The most successful anchor in history disappeared without warning when his career reached the top. What happened now?

Some time ago, Ti mo Feng, a tens of millions of fans who disappeared in the live broadcast room for nearly half a year, suddenly announced his comeback live broadcast.

▲ Ti mo Feng photos taken by ▲Vogue Me.

When her career was in full swing, she stopped broadcasting for half a year without warning, and the outside world also talked about whether she was going to retire quickly. Now I’m finally back. While a large number of eagerly awaited fans are waving their arms and shouting, a news of "Ti mo Feng’s advanced thyroid cancer" has set off a hot search in Weibo.

Maybe some friends who don’t pay much attention to the live broadcast have no idea who this is. Let’s briefly introduce her first.

This is a super online celebrity who is famous for singing. Have you ever overheard a popular Tik Tok Divine Comedy "You said that you like the Mori school, and I got an extra G, just like removing half of LOVE and changing it into loli… …" It was sung by Ti mo Feng.

▲ "Buddha Girl" sign gesture dance. Her Tik Tok has released several short videos about "The Girl of Buddhism", and one of them has nearly 5 million likes. It is conservatively estimated that the number of views of this song is absolutely hundreds of millions.

Ti mo Feng can be regarded as the highest figure in the industry, and even the most successful anchor in history. Various topics and controversies also make her one of the most popular anchors.

She is different from the e-commerce anchors like Weiya and Li Jiaqi, who sell goods. She mainly engages in live broadcast of show (attracting users’ attention through the anchor’s face value, talent, emotional intelligence and interactive ability, and using these abilities to show and get rewards from fans, which is the main source of income for the anchor). Simply put, it is to attract audiences by performing and interacting. In 2014, I made a fortune from fighting fish. With my lovely appearance and sweet singing voice, I became a fighting fish sister with tens of millions of flows.

▲ Ti mo Feng is the first anchor in the history of Betta TV live broadcast platform to exceed 20 million.

Very ambitious in career, spanning bilibili, Tik Tok, variety show and singer.

▲ In 2019, bilibili was signed at a high price.

▲ In 2019, the number of fans of Tik Tok reached 32 million. At that time, she was the first among a large number of show anchors who settled in Tik Tok from YY, Momo, Betta and Huya platforms.

▲ The first solo concert was held in 2019, and the fare was comparable to that of a first-line singer.

Participate in various popular variety shows.

▲ From top to bottom are Happy Camp, Everyday Up, Masked Singers Guess, and Jiangsu Satellite TV New Year’s Eve party.

There is another picture that can better illustrate her position in the industry.

▲ A picture of "online celebrity anchor income ranking" counted by a magazine once circulated on the Internet, which was later dismissed by the magazine as a fabrication. Although the data is unreliable, this ranking also shows Ti mo Feng’s absolute top position in the live broadcast industry.

The reason for the comeback news was that Ti mo Feng was interviewed by Tik Tok program and told about his illness and recovery in the past six months.

▲ Ti mo Feng was interviewed by Tik Tok program "White show". When the host asked about her illness, Ti mo Feng said that her thyroid cancer was in the advanced stage of malignancy, which was unknown not only to her fans, but also to her parents.

Talking about the situation when he was diagnosed, Ti mo Feng knew that his first reaction to cancer was to ask the doctor if he could still sing.

When told by the doctor that "you can’t sing", Ti mo Feng felt that there was no point in living. This girl really loves singing.

After the operation, my voice was hoarse and I didn’t want to live for a time. Fortunately, my voice has basically recovered after many consultations and persistent training.

After the release of this interview, Ti mo Feng also officially responded in Weibo, saying that his body has recovered. "The operation has been done and the operation was very successful.".

▲ Ti mo Feng reminds girls not to have mental internal friction and not to accumulate negative energy; And comfort the fans who are worried and miss her. "As long as you listen, I will keep singing."

After the news came out, netizens praised her strength and optimism, and some netizens questioned that the word "late stage" was suspected of exaggerating her blog. Some people who knew the relevant fields came out to popularize science. According to Ti mo Feng’s surgery and good recovery, it should belong to "differentiated thyroid cancer". Patients with such cancer under 55 years old only have "stage I and stage II", and there is no such thing as "late stage".

I’m not a professional in medicine, it’s hard to say, but it’s certain that mental stress, irregular work and rest, anxiety and so on will have a direct negative impact on thyroid. Although thyroid cancer is a relatively mild cancer (many people call it "lazy cancer", and the tumor grows slowly and progresses slowly, so it has a high clinical cure rate), it is also a serious illness. In addition, the disease has something to do with the anchor’s long-term high-pressure work, and the top anchor is not short of money to support his family. In my case, I would have to slow down the pace of work, but Ti mo Feng chose to start working non-stop quickly after recovery, which can only be really hard.

▲ Even during the half-year break, Weibo, Ti mo Feng maintained a high update frequency.

In August, she started her comeback.

First of all, it made its first live broadcast in Tik Tok, and after half a year’s suspension, it still achieved excellent premiere results, which shows its appeal.

▲ According to the official data, the number of people who watched the live broadcast of the first show exceeded 45 million, and the number of viewers reached 15.26 million. The highest online number of live broadcasts was 336,000, and the number of fans in the first show was 365,000.

In September, the live broadcast of singing tour began to travel all over the country. There are various passers-by perspectives in Tik Tok.

▲ From top to bottom, it is broadcast live in Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The video is from a watermark.

In order to increase exposure, he quickly accumulated popularity in Tik Tok, and also visited the live broadcast room of a brother "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" in Tik Tok at present.

▲ "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" (right) and "Crazy Big Yang Ge" (left) are twins. The short video of "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" is mainly humorous, grounded and reversed. It moved from Aauto Quicker to Tik Tok in 2018 and now has 120 million fans. At 618 this year, Brother Xiao Yang and Simba Lianmai, the generous Simba, immediately gave a gift of 3 million.

‍ ▲ In 2022, with the help of Hefei government, "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" bought 3,000 square meters of space for 103 million yuan and established the headquarters of Three Sheep Network Company in Hefei. Last year, the company earned 860 million yuan and paid 250 million yuan in taxes, which is comparable to that of local leading enterprises. This year, these figures may double. Viya used to be the first person in Hefei online celebrity’s economy, and now this banner has been given to her Anhui hometown Xiao Yang Ge. The video is from a watermark.

▲ On November 26th, at Hefei Olympic Sports Center, Brother Xiao Yang paid 30 million yuan for a star concert to give back to his fans, and invited Pu Shu, twins, Paul Wong, Silence Wang, Chopsticks Brothers, Faye Chan and other stars. The concert was "No tickets, no goods and no rewards". However, this money is also well spent. This concert made Brother Dayang get 800,000 yuan, and Xiao Yang got 4 million yuan for his selected account. "It’s the star’s turn to work for online celebrity," netizens lamented.

In recent months, Ti mo Feng has achieved remarkable results, and the number of fans who have dropped a lot in the past six months has started to increase.

▲ In less than 4 months, the number of fans in Tik Tok has increased by nearly 4 million.

I have to admire Ti mo Feng’s enthusiasm and perseverance.

There is no way to regain popularity these days, but there is an extremely involuted and distorted ecology in the live broadcast industry. In recent years, the news of online celebrity’s anchor’s sudden death is not unusual.

In March 2021, a million fans in Tik Tok, who were only 29 years old, died suddenly after eating and broadcasting online celebrity’s "Paopaolong".

▲ Tik Tok eats and broadcasts online celebrity’s "Paopaolong" (right). His main content of eating and broadcasting is to visit the cafeteria and show his amazing appetite with friends. It is reported that "Paopaolong" weighed 320 Jin before his death. Long-term overeating and severe obesity have long buried a huge health hazard.

▲ Every video of "Paopaolong" before his death has netizens reminding him to pay attention to his health.

Not only the head online celebrity are under extreme working intensity, but also the newcomers who just entered the business. The glamorous myth of making wealth attracts countless young people to flock in.

In November this year, a Henan college student died suddenly when he returned to his rental house to rest after nearly 9 hours of live broadcast of the company’s all-night game.

Why is he trying so hard to broadcast live?

▲ The reason is the "Cooperation Agreement" signed by the college student and the game live broadcast company. The company offers a basic salary of 3,000 yuan, provided that it meets the company’s requirements of "240 hours of live broadcast per month and 26 days of broadcasting".

Everyone knows that the anchor needs to overdraw his health.

▲ The legal affairs of the company involved said that there are indeed hidden dangers of overwork in the industry, but the relevant responsibilities are attributed to the anchor individual, and the company only wants to pay a pension of 5,000 yuan.

Is there someone pointing a gun at everyone who plunges into the live broadcast industry, so that they can’t stop, including Li Jiaqi, a rich man who has long declared that he wants to retire and "has a headache every day"?

Who in the end forced them to stay on the tide of traffic rather than overdraw their health or even run out of life?

Let’s start with Ti mo Feng. She is a very representative figure in the live broadcast industry. Her eight-year live broadcast struggle history is almost a microcosm of the development of the live broadcast industry. A large number of early online celebrity people she represents created the myth of grassroots fame with the most vigorous vitality. Let’s get a glimpse of the real living conditions in online celebrity.

Become a sister

Want face value, want talent, but also be able to broadcast live.

Now we are used to live broadcast for a long time, and the time goes back to 10 years ago, when webcasting was still a novelty.

Ti mo Feng was born in Wanxian County, Sichuan Province (now Wanzhou District, Chongqing) in 1991. He loved singing and dancing since he was a child. He was an activist in school theatrical performances, majored in broadcasting and performance at university, dreamed of becoming a singer, and liked to show himself on the network platform.

▲ In 2013, she sang a song at that time, which was not very popular, and she was recommended on the homepage. The screen name "Little Boy" should be taken from her real name "Feng Yanan".

In 2014, the betta platform, which focuses on the live broadcast of the game, was officially launched. She was regarded as the first batch of early adopters, which also made her catch up with the heyday of the live broadcast of the show. Before short video platforms such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker were involved in live broadcast, Betta was the largest live broadcast platform in China.

▲ Ti mo Feng’s early pictures in DouYu. In 2014, Ti mo Feng, who graduated from Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai, worked as a teacher in a junior college in Chongqing. During the day, she went to work and chatted with netizens while playing League of Legends in the betta live broadcast room at night, and often took her family with her.

Since then, Ti mo Feng has started her live broadcast career, working as a part-time anchor in Betta. At first, fighting fish didn’t have a reward function, and there was no income as an anchor. She just took live broadcast as a hobby and began to implement an almost crazy schedule.

Get up at five or six o’clock in the morning, get home from work at seven o’clock in the evening, eat and make up at eight o’clock, and finish at one o’clock in the morning, remove makeup and wash, and go to bed at two or three o’clock.

▲ Ti mo Feng started singing at the request of netizens because the game was so bad. In the betta anchor, her voice has obvious advantages, and she has gradually accumulated a lot of popularity. She is excited to have a large number of people willing to listen to her singing.

This day I feel that I will fall down in a month. Ti mo Feng has been like this for more than a year, and finally he is tired to lose his hair and his mental state is close to collapse. In 2015, she finally gave up her stable teaching job. At this time, her live broadcast income can be equal to her salary income, but she should not have expected to realize wealth freedom in the near future.

▲ Ti mo Feng, who takes the girl next door route, never basks in luxury houses, luxury cars and luxury bags on social media; Seeing a picture of Weibo who was practicing driving in 2015, the co-pilot’s "Xiaoxiang" bag seems to show that her financial resources have been quite extraordinary just one year after graduating from college.

At that time, there was a saying in the live broadcast world that "the female anchor wanted to be on fire, either selling cute or taking a sexy route".

▲ The early live broadcast was an era of "dancing with demons". YY, 9158 and other live broadcast platforms were full of various glamorous female anchors. At that time, the supervision was not strict, and it was common for live broadcasts to release soft pornography and beat the ball.

Ti mo Feng is a clean stream, and the signature of her studio is singing. She sings whatever songs the fans order, and she sings 40 to 50 songs a night, accompanying the fans conscientiously, and quickly sucking powder in the powerful betta anchor with "beautiful songs". In August, 2015, Ti mo Feng broke through one million fans in one year.

▲ Although I don’t take the sexy route, I occasionally make some little jokes that fans like.

Since 2016, the live broadcast industry has ushered in the golden age of capital. Platforms such as pepper live broadcast, Yingke live broadcast and Yi live broadcast have entered the market one after another, and staged a "Thousand Broadcast Wars". In order to grab the big anchor, each platform has spent a lot of money, and has a head anchor and fighting fish with constant capital blessing. For a time, the scenery is infinite.

▲ Betta fish was popular at that time, and there were four top female anchors of Betta fish, which were called the "four great singers" of Betta fish. First cousin, Ti mo Feng, Chen Yifa and Zhou Erke from left. After the first cousin and Zhou Erke were poached by Panda TV in Wang Sicong, Chen Yifa was banned from fighting fish because of her inappropriate remarks, and Ti mo Feng held the position of "First Sister Fighting Fish".

▲ In 2017, Ti mo Feng can receive more than 2 million rewards every month on the Betting Platform.

▲ In 2019, Betta went public in the United States, and CEO Chen Shaojie led four game anchors to ring the bell on Nasdaq. From the left, "Female Stream" in the console game board, "Xuxu Baby" in the DNF board, CEO Chen Shaojie, PDD in the lol board and YYF in the dota board. It is rumored that Panda TV in Wang Sicong offered a sky-high price of 300 million yuan for five years in order to dig the anchor PDD. Chen Shaojie, CEO of Betta Fish, was also questioned by netizens why he didn’t bring a sister Ti mo Feng. He explained that he didn’t bring an entertainment anchor because of the concept of live broadcast of Betta Fish.

Just this month, Chen Shaojie, CEO of Betta, was arrested on suspicion of opening a casino. As the leader of the game live broadcast industry, it is also embarrassing to end up like this … …

▲ It is rumored that some anchors of Betta opened a lottery in the live broadcast room, and the platform closed one eye for running water.

▲ The traditional live broadcast business has been severely squeezed by Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker, and the market value of Betta has dropped from the highest $6.5 billion to less than $300 million at present. In recent years, the head anchor of Betta has left the nest one after another. In 2019, Ti mo Feng left Betta. This year, Baby Xuxu, the absolute brother of Betta, also announced that he would bid farewell to Betta for five years and switch to Tik Tok.

▲ Ti mo Feng and Xu Xu’s baby were connected live, and one elder brother and one elder sister once again gathered in Tik Tok.

The update speed of the Internet industry is so fast. With the rise of pan-entertainment platforms such as short videos, the traditional live broadcast giant Betta has been abandoned by the times.

Back to Ti mo Feng.

She has reached 20 million fans, and her live broadcast time is also quite amazing. "There is no latest, only later." In addition to broadcasting every day, there are four or five live broadcasts a week until three or four in the morning.

Not only did I stay up late for a long time, but I also started to lose weight extremely because of fan comments, so I suffered from stomach problems.

▲ Ti mo Feng was attacked by many people for being fatter than in the live broadcast because she participated in a large-scale performance under the betta line, and some fans told her to eat less, so she made up her mind to lose weight. She was already petite and lost 40 kilograms in more than a year. She often only ate grapefruit and drank water, and finally got stomach trouble and needed long-term medication.

Why does Ti mo Feng care so much about what fans think?

First of all, she is a person with high self-demand and thinks that she needs to manage her body. It is also very important that fans are the lifeblood of the anchor.

There is a "symbiotic" emotional relationship between the anchor and the fans. The anchor creates an online intimacy for the fans, and the fans want to get the most intimate feedback by rewarding.

Local tyrants spend a lot of money just to get strong emotional feedback from the anchor, and even more, they spend a lot of money on PK rewards between local tyrants and big brothers, fighting for their heads, just to compete for who is the most popular "Big Brother Bang" today, and "Big Brother Bang" has the most sacred rights and status in the live broadcast room.

Therefore, brushing gifts is a face-to-face competition, and such an extravagant moment needs to be watched and worshipped.

At that time, Wang Sicong also enjoyed this feeling.

▲ Wang Sicong (ID "Travel Frog Wage") likes to wander around the live broadcast rooms of female anchors, and his hand is quite generous. He once brushed 80 super rockets (unit price is 2,000 yuan) in the live broadcast room in Ti mo Feng, and smashed 160,000 in one minute.

This kind of emotional connection will sometimes continue into real life. The social news of female anchors and big brother Bang Yi emerges one after another, such as love, gray trading, fraud and even murder cases.

Ti mo Feng and "Big Brother Tuhao" also caused a great controversy. It is widely believed that this incident made Ti mo Feng’s popularity fall to the altar.

The other side of traffic is facing controversy.

This local tyrant was ranked second in Ti mo Feng at that time, and his ID was "Fragrant White Lotus Su Huanjen", so rich that netizens were curious about his background.

▲ The unit price of the rocket is 500 yuan, and it costs 30,000 yuan a night.

▲ At that time, Ti mo Feng’s "List One" was a mysterious figure with an ID of "Light a cigarette in the morning" all the year round, and was called the general manager of cigarettes by betta netizens. He used to hold the highest record of 2.69 million in fighting fish contribution list, and he often gave a "rocket" to every song in the live broadcast room in Ti mo Feng.

In 2018, the second eldest brother was on CCTV news, and everyone knew that his background was a company accountant. He did something that made everyone stunned.

In order to save face in the live broadcast room and enjoy the feeling of the stars holding the moon, he used his position to misappropriate 9.3 million yuan of public funds to reward anchors and squander enjoyment, 9.3 million yuan … …

Because the hole was too big, I was afraid that the company’s audit at the end of the year would find out that the accountant Wang tried to commit suicide in the hotel, regretted it and asked for help. Finally, Wang was sentenced to seven years.

▲ According to news reports, Wang, who earns more than 3,000 yuan a month, has recharged more than 7 million yuan on various live broadcast platforms. By constantly saving money, Wang, who is married, and Yu, a female anchor in Shanghai, have developed into a lover relationship, and each time Wang privately squanders tens of thousands of yuan to capture his heart.

▲ Later, he was pulled out, and Wang was in love with Yu Sizhen, the female anchor of Panda TV. After being scolded by Keyboard Man for a year, Yu Sitong responded in Weibo. The general content is that she called 120 to save Wang. She was deceived by Wang and didn’t know that Wang had a family. She was rewarded with more than 1.2 million yuan through the platform, and the platform was deducted by half, and the company was deducted by half. It was not so much in her hand. Influenced by the public opinion of this matter, Yu Sizhen later left the live broadcast world.

The news didn’t mention anything about Ti mo Feng from beginning to end, but the news video quoted a live video of a female anchor. Although the face was coded, the familiar audience recognized the female anchor as Ti mo Feng at a glance.

Plus media reports will bring the most traffic "Ti mo Feng". Many netizens simply don’t bother to read the content, and directly think that the female anchor who mentioned Wang’s private meeting in the news is Ti mo Feng. This is one of the reasons why Ti mo Feng was pushed to the forefront of public opinion.

As soon as the news came out, netizens quickly grasped the specific amount that Wang rewarded each anchor, and Ti mo Feng was 1.6 million.

In the face of public opinion, Ti mo Feng immediately expressed his position in the live broadcast room, and was willing to cooperate with the law enforcement unit to return all the rewards.

Before the reward was over, there were waves of news.

First, it was revealed that Ti mo Feng and Wang had been lovers. Netizens listed a large number of screenshots of chat, transfer, offline party photos and hotel dating photos, but this part of the news was unconfirmed from beginning to end.

▲ A back photo, I really can’t say who this is.

Second, it was revealed that the marriage was hidden. Netizens pointed out that Ti mo Feng married another betta anchor, Cookie Mad, in June 2015 and divorced in July 2017.

▲ photo of the anchor "biscuit maniac". Many information such as their marriage registration, divorce registration, and flights together were all exposed on the Internet. Ti mo Feng never responded to this matter. In view of the fact that she sent a lawyer’s letter to all the relevant reporters and communicators warning rumors and infringement, the pictures of the news were not put down.

Third, it was derailed in the marriage. The netizen posted an intimate photo of her and a man without providing any time and place explanation.

Three waves broke down, and things became more and more serious, interspersed with Ti mo Feng, Chen Yifa and other betta female anchors.

Ti mo Feng finally sat still and was interviewed by the media in public, but she only responded to the reward of public funds.

▲ In an interview, Ti mo Feng admitted that she had met Wang at an offline party once, and there was no relationship between men and women.

She once again expressed her willingness to return the reward amount, but the betta platform told her that because the reward amount involves complex processes such as platform, company drawing and tax deduction, this matter should be handled by the platform.

In the eyes of many people, Ti mo Feng didn’t do what she said, but also "acted and stood again", which became a point that she was criticized by countless people later.

▲ Under the pressure of public opinion, Ti mo Feng shed tears in the interview.

Ti mo Feng’s response can’t calm the public opinion, the image of purity and sweetness is greatly reduced, and the popularity of the road has also fallen to the bottom, and he also sucked a lot of Bosnia and Herzegovina powder. A large number of netizens criticized her for "returning money", "sleeping with her", "hidden marriage" and "plastic surgery".

This incident has also caused great heat in the social level, and many topics have been discussed around this incident, including "whether the reward of public funds is a sale or a gift, whether the anchor should refund the money", "whether the reward of public funds should be recovered", "how much’ dirty money’ there is in the live broadcast platform", "how to improve the system to prevent the reward of public funds" and so on.

At the peak of public opinion, a large number of netizens poured into the live broadcast room in Ti mo Feng, and the barrage was filled with cheers from fans and curses from all directions.

In the face of surging attacks, Ti mo Feng was quite calm. Such a strong psychological quality is also tempered.

"When I first made a live broadcast, I would cry on the spot when I was sprayed randomly. The biggest growth brought by the live broadcast was that I changed from blx to a steel woman warrior."

At that time, Ti mo Feng, who was already the best in the live broadcast industry, was perhaps most helpless because she could not put on a bad face like a star artist, or shut down comments, barrage and fans, because the anchor’s job was to accompany the audience.

▲ Third-party statistics of the 2018 Betta anchor paid income list. Ti mo Feng ranked seventh in the overall list with 24 million yuan, and the entertainment anchor was second. The traffic disk is still quite stable, but the personal topic has exceeded the liquidity.

Ti mo Feng realized that her stamina in fighting fish was weak, and she had always dreamed of being a singer, so she tried to go to the center of the stage, or she wanted to get rid of the label of "online celebrity" which was considered low by the public at that time.

The star and live online celebrity infiltrated each other.

DouYu’s career has enabled Ti mo Feng to accumulate a large number of loyal fans. From obscurity to top-notch online celebrity, their contribution is undoubtedly the first.

▲ Ti mo Feng’s "youthful beauty" with small face, cold white skin, big eyes and pouting lips is deeply loved by otaku.

▲ Ti mo Feng’s photo of Men’s Wear.

▲ In Ti mo Feng’s offline fan support activity, Yishui’s male powder called for her at the top of her lungs.

In 2019, Ti mo Feng gave up his old club to fight fish, refused Huya, and did not choose Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker, which had already made a lot of noise, but signed a contract with bilibili. First, she thinks that artists in transition will need a bigger platform for music creation to absorb the flow of breaking circles. Second, it may be that bilibili’s sincerity of 50 million yuan moved her.

▲ The first live show in bilibili, Ti mo Feng. Rui Chen, CEO of Net Chuan bilibili, is also a mushroom (called by Ti mo Feng fans). He once parachuted into the live broadcast room of Ti mo Feng’s first show to give a crazy reward and give a full face.

By the standards of a show head anchor with tens of millions of fans on the whole network, Ti mo Feng’s performance in bilibili is average.

In bilibili, the ranking, income and popularity all showed a cliff-like decline.

▲ The monthly income has shrunk from 1.6 million to 300,000. After four years in bilibili, the number of fans has not broken 3 million. This number of fans is the highest in bilibili.

Bilibili data does not affect Ti mo Feng’s continuous running on the road of breaking circles, and variety shows, performances, singers and endorsements are in full bloom.

In terms of commercial value, Ti mo Feng is undoubtedly quite successful.

However, in the eyes of the public, it is always difficult to lose the identity of "online celebrity" without the blessing of works recognized by the mainstream and traditional authorities, but she has gone the farthest among the female anchors of cross-border artists.

Online celebrity wants to enter the mainstream, and the mainstream stars are rushing off the air. Today, Jerry is the most successful one, and his brilliance in the live broadcast industry may soon overshadow his acting career.

▲ He won the "Outstanding Individual" award at the Tik Tok E-commerce Author Summit for two consecutive years, which should be faster than his acting.

Jerry signed a contract with MCN Yuanwang Technology, which started live broadcast in August, 2021. This year’s Double Eleven single-game delivery exceeded 500 million, which directly set a new record for single-game sales in Tik Tok this year. We have also written about his story before.

▲ The operation team in Jerry has reached 1,000 people.

There were 11 live broadcasts of the whole Double Eleven, and the longest single broadcast was 13 hours, with a total GMV of 1.36 billion yuan, four times higher than last year’s 320 million. Most stars bring goods as "debut is the peak", and Jerry’s performance is getting better and better.

Jerry is now the undisputed number one star with goods. He has his own topic flow, a natural performance personality, and loves to talk. He has long known how to design routines and how to interact with the audience. Personally, he is the chosen son of live broadcast. Of course, it is also very important that he has worked hard and has enough pressure resistance.

▲ Jerry said that the live broadcast was not a ticket game, and he watched 30 live broadcasts of head anchors to do research.

▲ Talking with goods, professional introduction, hysterical selling, Jerry has all the qualities and behaviors that a head anchor should have.

There is a big data screen in the live broadcast room for data monitoring at any time.

When the data is found to fluctuate, we must do everything possible to attract and retain the audience to place an order, which is why every head anchor constantly announces lottery gifts and various tricks to catch horses in the live broadcast room.

▲ The CEO of Yaowang Technology (wearing white clothes and glasses) immediately communicated with the team when he found Jerry’s data problem at the scene, and must immediately prescribe the right medicine.

▲ The team immediately informed Jerry, who was thirsty to sell goods, that "the process should be faster".

▲ Even though we have achieved the goal of looking ahead first, the CEO is still not satisfied with Jerry’s data that day.

We must continue to make innovations in content. Team Jerry is now "making the live broadcast into a variety show, and doing the live broadcast with the configuration of variety show".

Jerry, who has worked hard in this field, was asked, "Are you worried that users will suddenly dislike you?" He replied, "Every day."

Have you noticed that many stars have recently dropped out of the live broadcast to bring goods? According to statistics, from the first year of star live broadcast in 2020, at least 500 artists will start live broadcast with goods.

Up to now, there is not much visible to the naked eye. Live broadcast with goods is the best track to make money. We have written about this scene before. Here, we can recall that the sentence "The star’s end is with goods" is still in my ears, so I will quit?

There must be different reasons, such as cherishing feathers, being unable to bear the pressure, unsustainable traffic, being afraid of rollover, exhaustion of physical strength, and chain loss in the supply chain. In short, it is not so easy to bring goods live, and not everyone who can play with the stars in the entertainment industry can serve this bowl of rice well. No matter how big the interest is, under the limited time and energy of the stars, it is obviously not their cost-effective choice to bring goods live with high investment and strong physical strength.

▲ Two female anchors, Tamia Liu and Li Xiang, who were the most successful in the live broadcast industry, have both retired.

▲ Li Xiang got involved in live broadcasting as early as 2019, and now she is accompanying her in the UK, saying that her elder sister has retired.

By the way, take a look at Wang Shiling, a famous second-generation story that we just wrote.

▲ Benenden School, Wang Shiling’s top boarding school for women in Britain, was established in 1923, located in Kent, southeast England. Princess Anne of the British royal family once attended this school. According to Li Xiang Tik Tok, the school also arranged the room where Princess Anne stayed for Wang Shiling (above).

Real gold needs fire, and the industry also knows that it is not possible to cut "leek" with a star sign now. For example, the MCN organization Yuanwang Technology has set a standard in the selection of star cooperation, and it is necessary to have love and be willing to invest, and it is also clearly mentioned that it is necessary to be resistant to pressure.

Four years is a cycle.

Less than four years have passed from the first year of star live broadcast to the first year of star live broadcast, which represents the real update speed of this industry. The live broadcast industry is an industry with a very high elimination rate and a very short life cycle.

People in the industry have said that the life cycle of most online celebrity is only half a year, or even only two or three months.

The ubiquitous anxiety permeates every one of their lives.

▲ Worry-Free Media’s cargo anchor "Bear Haunted" has gone from zero to over one million fans in one year. Last year, the GMV of Double Eleven reached 70 million. She was so anxious that "I took a break and others were broadcasting live, so I thought I was going to lose".

▲ The eye-catching slogan in the live broadcast room is beating everyone.

For anchors, their income depends entirely on fans, traffic and algorithms. Driven by platform algorithms, anchors can only be "at the mercy of others".

So,Big data is the root cause of the anchor’s increasingly serious mental anxiety. Like a perpetual motion machine, it can only continuously broadcast the live broadcast upside down day and night for a long time until the critical point of collapse. This is the origin of the AI ? ? era. It turns people into machines, but the key is that people, after all, are not machines. People are flesh and blood and cannot live at the critical point of life for a long time.

About this matter, Miss Huang described it in detail in her novel First Class:

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The work intensity of WeChat official account is about five or six times different from that of live broadcast, so live broadcast is a more exhausting job.

▲ Jerry’s agent said that according to Tik Tok’s algorithmic mechanism, only high-quality content will be pushed to more people, otherwise it will not be brushed at all.

▲ The "bear haunt" who started from an amateur said that he could only fight for the live broadcast time to get fans.

▲ CEO of Yaowang Technology said that the company’s head anchor "Yu Dagongzi" can be broadcasted from 10 am to 2 am the next day, which is 14 hours of impassioned, no food or drink.

In addition to long abnormal working hours, the most fatal problem of live broadcast is its own damage to people’s body and mind.Live broadcast is high-intensity emotional labor.(emontion labor, which was first proposed by American emotional sociologist Arlie Hochschild in 1983, is defined as "employees manage their emotions and perform according to the organization’s requirements for facial expressions or body language for reward"),The anchor is actually a worker who sells emotions..

The anchor needs great mental consumption to create consuming content, to catch people’s attention, to make viewers feel happy, relaxed, enjoyable, and even to manipulate others’ satisfaction, which requires great psychological energy and even reaches the psychological endurance limit of this fragile creature as a human being.

▲ There is a documentary "People’s Republic of Desire" which tells the story of online celebrity’s live broadcast on the show. One of the protagonists is Hua Dan Shen Man, the most popular YY live broadcast in that year. When she was exhausted for more than ten hours, she received a phone call from a local fan. She had no choice but to answer the phone. She had no right to refuse, which was the generous privilege enjoyed by local fans.

▲ "The anchor wants the audience in the live broadcast room to get a sense of existence and make him feel that the money he spent is worth it, so he should show him a show, which may have humiliating elements".

When the anchor enters the live broadcast platform, it has entered the cage of power, and the body no longer belongs to itself, but a commodity tempered, shaped and packaged by brokers and platforms.

Female anchors are "atomized" individuals, who are trapped in the ubiquitous network woven by platforms and trade unions. They are produced by internet technology in the form of assembly line, manipulated by the emotional rules of the platform, and become "smile masks" where their self is gradually eroded. Under the "smile masks", there are worn-out hearts.

-Digital Labor: Freedom and Prison

▲ On the first day of training for newcomers, the live broadcast company will constantly emphasize "maintain good fans and consumers, and then you will be like a god".

Whether we talk about labor alienation, exploitation, or the change of the system to people, I feel pain in the "field" most of the time, which is also the reaction brought by the strong emotional stimulation in this industry. I wrote about the influence of the intensity of emotion on people in my doctoral thesis. In the live broadcast of the show, you have to constantly create a plot, sell it badly, or show yourself to be particularly generous. You have to let people experience emotional intensity that they can’t experience in reality.

—— Wang Yilin, a Ph.D. student at the University of Hong Kong, specializes in live show. In 2019, she signed a live broadcast association and began to experience it personally.

The anchor should keep interacting with fans at any time, stay on standby for a long time, and have high emotional energy, which is actually very embarrassing, which is also the main cause of anxiety and stress. "In many cases, it can even lead to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), especially after suffering from language violence, security threats and privacy attacks."

▲ Interview with Dr. Wang Yilin from HKU.

Being wrapped in high-concentration emotions in a live broadcast, some anchors can no longer return to their daily work and life.

▲ "It seems that a big ship has gone out and you can’t pull it back".

▲ In addition to endless anxiety, there is loneliness behind glitz.

For the platform, it must constantly create new people to become popular to ensure the sustainability of platform traffic. Online celebrity, with its iron platform and flowing water, everyone is worried that they will be replaced next.

▲ Anchors under the age of 29 account for 64%, and the age limit for many live broadcast companies to recruit new anchors is 30 years old.

▲95.2% of the anchors earn less than 5,000 yuan a month, and the head anchors we can see are rare.

However, in today’s employment situation, the anchor profession seems to be the only blue ocean workplace that does not need to consider academic qualifications and background. As long as you are willing to work hard, be willing to work hard, and be willing to give yourself up, it seems that there is a chance. This is also the place where countless grassroots people seem to realize their dream of getting rich. Here, what we don’t lack most is people.

Young people grow up one after another, spilling their strength and sweat in the waves of traffic one after another. Ti mo Feng suffers from cancer, which may shock us. A online celebrity may die, which may make us sigh, but we will still be fascinated by the illusion paradise created by the Internet and the myth of flying life and getting rich that online celebrity shows us.

But in those places where the light can’t shine, there are still surging figures. The vast majority of the bottom anchors who want to be online celebrity are like dirt, and they are carried away by the tide. Even if someone pops up, they are swept away by the waves for three to five months, and they have never been seen since.

This is the truth of online celebrity’s career.

The illusory paradise of the digital world enshrined with human flesh and blood is only the beginning of the AI era, and no one knows where it will take us human beings &hellip; &hellip;

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