China Automobile Association: Automobile production and sales are expected to reach a record high in 2023, exceeding expectations and achieving the annual forecast target.

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, December 11 (Reporter Li Qiaochu) On December 11, data released by the China Automobile Association showed that in November this year, China’s automobile production and sales were 3.093 million and 2.97 million respectively, up 7% and 4.1% from the previous month and 29.4% and 27.4% from the same period last year. Among them, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 1.074 million and 1.026 million respectively, up by 39.2% and 30% respectively, and the market share reached 34.5%.

According to the China Automobile Association, in November this year, the automobile market continued to be hot. With the help of the "double 11" promotion and other consumer waves, the demand for car purchase was further released, and the market performance continued to improve and exceeded expectations. In November, both automobile production and sales increased year-on-year, passenger cars continued their good trend, commercial vehicles maintained rapid growth, and new energy vehicles and automobile exports led the industry growth. With the continuous appearance of the policy effect, auto shows and promotional activities in various places continue to exert their strength, and the final sprint of enterprises in the last month, it is expected that the auto market will continue to improve in December, reappearing the phenomenon of "jumping tail" at the end of the year. Automobile production and sales are expected to hit a record high throughout the year, exceeding the expected annual forecast target.

Source: People’s Network