AWE directly hits on the spot and joins hands with Hisense to release a variety of "lightning new products"

On March 14th, the highly anticipated China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo 2024 (AWE2024) was grandly held in Shanghai. As one of the three major home appliances and consumer electronics exhibitions in the world, AWE brings together the innovative achievements brought by the world’s most influential and technological enterprises. Among them, and Hisense brought 4 "Lightning New Products", including Hisense E5N-Pro, Hisense Laser TV S1, Rongsheng 517 French Sugar Cube Flat Insert Refrigerator and Hisense Fresh Air Conditioning Small Oxygen Bar X5. During the "Lightning New Product Season" event, the purchase of the same new product of AWE Hisense can enjoy multiple benefits such as 10% discount on trade-in, interest-free for up to 12 issues, and limited new products purchased at 0 yuan.

In the TV industry, the battle for image quality has never stopped. Whoever has better image quality will be recognized by more users. This "Lightning New Product" Hisense E5N-Pro is equipped with Hisense Core’s independent image quality chip and professional-grade console game adaptation, bringing a new visual experience. In terms of screen, Hisense 100E5N-Pro has achieved 704 partition dynamic light control, and a stable peak brightness of 1600nit. Compared with the previous generation of products, the light control precision has increased by 83%, making the picture more transparent, the bright scene is more shocking, and the dark field details are richer. At the same time, with the only independent image quality chip developed by Hisense in China – Xinxin AI image quality chip, it can achieve pixel-level AI fine adjustment, contrast, color, clarity and dynamic range are fully improved, the skin tone of the characters in the picture is more realistic and natural, and the face scene is wider and more three-dimensional.

Hisense E5N-Pro not only brings great image quality, but also not to be outdone in sound effects. It brings a three-dimensional theater sound field experience. It adopts a 2.1-channel independent subwoofer acoustic system. After Hisense’s unique Hi-Sound Pro Teana engine and the tuning of the Golden Ear professional team, the cinema and music hall are moved into your living room. You don’t have to go out or buy tickets. Open Hisense E5N-PRO to get the best visual and auditory experience. It is worth mentioning that Hisense E5N-Pro is equipped with four mainstream sizes, 65 inches, 75 inches, 85 inches and 100 inches respectively. The prices are 4699 yuan, 6199 yuan, 8599 yuan and 16399 yuan respectively.

At the scene, Hisense also brought the annual blockbuster new Starlight S1 series, which is equipped with a 100-inch foldable screen, which does not need to break the door and open the window, and is 100% easy to enter the house. After the diaphragm curl frame is folded, it is equivalent to half the size of a ping pong table. The Starlight S1 series has also obtained Rheinland’s 0 harmful blue light verification. Through nano-level light control technology, the Starlight S1 series effectively avoids the harmful blue light range, providing users with a more comfortable and healthy visual environment. The screen does not need to be powered on, and it really has 0 radiation. Coupled with the principle of reflection imaging, the TV picture is clearer and more natural, bringing users a more immersive movie viewing experience.

The upgrading of refrigerator technology has made "fresh" more durable. This "Lightning New Product" Rongsheng 517 French Sugar Cube Flat Insert Refrigerator attracted the attention of the audience with its Yashibai light luxury panel design and elegant and atmospheric French cloth pattern. The 598mm ultra-thin body can be flush with conventional home improvement cabinets, integrated with cabinets, beautiful and atmospheric, which not only meets consumers’ aesthetic needs for the integration of home appliances and home appliances, but also avoids bumps and is clean and does not accumulate dust. The refrigerator is loaded with the nutrition and health of the family. Rongsheng 517 French Sugar Cube Flat Insert Refrigerator is also equipped with IDP high-energy ion purification technology. With the strength of sterilization rate and net taste rate exceeding 99%, fresh vegetables and fruits are always healthy, and frozen meat and seafood will not deteriorate for a long time.

With the development of the times, contemporary people’s requirements for health and sleep quality are becoming more and more strict. This "Lightning New Product" Hisense Fresh Air Conditioning Small Oxygen Bar X5 can easily solve these problems. Using micro-positive pressure fresh air technology, the dirty air in the house, including carbon dioxide, can be discharged. Even if the doors and windows are not opened, there is still a steady stream of fresh air introduced at night, which truly achieves "oxygenation without oppression, and a deep sleep". When consumers turn on the fresh air function, the outdoor air is purified 6 times to isolate dust, PM2.5 and pollutants from the outside to ensure the cleanliness of the introduced fresh air; even if the cooling heat function is turned on, the indoor air will be filtered 4 times, truly achieving "outdoor fresh air and indoor clean air integration". The most important thing is that the Hisense Fresh Air Air Conditioning Small Oxygen Bar X5 also supports the removal of aldehyde in the drying room, which can help everyone remove aldehyde easily and quickly, more efficiently and intelligently, and the new home is also healthier.

As close partners, and Hisense have long built e-billing, service process visualization and other service projects around service timeliness, service cost, and experience improvement that users pay attention to, bringing users a more reliable and reassuring experience. Especially in 2023, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation around trade-in projects to promote a new service experience that integrates home appliance delivery, assembly, dismantling and collection, and achieve fruitful performance growth and general praise in the market. In the future, the two sides will deepen cooperation in products, technologies and services, and jointly explore new growth space for the home appliance industry.