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Everyone knows that Tik Tok is very popular, and live broadcast with goods can make money. Do you know about online celebrity, an e-commerce company in Tik Tok? Let’s take a look at Tik Tok’s ranking of online celebrity with goods together with Xiaobian.

In 2019, Tik Tok is still actively promoting the realization of e-commerce in Tik Tok. Following the list of good things in Tik Tok, Tik Tok officially launched the list of sales of talents recently, which has become the focus of Tik Tok operators. At present, the most popular people who carry goods in Tik Tok are: pomelo cici sauce, Li Jiaqi, Natiguli, Hao Fan, Ye Gongzi, Spicy Lai, good geophysicist and so on.

Even during the epidemic, many cities and roads were closed; However, the live broadcast of Devil Li Jiaqi was repeated after the festival. The live broadcast lasted for 3 hours, watched by 1,600 w+people, with 26,000 boxes of snail powder, 300,000 packs of washcloths and 150,000 bottles of Red Earth liquid foundation, all in seconds. Li Jiaqi, a lipstick brother, revealed in an interview that since January 2019, he has already entered 7 figures in a month by bringing goods through live broadcast;

Undoubtedly, live broadcast with goods has become a popular fried chicken for "selling goods". Live broadcast’s unique timely interaction, hunger marketing, transparent consumption scenes and all-round sensory impact make live broadcast with goods effectively promote the conversion rate and turnover of e-commerce and improve the efficiency of traffic realization.

Interesting content+real-time two-way interaction+the lowest price of the whole network+trust guarantee, and the consumer demand of users is stimulated.

Live broadcast helps e-commerce to change from "goods and people" to "people", and the relationship between anchors, goods and consumers is getting closer and closer.

The anchor sells people and explains to users, and users pay attention to and understand the products because they like an anchor, which enhances the exposure of products and then stimulates the purchase behavior.

The above is the 18183 Xiaobian’s ranking of Tik Tok e-commerce in online celebrity and Tik Tok in online celebrity. I hope it will help you.

Long-term recruitment of anchors: male or female, cheerful personality, talent and expertise are preferred, and network hosting experience is preferred. Novice Xiaobai can also do it. The company provides free training and arranges the live broadcast time and content according to personal ability. The strength of the company supports the application for anchor popularity and ensures the traffic in the live broadcast room.


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