What exactly is fashion?

As a fashion editor for several years, I have always been an outsider.

What exactly is fashion? I’ve been thinking about this problem recently.

Fashion is synonymous with the trend, fashion is the lifestyle of the nobility, fashion is unconventional, fashion is inclusive.

The definition of fashion can be varied and can be basically divided into the following categories:


It looks very fashionable

Recently, I have nothing to do, and I have revisited Yuezi Kono, a proofreading girl. If the Druna Hotel is a classic dressing show of IU, Yuezi Kono, a proofreading girl, is undoubtedly a 10-yuan fashion show, and it is almost impossible to count how many sets have been changed, but each set looks very fashionable.

This kind of fashion mainly focuses on the visual sense, and the clothing and makeup have been matched and taken care of, which is the most direct fashion expression.


The background is very fashionable

There is one kind of people, no matter what they wear, who can always be the focus of the photographer’s lens, such as this one:

Oh, no, I put the wrong picture (can the photographer let people have a good vacation)

The following is the correct way to open it.

Although I’m sorry to say this, Ms. Gigi is comparable to the top of the entertainment circle, but she has no good works and acting skills.

As the top traffic in the fashion circle, regardless of whether it is fashionable or not, fire is right.


Personalized fashion

This kind of fashion is somewhat incomprehensible, such as this:

Like this:

Or like this:

In short, just be casual. Regardless of the hustle and bustle of Yangguan Road, he insisted on a wooden bridge to go to black.


Subdivision fashion

Do you think what is mentioned above is fashion? All wet. There are also subdivisions under fashion, such as fashion, yes, the street fashion, and fashion shoes, skateboarding and joint names are its key words. For example, Uniqlo, which was robbed some time ago, jointly signed T.

Beauty fashion: see the beautiful mouth red number, the kind that uses liquid foundation to plant grass crazily.

There are too many sub-categories related to fashion, and every single item, jewelry, can derive a fashion.

Take the position of fashion editor as an example, there are paper editors, grass editors, clothing editors, beauty editors and other miscellaneous sub-categories, which overlap but are not inclusive.

Knock on the small blackboard:

With all this nonsense, what is fashion?

The answer to this question is open.

Personally, simplicity, elegance, neatness and plain face are my favorite fashion styles, but in fact, it doesn’t conform to the popular fashion aesthetics at all without makeup, at best, it is comfortable.

But when the word fashion is disassembled, it is not a monk at that time.

The former aristocratic fashion has evolved into popular fashion, andIt is really fashionable to find a way to express yourself correctly.

Note: The pictures are from Douban and Weibo. See the watermark for details.

——The end——