8 secrets of running without fatigue

8 tips for running no matter how far you are! Learn in 3 minutes, easily run for 10 kilometers, and the fat reduction effect is particularly good!
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Pre-run skills:
17 minutes full, and exercise 30 minutes after meals.
Don’t eat greasy and indigestible things before running! To avoid hypoglycemia, a cup of black coffee and two slices of whole wheat bread are good choices!
2 Warm-up skills before running
Remember to collect the 6 moves you must do before running, and the national team is also using them!
A. Walking around the thigh
B. Hold your legs while walking
C. Hip abduction during marching
D. Hold your head and touch your knees while moving.
E. Raise your legs during the journey
F. Kicking after moving.
3 Running shoes selection skills
Remember this formula! The choice of BMI<24 is lightweight cushioning running shoes; 24<=BMI<=28 Choose heavy running shoes; If BMI>28, don’t run, you need to lose weight before running!
I wore Anta Hydrogen Run 4.0 today and just finished 10 kilometers! Run very lightly! I want to recommend it to boys and girls with normal weight!
Running skills:
4 jogging for the first 2 kilometers (a better way to lose weight: Tolek running+maximum aerobic heart rate running)
Recommend two professional running methods, you can run more effectively and reduce fat better!
A. Tolek runs for 1 minute, runs fast, and jogs for 1 minute.
B. Maximum aerobic heart rate Keep your heart rate below 180- your age when running.
5 Breathing skills
Keep breathing in two steps and breathing in two steps when running, and you will find it easier and more carefree!
6-step frequency technique
Keep the pace frequency of the first runner between 170 and 180, and you will save more effort! A pair of lightweight running shoes will also help you improve your pace!
Post-run skills:
7 run and then walk for 2 minutes.
Don’t stop at once after running! Walking for 2 minutes is good for heart health and slow down the heart rate!
8 stretching skills after running
If you don’t stretch after running, your muscles will be stiff, your legs will be thick and your pain will come! These six must do stretching, remember to put them away!
A. Stretching the front thigh (20 seconds left and 20 seconds right)
B. Stretching the back of thigh (20 seconds left and 20 seconds right)
C. Stretching the front side of the calf (20 seconds left and 20 seconds right)
D. Stretching the back of calf (20 seconds left and 20 seconds right)
E. Hip stretching (20 seconds left and 20 seconds right)
F stretching iliopsoas muscle (20 seconds left and 20 seconds right)
Finally, three suggestions for beginners:
1 Don’t run every day! Otherwise, almost 100% will encounter pain.
Step by step: increase the running volume by 10% every week! Not 5 kilometers today, 10 kilometers tomorrow.
3 wear professional running shoes! Can better protect your ankles and knees.