# Funny

Anyway, I don’t study for a day.

Teacher Shi.

Tomorrow is the weekend. Today, the teacher won’t delay the class. Let’s go home early. Never leave your homework. By the way, it’s over, he remembered, it’s raining outside, so be sure to pay attention to safety on the way home.

Teacher, haven’t you left your homework yet? I didn’t know I didn’t leave my homework. You are so easy to get beaten, don’t you know? This is not just the end of the monthly exam. I think everyone did well in the exam, so I won’t leave any homework this time. Let’s relax and combine work and rest this Sunday. I object, teacher. You will delay our study too much. Do you want to hear what you are saying? Zi Xuan, don’t be a demon. You don’t want to rest. We want to rest. You idiot just want to play. Didn’t you know how many points you scored in the last exam?

Zi Xuan, don’t say that. I’m so proud that I’ve made great progress this time. It’s understandable to have a rest. No. Teacher, why are your requirements so low? Be strict with students, don’t you know? You also taught me a lesson. I don’t know about others. Anyway, if I don’t study for a day, I will feel uncomfortable all over and I can’t even sleep.

Zi Xuan, your grades seem to have regressed this time, right? I seem to have failed math. Right. So I strongly urge the teacher to leave us homework, and I will study hard when I go home. Okay, you asked for it. Zi Xuan, just finish this exercise book, and the others have no homework to go home. Man-eating goblin in the making.