The acceleration of 100 kilometers is 3.9 seconds. How does BYD Han EV drive?

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I have to say that when BYD Han just went public, many people were not very optimistic about it. After all, it was in the car segmentation field where its own brand had been weak, and it had a distance compared with Tesla and BBA in brand power. At the same time, pricing is also controversial.

Some netizens said: "Is BYD Han worth 219,800-279,500 yuan after subsidy?

Is the set price a little too floating?

The brain is crazy. Is it not fresh and fragrant to have the money to buy a Tesla?

This car is destined to be cool. "

However, in reality, BYD Han succeeded, and after three months of listing, BYD Han ushered in the first sales of more than 10,000. It can be said that BYD Han gave two big mouths to those who didn’t value it with real sales results. Yes! Byd Han not only didn’t get cold, but also climbed steadily.

According to the latest official sales data released by BYD in November, BYD Han sold a total of 10,105 vehicles in November, achieving a four-month sales increase, with a cumulative sales volume of 28,467 vehicles. Among them, BYD Han EV (parameter picture) sold 7,482 vehicles in November, ranking fourth in the sales list of new energy vehicles in November of china automobile dealers association Automobile Market Research Branch (Association); BYD Han DM also sold 2,623 vehicles in mid-November, up 5.3% from October. Judging from these sales figures, BYD Han really "went up". So why did it succeed? What are the core highlights? Just recently, the key gentleman participated in a deep test drive experience of "recalling Jiangnan" for BYD, and found some answers from it. Let’s go! Let’s take a look!

Full of Chinese style! The appearance is highly recognizable and differentiated.

Still as usual, let’s talk about the static part first. In this era of "looking at the face", not only people have to look at the face value, but even cars have to fight for the face value. In recent years, the post-90 s and post-00 s gradually replaced the post-70 s and post-80 s as the main group of consumers, and the personalized consumption characteristics of young people began to dominate the market changes. Therefore, the value of a car is good or bad, which can be said to play a decisive role in the process of consumers’ car selection.

After so many years of development, China’s automobile industry has become increasingly mature. While increasing the research and development of their own products, independent car manufacturers have also made great efforts in appearance value, striving to cater to the aesthetics of young consumers with the latest and most fashionable appearance design. Of course, BYD is the representative of this. Judging from the appearance of the models currently listed, the design style of BYD’s models is absolutely "fan".

Ok, the gossip is a little too much, so let’s get back to the topic! This time, the key test drive is a BYD Han EV four-wheel drive high-performance version of the flagship, with a price of 279,500 yuan and an acceleration of 3.9s seconds per 100 kilometers. When the key gentleman saw this car at first sight, the key gentleman was really amazed by its design. First of all, the first feeling it gave the key gentleman was that this BYD Han EV was very coupe-like, with a low posture and smooth lines. Interestingly, the overall design of this car is also full of Chinese style. Specifically, the front face of BYD Han EV adopts a closed and integrated front face, and a silver chrome-plated decorative strip is conspicuous at the grille of the front face, and the "Han" logo is also dotted in it, which also makes China elements more prominent. In addition, the shape of the headlight group is slender and sharp, and it looks more sci-fi and avant-garde with the streamlined body.

In addition to the attractive value of the front face, BYD Han EV also has a surprising part on the side of the car body. The side of the whole car body adopts a slip-back roof arc to make the car look more sporty. In addition, the design of the hidden handle highlights its sense of science and technology. During the experience, the key gentleman thinks that BYD has made this design very carefully, and the LOGO with the word "Han" is printed on the inside of the door handle, which is also very good in the process of pushing and retracting. It is worth mentioning that this car also supports NFC unlocking, and the sensing area is in the rearview mirror, which can support Huawei mobile phone unlocking and binding. At this point, the key gentleman thinks it is very convenient for consumers.

In addition, the design of the tail shape of BYD Han EV is also very textured. The top corner of the trunk adopts a duck tail shape, and the popular through taillights are not absent. The design elements of the taillights are also used on both sides, which is highly recognizable after lighting. From the overall design point of view, the face value of BYD Han EV is very high, which is quite good in terms of atmosphere and durability, and there is actually a reason to have this face value.

It is reported that this design was jointly created by Wolfgang Eiger, former design director of Audi, JuanMa López, exterior design director of Ferrari, and Michele Jauch-Paganetti, former interior design director of Mercedes-Benz. It is not difficult to understand why BYD Han can have a highly recognizable and differentiated appearance with such a big-name designer.

The interior is both textured and advanced.

Press the car key lightly, and when you open the car door and enter the car, the electric seat and the electric steering wheel will move slowly. It can be said that the full sense of ceremony will burst out instantly, and the interior that gives the key gentleman the deepest feeling visually is the red and black collocation. It is worthy of recognition that this car has significantly improved the sense of texture and luxury compared with the previous BYD models. At the same time, the interior of the whole car is also decorated with many wood grains, which is very classy.

In terms of materials, BYD Han EV is also very sincere. For example, in terms of seats, BYD Han EV uses Nappa leather raw materials. It is reported that this is selected from cattle hide imported from Brazil and has been processed by more than 20 processes. The overall filler is also very soft and comfortable. At the same time, BYD Han EV is equipped with the function of seat ventilation, and the overall comfort is very good. From this point of view alone, BYD Han EV is much better than Model 3, which is criticized for its rough workmanship and poor materials.

In addition, the interior design of BYD Han EV has not only retained the family-style design, but also carried out many innovations. For example, the dashboard uses a large display screen and the latest DiLink 3.0 UI design, which is called the theme of "flowing". The central control rotating large screen is not absent from this BYD Han EV, with a size of 15.6 inches and a brand-new UI design. The display effect is very clear and delicate, and the fluency of use is also "smooth". In addition, it has functions such as car WIFI, OTA remote upgrade and split-screen display. It is worth noting that in audio-visual entertainment, it can also support Internet radio, online music, local music and local videos, and the system supports downloading applications, which is basically the same as the smart phones we use every day.

In addition, this car is also quite rich in configuration, especially in active safety configuration. It is equipped with BYD Dipilot driver assistance system, and it is equipped with basic common practical configurations such as adaptive cruise, lane keeping and automatic parking.

Key Jun also had some experience during the test drive, among which the most memorable one is that when you enter low-speed driving, as soon as you turn on the turn signal, the screen will automatically switch to a 360-degree panoramic image, and its response speed is really fast. The most important thing is that it is practical and convenient. In terms of voice control, BYD Han EV also has a high degree of voice recognition. The wake-up mode can be awakened by buttons on the steering wheel or by voice, and its voice system has a fast response speed and high recognition. You just need to say "Hello, Xiao Di+Command" to switch to the specified command. Byd Han EV can support switching to make a phone call, check the weather, open the window and other commands.

Let’s take a look at the size. As a medium-sized and large car, BYD Han EV is also full of advantages in space performance. First, let’s take a look at the body size of BYD Han EV. Its length, width and height are 4980/1910/1495mm, and the wheelbase is 2920mm. It is precisely because of its super-long wheelbase of 2920 mm that the rear space of BYD Han EV can be described as luxury. In the actual experience process, the emphasis is on your height. At the same time, sitting in the back seat, you can feel the softness of the whole seat is very high. In addition, the cushion is also very long, not only with ventilation and heating functions, but also with electric adjustment of the back seat, which is quite "cool". Of course, there are still some shortcomings in the space of BYD Han EV. Compared with the abundance of leg space, the head space in the back row is somewhat cramped. In fact, it is not difficult to understand. After all, there are restrictions on the shape of sliding back, so the head space is not so comfortable. According to the pro-test, the head distance is 3.5 to 4 fingers without sitting up straight. If the body plate is upright, it will be a bit awkward. Judging from the overall interior experience of BYD Han EV, BYD Han EV can give consumers a luxury car enjoyment in terms of texture, technical equipment and comfort.

How does BYD Han EV drive?

After talking about the appearance and interior, what is the feeling of BYD Han EV? Since it is a test drive experience, how can we not talk about the feeling of driving! Let’s talk about parameters and power first. BYD Han EV provides two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models, in which the front and rear dual-motor systems with total power of 363kW(494Ps) and maximum torque of 680N·m are adopted for the dual-motor four-wheel drive models. Among them, the long endurance version, the cruising range of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 605km, and our test drive is the high-performance version of the Han EV four-wheel drive.

In this activity, we started from 4S shop to Tongling Yongquan Mountain Villa, with a total length of 180 kilometers. The middle section includes urban roads and expressway sections. In the early stage, before we got on the expressway section, there was a section of urban roads and there were many traffic lights in the middle. At this stage, we switched to economic mode. In this mode, the power output was relatively soft. After entering the expressway section, we switched the driving mode to SPORT mode. Choose the standard intensity for kinetic energy recovery. In the actual experience, the accelerator pedal of the four-wheel drive version is extremely sensitive. When the floor is electrified, the whole car is like a runaway wild horse. Its powerful acceleration performance gives the driver a strong sense of pushing back, but the overall feeling will not appear so abrupt, but it is delicate and linear. To be honest, this kind of driving pleasure will also make consumers feel addicted.

In addition, in addition to the extreme feeling of performance, BYD Han EV also brings us a good driving experience in handling, sports and comfort. When we arrive at the destination of Tongling Yongquan Mountain Villa, we need to go through a continuous curve mountain road. When our vehicle enters the curve, the lateral support of BYD Han EV is very good, and the flexibility of the whole chassis is also very good, which can make you easily turn the curve. To be honest, in this performance, BYD Han EV is not worthy of some luxury brands.

Finally, let’s talk about the performance of BYD Han EV in sound insulation. In fact, in real life, car noise can directly affect our driving experience. If the performance of the vehicle we are driving is not good enough in quietness, it will also increase the burden on the driver’s brain invisibly, which will make people feel annoyed and even lead to road rage. This is harmful to safe driving. At this point, BYD Han EV’s noise control in the car is good, and even some of them exceed the expectations of the key drivers. During the driving process, even if the speed reaches 120KM/h, the car is very quiet, and the wind noise and tire noise are also well controlled. At this point, BYD Han EV is better than other new energy vehicles.

Write at the end:

Whether it is the advanced design or the interior with both texture and high sense, BYD Han EV has given the key gentleman a good feeling. The excellent performance and the pleasant driving texture also make the key gentleman have enough surprises. For this price or this level of models, BYD Han EV is definitely a "face" and a "value" model. I believe that in the future new energy field, BYD Han EV will also create new achievements. Let’s wait and see!