Beauty-loving girls treat fruits as dinner experts: Some fruits have higher calories than pork!

  The summer has arrived, and the summer in Chongqing has not passed yet. For many girls who love beauty, midsummer means the crucial stage of losing weight in a year. In order to make themselves wear skirts without a trace of fat, many girls choose to go on a diet to lose weight. If you don’t eat, you can’t stand it. If you eat, you are afraid of getting fat. All kinds of fruits have become the most common meal replacement food for them to lose weight. But you may not think that some fruits may make you lose weight and gain weight.

  Community fruits shop

  Every day, there are customers who put fruit into contemporary meals.

  Liu Hemiao, 23, lives in Dapingzheng Street, Yuzhong District. On the afternoon of August 21, she called the fruit shop downstairs, "Help me cut half a watermelon, and I’ll get it later." Every two days, Xiao Liu will let the fruit shop leave half a watermelon for himself.

  The clerk of the fruit shop will cut the pulp of the watermelon bought for Xiao Liu and put it in two plastic boxes, which is her dinner for the next two days. "Generally, half a watermelon weighs about 7 pounds, which sounds a lot, but it’s all water, and you can still eat it, which is just right for losing weight." Watermelon for dinner to lose weight, Xiao Liu has insisted on it for more than a month, but the effect is not obvious. "I lost 3 pounds, I think it’s not bad. Anyway, I don’t exercise."

  In fact, there are not a few people who lose weight with fruit instead of dinner. In this fruit shop under Xiaoliujialou, there are several old customers who, like Xiaoliu, choose different fruits for dinner to lose weight. "Some customers come to buy fresh fruits every day, buy several kinds at a time, and buy a little of each." Ms. He, the clerk, said.

  Although they are all fruits to lose weight, everyone’s methods are different. Maggie Zhou, who lives in the same community as Liu Hemiao, eats some meat and pasta accidents every morning, and uses fruits for lunch and dinner. "One catty a day, at least three kinds of fruits."

  On August 21st, Maggie Zhou set himself the fruits of pitaya, Cui Tao and bananas. Ms. Qian, who goes to the fruit shop every day to buy fresh fruit contemporary meals, will choose fruits that are not so sweet, such as white-hearted pitaya and small tomatoes. "I will not choose watermelons, grapes and bananas. The sugar is high and the calories are high. The more I eat, the fatter I get."

  Hospital nursing specialist

  Some fruits have higher calories than meat, and fruits lose weight before meals.

  Is it really useful to eat fruit for dinner to lose weight? "Fructose contained in fruits can also cause the accumulation of fat in the body. Replacing dinner with fruit may not be able to reduce weight and body fat. Moreover, the nutritional components of fruits are single, mostly water and sugar, and a small amount of vitamins and protein fiber, but the trace elements such as calcium, iron and zinc required by normal metabolism of the human body cannot be satisfied. " Experts from the Nutrition Department of Daping Hospital said.

  According to experts, eating fruit is really beneficial to lose weight, but it can’t completely replace dinner. "Actually, eating fruit before meals is more conducive to losing weight. Many of the nutrients in most fruits are water-soluble. Eating before meals is easier to be digested and absorbed by the stomach, and it is easy to feel full, which can help suppress appetite for people who want to lose weight. "

  "On the other hand, the choice of fruits is also very important. Some fruits have higher fat content than meat. If you choose these foods for contemporary meals, it may be counterproductive. Avocado, which is regarded as a holy product to lose weight, has a higher calorie index than pork, with 143 calories for 100 grams of lean pork and 160 calories for 100 grams of avocado. At the same time, the fat content of avocado is as high as 15%-30%. "

  For people who lose weight, fruit can’t replace vegetables. Experts suggest that no matter whether the fruit is sweet or not, the daily consumption should be controlled at 200 -350 grams, and the intake of vegetables should reach 500 grams, and different types should be changed.

  Chongqing morning post upstream journalist Shi Heng