Reject "one thousand cars on one side" and establish a new standard for pure electric cars.

"The number of 48-hour bookings exceeded 20,000."


On November 19th, Extreme Krypton Motor released the above data, once again refreshing the pure electric market record with "extreme Krypton speed".


At the Guangzhou International Auto Show in 2023, the first pure electric luxury car, Krypton 007, made its debut, and the pre-sale started at the same time. The pre-sale price started from 229,900 yuan. Before the launch, the user paid 1000 yuan the intention money to deduct 6,000 yuan, and the pre-sale price started from 224,900 yuan.


The whole system comes standard with 800V platform, front double wishbone and rear multi-link suspension, silicon carbide motor and Qualcomm 8295 chip. The total power of front and rear motors is up to 310 kW, and the four-wheel drive model accelerates for 2.84 seconds. ……


A series of luxury configurations beyond the same level, Extreme Krypton 007 entered the pure electric luxury car market by breaking the conventional brand-new luxury standards, providing users with more and more novel category choices.


Establish a new standard for pure electric cars against Tesla Model 3 and Krypton 007.


As the fourth model of Krypton, it is also the first car product to enter the most mainstream market. Based on the insight into the market and users, the appearance of Krypton 007 has chosen a more "advanced" design concept, breaking the status quo of "one thousand cars".


By Stefan Sielaff, the former design director of Bentley who joined Krypton two years ago, Krypton 007 reached the best visual point of a luxury B-class car: the length of the car is 4865mm, the width of the car is 1900mm, the height of the car is 1450mm, and the wheelbase is 2928mm, achieving a perfect 1:2 ratio of the height of the yellow gold wheels.

Caption: Extreme Krypton 007. Figure/Enterprise official website

The world’s first double-zone hidden front face design makes the Krypton 007 have a smoother and more recognizable front face. The exclusive clamshell front hatch cover and clamshell tailgate design of ultra-luxury SUV were first introduced into the B-class sedan by Krypton 007, creating the first real suspended roof in its class.


Extreme Krypton 007 headlight group uses the world’s largest 90-inch giant screen light strip and 1711 LED light beads, and the brightness can reach 10000 nits, bringing a visual interaction effect with a sense of future technology. The most surprising thing is that the light curtain is independently controlled by 75 high-power chips of vehicle specifications, and the pattern can be presented on the smart light curtain just by drawing on the central control panel with your fingers, which makes Kyk 007 the first smart electric vehicle in the world that can be customized by users, and also allows users to have personalized exclusive labels.

Caption: Extreme Krypton 007 interior. Figure/Enterprise official website

Not only comes with a brand-new image, but also with the powerful performance genes, safety genes, intelligent technology and luxury configuration of the brand, Krypton 007 breaks the rules and establishes a new standard for pure electric cars.


In terms of power, Extreme Krypton 007 not only inherits the luxury performance gene of Extreme Krypton 001 FR, but also comes standard with high-performance 800V architecture. The whole system comes standard with front double wishbone and rear multi-link high-performance suspension system, equipped with 800V silicon carbide high-performance rear motor with a maximum power of 310 kW. The fastest acceleration of the rear-wheel drive model is 5.4 seconds, and that of the four-wheel drive model is a record-breaking, with the fastest acceleration of 2.84 seconds (excluding the starting time), which is faster than the 3.4 seconds (excluding the starting time) of the Tesla Model 3 high-performance all-wheel drive version. It has become the fastest accelerating pure electric car of its kind in the world.


In terms of cruising range, the cruising range of CLTC, the entry-level model of Krypton 007, is 688 kilometers, and the long-life version is as high as 870 kilometers.


With 800-volt high-voltage architecture, 800-kilometer battery life and 800-seat exclusive charging stations, with the absolute strength of three "800", Extreme Krypton 007 will completely eliminate users’ travel mileage and recharge anxiety.

Caption: Comparison between Extreme Krypton 007 and Tesla models.

In the luxury pure electric car market, Tesla Model 3 is an unavoidable opponent of cars of the same price. However, with the consumer’s demand for interior space and comfort, the sales volume of Model 3, which has not been greatly upgraded for 8 years, has declined in recent years, and the sales volume in the third quarter of this year is only one-third of that of two years ago. Based on the insight into the market and users, Extreme Krypton 007 is fully configured, and it is more competitive than Tesla Model 3 in key parameters such as body size, wheelbase and battery life.


Create a differentiated competitive advantage and be a "leader" in market segments.


Extreme krypton 007 is a concentrated expression of extreme krypton’s soft and hard strength. As a luxury intelligent pure electric brand under Geely Holding Group, Krypton is also continuing to create "Krypton speed".


Different from other enterprises, Krypton firmly takes the "third track", that is, "combining the power of giants with pure user thinking."


In less than three years since its establishment, Extreme Krypton has successively launched the hunting coupe extreme Krypton 001, MPV extreme Krypton 009, compact SUV extreme Krypton X and super-running extreme Krypton 001 FR, covering the price range of 200,000-800,000 yuan.


In 2022, the annual delivery of Krypton exceeded 70,000 vehicles, making it the only brand of mainstream new energy to achieve the delivery target. By the end of October 2023, the monthly delivery of krypton has increased for nine consecutive months. It took only 24 months to start delivery, and Krypton became a luxury pure electric brand with the fastest delivery of 170,000 vehicles, with a cumulative delivery of more than 170,000 vehicles, the only one in the industry with zero spontaneous combustion, which set a new record in the industry.


Among them, Kykrypton 001 is the champion of pure electric vehicle sales with a price of over 300,000 yuan, Kykrypton 009 is the champion of MPV sales with a price of over 500,000 yuan, and Kykrypton X is the only China brand in the top ten of compact car sales with a price of over 200,000 yuan.


In terms of globalization strategy, in October this year, Krypton signed a pan-European cooperation agreement with BNP Paribas and Arval, which will provide users with financial solutions covering all aspects of travel, all-round leasing business support and insurance services, covering many European countries.


In November, Krypton started selling in Stockholm, Sweden, and will be sold in major developed countries in Western Europe next year. In 2024, the European market is expected to increase to 6 countries, and in 2025, it will enter 8 countries, accelerating its March to the global market.

Caption: An Conghui, CEO of Extreme Krypton Intelligent Technology. Figure/Enterprise official website

An Conghui, CEO of Extreme Smart Technology, once said, "If there is no benchmark in the early stage, as a follower, it is not enough to be the same as others. Only by surpassing others can everyone think that you are a little competitive."


In creating differentiation, we can’t follow suit. With other car companies, we choose to focus on a large number of similar models in the same field, and seek market differences through the way of "having more children and fighting", and set up benchmark products in different market segments through excellent product strength, which is a very embarrassing product planning concept.


After the pre-sale of Krypton 007 started for 30 minutes, the booking volume exceeded 5,000; After 3 hours, the booking volume exceeded 10,000; After 48 hours, the booking volume exceeded 20,000.


The release of Krypton 007 not only enriches Krypton products, but also enters the pure electric luxury car market with the product experience of innovating the mainstream car market in the electric age, providing users with more and more novel category choices.


Text/Liu Chang

Editor Jiang Fan

Proofread Liu Baoqing