"Live+"empowers the real economy, new formats and new scenes, and opens up new fields and "new tracks"

CCTV News:Live e-commerce is a new e-commerce retail model that has developed rapidly in recent years. It has the characteristics of strong interaction, high conversion rate, low access cost, and breakthrough in operating time and space constraints, providing consumers with a richer, more intuitive and vivid instant consumption experience. Relevant experts said that the healthy development of the live broadcast cargo industry, in addition to the industry’s own efforts, is also inseparable from the relevant market supervision.

Relevant data show that by the end of December 2022, there were 751 million webcast users in China. In the first half of 2023, the cumulative live broadcast sales of e-commerce platforms monitored by the Ministry of Commerce reached 1.27 trillion yuan, with about 110 million live broadcasts and over 2.7 million active anchors, which played an important role in promoting consumption, increasing employment and entrepreneurship, and promoting economic growth.

Wu Changhong, chief economist of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce:When the anchor is broadcast, it measures whether the goods are liked and recognized by consumers through consumers’ reaction to the anchor. Therefore, the anchor is actually a "touchstone" to understand consumers’ needs. Let enterprises know what consumers like, and also create some new and good products.

The proportion of live broadcast e-commerce in online shopping continues to rise, while the proportion of live broadcast with goods by anchors in online celebrity is declining, while the proportion of store broadcast with brand promotion is increasing. Diversified development enriches and prospers the ecology of live broadcast e-commerce and contributes to the long-term development of live broadcast e-commerce industry.

Qi Yunlan, Deputy Director of Research Office of Market Economy Research Institute of the State Council Development Research Center:Consumers’ behaviors, concepts and consumer groups are constantly iterative, and consumption behaviors and consumption patterns, behaviors and concepts are also constantly developing. Any kind of innovation or a new model must be produced because it has its own competitiveness or is more in line with the requirements of the new era, the new economic environment and the demands of new consumers, so that it can grow, prosper and develop rapidly.

Relevant experts said that at present, the most important thing is how to further standardize the live broadcast e-commerce market, put an end to false propaganda and exaggerated propaganda, protect consumers’ rights and interests, create an honest market environment, enhance the sustainable development ability of live broadcast e-commerce, and better promote consumption growth and expand employment and entrepreneurship.

Qi Yunlan, Deputy Director of Research Office of Market Economy Research Institute of the State Council Development Research Center:The combination of state supervision, industry self-discipline and social supervision, I think, should enable any industry to move towards an increasingly standardized development path.

"Live+"empowers the real economy and stimulates new vitality of consumption

With the rise of live e-commerce in various industries, in recent years, the "talent" who creates content on the short video platform is very popular with consumers. Many industries, scenic spots, villages and other "content talent" have joined the live broadcast, and "live broadcast+traditional industries" have set off a new consumption format.

After graduating from Wu Mengting University, I began to work as a tour guide. At the beginning of this year, she began to try to combine the live broadcast with the tour guide’s explanation and broadcast the explanation in the scenic spot. In two months, the number of fans reached more than 4,000.

Anchor Wu Mengting:For you, it’s more efficient, and it won’t be so blind for the tourists who come. They have already got an understanding of (the destination) through my live broadcast room.

In a scenic spot in Shangrao, Jiangxi, the person in charge told the reporter that after the live broadcast was launched, some "private customization" needs were often received, and the business scope of the scenic spot continued to expand.

Wei Meng, Brand Director of Wangxian Valley Scenic Spot in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province:After a live broadcast, we can show a variety of product content and experience projects to the audience in a down-to-earth manner. The audience perceives trust in online interaction, which can’t be satisfied by other forms of advertising and promotion. Therefore, we see that more and more users are diverting from online live interaction to offline tourism consumption.

The interactive introduction of "live broadcast+tourism" in the live broadcast room can directly understand the demands of tourists, thus providing corresponding tourism services and promoting relevant information, and attracting consumers’ participation more directly.

Tourist Ms. Huang:Sometimes the introduction of the live broadcast room is intuitive and interactive, which saves a lot of time to do raiders. I would rather watch the local live broadcast when I travel.

Not only that, the live video broadcast has also been integrated into the development of rural economy.

The video is being filmed by the Gaoji family in Huanghualing Village, Wushan Street, Wangcheng District, Changsha, Hunan Province. The appearance of short videos has turned this authentic farmer who used to only farm and work into a well-known local live broadcast carrier. The wife is the chef, the mother is the chef, the younger sister is the side dish, and a few special dishes are fried on the spot. The family has a tacit understanding and a happy state, which also allows them to find their own position in the traffic of the Internet. In two years, Gao Jijia’s account released 216 videos and more than 400 live broadcasts, and the appearance of live broadcasts changed their family’s life.

Villagers’ Gaoji in Huanghualing Village, Wushan Street, Wangcheng District, Changsha, Hunan Province;My bigger dream is to drive the agricultural and sideline products (sales) of local small agricultural enterprises and drive these daily incomes of farmers.

With the successful case of Gaoji, the local government also encourages everyone to actively explore new formats and new scenarios under "live broadcast+"and cultivate a number of new accounts. The local government also actively strives for policies for everyone in terms of express logistics, goods with goods, etc., reducing logistics costs and achieving a double harvest of live broadcast and local economy.

Yong Jia, Director of the Network Information Office of Wangcheng District Committee, Changsha City, Hunan Province:Many ordinary people are both producers and sellers. Through the combination of these two businesses, the goal of getting rich for the masses, industrial development and rural revitalization is finally realized.

Nowadays, live broadcast and short video are vivid portrayal of "integration of numbers and reality". With the platform as a link, it pulls both ends of supply and demand and opens up a new "track" for the efficient circulation of industrial products and agricultural products. The data shows that in 2022, the direct or indirect employment opportunities driven by the live broadcast and short video industries exceeded 100 million.