The difference between "reading at night" exercise and not exercising is a whole life.


There is a question on the Internet:What are the benefits of sticking to exercise?Praise replied:Sleep well and seldom suffer from insomnia;In a good mood, feel great;Quick body and quick response;More importantly, when the whole company catches a cold, I don’t catch a cold …

In this life, the most important thing is to have a good body, a good mood and a good attitude.And these, sports can just give you.Exercise and no exercise, life is really different.

Seeing an old man on the news,Spend a lot of time exercising after retirement. In winter in the northeast, it can reach MINUS 20 degrees Celsius, and he never stops exercising.Persistence in one day and two days will bring little change;And more than 20 years of persistence, let him practice a strong figure, but also let his body be healthier than his peers..
The most intuitive change that exercise can bring to a person is getting healthier and healthier.Long-term lack of exercise, the function of tissues and organs decline, and various diseases are easy to follow. A person’s decadent life consumes not only his own time, but also his health.
It is said that a person’s body hides his life direction.People who can manage their physical condition and plan their lives can often manage their lives better. The world is secretly rewarding those who love sports.
In the adjustment of emotions, the role of exercise is beyond many people’s imagination.
A neuroscientist once told a personal experience.As a scientist, she spends a lot of time in the laboratory every day. The pressure of work made her ignore her physical demands. Over time, her weight soared and she was unhappy. Once she walked out of the laboratory, she even began to doubt herself and felt that she had accomplished nothing.
In order to change this situation as soon as possible, she began to participate in various sports courses in the gym.She tried free fighting, dancing, yoga and so on. I felt very hard at first, but after every exercise, her mood will get better and her body will be very comfortable.After a year of persistent exercise, her weight tends to be normal.She was also surprised to find that her memory and concentration were better than before when doing scientific research.
It is said that it is difficult to control emotions, and exercise gives us a way to release bad emotions.Imagine, let the sweat take away the gloomy mood, will the whole person’s state be more positive?
Exercise, alsoIt will enhance our confidence in facing the life around us and enable us to face difficulties with a more positive and optimistic attitude.
I have such a friend around me,When we met last year, he was depressed, complaining that life was boring and there was endless work at hand. Because of his bad mentality, it is a great pressure to put small things on him. He often can’t sleep well all night, and his spirit is low.
Seeing him again this year, he seems to be a different person, a lot more sunny than before.It was only after asking that he learned that during this more than a year, he followed the advice of people around him and began to exercise.Whenever he has time, he will go for a few laps in the park.At first, he was panting after running a few hundred meters, but with the increase of running times, he gradually realized the "pleasure of running" from the need to force himself to concentrate on sports. He said that when you devote yourself to sports, your worries are forgotten, and your whole state is getting better and better.
I have heard the saying that exercise can keep a person young. I think so. What kind of mentality a person treats life with, what kind of state life will give him back.It is said that exercise and non-exercise lead different lives.Every minute you invest in sports will affect your state and mentality, and will affect your quality of life and happiness index.
So, while the sun is shining, let’s move!Life never starts too late,Even the smallest change, multiplied by 365 days, will become the strength that others can’t envy.

Source:Reading at ten o’clock (ID: duhaoshu) | Author: Zhou Meihao | Anchor: Zhao Wenlong

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