Everyone who can swim agrees that these four benefits are obvious after swimming for half a month.

With the coming of summer heat, swimming has almost become a national sport in this season. From the point of view of fitness, people who often do swimming exercises have obviously improved their physical fitness. As a sport loved by the whole people, swimming has many benefits, but we also need to know and remember the precautions.

The benefits of swimming

First, exercise respiratory muscles to improve cardiopulmonary function

Because of the water pressure, you need to bear certain pressure during swimming. When exhaling, due to the high density of water, resistance is generated, so you must exert yourself. Every breath is equivalent to a deep breath, and you will breathe rhythmically according to your swimming style, which can effectively stimulate your respiratory function. People who insist on swimming for a long time can significantly improve their oxygen uptake and vital capacity.

Second, shaping and bodybuilding

Swimming is a whole-body exercise, which can make the whole body muscle groups exercise, get balanced and coordinated development, and make the muscle lines smooth. Like running and playing ball, although they are also full-body sports, if you are accidentally injured, your local muscles will be hard and obvious. However, if swimming training is planned for a long time, the body can be in a state of no load and the joint injury rate can be reduced by 90%.

Third, relieve stress

Nowadays, the fast pace of life and heavy work pressure have become a normal state of urban life. Swimming can stimulate the secretion of endorphins in the body and relieve the pressure of daily work and life. Like yoga, people can fully relax their bodies, make people calm, eliminate external interference, become more focused, and reduce tension and depression.

Fourth, enhance resistance

The temperature of the swimming pool is usually lower than that of the human body, and the body dissipates heat quickly and consumes a lot of energy in the water. In order to supplement the heat emitted by the body, the nervous system will respond quickly, accelerate the metabolism of the human body and increase its adaptability to the outside world. Therefore, the winter swimmers we see are not easy to catch a cold, and their resistance and immunity to diseases are higher than those of ordinary people.

Understand swimming precautions to avoid accidents.

First, make full security preparations, and don’t be alone. Children, especially, must be accompanied by their parents.

Second, do a good job of sun protection when swimming in summer, because the skin is bare when swimming, plus the reflection of water on light, it is easy to get sunburn or sunburn, and in severe cases, it will cause dermatitis.

Third, women avoid swimming during menstruation, and their physical resistance during menstruation is poor, and germs are easy to enter the body and cause infection. Suffering from tuberculosis, otitis media, heart disease, skin disease, etc., it is not suitable for swimming.

Four, swimming time should not be too long, the longest is not more than 2 hours. 5. Don’t swim on an empty stomach or after meals. Swimming on an empty stomach will affect appetite and digestive function, and it is prone to dizziness and fatigue in the water; And satiety will produce stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea and so on.