How to protect supermarket shopping, online car-hailing, and dining out?

  As the resumption of work and production across the country continues to advance in an orderly manner, everyone can’t help but ask in work and life: how to prevent the risk of infection when shopping in supermarkets? When traveling, how to take online taxis and taxis? What protection details should be paid attention to when eating out?… In response to these issues of public concern, the Economic Daily reporter interviewed relevant experts.

  In the season of surprise, the spring is getting stronger. With the return of spring to the earth, the resumption of work and production across the country is carried out in an orderly manner. However, at the moment of the COVID-19 epidemic, how to continue to do a good job of personal protection is still an issue that everyone needs to pay special attention to.

  Keep your distance from shopping and avoid peak crowds

  "When shopping, keep a certain distance from each other, at least one meter or more." Zhang Liubo, a researcher at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that in order to meet the daily needs of people, stores and supermarkets have to open their doors. As consumers, they should minimize the frequency of visiting these stores and supermarkets and shorten the time when shopping. In addition to daily shopping, consumers should try to avoid wandering in stores.

  "When shopping, it is very necessary to take good personal protection." Shi Xiaoming, director of the environment institute of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, believes that the public should try to avoid the peak traffic of shopping malls and supermarkets when shopping. For example, choose non-weekend hours, or when you just open in the morning, this can reduce the chance of direct contact with other people. In addition, try to avoid taking the box elevator. If you are shopping on a lower floor, it is best to take the stairs. If you are shopping on a higher floor, it is recommended to use the escalator first. If you must take the box elevator, you can wait for the next elevator when there are many people in the elevator, and keep a safe distance from other people when taking the elevator. In addition, wear a mask correctly and do good hand hygiene throughout the journey.

  Open more windows in a taxi and do a good job of hand hygiene

  When traveling for a long distance, how do you take online taxis and taxis? In this regard, Zhang Liubo said that taxis and online taxis have a relatively independent space, and you need to do five things during the ride:

  The first is to ensure that the driver is not infected. A health declaration system can be established to carry out temperature testing; drivers need to wear masks throughout the journey, and often do hand hygiene, which is the most basic requirement. Second, before the vehicle leaves the car every day, door handles, seats, handrails and other places should be cleaned and disinfected. Third, during driving, if conditions permit, windows should be opened as much as possible when the outside temperature is suitable to ensure better air communication. Fourth, before passengers get on the bus, open the door for a minute or two to give the car an opportunity for air exchange. You can also use disinfectant paper towels to wipe and disinfect the positions that may be encountered. Most importantly, passengers should wear masks throughout the ride and do hand hygiene after the ride. Fifth, when paying, promote contactless payment.

  Travel remotely, don’t wait too early

  For people who travel remotely by train, plane, and other means of transportation, Zhang Liubo recommends:

  First, you should pay attention to the timetable and not wait too early in crowded areas such as railway stations and terminals. This can not only reduce the density of people in such public places, but also avoid being in a relatively closed environment for a long time. Of course, some transportation departments also have relevant regulations that cannot enter the station 2 hours or 3 hours in advance.

  Second, passengers should take good personal protection when entering the station, wear masks throughout the process, minimize contact with public facilities and public goods, and avoid too much communication with strangers. They should also maintain good hand hygiene as soon as possible.

  The third is to keep quiet and avoid noise when riding these means of transportation. When individuals cough or sneeze, they should pay attention to civilized etiquette, cover their mouths and noses with paper towels or their arms; if they go to the bathroom, they should pay attention to the surfaces of handrails and door handles. Once they come into contact with these items, they should do a good job of hand hygiene in time.

  Fourth, when travel conditions permit, it is best to sit as far away from the seat as possible.

  Eating out, try to pay without contact

  How to take personal protection during restaurant queuing and dining? Zhang Liubo said that during the queuing process, the public should wear masks, reduce language communication, and maintain a certain safe distance from neighboring customers. If you sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, or use elbow shielding measures. When picking up meals, individuals should avoid directly touching the surfaces of frequently touched objects with their hands; when paying, they should try to choose electronic payment methods such as QR codes that are not in direct contact, and reduce the use of cash settlement.

  In addition, before eating, individuals should choose tables and chairs with clean surfaces, preferably near doors and windows and other well-ventilated locations. They should pay attention to hand hygiene and wash their hands with hand sanitizer under running water, or disinfect them with disinfectant.

  During the meal, when individuals take off their masks, they must pay attention to keeping the inside of the masks clean to avoid pollution. They should avoid sitting face-to-face, preferably in the same direction, and the distance between them should be more than 1 meter. They should shorten the dining time and reduce the communication between colleagues. If there are many people in the restaurant, packing is a better choice. After the meal, individuals should leave the restaurant immediately to reduce their stay.

  Reduce meetings and increase temperature monitoring

  After the resumption of work, it is inevitable that the company will hold a meeting. During the meeting, local personnel can gather, so it is very important to do a good job in hygiene protection. In this regard, Zhang Liubo has 4 suggestions:

  The first is to ensure the ventilation and ventilation of the conference room; the second is to clean and disinfect the conference room desktops, handles, and floors in a timely manner; the third is to minimize the frequency of meetings, shorten the meeting time, pay attention to the distance between participants, and wear masks; the fourth is that if it can be turned into a network conference, video conference, or WeChat meeting, it is best to use these methods instead.

  For enterprises with employees living in collective dormitories, how to prevent and control the epidemic? Shi Xiaoming suggested that for the personnel living in collective dormitories, daily temperature monitoring should be strengthened, and the body temperature should be checked every time they enter the collective dormitory. This is a universal measure for everyone. Once people with abnormal body temperature are found, they should be immediately transferred to a temporary isolation area and disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations. In addition, dormitories should have windows and regular ventilation. For dormitories without windows, mechanical exhaust equipment such as exhaust fans should be installed; washbasins should be equipped with hand disinfection products and regularly cleaned and disinfected. At the same time, the number of people living in collective dormitories should be strictly controlled.

  Public transportation system, increase the frequency of disinfection

  For traveling by public transportation, Zhang Liubo introduced that bus companies should arrange vehicles appropriately according to traffic counting, try to evacuate passenger flow and reduce the congestion of carriages. When conditions permit, vehicles should open windows for ventilation as much as possible during driving, and try to increase the frequency of disinfection while ensuring safety. In addition, passengers, attendants, and drivers should wear masks; passengers should try to keep a certain distance from each other when riding.

  Due to the relatively fixed station of the subway, it is recommended to strengthen personnel guidance and control the number of people entering the station; increase the temperature detection device in the station hall; increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of public facilities and public areas to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioning in the platform; before each trip, clean and disinfect the interior of the carriage, paying special attention to ensure the normal operation of the ventilation system of the carriage; operators, including platform service personnel, should wear masks; make full use of radio, television, posters, and reminders to publicize relevant prevention and control knowledge; passengers should wear masks throughout the ride and do a good job of hand hygiene after the ride.

  Nursery institutions, full health knows the real situation

  In the near future, childcare institutions in some areas are about to open parks. How to protect against the epidemic? Zhang Liubo said that childcare institutions should carry out relevant work from three aspects:

  First, before the opening of the kindergarten, the kindergarten should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to ensure that the classrooms are well ventilated, and relevant material reserves should be made, and the kindergarten teachers should master these prevention and control knowledge. In addition, the most critical point is to know the real situation of the health status of all teaching staff and children. Only children can enter the kindergarten if they are healthy. Second, if the epidemic is over, the kindergarten can be implemented according to the normal teaching order; if there are still cases, we must take corresponding preventive measures and make an emergency plan, especially to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of the environment and items, as well as hand hygiene and personal protection. Third, once suspected cases occur, they must be dealt with quickly according to the emergency plan. ( Economic Daily · China Economic Net reporter, Wu Jiajia)

"Detective War" released a new clip, Liu Qingyun rectified the workplace laughing and crying audience

1905 movie network news The film continues to have a strong box office trend, ranking first in the single-day box office for several consecutive days, and the total box office is about to break through the 500 million mark. The film has also been officially released in Hong Kong on July 21. At the Hong Kong premiere, Johnnie To and other well-known filmmakers appeared one after another to wish the film continued the momentum of the mainland box office and achieved great results in Hong Kong.

In fact, apart from the exciting scenes, the tense plot, and the core worthy of further investigation, "Detective War" also has a unique flavor in terms of "joy". In the "Detective Return" feature clip released by the film, it is a wonderful medicine that soothes the nerves of the audience after the film war. In the clip, Li Jun, who plays the "Mad Detective", after returning to the police force, makes many netizens shout "Help" because "Detective has rolled up the police force!"

The movie "Detective War" is directed and produced by a famous Hong Kong filmmaker, supervised by Zhu Shuyi, and joined by Liu Qingyun, Lin Li,,,,,, and many other powerful stars. The film is being screened nationwide!

The genius detective also called on everyone to "roll up"

Liu Qingyun rectifies the workplace laughing and crying audience

At the end of "Detective War", "Crazy Detective" Li Jun finally returned to the police force after a life-and-death battle, became a criminal investigation consultant of O Ji, and was treated with courtesy by the police force and welcomed by all the police. However, his subsequent speech surprised everyone, because he openly said: "None of us are detective, we only need to do our best to investigate the case, and always ask ourselves if we have checked the wrong case!" Then he began to ask everyone "can’t go home, can’t see family, can’t date, can’t watch football, can’t sing K, can’t play games…" Even asked everyone to "can’t watch movies"!

This episode of "The Return of the Detective" made the audience laugh and cry directly, and they all shouted "It turns out that the detective can also be curled like this", "Sir Li himself is a genius, and he has to curl ordinary people, and he is afraid", "The police’s inner OS: Sir Li begged for mercy", and many netizens joked in the comment area: "Can’t watch a movie? Can you still watch" Detective War "?" Many people said that the seemingly neurotic Liu Qingyun in the film was "a little cute" when he rectified the workplace. I didn’t expect that the detective had such a side. Sure enough, "Mr. Liu, a citizen," has excellent acting skills.

The Hong Kong premiere of "Detective War" was attended by all the stars

Johnnie To Hong Jinbao appears on the movie platform

It is reported that "Detective Wars" held a grand premiere in Hong Kong, China on the evening of July 19. Dr. Yang Shoucheng, Chairperson of Emperor Group, and his wife, together with director and producer Wei Jiahui, producer Shao Jianqiu and Zhu Shuyi, as well as protagonists Liu Qingyun, Tang Yi, Wu Haokang, Yang Tianyu, Zhang Wenjie, Beard Tong, Zhu Luoran, Che Wanwan, Liao Jiajue, Grizzly Bear, etc. attended the premiere. The well-known Hong Kong filmmakers To Kifeng, Hong Jinbao and the queen who just won the Hong Kong Film Awards also attended the premiere, and jointly wished "Detective Wars" a good hit in Hong Kong and a big box office sale!

At the Hong Kong premiere, the director Gary Wei also revealed that he had "fallen in love at first sight" with Liu Qingyun, praising Liu Qingyun as an actor who was "unfathomable" and could still surprise him by working together after a few years. When asked if the two would have the opportunity to work together again in the future, Wei Jiahui laughed and said it would depend on Liu Qingyun’s willingness.

The movie "Detective War" is currently in theaters!

The service of "package enterprises" has been deeply empowered and developed – the public security organs of the whole province have solidly promoted the work of package enterprises

Strengthen the responsibility "bag in the body", refine the measures "grasp in the hands", and optimize the service "link in the heart"… Since the work of the province’s leading cadres package and link enterprises has been carried out, the public security organs of our province have conscientiously implemented the work deployment requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government on package and link enterprises. With the actions of "three grasps and three promotions", actively creating stability, and "optimizing the business environment for a breakthrough year" as the breakthrough point, adhering to the concept of "package is responsibility, grasping is responsibility, and connecting is service", innovating mechanisms and actively acting, solidly promoting the work of package and link enterprises, and striving to contribute public security forces to the high-quality economic and social development of the province.

Reinforced responsibility "wrapped around the body"

The security department of the Provincial Public Security Bureau visited the Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and China National Petroleum Corporation Gansu Sales Company to discuss measures to deepen the protection of enterprises and facilitate enterprises, crack down on tobacco-related and refined oil crimes, and help optimize the business environment; the economic investigation department visited Gansu Qizheng Industrial Group Co., Ltd. to understand the operation status of enterprises, listen to the difficulties and problems encountered by enterprises in production and operation, and solicit opinions and suggestions on public security work…

Since the beginning of this year, the Provincial Public Security Department has adhered to the current important task of leading cadres Baodaolian enterprises and placed them in a prominent position. It has established a special class for Baodaolian enterprises to coordinate and promote the work of Baodaolian enterprises. The special class for Baodaolian work has been deployed and promoted, sorted out and summarized the progress of the work, established a list of service enterprises and acceptance problems, supervised and investigated the progress of police types in various departments on the spot, and reminded the slow progress in a timely manner to form a work pattern of face-to-face deployment, point-to-point contact, and practical

Baiyin Public Security visited the key enterprise Yinguang Chemical group company to understand the enterprise’s safety prevention, internal security and other work, and held discussions and exchanges on optimizing the business environment of the enterprise; Jinchang Public Security took the lead in organizing tobacco monopoly, procuratorial and other departments to hold a symposium on tobacco anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling and tobacco-related cases.

According to the unified deployment, the establishment of special classes for public security organs at all levels in the province has been promoted as a whole. Leading cadres of public security at all levels have classified and classified 4,950 accommodation enterprises and 405 security enterprises in the province, and made clear the work goals and tasks step by step, so as to achieve full coverage of leading cadres and enterprises of public security organs at the provincial, municipal and county levels.

Establish a system and clarify responsibilities. The provincial public security organs will include the work of Bao Zaolian enterprises in the annual key work for supervision and management, and clarify that Bao Zaolian leading cadres visit service enterprises no less than twice a year, maintain normal contact, pay close attention to the development of enterprises, improve the ability of in-depth communication and effective communication with enterprises, and win the trust of enterprises with sincere, warm-hearted, high-quality and efficient services.

"Bearing in mind that it is the duty of cadres to serve enterprises, and it is their responsibility to support the development of enterprises, establish a normal package to catch and connect enterprises to promote mechanisms, do a good job in coordination and communication, classify and evaluate legitimate compliance issues, establish a ledger, update it in real time, and manage the cancellation number to ensure that the problem appeals are found and everything has an echo." The relevant person in charge of the provincial public security department said that the provincial public security organs have established a police-enterprise contact mechanism, implemented the "escort police officer" system, and dispatched 1,949 "escort police officers" to 287 provincial major construction projects. They accept enterprises for help 24 hours a day, and carry out regular public security patrols to provide enterprises with "visible security". At the same time, establish a precise assistance mechanism, give full play to the role of key enterprise liaisons, and quickly study and solve problems reported by enterprises, so as to promote the formation of a pro-Qing political and business relationship that is "friendly and moderate, dear and capable".

Refinement measures "grab it in your hands"

The provincial public security organs insist on finding problems as the starting point and solving problems as the end point, and adopt a combination of "going out + please come in", asking for and serving enterprises, understanding the production and operation situation of enterprises in detail, discussing the difficulties, pain points and blockages that restrict the development of enterprises, and constantly helping enterprises solve problems and overcome difficulties.

The public security organs at all levels invite enterprise representatives to hold a police-enterprise symposium to listen to the problems faced by enterprises in production and operation, and collect more than 200 opinions and suggestions from the public security organs to serve the development of enterprises, and strive to improve service quality and help healthy development.

The people have a call, and I have a response.

The public security traffic control department focused on "reducing links, reducing materials, and reducing time limits" to further deepen the convenience service measures for reducing permits; the entry-exit management department unblocked the "green channel" for expediting the application of permits, fully implemented the "National General Office" and "Only Run Once" and other policies and measures for the convenience of the people and enterprises, and strengthened the service work of attracting talents and intellectuals to visit, so as to better serve the overall economic and social development of the province…

The people are worried, and I have something to do.

In response to the administrative examination and approval matters that enterprises need to handle, the provincial public security organs package the joint cadres to connect with the business department in a timely manner, prepare the approval materials, and prevent enterprises from "running in many places" and "running back and forth"; in response to the difficult employment problems of enterprises, timely help docking and actively recommend migrant workers; in response to the parking difficulties reported by accommodation enterprises, take the lead in coordinating relevant functional areas of business to optimize the parking environment and other measures to effectively improve the service rate and problem solving rate.

Every morning at 9 am, in the green chemical park of Lanzhou New District, the "escort police officer" of the Qinchuan police station of the Lanzhou New District Public Security Bureau came to Gansu Kangbass Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to start the day’s work. Understanding the needs of the enterprise, reviewing materials on site, and handling residence permits and household registration for employees of the enterprise are important responsibilities of the "escort police officer".

Tianshui Public Security launched 36 service measures to establish a "do nothing" mechanism for enterprises and standardize supervision behavior; Wuwei Public Security launched 10 service measures to severely crack down on all kinds of crimes that disrupt market economic order and build a "protective net…"

The public security organs of the whole province strictly implement the system of "nothing to disturb, something to come to the door" and "six must visit", give full play to the role of corporate liaisons, collect bottlenecks that affect the development of enterprises in a timely manner, and establish a work account. General problems are "dealt with immediately" and complex problems are "coordinated". Policies are required to support "striving for solutions" that are difficult to solve in the short term, and timely coordinate and solve the "development difficulties" of enterprises. Strictly standardize the law enforcement behavior of enterprises, and constantly improve the enterprise inspection system. Eliminate problems such as random inspections, multi-head inspections, repeated inspections, and selective law enforcement. Resolutely prevent the use of criminal means to intervene in economic disputes. Improve the efficiency of direct contact with enterprises. For police information involving infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, accept and deal with it Advance the reform of government services, optimize the introduction of a number of measures related to enterprise matters, such as acceptance of vacancies, notification of commitments, reservation handling, compression of approval, and extension of services, and strive to create a new model of "data travel" government services, so as to provide maximum convenience for enterprises and the masses.

Optimize service "connected to the heart"

Every Bao Zaolian cadre is a policy "speaker".

The public security organs of the whole province make good policy "announcers", and in accordance with the requirements of "normalization, standardization and long-term effectiveness", focus on publicizing the various beneficial enterprise policies issued by the central and provincial party committees, provincial governments and the Ministry of Public Security, and provide enterprises with fiscal and taxation, financial and other policy consultation and information services through multiple channels. Extensively publicize the ten measures of the Provincial Public Security Department to optimize the business environment and serve the development of enterprises. Guide enterprises to make full use of, make good use of, and make full use of various beneficial enterprise policies, and truly enjoy the policy dividends.

Through on-site interpretation of the law, distribution of promotional materials, posting of propaganda posters, and push of warning educational short videos, etc., we vigorously preached measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of market players, flexible law enforcement for minor violations, quick handling of enterprise-related cases according to law, and cracking down on enterprise-related black and evil crimes. Up to now, more than 900 times of legal popularization have been carried out.

Every Bao Zaolian cadre is a hidden danger "administrator".

The public security organs of the whole province pay close attention to the contradictions and conflicts of interest that may arise in the development of enterprises, and take the initiative to work with relevant departments to guide and resolve the work in advance, and use the whole chain linkage to solve problems for enterprises and promote the development of enterprises. Regularly carry out activities to send law into enterprises, strengthen the rule of law training, safety education, and civilized construction publicity and training of staff, supervise the implementation of various systems for safe production, and effectively ensure that services are not absent and guarded. Normally carry out the investigation of public security and fire safety hazards in enterprises and surrounding areas, guide enterprises to improve the internal security system, improve the public security prevention system, public security organization, and scientifically deploy patrol work. Especially for the outstanding public security problems reflected by enterprises, we will coordinate with relevant functional areas of business to carry out special project rectification, and be a good hidden danger "administrator" to create a good external environment for the development of enterprises.

Each Bao Zaolian cadre is a development "escort".

The leading cadres of Bao Zhaolian, the public security organ of the whole province, have always taken the destruction of the business environment as the focus of cracking down on crimes, comprehensively sorted out clues, concentrated on solving cases, continued to organize and carry out a series of special projects such as "Longjian", "Cloud" and "Net", and took measures such as "upgraded jurisdiction, special operation, and special classes to crack down". Since the beginning of this year, the province’s public security organs have cracked a total of 1813 cases in the economic field, damaging 2.056 billion yuan, including 258 cases in the tax-related field, 421 cases in the financial field, and 1134 cases in the brand field.

Is the American dream stable for the "light speed" IPO of the polar krypton car under two years old?

Wen | Fangfang, New Economic Observer Mission

On December 13, 2022, Geely Automobile officially announced that its high-end pure electric brand Extreme Krypton Automobile had secretly submitted the IPO registration documents to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on December 7. At this point, this "traditional new force" established less than two years ago began to break through the IPO.

The data shows that in 2022, a total of nearly 72,000 new cars were delivered, which further narrowed the gap with the new forces’ head camp. However, despite the rapid growth, there are many "problems" in Krypton cars compared with "Wei Xiaoli": performance loss, low gross profit margin, and doubtful high-end positioning are very prominent. Nowadays, the extremely krypton car in the initial stage of development is so eager to go public, is it really hot enough?

01, a rising star, losses.

Compared with other brands of Geely Automobile, the daily performances of Krypton Automobile, which was established in 2021, are showing its more independent existence. But no matter from the development process or business performance, we can’t put it outside Geely Automobile to observe.

Before Krypton Automobile, Geely Automobile had tried many times to transform and upgrade with electrification, but it didn’t splash much water in the new energy market.

In 2015, Geely Automobile released the new energy strategy of "Blue Geely Action" and set an extremely aggressive sales target: by 2020, the sales of new energy vehicles will account for 90% of the total sales. However, at that time, Geely Automobile bet on "oil to electricity", which led to a general market reaction. In 2019, Geely Automobile launched a geometric brand focusing on the field of high-end pure electric vehicles, which is at the same level as Lectra, and the degree of attention can be seen.

But again, the geometric brand has little thunder and rain, and has not broken out its due potential. In 2020, Geely Automobile actually sold 68,000 new energy vehicles (including Geely, Link and Geometry brands), and the proportion of new energy was only 5.15%, far from reaching the target of 90%.

Until March 2021, Geely once again launched the extremely krypton car that positioned the high-end electric vehicle market, while the geometric car returned to the mainstream mass market. Once the former came out, it quickly launched the first mass-produced new car with an average sales price of more than 300,000 yuan, and ran all the way up with the strong support of the group.

Drawing of the delivery table of the new car-making forces in 2022: New Economic Observation Mission

In 2022, Kyk 001 delivered nearly 72,000 new cars, and the average order amount reached 336,000 yuan. Especially in the fourth quarter of 2022, the sales volume of Krypton in January 2001 exceeded 10,000 vehicles for three consecutive months, which was basically able to compete with the head camp of the new forces. It is also the ever-increasing sales of Krypton 001 that makes the capital market begin to re-evaluate the prospective map of Geely Automobile’s new energy.

But the question is, is Geely’s electrification transformation really successful this time? I’m afraid it’s too early to draw a conclusion. Because cars sell well, it doesn’t mean high profitability. At this point, new forces such as "Wei Xiaoli" have already had a deep understanding.

First of all, like "Wei Xiaoli", Krypton cars sell well, but their operating conditions are not satisfactory. Geely Automobile’s interim financial report in 2022 shows that in the first half of 2021 -2022, Kyo Automobile achieved revenue of 2.868 billion yuan and 8.828 billion yuan respectively. However, under the rapid growth of revenue, the net loss is constantly expanding. In the same period, the brand’s net loss reached 1.01 billion yuan and 759 million yuan respectively. In other words, in just one and a half years, Krypton has lost 1.769 billion yuan.

The crazy "burning money" of sub-brands also directly dragged down the overall profitability of Geely Automobile. In the first half of 2021-2022, the net profit of Geely Automobile was 4.847 billion yuan and 1.552 billion yuan respectively, and the year-on-year decline rate of net profit reached 12.4% and 34.81% respectively. As for the reasons for the further expansion of losses, Geely Automobile stated directly in the financial report that the relatively high operating costs of Krypton Automobile in the early stage of development and the confirmation of share-based payment fees in the current period were one of the reasons that adversely affected the profitability of the Group during the period.

It can be said that the climbing road of Krypton automobile is based on Geely automobile’s continuous blood transfusion. Nowadays, extremely krypton cars are eager for IPO. On the one hand, it can be seen that the capital market still shows great tolerance for new forces; On the other hand, it is also the bad situation caused by the group’s long-term blood transfusion behind the crazy burning of money by extremely krypton cars, which is in urgent need of IPO financing.

02, the core indicators are not good, not as good as "Wei Xiaoli"

Geely Automobile’s explanation of the development status of Krypton automobile in the financial report also gave the latter time to change course. However, with the acceleration of the electrification transformation of traditional car companies and the crazy invasion of cross-border people such as Huawei and Xiaomi, the competition faced by extremely-krypton cars is becoming increasingly fierce, and this battle is more filled with strong smoke compared with the increasingly mature head camp of new forces.

Schematic diagram of the comparison of the revenue of the new car-making forces in the first half of 2022 Tabulation: New Economic Observation Mission

First of all, from the volume point of view, the positioning of Krypton 001 has a certain competitive relationship with "Wei Xiaoli" and so on. In recent months, it has broken the sales performance of 10,000 vehicles, posing a great threat to the models such as Weilai ET5 and Tucki P7. However, judging from the volume of both sides, the revenue of extremely-krypton cars still cannot be compared with "Wei Xiaoli". According to the data of various financial reports, in the first half of 2022, Weilai, LI and Xpeng Motors achieved revenues of 20.2 billion yuan, 18.2 billion yuan and 14.8 billion yuan respectively, while the revenue of Krypton Automobile was only 8.8 billion yuan.

Graphic tabulation of gross profit margin of the new force of making cars in the first half of 2022: new economic observation group

At the same time, judging from the gross profit margin of various companies, there is a big gap between the profitability of extremely krypton cars and the head camp of new forces. According to An Conghui, CEO of Krypton Automobile, in the first half of 2022, the gross profit margin of Krypton automobile was around 5%. In the same period, the gross profit margins of LI, Weilai and Xpeng Motors reached 22.09%, 13.8% and 11.55% respectively.

The more serious situation is that Li Xiang, the founder of LI, revealed that the company is about to reach the turning point of breakeven. Li Bin, the founder of Weilai, also said that it is expected to break even in the fourth quarter of 2023. Obviously, the first batch of new car-making forces have touched the threshold of performance and profitability, while extremely krypton cars are still struggling in the whirlpool of losses.

Despite the poor performance, the capital market’s evaluation of extremely krypton cars is not low. In August, 2021, Krypton Auto completed the Pre-A round of strategic financing of US$ 500 million (equivalent to RMB 3.24 billion), with five ecological partners including Intel Capital and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited participating. After the completion of the investment, five companies got 5.6% of the shares of Extreme Krypton Automobile, and Geely Automobile’s shareholding dropped to 48%, but it is still the single largest shareholder of Extreme Krypton Automobile. At that time, the valuation of Krypton cars had reached $9 billion.

According to informed sources, this IPO in the United States will seek a valuation of more than 10 billion US dollars, and it is planned to be listed in new york as early as the second quarter of 2023. The reason why we abandoned the HKEx and chose new york as the listing place is to seek a higher valuation.

Looking at the new force "predecessors" car companies, "Wei Xiaoli" has taken the lead in listing in the United States. It took four years, six years and five years for the three companies to go public. If Krypton can really successfully pass the IPO within the predicted time, it means creating a record of the shortest time to market for new forces. And its valuation of nearly 70 billion yuan, although there is still a certain gap with Weilai (134 billion yuan) and Ideal (156.7 billion yuan), has surpassed the current market value of 57.6 billion yuan in Xpeng Motors and the zero-running car listed in September last year (the market value as of January 13 was 26.7 billion yuan).

It can be seen that although the performance is not satisfactory, the capital market still has high hopes for extremely krypton cars. However, there is a lesson that the stock price of the zero-run car broke and fell by more than 33% on the first day of listing. It is still unknown whether the extremely-krypton car can re-sample for the listing of new forces.

03, "Benchmarking Tesla", the road to high-end is not easy.

In addition to the embarrassing status quo, the problem of the extreme krypton car is that "ambition is not worthy of ability." From the emphatic wording of "the average order amount exceeds 336,000 yuan" in the sales posters of each issue, we can see that it is imperative for extreme krypton cars to hit the high end. After all, according to the definition of "high-end models" by the Federation, the starting price of products must exceed 300,000 yuan.

However, in the upsurge of "benchmarking Tesla" on the Internet, Extreme Krypton 001 played a configuration beyond Tesla such as "712km long battery life", hoping to raise the product positioning. However, in Tesla’s repeated price reduction boom, Krypton has lost its vital price advantage. As for the level of revenue and profitability, the two are not an order of magnitude.

One of the most critical problems that hinder krypton cars from taking the high-end road is that product problems emerge one after another.

Extreme krypton cars rank first in complaints. Image source: Car Quality Network

On January 1, 2023, Extreme Krypton Automobile announced that the new Extreme Krypton 001 was officially launched, and the new car was fully upgraded at the configuration level. However, it failed to take into account the rights and interests of old car owners. Since January 2nd, there have been hundreds of complaints about "sales promise not fulfilled" in the online complaint platform, ranking first in the complaint list.

According to the old owner of Krypton 001, after the launch of the new model of 001, the "old" owners who decided in advance have received the "overlord clause" to cancel the lifetime warranty, and the related rights and interests have also shrunk. The car owners accused the car of "cutting leeks" and did not hesitate to make false marketing to harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

In addition, some car owners revealed that in addition to the change of rights and interests, the car also unilaterally locked the order automatically, which was inconsistent with the information promised at the beginning, and today’s terms are even more unreasonable. As of press time, Extreme Krypton Automobile has not announced the handling results of this incident.

Complaints against extremely krypton cars (partial) Image source: Car Quality Network

The actual situation is that there is a precedent for the "false marketing" of extremely krypton cars. On New Year’s Day last year, Extreme Krypton Automobile released the rights and interests of the Spring Festival, which led to the price of new cars under the same configuration being lower than the purchase price years ago, which triggered the rights protection of old car owners. After several rounds of games, Krypton finally reached a settlement with the old car owners in the form of "returning 5,000 yuan".

Since then, Krypton 001 has also experienced various questions and problems such as "disguised price increase", "replacement of motor", "EC light-sensing canopy goods are not on the right board" and "order delay". More importantly, after the incident, the authorities never paid enough attention to the owner of the extremely krypton car. Instead, they responded indifferently by destroying misleading legends and perfunctory apologies, which made the owner even more annoyed.

As we all know, one of the biggest differences between new forces and traditional car companies is that they are good at user marketing and often play the banner of "deeply linking users" in order to win the favor of more consumers. However, judging from the company’s performance, although it classifies itself as a new force, it still has the "arrogance and prejudice" of traditional car companies in its bones. This simple and rude response has had a negative impact on the brand image.

On January 9th of this year, the second new car, Extreme Krypton 009, was officially mass-produced, and it is expected to be officially delivered in the second half of January. The new car hit the "high-end" goal again, and the prices of the two models were 499,000 yuan and 588,000 yuan respectively.

However, even Jason Lin, vice president of Extreme Smart Technology, once said, "To meet the high end, it is not how much money is used to measure the high end, but whether you can represent the most important products in that market." No matter from the perspective of copying the bottom chip of Krypton 001 completely or the battery scheme that has not been optimized and upgraded, it is obvious that Krypton 009 has not controlled the core technology well.

To add insult to injury, the problem of false propaganda of Qianqiu Kyo 001 has not been properly solved, and Kyo 009 was controversial because of the advertisement "All pets are love" on the day of listing, and finally ended up deleting the advertisement. Prior to this, Li Xiang also questioned the interior space of the extremely krypton 009 and "poured cold water" on the listing of the new car. Nowadays, Krypton 009 has not been mass-produced and delivered, and it has suffered from public opinion crises one after another. This is really not a good sign.

For a company to be listed, the establishment time is too short, the loss situation of the company is increasing, and the product quality problems have been repeatedly criticized, which will become a stumbling block on the road to sprint IPO. Whether Geely can achieve the goal of high-end by relying on Krypton 009 can be successfully achieved, I am afraid it will take a long time to investigate.

Beijing Auto Show: BYD Qin L DM-i was launched and listed in the second quarter.

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149 thousand. No way! The black technology of Xiaomi Automobile has come, and where is the market position?

Report from Jiwei. com (Text/Dusha) Following the official announcement of the "Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference" on December 25th, Lei Jun has written more than one eye-catching essay a day, and on December 27th, he also published a sincere tribute blog post: "We are well aware of the complexity of the automobile industry, and we are well aware of the hard-won development, and sincerely pay tribute to pioneers such as BYD, Weilai, Tucki, Ideality and Huawei", and in Beijing and Shanghai.

At 14 o’clock on the afternoon of December 28th, 1003 days after the announcement of entering the smart electric vehicle industry, the first press conference of Xiaomi Automobile was finally grandly opened. Although as early as December 25, Xiaomi Auto officially said that this conference only talked about technology, not products. However, at the press conference site, the "pre-press conference" of Xiaomi SU7 was also held simultaneously, involving product information including appearance, interior, space, power and safety. The first car is positioned as a "C-class high-performance eco-technology car" to achieve the ultimate performance of high performance, eco-technology and smart space experience, and to build the first choice of the elite of the times and the top benchmark of science and technology and humanities.

Because the release of Xiaomi car will take several months, the price that has attracted much attention has not been announced, but according to the configuration and information disclosed intentionally or unintentionally, Lei Jun’s words are proved, "Xiaomi SU7 is indeed a bit expensive, but it makes sense", and the scene has been compared with Porsche Taycan Turbo and Tesla Model S. When talking about the configuration of power batteries at the scene, Lei Jun quipped that the cost of the 101-kilowatt-hour power batteries currently carried is more than 100,000, and the price of similar power systems on the market is more than 400,000, so 149,000 is impossible. In fact, judging from the portrait of Xiaomi SU7 configuration, its price is hard to be lower than 200,000.

Then, before the official price is further announced, let’s take a look at what black technologies Xiaomi SU7 is equipped with.

At the whole press conference, Lei Jun unveiled five core technologies, including electric drive (motor), battery, large die casting, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit.

Xiaomi Automobile Motor overtook Tesla, and the established Xiaomi Super Motor Project has an expert team of more than 100 people, and cooperated with suppliers such as Huichuan. At the same time, by using AI technology, it successfully developed a motor with a speed of 21,000 at the end of 2022, surpassing Tesla. At this stage, the millet motors V6 and V6s have been mass-produced, and the first millet car will be equipped with the millet motors V6 and V6s, with performance comparable to Porsche and Tesla.

What’s more, Lei Jun released the third motor V8s developed by Xiaomi at the scene, with a speed of 27,200. It is also the top motor in the world at present, and its rotor is made of ultra-high strength silicon steel, which will get on the bus in 2025.

In terms of batteries, Xiaomi launched the 871V silicon carbide high-voltage battery pack jointly developed by thousands of people with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, which took two years to overcome many difficulties, and Xiaomi built its own battery pack factory. At the same time, in order to ensure battery safety and improve vehicle efficiency, we developed the world’s first CTB battery inversion technology, designed it according to the most stringent battery safety standards, and equipped it with powerful thermal management technology, with the goal of "challenging the king of batteries in winter".

Since Tesla started the large-scale die casting, this wave has quickly swept the entire automobile industry. Xiaomi Automobile also hopes to reshape automobile manufacturing with industrial behemoths, and launch super die-casting of Xiaomi, reaching the maximum locking force of 9,100 t, exceeding the locking force of 9,000 t in Tesla’s newly completed factory in the United States. The driving force of industrial behemoths often comes from the innovation of the underlying materials. Therefore, Xiaomi independently developed Titan alloy materials, which is also the only car factory in China that has mass-produced self-developed alloy materials. Based on innovative technology, it introduced the 72-in-1 integrated die-casting floor, which reduced the welding points of the whole car by 840, reduced the noise in the car by 2dB and reduced the weight by 17%.

In the field of intelligent driving, the industry is particularly involved at present. Lei Jun bluntly said that Xiaomi is not afraid of rolling, and it is from small to large. Xiaomi’s goal is to enter the first camp in the industry in 2024. Its strength stems from Xiaomi’s self-developed intelligent driving technology and three outstanding advantages. One is to insist on long-term investment. The total investment of Xiaomi in the first phase is 3.3 billion, which has been increased to 4.7 billion. The scale of the exclusive team exceeds 1,000, more than 200 vehicles have been put into test, and the test mileage exceeds 10 million kilometers. The second is the comprehensive empowerment of AI: Xiaomi AI Lab was established in 2016. After seven years of development, it currently has 3,000 AI engineers; The third is the self-developed underlying algorithm: Xiaomi’s new generation technology platform, which has BEV+Transformer+ occupation network and is fully integrated into the big model.

Perception has always been the key in intelligent driving. In order to break through the difficult problems in perception, adaptive zoom BEV technology, large road model and super-resolution occupation network technology constitute three key technologies of Xiaomi intelligent driving. These technologies can support a comprehensive leap in terms of visibility accuracy, perception accuracy and control accuracy, making cars "visible, accurate and understandable", making high-speed and urban intelligent driving more accurate and safer, and solving the existing problems of urban NOA, such as difficulty in crossing intersections.

In terms of hardware, the intelligent driving system is equipped with top-level configuration, including two NVIDIA Orin high computing power chips, with a comprehensive computing power of 508TOPS. The sensing hardware includes 1 lidar, 11 high-definition cameras, 3 millimeter-wave radars and 12 ultrasonic radars (Max version).

What’s more worth mentioning is that Xiaomi’s self-developed world’s first mass-produced end-to-end "perceptual decision-making model" has shown amazing strength in application scenarios such as mechanical warehouses. It combines perception-decision algorithm, real-time observation and dynamic adjustment of large models, which is the first time in the world to apply this technology to production vehicles.

As a field that Xiaomi is good at, the intelligent cockpit is also the last link of its strategy of "people and cars are all ecological". After 13 years of exploration, the Xiaomi 澎湃 OS developed in 7 years is highly anticipated for the first time. Based on Xiaomi 澎湃 OS, Xiaomi has built a unified visual interaction system, realizing a comprehensive sharing ecosystem from software to hardware. Through a series of bottom reconstruction such as intelligent cockpit, Xiaomi has laid a solid foundation for the evolution of cars.

Xiaomi’s intelligent cockpit adopts a "people-centered" interactive architecture, and is equipped with a 16.1-inch 3K ultra-clear central control panel, a 56-inch oversized HUD head-up display, a 7.1-inch flip instrument panel, and Xiaomi Pad, which can realize five-screen linkage. At the same time, in order to support the silky experience of the intelligent cockpit, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 cockpit chip is equipped.

Ecology is the key word of Xiaomi cockpit system. The intelligent cockpit has a strong application ecology, and the Xiaomi tablet application ecology can seamlessly get on the bus. At the same time, the mobile phone application Pin can be applied to the car, and the native application of the car can be changed in seconds. In addition, the Xiaomi cockpit system supports hardware ecological boarding, including the Mijia ecological non-inductive boarding, the central control large screen can be expanded, the center console can be expanded, and the seat back can be expanded.

Xiaomi also opened a unified standardized interface and enriched standard protocols, creating the strongest exclusive CarIoT ecosystem. The built-in CarIoT docking station supports the changeable access of a series of devices, including smart fragrance. Four groups of Pin point power supply communication design can expand physical keys. In order to meet the needs of Apple users, Xiaomi fully supports wireless CarPlay car, and provides exclusive accessories and exclusive applications for iPad on the rear expansion screen.

When it is about to close in 2023 and friends are fighting for the high-end smart electric market of 400,000 and above, Xiaomi Automobile will release Xiaomi SU7 real car with a vision. Lei Jun said that the automobile industry has been more than 100 years, and there is no shortcut to the track for a hundred years. Xiaomi decided to invest ten times, start with the underlying core technology, seriously build a good car, and through 15 to 20 years of efforts, become the top five automobile manufacturers in the world, and strive for the all-round rise of China’s automobile industry.

However, it is conceivable that when Xiaomi enters the automobile market, the challenges it faces are greater than those of the previous new car-making forces, and the competition in each segment of the track can be called bloody rain. In 2024, the price war is expected to continue in the industry. Therefore, when Xiaomi comes, it is bound to face the quagmire of price scuffle, and the longer-term problem for Xiaomi is, where is the market position? (Proofreading/Zhu Zhilei)

Can the sub-class economy achieve new opportunities from the beginning of the child, and then become a dating software?

Original Wang Yingli Kuaiwan Thinking

Tips: This article is about 3,620 words, and it takes 10 minutes to burn your brain. Wang Yingli, a journalist who plays chopsticks, sent it in Beijing.

Carpooling, maps, group buying, take-away, e-commerce, chatting, learning, games, music, reading, payment … Any new thing, if it can become the living habit of most people, will create a new platform opportunity.

Whether the catering and catering economy can become new platform opportunities depends on the flow, irreplaceable demand, capital operation and liquidity, etc. From the perspective of applet and App, the sub-category application did have corresponding platform construction earlier.

Previously, in the article "",some fans left a message that the economy will probably deteriorate in the end.

In fact, from the perspective of apps such as partners and rice friends, they have indeed become chat and dating software in the name of (rice) partners.

Chopsticks Playing Thinking ( This article analyzes whether the (rice) partner can become a platform opportunity, but also needs to consider the practical problems. Why does the (rice) partner App deteriorate in the end?

Why do young people need partners?

Tik Tok, Xiaohongshu, Weibo and other platforms have millions and tens of millions of traffic about the content and topics of the partner, and the highest even reaches tens of billions of broadcasts. Young people’s main demand for partners is diet, and rice partners are the most common combination. However, no matter whether they are qualified partners or normal modern people, anyone’s demand is not limited to eating, except diet, travel, script killing, swimming, fitness, reading, and even fishing at work, it can be said that everything can be built.

Don’t think that it’s just young people who are keen on taking partners. According to the 2023 Social Research Report on Taking Partners, the number one job is civil servants, as well as retired people and students at school. Taking partners is not only for young people, but also for office workers and silver-haired people.

Interestingly, the report data shows that women need partners more than men, and it can even be said that partners are dominated by women’s economy.

The author has previously gone deep into the rice partner group and experienced four facts:

1) Partners are not only single people, but also couples and married people have additional needs, such as attending multi-person dinners and script killings.

2) Partner is not only a hobby to push, but some people look for partners just for curiosity or to pass the time.

3), partners are not to make friends, some partners are to have no human burden when having fun, and in group chat, the habit of not adding is set for most partners. For example, some couples traveled by car together for seven days, and when they came back, they not only didn’t know each other’s names (communicated by their net names), but even didn’t add WeChat (had group chats), focusing on a chance meeting, but the origin was together and the fate was separated.

4) You don’t have to meet each other. It’s also a sub-category game to supervise each other’s fitness and eating in the group.

From a realistic point of view, the partners’ interests are very strange. Some of them ask each other for self-study, walk the dog, stay in a daze, Pinduoduo cut a knife, or a few introverted people go out to walk in the street together. Even many couples have half-price meals and second cups. The partners only talk about companionship and AA system, and don’t talk about feelings at all.

Judging from the Baidu index chart, contemporary people’s demand for activities is stronger than that for parties and socializing, and the index of parties and activities has been rising for a long time (just to play for fun, not to play for socializing). For the behavior of partners, it emphasizes activities, but it is also related to parties and socializing.

Hidden above the activities is the great boredom and loneliness of contemporary people. Interestingly, contemporary people have no time to be sad. They prefer happiness. How can they pursue happiness? It seems that making friends is a broad solution. From this point of view, it is not surprising that some subclassing apps will become dating software.

Judging from the deteriorated sub-category App, if it is put into the social field, it is not cost-effective. Obviously, it is a new demand, but it must be close to a broken Red Sea.

Dating apps can’t solve the needs of partners.

Most dating software is actually feminine logic. In the conventional communication relationship, there is only one payer, which is contrary to the logic of partner AA. In other words, if we return to the traditional logic of making friends, the partner relationship will not exist.

In the previous article about the partner, some fans pointed out that the landing of the partner is actually that the active payer stops playing and returns to please himself from pleasing others. Not only men, but also women don’t like the traditional relationship. The traditional relationship is that whoever initiates pays the bill. If it is a high-quality relationship, rushing to settle the bill at checkout will also make the sponsors feel indebted, while if they are fair-weather friends, it will hurt their wallets too much.

Based on the dissatisfaction with the traditional relationship, this is the friendship between children. Everyone doesn’t need to invest in feelings, just enjoy the activity itself, and AA is enough when checking out. Everyone doesn’t care about each other and doesn’t owe anyone.

In dating software, it becomes: I pursue you, you accompany me, and I pay for your company. Reality has also proved that this kind of communication relationship can’t actually solve the spiritual emptiness and loneliness of contemporary people. Contemporary people have turned from emotional bondage to short and ruthless trading needs, returning to the basics of activities, playing together, and then paying their own bills and returning to their homes for happiness.

The original intention of the partner is not only to solve the financial problem, but also to lift the human bond. In the survey, the partner’s needs include helping Pinduoduo cut a knife, and also collecting orders and doing tasks. However, for such needs, most acquaintances will feel that the other party does not respect themselves. If they are partners, there is no such psychological burden at all. The partners of migrant workers also carry the burden on each other, fish together, skip work together, etc. Acquaintances will only refuse and dissuade them, and only partners will accompany them and do not need to return.

From this point of view, the friendship between children and traditional friends is almost a completely different track. What is needed to build a sub-category App is anti-traditional social gameplay, and all social apps can’t keep the real children.

Why can’t I do a subclass App?

The partner has no feelings and does not rely on his face.

There is such a case. In a boarding group, a boarding friend asked for a photo of the boarding partner before going out for a drink, and was finally kicked out of the group by the group owner, because such people need a group of friends, not a boarding group.

On WeChat, Julang creatively developed the "nearby partner" applet, ranging from rice partner, travel partner, street vendor to movie partner. The applet is also divided into Beijing partner, Inner Mongolia partner and Guangdong partner by region, among which game partner, travel partner and dinner partner are the most common, and the reading of a single message is around 5,000-20,000, but it may be too scattered and other reasons.

Perhaps it is true that the traffic on the sub-platform is insufficient. Some apps that were also serious about making partners earlier have transformed to make friends. At this point, the fact is probably that they have given up the business of building sub-category apps.

Judging from the total annihilation of App applications and the desolation of small programs, the demand for partners may not really support a single platform.

The rise and fall of economic behavior actually depends on the change of economic value, and perhaps the fact is that it is difficult to realize the positive realization of the economy.

1) Demand satisfaction is complicated, and ruthlessness is universal.

The partner’s age span is relatively large. From the post-80s to the post-00s, some people are old and naughty, and some are young and mature, such as reading partners to form a reading club. The sources of such channels include Douban, Little Red Book, Weibo, Tik Tok and acquaintances. The needs of the partners are precise and ruthless. After investigation, many partners will immediately uninstall the Douban App after they find an organization in Douban, including the 50-year-old uncle who is looking for a fishing partner in Xiaohongshu. As long as he enters the fishing group, the uncle will change hands with Xiaohongshu. It is an unloading.

Young people will also find partners from digital apps such as Cool ‘an. It is normal that cool friends can’t find people for ten days after they pay attention. The friendship of the people in the new era is that everyone doesn’t invest their feelings in it, and their interests come online. Bye-bye.

2) The commercial dilemma that cannot be ignored

Tik Tok, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douban, Kuan, WeChat and other platforms are all faintly visible. It is really difficult to make money from the partner.

Even if it is a group purchase, people used to buy coupons from platforms such as Tik Tok, Word of Mouth, Public Comment, Meituan, etc. In the past, partners found that there were almost no good things in the packages of merchants, which made their consumption tendency basically go to the store, which was beneficial to the entity business but not to the platform.

Some partners have also found that the prices of group purchase packages on many platforms are the same as the actual prices of stores, which also leads customers to get used to paying in stores. I don’t know if this is a cautious move or a helpless move (generally beneficial to businesses).

It seems that the traffic of the partner is just a formality. If the platform wants to make money on the partner, the past business model is almost completely ineffective.

To realize the value of partners, we must reconstruct our thinking.

Can a partner really fail to do a business? Or, can partners really not bring value to capital or brands? That’s not the case.

1), community reconstruction

Partners can be used by businesses, at least to empower the community.

In the past, the community was coupon thinking, and it was the logic of issuing coupons and asking customers to spend. With the passage of time, most of them have become dead groups. In some couples’ dry meals, the chatting energy of strangers is indeed the most abundant. By changing their thinking, bosses can join the partners’ community and spontaneously form a team to win customers for the brand, which requires neither discounts nor group purchases, and does not need to pay new drainage fees.

Bosses can also help partners launch activities and help partners recruit new partners. These are all ways to realize the flow of partners.

In the brand group, there was always the only brand in the past. For example, all the brands in the group talked about the same brand, which is also the reason why the brand group will eventually be silent. In the chopsticks thinking, bosses can initiate a partner alliance, such as multi-restaurants × swimming and fitness × camping brands × parent-child activities, etc., through multi-brand alliances, which is a way to revitalize traffic and can also form a brand consumption cluster.

2), functional reconstruction

It’s difficult to build a single platform, so it’s probably a good idea to embed the old platform to make the platform functional. For example, the four functions of comments are punching in, taking videos, sending photos and writing comments. In fact, a team function can be added to initiate the platform. When several people meet at the store for dinner, they can pay a deposit first and spend it at the store, which can not only bring new passengers to the store, but also facilitate the communication of the platform.

Compared with rebuilding the sub-platform, embedding the old platform and functionalizing it will be more efficient and practical.

In summary, it can be seen that the sub-category economy is not without economic value and flow play, but now most of them use traditional business models to deal with new play, and the failure of running-in naturally fails to see the value.

As for the partner economy, this article does not discuss and judge it too deeply. Partner is like a new business opportunity rising in Ran Ran, which is not only a new social problem, but also a new demand of social people. Only by paying attention to it can we gain benefits from it.

Original title: "Starting from a partner and then becoming a dating software, can the sub-category economy achieve new opportunities?" 》

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Empowering Industry Financing Innovation Huawei Cloud Innovation Center Partner Cooperation Forum was held.

Shenzhen News Network August 29, 2023(Reporter Ye Mei) On August 27th, the "828 B2B Enterprise Festival Huawei Cloud Innovation Center Ecological Development Forum" was held in Shenzhen. The theme of this forum was "Empowering industries to integrate innovation", focusing on enterprise digitalization and exploring the path and vision of enterprise digital transformation.

At the meeting, Huawei Cloud Innovation Center joined hands with more than 10 software eco-partners to release the special plan of Huawei Cloud Industry Expert Group. UFIDA Software and Huawei Cloud released the Fast by BIP product scheme, and CITIC Bank Shenzhen Branch and Huawei Cloud jointly launched CITIC e-loan financial products for software partners. Huawei Cloud Empowerment Cloud and the National Service Alliance for Digital Transformation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises jointly released the National Alliance for Digital Services of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises "Three Fu" National Bank-Shenzhen Station. In addition, the awarding ceremony of Huawei Cloud Innovation Center’s excellent education solution partner and Huawei Cloud Innovation Center’s excellent manufacturing solution partner was held at the same time.

Digital transformation experts from many industries shared the digital transformation of manufacturing and education industries, as well as the cooperation history and achievements with Huawei Cloud Innovation Center.

Gather wisdom and strength to help enterprises transform digitally and win a new future for industrial development.

Liu Yaohuang, Party Secretary and Director of Shenzhen Pingshan Industry and Information Technology Bureau, delivered a speech at the scene. He thanked Huawei and partner companies for their support to Pingshan’s economic and social development, and introduced the achievements of digital transformation of Pingshan’s manufacturing industry. He said that Pingshan has always insisted on planning, exploring and promoting the development of "digital+"empowerment, intelligence and assignment manufacturing, and promoting the real economy to improve quality, increase efficiency and reduce costs. The N of Pingshan industrial policy "2+N" includes the special policy of digital economy, which highlights the strong support for the industrial Internet.

Zhiqiang Tao, vice president of Huawei Cloud China District, shared the theme of "Gathering wisdom, gathering strength, and sharing a new chapter of booming industrial ecology". He said that "empowering industries and integrating innovation" is the core of Huawei Cloud Innovation Center. With the help of integrating innovative public service platforms, it provides a complete set of technical empowerment solutions related to all aspects of digital ecology, helping enterprises solve the technical, financial and talent problems faced in the transformation and helping enterprises grow better. In the future, Huawei Cloud will continue to practice the concept of "everything is service", continue to increase investment in the fertile soil of industrial digital innovation, and join hands with governments at all levels, enterprises, ecological partners and developers to jointly develop, tolerate and innovate a new chapter in industrial ecology.

Peng Kunmin, general manager of Huawei Cloud Empowerment Cloud Excellence Operation, gave a speech entitled "Gathering together, working together for a win-win situation, and the road of Huawei Cloud Empowerment Cloud Digital Intelligence Empowerment", which explained the development trend of digital economy and the development process of Huawei Cloud Empowerment Cloud. He said that digital transformation has become an important direction of industrial development. Huawei Cloud Empowering Cloud continues to build an eco-service organization, strengthen the introduction of eco-partner capabilities, and with the help of the public service platform model of Huawei Cloud Innovation Center, it continues to empower enterprises in digital transformation and accelerate the digital innovation of the industry for industrial manufacturing, software development, integration of industry and education and other industry scenarios.

At the inauguration ceremony of Huawei Cloud Partner Expert Group, Chen Qianwen, general manager of inclusive finance Department of CITIC Bank Shenzhen Branch, Tang Xianyong, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Xunfang Technology Co., Ltd., Liu Chen, co-founder and vice president of Beijing Yidong Fanxiang Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Pei, chairman of Shanghai Zhenyun Information Technology Co., Ltd., Zhang Yancong, founder and &CEO of Guangzhou Shengyuancheng Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhou Haiwei, chief technology officer of Shanghai Yurui Information Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Zhiwei, Vice President of Ecology of Shanghai Black Lake Technology Co., Ltd., and Ma Changxi, General Manager of South China Operation Center of Shanghai Pan Micro Network Technology Co., Ltd. became members of the expert group. Zhiqiang Tao, Vice President of Huawei Cloud China District, and Peng Kunmin, General Manager of Huawei Cloud Empowerment Cloud Excellence Operation presented letters of appointment to the members of the expert group and took a group photo.

Huawei Cloud Innovation Center joins hands with eco-partners to create heavy activities, invest superior resources and boost the digitalization of the industry.

Cloud gathers innovation and prospers ecology. In the process of promoting the digital development of the industry, Huawei Cloud Innovation Center cannot do without the support of excellent partners. In this forum, Huawei Cloud Innovation Center and ecological partners released a number of projects to accelerate the digital transformation process of the industry.

Fast by BIP, a large-scale enterprise digital intelligence package jointly built by UFIDA Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Huawei Cloud, provides a one-stop global service for large enterprises, enabling customers to make good use of the cloud and help them quickly promote digital intelligence and become a digital intelligence enterprise. In this forum, Zhiqiang Tao, Vice President of Huawei Cloud China, Gao Feng, Minister of Huawei Cloud Ecological Development Department, Dong Bo, Vice President of UFIDA Network and President of UFIDA Ecological Department, and Wang Zengliang, Director of UFIDA Network Ecology jointly announced that "2023 UFIDA Fast by BIP & Huawei Cloud Joint Product" was officially released.

CITIC Bank Shenzhen Branch and Huawei Cloud launched the "e-loan for cloud merchants" to help enterprises build a lifeline and empower their partners to grow their businesses. Under the witness of Zhiqiang Tao, Vice President of Huawei Cloud China, Peng Kunmin, General Manager of Huawei Cloud Empowerment Cloud Excellence Operation, Chen Qianwen, General Manager of inclusive finance Department of CITIC Bank Shenzhen Branch, and Luo Wenqiang, Deputy General Manager of State-owned Assets Business Department of CITIC Bank Shenzhen Branch, the "2023 Cloud Business E-Loan Huawei Cloud Innovation Center Accelerated Action" was officially released.

The National Alliance of Digital Services for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises "Sanfu" National Tour-Shenzhen Station was officially launched.

Qi Lu, Secretary-General of the National Alliance for Digital Services of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, introduced the "three contributions" of the National Alliance for Digital Services of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, namely, promoting digital empowerment, intellectual empowerment of scientific and technological achievements, and brand assignment of quality standards-Shenzhen Station.

Under the joint witness of Peng Kunmin and Qi Lu, the activity of "National Alliance of Digital Services for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises’ Three-Fu National Tour-Shenzhen Station" was officially launched.

The forum also presented awards and awards for Huawei Cloud Innovation Center’s outstanding educational solution partners, Huawei Cloud Innovation Center’s outstanding manufacturing solution partners, Huawei Cloud Innovation Center’s outstanding general solution partners and Huawei Cloud Innovation Center’s potential partners.

In the future, Huawei Cloud Innovation Center will continue to join hands with ecological partners, continue to serve enterprises, deeply empower the industry, accelerate the integration of innovation, and help the process of digital intelligence transformation.

On April 26th, Cyrus was increased by 854,600 shares in Shanghai Stock Connect.

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2022 Black Bomb Officially Listed Great Wall Gun Shines at Qilu Auto Show

  On June 9th, the 45th Qilu International Automobile Exhibition and Trade Fair officially opened. Qilu Auto Show, as one of the important exhibitions in the central market, has a strong radiation influence. At this year’s auto show, the Great Wall Gun took two major categories, leisure and fashion business, and three models, 2022 black bullet, off-road gun trailer version and King Kong gun flat-bottomed container version, made a grand debut. Among them, the 2022 black bullet rejuvenation is listed, which is a 1-word scalp card model, and the official guide price is 248,800 yuan.

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2022 black bomb goes on the market.

  In May, the 300,000th vehicle of the Great Wall Gun was officially rolled off the assembly line. From zero to 300,000, the Great Wall Gun took only 2 years and 8 months, and once again demonstrated the "Great Wall Gun Speed", becoming the first high-end pickup truck brand in China to break through 300,000 sets, setting a new industry record.

  Designed for off-road players, 2022 black bombs were launched.

  In 2021, Great Wall Gun officially released the "Cannonball Plan", and together with excellent co-creation partners such as Yunliang, Dinghuo and Yuanda Shelby, it built the first co-creation and modification platform of China automobile brand, which is also the first professional, customized, personalized and ultimate user experience platform in China. Black bomb is the first product of this platform incubation. In view of the individual needs of deep cross-country and pan-outdoor players, Great Wall Gun and Yunliang Cross-country jointly developed, and after many revisions and demonstration tests, this "wilderness weapon" was created.

  At the auto show, the 2022 black bomb was launched. In terms of face value, the 2022 black bullet adopts the all-black body background color, which is only decorated with bright orange, which is very appropriate in the temperament of "low-key is not mediocre, high-profile is not unassuming".

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2022 Black Bomb

  What is even more surprising is that the 2022 black bullet chassis has been newly developed and upgraded, with stronger resistance, lighter weight, faster chassis response and worry-free handling. The whole vehicle is also equipped with professional K-MAN shock absorption and standard Bailuchi KO2 tires, which not only provides strong support and rebound suppression, but also enables people to "walk on the ground" in any environment, and can cope with all kinds of road conditions and easily meet various usage scenarios. Off-road hard core equipment is added. Thanks to part-time 4wd system, front and rear axle electronic differential system and WARN winch, the 2022 Black Bomb has a stronger ability to get out of trouble, and it can be easily hold in desert, Gobi, river beach or bog, enjoying the fun of off-road driving. In addition, the original factory comes with 2.5 tons of traction qualification, which can meet all kinds of traction needs and enjoy outdoor life.

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2022 Black Bomb

  The Great Wall Gun, which takes users as the center, will continue to create personalized customized models with upgraded performance, enhanced functions and unlimited expansion of scenes together with major modified brands, so as to meet the needs of pickup players and lead the development of pickup culture in China.

  Full scene pickup truck life Great Wall gun whole car layout trailer version

  As the pioneer of new pickup truck category, the leader of pickup truck culture and the leader of users’ co-creation, Great Wall Gun insists on category innovation and makes full efforts to take advantage of leisure and fashion business. Take the leisure category, and strive to meet the diversified and personalized needs of users, improve the quality of life of users around the world, and empower the pickup culture to develop upwards.

  At the auto show, as an all-terrain mass production off-road pickup truck — — The trailer version of the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck is particularly eye-catching. In order to meet the diversified needs of users, at present, the whole car system of Great Wall Gun has been equipped with trailer models. The off-road gun trailer version is naturally powerful, with C6 driving towing qualification, equipped with 2.5 tons of towing qualification, a trailer with a reserved power outlet and a rear towing device, which can create infinitely expanding towing use scenarios, including towing motorcycles, Luya boats, RVs, motorboats, etc., which perfectly adapts to the whole scene of pickup truck life and allows users to enjoy the charm of pickup truck culture.

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Great wall gun off-road pickup trailer

  Empowering thousands of industries to create a car with people’s livelihood value.

  Great Wall Gun’s fashion and commercial products focus on building compact and medium-sized pickup trucks, and are committed to building a car of value and people’s livelihood for thousands of industries, helping users to have good business and a better life. King Kong Gun, which is positioned as a fashionable commercial pickup truck, is another global product of Great Wall Gun’s category innovation.

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King kong cannon

  King Kong Cannon has three kinds of containers to choose from: standard box, long box and flat bottom. No matter what "goods" they are, they can give you the right choice. In particular, the flat-bottomed container is "value-for-money, economical and fashionable". The horizontal inclination angle of the container is smaller than that of competing products, the rear of the container is not tilted, and the car posture is good; 1.82m ultra-long flat container, leading the same level, the effective loading of flat container is increased by 50%, and the square boxes and drums are placed casually. King Kong cannon also has a small turning diameter, which can easily cope with narrow road conditions and turn around and turn. Intimate container lighting, caring for everyone who races against the clock.

  King Kong Cannon is a high-value model based on the needs of users in the era of industrial interconnection. It is tempered to be rigid and has the quality of King Kong. It pays tribute to the strugglers in the new era with hard-core strength, empowers thousands of industries, expands new formats and innovates business together.

  At this year’s auto show, the Great Wall Gun also shared its understanding of the "climber spirit": the climber spirit is the spirit of pursuing dreams, and the Great Wall Gun has changed the commercial characteristics of pickup trucks, endowed them with the characteristics of riding, created a full-scene pickup truck life, and made pickup trucks have culture; Climbers need to challenge themselves mentally. Above 300,000, the Great Wall Gun will climb to a higher goal. The climber’s spirit needs cooperation and co-creation. The Artillery League Cheyouhui has 31 provincial teams, 800,000 fans of the Great Wall Gun APP and six pickup colleges. The Great Wall Gun has built a full-scale pickup truck life by co-creating, co-building and sharing with users, helping the diversified development of pickup trucks.

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Measure Everest

  Great Wall pickup truck has been the first in domestic sales and the first in export for 24 consecutive years. Ride the wind and waves, be steady and far-reaching. Standing on a new starting point of 300,000 units, Great Wall Gun will continue to exert its efforts in category innovation and user co-creation, write a new chapter in category innovation, practice the concept of global user co-creation and deepen global development. (Photo courtesy of the Great Wall pickup)