British league cup

At 3: 45 am on November 2nd, Beijing time, in the fourth round of the 2023-24 English League Cup, Chelsea played against Blackburn Rovers at home. In the first half, badia Hiller opened the record for Chelsea; In the second half, Sterling scored to expand the score. In the end, Chelsea beat Blackburn Rovers 2-0 at home and advanced to the quarterfinals of the Carling Cup.

In the 7th minute, Malkin took the ball to the right and cut inside. His left foot missed the right column. In the 10th minute, Sterling broke into the left of the restricted area with the ball, and fell to the ground after physical contact with his opponent. The referee didn’t give a penalty.

In the 16th minute, Rees-James received a pass from his teammates, got the ball from the right side of the penalty area and pushed it from the bottom at a small angle, which was confiscated by Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper. In the 24th minute, Reese James made a long-range shot from the right at the front of the restricted area, and the ball slipped and missed the left column.

In the 26th minute, Enzo Fernandez took the ball from the left at the front of the restricted area and made a low shot. Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper fell to the ground and saved the ball.

In the 30th minute, Gallagher crossed the ball from the bottom line on the right side of the penalty area, Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper hit the ball out of the penalty area with one hand, and badia Hiller scored a goal at the front of the penalty area, with Chelsea leading 1-0!

In the 35th minute, Palmer cut into the right at the front of the restricted area, and his left foot shot was confiscated by Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper. In the 37th minute, Blackburn Rovers’ right cross hit Negara Geer’s arm in the restricted area, and the referee didn’t make a penalty.

At the end of the first half, Chelsea entered the halftime with a 1-0 lead.

In the second half, it was easy to fight again. In the 51st minute, Enzo Fernandez shot high from the top of the restricted area. In the 57th minute, Enzo Fernandez made another long-range shot from a similar position, and this time the ball was confiscated by Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper.

In the 59th minute, Palmer broke the ball from the opponent’s foot on the left in the frontcourt and sent a straight plug. Sterling took the ball into the penalty area and kicked the door. The ball jumped into the far corner and Chelsea led 2-0!

In the 61st minute, Chelsea made two substitutions, Colwill and Gustavo came out and replaced Reese James and goal hero badia Hiller. In the 67th minute, Sterling broke into the restricted area and made a cross on the left. Jaakson pushed the ball high near the penalty spot.

In the 75th minute, Gallagher took the ball to the left in front of the restricted area, and his foot missed the far post. In the 76th minute, Chelsea made another substitution, and caycedo came out and replaced Nicola Jaakson.

In the 85th minute, Sterling hit the door at a small angle with the ball on the right side of the restricted area, and the ball slipped past. In the 87th minute, Chelsea made the last two substitutions. Madueke and matos came out and replaced Palmer and Enzo Fernandez. In the 93rd minute, Gustavo volleyed from the right side of the restricted area and missed the far post.

Soon after, the game ended. Finally, Chelsea beat Blackburn Rovers 2-0 at home and advanced to the quarterfinals of the Carling Cup.

The lineup of both sides:

What exactly is fashion?

As a fashion editor for several years, I have always been an outsider.

What exactly is fashion? I’ve been thinking about this problem recently.

Fashion is synonymous with the trend, fashion is the lifestyle of the nobility, fashion is unconventional, fashion is inclusive.

The definition of fashion can be varied and can be basically divided into the following categories:


It looks very fashionable

Recently, I have nothing to do, and I have revisited Yuezi Kono, a proofreading girl. If the Druna Hotel is a classic dressing show of IU, Yuezi Kono, a proofreading girl, is undoubtedly a 10-yuan fashion show, and it is almost impossible to count how many sets have been changed, but each set looks very fashionable.

This kind of fashion mainly focuses on the visual sense, and the clothing and makeup have been matched and taken care of, which is the most direct fashion expression.


The background is very fashionable

There is one kind of people, no matter what they wear, who can always be the focus of the photographer’s lens, such as this one:

Oh, no, I put the wrong picture (can the photographer let people have a good vacation)

The following is the correct way to open it.

Although I’m sorry to say this, Ms. Gigi is comparable to the top of the entertainment circle, but she has no good works and acting skills.

As the top traffic in the fashion circle, regardless of whether it is fashionable or not, fire is right.


Personalized fashion

This kind of fashion is somewhat incomprehensible, such as this:

Like this:

Or like this:

In short, just be casual. Regardless of the hustle and bustle of Yangguan Road, he insisted on a wooden bridge to go to black.


Subdivision fashion

Do you think what is mentioned above is fashion? All wet. There are also subdivisions under fashion, such as fashion, yes, the street fashion, and fashion shoes, skateboarding and joint names are its key words. For example, Uniqlo, which was robbed some time ago, jointly signed T.

Beauty fashion: see the beautiful mouth red number, the kind that uses liquid foundation to plant grass crazily.

There are too many sub-categories related to fashion, and every single item, jewelry, can derive a fashion.

Take the position of fashion editor as an example, there are paper editors, grass editors, clothing editors, beauty editors and other miscellaneous sub-categories, which overlap but are not inclusive.

Knock on the small blackboard:

With all this nonsense, what is fashion?

The answer to this question is open.

Personally, simplicity, elegance, neatness and plain face are my favorite fashion styles, but in fact, it doesn’t conform to the popular fashion aesthetics at all without makeup, at best, it is comfortable.

But when the word fashion is disassembled, it is not a monk at that time.

The former aristocratic fashion has evolved into popular fashion, andIt is really fashionable to find a way to express yourself correctly.

Note: The pictures are from Douban and Weibo. See the watermark for details.

——The end——

Table of the best exercise stages of the human body. What kind of exercise do you do at what age?

Come on, let’s go rock climbing. ]
[Rock climbing, you are 60 years old, can you still rock climbing? ]
[This exercise is relatively large, which is more beneficial to your health ~]
[That’s where you are wrong. Although exercise is very important, only exercise that suits your age is good for your health. ]
[and this statement? Then tell me, how does sports distinguish age groups? ]
[Ok, listen to me and tell you, this 60-year-old should exercise slowly …]
In recent years, the fitness craze has swept all ages.From the eighties to the eighties, Grandpa Muscle became a online celebrity, and from the young college students, everyone basically began to pay attention to sports.

In fact, people of different ages have suitable sports, different ages and physical qualities, and the key exercises they need are naturally different, so they need to choose appropriate and correct sports. For those who insist on exercise, the body will gain a lot of benefits imperceptibly.

Energetic:People who exercise regularly will give people an energetic and energetic look. As we all know, exercise accelerates the metabolic rate. In fact, not only during exercise, but also within 12 hours after exercise,The rate of metabolism will also be accelerated, thus keeping people full of vitality.

Improve sleep quality and improve cardiopulmonary function;When exercising,It can indirectly exercise the heart and lungs, thus improving the cardiopulmonary function and reducing the probability of heart and lung diseases.. In addition, people who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from insomnia, because exercise can effectively promote sleep and improve sleep quality.

Burn fat and keep weight:For beauty lovers, exercise is a good way to keep weight and lose weight.During exercise, fat is burned, calories are consumed, and weight naturally becomes lighter.

Enhance resistance:Exercise can promote blood circulation, enhance lymphatic flow, and help muscle contraction, thus effectively improving resistance and maintaining good health. People who exercise regularly are less likely to be infected during the flu season.

Release emotional stress:During exercise, the body will release a lot of indophenol, which is a substance that can ease the mood and make the mood calm. Therefore, exercise is an effective way to release emotional stress. If you encounter setbacks in the near future and have bad emotions, you may wish to exercise and get rid of them.

There are thousands of sports, which one is suitable for you? Actually, luckExercise is also divided into different age groups. People of different ages have different suitable sports. Only by choosing the right sports can we get the greatest benefits.

Children:What is the most suitable exercise for children?Ball games, swimming and other sports that can exercise various muscle groups.Experiencing new sports is full of fun for children, and showing more strength in sports is also something that children are proud of. In ball games, whether it is football or badminton, it can improve children’s teamwork ability. In addition, they can also promote bone growth and enhance their immunity through exercise.

Youth:People of this age group are more suitable.Rock climbing, ball games, sprints and other sports that can strengthen muscles and bones. Because youth is an important period for shaping bones and body shape, you should exercise at least three days a week and at least 30 minutes a day. While insisting on moderate-intensity sports such as ball games and sprints, you can also supplement strength training such as rock climbing and push-ups to train local muscles in a targeted manner.

Middle age:At this stage, the intensity of crowd exercise does not need to be increased, but enough exercise should be ensured.Ensure at least 150 minutes of exercise every week, and you can choose cycling, swimming or jogging.And carry out targeted strength training for body muscles to ensure muscle strength.

Middle-aged and elderly:After the age of 65, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the intensity of exercise and try to choose.Low-intensity sports such as walking, Ba Duan Jin or Tai Ji Chuan.. This is because the middle-aged and elderly people will have some health problems, such as calcium loss, which is prone to fractures. If they do high-intensity exercise, they are prone to accidents. Middle-aged and elderly people should exercise for the purpose of physical fitness and health care and do what they can.

In fact, no matter what age group people are, they should do warm-up exercises before exercise to ensure that there will be no accidents during exercise.

Warm-up exercise before exercise can make the body "ready" and avoid problems such as muscle strain, joint injury and ligament strain during exercise. So, what should you do to warm up?

In-situ leg lifts:Hold your head high, keep your eyes on the front, relax your body, raise your legs, swing your arms naturally, and alternate your legs.

Thoracoforearm rotation:Hold your head high, bend your body slowly, straighten your arms until you can touch your toes, and alternate your hands.

In-situ aerobics:Feet shoulder-width apart, jump up gently, put your hands over your head, and spread your legs naturally.

Leg press lunge:Hands akimbo, lunge posture, center of gravity between legs.

Adhere to scientific and effective sports,It can not only strengthen the body, but also effectively reduce the aging rate of the body.Starting from tomorrow, let’s move!


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Open your mouth and keep your mouth shut about culture, so what is culture?

I often hear people say, "It’s terrible to be uneducated! ",but what is" culture "?

-is it a degree? Is it an experience? Is it experience?

Answer: Neither.

Today, I saw a very reliable explanation that culture can be expressed in four sentences:

1. Self-cultivation rooted in the heart;

2. Consciousness without reminding;

3. Freedom based on constraints;

4. kindness for others!

Benefit a lot! Encourage with everyone!

Ten cultural phenomena, observing the future development trend of China’s culture.

"On the Party’s First Congress", Chen Yifei and Ruimin Qiu, 1977, 147.5cm×173cm, China Art Museum.

Art Basel 2021 Hong Kong.


Red art classics are deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

The year of 2021 coincides with the Communist Party of China (CPC)’s centenary birthday. While reviewing the glorious course of the founding of the Party, we feel the brand-new vitality of the red culture generate. From literary performances to film and television plays, from book publishing to exhibitions, thousands of stories of the history of the party have merged into a magnificent and vivid red literary galaxy.

For China art circles, this year’s red theme exhibitions have appeared in succession, and the creation of party history themes has become more and more mature since the reform and opening up. In the exhibitions organized by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and China Artists Association, such as "Do not forget your initiative mind remembers the mission-Celebrating the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC)" and "Ode to the Red Boat and National Exhibition of Fine Art Creation Works", classics of art history such as Crossing the Yalu River, Battle of Shangganling and founding ceremony reproduce the creative pattern of "painting masterpieces handed down from generation to generation with great beauty". A number of recent works, such as Zhang Zhiqing’s "China Core" and Zhang Jing’s "Exploring the Moon in China", which reflect the achievements of scientific and technological innovation in the new era, have also emerged in the "Art Exhibition of Guangdong Province Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC)" held by Guangdong Art Museum.

The spread of red art classics is inseparable from the cross-border help of streaming media. In January, 2021, the 100-episode special program "The History of the Party in Fine Arts Classics" was broadcast by the Central Radio and Television General Station, which presented a magnificent century-old history of the Party to the audience in a multi-dimensional vision by integrating images, literature, photos, animations and interviews in a cross-media way, providing a vivid sample for contemporary red art creation and becoming a "phenomenal" program.

How to tell the history of the Party well with works of art, and how to better interpret and spread the red classic works of art in the new era are the important trends of the "new opening" of red theme art creation in the past century. Today, the spread of "red culture" should closely follow the aesthetic habits of young people, learn from cross-media and multi-dimensional exhibition methods and means of communication, and make the reality of party history and the beauty of art blend with each other. To create red classic works of art in the new era, we should not only pay attention to the form of exhibition, but also show the content of party history with innovative ideas and artistic language close to the times, so that red literary and artistic creation can go out of art galleries and museums and enter people’s lives. (Zhu Rongting)


Online art market is testing the water.

In the past two years, the global epidemic has been repeated. It seems that we have long been accustomed to the constant closure and restart of theaters, and the delay or cancellation of art festivals and expositions has brought about new cultural ecology-online drama live broadcast, global online auction, virtual exhibition … How much impact does the new technology spawned by the epidemic have on the art industry?

In the field of performing arts, performers have not stopped exploring, and 2021 can even be said to be a "year of recovery"-the resumption of avignon Drama Festival, the resumption of live performances at Edinburgh International Art Festival and the return of Wuzhen Drama Festival after a two-year absence … It is undoubtedly exciting to bring performances back to the scene.

The offline scale has been reduced, so various types of online art forms have been actively created, and live broadcast and screening have become the most intuitive and timely measures of the festival. For example, the eighth Wuzhen Drama Festival’s "Far Away" unit shows eight works from six major drama festivals (art festivals) such as Edinburgh Art Festival, Berlin Drama Festival, avignon Drama Festival and Salzburg Art Festival. In Europe, the Berlin Drama Festival, which is famous for its professionalism, has even been changed to a full-scale online performance. Although we know that the charm of live art cannot be replaced, these "expedient measures" also inspire us to re-examine the relationship between theater viewing and performance and think about the significance of theater creation.

On the other hand, in the field of art auction, the transaction mode is also changing. Taking Basel, Hong Kong in 2021 as an example, the exhibition "testing the water" was displayed digitally. Artists also began to show or sell their works with the help of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) technology. Buyers "examine" artworks on the screen of mobile phones, and even can see details such as materials, textures and fine lines that may not be visible to the naked eye. The online auction of the art line began to "anger the sense of existence", and the number of people participating in the online auction and the transaction price hit record highs. In 2021, China Guardian, Beijing Poly, Christie’s, Sotheby’s, etc. launched racquets with new records. Guangdong Chongzheng Autumn Auction 2021, nearly one-fifth of the transaction volume comes from online applets.

Data and phenomena show that the China art trade market is picking up in 2021 with the help of diversified technical communication means. In the future, will online be the "painkiller" in the transitional period, or will it be a brand-new situation that can be opened up? And leave it to time and the market to answer. (Zhu Rongting)


One hundred years of modern archaeology in China.

2021 is the centenary of the discovery of Yangshao culture and the birth of modern archaeology in China. On October 17th, "The Centenary Commemorative Meeting of Yangshao Culture Discovery and the Birth of Modern Archaeology in China" was held in Sanmenxia City, Henan Province. The next day, the third China Archaeological Congress was held, and the "Top 100 Archaeological Discoveries in a Hundred Years" was announced. One hundred discoveries including Zhoukoudian Site in Beijing and Nihewan Site Group in Yangyuan, Hebei Province were selected, and the site of Nanyue National Palace Office in Guangdong Province, Nanyue King’s Tomb and Nanhai I shipwreck were also on the list.

Yinxu, Erlitou, Liangzhu, Zhoukoudian, Mawangdui and Sanxingdui … Over the past century, modern archaeology in China has made remarkable achievements. Archaeological discoveries have rewritten people’s traditional cognition of Chinese history and culture, described the action marks of our ancestors on the vast land, and answered "Who are we, where are we from and where are we going" with physical evidence.

Since the beginning of the new century, the archaeological cause has flourished. With the continuous growth of archaeological institutions and professional teams, new important archaeological achievements have emerged one after another, and the mystery of Chinese civilization has been unveiled step by step. No matter the confirmation of the Chinese Emperor Ba Ling or the exposure of Princess Taiping’s "mansion" in Zhengpingfang site, every new discovery brings many reflections and surprises.

Archaeology was originally a little-known knowledge. In recent years, it has "flown into the homes of ordinary people" with the wings of science and technology. Cultural and creative products such as "archaeological blind box" are also on fire. Variety shows such as "National Treasures" and "China Archaeological Congress" unlock archaeological codes and explore Chinese civilization in a lively way, and they will become explosions after they are broadcast. Popular science books with the theme of archaeology are also widely welcomed by readers, and scholars such as Li Ling, Qi Dongfang, Xu Hong, Yang Hong and Zheng Yan have become the industry stars sought after by the public. With the high-frequency attention of the public and the help of science and technology, the cultural IP that is popular all over the world will be born in the future archaeological field. (Huang Xi)


Sanxingdui site shocked "Shangxin"

With the announcement of major archaeological discoveries at Sanxingdui Site in Guanghan, Sichuan Province on March 20th, 2021, information about Sanxingdui’s "Shangxin" frequently appeared in hot searches and became a veritable "online celebrity" in archaeology. As one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, six Sanxingdui cultural "sacrificial pits" have been newly discovered in Sanxingdui site, and more than 500 important cultural relics have been unearthed, including the largest complete Jin Mianju to date, three bronze statues that have never been seen before, bronze shrines that can be called national treasures, bronze figurines that look like Altman, and so on.

If the archaeological excavation and research of Sanxingdui in the 21st century are different from those in the past, first of all, science and technology help archaeology, and modern scientific and technological means are used to build an archaeological excavation cabin, an integrated excavation platform and a multifunctional excavation operating system, which provide an effective guarantee for archaeological information collection and cultural relics safety protection. In addition, a special information platform was set up to comprehensively record and scientifically manage Sanxingdui cultural relics data, image data and environmental monitoring data. Secondly, more and more archaeologists from outside Sichuan are involved, and the international color of Sanxingdui is becoming more and more obvious and strong.

At present, the excavation area of Sanxingdui site only accounts for two thousandths of the total area! There is no doubt that Sanxingdui will be an important site in the second century of China archaeology. Professor Xu Jian, director of the History Department of Shanghai University, who is in charge of the excavation of the No.3 pit of Sanxingdui site, said in an exclusive interview with Nandu reporter that from the unearthed relics so far and even the overall cultural features of the site, Sanxingdui is not lost to any other place or culture in global archaeology. (Zhou Peiwen)


"Net writing goes to sea" becomes a heavyweight phenomenon.

After more than 20 years of development, online literature not only has many fans in China, but also attracts readers from all over the world. More and more "crooked nuts" have joined the army of urging more people to express their obsession with online writing in various ways, such as leaving messages, praising and rewarding.

On September 26th, 2021, "2021 China International Network Literature Week" was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, and the Chinese Writers Association released "China Network Literature International Communication Development Report". The report shows that by 2020, China’s online literature has exported more than 10,000 online works overseas. Among them, more than 4,000 physical books were authorized, and more than 3,000 works were translated online. There are more than 100 million users who subscribe to and read APP, covering most countries and regions in the world, and the international communication has achieved remarkable results.

In 2020, the scale of China’s online market will be 1.13 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 145%, and the growth rate of users will reach 160.4%. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, the scale of China’s online texts in overseas markets will increase exponentially, which is expected to exceed 3 billion yuan, and the scale of overseas users of China’s online texts may reach 145 million.

Since 2019, the IP adaptation of the net text has been further popular overseas. Nowadays, China’s online literature, as an important carrier of "Chinese culture going out", has become the "four major cultural phenomena in the world" alongside American Hollywood movies, Japanese cartoons and Korean TV dramas. On the one hand, online literature has opened a window for overseas readers to learn about ancient Chinese civilization through "cool" plots, humorous or beautiful language and immersive reader interaction mode. On the other hand, from translation and output to overseas originality, and then to the cultivation and development of web IP with global industrial partners, the mode of web going to sea is more and more flexible and diverse. In the future, online literature will permeate all aspects of contemporary culture in various forms. (Huang Xi)


Cantonese Opera Movie White Snake "Out of Circle"

In 2021, the biggest "out-of-the-box" of China opera circle should be the release of White Snake, the first Cantonese opera film in China. The film has been popular all over the country. It has not only won several awards at major film festivals at home and abroad, but also easily set a record for the highest box office of China’s film history. It is also regarded as a masterpiece that led China’s drama films into the "blockbuster era".

The artistic basis of White Snake, a Cantonese opera film, is the newly edited Cantonese opera of the same name in 2017. The "emotion" cited in the title of the drama is actually a modern interpretation of this classic drama in the history of Chinese opera by the writers and creative teams. Obviously, the film creation of the play fully understood the new theme of the play, and fully publicized the modernity of the play with the lens language. Zeng Xiaomin, the starring actor, adjusted and combined the traditional sleeves in the film under the guidance of the director to achieve extraordinary artistic effects, which is an example.

Through focus plane’s language and stunts, a brand-new artistic life experience and sensory and emotional experience can be created, so that the traditional opera film can become a work that pays tribute to tradition, inherits culture and shows the taste of the times. Valuably, the exploration of traditional Cantonese opera’s filmization is not limited to White Snake. On the last day of 2021, the Cantonese opera film "Nanyue Palace Ci" won the Best opera film Award in the 34th Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award, which added another surprise. (Zhou Peiwen)


China e-sports team EDG won the championship globally.

In the early morning of November 7th, 2021, in the League of Legends S11 finals held in Iceland, China team EDG won the global finals. In the face of DK, the last champion of South Korea, who was in the limelight, EDG, who was not optimistic, finally won the championship after falling behind 1-2.

The major social platforms boiled at midnight, and the official account of CCTV News Weibo issued a congratulatory message for the first time; Weibo topic #EDG wins the championship # The reading volume is 3.35 billion, and the discussion volume is 4.218 million … Hundreds of millions of young people are so excited that they even stay up all night to celebrate. This lively scene is only comparable to the national football team’s promotion to the World Cup finals in South Korea and Japan 20 years ago.

But in the other corner of this carnival night, there are countless non-players eagerly "seeking science": what is EDG? What is League of Legends S11?

Behind EDG’s destruction, Guangming Daily commented: "The grand intention of’ China Champion’ has also been carried by e-sports. As a subculture, e-sports is gradually becoming mainstream. With the penetration of technology, it breaks the social circle and geographical barriers, showing greater possibilities, and then connecting everyone into a worldwide network. "

Since China IG team won the League of Legends championship for the first time in 2018, e-sports, once regarded as "doing nothing", has gradually broken through the game circle and entered the public eye. The 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee announced that eight e-sports events were selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games, and e-sports became the official event of the Asian Games for the first time.

Behind actively embracing e-sports is a huge audience base and commercial value. The 2021 China E-sports Industry Trend Report shows that the number of e-sports users in China has exceeded 489 million in March 2021. Huge e-sports enthusiasts have gradually deepened their identity recognition, value recognition and group affiliation, and developed into an e-sports culture. (Tao Xinlei)


Amazing innovation of Henan Satellite TV’s "Tang Gong Night Banquet"

At the Spring Festival party of Henan Satellite TV in 2021, the dance "Tang Palace Banquet" became an instant hit. "The Banquet at the Tang Palace" uses VR technology, and takes cultural objects such as Tang Sancai, Jia Hu Bone Flute, and "The Picture of Zanhua Ladies" as the background of the program, so that the young ladies of the Tang Dynasty can shuttle through these Tang elements and make the traditional culture "live" in an instant. The wonderful tour of the Dragon Boat Festival, which was broadcast later, is a story-based program based on The Banquet in Tang Palace. It adopts the mode of "online drama+online synthesis", with the little sister of the Tang Dynasty performing in the palace as the main line, interspersed with traditional cultures such as dragon boat racing and eating zongzi, as well as puppet shows, trying to fit in with the development of modern society from the social perspective of the Tang Dynasty.

In addition, Dance Millennium, a dance variety jointly created by Henan Satellite TV and bilibili, is a series of Chinese stories in dance with the performance mode of "plot+repertoire". Dance and story are combined and connected with each other.

Earlier, Guangdong Satellite TV launched a large-scale acrobatic program "Amazing Four", which took the form of "acrobatics+dance+martial arts+national music" and combined with high-tech dance beauty and VR immersion experience, and also presented an acrobatic audio-visual feast to the audience. There are also cultural variety shows that shine in this respect. The China Archaeological Congress turned the studio into a 3D naked-eye archaeological site, which can instantly generate different virtual scenes and reproduce the real archaeological environment.

The new initiative of combining variety and culture, with variety entertainment as the carrier, makes all kinds of traditional cultures organically combined, no longer just "acting", but also more artistic processing, which greatly enriches the connotation of culture and its deductive form. It can be seen that the integration of traditional culture and the trend of the new era has become the new trend of variety show production. The new form of "culture+variety" will also be recognized by more audiences. (Xu Xiaolei, Chen Qian)


First year of NFT encryption art

On March 11th, 2021, for the first time in Christie’s history, digital artist Beeple’s NFT work "Everydays:The First 5000 Days" (as shown below) was auctioned in NFT form, with a reserve price of $100, and finally it was sold for $69.346 million, which jumped to the third highest transaction price of living artists’ works in one fell swoop, and the concept of NFT broke the circle.

NFT is called Non-Fungible Token, which is translated into non-homogeneous token. It is a digital asset encrypted by blockchain technology and has unique and inseparable characteristics. Digital artworks blessed by NFT encryption technology suddenly overtook the curve, which became the market explosion point to break the monopoly of traditional art forms and expanded the new field of art collection.

Moreover, the rise of NFT is not limited to the art circle. Business giants and celebrity stars have tried different ways of playing NFT, such as virtual sneakers, NFT game cards, NFT music albums, Twitter messages, and short videos of wonderful moments … NFT appears almost like a blowout in all kinds of news, forming a hot situation that "everything can be NFT". According to statistics, the size of the entire NFT market did not exceed $42 million three years ago. By the end of 2020, the market value of NFT has increased by 705% to reach $338 million. In the first three quarters of 2021, the sales of works of art using NFT reached $3.5 billion, which was almost an explosive growth.

NFT technology makes a brand-new digital art collection market that can’t be estimated appear. On the investment level, NFT makes art a digital asset that can be purchased by share. However, one thing that needs to be kept awake is that no matter how much the concept of NFT is hyped, NFT is technology, art is art, and it is the part of art that really determines the value of art. As Beeple said, "If all NFTs disappear tomorrow, I will still be engaged in digital art creation." (Zhou Peiwen)


Cultural and cultural institutions "cloud tour" broke the circle

In recent years, major cultural institutions are trying to promote themselves and enhance interaction and communication with the public in an "online experience" way. The epidemic prevention and control pressed the "fast forward button" for the live broadcast of the museum.

On December 21st, 2021, version 2.0 of the "Digital Forbidden City" applet jointly created by the Palace Museum and Tencent was launched. The "online celebrity", a well-versed broken Hongqiao, officially took up his post, showing the audience around the Palace Museum and revealing the past of the Forbidden City. In addition to the newly hired "tour guide", the applet also optimized and added practical sections such as online ticket purchase, exhibition reservation and in-hospital shopping. At the same time, more accurate open area route navigation, visit comfort index and other important open service functions are added to support users to check the visit comfort of the main open areas of the Forbidden City in real time, and seven interesting "customized tour routes" are built in.

In fact, the "Digital Forbidden City" was launched a year ago, and it is more deeply rooted in people’s hearts in 2021, and 5 million netizens have taken this opportunity to "play online in the Forbidden City". Some "online games" experience is far from offline. For example, you can enjoy the details of ancient famous paintings with hundreds of billions of pixels online.

In 2021, the live broadcast of the museum reached its climax. Take the Guangdong Provincial Museum as an example, there will be 30 live broadcasts in 2021. The theme of International Museum Day in 2021 is "The Future of Museums: Restoration and Remodeling". On that day, museums in China adopted the online and offline communication mode, and all the key events were webcast. The live broadcast of the museum and the "cloud tour" show the cultural heritage and charm by using new technical means, which not only maximizes the integration and development of cultural resources, but also adapts traditional culture to the development of the new era. (Xu Xiaolei, Chen Qian)

The war is just around the corner, and 14 overseas masterpieces get the version numbers, and Tencent, Netease and Linxi are ready to go.

Who will be the winner?

The introduction of game reserves in the domestic market this year is quite interesting.
Recently, Grape Jun has made an inventory.Q1′ s Dachang Product Reserve, andThe recent masterpieces are voiced or finalized.. From this, you can see many flagship products developed by big manufacturers, most of which are key projects with high hopes.
These times are highly certain, and it is very promising to occupy a place in the head echelon after going online. At the same time, there are another batch of masterpieces, which have entered the next waiting echelon with the imported version numbers issued at the end of last year.
Although the schedule of many of these products is not clear for the time being, or no new trends have been released, it is still worth sorting out and summarizing.
Some of the products with imported version numbers are "not small". Considering the previous product achievements, influence or IP magnitude, after they go online, they may also cause quite a storm.


Fearless contract
Fearless contract(Valorant)It is the first FPS product launched by Fist and will be released by Tencent in the domestic market.
When it was first published, people habitually associated it with Watching Pioneer, thinking that it was all action shooting with MOBA elements. But after actually getting started, players found that the overall feedback of the game was closer to classic FPS such as CS: GO.
Valorant is another big DAU product after League of Legends. When the game was first released, it was once criticized that the image quality specification was not high, but on the other hand, it also made the hardware threshold of Valorant extremely low. In an interview, the developer once said that "the PC ten years ago should also run with low image quality".
In addition to the gameplay content, these preconditions objectively ensure the popularization of the game. On the Twitch platform, Valorant is the most watched shooting game, nearly twice as much as the second-place CS: GO.
After its official release, Valorant has also entered the forefront of PC game revenue ranking by SuperData, so it can be optimistically predicted that after it is launched in the domestic market, the game is likely to have outstanding performance in terms of user volume and market performance.

Ark of destiny
Ark of destiny(Lost Ark, translated as "Lost Ark" in China before it was officially named)MMORPG, developed by CF developer Smile Gate, was launched in the Korean market as early as 2019, and then distributed by Amazon to European and American markets, and the domestic market was distributed by Tencent.

The official positioning of "Ark of Destiny" is "MMOARPG with fantasy theme", which emphasizes the action of overlooking angle more than typical MMO. At the same time, in addition to the core warfare mechanism, the game has designed a life system with more content levels.
Although there is little innovation in gameplay, Amazon made corresponding localization and numerical adjustment for local players when it was released to Europe and the United States, which made the game outstanding in the target market. The total number of players exceeded 20 million within one month of its launch, and Steam reached more than 1.3 million at the same time, which once became the second-ranked game in the history of Steam.
Korean MMO was once one of the backbone of domestic end-tours, but with the development of domestic market and products, many Korean tours have withdrawn from the historical stage.
However, the Ark of Destiny, a new product that is relatively more suitable for the current needs, may have a different trend. Coupled with the suspension of World of Warcraft’s national service, a large number of MMO audiences who have lost their main games have "opened branches and scattered leaves", which may also become an opportunity that Ark of Destiny can take advantage of.
The game recently plans to start a small-scale technical test, and it seems that it may be expected to go online this year.
Bao ke Meng da Ji "
Bao ke Meng da Ji "(Pokemon Unite)Originally announced in 2020, it is a MOBA game jointly developed by Tianmei and Baokemeng Co., Ltd., which has been launched on overseas NS and mobile platforms earlier.

The game organically combines Baokemeng IP with MOBA gameplay, forming a kind ofThe experience of "a little outrageous at first glance, but actually it feels good to get started".
"Bao Ke Meng Da Ji" won the best game of the year in Google Play in 2021, and also won the three awards of the most popular game, the best battle game and the most innovative game in the same year.
By the end of 2022, it is officially announced that the total download volume of games on NS platform and mobile terminal will exceed 100 million. However, in contrast, the product’s revenue ability is not outstanding. According to statistics of Statista, the monthly income of "Bao Ke Meng Da Ji" since 2022 has never exceeded 2 million US dollars.
Aurora at White Night
"Aurora on a White Night" was born with many labels, including two-dimensional war chess, top-level 2D art production, big touch painter … The game was developed by Yonghang Technology and released by Tencent, and has been launched in overseas markets before.
"White Night Aurora" is also Tencent’s first second-generation new product released overseas. According to the statistics of Sensor Tower, in the month when it was launched in overseas markets in 2021, the game revenue exceeded US$ 17 million, ranking 23rd in the airborne revenue statistics list. "White Night Aurora" ranked 11th in the best-selling list of mobile games in the Japanese market for half a month, and it was the best-performing foreign mobile game in the statistical period.

In addition, after getting the version number, the action of "Aurora at White Night" began to accelerate. Before the Spring Festival, the official bilibili released the first video prologue PV. Last month, "Aurora at White Night" released a new PV "The Colossus Sails", which seems to be a warm-up for the follow-up test. In the following days, the official number released a new PV with Chinese dubbing and camp introduction, and the test date may be announced in a while.
Country of Two: Interlaced Worlds
"Two Kingdoms: Interlaced World" is an MMORPG jointly developed by LEVEL-5 and Netmarble, and the operating unit applying for the version number in China is shown as a dream world. The game’s Ghibli style is its most distinctive label:

However, despite the external style, the overall core of "Two Kingdoms" is still a Korean MMO game with a lot of one-click pathfinding and fighting content, which also leads to some polarization in the evaluation of the game.

The market performance of "Country of Two" is outstanding. In the month of launch, it ranked third in the Top 10 of global popular mobile game revenue in that month according to Sensor Two. The product attracted more than 100 million US dollars in the world within 11 days of launch, and ranked second in the global mobile game bestseller list within two weeks. When the game is only released in Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Macao, the revenue in 11 days exceeds 100 million dollars, which is one of the products that reach the revenue node of 100 million dollars at the fastest.
Raid: The Legend of the Shadow
Raid: The Legend of the Shadow(Raid: Shadow Legends)It is a very representative product in the European and American card /Team RPG category in recent years. The game was developed by Israeli developer Plarium and will be distributed by Netease in China.
"Raid: Shadow Legend" was launched as early as 2019, and the domestic App Store was once launched on the iOS version, but its performance was average. However, in developed markets such as the United States, the product rushed into the Top 50 from the Top 100 of the iOS bestseller list one month after its launch, and stayed within the Top 50 for a long time in recent years.
The theme of the product is distinctive and typical, and it is a wide range of fantasy magic categories in European and American markets. "Raid: The Legend of the Shadow" was one of the most expressive products of its kind in the online period. If we only focus on Europe and America, Raid: Shadow Legend can be regarded as a successful attempt to upgrade the quality of card games in Europe and America.
However, in the eyes of domestic card users, "Raid: Shadow Legend" may be a game that is familiar with the gameplay routines and has some picky themes. After all, the foundation of this category in the domestic market is too deep.

Naughty King: Dream Pointer
Nautical King: Dream Pointer is another Nautical King IP product. According to the previous information, it will be a vertical screen, 3D interactive adventure game. The market performance of a Navigator IP product in the morning and evening light years is quite outstanding, which will naturally make people look forward to their next one.

However, all kinds of official accounts before the game seem to have stopped for a while. The latest development of the game bilibili stayed in July last year.
On the TapTap platform, it seems that this game can’t be searched.
The seventh epic
The Seventh Epic is a relatively mainstream two-dimensional card RPG game, which was developed by Korean manufacturer Supercreative and distributed by Zi Long in China. The main features of the game are the outstanding hand-painted art, a large number of combat performances, animation special effects, and more dependent on plot-driven. During the online period, it used to focus on the concept of "playable animation". As for the core gameplay and card cultivation, the design of the game is relatively conventional.
The Seventh Epic was launched in overseas markets earlier, and it is also one of the few secondary products that have entered the forefront of the income list in developed markets in Europe and America.

King of animals
King of animals(Zooba)It is a tactical competitive mobile game that survived in the "eat chicken masterpiece". The game was developed by Wildlife Studios and distributed by Baidu Duoku in China. Although the volume of products is far from the previous four donkey kong, it has also opened up a foothold in the category market, and filled the gaps of too few users when "Night of the Fortress" is absent. In the context of the suspension of Apex Hero Mobile Games, its fifth position may be more stable.
Three kingdoms war chess edition
"The History of the Three Kingdoms" is another mobile game of "The History of the Three Kingdoms" authorized by glorious IP, which was developed and released by Linxi Entertainment. At present, it is scheduled for public beta on March 17th.
As the name suggests, the game is a product of war chess +SLG positioning, which also belongs to SLG category, but it emphasizes the playing elements such as walking operation and strategy in battle.
Previously, the producer said that he didn’t want to be a "one-look-through" SLG, hoping to distinguish it from COK/ROK and seasonal SLG.
The sword and the knights
Before it was officially named, Sword and Knights was translated into Grand Knights in China. The product was developed by Korean manufacturer Npixel, and Linxi Entertainment had previously released overseas versions of the game in some Southeast Asian markets such as China, Hong Kong and Macao, Singapore and Malaysia.
Sword and Knights is also a typical Korean MMORPG, some core members come from the development team of Seven Horsemen, and the game also has a little JPRG flavor, such as the English name of the game and some vertical painting styles, which are reminiscent of the Blue Fantasy series, but they are not related.
Sword and Knights has made some innovations in the construction of a three-person team combat system, skill linking and role switching in combat, but the overall gameplay and cultivation methods of the game are still relatively strong Korean tour flavor.
The game was very strong during its launch in 2021. It once reached the top of the best-selling list of iOS in South Korea, and the highest monthly flow in the Korean market reached 150 million yuan.

Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man: A New Beginning
"Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man: A New Beginning" is another new mobile game of the Sword IP. According to the information approved by the version number, it was released by Kaiying. At present, there is very little public content, and it can only be preliminarily inferred that it is an MMORPG with the existing information. The official adaptation of Xianjian or the mobile game authorized by IP is generally not very prominent from the long-term curve. I wonder if this new work can make a new breakthrough.
Empire and puzzle
Empire and puzzle(Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest)It is one of the examples of "San Xiao +RPG imitation" in overseas markets in recent years. This game developed by Finnish manufacturer Small Giant has been staged for three years.A drama that rises against the trend and attacks all the way., from the Top 200 of the iOS bestseller list to the Top 20.
The design framework of "Empire and Puzzle", Three Elimination +RPG+SLG, has attracted many imitators, and some of them have also performed well in European and American markets, which is a benchmark that cannot be ignored on the path of three elimination+X.
At present, the game has no such strong advantages in terms of art and expressiveness, but a few years ago, Empire and Puzzle did seize some market gaps by virtue of the integration of theme and gameplay, and the developer was acquired by Zynga by virtue of this advantage. In 2019, the global download volume of Empire and Puzzle has exceeded 34 million, and reached the top of the iOS bestseller list in 57 countries.

Adventure Island: The Legend of Maple
Adventure Island: Legend of Maple is a series of genuine mobile games of Adventure Island developed by Nexon, which continues the presentation mode of horizontal 2D. The game is jointly transported by Century Tiancheng and Tencent in the domestic market.
Products focus on keywords such as genuine, restoration and feelings in positioning, and elements such as painting style, music, scenes and characters familiar to old players will be reproduced one by one, and the operation of the mobile terminal will be adapted.
Adventure Island: The Legend of Maple was tested in China in 2021. After obtaining the version number, the official accounts of the game, such as Weibo, were also dynamically updated.


More than a dozen products are listed above, but only some heavy IPS with user potential or cases where revenue performance has been verified in other markets are highlighted. At the end of last year, there were more than 40 imported masterpieces, most of which have not yet been finalized. Although these dozens of games are very weighty, they may not all be officially launched within this year.
For some well-known imported products, apart from when they will be launched, everyone may be more concerned about how high they can reach.
To put it bluntly, a few heavy end-games such as "Fearless Contract" and "Ark of Destiny" are undoubtedly the most optimistic and highly anticipated by the outside world.
At the same time, masterpieces with different styles are placed here, which inevitably raises some questions. For example, there are many typical Korean MMO kernel products now. In the domestic market in 202X, it is obviously a question mark whether they can still be as popular as in 200X.
For example, in several sub-categories, representatives who have established their advantages through the integration of gameplay have been in the European and American markets, but that was a story three or five years ago after all. Now, when they are transferred to China, I am afraid they will also face the test of "will they not be acclimatized?"
However, even with many unknowns, the current reserves can still be gratifying.
This is not only because everyone has been "holding back" for a long time, but also because they have the opportunity to introduce some living water to the domestic market, so that some new variables can be produced in some slightly homogeneous fields in recent years.

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"double 11" Perspective

China Business Daily (Reporter Ma Jia)This year’s "double 11", beauty rivers and lakes "killing" extremely fierce. According to the list data of pre-sale and final payment volume, L ‘Oré al, Estee Lauder and Lancome, the big brands in Europe and America, take the lead; Domestic products such as Polaiya, Winona, Quadi, Nature Hall, etc. rank among the list and become "dark horses"; The Korean makeup brand "disappeared" across the board and was squeezed out of the list.

Some insiders told China Business Daily that at present, European and American brands and domestic brands are "positive", and "double 11" may make domestic and foreign brands fall into the anxiety of "price war".

Domestic beauty cosmetics and the "positive rigidity" of big brands in Europe and America

In this beauty promotion war, domestic brands compete head-on with big brands in Europe and America.

After the first wave of pre-sale data of "double 11" was released this year, domestic beauty products showed the momentum of becoming a "dark horse", and more and more domestic beauty brands made the list. According to the pre-sale data released by Tmall on October 31, Hua Xizi, Caitang, Blankme and Mao Geping are among the top 20 cosmetics sales; In the beauty and skin care category, Polaiya, Winona, Quadi and Nature Hall are all on the list.

The relevant person in charge of Winona told reporters that this year’s situation exceeded expectations, and a number of large single products sold explosively. The sales of special care essence just newly listed in September also rushed to 600,000 pieces during the pre-sale period.

Although the performance of domestic beauty products is more "competitive" this year, judging from the pre-sale and final transaction, the top brands in Europe and America are still the top brands. On the Tmall platform, in addition to the above-mentioned eight domestic brands, the top 20 brands in the sales list of cosmetics, beauty and skin care are European and American brands, and L ‘Oreal, Estee Lauder and Lancome lead the major beauty categories; On platforms such as JD.COM and Tik Tok, L ‘Oreal, Shiseido and Estee Lauder continue to lead.

The relevant person in charge of Estee Lauder’s sales business said that all brands under the group were fully prepared for the "double 11", which increased the stocking volume and gave greater preferential treatment. Judging from the sales results, the performances of all brands are bright.

It is worth noting that this year, domestic brands and big brands in Europe and America have made great concessions in price. Major international beauty brands not only launched preferential activities such as "buy one get one free" and "give away samples", but many brands even lowered the prices of original products. According to consumer statistics, during the "double 11" this year, the discounts of domestic brands are mostly below 30%, while the discounts of international brands are about 40% to 60%.

Kong Sihan, a beauty marketing practitioner, told reporters that this year’s "double 11", domestic beauty brands began to go to the high-end market, such as efficacy skin care products and high-end essence, which all had higher sales. In the live broadcast room of the head anchor, the discount of big-name beauty products in Europe and America is great, and the price of domestic beauty products is lower, which forms a competitive situation between them. This also shows that domestic beauty brands are qualified to compete with international brands in terms of product efficacy and brand influence, which has never happened before in the domestic market.

Korean makeup status may be replaced by domestic makeup.

Why did Korean makeup disappear from the sales list? "This year’s’ double 11′ is more like a reshuffle of beauty brands at home and abroad." The relevant person in charge of the marketing business of a listed cosmetics company in China admitted that European and American brands have a dominant position in the high-end skin care market, and domestic beauty brands are trying to overtake in sub-sectors such as efficacy skin care track. From the perspective of sales performance, domestic beauty brands may be able to find a position in the high-end skin care market; In the past, the advantage of Korean makeup was in makeup products, and many domestic new brands have done quite well in makeup products, which has had a great impact on Korean makeup brands that focus on parity.

It is noteworthy that in this year’s "double 11", domestic beauty brands that started from online cosmetics products seized new opportunities and gave greater promotion discounts.

The relevant person in charge of Yixian E-commerce told reporters that this year’s "double 11", brands such as Perfect Diary, Wanzi Xinxuan, Little Odin, Pico Bear, DR.WU Darfu, Galenic French Colanli and EVE LOM all participated in the promotion. "In order to meet the needs of more consumers for beauty, the company has increased discounts and enriched its product matrix. For example, the perfect diary has a new series of wild leopard gold and brown cosmetics, and Odin Jr. and Betty Boop jointly launched a limited joint series of’ ‘90′ s spice girl makeup’. In the whole cycle of "double 11", in addition to cooperating with external anchors, the company’s own stores also added "the president came to the self-broadcast room" and "the star talent entered the self-broadcast room", and the frequency and duration of live broadcast increased, realizing 12-24 hours of high-frequency live broadcast interaction. "

"Domestic beauty brands have a lot of innovations in affordable makeup, from packaging, color to product promotion strategies, which have dazzled domestic consumers." Kong Sihan said that the young consumers who loved Korean makeup before turned their attention to domestic cosmetics, and Korean makeup will be transformed into mid-to high-end products in China market. For example, Amore Pacific has continuously launched high-end products such as Snow Show Anti-aging Series, IOPE Essence and Yueshi Fengyin Black Tea Essence.

Online competition will continue.

It is noteworthy that after "double 11", domestic and foreign beauty brands may rely more on online sales channels.

The relevant person in charge of Beiersdorf told reporters: "In addition to the promotion in major channels in the past, the company’s marketing department has also stepped up its efforts to promote social media frequently used by consumers such as Xiaohongshu and Tik Tok. Short video’ planting grass’, information flow and accurate crowd delivery are all constantly creating momentum for store activities. In terms of live broadcast, we have launched different product mechanisms in the live broadcast rooms of different platforms to attract more consumers. "

The person in charge of Huaxi Bio said that this year’s "double 11" Tmall beauty venue, two brands of the company entered the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi, and at the same time, the traffic of their own live broadcast rooms was comparable to that of the head anchor. The cost of putting the brand into the live broadcast room can be controlled, which will not have much impact on the overall expense rate of the company. With the promotion of brand power, consumers’ active purchase behaviors such as name-calling purchase and window search have also made a stable contribution to the performance.

"Fighting for the head anchor and price reduction promotion are two things that beauty brands must do in double 11." The relevant person in charge of the marketing business of a domestic listed cosmetics company admitted to the reporter that at the promotion nodes such as "double 11" and "June 18th", most beauty brands invested more than one million yuan in marketing expenses. With the rising cost of online channels, the pressure on domestic beauty brands may be even greater.

"The price reduction space of domestic beauty brands is smaller. If beauty brands attract consumers with low prices as a gimmick as soon as they arrive in double 11, then after several similar promotions, domestic beauty brands will have to face the situation that there is no room for price reduction. The competition in the’ price war’ may not even be guaranteed, and it is impossible to continue to grow for a long time. " Kong Sihan said.

Are there any 3DS games worth playing in 2023?

Since its release in 2011, 3DS has attracted a large number of loyal fans by virtue of its small size, naked-eye 3D and other features, as well as Nintendo’s first-party quality games. Even now, many people are willing to use it as a game device to take out. But all good things must come to an end, and 3DS, which has been with us for more than ten years, finally ushered in its curtain call this year.

On March 28th, 2023, Nintendo officially stopped the service of eShop for 3DS. After the production of 3DS was discontinued in 2020, this move also announced that the 3DS series handhelds officially ended its service period and became the tears of the times. However, today in 2023, there are still many people who can’t put it down. With the retro tide in recent years, the price of 3DS on idle fish is rising.

Many classic games on 3DS have made a generation’s memories, including "Poké mon Sun/Moon", which witnessed the official Chinese culture of Poké mon series, and "Come on! Animal Forest Friends Association. You may have never had this memory for various reasons, and you didn’t start to make up the ticket in a hurry until its life came to an end.

When eShop stopped taking clothes, I prepared some 3DS game recommendations worth playing for you. If you want to reopen the 3DS, or start a 3DS to make up for your past, I hope these games can provide you with some directions.

The biggest difference between 3DS and other game devices is thatthree dimensional andDouble screen. The former is the biggest selling point of 3DS, and well-adapted games can also bring us a unique game experience. The latter is a feature inherited from the NDS era, so 3DS can be perfectly compatible with NDS games, greatly expanding its playability.

Games on the 3DS platform are in full bloom, from Nintendo’s IP such as Mario and Zelda to the popular Baokemeng and Monster Hunter series, which have left their footprints on the 3DS platform. This article will be based onPlay experienceandHandheld machine fitnessRecommend some games worth playing, which may be missed. You are also welcome to share the 3DS games you think are most worth playing in the comments section.

If you know something about Nintendo, I’m sure you won’t worry about their "red hat" and "green hat" escorting the new mainframe. On the 3DS, "Super Mario 3D Continent" will stir up the beam and skillfully use the brand-new naked-eye 3D function of 3DS, making players feel as if they are in a box level, fighting with the enemy and exploring hidden elements with Mario. The game supports two 3D modes of "protruding" and "concave", and players can switch them at any time.

After opening 3D, you can clearly perceive the depth of the scene and the distance between objects. In some levels, you need to open 3D to see the bricks floating in the air, so as to get the hidden gold coins.

There are 8 worlds in the game. After customs clearance, you can unlock the special levels of the additional 8 worlds, which is very playable. The scale of each level is not particularly large, and it usually takes about 5 minutes to complete a level, which is very suitable for picking it up and playing for a while.

When I play, I am always addicted to finding hidden gold coins and playing monsters. However, the hidden gold coins are not so easy to collect. They are either placed in places that require skill to reach or hidden in very hidden places. At least it’s hard for me to reach the level at the first time. This also brings a lot of repeated play value to the level. I often pick up the game machine at 10 o’clock in the evening and put it down before I find it is the next afternoon.

Tp: Is it difficult to get through customs perfectly?

"Super Mario 3D Continent" reveals Nintendo’s characteristics of "easy to use but difficult to master" everywhere. The operation of the game is very simple, you can master it in a few minutes, and you can easily touch the flagpole through the checkpoint. But if you want to achieve perfect customs clearance and even look for hidden elements, then it is difficult enough for you to challenge again and again.

Sometimes I get invincible effect and rampage and forget the time, which directly leads to my raccoon costume being knocked off by a monster, so I can’t go down from the top of the flagpole at the end; Sometimes I don’t have a good direction in the air and fall off the map and die; Sometimes I’m about to eat a star, but I miss it because of my mistakes. I jump three or four times for a star.

People are addicted to food, right?

Say "Red Hat", and then talk about Nintendo’s proud "Green Hat"-the legend of zelda series. Oh, by the way, the man’s name is not Zelda, but Link.

The legend of zelda has released four works on 3DS, including the full 3D flute of time, the mask of Mezula, the triangular power of the gods 2 and the hero of triangular power from a 2D perspective. Every work can make people play for a long time. Before the release of Tears of the Kingdom, it is better to take out 3DS to review the classic of Time Flute 3D.

As the first perfect score game on GameSpot website, The Legend of Zelda: The Flute of Time attracted a large number of players when it first appeared on N64. At that time, the game evaluation industry was not like the era when this perfect game was everywhere. At that time, the evaluation was extremely harsh, even to the point of abnormal condition. However, in such an environment, The Flute of Time can still get full marks, and its excellent production can be seen.

The flute of time has laid a lot of foundations for modern 3D games, such as the locking mechanism in wartime and a complete 3D perspective solution. I used to play those pseudo-3D games that "can’t see the sky" (that’s you DQ! ), the characters don’t go up and down when climbing mountains, but I can adjust the angle of view 360 degrees in the flute of time, and the position of the characters will change with the geographical environment.

In addition, when using slingshots or flying claws, the viewing angle automatically switches to the FPS viewing angle, which makes the operation more convenient and more substitutive. Jumping and diving can also give a glimpse of the embryonic form of the subsequent Zelda game. As a game of that era, I will give full marks even if I am asked to score.

"Time Flute 3D" is almost a perfect reappearance of "Time Flute", retaining the original game experience. At the same time, the game also makes full use of the lower screen to display maps, backpacks and other interfaces, which improves the efficiency of the game. The naked-eye 3D effect of the game is also good, which can immerse you in the vast mainland of Heraru.

Besides Time Flute 3D, I would also like to recommend Triangle Power of the Gods 2. As an orthodox sequel to SFC’s Triangle Power of the Gods, Triangle Power 2 continues the setting of the previous work, and makes good use of the naked-eye 3D characteristics of 3DS, so that you can clearly feel the ups and downs of the terrain even from a 2D perspective, and you can also feel the height changes through 3D when you jump from a height, fly with a staff of wind, and birds swooped down on you.

The game adds the setting of becoming a mural. After becoming a mural, the angle of view will change from 2D to 3D, allowing you to observe the maze from another angle. There are many hidden elements in the game that you need to use your new abilities flexibly to discover.

The use of this pair of dual screens is also in place. The lower screen can not only display the map and mark it with pushpins, but also switch props quickly without pausing the game. If you haven’t played "Triangle Power of the Gods", you can start playing directly from "Triangle Power 2", which may bring you unexpected surprises.

The first part of Resident Evil: Apocalypse, which first appeared in 3DS, is of high quality. Even compared with the second part of Apocalypse on PS3/PSV, it can be called a "masterpiece" or even a "game beyond function". The story of the game is not the true story, but the story of Jill, Chris and BSAA. The plot mainly happened before resident evil 5. Although it is rumored, the plot and the true story are also closely related. For the plot party, there is no need to worry that there will be too much sense of division.

Thanks to the characteristics of naked-eye 3D, players can experience the horror of the game more personally. When the monster comes at you, only 3DS can bring you the feeling of jumping out of the screen. If you use new 3DS, or buy peripherals, it also supports using the C joystick on the right to adjust the viewing angle, and the game experience will be better.

Today, the shooting elements of this work are definitely not excellent. However, in that year, the screen and gameplay of the game brought a lot of impact to the players. I am a person who has little patience to watch an animation, but I have watched all the scenes of the apocalypse. I was deeply attracted by the performance of these cutscenes, which made me sigh "Niu X, this picture can be presented on 3DS" for countless times. As mentioned earlier, this is a "beyond function" game. I think it is also very suitable for players to rush just at the picture.

When it comes to monster hunters on 3DS, we have to mention "monster hunter XX". As the last monster hunter on this model, the evaluation of the game was not very good in that year. Compared with the upgrade of "Monster Hunter X", it simply adds two "styles" and several monsters. Even though XX is equivalent to the G version of Monster Hunter compared with X, the upgraded content players don’t buy it, and even refuse to admit that it is a G version, just regard it as a complementary version of X.

Monster hunter has always been listed as a "hardcore game" in my place. Because it is obviously an RPG, but I need to recite it like a cross-board fighting game, and I also need to remember the monster’s behavior pattern. The reason why I enjoy playing continuously is because it is rich in material collection elements, and it can build better equipment by collecting materials. Every time I see those equipment made by me, I have a sense of accomplishment, and I feel that the sweat I left behind to fight monsters is worthwhile.

To put it bluntly, I just want to make a beautiful dress.

As the only work of the Ace Air Combat Series that was first released in 3DS, Ace Air Combat 3D set off quite a craze in that year. As we all know, the three pillars of the game industry are guns, cars and balls. This game, which combines "guns" and "cars", is very popular among players. This game makes full use of the function of the lower screen of the handheld, which can display information such as radar, radio conversation, fighter performance, etc. Click the enemy plane on the radar, and it can be easily locked. The game also introduces a sharp turn "High G Turn", which can be achieved without slowing down by holding down L and R during the turn.

When it comes to game enlightenment, the racing game is "Need for Speed Series" and the shooting game is CS. But I have never played a game that combines shooting and racing before. Although it may not be so appropriate to compare "ace air combat" to racing+shooting, the speed and shooting elements contained in the game always exist. I’m still shocked to see the dogfight in air combat, rapid climbing and falling, and 3D effects on the handheld.

3DS has four orthodox Poké mon works in two generations, namely the authentic works Pokémon X/Y and Poké mon Dream Sun/Moon, the replica work Pokémon Alfa Sapphire/Omega Ruby and the expansion piece Poké mon Dream/Moon. Since X/Y, Baokemeng series has officially entered 3D, and the traditional pixel style has been replaced by a brand-new three-dimensional five-headed figure, and buildings, lawns, etc. also have 3D modeling.

After stepping into 3D, Baokemeng has also changed a lot in gameplay. For example, every generation of Baokemeng from X/Y will add new elements to the battle, such as Mega evolution (X/Y), Z-style (Sun/Moon), Extremely Giant (Sword/Shield) and Too Crystallization (Zhu/Zi).

In "X/Y", some Baokemeng can carry out Mega evolution in battle by wearing corresponding Mega stones. After the evolution, Baokemeng has a leap-forward growth in all values, and even can obtain the second attribute. In addition, the work also added a brand-new treasure dream attribute-goblin, a new attribute introduced to restrain the dragon system.

In Sun/Moon, in addition to the official support of Chinese for the first time, the Baokemeng game also made innovations in the game mechanism, canceling the previous Taoist temple and changing it into a "Island Tour" and "Great Test" in line with the world outlook. After passing through all the checkpoints of the island, you will fight against a huge overlord, Bao Kemeng, and then you can challenge the island owner and complete the "tour" of an island. It also introduces the mechanism of regional form, and some Baokemeng clubs have different forms because of their living areas. For example, Vulpix and Kyubi no Youko will have white fur in the Arora area, which is very beautiful.

3DS’s Baokemeng series can’t fully open 3D, especially in "Sun/Moon", the 3D function has almost become a supplement. However, the game makes full use of dual screens in gameplay. For example, in Sun/Moon, you can interact with Baokemeng through the lower screen to increase intimacy.

I am not a heavy player of Poké mon, just to collect my favorite Poké mon. At the same time, it also has the elements of recalling childhood. When I was a child, I also collected beautiful and lovely treasures. Now I am also collecting beautiful and lovely treasures. Do not seek to gather together, but seek to look good! Raichu, Jigglypuff, such as Bao Ke, MUBI, please! Moreover, during the caressing session with Bao Kemeng, every time Bao Kemeng smiles and jumps, it seems that I am in a cat cafe, and there is quite a feeling of cyber cat in it.

With the Switch platform "collection! Animal Forest Friends Association has different settings for moving to uninhabited islands. In 3DS, Come on! In Animal Forest Friends Association, we will take a train to a village as the village head. The core gameplay of the game and "Collection! Animal Forest Friends Association is the same, players only need to run villages and towns according to their own ideas. We can freely shuttle between villages and towns and shopping streets, cultivate feelings with small animals, and enjoy shopping in shopping streets.

The game gives full play to many features of 3DS, especially the support for 3DS pedometer and shoulder communication, which greatly enhances the fun of the game. Some items in the store need players to take 3DS to go out and walk, and exchange them through gold coins accumulated by steps. And if the player meets someone who also opens the shoulder communication outdoors, then the data of both parties will be exchanged, and you can see each other’s house in the game. The addition of these two features makes the virtual world of the game contact with the real world, which makes people have the impulse to take 3DS out for a walk.

If you like this slow-paced game, I highly recommend you to try "Come on! Animal Forest Friends Association. Take 3DS with you when you go out every day, and take it out in your spare time to weed and communicate with small animals. If you come home and find yourself passing other players today and seeing each other’s house, it may surprise you for a while.

Finally, I also want to talk to you about whether it is worthwhile to start 3DS at present. In recent years, many speculators poured into the market and speculated on the so-called "NS replacement", which once raised the price of 3DS to the price close to that of Switch Lite. Although it has fallen back now, there are still problems of premium and profiteers’ speculation, which can not be ignored when we choose to start.

Now want to start with 3DS reasons are mostly these points:

  • Want to play exclusive games on 3DS;
  • Want to collect a 3DS;;
  • Want to experience the effect of naked-eye 3D;
  • I want to buy a portable game device.

If you have made it clear that you just want to play exclusive games on 3DS, it is not a problem to start at any time as long as it meets your psychological price. For this part of the players, it is recommended to start with the new 3DS series equipment, which has stronger performance, more buttons and better 3D effect.

However, the exclusive game mentioned here refers toGames that can only be played in 3DSorOnly 3DS can get the complete experience of the game.. For example, The Legend of Zelda: The Flute of Time can be played in the official N64 simulator on Switch, and Excalibur has also been remastered on Switch. If you choose to play on an updated device, the experience you can get will definitely be better. However, it is very worthwhile to start with a 3DS to experience a platform-exclusive game like Poké mon Dream Sun/Moon, or a game like Super Mario 3D Continental that can give full play to the 3D characteristics of the device.

For the collector’s party, you have obviously determined your determination to start. However, it is not easy to find equipment with good color, complete box and three yards in one. Don’t forget to identify it carefully when buying.

If you want to experience the effect of naked-eye 3D, you can consider the new 3DS series if the budget is sufficient, and the old 3DS or 3DS LL if it is insufficient. Because the new 3DS adds an infrared camera to detect the face and adjust the 3D effect, its 3D effect will be better, while the old 3DS needs to face the screen to get a better 3D experience.

Of course, if you just want to experience naked-eye 3D, there is no game preference. Then it may be a more affordable choice to spend one or two hundred dollars to buy an HTC EVO 3D.

If you just want to own a portable game device, then 3DS may not be the perfect choice. I suggest that you choose a platform according to the game and avoid impulsive consumption. After all, most of the games on 3DS don’t have official Chinese, and there are restrictions on the cassette lock area.

Because the meaning of 3DS to me is far more than just a game machine, but a device that can read past memories.

As @Tp said, 3DS series handhelds can’t be described as "NS flat replacement" at all, and their functions and picture quality are not at the same level. But why is the 3DS on fire again? Maybe it’s our nostalgia for childhood memories. Nowadays, it is no longer an item that can be described by the simple word "game machine".

Tp says it is a device to read past memories, and I regard it as the key to my childhood. When I am tired, I turn on my 3DLL, and even if I don’t play games, I can remember the beauty of my childhood when I hold it.

Everyone who can swim agrees that these four benefits are obvious after swimming for half a month.

With the coming of summer heat, swimming has almost become a national sport in this season. From the point of view of fitness, people who often do swimming exercises have obviously improved their physical fitness. As a sport loved by the whole people, swimming has many benefits, but we also need to know and remember the precautions.

The benefits of swimming

First, exercise respiratory muscles to improve cardiopulmonary function

Because of the water pressure, you need to bear certain pressure during swimming. When exhaling, due to the high density of water, resistance is generated, so you must exert yourself. Every breath is equivalent to a deep breath, and you will breathe rhythmically according to your swimming style, which can effectively stimulate your respiratory function. People who insist on swimming for a long time can significantly improve their oxygen uptake and vital capacity.

Second, shaping and bodybuilding

Swimming is a whole-body exercise, which can make the whole body muscle groups exercise, get balanced and coordinated development, and make the muscle lines smooth. Like running and playing ball, although they are also full-body sports, if you are accidentally injured, your local muscles will be hard and obvious. However, if swimming training is planned for a long time, the body can be in a state of no load and the joint injury rate can be reduced by 90%.

Third, relieve stress

Nowadays, the fast pace of life and heavy work pressure have become a normal state of urban life. Swimming can stimulate the secretion of endorphins in the body and relieve the pressure of daily work and life. Like yoga, people can fully relax their bodies, make people calm, eliminate external interference, become more focused, and reduce tension and depression.

Fourth, enhance resistance

The temperature of the swimming pool is usually lower than that of the human body, and the body dissipates heat quickly and consumes a lot of energy in the water. In order to supplement the heat emitted by the body, the nervous system will respond quickly, accelerate the metabolism of the human body and increase its adaptability to the outside world. Therefore, the winter swimmers we see are not easy to catch a cold, and their resistance and immunity to diseases are higher than those of ordinary people.

Understand swimming precautions to avoid accidents.

First, make full security preparations, and don’t be alone. Children, especially, must be accompanied by their parents.

Second, do a good job of sun protection when swimming in summer, because the skin is bare when swimming, plus the reflection of water on light, it is easy to get sunburn or sunburn, and in severe cases, it will cause dermatitis.

Third, women avoid swimming during menstruation, and their physical resistance during menstruation is poor, and germs are easy to enter the body and cause infection. Suffering from tuberculosis, otitis media, heart disease, skin disease, etc., it is not suitable for swimming.

Four, swimming time should not be too long, the longest is not more than 2 hours. 5. Don’t swim on an empty stomach or after meals. Swimming on an empty stomach will affect appetite and digestive function, and it is prone to dizziness and fatigue in the water; And satiety will produce stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea and so on.

Ten trends, see the new trend of makeup in 2023.

journalist | Yao Lifan

New Media of Beauty Headlines

2022 can be said to be a hot year for make-up. Make-up casualties, cutting-edge make-up brands, red people’s own brands, century-old famous beauty giants, have been smashed. In 2022, the financing of make-up brands also fell to freezing point, and no more than five make-up brands received financing.

Is makeup really not working? In fact, from the overall data, the market size of the makeup industry is rising year by year, and the sales volume is also rising continuously.According to Euromonitor data, the scale of China’s cosmetics market has reached 395.8 billion yuan in 2020, and the compound annual growth rate of China’s cosmetics market can reach 12.86% from 2011 to 2025.

At the same time, with the strong rise of the concept of "please yourself", the volume of makeup is also not to be underestimated. Search for "make-up" on the little red book, with related notes of 1.64 million+; The topic of Weibo # Makeup # has been discussed by 1.906 million people and read by 2.54 billion people. Tik Tok # Beauty # topic played 147.9 billion times, and # Makeup # topic played 7.88 billion times.

Recently, the major beauty market data reports are telling us that makeup is not "dying", justThe makeup track has quietly changed.To this end, Xiaobian will sort out the development trend of the makeup market from major data reports, look for new opportunities in the makeup market in 2023, and look forward to bringing business inspiration to the beauty industry in the new year.


Facial makeup has developed rapidly.

Refined demand leads to subdivision scheme

Affected by the epidemic, masks can never really be "taken off", and the various sub-categories of makeup are more obviously affected by this. According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2022, the growth rate of cosmetics consumption slowed down year-on-year, especially the growth rate of online cosmetics consumption of eyes and lips declined most obviously, and the development potential of facial makeup products was highlighted, with the most outstanding pressure resistance performance among various makeup categories.

According to the data of "Consumption Trend of China Makeup Market in 2022" released by Baidu Marketing, Baidu makeup users’ attention to facial makeup and eye makeup continued to increase for two consecutive years, accounting for 46% and 15% respectively, while lip makeup users’ attention decreased, accounting for 34%.

According to the "Vientiane Tide -2022 Huge Engine Beauty White Paper" released by a huge number of calculations, the daily wearing of masks has reduced the heat of lipstick. At the same time, the nose shadow that highlights the outline and three-dimensional sense of the five senses and the blush that raises the color have ushered in a new heat, and the number of related videos has surged.

As consumers’ demands for product selling points become more detailed and concrete, the demand for each sub-category of make-up becomes different.

Taking base makeup products as an example, according to the function, base makeup products can be divided into three categories: basic base makeup, base makeup and fixed makeup. Basic makeup products are pre-makeup products, including pre-makeup milk and isolation; Priming products include foundation (including liquid foundation/cream, powder cake and BB cream) and concealer; Makeup products mainly include loose powder, honey powder and makeup spray. Besides,Base makeup products have gone out of many styles such as "skin care effect", "pure beauty" and "precise beauty".


Makeup sense, makeup, makeup effect

Become the main point of attracting users to make-up products

In the use of makeup, makeup is the key to connect products and makeup effects. The brand began to spend more thought and investment on the content of makeup education in order to effectively convey the brand style and product points. Therefore,Make-up feeling, make-up and make-up effect have become the main points to attract users of make-up products.

"Vientiane Tide -2022 Huge Engine Beauty White Paper" points out that makeup users are more accustomed to understanding the makeup feeling of products through search, video creators prefer to attract traffic with makeup, and makeup-interested users need to learn more about the makeup effect of products through videos. At present, users’ preference for makeup is focused on moisturizing and lasting; The preference of makeup shows a diversified trend; The user’s expectation of makeup effect mainly focuses on the sense of youth and atmosphere.

Therefore, with the help of customized makeup thinking, the brand helps consumers find a more suitable makeup feeling, makeup and makeup effect, in order to arouse more resonance.

It is worth mentioning that,At present, different types of make-up brands have different efforts on makeup feeling, makeup and makeup effect.. Judging from the changing trend of the number of videos with different makeup themes in Tik Tok, international brands have slowed down their investment in makeup sense, and the increment is more evenly distributed to makeup and makeup effect; Local traditional brands mainly promote theme videos related to makeup effect; Local cutting-edge brands have made great efforts in the second half of 2021. The theme video: The sense of makeup is the biggest segment that has been invested by various brands under these three themes.


Exquisite nude makeup, national style makeup, easy makeup imitation,

Cyber makeup is a hot concept trend of makeup.

Nowadays, the popular trend of the make-up market is changing with the upgrading of users’ cognition, and it is evolving in the direction of more personalization, scene and bolder coloring. Exquisite nude makeup, Chinese makeup, and atmospheric light makeup … makeup suitable for different scenes has become a hot spot. Brands can seize these nodes and hot spots, and focus on recommending some popular makeup-related makeup items to improve the topic and sales.

(1) Exquisite nude makeup

In the past two years, more and more beauty bloggers have made "original makeup" on the social media platform Amway, which is known as "pseudo-plain makeup", "nude makeup" and "plain water makeup". Such delicate and atmospheric nude makeup has become the mainstream of contemporary makeup. Naked makeup pursues natural and exquisite makeup and skin condition, and the base makeup suitable for skin characteristics is indispensable.

According to the data of Vipshop, the main trend of makeup in the station in 2022 is that the foundation is light and does not take off makeup, the eye shadow requires earth tone, the lipstick prefers moist and translucent, and the words "pseudo-plain face" and "atmosphere" become the main frequency.

(2) National Style Makeup

The rise of national style and tide has brought the popularity of Chinese makeup. From classical beauty to modern new Chinese style, from makeup collocation to Chinese aesthetic products, Chinese beauty has achieved new development in the field of makeup.

Internet big data shows that the attention of the national tide has increased by 528% in the past decade, and the popularity has also spread to the beauty industry. In the past year, the number of viewers of bilibili Guofeng Beauty Video under the age of 18 increased by 46% year-on-year. The most popular video types in this field are imitation makeup, anthropomorphic re-enactment of ancient paintings/cultural relics, creative makeup and tutorials.

(3) Easy makeup imitation

With superb makeup technology and creativity, as well as the content that is different from traditional beauty bloggers, the content of imitation makeup and easy appearance has effectively broadened the audience of traditional beauty videos. Leveraging hot people and paying tribute to classic themes has become a makeup explosion since 2021. According to the search behavior of Baidu users, cluster analysis shows that celebrity imitation makeup, online celebrity Big V imitation makeup and game heroine imitation makeup have a high degree of popularity.

(4) cyber makeup department

Contemporary young people’s attention to beauty is not limited to the present. They also aim at the futuristic cyber makeup system and express their imagination of abstract future such as meta-universe and bionics with makeup skills.

In the past year, bilibili’s futuristic makeup videos were sought after by many age groups, with the group aged 31 and above having the highest growth rate, reaching 584%, followed by the group under 18, with a 380% increase. The brand might as well jump out of the current trend, travel through time and space, and have a textual research or imaginary dialogue with another beauty.



Products are upgraded in the direction of reducing the difficulty of operation.

With the increasing penetration rate of makeup consumers, the makeup market has become more diversified, and more and more early adopters are eager to try. Cosmetic products are upgraded in the direction of reducing the difficulty of operation, so that novice parties can easily control them. At the same time,The multi-purpose and efficient makeup method lowers the threshold of makeup and faces more consumers.

Naiji’s stubborn lip and cheek mud

Make-up with multiple purposes can be roughly divided into two categories:The first category, monochrome multi-purpose productsThat is, one color can be used for different parts, such as lipstick/blush for lips and cheeks, eyebrow pencil/eyeliner for eyebrows and eyeliner, etc. For example, Naiji stubborn lip and cheek mud can be used as lipstick, blush and eye shadow, which is equivalent to three colors;

Hua Xi zi Bai niao Chao feng embossed makeup tray

The second type is to combine different categories into a comprehensive disk to form a multifunctional disk.For example, the two-in-one cosmetic & blush plate, such as Hua Xizi’s hundred birds facing the phoenix relief makeup plate, Kating’s golden finch’s slightly dyed blush plate, and Bellingham’s four-color high-gloss blush plate.


Component players enter the game

Cosmetics are increasingly skincare.

With the escalation of consumers’ demands for skin care, more and more makeup players began to pay equal attention to both ingredients and makeup, and the makeup products gradually upgraded from a single makeup function to a skin care function.

According to the "2022 Beauty Trend Insight Report" jointly released by Vogue Business in China and Tik Tok e-commerce, the content broadcast volume and search scale of skin-care makeup have been rising all the way, and consumers are paying more and more attention to the skin-care effect of base makeup, not only pursuing the effects of concealing and holding makeup, but also expecting to nourish the skin and even have more functions.

It is becoming a hot trend for functional ingredients to enter makeup.In recent years, brands at home and abroad have introduced new cosmetic ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, B5 essence, CE essence, water-soluble collagen, peptides, bosin and other skin care ingredients, as well as natural ingredients such as Ganoderma lucidum, aloe vera, peach kernel, ginseng and cordyceps sinensis.

According to CBNData and Yigrowth’s Insight Report on the Trend of Facial Makeup in the Post-epidemic Era, moisturizing is the most concerned effect when consumers buy skin foundation. With the makeup needs of people with sensitive muscles being continuously tapped, the makeup products specialized in sensitive muscles have begun to attract attention, and brands such as Beast Code and Supple Supple have appeared to develop makeup products for sensitive muscle users. Besides,Advanced skin care effects such as anti-aging and whitening are also the blue ocean to be explored in the base makeup market.

In addition, in order to meet the demand of the beauty market,Eye makeup also adds a variety of active skin care ingredients in time to achieve the purpose of combining makeup and nourishing.To further improve the added value of eye makeup items. For example, KISSME Slim Waterproof Eyeliner Pen uses five essences, including hydrolyzed collagen, panthenol, Swertia japonica extract, sodium hyaluronate and Rosa rugosa extract, to further alleviate the problem of eye Zhouyimin.

KISSME smooth waterproof eyeliner pen

It is worth mentioning that,There is also a figure of "component party" among makeup experts.Compared with the past, the video content of "Make-up Composition Party" pays more attention to the composition analysis of make-up products, and even uses formula ideas to analyze the degree of makeup holding and skin friendliness.


Under the concept of sustainability

"Pure makeup" is more favored by consumers.

With the increasing emphasis on the concept of environmental protection and sustainability, as well as the improvement of cosmetic safety requirements, domestic beauty consumers have also begun to use "friendly makeup" and "pure makeup" that are healthy, harmless to the skin and friendly to the environment.

In the "Future Trends of Global Beauty Care in 2022" published by Mintel, it is mentioned that with the concept of sustainability deeply rooted in people’s hearts, 47% of China consumers are willing to upgrade their consumption for environmental protection, and they are willing to spend more money on environmentally friendly beauty/care products, and 85% of China consumers hope that famous beauty brands will have more innovative sustainable concepts.

At present, there are three main standards for pure make-up..First, do not add controversial chemical componentsAdvocate vegan safety and health;Second, refuse animal experimentsAdvocate "zero cruelty"; Third, the ingredients and even the packaging are environmentally friendly..

"Dewy Lab" products

For example, Dewy Lab, the first pure beauty brand in China, claimed that it would not add any harmful and controversial harmful ingredients, and its products followed the standards of user-friendliness, life-friendliness and earth-friendliness. At the same time, the brand has also formulated the "DCBS purity standard". At present, more than 70 kinds of risk components in 10 categories have been eliminated, ensuring the safety of each product.


The trend of makeup rejuvenation is obvious.

The rapid rise of gender-free makeup

With the rapid development of Internet and society, consumers of Generation Z began to question the binary opposition market classification, and showed more interest in inclusive products with updated concepts. Mixed make-up products with wider categories and more color numbers also provided consumers of Generation Z with more choices.

It is mentioned in the "Vientiane Tide -2022 Huge Engine Beauty White Paper" released by the huge calculation.The interested users in the makeup industry are mainly women, but compared with last year, the proportion of male users has increased.; From the age point of view, the proportion of users aged 18-23 and over 50 years old has increased, and users interested in cosmetics have shown a trend of breaking circles in all ages.

Local brand SEVEN·JULY

Diversified aesthetics and a more open and inclusive social environment make men’s make-up and gender-free make-up a hot topic. According to the statistics of the new product library of Meiye Yan Research Institute, it is found that weakening gender, unlimited skin color, undefined, minimalist, pure and environmentally friendly packaging have become the key words for brands to create "gender-free" new products, and these labels are more likely to be recognized and appreciated by a new generation of young people.


The demand for makeup in sports scenes has been discovered.

High-strength sweat-proof makeup is favored.

"Exercise for two minutes and take a selfie for one hour." The self-deprecating realism of netizens reveals the preferences of young people who are keen to share their lives in various scenes. Their pursuit of beauty is everywhere, even in sports and social occasions. There are 13.69 million+notes on "sports" in Little Red Book. Besides common sports wear and sharing with practice, gym makeup teaching, sports beauty and grass planting have also become common.

At the same time,The sports+beauty marketing event also led to the upsurge of "sports beauty" products.Focusing on providing nursing solutions in the sports scene and solving skin problems that may be caused during exercise is becoming the next outlet.

Based on the Z generation’s love for sports and fitness, the demand for makeup in sports scenes has been discovered, and high-intensity sweat-proof makeup is more favored by them, and brands have also launched related products. For example, Clinique launched ClinqueFit series specially designed for sports, including cosmetics, loose powder, moisturizing cream and other products, focusing on high-strength sweat-proof performance, so that the skin can remain dry during exercise. Tarte, an American beauty brand, cooperated with Sephora to launch the Hustle&Glow series of sports beauty, including 12 kinds of products such as sunscreen, repairing capacity and high gloss, which is characterized by high color rendering, strong sweat-proof and waterproof functions.


Customized makeup is on the rise.

With the popularization of beauty education, beauty consumers are more and more aware of rational skin care for their own skin conditions. Similarly, with the increasingly diversified aesthetic trend of the makeup industry, consumers have more ideas on purchasing products. The makeup consumers in the new era are seeking exclusive and customized items.

According to market research company Mintel, nearly 50% consumers hope to get their own customized personalized beauty products, and the demand for personalized cosmetics is constantly increasing.

In view of consumers’ pursuit of individuality, brands will naturally not give up the opportunity to seize consumers and launch customized products and services.For example, Amore Pacific’s personal customization service "BESPOKE NEO" claims to instantly produce 150 air cushions and liquid foundations suitable for women’s skin color around the world through skin testing and one-on-one consultation.

It is worth mentioning that on November 10th, 2022, official website, the State Food and Drug Administration, issued the Notice of the General Department of the State Food and Drug Administration on the Pilot Work of Personalized Cosmetic Services, and carried out the pilot work of personalized cosmetic services in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong and Guangdong provinces (cities), and encouraged the pilot enterprises to carry out pilot projects in skin testing, product tracking and personalized skin care service programs around common cosmetics such as makeup and skin care. This means that the blessing of policies will accelerate the exploration and landing of customized make-up products.


Scene digitization

The brand began to create a new interactive scene of makeup.

With the emergence of NFT and blockchain concepts, brands have also begun to create new scenes of makeup interaction.Through virtual technology, online makeup test, experience the product effect, or combine the user experience with digital technology such as makeup art collection and rights binding, provide consumers with self-identity value beyond products and brands, and enhance user stickiness. The cumulative broadcast volume of #NFT topic on Tik Tok platform reached 1.17 billion times.

Clinique Clinique NFT digital collection

NFT is a digital asset verified by blockchain technology, which is irreplaceable, indivisible, easy to verify and unique. It is generally suitable for marking the ownership of specific assets. NFT includes art collections, rights and interests and virtual makeup. NFT has become a hot topic in recent two years.

L ‘Oré al’s "Metauniverse" Space

In addition, many beauty companies and retailers began to base themselves on the development of blockchain technology and launched many experimental platforms and virtual spaces. Blockchain technology can clearly record every group of data information in the beauty industry chain. The unchangeable data is not only conducive to the traceability of beauty products, but also ensures that every link in the entire cosmetics industry chain is transparent and safe. It can also develop multiple virtual scenes, which opens up a richer imagination for beauty brands, brings subversive application scenarios to the beauty industry, and stimulates existing customers from the marketing perspective.

The above trend shows that with the continuous upgrading of young people’s beauty consumption mentality, consumers have different demands for make-up products.What the brand needs most is to find the right outlet, grasp the frontier trend of makeup, do its own market segmentation, accurately attack the pain points of consumers, and strengthen the technical barriers of products to bring consumers better products and experiences.

edit | Huang Youzhi

supervise the manufacture | Chen Shanhua