Ten trends, see the new trend of makeup in 2023.

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2022 can be said to be a hot year for make-up. Make-up casualties, cutting-edge make-up brands, red people’s own brands, century-old famous beauty giants, have been smashed. In 2022, the financing of make-up brands also fell to freezing point, and no more than five make-up brands received financing.

Is makeup really not working? In fact, from the overall data, the market size of the makeup industry is rising year by year, and the sales volume is also rising continuously.According to Euromonitor data, the scale of China’s cosmetics market has reached 395.8 billion yuan in 2020, and the compound annual growth rate of China’s cosmetics market can reach 12.86% from 2011 to 2025.

At the same time, with the strong rise of the concept of "please yourself", the volume of makeup is also not to be underestimated. Search for "make-up" on the little red book, with related notes of 1.64 million+; The topic of Weibo # Makeup # has been discussed by 1.906 million people and read by 2.54 billion people. Tik Tok # Beauty # topic played 147.9 billion times, and # Makeup # topic played 7.88 billion times.

Recently, the major beauty market data reports are telling us that makeup is not "dying", justThe makeup track has quietly changed.To this end, Xiaobian will sort out the development trend of the makeup market from major data reports, look for new opportunities in the makeup market in 2023, and look forward to bringing business inspiration to the beauty industry in the new year.


Facial makeup has developed rapidly.

Refined demand leads to subdivision scheme

Affected by the epidemic, masks can never really be "taken off", and the various sub-categories of makeup are more obviously affected by this. According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2022, the growth rate of cosmetics consumption slowed down year-on-year, especially the growth rate of online cosmetics consumption of eyes and lips declined most obviously, and the development potential of facial makeup products was highlighted, with the most outstanding pressure resistance performance among various makeup categories.

According to the data of "Consumption Trend of China Makeup Market in 2022" released by Baidu Marketing, Baidu makeup users’ attention to facial makeup and eye makeup continued to increase for two consecutive years, accounting for 46% and 15% respectively, while lip makeup users’ attention decreased, accounting for 34%.

According to the "Vientiane Tide -2022 Huge Engine Beauty White Paper" released by a huge number of calculations, the daily wearing of masks has reduced the heat of lipstick. At the same time, the nose shadow that highlights the outline and three-dimensional sense of the five senses and the blush that raises the color have ushered in a new heat, and the number of related videos has surged.

As consumers’ demands for product selling points become more detailed and concrete, the demand for each sub-category of make-up becomes different.

Taking base makeup products as an example, according to the function, base makeup products can be divided into three categories: basic base makeup, base makeup and fixed makeup. Basic makeup products are pre-makeup products, including pre-makeup milk and isolation; Priming products include foundation (including liquid foundation/cream, powder cake and BB cream) and concealer; Makeup products mainly include loose powder, honey powder and makeup spray. Besides,Base makeup products have gone out of many styles such as "skin care effect", "pure beauty" and "precise beauty".


Makeup sense, makeup, makeup effect

Become the main point of attracting users to make-up products

In the use of makeup, makeup is the key to connect products and makeup effects. The brand began to spend more thought and investment on the content of makeup education in order to effectively convey the brand style and product points. Therefore,Make-up feeling, make-up and make-up effect have become the main points to attract users of make-up products.

"Vientiane Tide -2022 Huge Engine Beauty White Paper" points out that makeup users are more accustomed to understanding the makeup feeling of products through search, video creators prefer to attract traffic with makeup, and makeup-interested users need to learn more about the makeup effect of products through videos. At present, users’ preference for makeup is focused on moisturizing and lasting; The preference of makeup shows a diversified trend; The user’s expectation of makeup effect mainly focuses on the sense of youth and atmosphere.

Therefore, with the help of customized makeup thinking, the brand helps consumers find a more suitable makeup feeling, makeup and makeup effect, in order to arouse more resonance.

It is worth mentioning that,At present, different types of make-up brands have different efforts on makeup feeling, makeup and makeup effect.. Judging from the changing trend of the number of videos with different makeup themes in Tik Tok, international brands have slowed down their investment in makeup sense, and the increment is more evenly distributed to makeup and makeup effect; Local traditional brands mainly promote theme videos related to makeup effect; Local cutting-edge brands have made great efforts in the second half of 2021. The theme video: The sense of makeup is the biggest segment that has been invested by various brands under these three themes.


Exquisite nude makeup, national style makeup, easy makeup imitation,

Cyber makeup is a hot concept trend of makeup.

Nowadays, the popular trend of the make-up market is changing with the upgrading of users’ cognition, and it is evolving in the direction of more personalization, scene and bolder coloring. Exquisite nude makeup, Chinese makeup, and atmospheric light makeup … makeup suitable for different scenes has become a hot spot. Brands can seize these nodes and hot spots, and focus on recommending some popular makeup-related makeup items to improve the topic and sales.

(1) Exquisite nude makeup

In the past two years, more and more beauty bloggers have made "original makeup" on the social media platform Amway, which is known as "pseudo-plain makeup", "nude makeup" and "plain water makeup". Such delicate and atmospheric nude makeup has become the mainstream of contemporary makeup. Naked makeup pursues natural and exquisite makeup and skin condition, and the base makeup suitable for skin characteristics is indispensable.

According to the data of Vipshop, the main trend of makeup in the station in 2022 is that the foundation is light and does not take off makeup, the eye shadow requires earth tone, the lipstick prefers moist and translucent, and the words "pseudo-plain face" and "atmosphere" become the main frequency.

(2) National Style Makeup

The rise of national style and tide has brought the popularity of Chinese makeup. From classical beauty to modern new Chinese style, from makeup collocation to Chinese aesthetic products, Chinese beauty has achieved new development in the field of makeup.

Internet big data shows that the attention of the national tide has increased by 528% in the past decade, and the popularity has also spread to the beauty industry. In the past year, the number of viewers of bilibili Guofeng Beauty Video under the age of 18 increased by 46% year-on-year. The most popular video types in this field are imitation makeup, anthropomorphic re-enactment of ancient paintings/cultural relics, creative makeup and tutorials.

(3) Easy makeup imitation

With superb makeup technology and creativity, as well as the content that is different from traditional beauty bloggers, the content of imitation makeup and easy appearance has effectively broadened the audience of traditional beauty videos. Leveraging hot people and paying tribute to classic themes has become a makeup explosion since 2021. According to the search behavior of Baidu users, cluster analysis shows that celebrity imitation makeup, online celebrity Big V imitation makeup and game heroine imitation makeup have a high degree of popularity.

(4) cyber makeup department

Contemporary young people’s attention to beauty is not limited to the present. They also aim at the futuristic cyber makeup system and express their imagination of abstract future such as meta-universe and bionics with makeup skills.

In the past year, bilibili’s futuristic makeup videos were sought after by many age groups, with the group aged 31 and above having the highest growth rate, reaching 584%, followed by the group under 18, with a 380% increase. The brand might as well jump out of the current trend, travel through time and space, and have a textual research or imaginary dialogue with another beauty.



Products are upgraded in the direction of reducing the difficulty of operation.

With the increasing penetration rate of makeup consumers, the makeup market has become more diversified, and more and more early adopters are eager to try. Cosmetic products are upgraded in the direction of reducing the difficulty of operation, so that novice parties can easily control them. At the same time,The multi-purpose and efficient makeup method lowers the threshold of makeup and faces more consumers.

Naiji’s stubborn lip and cheek mud

Make-up with multiple purposes can be roughly divided into two categories:The first category, monochrome multi-purpose productsThat is, one color can be used for different parts, such as lipstick/blush for lips and cheeks, eyebrow pencil/eyeliner for eyebrows and eyeliner, etc. For example, Naiji stubborn lip and cheek mud can be used as lipstick, blush and eye shadow, which is equivalent to three colors;

Hua Xi zi Bai niao Chao feng embossed makeup tray

The second type is to combine different categories into a comprehensive disk to form a multifunctional disk.For example, the two-in-one cosmetic & blush plate, such as Hua Xizi’s hundred birds facing the phoenix relief makeup plate, Kating’s golden finch’s slightly dyed blush plate, and Bellingham’s four-color high-gloss blush plate.


Component players enter the game

Cosmetics are increasingly skincare.

With the escalation of consumers’ demands for skin care, more and more makeup players began to pay equal attention to both ingredients and makeup, and the makeup products gradually upgraded from a single makeup function to a skin care function.

According to the "2022 Beauty Trend Insight Report" jointly released by Vogue Business in China and Tik Tok e-commerce, the content broadcast volume and search scale of skin-care makeup have been rising all the way, and consumers are paying more and more attention to the skin-care effect of base makeup, not only pursuing the effects of concealing and holding makeup, but also expecting to nourish the skin and even have more functions.

It is becoming a hot trend for functional ingredients to enter makeup.In recent years, brands at home and abroad have introduced new cosmetic ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, B5 essence, CE essence, water-soluble collagen, peptides, bosin and other skin care ingredients, as well as natural ingredients such as Ganoderma lucidum, aloe vera, peach kernel, ginseng and cordyceps sinensis.

According to CBNData and Yigrowth’s Insight Report on the Trend of Facial Makeup in the Post-epidemic Era, moisturizing is the most concerned effect when consumers buy skin foundation. With the makeup needs of people with sensitive muscles being continuously tapped, the makeup products specialized in sensitive muscles have begun to attract attention, and brands such as Beast Code and Supple Supple have appeared to develop makeup products for sensitive muscle users. Besides,Advanced skin care effects such as anti-aging and whitening are also the blue ocean to be explored in the base makeup market.

In addition, in order to meet the demand of the beauty market,Eye makeup also adds a variety of active skin care ingredients in time to achieve the purpose of combining makeup and nourishing.To further improve the added value of eye makeup items. For example, KISSME Slim Waterproof Eyeliner Pen uses five essences, including hydrolyzed collagen, panthenol, Swertia japonica extract, sodium hyaluronate and Rosa rugosa extract, to further alleviate the problem of eye Zhouyimin.

KISSME smooth waterproof eyeliner pen

It is worth mentioning that,There is also a figure of "component party" among makeup experts.Compared with the past, the video content of "Make-up Composition Party" pays more attention to the composition analysis of make-up products, and even uses formula ideas to analyze the degree of makeup holding and skin friendliness.


Under the concept of sustainability

"Pure makeup" is more favored by consumers.

With the increasing emphasis on the concept of environmental protection and sustainability, as well as the improvement of cosmetic safety requirements, domestic beauty consumers have also begun to use "friendly makeup" and "pure makeup" that are healthy, harmless to the skin and friendly to the environment.

In the "Future Trends of Global Beauty Care in 2022" published by Mintel, it is mentioned that with the concept of sustainability deeply rooted in people’s hearts, 47% of China consumers are willing to upgrade their consumption for environmental protection, and they are willing to spend more money on environmentally friendly beauty/care products, and 85% of China consumers hope that famous beauty brands will have more innovative sustainable concepts.

At present, there are three main standards for pure make-up..First, do not add controversial chemical componentsAdvocate vegan safety and health;Second, refuse animal experimentsAdvocate "zero cruelty"; Third, the ingredients and even the packaging are environmentally friendly..

"Dewy Lab" products

For example, Dewy Lab, the first pure beauty brand in China, claimed that it would not add any harmful and controversial harmful ingredients, and its products followed the standards of user-friendliness, life-friendliness and earth-friendliness. At the same time, the brand has also formulated the "DCBS purity standard". At present, more than 70 kinds of risk components in 10 categories have been eliminated, ensuring the safety of each product.


The trend of makeup rejuvenation is obvious.

The rapid rise of gender-free makeup

With the rapid development of Internet and society, consumers of Generation Z began to question the binary opposition market classification, and showed more interest in inclusive products with updated concepts. Mixed make-up products with wider categories and more color numbers also provided consumers of Generation Z with more choices.

It is mentioned in the "Vientiane Tide -2022 Huge Engine Beauty White Paper" released by the huge calculation.The interested users in the makeup industry are mainly women, but compared with last year, the proportion of male users has increased.; From the age point of view, the proportion of users aged 18-23 and over 50 years old has increased, and users interested in cosmetics have shown a trend of breaking circles in all ages.

Local brand SEVEN·JULY

Diversified aesthetics and a more open and inclusive social environment make men’s make-up and gender-free make-up a hot topic. According to the statistics of the new product library of Meiye Yan Research Institute, it is found that weakening gender, unlimited skin color, undefined, minimalist, pure and environmentally friendly packaging have become the key words for brands to create "gender-free" new products, and these labels are more likely to be recognized and appreciated by a new generation of young people.


The demand for makeup in sports scenes has been discovered.

High-strength sweat-proof makeup is favored.

"Exercise for two minutes and take a selfie for one hour." The self-deprecating realism of netizens reveals the preferences of young people who are keen to share their lives in various scenes. Their pursuit of beauty is everywhere, even in sports and social occasions. There are 13.69 million+notes on "sports" in Little Red Book. Besides common sports wear and sharing with practice, gym makeup teaching, sports beauty and grass planting have also become common.

At the same time,The sports+beauty marketing event also led to the upsurge of "sports beauty" products.Focusing on providing nursing solutions in the sports scene and solving skin problems that may be caused during exercise is becoming the next outlet.

Based on the Z generation’s love for sports and fitness, the demand for makeup in sports scenes has been discovered, and high-intensity sweat-proof makeup is more favored by them, and brands have also launched related products. For example, Clinique launched ClinqueFit series specially designed for sports, including cosmetics, loose powder, moisturizing cream and other products, focusing on high-strength sweat-proof performance, so that the skin can remain dry during exercise. Tarte, an American beauty brand, cooperated with Sephora to launch the Hustle&Glow series of sports beauty, including 12 kinds of products such as sunscreen, repairing capacity and high gloss, which is characterized by high color rendering, strong sweat-proof and waterproof functions.


Customized makeup is on the rise.

With the popularization of beauty education, beauty consumers are more and more aware of rational skin care for their own skin conditions. Similarly, with the increasingly diversified aesthetic trend of the makeup industry, consumers have more ideas on purchasing products. The makeup consumers in the new era are seeking exclusive and customized items.

According to market research company Mintel, nearly 50% consumers hope to get their own customized personalized beauty products, and the demand for personalized cosmetics is constantly increasing.

In view of consumers’ pursuit of individuality, brands will naturally not give up the opportunity to seize consumers and launch customized products and services.For example, Amore Pacific’s personal customization service "BESPOKE NEO" claims to instantly produce 150 air cushions and liquid foundations suitable for women’s skin color around the world through skin testing and one-on-one consultation.

It is worth mentioning that on November 10th, 2022, official website, the State Food and Drug Administration, issued the Notice of the General Department of the State Food and Drug Administration on the Pilot Work of Personalized Cosmetic Services, and carried out the pilot work of personalized cosmetic services in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong and Guangdong provinces (cities), and encouraged the pilot enterprises to carry out pilot projects in skin testing, product tracking and personalized skin care service programs around common cosmetics such as makeup and skin care. This means that the blessing of policies will accelerate the exploration and landing of customized make-up products.


Scene digitization

The brand began to create a new interactive scene of makeup.

With the emergence of NFT and blockchain concepts, brands have also begun to create new scenes of makeup interaction.Through virtual technology, online makeup test, experience the product effect, or combine the user experience with digital technology such as makeup art collection and rights binding, provide consumers with self-identity value beyond products and brands, and enhance user stickiness. The cumulative broadcast volume of #NFT topic on Tik Tok platform reached 1.17 billion times.

Clinique Clinique NFT digital collection

NFT is a digital asset verified by blockchain technology, which is irreplaceable, indivisible, easy to verify and unique. It is generally suitable for marking the ownership of specific assets. NFT includes art collections, rights and interests and virtual makeup. NFT has become a hot topic in recent two years.

L ‘Oré al’s "Metauniverse" Space

In addition, many beauty companies and retailers began to base themselves on the development of blockchain technology and launched many experimental platforms and virtual spaces. Blockchain technology can clearly record every group of data information in the beauty industry chain. The unchangeable data is not only conducive to the traceability of beauty products, but also ensures that every link in the entire cosmetics industry chain is transparent and safe. It can also develop multiple virtual scenes, which opens up a richer imagination for beauty brands, brings subversive application scenarios to the beauty industry, and stimulates existing customers from the marketing perspective.

The above trend shows that with the continuous upgrading of young people’s beauty consumption mentality, consumers have different demands for make-up products.What the brand needs most is to find the right outlet, grasp the frontier trend of makeup, do its own market segmentation, accurately attack the pain points of consumers, and strengthen the technical barriers of products to bring consumers better products and experiences.

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