Gaohe Automobile unveiled four new HIHIX models at the Shanghai Auto Show at a price of 570,000 to 800,000 yuan.

(Gaohe HiPhi X brings all models to the Shanghai Auto Show)

(Gaohe HiPhi X brings an immersive TECHLUXE? technology luxury experience to the auto show audience with the new "car dance" show)

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On March 30th, Gaohe Automobile officially released four new models with six seats in performance version, six seats in luxury version, six seats in flagship version and four seats in flagship version, all of which are equipped with four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and six-door electric NT wing door as standard, bringing users more diversified new luxury options of TECHLUXE? technology.

(The lineup of all models of Gaohe HiPhi X was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show)

Through the industry-first "Gaohe Energy Upgrading Service", Gaohe Automobile will also provide "trade-in" battery upgrading service for the first owner of HiPhi X in 2023, which can upgrade the existing battery pack to the industry-leading 160kW·h or 120kW·h battery pack and enjoy the longest battery life of up to 1000 kilometers.

(Ding Lei, founder of Chinese Express and Gaohe Automobile, released the "Gaohe Energy Promotion Plan")

Brand-new service directly reaches the user’s life radius

With the delivery just around the corner, Gaohe Automobile accelerates the construction of luxury service system and charging. The first batch of Gaohe experience stores located in more than ten cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Ningbo, Xi ‘an, Chongqing and Yancheng have taken the lead in opening, and the number of experience stores and service outlets will increase to 85 by the end of May, reaching 120 during the year.

(The first batch of Gaohe experience stores in China has been opened first)

In terms of charging, the first owner of Gaohe Automobile will be given an intelligent interactive Gaohe household charging pile. The evolvable intelligent interconnected charging pile can realize voice interaction, give intimate reminders when charging, send blessings during festivals, and users can customize voices and scenes to feel novel fun.

The first car owner can also enjoy fast charging service at Gaohe brand charging station; At the same time, Gaohe Automobile has achieved in-depth cooperation with charging partners such as State Grid, China Southern Power Grid and TELD on national public charging piles, covering 150,000 charging piles in more than 300 cities and major highway networks, covering the core charging scenes in users’ travel.

At the same time, for the first owner of four new HiPhi X models, Gaohe Automobile launched "Qixin Courtesy" to provide car owners with a life-cycle worry-free car experience with the guarantee of "2 extra long +2 free +1 peace of mind". Its rights and interests include:

Extra-long vehicle warranty (5 years/150,000 km)

Super-long Three Electricity Warranty (8 years/240,000 km)

Lifelong free road rescue

Lifelong free 5G network car networking traffic (10G per month)

14-day peace of mind car purchase guarantee

(The first owner of the new model of Gaohe HiPhi X can enjoy the "new courtesy")

Brand-new factory guarantees high quality and timely delivery.

HiPhi Plaza strives to build the latest benchmark of intelligent manufacturing in the digital Internet era with the four dimensions of "intelligence, digital, interconnection and environmental protection". It is also a brand experience center jointly created by Gaohe Automobile and users, and fully guarantees the high-quality delivery of Hip Hi X.

(Gaohe City Boutique Factory Deduces the Perfect Integration Model of Post-modern Industry and City)

As a new benchmark for intelligent manufacturing, the factory introduced world-class advanced manufacturing equipment such as Kuka’s latest C4 interconnected robot, which was enabled by edge computing. Based on the production environment with full coverage of 5G, it was fully intelligent and interconnected. From the first part to the last unattended automatic driving production line, it realized a high degree of automation. It is an industrial 4.0 model factory that comprehensively benchmarked the most advanced intelligent manufacturing level in the world today and took the lead in entering the era of "intelligent manufacturing".

Gaohe Factory has built a strict quality management system with world-class standards, combined 100% on-line and off-line measurement with advanced equipment and means such as GOM Blu-ray measurement and CMM, and realized quality management based on big data trend analysis with 5G communication technology to ensure the quality of millions of luxury cars for users. The painting workshop adopts the latest generation of spraying robots from Durdurr, Germany, with an atomization efficiency of 62,000 revolutions per minute, high-pressure adsorption of 30,000 volts and 8 coats, achieving the extremely uniform appearance quality comparable to Porsche, and having excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

(The paint workshop of Gaohe City Boutique Factory is equipped with the latest generation painting robot of DURR)

As a user experience center, Gaohe Factory building is full of futuristic feeling, and it has become a model of post-modern industrial manufacturing and urban integration through scientific planning and landscape design. Green materials, processes and equipment are widely used to create a "zero-load" green environmental protection model project for the environment, and users will soon be open to make an appointment to visit. Users can also test drive the latest HIX vehicles here, and they can also choose to complete the delivery of their cars in the factory.

It is reported that from May 8, Gaohe HiPhi X will be officially delivered to users in high quality.