"Old House" Becomes "New House" More than 600 households in Chongqing have a group dinner together.

The picture shows the community residents getting together to pack jiaozi. Photo by zhōng·yǐ
(Going to the Grassroots in the Spring Festival) "Old Houses" Become "New Houses" More than 600 households in Chongqing have a reunion dinner together.
Zhongxin. com, Chongqing, January 16 th Title: "Old House" has changed into "New House". More than 600 households in Chongqing have a group dinner together.
Zhongxin. com reporter zhōng·yǐ
Bao jiaozi, writing Spring Festival couplets, painting sugar people … On the 16th, in Xingjiaqiao Community, Renhe Street, Liangjiang New District, Chongqing, there was a surge of "flavor of the year" everywhere. More than 600 households in the community gathered together to share the reunion dinner, raise a glass to celebrate the change of hundreds of households’ "old houses" into "new houses", and "happily move to new homes and celebrate the New Year" to wish a better life in the future.
The picture shows the activities of writing Spring Festival couplets in the community. Photo by zhōng·yǐ
The resettlement houses in Xingjiaqiao community have just undergone a comprehensive renovation project that lasted for nearly a year, which has improved the problems of old houses, old hospitals, old houses, old facilities and poor living environment in this area. At the beginning of 2020, the comprehensive renovation of 488 residential houses in the community was gradually completed, and residents moved back to their new homes one after another.
The picture shows more than 600 households in the community gathered together to share the reunion dinner. Photo by Zhong Xin
Through the photo exhibition, video materials and lively reunion dinner set up on the spot, the reporter felt the great changes in the lives of the residents in the area and their joy on their faces.
Xingjiaqiao Community is one of the earliest development and construction areas in the whole Liangjiang New Area. The community resettlement house was built in 1992, and it is a multi-storey brick-concrete structure commercial and residential building. Due to the early development and construction, it is obviously difficult to compare the planning layout, housing standards and materials used in the resettlement housing area with those in the modern community. In addition, after more than 20 years of baptism, the area has changed from a "new village" that everyone yearns for to an old old street.
The picture shows more than 600 households in the community gathered together to share the reunion dinner. Photo by Zhong Xin
"There are poor supporting facilities, poor security, poor municipal foundation, poor sanitary environment and poor living conditions. The poor living environment makes residents strongly hope to change the status quo." Xie Lan, secretary of the Party Committee of Xingjiaqiao Community, who has been rooted in the community for 17 years, said that 465 of the 488 houses leaked to varying degrees, and the walls and roofs of the living room and bedroom fell off; Cover the bed with film to keep out dust during the day, and lift it at night to sleep. From time to time, large pieces of dust and sand fall off the roof, which makes you sleepy. Cooking and cooking in the kitchen often leaves dust, adding some "seasoning" to the dishes; Don’t even dare to go to the toilet for a while, or you’ll have to take an umbrella and wear a straw hat. These are the true portrayal of residents’ life before the renovation of old houses.
All this is due to a policy that ushered in a "turning point"-in 2017, the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government included the renovation and upgrading of old residential areas in the urban upgrading action plan, and Xingjiaqiao community was included in the comprehensive renovation scope, involving 488 sets of resettlement houses, 91 facades and 1,422 people. The Management Committee of the Party Working Committee of Liangjiang New Area decided to renovate the area with the concept of urban repair and ecological restoration and the principles of safety, functionality, practicality, appreciation and economy.
At the end of 2018, the pilot building of Xingjiaqiao Community Comprehensive Improvement Project started. In March 2019, the comprehensive improvement project was officially launched.
It is worth mentioning that in the process of promoting the renovation of Xingjiaqiao’s old house, Xie Lan and his team worked with the spirit of "5+2" and "white+black", and reversed the residents’ attitude by organizing residents’ meetings, visiting door to door, customizing the plan for one household and decorating the model room. After being diagnosed with lung cancer, Xie Lan insisted on working despite illness, and won with tenacity, ingenuity, strength and enthusiasm.
On January 13th, 2020, Ms. Luo, the last resident who signed the resettlement house renovation project in Xingjiaqiao Community, Renhe Street, Liangjiang New District, came to the community office to sign the consent form for the renovation. It marks that the consent rate of Xingjiaqiao community home improvement project has reached 100%.
According to reports, the renovated Xingjiaqiao community will enjoy a five-story community service center, add about 800 parking spaces and build a new community park of 4,000 square meters to provide residents with a safe, convenient, comfortable and livable living environment.
Braised pork with plum vegetables, round brown sugar dumplings symbolizing family reunion, and roast duck with special characteristics indicating the future prosperity … At the scene, residents of Xingjiaqiao community sat together, sipping delicious dishes and toasting each other, and the laughter and blessings merged together, and the delicious dishes conveyed friendship and were filled with happiness and warmth.
"The renovation has not been completed yet, and we can’t relax. We will start a new task tomorrow. I want to thank the residents for their trust and support. In the future, I will, as always, stick to my original heart and always stand with the residents to contribute my modest strength to the bright future of Xingjiaqiao. " Xie Lan said.

LAY plays! "Changsha Nightlife" made the opening song "Xiangjiang River Water"

1905 movie network news On April 4th,, producer, screenwriter and director, starring,,,,, Wu Jun and Luo Gang, specially starring, and friendship starring, released the title song "Xiangjiang River Water" sung by LAY and Kung Fu Pang, which was composed and arranged by Kung Fu Pang and LAY. The two musicians who grew up in Changsha integrated the domineering and hotness of Huxiang culture into the song, and also expressed their infinite love for their hometown through this passionate "Xiangjiang River Water".

In the opening song, LAY vividly expressed the attitude of Changsha nightlife with Changsha dialect RAP. "Changsha people, Changsha soul, the Party ends in the morning" vividly explained the lively fireworks in Changsha night. The MV also launched the story line of LAY’s role. He played the role of He An, a talk show actor, who insisted on polishing jokes and performing on stage with the enthusiasm of "leading Changsha dialect to the world". Whether in songs or movies, LAY used Changsha dialect to make the audience feel the charm of Changsha nightlife.


LAY shows Changsha night attitude with dialect RAP, and "Xiangjiang River Water" sings the whole city life.

"Xiangjiang River Water" was written by LAY, a native of Changsha, and Kung Fu Pang, and their fate continued with this song. LAY also has different feelings about this song about his hometown. The title of the song is called Xiangjiang River Water because the sound of the flute flowing in the song is like the Xiangjiang River water flowing, and the sound of the flute contains the yearning for my hometown. He used Chinese-style instruments with Beatbox arrangement to make the song more ethnic. LAY also used Changsha dialect to sing this song telling the story of Changsha, hoping to make friends all over the country feel the enthusiasm and hotness of Changsha through this song, which is also the attitude of Changsha that the film "Changsha Nightlife" wants to convey.

LAY’s authentic Changsha dialect RAP injects soul into the colorful Changsha night. "This is the people of Changsha, the soul of Changsha, and the story of Changsha lives in the city of Changsha", and every word of the lyrics reflects the tyrant of Changsha. "Changsha people, the soul of Changsha, the party ends in the morning", "Take a tour in the Martyrs Park, and listen to close lovers by the boat" are combined with the pictures in the film, showing the beauty and excitement of Changsha’s streets. Xiangjiang River passes through the city, and there are fireworks in daily life. During the day, history and culture blend with each other, and at night, there is a collision between soul and food.

Since the official announcement of Nightlife in Changsha, the hot topic has continued. LAY’s opening song "Xiangjiang River Water" is full of singing, and "Watching Nightlife in Changsha during the May Day holiday" has earned the audience’s expectations.


"Cold talk show" witnessed the constant contradiction between father and son.

Changsha dialect must be an essential element in a film full of "Xiang". He An, a talk show actor played by LAY, insisted on talking in Changsha dialect and vowed to "lead Changsha dialect to the world". LAY and Luo Gang are both from Changsha, and they play a father and son. The father is puzzled by his son’s career choice, and the son is unwilling to follow his father’s ideas, which reflects the family relationship and generation gap between Chinese father and son. As soon as the authentic dialect lines come out, the life breath of Changsha will come to me.

Previously, once the video of LAY talking about talk show in the film was released, it was well received by many viewers. He An, who was pursuing her dream, met with a cold reception when she talked about the talk show in front of her father for the first time. He An’s performance was cold and her eyes were lonely. Her father sat in the audience with tears in his eyes, which even hurt many netizens. "Comedians provide joy on the stage, but they are not happy inside. The role of He An makes people feel very empathetic.". In Changsha, a city full of emotions and stories, can a father and son who care about each other but don’t know how to express themselves resolve their feelings in this ordinary Changsha night? Many viewers are curious about the subsequent development of this plot line.

[Association News] Association leaders and their party went to Yunnan Department of Commerce for docking and exchange.

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  On December 15th, Liang Yuxia, Secretary of the Association, Ma Renhong, Executive President, and Ye Suping, General Manager of Guangdong Jinze Investment Group, Vice President, and others went to Yunnan Department of Commerce for business docking and exchange. Yin Yonglin, the second-level inspector of the Department of Commerce, and leaders of Modern Logistics Industry Department, Exhibition Economy Department, Market System Construction Department, Business Service Department and ASEAN Department attended the meeting.

  The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the deployment of Yunnan’s docking with Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area next year, the development and construction of a two-way logistics channel between Guangdong market and Yunnan market, the entry of beef cattle from Laos and Myanmar and Yunnan into Guangdong market, and the recommended products from Yunnan during the 2024 Expo.

  At the meeting, the two sides exchanged views on the application of "Air Smart Express" in Yunnan, which was highly recognized by everyone. They agreed that "Air Smart Express" is an effective way to solve the difficulties faced by the last mile logistics in mountainous areas of Yunnan, and will arrange an on-site inspection as soon as possible to study the promotion of the project.

  At the same time, a serious docking and research was carried out around the beef cattle industry and the 2024 Expo.

  Yunnan Province is the source province of "Western Cuisine Moving to the East" and "Yunnan Cuisine Entering Guangdong". At the same time, as the bridgehead area connecting "the belt and road initiative" with "Lan-Mei Region", its advantages in agricultural products and geographical location are particularly prominent. The two sides believe that through the platform of the association, we will speed up the close docking of the two markets and jointly promote the high-quality development of the regional economy in Yunnan and Guangdong provinces.

  Li Wenjie, director of Yunnan Rongwan Professional Committee of the Association, attended the meeting.

"Creation" in China | Simon haworth: The moment when the world welcomes China.

  Embrace new opportunities and start a business in China. There is such a British entrepreneur, who was deeply attracted by the opportunities contained in China. He started his business in China for more than ten years and won the China Government Friendship Award. And his family also has deep roots with China. Today we will listen to his story.

  Simon haworth, British entrepreneur and China Government Friendship Award winner: My name is Simon haworth, and all my friends in China call me Simon. I am an entrepreneur. I have been dealing with China since 2012, mainly engaged in entrepreneurial activities in the fields of biology and agricultural science and technology. The real reason why I came to China to start a business is the opportunity contained in China.

  Simon haworth, British entrepreneur and winner of China Government Friendship Award: At that time, I was looking for a place in the world suitable for developing biotechnology, clean energy and agricultural science and technology. At that time, many friends suggested that I must visit China. So around 2010, I came to China for research, and I was very surprised to find the entrepreneurial soil of China, where the business ecology is the best place for us.

  Simon haworth, British entrepreneur and China Government Friendship Award winner: China attaches great importance to science and technology. Many people will say that we brought technology to China because China needed it. Actually, it’s not like this, not at all. For a long time, we have been looking for application opportunities for these technologies on a global scale. China is one of the most important regions in the world, where our technology can play its due role.

  Simon haworth, British entrepreneur and China Government Friendship Award winner: In 2016, I was chatting with my father one day, and he said, "Do you remember, the story between our family and China is very long?". I only knew that my grandparents had lived in China for a month until my father asked me to visit the attic of my ancestral home. There is an old-fashioned box in the attic, which is full of all kinds of documents. Among them, I found my grandmother’s diary and books written by other ancestors. Only then did I know that I was the fifth generation in my family who had been dealing with China continuously. Looking through this dusty diary, I found my grandmother’s records about Wuhan, and the company I founded in 2012 is also in this city.

  Simon haworth, British entrepreneur and China Government Friendship Award winner: I am now almost where my grandparents stood, 50 years apart.

  Simon haworth, British entrepreneur and China Government Friendship Award winner: Standing on the edge of the Yangtze River and listening to the story of Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, it is an unusual feeling to find that my grandparents once stood in the same place. You think you’ve been exploring alone in the world, and suddenly you find that I’m also continuing the story of my family and China. It was also in that year (2016) that I brought my eldest son George to China, and he became the sixth generation of our family dealing with China.

  Simon haworth, British entrepreneur and China Government Friendship Award winner: What I want to do now is to bring British biotechnology to China. I seek two goals, capital and market, and China is the place where I have both resources. I think this represents an important stage of global development, which I call the China era.

  Simon haworth, British entrepreneur and China Government Friendship Award winner: A few years ago, I drew a picture. On the right side of the painting is the landmark building in Britain in my life. On the other side of the painting is China, which is painted in color. I also specially drew the Yellow Crane Tower and Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge. I want to convey the message that the eyes of the whole world are focused on China, and the baton of global leaders is passed from country to country. Now is the era when China shines brilliantly, and it is of great significance for me to participate in it.

  Chief Producer Jiang Qiuyong Mei Yan

  Producer Pan Linhua Xu Qi

  Reporter Sun Lan

  (CCTV news client)

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has caused nearly a thousand deaths, and Israel calls the current situation a "war situation."

On October 8, local time, in Gaza City, after the Israeli air raid, smoke billowed. This article is a picture of vision china.

A number of Israeli media, such as Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation, reported on the 8th that a new round of conflict between Palestine and Israel has killed more than 600 Israelis. The health department of the Gaza Strip in Palestine issued a statement on the same day saying that 370 people were killed and 2,200 injured when Israeli troops attacked the Gaza Strip.

On October 8, local time, people stood outside a mosque destroyed by Israeli air strikes in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, Palestine.

Statistics released by the Israeli medical department that afternoon showed that the conflict had injured more than 2,000 Israelis. According to the Jerusalem Post, more than 100 Israeli soldiers and civilians were taken into the Gaza Strip.

On October 8, local time, Gaza City, the second day of the continuous conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, was devastated by Israeli air strikes.

Daniel Heggli, chief spokesman of the Israel Defense Forces, said on the same day that the Israeli army is recruiting hundreds of thousands of reservists to "prepare for the final ground counterattack in the Gaza Strip", which is the largest recruitment activity in Israel in the past decades.

On October 8, local time, Merkava tanks rolled on the road near the Lebanese border in Kiliatshmna, Israel.

The Information Office of the Israeli Government issued a statement on the afternoon of the 8th, saying that the security cabinet confirmed the current situation as a "war situation" on the evening of the 7th, and took major military measures according to Article 40 of the Basic Law of Israel, that is, Israel was forced to wage war due to rocket attacks from Gaza, and the war started at 6 am local time on the 7th.

On October 8, local time, Israeli troops assembled at a secret location on the border of the Gaza Strip.

A new round of military conflict broke out between Israel and Palestine on the 7th, and the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) launched a military operation against Israel during the Jewish holiday that day. The Israeli army launched several rounds of air strikes in the Gaza Strip.

(Source: Wang Zhuolun, Liu Weijian/Xinhua News Agency)

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Do you know the eight differences between Korean women and China women?

Eight differences between Korean women and China women;

1. Beauty concept: Korean women attach great importance to appearance and beauty, and usually spend a lot of time and money to maintain their appearance. Although women in China also pay attention to appearance, they usually pay more attention to the beauty of nature and self-confidence.

2. Clothing matching: Korean women usually pursue fashion trends and differentiation, and like to match different types of clothing together. China women, on the other hand, pay more attention to the elegance and elegance of clothes, and like traditional and beautiful clothes.

3. Personality characteristics: Korean women are usually more enthusiastic and open, expressing their feelings and opinions. However, women in China are usually reserved and reserved, and pay more attention to thinking and exploring their hearts.

4. Socialization: Korean women usually choose to go to cafes, bars or some emerging social places with friends to enjoy the fun of socializing. Women in China usually choose to go to parks, teahouses or chat at home with friends, and pay more attention to intimate interpersonal relationships.

5. Family responsibilities: Korean women usually need to take care of and educate their families and children, and usually put family life first. Women in China also take on family responsibilities, but usually pay more attention to the balance between family and work.

6. Education background: Korean women generally receive high-quality education and training, and usually have high academic qualifications and professional status. Women in China are now paying more and more attention to education, but due to historical and cultural reasons, there is still a certain gap between educational opportunities and career development.

7. Marriage concept: Korean women usually get married and have children in their twenties. Traditional family concept is very important. Women in China are relatively more flexible in this respect, and their marriage concepts and family planning are more diversified.

8. Concept of health care: Korean women generally like to eat Undaria pinnatifida for health care, which is a common understanding in Korea. Moreover, there are many ways for women in China to keep healthy, and some ways affect their health.

Korean women like to use Undaria pinnatifida for health preservation mainly for the following three reasons:

1. Undaria pinnatifida is rich in dietary fiber and low in calories, which can effectively suppress appetite, promote gastrointestinal digestion and excrete waste, thus achieving the effect of keeping fit. In addition, Undaria pinnatifida is also rich in vitamins and minerals, which helps to improve skin quality and maintain a healthy and beautiful figure.

2. In Korea, Undaria pinnatifida is a very popular food, which can be made into various delicious dishes, such as Undaria pinnatifida soup and Undaria pinnatifida salad, and is widely used in Korean food culture. Therefore, Undaria pinnatifida has become one of the first choice ingredients for many Korean women to lose weight.

Undaria pinnatifida is a kind of food growing in the sea, which has strong reproductive ability, so it is very economical and affordable, and most people can afford it.

There are many kinds of Undaria pinnatifida in the market, and the price is not high. If it is an e-commerce platform, it will be cheaper. A bag of Undaria pinnatifida in the headline shop is 19.9 yuan, which is very popular and has sold more than 2 million copies. Interested friends can click on the link below to buy it.

# Travel

If you dare to go to Thailand.

Chapter one: Uninvited guests and ancient temples. In a remote mountain area in northern Thailand, a young traveler, Allen, is sheltering from the rain in an ancient temple. There is a mysterious legend in this temple. It is said that there is a magical witchcraft here that can attract people’s souls to mysterious forces. On a rainy night, Allen became interested in this legend, and he decided to find out.

The abbot of the temple knew the mystery of this technique well, and he showed a strange and complicated ceremony, which surprised Allen deeply. Allen decided to spend the night in this temple, although his back was cold.

Explore more secrets chapter 2: the attraction of the soul. The abbot explained to Allen that this magical witchcraft needs a special plant called "Soul Grass" to be implemented. This plant has mysterious power, which can make people’s souls leave the body temporarily. Then the abbot took out a portrait of a human figure with Allen’s face on it. He told Allen that the portrait would be their "medium". The abbot began to recite ancient incantations in a low voice, holding a portrait and putting soul grass on it. Suddenly, the image of Allen in the portrait began to distort, as if attracted by a powerful force, and Allen’s soul seemed to come out of the painting.

Chapter Three: The Trap of Curse. The abbot put the portrait in a wooden box and told Allen that his soul was trapped in the portrait and could not escape. The way to lift this curse is to find someone who is willing to sacrifice himself instead of Allen.

Allen was terrified, and his body gradually became weak, as if a cold force was eroding his vitality. He didn’t know how to save himself, but realized blankly that he must find the person who can suffer for him as soon as possible, otherwise his soul will be trapped in this painting forever.

Chapter Four: Breaking the Curse. Allen’s heart is full of horror. He just wants to escape from this place. He can’t stand this kind of suffering any longer. He is helpless and needs to find a way out. He asked the abbot how to lift the head drop. The abbot gave him a glimmer of hope and told him that only by finding someone willing to suffer for him can the curse be lifted.

However, Allen knew nothing about this proposal, and he felt confused and desperate. At this time, he met a kind-hearted local villager. The villager told him an old legend: every year on Ghost Festival, there will be a mysterious ceremony, which can relieve the head drop. The key to this ceremony is to use a "body double" to attract the power of head-dropping, and then a monk recites the scriptures, permanently sealing this power in Chapter 5: the initiation of the ceremony.

Allen decided to try this legendary mysterious ceremony. Under the guidance of the villagers, he found the monk and started the ceremony with him with uneasy feelings. On the altar, the monks took out a portrait, in which the abbot was lifelike. They put the portrait on the altar and began to recite the scriptures. With the sound of scripture, the image of the abbot on the portrait began to distort, as if being attracted out of the frame. Then the monk put a burning brazier in front of the altar and instructed Allen to throw his hair and nails into the fire.

Chapter Six: The End of the Curse. When the last scripture was finished, the flame in the brazier suddenly went out, as if swallowed up by darkness. Allen, a monk, conveyed an important message. He pointed to Allen and said, "The head drop technique in your body has been completely resolved, and your strength has been restored." Hearing the good news, Allen was ecstatic, his body was full of new vitality, and his eyes filled with tears, thanking the monk. Then, he set foot on the road to leave this place that once scared him.

However, as Allen went further and further, the monk recited a mysterious scripture in a low voice, which was deep and shocking, as if to awaken an ancient and powerful force. He sincerely called: "this cursed soul, you have experienced countless hardships, and now your suffering is finally over." Mother-in-law is actually a princess in Quanzhou, China. Click to follow

In the first three quarters, domestic tourism reached 3.67 billion person-times and realized income of 3.7 trillion yuan.

Wen Ziyu, website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

"In the first three quarters of this year, there were 342,000 commercial performances nationwide, with a box office income of 31.54 billion yuan and 111 million audience, up by 121.0%, 84.2% and 188.5% compared with the same period in 2019." "Actively promote the application for the Beijing Central Axis and the Spring Festival, and promote the inclusion of’ Pu ‘er Jingmai Mountain Ancient Tea Forest Cultural Landscape’ in the World Heritage List, and the number of world heritage sites in China has increased to 57. Lu Yingchuan, Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism, introduced the situation of building a strong cultural country and promoting the high-quality development of culture and tourism at a series of news conferences on the theme of "Opening by Authorities" held by the State Council.

The press conference introduced that since the beginning of this year, China’s tourism industry has accelerated its recovery. In the first three quarters, domestic tourism reached 3.67 billion person-times, and tourism revenue reached 3.7 trillion yuan, up 75% and 114% respectively. In order to further release the potential of tourism consumption and promote the high-quality development of tourism, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, on the one hand, optimizes the policy environment, combines the new situation of tourism development, and exerts efforts from both supply and demand to boost tourism investment confidence and consumption confidence. On the other hand, we should cultivate new consumption formats and modes, innovate and upgrade music festivals, concerts and other products, promote the healthy development of new formats such as script entertainment and tourism performing arts, and promote the integration of food, performances, sports, health care, Chinese medicine and other fields with tourism. In addition, we will promote the brand building of a new batch of national cultural and tourism consumption demonstration cities, national tourist resorts, 5A-level scenic spots, national night cultural and tourism consumption gathering areas, build a good platform carrier, and increase the intensity of benefiting the people.

"Culture and tourism business environment and market order are related to the vital interests of the majority of business entities and consumers." According to the press conference, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism started with relaxing market access and actively innovating supervision methods to stimulate the vitality of the cultural and tourism markets and help the industry develop with high quality. We will fully implement the negative list system for market access and the review system for fair competition, delegate a number of administrative examination and approval items, and reasonably reduce the time limit for examination and approval. At the same time, explore the formulation of inclusive and prudent policies for new formats to boost market development confidence. For example, new formats such as scripted entertainment and e-sports hotels have been introduced with inclusive and prudent supervision policies, and regulatory methods suitable for the characteristics of the industry have been formulated, and a policy transition period has been set up to create an inclusive, stable and predictable policy environment, leaving enough room for the development of new formats. Adhere to administration according to law, formulate and revise a number of policies and regulations on commercial performances, cultural entertainment, online travel management, introduce regulations on credit management in the cultural and tourism markets, and constantly improve policies and regulations.

In the implementation of the national cultural digitalization strategy, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has continuously promoted the digital development and transformation of cultural relics, classics and various artistic works resources. For example, the Palace Museum keeps about 1.86 million pieces of cultural relics. It is understood that 900,000 pieces have been digitally collected, accounting for about 48%. At the same time, vigorously promote the application of digital technology and foster the development of new formats. For example, in the field of stage art, we should vigorously promote online and offline integration, performance and broadcasting at the same time, actively promote offline performances, vigorously promote the development of stage art in the direction of networking and digitalization, and create a "second theater." In addition, improving the digital service capability of cultural services includes promoting the construction of smart library system and public cultural cloud. Up to now, in addition to the national public cultural cloud, there are public cultural clouds in more than 200 places in China, with a total resource of more than 1530TB, which is conducive to reading and popularizing art for all.

Systematic protection of intangible cultural heritage is an important aspect of building a strong cultural country. Up to now, there are more than 100,000 non-legacy representative projects at all levels in China, including 1,557 national non-legacy representative projects, and more than 90,000 representative inheritors at all levels, including 3,062 national non-legacy representative inheritors. At the same time, a total of 43 projects are included in UNESCO’s non-legacy list and roster. Lu Yingchuan introduced that in order to protect and inherit the intangible heritage, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will continue to exert efforts in policies and regulations system, directory system, theoretical research system, talent team system, communication and promotion system, heritage experience facilities construction and digital protection in accordance with the requirements of systematic protection, so as to protect and inherit the intangible heritage in a down-to-earth manner.

Source: Website of State Supervision Commission of Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

Most doctors won’t tell you some "cold knowledge" about female physiology, so you should pay attention to it yourself.

Nowadays, most women really know very little about their own physiological knowledge, and most women also take an evasive and obscure attitude towards some topics of women’s physiological knowledge, and are unwilling to say or mention them. In fact, this is not correct. For their own physiological knowledge, it is the best way to deal with them correctly and actively.

You should know these cold knowledge about female physiology, even if the doctor doesn’t say it.

The first cold knowledge is that, for women, not everyone’s menstrual cycle is 30 days. In fact, women’s menstrual cycle is normal within 21~35 days. Many women will think that their menstrual cycle is not 30 days, so they have irregular menstruation. This idea is actually wrong. Whether women have irregular menstruation requires asking a professional doctor, and then making a comprehensive diagnosis according to their medical history, other physical examinations and even their hormone levels. Therefore, for every woman, never dare to feel that her menstrual cycle is not thirty days, and she is the abnormal one.

The second cold knowledge is actually that for women, their private parts should never be washed casually with some lotion, and it is unnecessary to wash private parts, because women’s vagina has the function of self-cleaning, and the vulva can be washed properly, but the vulva should never be washed. Excessive cleaning will cause more bacteria in the vagina, leading to vaginal dysfunction and counterproductive effects. And even if you use some professional cleaning agents, you can’t use them indiscriminately. You must ask a professional before you can use them properly.

The third cold knowledge about women’s physiology is that for women, urinary tract infection must be treated as early as possible, otherwise it will easily endanger the uterus! For many years, women may think that diseases such as urinary tract infection are definitely easier for men. In fact, compared with men, women are more likely to suffer from urinary tract infection. Because women’s urinary tract is shorter than men’s urinary tract, it is easier to get caught, and the way to avoid it is to keep the vulva clean, of course, to clean it in moderation, not to hold back urine, and to drink more water in daily life, and to do a good job of cleaning before and after sex.

The fourth cold knowledge about women’s physiology is that every woman needs to start cervical screening at the age of 21. Why? According to experts’ research, the age of 21 is the age when women have sexual intercourse for the first time. When screening begins at this period, you can find the problem early, or you can find the problem early and treat it early. Another reason is that in the past screening data, it is very rare for women to get cervical cancer before the age of 21, so to sum up, doctors’ research shows that it is the most appropriate time for women to start cervical screening at the age of 21.

The fifth cold knowledge about women’s physiology is aimed at the disease of pelvic effusion that women are prone to, and it is best not to treat it indiscriminately. Because about pelvic effusion, it is divided into two types, one is physiological and the other is pathological. If it is physiological pelvic effusion, it will gradually disappear after ovulation or early pregnancy, but if it is pathological, it will not be easily eliminated by some drugs at this time, so it is necessary to go to a special doctor for diagnosis and consultation. Therefore, for this disease, every woman should have a snack, and never treat and take medicine by herself.

About these physiological cold knowledge, women must know fairly well, after all, their health is the most important thing for themselves! # Breeze Plan #

British league cup

At 3: 45 am on November 2nd, Beijing time, in the fourth round of the 2023-24 English League Cup, Chelsea played against Blackburn Rovers at home. In the first half, badia Hiller opened the record for Chelsea; In the second half, Sterling scored to expand the score. In the end, Chelsea beat Blackburn Rovers 2-0 at home and advanced to the quarterfinals of the Carling Cup.

In the 7th minute, Malkin took the ball to the right and cut inside. His left foot missed the right column. In the 10th minute, Sterling broke into the left of the restricted area with the ball, and fell to the ground after physical contact with his opponent. The referee didn’t give a penalty.

In the 16th minute, Rees-James received a pass from his teammates, got the ball from the right side of the penalty area and pushed it from the bottom at a small angle, which was confiscated by Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper. In the 24th minute, Reese James made a long-range shot from the right at the front of the restricted area, and the ball slipped and missed the left column.

In the 26th minute, Enzo Fernandez took the ball from the left at the front of the restricted area and made a low shot. Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper fell to the ground and saved the ball.

In the 30th minute, Gallagher crossed the ball from the bottom line on the right side of the penalty area, Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper hit the ball out of the penalty area with one hand, and badia Hiller scored a goal at the front of the penalty area, with Chelsea leading 1-0!

In the 35th minute, Palmer cut into the right at the front of the restricted area, and his left foot shot was confiscated by Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper. In the 37th minute, Blackburn Rovers’ right cross hit Negara Geer’s arm in the restricted area, and the referee didn’t make a penalty.

At the end of the first half, Chelsea entered the halftime with a 1-0 lead.

In the second half, it was easy to fight again. In the 51st minute, Enzo Fernandez shot high from the top of the restricted area. In the 57th minute, Enzo Fernandez made another long-range shot from a similar position, and this time the ball was confiscated by Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper.

In the 59th minute, Palmer broke the ball from the opponent’s foot on the left in the frontcourt and sent a straight plug. Sterling took the ball into the penalty area and kicked the door. The ball jumped into the far corner and Chelsea led 2-0!

In the 61st minute, Chelsea made two substitutions, Colwill and Gustavo came out and replaced Reese James and goal hero badia Hiller. In the 67th minute, Sterling broke into the restricted area and made a cross on the left. Jaakson pushed the ball high near the penalty spot.

In the 75th minute, Gallagher took the ball to the left in front of the restricted area, and his foot missed the far post. In the 76th minute, Chelsea made another substitution, and caycedo came out and replaced Nicola Jaakson.

In the 85th minute, Sterling hit the door at a small angle with the ball on the right side of the restricted area, and the ball slipped past. In the 87th minute, Chelsea made the last two substitutions. Madueke and matos came out and replaced Palmer and Enzo Fernandez. In the 93rd minute, Gustavo volleyed from the right side of the restricted area and missed the far post.

Soon after, the game ended. Finally, Chelsea beat Blackburn Rovers 2-0 at home and advanced to the quarterfinals of the Carling Cup.

The lineup of both sides: