"Detective War" released a new clip, Liu Qingyun rectified the workplace laughing and crying audience

1905 movie network news The film continues to have a strong box office trend, ranking first in the single-day box office for several consecutive days, and the total box office is about to break through the 500 million mark. The film has also been officially released in Hong Kong on July 21. At the Hong Kong premiere, Johnnie To and other well-known filmmakers appeared one after another to wish the film continued the momentum of the mainland box office and achieved great results in Hong Kong.

In fact, apart from the exciting scenes, the tense plot, and the core worthy of further investigation, "Detective War" also has a unique flavor in terms of "joy". In the "Detective Return" feature clip released by the film, it is a wonderful medicine that soothes the nerves of the audience after the film war. In the clip, Li Jun, who plays the "Mad Detective", after returning to the police force, makes many netizens shout "Help" because "Detective has rolled up the police force!"

The movie "Detective War" is directed and produced by a famous Hong Kong filmmaker, supervised by Zhu Shuyi, and joined by Liu Qingyun, Lin Li,,,,,, and many other powerful stars. The film is being screened nationwide!

The genius detective also called on everyone to "roll up"

Liu Qingyun rectifies the workplace laughing and crying audience

At the end of "Detective War", "Crazy Detective" Li Jun finally returned to the police force after a life-and-death battle, became a criminal investigation consultant of O Ji, and was treated with courtesy by the police force and welcomed by all the police. However, his subsequent speech surprised everyone, because he openly said: "None of us are detective, we only need to do our best to investigate the case, and always ask ourselves if we have checked the wrong case!" Then he began to ask everyone "can’t go home, can’t see family, can’t date, can’t watch football, can’t sing K, can’t play games…" Even asked everyone to "can’t watch movies"!

This episode of "The Return of the Detective" made the audience laugh and cry directly, and they all shouted "It turns out that the detective can also be curled like this", "Sir Li himself is a genius, and he has to curl ordinary people, and he is afraid", "The police’s inner OS: Sir Li begged for mercy", and many netizens joked in the comment area: "Can’t watch a movie? Can you still watch" Detective War "?" Many people said that the seemingly neurotic Liu Qingyun in the film was "a little cute" when he rectified the workplace. I didn’t expect that the detective had such a side. Sure enough, "Mr. Liu, a citizen," has excellent acting skills.

The Hong Kong premiere of "Detective War" was attended by all the stars

Johnnie To Hong Jinbao appears on the movie platform

It is reported that "Detective Wars" held a grand premiere in Hong Kong, China on the evening of July 19. Dr. Yang Shoucheng, Chairperson of Emperor Group, and his wife, together with director and producer Wei Jiahui, producer Shao Jianqiu and Zhu Shuyi, as well as protagonists Liu Qingyun, Tang Yi, Wu Haokang, Yang Tianyu, Zhang Wenjie, Beard Tong, Zhu Luoran, Che Wanwan, Liao Jiajue, Grizzly Bear, etc. attended the premiere. The well-known Hong Kong filmmakers To Kifeng, Hong Jinbao and the queen who just won the Hong Kong Film Awards also attended the premiere, and jointly wished "Detective Wars" a good hit in Hong Kong and a big box office sale!

At the Hong Kong premiere, the director Gary Wei also revealed that he had "fallen in love at first sight" with Liu Qingyun, praising Liu Qingyun as an actor who was "unfathomable" and could still surprise him by working together after a few years. When asked if the two would have the opportunity to work together again in the future, Wei Jiahui laughed and said it would depend on Liu Qingyun’s willingness.

The movie "Detective War" is currently in theaters!