Most doctors won’t tell you some "cold knowledge" about female physiology, so you should pay attention to it yourself.

Nowadays, most women really know very little about their own physiological knowledge, and most women also take an evasive and obscure attitude towards some topics of women’s physiological knowledge, and are unwilling to say or mention them. In fact, this is not correct. For their own physiological knowledge, it is the best way to deal with them correctly and actively.

You should know these cold knowledge about female physiology, even if the doctor doesn’t say it.

The first cold knowledge is that, for women, not everyone’s menstrual cycle is 30 days. In fact, women’s menstrual cycle is normal within 21~35 days. Many women will think that their menstrual cycle is not 30 days, so they have irregular menstruation. This idea is actually wrong. Whether women have irregular menstruation requires asking a professional doctor, and then making a comprehensive diagnosis according to their medical history, other physical examinations and even their hormone levels. Therefore, for every woman, never dare to feel that her menstrual cycle is not thirty days, and she is the abnormal one.

The second cold knowledge is actually that for women, their private parts should never be washed casually with some lotion, and it is unnecessary to wash private parts, because women’s vagina has the function of self-cleaning, and the vulva can be washed properly, but the vulva should never be washed. Excessive cleaning will cause more bacteria in the vagina, leading to vaginal dysfunction and counterproductive effects. And even if you use some professional cleaning agents, you can’t use them indiscriminately. You must ask a professional before you can use them properly.

The third cold knowledge about women’s physiology is that for women, urinary tract infection must be treated as early as possible, otherwise it will easily endanger the uterus! For many years, women may think that diseases such as urinary tract infection are definitely easier for men. In fact, compared with men, women are more likely to suffer from urinary tract infection. Because women’s urinary tract is shorter than men’s urinary tract, it is easier to get caught, and the way to avoid it is to keep the vulva clean, of course, to clean it in moderation, not to hold back urine, and to drink more water in daily life, and to do a good job of cleaning before and after sex.

The fourth cold knowledge about women’s physiology is that every woman needs to start cervical screening at the age of 21. Why? According to experts’ research, the age of 21 is the age when women have sexual intercourse for the first time. When screening begins at this period, you can find the problem early, or you can find the problem early and treat it early. Another reason is that in the past screening data, it is very rare for women to get cervical cancer before the age of 21, so to sum up, doctors’ research shows that it is the most appropriate time for women to start cervical screening at the age of 21.

The fifth cold knowledge about women’s physiology is aimed at the disease of pelvic effusion that women are prone to, and it is best not to treat it indiscriminately. Because about pelvic effusion, it is divided into two types, one is physiological and the other is pathological. If it is physiological pelvic effusion, it will gradually disappear after ovulation or early pregnancy, but if it is pathological, it will not be easily eliminated by some drugs at this time, so it is necessary to go to a special doctor for diagnosis and consultation. Therefore, for this disease, every woman should have a snack, and never treat and take medicine by herself.

About these physiological cold knowledge, women must know fairly well, after all, their health is the most important thing for themselves! # Breeze Plan #