Take stock of funny pictures, who laughs at the whole network with a stomachache, and laughs to death ~ (the first issue)

Thanks for clicking into this hilarious joke collection! Get ready to be funny!

Today, I took stock of the funniest pictures on the whole network, and the opportunity to laugh is just around the corner.

Come and have a good laugh together, but please remember to make your stomach bear it, and don’t laugh until you shed tears ~ Here are the highlights of today’s jokes, to make sure you laugh to death!

Lovers’ game: write one thing that the other party doesn’t know!

How lucky! My wife and mother-in-law are pregnant at the same time!

Challenge: look into her eyes for ten seconds!

These funny pictures networks are like a bright mirror, reflecting countless happy moments in our lives.

They not only make people relax in their busy lives, but also arouse people’s laughter and bring people more happiness.

Therefore, when you browse the Internet, you might as well pay more attention to these funny pictures, which will bring you unexpected joy.

Let’s face life with a smile and spend every day happily!