the arrival of the Asian Games.
To ask where the flavor of "Old Pailing" is strongest, Chun ‘an people will definitely recommend you to stroll along Qilong Lane and Hushan Park to the tip of the stove. Non-legacy bamboo horses, colorful dragon lanterns and big-headed dolls started from the community practice station (citizen post station) under the interpretation of community party member volunteers, literary backbones and teachers and students of Huoshanjian Kindergarten, beating gongs and drums while performing, with colorful dances interspersed among them, winning the applause of pedestrians along the way.
Left-behind children are the biggest concern for out-of-town entrepreneurs to return to work after the holiday. Qiandaohu Town Xincheng Community Civilization Practice Station specially invited children from its jurisdiction to come to Children’s Home for the holidays. Everyone sang children’s songs and listened to stories. Sister social worker also taught the children to make Lantern Festival lanterns with red envelopes and snack boxes during the Chinese New Year, and wrote their thoughts and wishes for their families into the lanterns.
The "Welcome to the Asian Games and Happy Lantern Festival" in Weiping Town was held in Yejiacun Cultural Auditorium. More than 300 people gathered together, throwing pots, eating glutinous rice balls and solve riddles on the lanterns … The scene was full of laughter. Finally, the Ye Jialong Lantern Show was held. The huge dragon body danced and soared into the sky in the explosion of fireworks, which was very spectacular. It is reported that this activity combines Song Yun, Asian Games and other elements, including traditional solve riddles on the lanterns, glutinous rice balls, dragon lanterns and gongs and drums performances, as well as Song Yun folk games such as throwing pots and hoops, so that the broad masses of cadres and people can further inherit the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation and feel the unique charm of traditional folk customs.
Dashu Town organized many volunteers such as party member, women, young people and non-party people to carry out various activities for the residents of the market town, such as sending glutinous rice balls and solve riddles on the lanterns, to celebrate the Lantern Festival together. During the activity, some volunteers presented dumplings to the past residents to convey warm wishes. The rest of the volunteers distributed handmade materials to guide the children to make Lantern Festival lanterns and New Year wish cards. The collected wish cards will be bought by volunteers and sent to children after the festival.
The "Hongling Party-mass Service Station" in Langchuan Township held the "Cut Tangyuan" and the solve riddles on the lanterns to celebrate the Lantern Festival. Lights were decorated everywhere and lanterns were hung high. Eating glutinous rice balls, solve riddles on the lanterns and watching lanterns are traditional customs of the Lantern Festival, but this year’s "glutinous rice balls" are very special. The raw materials are neither glutinous rice nor black sesame seeds. The cute dolls only use a piece of colored paper and a pair of scissors to make bowls of chubby "glutinous rice balls". With the help of this activity, children and villagers can further feel the charm of paper-cutting art, and take traditional festivals as an opportunity to promote traditional art, which can bring a unique meaning to traditional festivals.
The Lantern Festival in Zuokou Township was held in the Cultural Auditorium of Yaocun Village, Zuokou Township. Customs clearance games such as throwing pots, hooping, guessing and blowing out candles were set up on the spot, which attracted many villagers and children to have Lantern Festival. Although it was near the end of the month, the scene was still full of strong flavor of the year. In addition, Zuokou Township Cultural Station also set up a "anti-pornography and illegal publications" publicity exhibition board at the scene, taking advantage of the lively opportunity to carry out "anti-pornography and illegal publications" publicity for everyone.
The Jiukeng Township Women’s Federation, together with the Youth League Committee and the Cultural Station, held a parent-child activity of "Welcome Lantern Festival, Creative Production of DIY Stickers for Parents and Children" at the Children’s Palace of Rural Renaissance in Zhonglian Village. The volunteer teachers explained the relevant knowledge of stickers to the children, and then the children cooperated with their parents to cut and paste simple and beautiful paintings. Finally, the children took their own stickers to show on the stage and shared their creative achievements with everyone.
In the cultural auditorium of Guanjia Village, Fu Wang Township, a lantern riddle activity with the theme of "learning to strengthen the country" opened the eyes of the villagers. At the activity site, the hot field of hitting the water drum quickly heated up the strong festive atmosphere on the scene. Then the various riddles at the lantern riddle meeting also made the villagers who came to guess the riddle "brainstorm". The old people who originally planned to bring their children to play at the scene even played more actively than their grandchildren. Later, kicking shuttlecock, skipping rope, tug-of-war competition and knowledge quiz on garbage sorting also kept the fiery atmosphere on the scene.