Table of the best exercise stages of the human body. What kind of exercise do you do at what age?

Come on, let’s go rock climbing. ]
[Rock climbing, you are 60 years old, can you still rock climbing? ]
[This exercise is relatively large, which is more beneficial to your health ~]
[That’s where you are wrong. Although exercise is very important, only exercise that suits your age is good for your health. ]
[and this statement? Then tell me, how does sports distinguish age groups? ]
[Ok, listen to me and tell you, this 60-year-old should exercise slowly …]
In recent years, the fitness craze has swept all ages.From the eighties to the eighties, Grandpa Muscle became a online celebrity, and from the young college students, everyone basically began to pay attention to sports.

In fact, people of different ages have suitable sports, different ages and physical qualities, and the key exercises they need are naturally different, so they need to choose appropriate and correct sports. For those who insist on exercise, the body will gain a lot of benefits imperceptibly.

Energetic:People who exercise regularly will give people an energetic and energetic look. As we all know, exercise accelerates the metabolic rate. In fact, not only during exercise, but also within 12 hours after exercise,The rate of metabolism will also be accelerated, thus keeping people full of vitality.

Improve sleep quality and improve cardiopulmonary function;When exercising,It can indirectly exercise the heart and lungs, thus improving the cardiopulmonary function and reducing the probability of heart and lung diseases.. In addition, people who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from insomnia, because exercise can effectively promote sleep and improve sleep quality.

Burn fat and keep weight:For beauty lovers, exercise is a good way to keep weight and lose weight.During exercise, fat is burned, calories are consumed, and weight naturally becomes lighter.

Enhance resistance:Exercise can promote blood circulation, enhance lymphatic flow, and help muscle contraction, thus effectively improving resistance and maintaining good health. People who exercise regularly are less likely to be infected during the flu season.

Release emotional stress:During exercise, the body will release a lot of indophenol, which is a substance that can ease the mood and make the mood calm. Therefore, exercise is an effective way to release emotional stress. If you encounter setbacks in the near future and have bad emotions, you may wish to exercise and get rid of them.

There are thousands of sports, which one is suitable for you? Actually, luckExercise is also divided into different age groups. People of different ages have different suitable sports. Only by choosing the right sports can we get the greatest benefits.

Children:What is the most suitable exercise for children?Ball games, swimming and other sports that can exercise various muscle groups.Experiencing new sports is full of fun for children, and showing more strength in sports is also something that children are proud of. In ball games, whether it is football or badminton, it can improve children’s teamwork ability. In addition, they can also promote bone growth and enhance their immunity through exercise.

Youth:People of this age group are more suitable.Rock climbing, ball games, sprints and other sports that can strengthen muscles and bones. Because youth is an important period for shaping bones and body shape, you should exercise at least three days a week and at least 30 minutes a day. While insisting on moderate-intensity sports such as ball games and sprints, you can also supplement strength training such as rock climbing and push-ups to train local muscles in a targeted manner.

Middle age:At this stage, the intensity of crowd exercise does not need to be increased, but enough exercise should be ensured.Ensure at least 150 minutes of exercise every week, and you can choose cycling, swimming or jogging.And carry out targeted strength training for body muscles to ensure muscle strength.

Middle-aged and elderly:After the age of 65, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the intensity of exercise and try to choose.Low-intensity sports such as walking, Ba Duan Jin or Tai Ji Chuan.. This is because the middle-aged and elderly people will have some health problems, such as calcium loss, which is prone to fractures. If they do high-intensity exercise, they are prone to accidents. Middle-aged and elderly people should exercise for the purpose of physical fitness and health care and do what they can.

In fact, no matter what age group people are, they should do warm-up exercises before exercise to ensure that there will be no accidents during exercise.

Warm-up exercise before exercise can make the body "ready" and avoid problems such as muscle strain, joint injury and ligament strain during exercise. So, what should you do to warm up?

In-situ leg lifts:Hold your head high, keep your eyes on the front, relax your body, raise your legs, swing your arms naturally, and alternate your legs.

Thoracoforearm rotation:Hold your head high, bend your body slowly, straighten your arms until you can touch your toes, and alternate your hands.

In-situ aerobics:Feet shoulder-width apart, jump up gently, put your hands over your head, and spread your legs naturally.

Leg press lunge:Hands akimbo, lunge posture, center of gravity between legs.

Adhere to scientific and effective sports,It can not only strengthen the body, but also effectively reduce the aging rate of the body.Starting from tomorrow, let’s move!


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