Are there any 3DS games worth playing in 2023?

Since its release in 2011, 3DS has attracted a large number of loyal fans by virtue of its small size, naked-eye 3D and other features, as well as Nintendo’s first-party quality games. Even now, many people are willing to use it as a game device to take out. But all good things must come to an end, and 3DS, which has been with us for more than ten years, finally ushered in its curtain call this year.

On March 28th, 2023, Nintendo officially stopped the service of eShop for 3DS. After the production of 3DS was discontinued in 2020, this move also announced that the 3DS series handhelds officially ended its service period and became the tears of the times. However, today in 2023, there are still many people who can’t put it down. With the retro tide in recent years, the price of 3DS on idle fish is rising.

Many classic games on 3DS have made a generation’s memories, including "Poké mon Sun/Moon", which witnessed the official Chinese culture of Poké mon series, and "Come on! Animal Forest Friends Association. You may have never had this memory for various reasons, and you didn’t start to make up the ticket in a hurry until its life came to an end.

When eShop stopped taking clothes, I prepared some 3DS game recommendations worth playing for you. If you want to reopen the 3DS, or start a 3DS to make up for your past, I hope these games can provide you with some directions.

The biggest difference between 3DS and other game devices is thatthree dimensional andDouble screen. The former is the biggest selling point of 3DS, and well-adapted games can also bring us a unique game experience. The latter is a feature inherited from the NDS era, so 3DS can be perfectly compatible with NDS games, greatly expanding its playability.

Games on the 3DS platform are in full bloom, from Nintendo’s IP such as Mario and Zelda to the popular Baokemeng and Monster Hunter series, which have left their footprints on the 3DS platform. This article will be based onPlay experienceandHandheld machine fitnessRecommend some games worth playing, which may be missed. You are also welcome to share the 3DS games you think are most worth playing in the comments section.

If you know something about Nintendo, I’m sure you won’t worry about their "red hat" and "green hat" escorting the new mainframe. On the 3DS, "Super Mario 3D Continent" will stir up the beam and skillfully use the brand-new naked-eye 3D function of 3DS, making players feel as if they are in a box level, fighting with the enemy and exploring hidden elements with Mario. The game supports two 3D modes of "protruding" and "concave", and players can switch them at any time.

After opening 3D, you can clearly perceive the depth of the scene and the distance between objects. In some levels, you need to open 3D to see the bricks floating in the air, so as to get the hidden gold coins.

There are 8 worlds in the game. After customs clearance, you can unlock the special levels of the additional 8 worlds, which is very playable. The scale of each level is not particularly large, and it usually takes about 5 minutes to complete a level, which is very suitable for picking it up and playing for a while.

When I play, I am always addicted to finding hidden gold coins and playing monsters. However, the hidden gold coins are not so easy to collect. They are either placed in places that require skill to reach or hidden in very hidden places. At least it’s hard for me to reach the level at the first time. This also brings a lot of repeated play value to the level. I often pick up the game machine at 10 o’clock in the evening and put it down before I find it is the next afternoon.

Tp: Is it difficult to get through customs perfectly?

"Super Mario 3D Continent" reveals Nintendo’s characteristics of "easy to use but difficult to master" everywhere. The operation of the game is very simple, you can master it in a few minutes, and you can easily touch the flagpole through the checkpoint. But if you want to achieve perfect customs clearance and even look for hidden elements, then it is difficult enough for you to challenge again and again.

Sometimes I get invincible effect and rampage and forget the time, which directly leads to my raccoon costume being knocked off by a monster, so I can’t go down from the top of the flagpole at the end; Sometimes I don’t have a good direction in the air and fall off the map and die; Sometimes I’m about to eat a star, but I miss it because of my mistakes. I jump three or four times for a star.

People are addicted to food, right?

Say "Red Hat", and then talk about Nintendo’s proud "Green Hat"-the legend of zelda series. Oh, by the way, the man’s name is not Zelda, but Link.

The legend of zelda has released four works on 3DS, including the full 3D flute of time, the mask of Mezula, the triangular power of the gods 2 and the hero of triangular power from a 2D perspective. Every work can make people play for a long time. Before the release of Tears of the Kingdom, it is better to take out 3DS to review the classic of Time Flute 3D.

As the first perfect score game on GameSpot website, The Legend of Zelda: The Flute of Time attracted a large number of players when it first appeared on N64. At that time, the game evaluation industry was not like the era when this perfect game was everywhere. At that time, the evaluation was extremely harsh, even to the point of abnormal condition. However, in such an environment, The Flute of Time can still get full marks, and its excellent production can be seen.

The flute of time has laid a lot of foundations for modern 3D games, such as the locking mechanism in wartime and a complete 3D perspective solution. I used to play those pseudo-3D games that "can’t see the sky" (that’s you DQ! ), the characters don’t go up and down when climbing mountains, but I can adjust the angle of view 360 degrees in the flute of time, and the position of the characters will change with the geographical environment.

In addition, when using slingshots or flying claws, the viewing angle automatically switches to the FPS viewing angle, which makes the operation more convenient and more substitutive. Jumping and diving can also give a glimpse of the embryonic form of the subsequent Zelda game. As a game of that era, I will give full marks even if I am asked to score.

"Time Flute 3D" is almost a perfect reappearance of "Time Flute", retaining the original game experience. At the same time, the game also makes full use of the lower screen to display maps, backpacks and other interfaces, which improves the efficiency of the game. The naked-eye 3D effect of the game is also good, which can immerse you in the vast mainland of Heraru.

Besides Time Flute 3D, I would also like to recommend Triangle Power of the Gods 2. As an orthodox sequel to SFC’s Triangle Power of the Gods, Triangle Power 2 continues the setting of the previous work, and makes good use of the naked-eye 3D characteristics of 3DS, so that you can clearly feel the ups and downs of the terrain even from a 2D perspective, and you can also feel the height changes through 3D when you jump from a height, fly with a staff of wind, and birds swooped down on you.

The game adds the setting of becoming a mural. After becoming a mural, the angle of view will change from 2D to 3D, allowing you to observe the maze from another angle. There are many hidden elements in the game that you need to use your new abilities flexibly to discover.

The use of this pair of dual screens is also in place. The lower screen can not only display the map and mark it with pushpins, but also switch props quickly without pausing the game. If you haven’t played "Triangle Power of the Gods", you can start playing directly from "Triangle Power 2", which may bring you unexpected surprises.

The first part of Resident Evil: Apocalypse, which first appeared in 3DS, is of high quality. Even compared with the second part of Apocalypse on PS3/PSV, it can be called a "masterpiece" or even a "game beyond function". The story of the game is not the true story, but the story of Jill, Chris and BSAA. The plot mainly happened before resident evil 5. Although it is rumored, the plot and the true story are also closely related. For the plot party, there is no need to worry that there will be too much sense of division.

Thanks to the characteristics of naked-eye 3D, players can experience the horror of the game more personally. When the monster comes at you, only 3DS can bring you the feeling of jumping out of the screen. If you use new 3DS, or buy peripherals, it also supports using the C joystick on the right to adjust the viewing angle, and the game experience will be better.

Today, the shooting elements of this work are definitely not excellent. However, in that year, the screen and gameplay of the game brought a lot of impact to the players. I am a person who has little patience to watch an animation, but I have watched all the scenes of the apocalypse. I was deeply attracted by the performance of these cutscenes, which made me sigh "Niu X, this picture can be presented on 3DS" for countless times. As mentioned earlier, this is a "beyond function" game. I think it is also very suitable for players to rush just at the picture.

When it comes to monster hunters on 3DS, we have to mention "monster hunter XX". As the last monster hunter on this model, the evaluation of the game was not very good in that year. Compared with the upgrade of "Monster Hunter X", it simply adds two "styles" and several monsters. Even though XX is equivalent to the G version of Monster Hunter compared with X, the upgraded content players don’t buy it, and even refuse to admit that it is a G version, just regard it as a complementary version of X.

Monster hunter has always been listed as a "hardcore game" in my place. Because it is obviously an RPG, but I need to recite it like a cross-board fighting game, and I also need to remember the monster’s behavior pattern. The reason why I enjoy playing continuously is because it is rich in material collection elements, and it can build better equipment by collecting materials. Every time I see those equipment made by me, I have a sense of accomplishment, and I feel that the sweat I left behind to fight monsters is worthwhile.

To put it bluntly, I just want to make a beautiful dress.

As the only work of the Ace Air Combat Series that was first released in 3DS, Ace Air Combat 3D set off quite a craze in that year. As we all know, the three pillars of the game industry are guns, cars and balls. This game, which combines "guns" and "cars", is very popular among players. This game makes full use of the function of the lower screen of the handheld, which can display information such as radar, radio conversation, fighter performance, etc. Click the enemy plane on the radar, and it can be easily locked. The game also introduces a sharp turn "High G Turn", which can be achieved without slowing down by holding down L and R during the turn.

When it comes to game enlightenment, the racing game is "Need for Speed Series" and the shooting game is CS. But I have never played a game that combines shooting and racing before. Although it may not be so appropriate to compare "ace air combat" to racing+shooting, the speed and shooting elements contained in the game always exist. I’m still shocked to see the dogfight in air combat, rapid climbing and falling, and 3D effects on the handheld.

3DS has four orthodox Poké mon works in two generations, namely the authentic works Pokémon X/Y and Poké mon Dream Sun/Moon, the replica work Pokémon Alfa Sapphire/Omega Ruby and the expansion piece Poké mon Dream/Moon. Since X/Y, Baokemeng series has officially entered 3D, and the traditional pixel style has been replaced by a brand-new three-dimensional five-headed figure, and buildings, lawns, etc. also have 3D modeling.

After stepping into 3D, Baokemeng has also changed a lot in gameplay. For example, every generation of Baokemeng from X/Y will add new elements to the battle, such as Mega evolution (X/Y), Z-style (Sun/Moon), Extremely Giant (Sword/Shield) and Too Crystallization (Zhu/Zi).

In "X/Y", some Baokemeng can carry out Mega evolution in battle by wearing corresponding Mega stones. After the evolution, Baokemeng has a leap-forward growth in all values, and even can obtain the second attribute. In addition, the work also added a brand-new treasure dream attribute-goblin, a new attribute introduced to restrain the dragon system.

In Sun/Moon, in addition to the official support of Chinese for the first time, the Baokemeng game also made innovations in the game mechanism, canceling the previous Taoist temple and changing it into a "Island Tour" and "Great Test" in line with the world outlook. After passing through all the checkpoints of the island, you will fight against a huge overlord, Bao Kemeng, and then you can challenge the island owner and complete the "tour" of an island. It also introduces the mechanism of regional form, and some Baokemeng clubs have different forms because of their living areas. For example, Vulpix and Kyubi no Youko will have white fur in the Arora area, which is very beautiful.

3DS’s Baokemeng series can’t fully open 3D, especially in "Sun/Moon", the 3D function has almost become a supplement. However, the game makes full use of dual screens in gameplay. For example, in Sun/Moon, you can interact with Baokemeng through the lower screen to increase intimacy.

I am not a heavy player of Poké mon, just to collect my favorite Poké mon. At the same time, it also has the elements of recalling childhood. When I was a child, I also collected beautiful and lovely treasures. Now I am also collecting beautiful and lovely treasures. Do not seek to gather together, but seek to look good! Raichu, Jigglypuff, such as Bao Ke, MUBI, please! Moreover, during the caressing session with Bao Kemeng, every time Bao Kemeng smiles and jumps, it seems that I am in a cat cafe, and there is quite a feeling of cyber cat in it.

With the Switch platform "collection! Animal Forest Friends Association has different settings for moving to uninhabited islands. In 3DS, Come on! In Animal Forest Friends Association, we will take a train to a village as the village head. The core gameplay of the game and "Collection! Animal Forest Friends Association is the same, players only need to run villages and towns according to their own ideas. We can freely shuttle between villages and towns and shopping streets, cultivate feelings with small animals, and enjoy shopping in shopping streets.

The game gives full play to many features of 3DS, especially the support for 3DS pedometer and shoulder communication, which greatly enhances the fun of the game. Some items in the store need players to take 3DS to go out and walk, and exchange them through gold coins accumulated by steps. And if the player meets someone who also opens the shoulder communication outdoors, then the data of both parties will be exchanged, and you can see each other’s house in the game. The addition of these two features makes the virtual world of the game contact with the real world, which makes people have the impulse to take 3DS out for a walk.

If you like this slow-paced game, I highly recommend you to try "Come on! Animal Forest Friends Association. Take 3DS with you when you go out every day, and take it out in your spare time to weed and communicate with small animals. If you come home and find yourself passing other players today and seeing each other’s house, it may surprise you for a while.

Finally, I also want to talk to you about whether it is worthwhile to start 3DS at present. In recent years, many speculators poured into the market and speculated on the so-called "NS replacement", which once raised the price of 3DS to the price close to that of Switch Lite. Although it has fallen back now, there are still problems of premium and profiteers’ speculation, which can not be ignored when we choose to start.

Now want to start with 3DS reasons are mostly these points:

  • Want to play exclusive games on 3DS;
  • Want to collect a 3DS;;
  • Want to experience the effect of naked-eye 3D;
  • I want to buy a portable game device.

If you have made it clear that you just want to play exclusive games on 3DS, it is not a problem to start at any time as long as it meets your psychological price. For this part of the players, it is recommended to start with the new 3DS series equipment, which has stronger performance, more buttons and better 3D effect.

However, the exclusive game mentioned here refers toGames that can only be played in 3DSorOnly 3DS can get the complete experience of the game.. For example, The Legend of Zelda: The Flute of Time can be played in the official N64 simulator on Switch, and Excalibur has also been remastered on Switch. If you choose to play on an updated device, the experience you can get will definitely be better. However, it is very worthwhile to start with a 3DS to experience a platform-exclusive game like Poké mon Dream Sun/Moon, or a game like Super Mario 3D Continental that can give full play to the 3D characteristics of the device.

For the collector’s party, you have obviously determined your determination to start. However, it is not easy to find equipment with good color, complete box and three yards in one. Don’t forget to identify it carefully when buying.

If you want to experience the effect of naked-eye 3D, you can consider the new 3DS series if the budget is sufficient, and the old 3DS or 3DS LL if it is insufficient. Because the new 3DS adds an infrared camera to detect the face and adjust the 3D effect, its 3D effect will be better, while the old 3DS needs to face the screen to get a better 3D experience.

Of course, if you just want to experience naked-eye 3D, there is no game preference. Then it may be a more affordable choice to spend one or two hundred dollars to buy an HTC EVO 3D.

If you just want to own a portable game device, then 3DS may not be the perfect choice. I suggest that you choose a platform according to the game and avoid impulsive consumption. After all, most of the games on 3DS don’t have official Chinese, and there are restrictions on the cassette lock area.

Because the meaning of 3DS to me is far more than just a game machine, but a device that can read past memories.

As @Tp said, 3DS series handhelds can’t be described as "NS flat replacement" at all, and their functions and picture quality are not at the same level. But why is the 3DS on fire again? Maybe it’s our nostalgia for childhood memories. Nowadays, it is no longer an item that can be described by the simple word "game machine".

Tp says it is a device to read past memories, and I regard it as the key to my childhood. When I am tired, I turn on my 3DLL, and even if I don’t play games, I can remember the beauty of my childhood when I hold it.