Andy Lau holds a concert in Singapore on his 58th birthday, and fans sing the birthday song

Last night, Andy Lau held his second concert in Singapore, and there was still a lot of singing and dancing at the scene. But what was even more noticeable was that at halftime, all the fans began to sing the birthday song. It turned out that today was Andy Lau’s 58th birthday, so the fans had been preparing for a big surprise for Andy Lau.

Andy was also touched by the fans that day, and Andy kept blowing kisses to the fans, and the whole scene was real spectacular. Presumably only Andy can have such treatment, so Andy also sang with the fans at the scene. The scene was really warm and harmonious, so Andy kept blowing kisses to the fans.

Andy Lau’s first concert in Singapore was also quite exciting, and Andy Lau was also moved to tears by the fans at the scene, and began to sob directly at the scene, which made the fans really feel distressed and comforted Andy to be strong, because you have always been accompanied by us.

This time Andy Lau’s "my love" world tour concert can be said to be quite successful. For example, the recent concert in Malaysia was also proposed by female fans on the spot. It can be said that this time Andy Lau really has surprises everywhere. So "my love" is the love that Andy Lau gives to fans, and it is also the love that fans give to Andy Lau.

On Andy Lau’s 58th birthday, the whole concert in Singapore sang the birthday song, and Andy blew kisses. At the same time, Andy Lau also sang classic songs such as "Chinese" at the concert, which made the Chinese fans on the scene excited again. I have to say that Andy is really a well-deserved idol. We also hope that Andy’s concert will be a complete success. Happy birthday.