Do you like running? What is the significance of our running?

Do you like running?


Last year, I loved running.

This year, before the Spring Festival, I saw a netizen edit it online.Strong wind blowingShort film, moved to tears.

I found the treasure., finished watching this cartoon.

it isWhere many people dream of starting.How many people fell in love with running because of this cartoon.

People who like running first will be as excited as fighting chicken blood when they come into contact with this cartoon, and all their blood will be ignited for the second time, and they really want to change their equipment and go out for running at once.

As long as there is love in our hearts, maybe we can feel the same feelings when we are moved like this.

At the beginning of the film, Keiseki rides a bike to catch up with Zangyuan and asks him with glowing eyes:Do you like running?

This is the beginning of moving this animation;

Also, the beginning of running romance;

What’s more, the place where dreams begin.

Every time I see the second time that Grey Er asks questions, the light from his eyes gives me goose bumps, which shocks my soul.


Those classic quotations that I was moved by "Strong Wind Blowing":

1. Do you like running?-Keiji Kiyoseki

2. Can only the selected people participate? Is running such a sport?-Keiji Kiyoseki

I have never really liked running before, just do what adults say …It was not until I couldn’t continue running that I really wanted to run for the first time.-Keiji Kiyoseki

4. This time, you must chase your dreams with your partners who really like running. -Keiji Kiyoseki

When I’m running, it’s the only time that I feel purified. Become pure and flawless, as if all those burdens on your shoulders can be forgotten. As long as there is a moment of happiness, then I am willing. —— Senior Nico

6. Stretch out your right foot, stretch out your left foot, and speed up a little bit. People who could only walk originally ran unconsciously. You can experience the touch of running again. -Keiji Kiyoseki

7. The biggest compliment to long-distance runners is "strong". -Keiji Kiyoseki

8. Being strong, not moving like a mountain, will not lose to your true strength. -Keiji Kiyoseki

9. Take turns to take the left and right feet, so that you can reach the finish line sooner or later. -Mr. Tanaka

10. As long as there is a road, I will run with all my strength. -Zangyuan left.

11. You should know best that you want to run, but you can’t beat the mood of a player. -Keiji Kiyoseki

12. Players don’t need to be treated gently, because they have a longing for victory. -the prince

13. I like running, I love this project deeply, and I want to throw all my attachment on this track. —— Senior Nico

14. Where should we go? Is there really an end in front of us? -Fujioka Yizhen

However, we still cannot stop. -Keiji Kiyoseki

15. The ideal appearance that I can never reach is you. I can see a straight path of light under your running feet, like a shooting star. -Keiji Kiyoseki

16. Where you are, it will always be your runway. -Mr. Tanaka

17. Strong winds are blowing head-on, running against the wind, firmly believing that the answer lies ahead.

Hope is in our hearts. Look, the road is under our feet, so we should run today and all the way to eternity. -Keiji Kiyoseki

18. Can you find a job after running? -brother ——King

I don’t know, but I feel uneasy when I stop. -Keiji Kiyoseki

19. For long-distance runners, what is most needed is "strength". -Keiji Kiyoseki

20. It is clear that there is no wind at this time, because it has caught up with your heart. -Keiji Kiyoseki

"Only the selected people can attend? Is running such a sport?……It was not until I couldn’t continue running that I really wanted to run for the first time. "

These two words of Kiyoseki give me a lot of thoughts, both dreamy and realistic. Some are fragmented, and perhaps some are flawless.

No matter how many times I watch it, I will still break the defense every time I watch it. I really can’t stand it. It’s because my tears are naturally too low ~

What is the significance of our running?

Since I started running in 2021, I actually can’t explain clearly why I like running and what it means to me.

I only know that running will always accompany me in the future, and it is the only sport that I can’t give up.

I like a lot of sports and fitness, but they are all add-ons, and running is the only one.

So why on earth is running so important to me?

In the past, among all the sports, running was the most boring sport I would choose.

During the running time, it is simply torture for me to mechanically repeat the same action with both legs.

But the most unexpected thing is that after the second run,I love running.

It seems that I have spied some meaning of running:Running seems to be my confrontation with myself and my destiny.

Running is just two legs repeatedly alternating, but it means a lot to me.


Running for the first timeIt’s really hard. I’m very discouraged that I can’t run down the standard runway for 400 meters in one lap.

It is difficult to continue running rhythmically as long as you stop once in the process, because the brain remembers the feeling of rest, and both the spirit and the body are resisting shouting and longing for the next rest.

This is my first running plan after I insisted on 50 bobby jumps every day for a week.

According to the novice running plan, my second run was two days later.

At this time, I began to look for resources online and learn how to run more scientifically, in order to adjust and encourage myself.


Second runAt that time, I said to myself: There must be no pause and rest in the middle. We must run down 800 meters in one breath, and we must finish it!

But when I ran on the plastic track, I realized again: running is really difficult.

I didn’t like running before. I thought running was an ascetic sport.

Now, it’s really hard to run 800 meters in one breath when I first came into contact with running.

How hard is it?

Every step you take is to give up.

Every step of the way is: let’s do it this time, and there will be another time:

It has improved a lot compared with last time;

Know how to be content;

You’re getting into a dead end again;

Want to eat a fat man again?

These lines, which were used by my family and me in the past, filled my ears. If I didn’t bite my teeth, I would give up every second.

"Come on next time." There is a voice in my heart telling myself that I am not firm, how can I stick to it?

Thinking of the agreement with myself before running, all the unwilling emotions have poured in over the years, and I almost broke the defense on the runway.


I have the best idol in the world.

At the moment when I wanted to give up most, I thought of my idol.

Why do you like him?

He is not a star idol, he is an athlete.

It was his strong spirit that touched me, so every time I think of him, my heart is very touched.

Later, I realized that the pursuit of idols is actually what I look forward to, and the powerful spiritual power I see in him is actually the projection of my heart.

He made me feel that as long as I worked as hard as he did, I might be able to achieve the life I wanted.

So when I think of him, my heart will be full of strength, which is a kind of unyielding and unyielding force!

Then I silently recited the name of my idol in my mind every step.

In this way, I finished running 800 meters in one breath.

Later, I found that I really fell in love with running from that time on.


The future can be firmly held in your own hands.

Running has become my irreplaceable and unique.

I remember all the mental journey of that run very clearly.

May be in the process of running, I had an emotional interaction and collision with the sport itself.

Therefore, I attached my spiritual strength to this sport, which made it so unique and unparalleled.

When I ran for the second time, the shock brought to me by running 800 meters in one breath has been deeply imprinted on my mind.

Unconsciously, I am no longer confused.

I became more confident and determined.

When I realize this, I can clearly foresee that this will bring great help to my future life.

Since then, every step taken by running for me is no longer a cyclic mechanical movement.

They are my uncompromising fate and my inner pride and dignity.

Running is no longer boring, lonely and meaningless, but sticking to yourself.

Running has no end for me, just like life has no end.

Running makes me think better and examine myself more clearly.

Running also makes me think.Some of your future can be firmly held in your own hands.

When running, lower your head and concentrate on the plastic track under your feet. It has no end, just like the road of life.

What you have to do in running is to take every step with all your strength and persist in taking the next step with all your life. From that moment on, the link at the other end of the runway is faith, and every step with all your strength is moving towards that faith.

Haruki Murakami said: I ran because I didn’t want to run.

More than 2000 years ago, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said that sunshine, air, water and exercise are the sources of life and health.

There must be a place where I can run near where I live, and I will choose my address according to this.

Generally, I choose near the stadium, because the stadium has a standard plastic track.

I especially like running on the plastic track, especially the professional sports ground.

But I don’t agree with my preference in my heart. Running should be natural, and you should run whenever you want, without so many additional items.

Now, I’m sure I haven’t found the true meaning of running, but I’ve already fallen in love with running, so is that still important?

The only thing I can be sure of is that running and reading are very important to me in my life.