Mao Bu, Tao Zhe, Vae and other top musicians gathered! 2023 National Tide Music Carnival is deep …

As the end of 2023 approaches, the National Tide Music Carnival (Shenzhen Station) created by Shenzhen Chaoyin Entertainment, a local company in Longgang, Shenzhen, will be held grandly in Longgang Universiade Center on December 24, 2023 and January 1, 2024. The Music Carnival will invite musicians with peak strength such as Mao Bu, Tao Zhe and Vae to gather on the Chaoyin stage.

Music carnival

Performance lineup

Create a new warm winter moment in Tibet, and the two performances will shine simultaneously! Shenzhen Universiade Center Stadium, crossing the winter with two feet off the ground, dispels the cold with the joy of accelerated heartbeat. This time, at the national tide scene, a snowflake is played for the audience.

Activity Poster

It is reported that Chaoyin Entertainment has the first-line resources in the industry and a first-class production and operation team. The operation contents include various music scenes, star brokers, artist incubation, independent IP development, etc. It has been selected in Longgang District as a normal performance venue for indoor livehouse, and plans to hold nearly 100 events every year. In addition, it will be selected as a fixed venue for outdoor music festivals, which will bring a tidal feast to music lovers everywhere through indoor and outdoor linkage.

Since the beginning of this year, Longgang Cultural and Creative Investment Promotion Headquarters has successively introduced high-quality cultural enterprises such as the headquarters of Dafeng Bay District in Zhejiang Province, which has been deeply involved in large-scale performing arts activities, the construction and operation of cultural and sports tourism projects, and Chaoyin Entertainment, which is operated by the pan-entertainment industry chain, which will significantly enhance the business of business performances, cultural and artistic activities planning and other sectors in the region, and drive the upstream and downstream related enterprises in the industry chain to settle in Longgang. In the next step, we will continue to focus on digital creativity and modern fashion industry clusters, focus on creative design, film and television production, animation games, clothing, gold jewelry and other cultural industries, aim at the top 30 national cultural enterprises and leading enterprises, carry out in-depth investment promotion, targeted investment promotion and business investment promotion, speed up the signing of key reserve projects, promote the development of local culture, sports and entertainment industries, empower industrial development with music culture, stimulate new vitality and explore new formats.

Text, map | Cai Pengfei

Source | Yangcheng Evening News Yangcheng School

Editor | Feng Xiaojing

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