Academician Zhong Nanshan suggested: Keep exercising, you will be younger than your peers, and there are two things to do.

Everyone is familiar with Zhong Nanshan. This is an 85-year-old academician of China Academy of Engineering who fought in the front line of fighting against the epidemic twice. Although we didn’t see him personally, we can see through the lens that he is 85 years old, with a tall and straight figure and strong posture, which is not inferior to the young people next to him. Why?

In April this year, when Zhong Nanshan was giving online lectures to students in Nankai, Tianjin, there was a remark that surprised all the students, that is, now some of his students are lying in bed, and some have already used crutches, and the reason why he is still in good health is that he has never stopped exercising. At the time of teachingZhong Nanshan has always said that exercise plays a very important role in his health.

One: we must persist in sports.

When Zhong Nanshan was young, his physical quality could reach the level of a professional athlete. He believed that exercise should be an indispensable part of every day like sleeping. According to the Guangzhou Daily, Zhong Nanshan was compared when he was a child.Like competitive sports, for exampleBasketball or runningWait, he once created several sports records in school that no one has ever broken. For example, at a National Games a few decades ago, he once broke the national record of 400-meter hurdles.

It is because Zhong Nanshan, no matter how busy his life is, willTake time out to exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week.every timeThe time is about forty or fifty minutes.He said that a person who has been exercising for 30 to 40 years old may not see any effect for the time being, but when you reach middle age, that is, after 50 years old, you will try again, and the effect will be there. You will look younger than your peers, and if you wait until you are 70 to 80 years old, the effect will be even more obvious.

How to exercise?

He doesn’t have any special exercise mode, just simple and ordinary exercise, such asRun on the treadmill, support on the bar and do sit-ups.Exercise from the inside out, and take the whole family out when you have time.Swim. Nowadays, young people should exercise more, so they can give it a try.Basketball, badminton or running fast,Old people are a little relieved,Taiji, brisk walking or swimming.Everything is ok. It can be seen that Academician Zhong Nanshan did not pursue high-intensity sports.Just what suits you, especially the elderly.

Two: Have a good attitude.

Zhong Nanshan said that whether a person is really healthy,It depends not only on the body but also on the mind.. That is to say, bad emotions are harmful to people’s health. Scientists have found that each of us has about 3,000 cancer cells every day. Don’t panic. The immune system in our body will repair or eliminate cancer cells. Of course, their work cannot be separated from a good mood. If a person often has a dark cloud on his head,Have a bad mood.Then it will affect the work of the body’s immune system, and the ability of good cells in the body to restrict cancer cells will be restricted. Over time, there are more and more cancer cells in the body, and then, plus cancer cells are more cunning, they will be in the early stage.Lurking in the human body.If you don’t do the corresponding physical examination, it will be difficult to find out, so that’s why many people find that cancer is basically advanced, and then there is no cure, because it has beenMiss the best timeYes.

How to have a good attitude?

Zhong Nanshan said that the most important thing is to have a good attitude.Have a good pursuit.Many things can beLaugh it off, don’t worry about it.

If a person has no pursuit, he will pay attention to any irrelevant trivial things around him, and then any small things will affect your mood, causing your heart to become impetuous and anxious, especially the young people now, and the middle-aged and elderly people who have worked and retired and have nothing to do. If you have a goal, you will work hard to achieve it.The mentality is naturally good.

Three: Don’t eat too much.

Three years ago, at a food festival in Guangzhou, Zhong Nanshan generously exposed his breakfast recipe, the breakfast of Academician Zhong Nanshan.Not only many but also rich.. He believes that breakfast must be eaten and eaten seriously. There are staple foods, two kinds of protein and one or two kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. Yes.Enhance satiety, but also conducive to digestion.achieveGood breakfast, full lunch and little dinner.The principle of eating, breakfast is mainly based onFruits and vegetables and dairy products and beans.Mainly, mainly at noonFish, poultry and beansGive priority to, dinner is.Whole grains.

Not only Zhong Nanshan, but also Ge Junbo, an academician of China Academy of Sciences, said that eating breakfast well is good for the heart and can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. If you don’t eat breakfast, it will lead to overweight, hyperlipidemia and other diseases.

To sum up, Zhong Nanshan, like us, is a mortal body. Why can people be the same as young people at the age of 85? Just look at these three things.Exercise more, have a good attitude and don’t eat too much.Don’t hurry up and do it?


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